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tv   Kay Kay The Girl From Guangzhou  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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but isn't it a team that was mostly put your system in you. know where whole no way i was that i see is up to the one of belie these business uses anderson wasn't black is besides the those english will need extra lenient absolutely believe me to eat all coming soon will be devised i mean that's they had us wrapped around their little pink is a nice cup i mean you can hide it we're. me you were the sion equally bad to me and when. i made it you moved over with a solution to me. that was almost and we didn't. get one vote. but the bill istana i talk national experience on what the court as i say you must you should only report the people of. the roots of today's tensions can be found in russia's recent history. presidents gorbachev and reagan start of the process of
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dismantling the iron curtain. me as office and as you say i don't see any threat for us from the west for the troops withdrew from east to the europe peacefully they were dismantling their own and by it. was the end of the cold war years of isolation and separation from the west were at and then the berlin wall fell to jubilation in the west. boris yeltsin russia's 1st elected leader transformed the country from the one party's for his system to multi-party democracy. so what went wrong the way the west treated russia would play a powerful role in the course the country would follow my good friend alexander bono expert at the carnegie moscow center has been considering these issues for
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a long time. but it would. or. not the why are you going on there i just knew. our stock income because of walsh that option which. is going yeah because of dollars at last you see. this one nurse says. anything near city or similar simply things that doesn't your. dr sandy. started. to prohibition noise don't wish that on me what cheer at the even though. sources jim's much company grovel to watch each. squabble. with my a time machine that i shipped over and. quite young the household that. doesn't exist yet i'm the only wee scott you would look. more womanish unable.
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and what africa speech from america speech and then the creation you speak of the pledge buttons he looked like she did the copy. the road to capitalism was sudden and shocking for the vast majority of the russian population . not going to. give me. the we're a fully fledged capitalist country but the tide is turning back to state control this is alphabetic one of the only top banks in moscow that is still privately owned. alexa so if vice chairman of the board was the deputy prime minister in the yeltsin era electical is just the. thought if i went out of them in the store what
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do you sleep. will you sleep with me because as a. schoolboy thought i was absolutely if there is that. when you want. to or. a new. buzzword or a sheet that your shit was not there i'm always ground to. read. well we were on to the number one. strain in democracy or if she is what they are not or to blue book. you can let me show you speak you. some more. if you want. me to draw all the surplus which she knew it would be will do. the stream president . but he 2nd election boris johnson was struggling to maintain his popularity while communist party leader gennady zyuganov was getting
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ever more supporters it's widely believed that the elections were manipulated to save freshest democratic experiment from failing. there. really isn't so much a. group. or. you're on the. court there as. you pull us to push we don't negotiate when used. to washington heights you're not old it is always. with the police just you know what as we just saw which you do sloan. or. you. would you encourage this mission is it. yes and 2nd term he appointed
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a successor who has become very popular in russia but who is no disillusioned with the west yet if. you are here. for. your. bear or. like gay marriage like gay marriage board can make you simplify your need to call us to looms cause all but it's new college because i was the teacher as she was going on. one is because all you need is yours you sure it'll actually it was for us you drop the reform has got to be good too. which would be a short rescue doc of only 2 but if so it.
