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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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for al jazeera. iran's president says he's open to talks with the u.s. but says conditions are not right. i'm richelle carey this is al-jazeera lifetime so also coming up the u.n. warns it may have to suspend aid delivery to parts of yemen saying some who are making it difficult to operate. in israel as president marks one year since his free election and proposes early polls for the opposition led national assembly. and mourning formula one champion maciel out of one of the most significant figures in motor sport has ties.
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president hassan rouhani says he favors diplomacy with the u.s. but the current situation isn't suitable for talks he says iran's only choice is resistance tensions have been on the rise in recent days after the u.s. said it was strengthening its military presence in the region because of unspecified threats from iran and washington lawmakers are demanding now exactly what those threats are reports from their. leaving the white house president donald trump says he's willing to talk to rand's leaders when they are ready while seemingly downplaying a potential threat iran would be making a very big mistake if they did it even if they do something it will be met with great force but we have no indication that they will. but his administration just weeks earlier had said it had intelligence that he ran could attack u.s. forces or its allies sending in an aircraft carrier to the gulf earlier than planned along with bombers and missiles each. evacuating some of its diplomatic
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personnel from iraq perhaps in response iran announced monday it's quadrupled its production of enriched uranium still at a much lower level that could be used for a weapon the capacity of the country's interest through duct through some technical modifications has been increased by nearly 4 times without i've been any new chains or centrifuges the design information related to this has been submitted to the international atomic energy agency and still some analysts say there are signs of a potential diplomatic breakthrough and there is an urgency for diplomacy and may be the signs in terms of the omani of foreign minister traveling today to iran and discussing some regional issues and oman has played a kind of a mediating role between the u.s. and iran in the past so maybe this is a good sign the u.s. president has sent mixed messages on iran but this is a man who prides himself on making deals and so far he's been able to find one in
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his foreign policy now saying he's ready to talk if you runs leaders only ask patty calling al-jazeera washington iran is urging the u.n. secretary general to help facilitate a diplomatic dialogue to ease what i call the alarming security situation and the gulf region diplomatic editor james basis following those developments from the united nations. the letter which has been sent to the current president of the u.n. security council indonesia and to the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorist talks about the alarming security situation in the gulf it doesn't mention the u.s. by now but it says currently in their action is creating a lose lose situation instead it's proposing using a u.n. security council resolution for more than 30 years ago to create a new mechanism for talks between the gulf states and iran the proposal by iranian . proviron she is one that shows iran is pursuing
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diplomacy is trying to be reasonable at the same time though coming up with a procedure that would cut the u.s. out of any negotiations it has already been welcomed by the russian ambassador we fully support the need to do. something like. bush and regional security architecture which would eventually wolf with the logic for months but the. need to have a venue for months to discuss the regional issues i'm busted and added he thought it was likely the security council would talk about the current tension between iran and the u.s. in the near future the united nations may be forced to scale back the delivery of humanitarian aid to some parts of yemen that are under whose they control it accuses the rebels of blocking convoys and harassing staff but insists the
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suspension of a but the last resort they will markets have reopened in the port city of her data as a fragile cease fire holds mainly as more. life is trickling back into this market place yemen's port city of hard data as people buy goods without fear of smike this an aerial bombardment residents are hopeful as a fragile cease fire between saudi a mirage led forces and who the rebels hold at least for now at the nominal value of their own money we hope the u.n. and voice will continue working until the roads and ports are open in her data to let aid and supplies enter they need to be delivered to the people so they have enough to live. this month with the forces withdrew fighters from the ports of her day to sunday from rough underage deal brokered by a un that committee to stop calm agreement was established between. rival
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combatants in december but after 2 similar agreements failed the ceasefire was fragile and sporadic fighting continued. for now it's holding but both sides of the ramping up rhetoric after saudi led coalition warplanes bombed the rebel held capital sama killing 6 people including 4 children this is after hooty drone strikes on a key oil pipeline to the west of the saudi capital riyadh can tell you that we are following with great concern recent incidents and hardening rhetoric in yemen over the past days recalling the initial positive steps taken in the implementation of the dado agreement we are encouraged by the firm commitment reiterated by president hadi and the government to implement the agreement. the world food program may also suspend aid deliveries to rebel controlled yemen because of harassment from hooty fighters in a statement the un agency said humanitarian workers in yemen
