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tv   The Peoples Voice  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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issue too sensitive for this company official to discuss i get the pension i'll raise a company so sorry. but he's confident while away will still thrive in other markets so now laid her we'll get the fire level. we hope we can cooperate each other based other countries while away officials had anticipated this move and on thursday the firm issued a statement saying the transactions wouldn't improve safety or security in the united states and would only harm consumers and companies it doesn't bode well for the full 3 trade talks between the 2 countries u.s. firms are present here the mood among one technology representative surprisingly upbeat levy is it very hard to sell u.s. technology in china today because of the trade rules i don't think so in some way it's yes counties is open for the on the difference of you know the products here and our attorney is the customers is what i think. america.
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pronounce is one of. the theme of this exhibition is artificial intelligence in china the technology is widely used in surveillance and facial recognition cameras . especially in the far western province of shinji where they monitor track and rate members of a largely muslim group known as the week goes this company manufactures many of those cameras and has been promoting its expertise here but officials didn't want to tell you the reason you can't even use the u.s. government has once more targeted one of china's most successful companies leading executives at other technology firms wondering who will be next. now the easter sunday attacks on churches in sri lanka has led to reprisals against . yes the muslim minority community the government introduced
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a curfew and now to use maximum force to end the violence burnet smith reforms oh no we're. going to get out of it and appeal for calm from one of the 9 mosques attacked in a wave of violence across northwestern sri lanka this week. and from these catholic priests a show of solidarity with they told us their 1st visit to a mosque 3 weeks ago on easter sunday suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels in sri lanka killing 253 people. so said that things like this had happened you know for the church had been digging. ourselves in order to the various working in these areas become that people don't you can never know. there are certainly groups you know we don't leave you more do you know and but the gunman months put a stop to these sri lanka's minority muslim population is now living in fear they
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break the ramadan fast behind drawn curtains there's no visiting friends and neighbors a curfew empties the streets the mosques usually busy in this muslim holy month a closed knowledge in another born we're not sure what will happen we're hearing reports of attacks in different places and we don't know what to do we don't really trust any government in the moon witnesses describe what they called mobs of sinhalese young men smashing up shops in and around 30 towns and villages the businesses in this town are owned by sinhalese people who are mainly buddhist as well as muslims and hama jessamy watched helplessly as bricks rained down on this mosque land there and these people how it blames the government that might but it turned out a military one really we knew this was coming and the government warned there would be atrocities but they wanted this to happen to us the government thought we'd leave these areas so those goons could unleash mayhem. sure lanka's prime minister
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says the country will be destabilized if sectarianism escalates more than 70 people have been arrested and are in custody facing charges related to this week's violence nightly curfews have been keeping a lid on the violence here and they'll be another want tonight it's wednesday but they're only a short term measure the much greater challenge is repairing the enter community relationships which have been so badly fractured by the easter sunday bomb burnitz many hours era northwest intra lanka where any continued violence could make matters worse for the tourist industry in sri lanka tourist numbers have slumped by 30 percent that could mean one and a half $1000000000.00 less for the country in foreign currency coming in to the indian ocean island nation tourism accounts for 5 percent or $4400000000.00 of the country's gross domestic product it supports about $500000.00 jobs. well joining me
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now from hong kong is rich here decided fund manager asia fronting a cattle good to have you with us so we've had mosques and muslim owned shops vandalized or set or set on fire in sri lanka a curfew has been imposed in the north western province could these tensions threaten the country's economy if they persisted and if the government is unable to to quell them. this i think that you know given the scale of the tax are very unexpected very surprising it wasn't the water in 2009 you're not seeing any kind of attacks on the on the scale of the last decade or so the country has been largely peaceful or the past 10 years after the war and so i think people questions that have that have happened off with attacks i think a one off and i don't know can be sustained going forward in the garment district nor the steps again in order to stimulate for tuition the ground and attract the foreign investment at least it will lowe's or you know you know before investors comment you know bring back before investment going forward as well and these
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attacks happened at a time when sri lanka has been reemerging in recent years from a 3 decade long civil war and it's reinvented itself as a top tourist destination is all of that now under threat i mean how bad has this sector been hit by the easter sunday attacks. but i think you know given the scale of the attacks and you know the intensity of the attacks i think the image impact will be quite negative for the tourism sector already i think the authorities are talking about a 30 percent drop in arrivals photo this in 2019 and over the past couple of weeks we've already seen some numbers spoken about saying that in order to sort of of the 450 to 60 percent year over year so the near term impact is negative on the sector no doubt but i think if the government going to take steps to stabilize the country and you know bring by the tortoise and the proprietor image of the country safe and stable then i think it isn't going to cover over the longer term for the government has announced a relief package which includes. more more money available and tax incentives.