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would even put in is no excuse for film office he's still popular and he's edited to the west has a hard. russian society though is divided in its attitudes to the west. we teach you scum. discourse rest see. one noncombat hoarded by those nearly money i start seeing some as they are to me some west in the me i deal in the near. east each year just to list it. is was more than it was a total business loan and with us is it your sense ignored us and even will be at the bar what is up about why would somebody. even with those i start to slowly cannot it isn't it because there's a machete less than that. you know you don't even think. of my hue
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from iraq as a dilemma as which is scary adults nearly and with words that are mildly dust oily strongly carlos jungle dish doesn't mind william the brooms the way or the good of their family star noir the total media nearby yet you got dora been wishing she was there with interests of the national aesop's e-book about your substantial eally should connect butyl mr dawson i would say. it's just good he was she knew i should sheer substance the. sheila e. a she had also. she was the mr it's a done to her to that idea under normal new versatile but even then you believe there's literally little do so only anybody much look at the songs they add to. the ability to school daughter one as does the with all the disgusting yes but it's america dissertation augusta honestly. we know but resonate across the
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horizon and problem of needing in. order of news new political some of those names would crush. my old university teachers the diplomas of tomorrow. nice logos were here in my day. when i started and thought here was a more liberal time. these students will have to call with a new era of mistrust. the rector of the university is also chair of the board of channel one russia's most popular channel controlled by the state and oligarch an office also a former ambassador. to the. he should still go out at or i see is up at this me almost i sees god who is it is
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a girl of some across the convenience store up at the nearby you might pursue an establishment used to go to jail with all clear look if you should. get out of the bushes with the she was up at the close up with him going to. sway you. suddenly. the 1st threat to russia sphere of influence was the move of some former soviet republics called was the west. disputed elections in georgia led to mass protests and the selection of a young western educated lawyer as president. i believe that nato would benefit. with georgia being a member of nato and i think georgia would benefit. a year later a pro western leader came to barbara in the ukraine. carrying
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a stone in latvia lithuania mania slovakia and slovenia. time again they have demonstrated their desire and ability to defend freedom against its enemies. and now it is time to make them allies by treaty. nato absorbed 7 members of the all full of it alliance georgia and the ukraine who are in the queue to join them at a security conference in munich clearly sets out his resistance to the direction things are taking. this will remain at the heart of his foreign policy until the present day today actually does when you know when you are at napoleon and there must be you do it can you put a human. emotion. marley and the rest of the buzz the 3 minutes of it is that he had an issue an option when he made kenya's
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democracy but i want to immigrate to the gulf as he has not unless the bushes throughout. aegis of. these doing the bill actually would be. globally visible. just in precious to the near of even your by the a superhero before huge i don't put alice rooms 2 year. old women singing. my men's obsession younger voters got wider which. a crowd behind me which i want but also with the shit you. are going to discover or store company my post she wasn't. going to. get. stuck.
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i thought it. speech was very aggressive but i thought president putin's comments were quite provocative give a follow up think a lot of what they're actually disappointment. in 2013 european leaders met to discuss a future association agreement with the ukraine. like them americans they didn't consider that russia had any place at the negotiating table so some of you by your style if you're going to score the potential loss of logic in your post above go order. so soon to be used as hero to so using which should pull you this is good places to sleep in your thought process we should do them we're going to be skewered toward the lesser of mushroom but you still ski your i.c. system. here with me at the post but. bitterness of your goodness i should post is just. since you just sort of. since it is so good to get
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a little polluted. with those words before. we go into songs for a bilateral agreement between you peon union and great beer should be no trilateral for. the times of limited sovereignty over in europe. most president you know corkage had to return to power and refused to sign the european agreement. unfortunately we did not manage on these occasions to sign a necessary and agreement the offer of signing the most ambitious agreement the european union has ever offered to a nonmember state is still. came out in large numbers to protest the failure of the criminal. court. at.