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a being tonight access to the hungry aid convoys being blocked and local authorities have interfered with food distribution who day to port is the entry point for the bulk of imported goods and humanitarian aid to the war torn nation. but with aid organizations responsible for distributing food to millions of people across yemen the task of reaching yemenis on the brink of starvation appears to be getting a lot harder lore about among the al-jazeera. hundreds of u.s. politicians have signed a letter to the white house urging president onil trump not to pull troops out of syria a bipartisan play argues the united states should remain engaged in the conflict citing deep concerns and threats to regional allies democrats and republicans have voiced concern in recent months after trump announced in december american troops will pull out of syria john jones is
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a us foreign policy expert he says members of congress know the stakes are high when it comes to security. this letter was a strike across the bow really sending a message that congress in both a bipartisan in by cameral fashion was just about united in stating that there needs to be a clear well defined policy as it pertains to syria there's tremendous concern across the house and senate and probably 4 within some elements of the administration is well that you have open spaces within syria that can be taken over by the likes of isis hezbollah or factions groups loyal to our iran or russia and so what leaders in the house and senate again both republican and democrat are saying is that we have to know exactly what the policy in posture of united states is going to be in the coming days and months as it
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pertains to syria the stakes are just too high when you look at the security issues on the ground when you look at u.s. national security interests that have to be protected as well as president nicolas maduro has proposed holding early elections for the opposition controlled national assembly and made the announcement as he marked one year since his controversial reelection next kegel vote isn't due until 2020 at least a dozen assembly members have been stripped of their legislative immunity in recent weeks and face charges of treason and subversion of the. proposal coincides with talks held in the us between pentagon officials and representatives of opposition leader. or latin america has more from caracas. president hugo last mughal had said many many times over the last few months that he is willing one fact that he wants to bring forward elections for the national assembly the only institution
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that he does not control so that in and of itself is not new what's new is the context there have been exploratory talks between the government and the opposition of. the opposition in norway nothing supposedly had come of this but now president says that he is willing to quote speak to the devil if that will bring peace now the devil of course that he's referring to is why though the opposition leader but it's not clear that why though it wants to talk to him at least about that because he has put 3 or maybe 3 demands which he says are not negotiable and that is for you to resign for there to be a transition government and for elections to be held but not just for the national assembly but for all of the institutions in the country starting with the presidency so it's not clear at all whether this latest suggestion is really going to fly or the wood and whether it will work at all to try to unlock this deadlock ford is cutting thousands of jobs worldwide and the u.s.
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vehicle maker will lay off $7000.00 workers that's about 10 percent of its salaried staff a company is looking to save $600000000.00 a year as it carries up to build more electric and drive vehicles in the future john hendren has more from chicago. ford motor company is laying off 7 founders in white collar workers worldwide that's about 10 percent of its salaried work force deep cuts at ford and those might just be the beginning that's part of an 11000000000 dollar restructuring from the company why their sales actually went up in the united states in the past year but they've gone down. in europe asia and latin america and as they are competing in the standard car market they are also competing with technology companies like tesla and leymah which are making self driving electric cars and this follows on the heels of cuts by general motors even deeper cuts of $8000.00 workers or about 15 percent of its salaried workforce
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they're facing similar industry pressures and those companies are hearing for an era in which perhaps people aren't buying so many cars perhaps hiring self driving cars to take them where they want to go on a regular basis and all of this happens is those companies have been hit by tariffs the trump administration has said on steel and other metals that has cost ford alone about a $1000000000.00 over the past year and to put that in perspective the company is saving about $600000000.00 with the cuts that it is announced on monday that doesn't get you quite to the $1000000000.00 the company has paid in terrorist for importing the metals it needs to make those cars so the tariffs have been bad news on top of a rough year for the automakers so add on al-jazeera argentina's former president goes on trial for corruption and what impact that could have on her future political ambitions. warm welcome for
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popular politician in the democratic republic of congo but not everyone is happy to see him return from exile. the west says by. how i would say some pretty lively stolz across parts of central europe recently particularly many at all so it's a part of this area of low pressure a swelling away his position very heavy rain full some flooding consensus well that some large hail. for kid measure this area of low pressure will gradually slide as well little further south which as we go through the next day also very strong winds piling in from the north sea there across the low countries the netherlands seeing some brisk conditions and that west the weather will sink a little further south was to the west of that some decent spells of warm sunshine london 20 degrees celsius despite that northerly paraiso it will feel
