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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 20, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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control of resources let's not talk about rejecting what americans have rejected. the basic requirements are. by taking unilateral steps like. undermining refugee rights. organizations. about. the 67 borders never mind oh. i'm not saying that. we can't make. i can see that it would be a lack of understanding. i can see to be more agreeable for palestinians to participate in discussions of
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a political resolution before any kind of economic offering but if we if we take the issue of economics according to one report the white house is seeking tens of billions of dollars of. economic aid coming into the region it is no question that that kind of economic import would be very welcome is aright. well they were trying to. have stopped all kinds of economic cooperation with palestine they have funded under $100.00 hospitals they have stopped scholarships the students have stopped. support and cooperation so they are giving. to palestine and they're turning to the gulf countries telling them you have to foot the bill of this so-called peace plan which is no plan at all i think it is disingenuous and i think it is a lack of respect for the intelligence of the whole of the people of the region and of the countries the leaders of the region they serve not investing in the west
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bank it's not trying to squeeze countries for billions of dollars no the question is how do you get rid of this lethal occupation which is the story of our ability to build our own economy we can do very well if we are free and if we control our borders and our land and our sources we can have a cycling economy. they want to maintain the occupation and normalize the world and then say this is part of. what peace plan that's been tried before it has failed our problem is not that we are looking for handouts our problem is that we believe basic rights including the right. to dignity the right to sovereignty on our own land what would you say to the view the u.s. administration that presenting a peace plan in stages is a tool to be doing starting with the economic component would then
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show the possible benefits of peace and therefore build credibility and understanding between all parties to then move on to the potential political solution. it tells me they haven't read history and they haven't really. studied the whole culture. when people are in captivity they do not want to be. the benefits of peace we know what the benefits of peace are what we need to get rid of the captivity and then we will move ahead and build our economy that. we can act with the rest of the world as equals. and. putting the cart before the horse why do you want to talk about the economic situation when we know that israel can instantly destroy everything they've destroyed our interests in 2002 when the. west bank destroyed.
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owns everything it's. an occupying power controlling everything there can be not talk about economic prosperity and. parity does not lead to peace around peace leads to prosperity but it has to be it just has to be based on international law and has to be whole and can complying with international law and the imperatives of peace not as a country with exceptional privilege exempt from compliance with the law and then trying to bash the palestinians into submission and then trying to bribe the palestinians into submission it's not going to work. thank you. well as time goes on and sweeter i mean corey is a professor at the american university of beirut joins us now from beirut so what
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are you making this make about this is putting the cart before the horse. well i know national is absolutely right but this is a continuation of a process that has been going on since about for about 100 years ago that will to mulch to a century from about 4 to cushion or is one in which officials in western powers back than it was in clinton world war now it's the united states decide what they want to do in palestine and they decide the fate of entire people they solve ponty of the land the political rights of whoever happens to live there who they can move in who can then move out on this is just another example of western powers. calculating in a very cold and cruel manner how they want to arrange things in our region for their interests mainly and now with a new twist being for the business interests of the trump family and their associates including some associates in the region here so this is of merry
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troubling development that for them to come out after 2 years of promising a deal of the century with essentially a weekend. gathering in a coffee shop the equivalent of a we can gather in a coffee shop is really not serious at all and the trouble is that they will keep pushing this kind of process because the united states now is in a mode where it is dictating not just to palestinians who are very weak but they're dictating to everybody around the world they're telling the germans where they can buy their gas are telling the europeans who they can buy oil from and they're telling chinese will they can trade with and so this is the troubling part of this is not just those particularities that hanon pointed out so correctly but it's the wider context of an aggressive western colonial mentality that doesn't recognize the reality or the rights or the humanity of a people called the palestinians so when this workshop happens it in mid june as
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it's supposed to in bahrain do you think the palestinians will be invited to attend and if they are will they attend. well knowing the way that the trumpet ministration has gone about this barely consulted the palestinians and the palestinians in turn have refused to talk to them after the unilateral american moves look there's a trumpet ministration will probably send that invitation for the palestinian leadership of the various leaderships but it's not really going to make very much difference if they attend or not because the plan for this kind of gathering in the trumpet and world is for the u.s. to dictate what it feels is in the interests of the u.s. and what is in the interests of the netanyahu wing of the israeli government this is the real sad reality that we deal with and that's really important to see the reaction of other major countries in the world the united states probably can count on some of the arab gulf countries egypt others at tending because they're so
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dependent on it for security in arms and money and other sanctions but we need to look at the europeans the russians the chinese the turks possibly who else is going to be invited to this and i think the reaction of the world is going to be really critical now on the. other point i'd make is that what you were only briefly if you would know the feeling is if washington anybody go sit and talk to the united states about reaching an agreement when the united states unilaterally broke off the agreement with iran which the whole world welcomed and illustrated so there's going to be judged numbers of problems here are ironic kerry speaking to us from beirut thanks very much. maybe on google's parent company alphabet has suspended some of its business with the chinese tech giant waterway saying it's complying with the u.s. government orders new way smartphones will not have access to google's play store where users download popular apps like g.