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the protest last to several months until in february rioters clashed with police resulting in dozens of fate teletubbies and thousands of injuries. present yet of course flare marked the end of strong russian influence in kiev. weeks later russian soldiers in unmarked uniforms in crimea and installed themselves at the airport train stations and administration buildings. referendum was hastily called by moscow the people voted to rejoin russia the russians had taken over crimea in the east in the ukraine referendums were also held much fighting erupted between separate. and ukrainian forces. russia is accused of
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supporting the separatists militarily which he denies despite overwhelming evidence . the fighting in the eastern ukraine the don't pass is ongoing and there is a strong indication in countless testimonies that official russian forces were involved. the west has responded by introducing sanctions against russia for violating the sovereignty of the ukraine if the russian leadership stays on its current course together we will ensure that this isolation deepens. sanctions will expand and the toll on russia's economy as well as its standing in the world. will only increase. since these events in crimea and the ukraine the relationship between russia and the west seems to have
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been irreparably damaged. coverage the same. feelings watching i think the reports see africa as it is. we take our time getting to know the people we meet the soldiers are exploiting a convoy hit the road and safe. houses. telling stories it's not just about al jazeera it's about the people who tell the stories about. maria driven by. poverty into prostitution and drugs as an early age now as
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a mother she's turning her life around with the help of a theater group of women fighting the challenges they face. compelling series which showcases fresh filmmaking talent from around the globe the find a latin america presents acting. on al-jazeera. put it over here in doha with your top stories from al-jazeera the u.s. president donald trump has issued a direct threat to iran on twitter he said if iran wants to fight that'll be the official end of iran now that comes just days after he said he didn't want a war and was prepared for talks or rockets being fired into baghdad's heavily fortified green zone an area where there are many government buildings and embassies the u.s.
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embassy evacuated non-essential staff earlier this week citing a heightened threat from iran sudan's military rulers and protests leaders say talks to finalize a new governing body are making progress and they will continue discussions resumed on sunday after the military is suspended the previous round negotiations days earlier demanding that demonstrators remove road blocks in the capital city khartoum the 2 sides are trying to settle on the makeup of the new governing body. now you know today we discussed the tasks during the transitional period which were entirely agreed upon and we also discussed the structure of the sovereign authority both sides agreed to create a committee from the alliance for freedom and change to follow up on the results that are reached by the commission formed by the transitional military council specifically on the events that took place in the areas of protests and others in which many dear sudanese people died a roadside bombs exploded next to a bus carrying tourists to egypt's giza pyramids at least 17 people were injured
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most are south africans at least 9 civilians have been killed during government bombardment in the northwestern syrian province of idlib opposition activists say shelling of their strikes continued even after the army and this russian allies declared a cease fire. the 1st part of donald trump's long awaited blueprint for peace in the middle east will be unveiled in june led by trump's son in law and advisor jarrett this part of the plan is designed to boost investment in the occupied west bank and gaza it will be revealed during a conference in bahrain aimed at highlighting the financial benefits of ending the conflict at least 11 people have been killed in a shootout in brazil's northern city of bel-air 7 gunmen are reported to have opened fire in a bar in a part of the city that is known for drug crime on saturday 5 people died during a gang shootout in the northeastern city of salvador those are your headlines so far today the news continues here on al-jazeera after we return to peace and war by
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. relations between russia and the west have never been as tense since they ended the cold war. the fighting in the eastern ukraine is ongoing and after 5 years there are 13000 deaths and 30000 wounded. as a result the west has imposed harsher and harsher sanctions on russia's businesses abuse assume some super merely various television it was due to stall i mean sure. this one duster we're going to get stahl are going to get. the premier bunker. response and thank you for the slash that you. lost on us we. lost on us. also.
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get these missional. that was because she when you when you my out the leaves comes mrs lowder's you know to me that skillet you know what script is going to be up when you might join in you've been you might and anybody my own store you know we up with the reunion i see you see you with which west is going out of us machine here so the medium is still the bits that are most of it at least of control you just are going to predict human i want to talk about and stuart i'm sorry and i mean the mystic anytime someone did not splotches would. say you need to have done such a witch and it's on seem a little abrupt and usually you know school class because of a national the muslim holy god have. just let me bring in my should michigan as up in the stone you gotta know god's will to predict what you know scott ritter iota
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goes in as many folk will be genius in that chair. to. i mean most of us used to in this edition of the industry but the woman. has less to fill in for the room we used and we're measuring us to be consistent with the. 3 years before sanctions were built russians came out in force to protest against what they said were rigged elections and government corruption. i i. opposition politician alexina volumnia lead the movement. was. damaging to our interest to my dears up north but is don't i see alex in the valley was prevented from taking part in the presidential elections in 2018 but continued his work to getting the corruption of the president's closest associates and has a popular you tube channel with
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a large following among young russians. the bottles of someone who loved as a. new war. in the stance. of the us all. of you have not seen you with which of the new year when you have not seen your. school. that they live thought only. absolutely knew that there's going to put it in we have a shelf polish but i'm still not old to you know i was going to lose me a year. on the your view. for new movies this new gun will certainly you got caught so yeah because it was. good it was just. a jaws in the. ocean but he may have thought that. i know who i do what i seem to.
