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on the all read the possibility of an accident in the persian gulf but i believe that to make it short today the present moment to us didn't quite fall from the possibility of the of the of a war so donald trump would say he's trying to kind of calculated confusion is that good diplomacy do you think calculated going to serve one of the hottest part of the art of the deal i don't know 232 sand contradictory messages at the present moment too many contradictory messages too many languages in washington you have the language of mr john bolton. who we all know him is the whole. he's dreaming really of a war with iran to not. go i believe it a meeting with john had been a card game with the main opposition group or. to the reagan regime.
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out of iran of course he said he and the speech by saying. next year is the tehran you know and so to show him what he has in mind why did he do you harm mr bolton language mr trump really does not want a war this i have the the absolute conviction that he does not want a wall and what is interesting to see renie ns or so believe that mr trump does not want to war in fact that quite confident that not at all nervous at the present moment or so we're in a more subtle place with iran before trump up the ante and withdrew from the nuclear agreement what's he up to. order of court of nuclear agreement to defame a g c p u is in its sole state you know who as we all
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know the american administration left withdrew from the disappearing about one goal but recently there has been if it will evolve new sanctions and especially sanctions you know the targeting the inner call of the g.c. period to function. because the message coming from washington was to be radiant from no one you won't be able. to say the enriched uranium and the heavy water that the g.c. to you it allowed the iranians to produce so this is a breach of the g c p u is what is interesting it's a breach of the g.d.p. way from people outside of the way so it is quite a strange situation ever again the state department. in a hospital or a goal or that did that iran should accept the principle of 0
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centrifuge or the center to the this ends in which makes her enriched uranium and this would american gold in a debate gaining of the center in 2003 disorder american mantra 0 centrifuge it never worked of course it would be impossible to work and find that if there was an agreement if the just c.p.u. it could take shape it would it has been real precisely because the americans have dropped this. this demand you know or he will centrifuge francoise nicolo we do appreciate your perspective on this thanks very much me my pleasure of . plenty more heads on the news including running on empty fuel gets harder and harder to find in a country with massive oil reserves. or in pakistan where a centuries old tradition is helping poor women struggling to make ends meet. and
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in sport the toronto raptors call their way back into the n.b.a. playoffs for will be that story. now that google's parent company that has suspended some of its business with the chinese tech giant well way saying it's complying with the u.s. government orders new away smartphones will not have access to google's play store where users download popular apps like g. mail and the new chief will maintain use of the android operating system for open source licensing but google will not provide well away with any technical support united states trying to blacklist the company around the world several countries have banned well away from being involved in the development of the 5 g. mobile network citing security concerns of the chinese tech john says it will continue providing updates in after sales service to its existing smartphones and
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tablets well i'm a tongan is political analyst who advises the chinese government on economic and development issues and he says the u.s. is trying to cripple the competition. basically this is a very clear attempt to cripple hallway it's kind of like in the old days the u.s. when confronted by russia over sputnik going to the moon they said we're going to outcompete you we're going to show you the best and the brightest and what we can do but today it seems more about tripping up the competition we don't have to compete against you if we can cripple you this is going to be a long term situation in terms of what beijing can do hopefully it won't but it could quite possibly say that for security reasons they will be banning broadcom qualcomm who have also joined on the train with google and keep all of those out make it almost impossible from the do that then this is what i would call
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a hard fork where you're really going to see a real change in and basically 2 camps going ahead with their respective technologies you could see apple's sales plummet this is one of the other realities of this trade war is that these types of international stories are going to impact more and more nationalist china and they will shy away from buying apple and other u.s. products remember this is a over $350000000000.00 a year market where u.s. companies are selling in china and that that would have disastrous consequences for american businesses especially on the profit lines to ukraine where the new president is used his swearing in ceremony to dissolve parliament triggering a snap election the comedian turned politician is also has also said his 1st priority is to reach a cease fire deal with pro russian separatists. and even
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the early months ago seemed unthinkable to the comedian and actor. as president of ukraine a legitimate selenski. with all the neighbors than them agreeing zelinsky has become president before he's character in a popular t.v. series servant of the people is a schoolteacher whose improbable rise to the presidency is built on a campaign against corruption zelinsky his own rise now taking up the role for real was built not on clear policies but on public distrust in fact little is known about his policies instead ukraine is taking a chance on a man with no political experience rejecting a political class that many voters feel has failed them corruption remains rife and a war in the east that divides the country continues with no end in sight the landscapes problem here is that people didn't vote for him they voted against the establishment against the other candidates the people who have been running ukraine