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mail and you tube it will maintain use of the android operating system via open source licensing but google will not provide way with any technical support united states is trying to blacklist the company around the world several countries have way from being involved in the development of the 5 g. mobile network citing security concerns the chinese tech giant says it will continue providing updates and after sales services to existing smartphones and tablets well i know our political analyst who advises the chinese government on economic and development issues and he says the united states is trying to cripple the competition. basically this is a very clear attempt to cripple hallway it's kind of like in the old days the u.s. when confronted by russia over sputnik going to the moon they said we're going to outcompete you we're going to show you the best and the brightest and what we can do but today it seems more about tripping up the competition we don't have to compete against you if we can cripple you this is going to be
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a long term situation in terms of what beijing can do hopefully it won't but it could quite possibly say that for security reasons they will be banning broadcom qualcomm who have also joined on the train with google and keep all of those out make it almost impossible from the do that then this is what i would call a hard fork where you're really going to see a real change in and basically 2 camps going ahead with their respective technologies you can see apple's sales plummet this is one of the other realities of this trade war is that these types of international stories are going to impact more and more nationalists china and they will shy away from buying apple and other u.s. products remember this is a over $350000000000.00 a year market where u.s. companies are selling in china and that that would have disastrous consequences for
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american businesses especially on the profit lines. chief technology correspondent says there's no doubt that it's move will affect what way outside its chinese base . if this stands i mean it's a pretty big blow i think they would be relegated to a bit later in most countries other than china and china they're probably ok where i don't think there is the same demand there are alternatives as far as app stores chinese consumers are away and will services but everywhere else i think it would severely dent what has been an incredibly fast growing business while we not that long ago was not a major player on the global smartphone scene and as you mentioned is now the 2nd biggest phone maker after sands i mean it's a very complicated it's hard it really depends on where you sit and who you believe so i think the questions about you know the security risks why wait now where you're you know are hotly debated but there is a broader u.s.