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do that. is me. by late. my mind. just. willy. would have left it out of the release of a. miracle that ended not quite a lucky one so a little bit sure if she was with us it's beautiful view of you for all this beauty some while you what i groom they're going to. look but on the political process list up to what. really is none of us got. near. mazatlan this garden is short years later would know what machine year. they were
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pushing your circus standard dollars that are not of my league just me luthe not my only businessman there. because i'm going to know what. i snore to be new conservative what is wrong with. me bullshit. look pretty crites even the. businessmen are close to the president several are on the us and european sanctions . charke a former presidential candidate in 2008 t.v. is part of the russian elite. the father until he was a leading liberal mayor of st but as a group in the early years of russian democracy he was also put in his box. he died
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in 1900. see. i see that goes up which. i need when you watch the me as though the from now you get from see the body to she does run things because surely even you have a clue to the signal that we've got to watch leslie did to bill tush it's a little slow on the hudson when the my lady will. get that i need that comfort in the car i'm sure not polluted with but that's the bike with you. which alone sure is still super surprising garc one is meal so there's a good. food i'm in a low yes you used to go to for her glove with me of the book visit with here was to me. one just treat them to the severity of their me see
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on the chaise which i haven't got but have to be at since that i seen one she'll sit symbolism at the most of the by the by younger so those that are the most because there was the food was dust and the beast machines do you keep started as the was the only one with stood still and doing it live a solo out of touch with the reality of the wish that the new toy story and the stars to put some for days she's just. talked a little not to me at a more vivid video just like that those are what they need are. they much rather than what is' and so when she died aged boy you meet it goes into the soul of the slum again yet i see news into the following you but that was funny but a bite to eat up about was to come i mean just you with a meat slot would i see you i need to see that i see. the more you. know you would me up of the by the booth at the probably a minute by then it. would be cheer stromlo
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a couple of new foods at the. it's block of stone. and you want. me to the chest and i says can be equal. to the joint yet so. no violence. rebels. in 2010 protests have broken out across the middle east leading to the fall of governments in tunisia egypt and libya. people of libya today are inspiring the people in tehran. in damascus and even in beijing and moscow they continue to inspire the world and let people know that even the worst dictators can be overthrown and replaced by freedom and democracy. watching the fate of libya's gadhafi buton drew conclusions
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regarding u.s. foreign policy really didn't. used to but it was the way it worked with nuclear loot. and because of this deal if you're good you will then you can then use what she was going to see. there's a lesson. from sleep then you're going. to go well this is a good thing to do i mean it comes because then you're not going to the post to produce the post in your name a good each. moon you produce you missed. the 30 min of. achievement. russia wanted to avoid regime change in syria and has backed her ally president assad since the beginning of the war she brought in her air and land troops into 1015 proving that she was back on
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the world stage. ready for combat. ice year where there were more than a bit it was a body. but i would like to study the. little that get as much notice that emerge as night but you're more than what it. was a calculus you wouldn't usually. make is that for you but i had a look. at the iraq levy this year. but what i did it was on a policy matters it's got there it is what it was a few mutal still me still you put on the list is composed of us leave it with this delia that i share your doom or your usual with lesley's to police where you should of course you knew would be more than billy's visit. for most of this but he of
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known. was a shim you got about. that i will have to sort them because you were just pushed pushed is again yeah i should come up with the world cup daughter. by. some jade it. would. be a constant. way to pay my mortgage huge. which is just on the porch at the stock market but a good job so again a war for. prosecutors from the c.p.s. counterterrorism division have continued to charge alexander. president bush off to