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a little fresher than 20 would suggest sherry right a possibility the parts of france $24.00 celsius 4 but dry it just wanted to shout into the southeastern coast of the southeastern parts if you have it is generally try and find out that wessel weather will slide its way further south which as we go through the next day or so surprises guys do come back into germany temperatures still struggling to get to around 17 celsius common off nicely there across the england and then day down into france 220-2122 degrees celsius a possibility here there of the crisis but it will be fine and dry for to try to across northern parts of africa well there's a fair bit of cloud for a little libya. the west. and ways i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality where online hotmail filled. with in our global federation it is really fight to get a piece of that or if you join us on send. me to pick up their mind this is
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a dialogue everyone has a points to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in history join the cologne conversation on al-jazeera. you're watching out there illiterate. the top stories right now. on rouhani says he favors to plumb the sea with the u.s. but the current situation isn't suitable for talks monday tehran announced it has quadrupled its production of low enriched uranium the united nations says it may be forced to scale back the delivery of humanitarian aid to some parts of yemen under the control of blames the rebels for blocking a convoys and harassing staff that's
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a suspension of a would be a last resort and hundreds of u.s. politicians have sent a letter to the white house urging president not to pull out of syria lawmakers argue the u.s. should remain engaged in the conflict citing be concerns over the security every channel allies. australia has governing governing that is conservative coalition has now won enough seats to form a majority in a liberal nationals picked up an additional seat after it was previously too close to call a minister scott morrison victory in saturday's election was a surprise also suggests that his party would be defeated enter thomas reports from sydney. australia as preferential system of voting means that an individual constituencies where the count is very tight they can take a few days for a full bill when it's to be declared so though we knew on saturday that scott morrison is running some sense of party have done enough to be returned to office we didn't know the scale of that victory and whether scott morrison will be leading
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a minority or a majority government without the support of independent m.p.'s and what we now know is that he has done enough to govern in his own right the scale of the victory is even greater than it's appeared to be today what that means in practice is that scott morrison and his party have a free reign to do what they like when it comes to for example policy on tax they want lower taxes we were richer australians less action on climate change than the would have been had the labor party won the election because action on climate change is seen by his policies morrisons as economically damaging and the be no change either to australia's tough border protection policies refugees trying to come to australia. boat will still be sent to remote islands on a proper new guinea's mount a saw and all on the route but it also means that the hundreds of men still languishing on the particular will probably have to stay there long the said to be despair. among them scott morrison would have a completely free rein when it comes to legislation he still needs to get new laws through the senate the upper house of parliament where he doesn't have
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a majority nevertheless his party is in a stronger position now than it was even a week ago when they were in government but with the support of independent m.p.'s and that is against all expectations and against the opinion polls. and the nation's presidential candidate. who is refusing to accept defeat in last month's election and will challenge the result in court election commission declare a presidential veto the winner with 55 percent of the vote that opposition party say there was systematic cheating something the election board has ruled out citing lack of evidence. a corruption trial of argentina's former president cristina kirchner is set to become an apprentice artist on tuesday but as traceable reports her trial will take place this year self is running for vice president in the upcoming election the latino vote and is here now. she was argentina's president for 18 years from 2007 to 2015. 4 years later cristina
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fernandez that continues to be one of the most important politicians in the country . right now she's on trial for her alleged role in a corruption probe worth millions of dollars during her administration. lawyers like leak out of them one at a san say the links between kirshner and the businessman are a crucial part of the investigation. of the the nobody has been able to prove that you had corruption money but what has been demonstrated is how the former president used their hotels and other places to launder illicit money. money that i legibly came ask it back. from public works contracts from last advice a family friend who was a bank clerk turned tycoon when he 1st met the kershner family cristina kirchner will be appearing in this courthouse regularly from now on even though she's been implicated in more than 10 corruption investigations this is the 1st case that makes a full court cristina kirchner is now
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a senate or still sees protected with parliamentary immunity which prevents her imprisonment but not her prosecution. since leaving office cristina kirchner and members of her government have been indicted and accused of corruption one of them was even caught trying to hide around $9000000.00 in a ministry. but the former president says she's seen a cent and a victim of political persecution from her rival precedent. an early say the judiciary in argentina tends to lean towards those in power. there is political persecution there is animosity and judges pushing cases improperly against certain political figures but i believe it has to do with the justice system as a source of power and not because they are responding to those who are in government . kirshner was expected to run in the october presidential election against modi.