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turn a dispute at play and certainly when it comes to being all business with china in this with always in this case you know software for their smartphones that goes above and beyond security concerns this is a very drastic step that the u.s. that's taken and it will be interesting to see if china retaliates i mean it is true that while waiting on u.s. awkward but i'll tell you apple or last time chinese menu so i think they're worried as well because china could retaliate by saying fine you know you you'll have the giant export if you want to take those i phones elsewhere. to south africa now where the former president jacob zuma is in court hoping that judges will throw out corruption charges against him she was accused of fraud money laundering and record terry and some of those charges relate to a controversial elmsdale expose while he was deputy president and prosecutors say he received money to cover up illegal purchases of combat kit for the south african navy for me to miller as the high court to appeal to moderates back for me that
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this is not the 1st time that zuma has been linked to corruption but it's the 1st of the many scandals that he has faced a trial. and if that was so many scandal. he's received nation early last year the main concern around jacob zuma is presidency was that there were a number of allegations around russian crowd and that was very much linked to what south africans are called state capture in that jacob zuma is alleged to have you state institutions to the benefit of the business and political interests of paris associates he's not been charged related to those allegations that he's out with a commission of inquiry that's taking place right now looking into state capture and this is at the same time as jacob zuma people who are told the charges relating
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to the arms deal that took place in the late 1990 s. jacob zuma was charging about 2007 those charges were then dropped the charges will reinstate said to be hours ago and now he is in court to take up what once those charges are dropped he says this is a political conspiracy he says more than a decade is parsons the charges the 1st put forward and that he has been spied on not by the government he says he's wanted his day in court even though prosecutors are saying he's wanted to delay these proceedings he says he's here to state his case and ultimately though he's saying that the state doesn't have a case that it should push forward in a way he should stand trial for murder for the ruling party how much is this trial a chance for them. behind this you see a number of n.c. supporters they were wearing a and c. t.
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shirts but they're also yet to support jacob zuma saying hands of jacob zuma odd jacob zuma so this is an issue that really comes between the jacob zuma as a former president but also it doesn't separates him from being a member of the ruling party and the one that has previously supported him but also won with the upgrade the visions based around these allocations and what happened following various allegations of corruption which a consumerist side and was replaced by see from up close up with the party that way some people are standing behind the president and i the others want to see him have nothing to do with the a.n.c. now the african national congress ahead of the recent elections came out strongly against corruption but they haven't been any high level officials to be in charge related to the most recent avocations so this really is about how the a.n.c.
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is going to come out and the stunts it takes relates it to corruption the stance it takes what they've got to jacob zuma and who we may see a in quotes wanting to support the president a window not the a.n.c. distances himself existence in south from the former president from a good many thanks very much leaving me to the high court in putin methods by trying to walk. opposition politician wants to be has returned to the democrats or republicans can go his plane arrived a short time ago could be has spent almost 3 years in exile off to for me out with then president joys of competing and it's big now it's a conference oyo who joins us from. and katherine how much of an impact will this have on the political landscape. by putting new. actually there is now leaving the airport i love about the balance of people behind me now they are all escorting. up with both stadium he's built
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to go club called 50 months and that which is very popular so hot thousands of people want you to repeat in chanting and singing his praises and now back to your question about the significance of his youth and it really depends on who you speak to some of his critics are saying that while this bash is hometown assange a province where looking back to the capital that had a province is his home area so yes yes that thousands and thousands of people to come and well coming back home so actually what's going to happen when that's going around the country he claimed to be received and that he that he that he's been received and here but that he dad create a lot of political act. that he's going to regulate that you outfit called into a political party and he's going to use that vessel to go around that time to use that link that gender and sadly that political party is one of the interesting to
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note. that law yeah when you were denied a chance to vie for president he supported and bankrolled martin for you who's now going around the country saying that he is the lead you can make president of this country saying that president elect is they can't he is in office illegally so it's going to be interesting to see if that to me is going to join forces with. to push that agenda we know that he has so fussy it's clear also that if they so it's going to be just like i mentioned to you that he's going to join forces with what you are known for his own way some of the all of the some of the analysts that i've talked to are saying that he's going to be a crucial in uniting the opposition if he decides to do that so that he could that can be a critical and important a significant opposition voice. that government to hold the government to account and keep checks on the government i guess you can say represents
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a more open political climate on the disk 80. yes. we have been in the last few months of president if you can't be giving honesty to about $700.00 political prisoners not all of them out of prison in the process is still going on you also think you mocking equally an act that like more a lot more going on back home and you that allowed a politician like you want to go around the country even if discrediting him and and you know saying that he's president is not legitimate but what people are really concerned about and what he's up what is the thing i've been getting the president look at this thing that they feel he is not in control he's not in charge of the country back and i became very good control and meek on some of the important bodies that are going to help you move around the country talking about your men talking about the senate the local government now these bodies act being
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controlled by the coalition led by former president by former president joseph kabila of people that are that. you need to back he's authority story they're reporting from. well in a few moments we'll have all the weather but still ahead here on out as they are. running on empty fuel gets harder and harder to find in a country with massive oil reserves plus. painful anniversary in sri lanka how government forces are being remembered for their sacrifice 10 years after the civil war ended. up to fernando long was a big setback in his bid to complete the triple crown.