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to to help the tourist industry all these measures enough do you think you know they're all going to bring all that can to an orthopod the industry they've given tax incentive the given low cost loans there's also moratorium announced on loans for the tourism sector just a couple of days ago so i think they can they're doing what what steps they've taken to stabilize the tourism sector but i think it's under is it to say there's no room you know you're doing back in the sector there could be there would be a near them back in the sector but these steps obviously would help stabilize the sector and you know get back on its feet and return to normalcy going forward as well and what about jobs i mean tourism employs around 10 percent. of the country both directly and indirectly how are they going to be affected right i think you know given that there's going to be 20 percent drop in arrivals this year which is expected you're already seeing up quite a bit quite a lot of cancellations over flights as well as what else the last couple of weeks
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so there will be a note of impact on the employment for the industry but given some of the steps of the car going to stick in the last couple of weeks the last couple of days i think that or at least provide some cushion the to the industrial to the you know people who are employed in the industry and the i.m.f. last month extended a $1.00 loan for sri lanka. by next year into 2020 but if grows continues to slow are they going to need more money from the i.m.f. right so i think what's already slowed over the last or the last year i think 2018 was the slowest stupid what the country's recorded in the last in quite some time now and so given their tourism sector going to 5 percent of g.d.p. which is about $400000000000.00 of foreign intro's every year and if you you know talking about 20 percent hit to these $400000000000.00 that's about a one have been dollar hit just on foreign currency so they could be pressure on the foreign currency reserves in the next couple of quarters which graphic balance of payments and because of this i think the government would need to maybe talk to
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the i.m.f. or the much directly in seas or to raise more funds to balance in balance the deficit just briefly we're heading into the down season for tourism in sri lanka and then it's back up to the high season in october or november do you think that they can recover by that time yeah i think it's a bit early to say or comment where they're going to go by by you know in the next couple of months given the severity of the attacks and the initial impact being so negative on to survivors but and if you look at historically historically incidents similar to these for example in bali in 2002 as well as egypt in 2015 and 2 survivors are dropped quite significantly after these incidents and they took at least 2 you know between 2 to 3 years to recover fully back to you know pretty attack levels saw us up in the it would recover but i think it'll take some time to go back to you know we. back levels but the government is looking to stay with attrition and bring back to loosen attract them back so awfully not take so long
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but you know near term impact is negative and medium term or pretty the students are to should recover all right rick you decide good to speak to you thank you. now the 1st of all electric jet powered 5 c. to air taxi has taken to the sky a munich based startup has beaten and google's larry page to build and test a commercially viable vehicle lilium hopes to be ferrying people in and around our cities and beyond by 2025 and joining me now from london is daniel we got he is the chief executive of lilian thanks very much for being with us dan you are now there's been many full storms when it comes to this form of transport is electric power going to be the spark as it were that makes this a reality absolutely when we set out and built our company really new work on the create a new transportation system for the 21st century and we knew that anything else
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that is not electric would not be responsible in this age for you know for some way though from from starting service as we mentioned there 2025 is that is the target year one needs to happen before the general public gets into this so today we have revealed the product prototype and it's taken into the air a few days ago for the 1st time and in the next 3 years we're going to. profit from pre-packed the production of the aircraft and certify the airplanes so we can actually have a service in place in the year 25 where we can operate in multiple regions of the globe and we can serve our customers. but this technology though could probably work better in developing nations countries with poor infrastructure because there could be lots of regulator e problems in urban areas of say london and new york actually the technology is equally well suited both for cities like london and new york but also for
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developing countries because we're very proud that we were able to design. which we can certify an existing regulation and also operate with pilots like any other airplane or helicopter and that enables us to launch the service basically in any developed city as much as in the developing countries and as 19 other companies that are working to build this type of transform who do you see as your biggest threat. i can't tell you at the moment which of these companies is the strongest one because we don't know exactly of course what they are doing but what we know is that the unique selling proposition of the leading jet is that because it's a chant act it enables us to fly further and faster than any other concept which we have seen publicly so far how would you see this developing then if this were if this were to become a thing in the future are we going to see sort of flying lanes in the same way that
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we see roads in and that's one thing i mean how is all this going to be policed well initially you're going to start to life airplanes are flying today with us and small number of am planes and they're going to be controlled by a tower and then later in the future this is going to be a digital aspace management system that gives us a much higher capacity in the space but it's still difference to transportation on the ground in a sense that airplanes would probably not follow a kind of predefined road where you have a chain of pearls of app planes sitting behind each other but you will direct fly from one point to the other and reserve these corydoras only in an kind of on demand basis and what about the cost of all this is this something that most people are going to be able to afford yes the biggest thing when we set out and built our company for us was to create a new transportation system that is affordable for everybody and we think we have
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achieved this with the technology and the knowledge we have now that we can actually offer these services at a comparable cost to a taxi when we launch and to a comparable cost like you own car when you drive it to work for example once the system is flying autonomous later in the future all right to be fascinating to see how this does develop then you legal thanks very much for being with us thank you and that is our show for this week remember you can get in touch with us by. me and as and seeker use the hash tag a j c to see when you do or drop us an e-mail counting the cost of thought next is our address is more for you on line as always that address c.n.n. dot com slash c t c taking you straight to our page which has individual chords links and entire episodes for you to catch up on. so that is it for this edition of counting the cost i'm has a secret from the whole team here thanks for joining us the news on the jazeera is next.