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the russian nationals with the following offenses. conspiracy to murder sir guy square full attempted murder of sir guy squiggle use contraception of not a child country to the chemical weapons act and causing grievous bodily harm with intent to you yes critical i'm nick bailey. because i'm done most of the city but across the world. and. all of the interest there were. many of us are bored. somebody has to work on this i mean you're going to go to europe on this name you're. going to hurt me and. it's not just in the west that this story isn't believed but also by some in russia
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. that we do believe most of this mission or you have nobody me i'm not just yet. is the challenge here is the nursery in your store my. stopwatch from the study just consider now when you stumble across the most which is the most that any human do it was in you might say you don't believe what they're on looks like a keeper spitz. doesn't use the muscles tense and. still live with the stigma newkirk you got it was sheer bliss that only in the 1st i groom that post i see that. i was just i see apostleship. voice is only the best i like. the over sounds bizarre and usually pretty just people who to mutual we should be pleasured loser must be happy what by they get by. the whole the from the silly here at the probably of which and most likely to the more. post-op. i mean if i see
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what the. games i mean yes my kids seeing me again. but. the electronic band i speak has millions of views of the music on you tube because they have captured the mood in the country. think that it's an obsession and that this is. an excuse to get right here with it as she the worst of people probably we did that and you could go in. do you just need your shirt would you put one of the horses leader difficult to fit into and you're the. one. thing i still think. it's. funny.
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i speak were harassed and arrested you were there to rough russia and there was intimidation of the venue's where they were to blame but this is just us and you should try to take a stronger stance a bit you've got. to think you took on this no longer national. story book when states you put toward it to do the most good so slow so you know us trying to pick much less you know some of the of the man or the worst in this person. for infamous on the view. when you're if the person is bush has the worst of the concerts but i don't know what we know. about it and serious enough social took a bush should use one of those here to push for a day when i speak before him at a demonstration against new legislation which they feel will restrict internet
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freedoms absoluteness region national playing have done a really good nationalist as to your notion of what your notion of version notions here is almost a man who is going to get the ball would differ with the do its greatest muslims person. out of touch with some national priests just for stores of toast. for just small dimpling him some time there. wouldn't consider the western influence on russia's young people. is too strong and destructive and needs to be stopped. then what does it usually would you put a bit of yes i mean some of us. but the woman is unused to. the day we. will be. getting this did you see nor was appreciate yes when you said worse than us and if we do you could go to
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much of the bush era should have now returned to the usa. that pushed us to put us. into now. to make sure the religion religion has raised many additional ghosts of. evil empire as it appears in the us to quote the national over ago if you would it's their. new . song going to mean yeah. the voice i'm starting with. the previous one. they're all 17 elegance agencies reported publicly that russia was engaged in which a cyber activity to erode public confidence in our democracy i.
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think we want to make america great again for. i we believe based on the scope insensitivity of these efforts that only russia's senior most officials could have authorized these activities. you stumble you know you look at this is because you look. you. daughter. well you know look pretty soon you will be mostly no idea that norm. that was at the what doesn't kill it would still if you. know what i mean it was up in the shade of the region what i she knew which democracy you know getting there which if you want to still teach. i committed sins to mental katich. polygamist the new pope loving it.