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for the last 25 years and so and you saw that today in various reports from the ukrainian parliament they want massive crowds supporting zelinsky so selenski popularity isn't really very deep in that sense it's more an anti vote than a provo. supporters sees alinsky as a breath of fresh air among his 1st steps a pledge to call early parliamentary elections he's referred to some m.p.'s as petty crooks and a promise to end the war with russian backed separatists said look nice you can i'm ready he said to do everything so that our heroes don't die. that's something he's pre-disaster petro poroshenko wasn't able to do and while poroshenko did make reforms that helped ukraine stave off economic collapse voters decided he hadn't done enough to rid the country of corruption selenski will be under great pressure
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to do better was a presidency that breaks with tradition got off to the most nontraditional start no flashy convoy for volodymyr zielinski who chose to walk the streets to his swearing in ceremony high fives and selfies also not hallmarks of previous administrations all of this clearly styled as a fresh start for ukraine even though no one really knows what president plans to do or is capable of jonah al-jazeera. germans have showing their support for the european union in berlin cologne and other cities nationwide it's the call from the chancellor angela merkel to show that opposition to the far right nationalist and right wing politicians are predicted to make gains in this week's european parliament election on that nationalism is the enemy of a unified here. well $28.00 countries are taking part in the european parliament election which begins on thursday in a break from tradition the french president has gone on the campaign trail but the
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reports from. france's european elections are shaping up to be something of a rerun of the 2017 presidential campaign emanuel mark calls pro e.u. centrist party and the far right party of marine le pen opinion polls suggest in the lead for votes the jewel of opposing visions of europe and a reflection of growing divisions in france at this paris market some say they're worried about immigration climate change and the cost of living i'm totally sick of politicians with that big salaries that supposed to defend us workers but they do nothing says mcconnell's been in power was struggling to live. it's important to vote for europe because there are countries where populist governments have come to power and it will. continue the far right one france's last european elections in $24.00 team since then and the immigration populous parties have flourished in
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europe and brakes it has rattled the bloc in the pen and the nationalist allies move even when the noise still weak is so we're experiencing a historic moment and all the signs show that we are on the eve of great political change in europe the idea of a europe that denies the right of nations to exist your forest area the vision of an imprisoning you you have been massively rejected. the french president's rarely publicly campaign in european elections but macros breaking with tradition he says europe's in crisis and he's fighting to save it i want reforms e.u. i want to accelerate the integration on some issues i think on currency on digital on climate action we need more europe i want you to be more protective for money or mark all these elections are an opportunity not only to campaign for a united europe. but also to try and personal popularity in rome after a particularly challenging here domestically. difficult 6 months period with
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yellow vests and a huge drop in his popularity in the country so these elections are a test for him what is at stake for him is 1st of all to rebuild his popularity within the country and to be in a position to have some influence on european affairs for the next 2 years the elections might be a chance for mackerel but they are also fraught with risk a win for the president's party and france will bolster him for the remainder of his mandate but if his party loses to the far right it will be a humiliating defeat in france and a 6 pack for example in europe especially butler al-jazeera paris well let's take this on we can speak now to theophanous back to last who's a senior lecturer in european politics at the university of surrey and joins us now from london so this thing but these elections it's an election for one parliament isn't it but there's 28 different elections going on in 28 different countries with
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issues many in various. that is correct and traditionally what we've seen is that the european parliament elections have turned into a domestic politics battleground especially for governments that have seen the decreasing numbers in terms of their popularity or have introduced unpopular measures but we have also seen it being fought out in terms of the local issues even for parties that are trying to make a european stance out of it so this time around we have seen the extreme rate taken a go more chance european alliance in order to fight these elections and what's your sense of how things might turn out given give the way things been going in recent weeks. well we have seen the rise in popularity of the far right wing parties and the extreme right parties but we have also seen the rise in sort of the more liberal and green parties as well from from the other side of the
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spectrum now what we do what we do expect is that the 2 main political families the european popular party and the social democrats will lose considerable seats and probably will not have the majority and it looks as if the 3rd group is going to be some sort of conglomerate between the existing party families of the far right parties and brags that the whole issue of bricks and endless issue of bricks it is clearly brought the frigidity of the u.n. to focus is no. yes we have seen the fragmentation of politics even here in britain the. entry of. party by nigel farage has made. an impression it looks likely that he will be able to to win the majority of seats allocated to the u.k.