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the universe is a tipping point scientists are telling us right now that we have just 12 years as the world's leaders fail to agree on a solution. to taking matters into their. evening . which is actually to get people to understand that it kills people and that it kills people now it's ridiculous both sides were to the people's doors on a jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very
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frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this past month of the no people's thoughts and say this struggling to make translates and just want a better life from around the world and obviously has been offered to those who rebel against the government. except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes. iran announces little quadruple the production of low enriched uranium the cop agreed on the nuclear deal no longer applause. hello i'm don jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up palestinians are accused by the u.s. of shamefully trying to block the future of the they say they won't attend the washington led conference. arousing. welcome but not
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everyone is happy in the democratic republic of congo to see a popular politician returning from exile. and google cut ties with chinese foreign giant hawaii which washington considers a national security threat. we begin with breaking news out of iran on its nuclear program in the last hour or so terence announced it will quadruple production of low enriched uranium it comes a week after iran officially ended some of its commitments under the international nuclear deal which was abandoned by the trumpet ministration was and was robbie joins us live now from the iranian capital zain so what more can you tell us about this announcement and how significant is it. well this announcement was made by the spokes person of the atomic energy organization of iran back on the
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during a visit to the natanz nuclear facility considered one of iran's main nuclear facilities for uranium enrichment it was a visit by the local news organizations local t.v. local iranian press to this facility to really showcase the activity that they are carrying out and it was designed to illustrate that iran is making good on its promises and that's exactly what it seems to be sending out as a message to the world quadrupling the rate at which it can produce enrich uranium what that means is that as of today they are making enrich uranium faster 4 times faster than they were a few days ago a few weeks ago when they signed the nuclear deal so this is a clear signal that they said they were going to do it president hassan rouhani announced his. pullback of cooperation with parts of the nuclear deal it has to be said he announced that because president donald trump in the united states placed nuclear sanctions on iran that attacked the framework of the deal effectively limiting iran's ability to keep stockpiles. apply itself to
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stockpile agreements in the nuclear deal. said they won't be abiding by that limit then the energy organization the atomic energy organization said it was going to carry out that work and now they're proving that they indeed are carrying out that work mr come on the also pointed out that within the next few weeks they will reach the 300 kilogram stockpile limit and iran intends to exceed that limit so really the significance of the statement today is that they are holding true to what they said that they will not cooperate with the parts of the nuclear deal the way they said they would we are on the clock president hassan rouhani gave the remaining signatories to the nuclear deal 2 months 60 days to try to find a way to salvage the deal by helping iran mitigate u.s. oil and banking sanctions and if that doesn't happen if this path continues forward then there's a clear sign that iran is serious about non cooperation with the nuclear deal and slowly. limiting its cooperation with the j c p a way possibly eventually pulling out entirely yeah and saying away from the nuclear deal how people going to reacting there over this ongoing escalation of
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tensions with the united states. but we've spoken to runyon people and we've heard both defiance and fear there are people that say they trust in their country's ability to defend itself but they don't trust in its economy as much the economic conditions are really worrying people at a time when the currency was already in trouble now additional u.s. sanctions are putting more pressure on the economy but there are people here that say they are worried they are afraid and that they should they feel their leader should not just show publicly defiance in the face of american pressure they should also take these threats seriously and that if a war was to break out they worry about what that would mean for their own security and stability those there are many young people in iran who don't remember the war of the 1980 s. with iraq but those that have been around long enough to remember what it was like to live in wartime iran say that negotiation should be the way forward and that iranian leaders should try to come to
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a solution through dialogue and not necessarily through defiance zain thank you. well the u.s. president is issued a direct threat to iran tweeting that if iran wants to fight it'll be the end of the country he later said he would prefer an economic invasion when all iran's foreign minister zarif has hit back saying iran won't be intimidated by genocidal taunts. u.s. warships sailing in the arabian sea these the latest pictures showing additional u.s. military personnel deployed to the region and move to counter what the u.s. sees a thrifts from iran the tensions also eskin lasing on twitter donald trump wrote if iran wants to fight that will be the official end of iran never thracian the united states again. to iran has described the roots of psychological warfare and a political guy iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif tweeted trump hopes to
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achieve what alexander and other aggressors failed to do iranians have stood tall for millennia well aggressors all go on economic terrorism and genocide towards words in duran try respects it works it's been mixed messages out of the white house and a pretty recorded interview on fox news trump said he preferred an economic war over a military one i want to invade if i have to economically we've created a much stronger country economically than when i took it over and on thursday he said this. we have got that we would not get out. and if we did that would send a hell of a lot more troops and that what i think is just where was that story in the new york times or the new york times. saudi arabia's king so mom has called for 2 emergency summit some valving gulf and arab leaders later this month to discuss.