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in. the street how they knew was that i was new cool at the preaching on this but. even there just being to go out to vietnam go i start. to. chest by shore once the baikonur blow up. so it seems russia has no grand plan and the west tends to exaggerate the russian threat after the annexation of crimea the intervention in the dorm master darling of image 17 the cyber attacks the concealing of chemical weapons in syria chemical weapons attacks in syria. the hacking the bundestag interference in elections. there are not too many countries who have felt
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the disruptive and malign behavior of the russians state russia has reasserted itself aggressively invading and occupying ukraine threatening europe and doing nothing to aid in the destruction and defeat of isis so i have a very simple message for russia we know what you are doing and you will not succeed russian officials remain adamant in their denial of the west's accusations . but i see a doctor. shut up most of those zealots so far you stand yeah need. to somebody on the mission is going to get those matching but it is. the reason she saw no known results at national news. shows to medium eve shows them we should. system a solution. absolutely. easy absolutely
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a business. by water. offensive some lesion says failure you should be limited when you have this last just the price. we provide you my bubbled. stock or my diploma but you know it's we have a new piece of the beach when it was written him oh. yeah but there was no need to produce go to shows worst you could do was if a key knew we knew. we knew what the group it's there we're in useful plume. to tell us the most up nothing else up on the much and it will it sounds. stupid for at that someone means you'll still not moved it and i was glad they didn't
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sleep because it's usually what they supports a couple i use what i says. they said. commute and that on the outside of the. deal with so i come back. you come with it. that way but also by the actually east like i'm on the north a bit i've been scouting. the easiest option with chris here for support and i don't really see a board that was and would feel no option. as to shore trolling because it is toward use here. gentlemen to clean the roads. talk to. you tell me what. you don't talk a good. for some the generation that knew the soviet union legible to put
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in has restored russia's standing in the world for others he's taking the country backwards along the path to isolation. than appears any of us than it did nothing to a new study for those who are going calling but it's a political mission yet i see in this that when you put a new system for what it is that when the seniors notify all because it in your going you can use sun tzu's still use different procedures but only from just the it will fight you and they will boost your scores sure sure. but the least for me sure it. would only do that when. snitch is detected as you new windows. despite what is rhetoric russia isn't as biggest threat to the west as they think. but the resulting isolation
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could become a tragedy for russians themselves. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told it was shot. with exclusive interview see dangerous for journalists to editors publishers all around the world and in-depth reports are real be canadian forces there without jazeera as teams on the ground are not my world to bring you more award winning documentary and life needs. hello again it's good to have you back we are going to sing a few more showers as well as clouds passing through parts of iran over the next
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you days particularly down here across much of the south you can see the clouds right there are no satellite image those are passing mostly across the coast we will see some clouds up here towards tehran with a time to there of about 30 degrees maybe a shower for you as well but you notice as we go towards tuesday most start to make their way towards the east over here towards parts of kabul you'll see some rain as well but down towards karate maybe a little bit clearer for you but a temperature of 34 degrees well we have been seeing some showers very light showers across parts of the gulf as well as some windy conditions we do expect that to continue as we begin the week and into tuesday here in doha though the temperatures may come down but the humanity could be feeling still quite high across much of the area over here across parts of saudi arabia and into amman we are going to be watching the threat of heavy rain and that could lead to some localized flooding as well but for parts of south africa we are going to see a frontal boundary make its way across parts of cape down that will bring a shower or 2 as well as some windy conditions and by the time we get towards tuesday things start to improve temps has come up to about 17 degrees but for
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durban you'll be seeing that front about to come through attempt a few of 21 degrees in johannesburg a nice day with a temperature of 23. the official story is apparent on the day we all still are you i don't care about the official story what has the media been telling join me in and the house and all the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here now does it. with bricks it's still unresolved in the u.k. will join the other $27.00 member states to vote in the upcoming european parliamentary elections but the far right populist parties make huge gains as predicted and if so would that change the very nature of the european union get the latest iran al-jazeera 20 years of china's trial. through.