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and it's only naturally expected given the way that the conservative party has handled the brakes in the go see ations however that impact has been felt across europe and this was one of the main concerns of the european union remaining member states that if britain where to to participate in the european elections that the issue of bragg's it would come into the parliamentary sort of battlegrounds and we have seen that because nigel farage is also speaking to other on the european. far right parties across europe mostly with with lega in the 5 star movement in italy but also across europe so he's trying to create particular alliances that can bring the issue to the forefront even inside the european parliament mr x. a doctor does great get your perspective once appreciate it thanks will. all right
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let's move on to the weather has covered that story and we're looking at probably the worst severe weather day that we have seen this year but possibly in several years and explain why what is happening here across united states we've just had one severe weather event that had gone through that's the front that was associated what we saw over $45.00 tornadoes with that particular system now we're talking about what is happening here coming out of the rockies now today we're looking at 23000000 people at risk now this number has just been upgraded just in the last hour earlier today was 18000000 we're talking about 6 states that are going to be seeing severe weather and they're very sure that it's going to be a tornado weather outbreak that is going to be happening let's talk about what is going to be happening we're talking about severe long track tornadoes that's a little bit different these tornadoes are going to stay on the ground for an extended period of time and we're talking about dozens of tornadoes to be expected this afternoon strong damaging winds over 102125. kilometers per hour as well as very large hail anywhere over $5.00 to $7.00 centimeters in diameter so
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that's going to be a big problem we're also talking about very very heavy rain across the region so $9000000.00 people are under flash flood watches as well tonight is going to be a very bad night as that system pushes through these states and then tomorrow the severe weather threat is going to go down slightly but we're still talking about a lot of active weather here across much of the same region by the time we get towards the next few days into wednesday things get a little bit better but on the other side we're talking about winter storm warnings . oregon thanks very much still ahead here in algeria a powerful anniversary in sri lanka how government forces of being remembered for their sacrifice 10 years after the civil war ended plus. i'm sorry i was at the cannes film festival where new wave of north african female filmmakers are taking center stage. in sports another long suffers a big setback in his bid to complete the triple crown of motor sport.