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but analysts say talking won't work for tehran which wants the u.s. to stick to the iran nuclear deal or a way. really doubt that the iranians are going to engage in any diplomacy until at least trump fires bolton and starts to abide by the way because if the idea is to go to the table with this extra leverage trump now believes that he has because of the sanctions while the iranians are not going to go to the table without them 1st also building some leverage would most likely would mean that they would restart other aspects of their nuclear program is not a good scenario for anyone iran u.s. relations hit a new low last year pulled out of the 2015 agreement embry imposed sanctions they had been lifted in exchange for tehran scaling back its nuclear program no undue u.s. lead sanctions iran is suffering economically and wondering what trumps true intentions really shine at dallas. let's bring in ali fatah and the job he's a visiting fellow at the brookings doha center joins us live again from early so
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let's talk 1st then if we can about this latest development that iran has announced has quadrupled or will called drupal its production of low enriched uranium how significant is this and why is iran doing this now do you think. well this iranian move is in line with an iranian intention to raise stablish to leverage iran a decade ago and by you know by reenergizing aspects of its nuclear program because now the view in iran is that iran is in a position of weakness and talking to the united states would be basically paramount to capitulate so what the aim is is to reenergize this nuclear program and to present the world listen you know that we still might have a new. again might have a new nuclear crisis but diplomacy might be the way forward and the europeans early have desperately been trying to save the deal since trump pulled out so where does
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that leave the deal now is it much closer to collapse given this latest development . well if iran really goes forward with this strategy that i mentioned it will be very difficult for the for the europeans put on not only for them to keep the kind of diplomatic and political support fees of iran because up until now it was quite clear that it was the u.s. side violated the nuclear agreement and iran could portray itself as the one party that remained true to its obligation but if this is you know if we're going to see some aspects of the iranian nuclear program reenergize this will kick off a new nuclear crisis and this would put the europeans in a very difficult situation all right let's move on to the rising tensions now between the u.s. and iran i mean iran has dismissed president trumps latest threats as genocidal
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towards tehran of course wants to appear tough there early but how worried is iran under the surface about the threat of a real conflict. i think what the iranian side is also is doing is quite similar to the u.s. side in terms of showing strength and terms of showing to the other side the cost of large scale military conflict but i think also for the iranian side you know a large scale military conflict is really too costly and so this is why we hear you know on one side threats and in terms of possible iranian retaliation to u.s. interests in the region in the event of a war but on the other side we also see you know signs that iran at some point might be able to talk to the united states and this kind of signaling had already started with foreign ministers that leaves visit to the united states weeks ago if
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i told him the job thank you very much indeed for your time. now the white house is accusing the palestinians of shamefully trying to block their future comes hours after the palestinians said they won't take part in a conference about their future organized by donald trump's son in law. is expected to unveil the u.s. presidents a long awaited blueprint for palestine and israel in bahrain next month events being held to outline economic aspects of that plan. well the palestinian prime minister says they haven't been consulted about the conference my much attire says any u.s. plan will probably favor israel and be financial blackmail to the palestinians. who love the cabinet stresses that it wasn't consulted about the reported workshop and neither about the content nor the outcome and or the timing it clarifies that the financial crisis that the palestinian national authority is living through today is a result of the financial war that is being waged against us in order to win political concessions we do not submit to blackmail and we do not trade our
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political rights for money while our white house correspondent kimberly joins us live now from washington kimberly so the white house has now responded to this palestinian rejection tell us what they've been saying. yeah this is a statement coming from the white house specifically attributed to the white house special representative for international. in the statements quite lengthy the white house seems to be surprised that there is any pushback from the palestinian authority saying that it's difficult to understand why the palestinian authority would reject a workshop designed to radically transform lives and power to a brighter future for the palestinian people the white house goes on to accuse the palestinian authority of deliberately trying to block a path to a brighter future in that history will judge the palestinian authority harshly for passing up this opportunity now the white house goes on to defend what it says is economic proposals.


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