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the west. hello there we're expecting some severe thunderstorms over parts of europe today already we've seen a lot of wet weather over the past few days and this is what it looks like in southern poland at the moment you see a lot of water on the streets there and this should be a bridge going over that river but unfortunately looks like it's going over the bridge instead and i think they'll be plenty more wet weather as we head through the next few days as well you can see the system is actually coming up from africa swirling around most of central and eastern europe and giving more wet weather as we head through the next couple of days actually within this now we're seeing a little feature develop and as the whole system pushes its way northward we're going to see an area of enhanced rain just to the north of the alps so for some of us particularly in southern germany we can expect to see around $150.00 millimeters of rain on ground that's already saturated because the snow is melting and actually over some of the mountains we're still expecting to see some wintry weather could be up to a meter of snow from this system then you see a little bit not
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a shake as she works down into the eastern parts of europe and there we're also expecting some severe weather but this from thunderstorms so they could be a lot of wind damage a maybe you know tornado as well so certainly very very messy for many of us and staying that way as we head through the next couple of days we are expecting this to be pretty hazardous towards the west though a very different picture we've got an area of high pressure developing and it's going to get a little bit warmer. the weather. always. let me take. my place on the. west. and palaces comes. the rain the strongest fostex stunning new skillful.
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nation comes together to. raise. stadiums with a rock like incredible song. for the one to 7 us destination to feel the winds well to. 2019. i'm going to watch al-jazeera remind of our top stories this hour u.s. president donald trump has issued
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a direct threat to iran he tweeted if iran wants to fight it's that will be the official end of iraq comes just days off to say he didn't want a war and was prepared for talks. senior palestinian leaders are rejecting the 1st part of u.s. president donald trump so-called deal of the century p.l.o. as one and that's where he has just told al jazeera the government has not been invited to an upcoming conference in bahrain it's focused on raising tens of billions of dollars for investment in the occupied west bank and gaza. could. parent company alphabet has suspended some of its business with chinese tech giant weiwei saying it is complying with the u.s. government orders a new smartphones by the company will not have access to the google play store which includes ups like g. mail and. ukraine's new president says his 1st task is to get a cease fire agreements with pro russian separatists in the east shortly after his swearing in ceremony in kiev lot of maintenance key address politics he said talks
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with russia could only happen after the return of ukrainian territory and prisoners of war russian forces annexed crimea in sudden ukraine 5 years ago screws you know is a professor at the national university of kind of me in the netherlands and he says he has to prove himself to ukrainians the analogy with donald trump is a bit mistaken because donald trump was the very least involved for about 10 years and merican politics in a very in a variety of ways and in particular in republican party politics i mean you has held those populist nationalist views for quite a long time so once he has not left he has not made any political comments. and in that sense last he is more of a novice than trump was but of course the similarity is that we neither expected trump to win. most american media expected hillary clinton and we nobody really
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expected selenski to win especially that by that knowledge and zilinskas problem here is that people didn't vote for him they voted against the establishment against the other candidates the people who had been running ukraine for the last 25 years and so and you saw that today in various reports from the ukrainian parliament they want massive crowds supporting selenski if this had been like previous presidents they would have been big crowds would vote for him supported him. popularity isn't really very deep in that sense it's more an anti vote than a pro vote of course of course those voters want to see certain things which which the previous president did not succeed in doing this the usual perennial problem in post communist countries of. of corruption and in particular of putting the elites. so that they are no longer above the law members of the elites have to go