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and in a lot of the i was born in the same year as his one voice i feel as though the state is my mother should have been a cause of celebration for some a catastrophe for others the nakba is still going on they put my sons in jail so every day i feel disgust for a few twice over al-jazeera world tells the stories of palestinian and israeli women born in the same year but on opposite sides of this divide born in 48 on al-jazeera world. when the boneless struck many die and many wrist to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of a local film make us sick people making sacrifices will be lawful mission this is what i want the world to see survivors
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. i will tell you what you observe a reminder of a. top stories in the u.s. president has issued a direct threat to iran tweeting that if iran wants to fight it will be the end of the country runs for mr jevons or effects him back saying iran will not be intimidated by quote genocidal. palestinians will not take politic conference about the future organized by donald trump son and cushion is expected to unveil the u.s. president's long awaited blueprint for palestine and israel in bahrain next month. the crane's new president used his swearing in ceremony to dissolve parliament
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triggering a snap election of let him is events key also said his 1st house is getting a ceasefire agreement to approve russian separatists in the. south africa's former president jacob zuma was in court taping the judges will corruption charges against him zimmer is accused of fraud money laundering and records hearing some of those challenges relate to a controversial deal while he was deputy president prosecutors say he received money to cover up illegal purchases of comeback kid for the south african navy and that speech of me at the high court and yet the methods if a meter is day one of the proceedings when should we expect a decision on whether he should stand trial. brings making that judgment to come out on the street or the end of the we must do is. do you think the next leaves are 4 days to. stay in their arguments in
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terms of why they think jacob zuma should not be standing trial one of the reasons is that these charges brought us late in 2007 when jacob zuma was at defeating president those charges but then with florida later on and again reinstated in the 27th seed these lawyers are arguing that because there's been a long time he doesn't a lot of time this process of charges was just laid the trial should. been hurt then when a specific a.j. consume us financial advisors should be ashamed was found to have been corrupt and guilty of corruption in the scenes with jacob zuma when payments were made to the deputy president at the time and these are the this is where these charges stem from one of the other things jacob zuma as the as the saying is that these charges are politically motivated you have a link to tie me to al ground the charges being laid at the bus charges related to
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when jacob zuma was ascending to the leadership of the african national congress in that year 1000 and 9 * robber who was then named president of the african national congress the charges relate shortly before all that but just off the u.k. . charges were overthrown and as i mentioned reinstated later on apart from that who is also saying that that they could see my has been spied on and he can leave and these are the arguments they putting forward i guess judgment to which they had a judgment we are expecting later in the week there is a possibility judgement could be read. jacob zuma does stand trial it could happen in october of this year for me to given the noise it has been proceeding you just heard it all around you i guess this whole story has really captured the interest of the population. would have on the visa. but we're just outside the courts which
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take up zuma supports as specifically have gathered that the people we've spoken to yes say they believe he's innocent certainly innocent until proven guilty they're dunsany fall in line with the thinking that this is politically driven and they say they'll be till the end we are expecting jacob zuma to address the supports is in the next hour or so once today's court proceedings are wrapped up but among south africans across the country there is significant interest in what. happens in courts given that when jacob zuma resigned from the presidency early last year he there was a swarm of allegations against him and his contact a number of allegations in terms of corruption linked to the president not just this case links to the arms * deal that happened to us the end of the 1990s but also allegations to do with this relationship with prominent people that he was linked to people that you make decisions became government that benefited them
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phonetically and in terms of their financial interests. jacob zuma has been accused of using government institutions to benefit himself and he's a some say gets slapped rick and say this is really about if these allegations are proven to be true the arms deal specifically this is at least a taste of the justice they believe jacob zuma should be facing that's amanda miller thanks very much indeed for that for me the minute i met it's back in south africa. opposition politician more has got to be has returned to the democratic republic of congo his plane arrived a few hours ago in his hometown of new. has spent almost 3 years in exile off to boarding out with the then president joseph kabila catherine soy has more now.
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people need. that many clothes. like you. like to. use that. was around the country that you. tend to know. when you live the night and yet you. like to if you. like to try.
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to plow. through sunday night these. prosecutors in sweden have taken the 1st step toward seeking the extradition of wiki leaks founder julian assange on the allegations of rape they made a formal request to a swedish court for songs to be detained he's currently serving 50 weeks in a u.k. prison food skipping bail sweden dropped its case against him in 2017 it was reopened off his eviction from the ecuadorian embassy in london last month and songes also wanted in the united states facility behind king. petrol shortages are adding to the severe lack of food medicine and electricity in venezuela and israel has the world's largest proven reserves of oil but majors can't get any fuel latin
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america that's a lucy in human explains why from the states of. the queues to philip cars with fuel in northwestern venezuela are 234 kilometers long. near the city of motorists hope and pray they'll be lucky to make it to the pump before it runs dry. yesterday i was in line for 6 hours and couldn't fill up. is that normal i ask. with this government apparently it is we are a major oil producing country and look. on top of shortages of water. the further you go from the harder it is to find petrol but in the past 2 weeks the hunt for fuel has become much worse. look we started a great check called in focus. these are the messages from today.