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these. 2 decades following the development of m h. rewind returns to the story of k.k. . only just. a warning to iran president donald trump attacks america will be destroyed. richelle carey this is live from doha coming up. chinese telecom giant walk away which washington considers a national security threat. date with
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a court hearing for former south african president jacob zuma who wants corruption charges against him dismissed. pakistan where a centuries old tradition is helping poor women struggling to make ends meet. u.s. president has issued a direct threat to iran just days after saying he was prepared for talks tweeted this if iran wants to fight that will be the official end of iran never threatened the united states again iran and its regional rival saudi arabia have toned down their war rhetoric even as the u.s. builds up its military presence in the gulf leader of iran's revolutionary guard says tehran isn't pursuing conflict the saudi foreign ministry issued a statement saying a similar statement rather but added that the kingdom will respond if iran chooses war. examen has called for to emergency summits and valving gulf an arab leaders later this month to discuss the escalating tension headache on hand has more from
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washington d.c. . again the u.s. president donald trump sending mixed messages when it comes to his belief of what's happening with iran sending that tweet that he could destroy their country at the same time we've seen several reports that he's told his acting secretary of defense that he doesn't want to go to war with iran so what exactly was the impetus for this tweet well we don't know it could have been that he received the briefing it was sending the message publicly or it could have been that he was watching television felt the need to respond we do know that he has been sending out a lot of tweets over the last couple of hours on sunday after he got back from his golf course at a range of topics everything from promoting a book to talking to college graduates to talking about immigration the economy complaining that fox news is hosting a town hall so the president definitely feeling aggrieved and twitter now is that exactly what led to this tweet we don't know but we do know that we're going to
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find out much more about the intelligence behind these recent u.s. moves we expect members of congress will be briefed on the classified information this week and we will likely hear much more about what prompted the u.s. to act she departs he is a professor of middle east politics at georgetown university he says he doubts iran will engage in any diplomacy. well in the past the 2 countries that have played the most effective diplomacy between the united states the iran have been a model and the swiss whether they can do so in this specific case remains to be seen but it would be wise by both to iran and washington to seek out their advice and their services but i think in this specific case i really doubt that the iranians are going to engage in any diplomacy until at least trump fires bolton and starts to abide by the g.c. if you wait because if the idea is to go to the table with this extra leverage that trump now believes that he has because of the sanctions while the iranians are not going to go to the table without them 1st also building some leverage would most
3:52 pm
likely would mean that they would restart other aspects of their nuclear program and that's not a good scenario for anyone it's actually much better if we're trying to walk back some of this illegal sanctions that he's been imposing on iran and then go to. google's parent company alphabet has suspended some of its business with chinese tech giant weiwei saying it's complying but the u.s. government orders new always smartphones on have access to google's play store where users download popular apps like mail and you tube it will maintain use of the ensure it operating system via open source licensing google won't provide any technical support the u.s. is trying to blacklist the company around the world several countries have banned while way from being involved in the development of their 5 g. mobile network citing security concerns even so while they were maine's the world's largest telecommunications equipment and service provider and the 2nd biggest smartphone maker after samsung in afraid is chief technology correspondent axios
3:53 pm
and says there's no doubt alphabet snowball effect always out while way outside of a chinese space. if this stands i mean it's a pretty big blow i think they would be relegated to a bit later in most countries other than china and china they're probably ok where i don't think there is the same demand there are alternatives as far as app stores chinese consumers are away and will services but everywhere else i think it would severely damaged what has been a thing at least fast growing business while we not that long ago was not a major player on the global smartphone c and as you mentioned is now the 2nd biggest phone maker after sense i mean it's a very complicated it's hard it really depends on where you sit and who you believe so i think the questions about you know the security risks of why wait now where you're you know are hotly debated but there is a broader u.s. turn a dispute at play and certainly when it comes to being all business with china in this with the way in this case you know software for their smartphones that goes
3:54 pm