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to jail who have committed crimes. and here. the previous president i think was was was the best ukrainian president of all 5 but he failed in that particular area of as it were dealing with elite. elite viewpoint that they are still above the law to sudan where the military rulers in protest leaders say talks to finalize a new governing body are making progress and will continue to scotians resumed on sunday after the military suspended the previous round of negotiations days earlier the army called on demonstrators to remove roadblocks in the capital khartoum the 2 sides are trying to settle who will settle on a transitional governing body protesters want civilians to be in charge of it i'm going to has more now from khartoum. the generals in the transitional military council have been meeting with representatives of the opposition movement the talks about and
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a decisive face it's what happens from our own and i get him and all not crucial point of the 4 mission of the soviet in concert on the highest organ in the transitional item is social and that's been proposed for some done that will prove . in this country and the protesters have been saying they want civilians taba made just stake in the so many council the militarist say they have been given that it's a possibility of mending managing the transition says they would move to present a model but she had from power and want to see a small town in his mission belfour should have a majority stake and maybe even the leadership of the council and that is what they have been discussing school far they have not come to an agreement yet but they hold she is optimism also done something is going to give way and that there will be a promise and the formation of voc council will be possible for the sake of this
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nation. days after the state of alabama approved a total ban on abortion president donald trump has weighed in trump indicated in tweets that alabama has gone too far because its new law makes no exceptions for pregnancies that occur for rape or incest rights activists have been protesting against the ban in cities across the state they condemned the law and want the courts to overturn it. presidential hopeful bernie sanders says if elected he'll defend the $970.00 supremes court decision that legalized abortion across the united states it is not an exaggeration to say that banning legal medically assists little borsch and forcing women back into the off of quacks will quite literally kill women. yes i will have a look at the study. i will not up for want
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anyone to the united states supreme court alas not all woman is for ted to defend roe v wade. short of being to the severe lack of food medicine and electricity in venezuela it has the world's largest proven reserves of oil but motorists just can't get fuel i'm not in america to lucy newman explains why from the state of. the queues to philip cars with fuel the northwestern business whaler are 23 to 4 kilometers long. near the city of motorists hope and pray they'll be lucky to make it to the pump before it runs dry. yesterday i was in line for 6 hours and couldn't fill up. is that normal ask. with this government apparently it is we are a major oil producing country and look no gasoline on top of shortages of water.
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the further you go from us the harder it is to find petrol but in the past 2 weeks the hunt for fuel has become much worse. look we started a great check called in focus lane station irregular these are the messages from today to let each other find fuel. if there's several causes for the crisis say industry experts. venezuela's refinery capacity is down to 20 percent of its normal level instead of $1300000.00 barrels a day we're only refining $260000.00 which means we have to import gasoline. in israel it was importing it from the united states but as of april 28th the u.s. government stopped all sales not just to fuel but of the additives needed to make the petrol that that is whale is still able to refine at home and then there's the
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chronic problem of price distortions all the petrol in this tanker truck or 13000 liters costs less than $1.00 which means it's practically free but only if you can find it the shortages and these are long long. winds are creating a black market with some people charging as much as $10.00 for 20 liters now anywhere else that may be considered peanuts but here it is the only thing cheaper than petrol is the air that you breathe that is considered a fortune and much more than the minimum wage. to shortages have not yet impacted the capital caracas but experts say it may not be long before they do in irony that escapes no one in venezuela the country with the world's largest oil reserves see in human. and israel.
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in 10 years after the end of a decades long civil war sri lankans are still coming to terms with the bloodshed at least 100000 people were killed in massacres suicide bombings and assassinations leaving school to yet to heal. its reports now from colombo where a special ceremony was held to honor the dead. the beating of battle drums to remember fallen comrades who died fighting to stop the separatist cause. leaders put aside their differences to honor the government forces killed. decide to find their lives for our motherland to bring a lasting peace freedom protecting democracy the united nature of the country and is trying to integrity to safeguard democracy these heroic and brave sons who are committed to safeguarding the future of this country. the conflict began in 1903 and right.


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