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there's several causes for the crisis say industry experts. venezuela's refinery capacity is down to 20 percent of its normal level instead of $1300000.00 barrels a day we're only 260000 which means we have to import gasoline. importing it from the united states but as of april 28th the u.s. government stopped all sales not just of fuel but of the additives needed to make the petrol that the his whale is still able to refine at home and then there's the chronic problem of price distortions all the patrol in this tanker truck 13000 liters costs less than $1.00 which means it's practically free but only if you can find it these shortages and these long lines are creating a black market with some people charging as much as $10.00 for 20 leaders now anywhere else that may be considered peanuts but here it is the only thing cheaper
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than petrol is the air that you breathe that is considered a fortune and much more than the minimum wage. the shortages have not yet impacted the capital caracas but experts say it may not be long before they do and irony that escapes no one in venezuela the country with the world's largest oil reserves . in israel. days after the u.s. state of alabama approved a near total ban on abortion president donald trump has weighed in trouble in the katyn tweets that alabama has gone too far because its new law makes no exception for pregnancies of occur from rape or incest rights activists have been protesting against the ban in cities across the state they condemn the law and want the courts to overturn it.
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10 years after the end of a decades long civil war sri lankans are still coming to terms with the bloodshed at least 100000 people were killed in massacres suicide bombings and assassinations leaving scars a bit yet to heal mel fernandez reports from colombo were a special ceremony was held to one of the dead. i. the beating of battle drums to remember fallen comrades who died fighting to stop the tamil separatist cause sri lanka as leaders put aside their differences to honor the government forces killed. they sacrificed their lives for our motherland to bring a lasting peace freedom protecting democracy the united nature of the country and its territorial integrity to see if god democracy these heroic and brave sons are committed to safeguarding the future of this country. the conflict began in 1903 and right end in 2009 had claimed the lives of around
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100000 people a u.n. panel of experts found both sides should be investigated for possible war crimes but they have not been any prosecutions the passing years haven't been the pain of loss for many families some came from around the country to share their grief each line inscribed here is the name of a member of the military or the police. who died during 26 years of conflict more than 28000 people died 6000 are listed as still missing and thousands are disabled by their wounds today's event is about commemorating their contribution to the war effort surely chandler's husband was killed in batticaloa on the east coast when she was 8 months pregnant she told us how the soldier was dedicated to serving his country and hopes he didn't mean to me or my harp even today is that this country saved by such sacrifice will be safeguarded for our
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children another reader still has the uniform of a husband thus the night he was killed in battle 11 years ago his brother also lost his life both graves lie side by side in their garden here in poland or. the mine it's only because of the recent troubles they've remembered the war heroes or they didn't bother if they were alive or dead sometimes even getting a letter signed was a struggle so we face difficulties. now their sons are older she says life is easier but the memories will not feed and neither will the pain in their finance as colombo. the odd sort of rally or making patchwork quilt has existed for centuries the tradition lives on and pakistan's deserts were gives poor women an opportunity to make money become a household name in cities in pakistan and beyond. the store. every
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morning these women in pakistan started earlier to queue up to kill a quarter of what they do in the house or do they have a difficult day or head looking after the elderly their young and growing our go house or george. despite the hard life they still find time to make. a song and i listen and we make these quilts after finishing our household chores we try to make our designs better every time we give these quilts as wedding gifts after finishing our work at home we teach our daughters or younger sisters. the word dryly in the local language means to make then good night and it's also a way for the women to make great sitting together under a shared stop when they go about their work or eager to throw their talents santa at but i recall this is a traditional walk.


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