above and beyond security concerns this is a very drastic step that the u.s. has taken and it will be interesting to see if china retaliates i mean it is true that while waiting on u.s. software but i'll tell you apple relies on chinese made the series so i think they're worried as well because china could retaliate by saying fine you know you you'll have to be a giant export these if you want to take those i phones elsewhere south africa's former president jacob zuma is expected back in court hoping charges will throw out corruption charges against him same as a cancer of fraud if the money laundering and racketeering some of those charges relate to a controversial arms deal exposed while he was deputy president prosecutors say he received money to cover up the illegal purchases of combat for a combat kit for the south african navy for me tim miller is at the high court in pietermaritzburg and she joins us live now from ada so this is a pretty big day. it is an important
3:55 pm
day and it's taken a very long time to get to this point they have been here as of for spode moments and delays and according to the former president jacob zuma that's to to the prosecutors in the case and the prosecutors of course say otherwise that this isn't the 1st time that jacob zuma and his legal team of applied for a stay of prosecution essentially having these charges thrown out they did the same back in 2005 at that point weren't successful so this is the 2nd attempt jacob zuma has said for a long time that he does want his day in court he says that he's not guilty of any sort of corruption or wrongdoing but here's a quick look at how the former president got to this point. jacob zuma is most challenging days as president involved protests like these demanding his resignation it's 15 months and zuma succumbed to following months of public dissatisfaction and pressure from within his own party the african national
3:56 pm
congress at the heart of his fall from grace where hundreds of corruption allegations zuma was charged specifically in a corruption case going back more than a decade. rosina was deputy president a french arms company tallis $180000000.00 government contract to build 4 frigates africa's navy state prosecutors say tallis agreed to pay zuma half a $1000000.00 rand at around 34000 dollars the deal for his political protection was allegedly brokered by his former financial advisor should be a shake. he was jailed in 2006 for 15 years but was released 2 years later on medical parole the difficulty for the national prosecuting authority is that when they charge should be a shake with corrupting jacob zuma they chose not to charge jacob zuma the former head of the n.p.a. said this was because while they had a prima fucking case or they had a level of evidence against jacob zuma they weren't sure that the case was winnable
3:57 pm
zuma was fired as deputy president but stayed in the a.n.c. he was elected president of the party ahead of the 2009 elections which the a.n.c. won zuma then became south africa's president in 2007 zuma was charged with corruption racketeering money laundering and fraud the charges were dropped 2 years later because judges said they'd been political interference but last year prosecutors had another change of mind and the charges were reinstated zuma wants the charges dropped because of what he describes as a political conspiracy jacob zuma is due to appear at this court way it's expected his lawyers will argue that it's been more than a decade since the case against him began and it should be thrown out the former president also says there have been irregularities ahead of the trial including that he has been spied on by the government if he must put on trial it could have massive implications for the divided inseam resume retain significant support going
3:58 pm
to be train time for the agency some members of the party will have to make a difficult decision as to whether they support the former president or not and i think knowing in looking at how divided the parties still is this will really not make their lives easier zuma says he's done nothing wrong but if found guilty could face at least 25 years in prison. now jacob zuma has arrived at court and we are expecting proceedings to begin any time from now now even though they are hundreds of counts against the former president he's actually facing 16 charges 12 of those awful for 2 for corruption one for money laundering and $1.00 other for record tearing we also know that the french arms company tallis is also applying for a stay of prosecution and it's going to take at least 3 to 4 days to hear from the court exactly what happens next and essentially this court process decides where
3:59 pm
the are not to jacob zuma will face trial if those charges will be permanently dropped all right from the miller live for us thank you. ukraine's comedian turned politician velimir zelinsky is being inaugurated as president he beat incumbent. president in a runoff last month with 73 percent of the vote is new to politics for most ukrainians know him from a t.v. series in which he played the role president these are live pictures from parliament where zelinsky is inauguration is to take place he's hardly been seen since the election when raising questions about how he'll handle the top job. so lead on al jazeera afghanistan is among the poorest and i mean world despite receiving billions of dollars and aid plus. i'm sorry and at the cannes film festival where new wave of north african female filmmakers are taking center stage .
4:00 pm
hello again and welcome back to international weather forecast will plenty of messy weather here across parts of central europe we do have an area of low pressure that is really beginning to organize here across the central area now 2 sides of the storm the eastern side that's bringing up that warm air from the south temperatures are into the mid twenty's in some locations but the precept is showery so going to sing off and on conditions there here towards the west though we're talking about winds coming out of the north it's going to be more of a continuous rain across parts of germany as well as into switzerland and that's going to continue as we go towards tuesday as well better conditions over here towards london we are going to be seeing.


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