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but the former president surprised everyone on saturday when she said she would run for vice president instead i company i'll bet the farm and this a former political ally a strategic move that is supposed to help her party win more votes. this year there is fear and disenchantment with my korean suspense there are 3 different fears the one who is afraid of christina votes for my creek the one who is afraid of my creepy votes for christina and the one who is afraid of both is not sure who to vote for. the trial is expected to last for a year a year in which she could make it back to power. once again. maybe someone would have cited. south africa former president jacob zuma is back in court for a 2nd day hoping the judges will throw out corruption charges against him zuma is accused of fraud money laundering and racketeering some of those charges relate to a controversial arms deal exposed while he was deputy president as lawyers
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described the case as politically motivated mob justice. opposition politician moyes can turn base expected to go on a nationwide tour following his return from exile on monday a job i spent almost 3 years in belgium after falling out with then president joseph kabila his arrival in the democratic republic of congo coincides with a visit to conceal by the french foreign minister is due to meet with the president as catherine sawyer reports i was always good to ms return from exile across his hometown of to go to a standstill. tens of thousands of supporters while the airports to welcome him. he fled the country in 2016 up to forming out with former president joseph kabila whose government accused him of corruption and herring mass neris to overthrow the states while in exile was sentenced to 3 years in prison for property fraud that conviction was struck last month allowing him to return home to the ground we have
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video of our leaders but he thinks police did to secure the filmmaking disposable they want to do to work together to fix a country that want them dead people don't thrive on reality since we were at a photo who dated him on the country's politics had to be has held presidential ambitions but was barred from contesting in last year's election while govern out the mineral rich katanga province between 262015 he faced allegations of abusing his power to expand his wealth in mining and transport he's always denied this the help but i've been talking to people like maybe the. well maybe the politics of the let me close to other parts of the country like would. like be up with the people he comes back on the day president felix she said katie made
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a prime minister and ing months of speculation and insight into. well but that late process 73 year olds who. has served in 3 previous governments former president joseph kabila these late father and the late mobutu says the 2nd and tv's appointment he was managing director of the national railways company. political party and comes from the former president's home region. the message from ca to be to he supports his was clear he told them he's back to defend the constitution and people key is a political rivals that forced him to katherine sawyer al-jazeera. south east. formally charged the man accused of the christ search christ church mosque shootings with terrorism and terror already faces charges of murder and attempted murder $51.00 people were killed in that attack in march the self-proclaimed white
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supremacist is due to appear in court in june. a judge in the u.s. has ruled against president donald trump in a dispute over his financial records he said the congress should get those documents and that democrats have the right to investigate the president called the ruling crazy and said he'd appeal or sensible and he has more from a chopper alley and pennsylvania. trying to stress that the trees acknowledge the road and. here and so many are at his rally but on the way here he said he was disappointed in the federal judge's decision not to put in a request from the house oversight committee seeking financial records and this is children money and records. how to. use the are suing can spam lea because they're upset about the moderate mortons findings need to be sad that this was a wrong decision on the part and obama i'm going to talk about that here in the
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beginning nor did. i. the fact that a hearing will be taking place in washington d.c. it's hard but now that molly moore and i don't eat out late in the day that john mccain the former white house attorney will not testify has been blasted by congress as a charity put out a statement saying that he is not testifying on a business matter with the presidency structure earlier the problem was that that publicly that they. want him to testify and he got what he wanted the president's comments during the response from jerry not the chairman of the house judiciary committee he said that the president has shown a shocking out or an obstruction of justice in the mall or a warrant that the president returns to d.c. with these controversies swirling around. 3 time formula one world champion has died at the age of 75 or passed away on monday 8 months after having
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a long transplant they welling's reports in his prime if you louder was one of the most famous on foster's people in sport formula one world champion 3 times 2 of these titles astonishing with coverage from a crush that almost killed him. and it was born in vienna in 1949 but the age of 22 . experience to be part of a. 1974 he lost a draw for italian college on spring. he finished 4th for its enough. and his input to improve the car proved invaluable because in 1975 he became. he was even more dominant in $76.00 until the horrific and infamous crash at the new grade in germany now that had urged his fellow drivers to boycott the rice as a safety concerns but it went ahead and on the 2nd lot of the truck and burst into flames he was trapped in the wreckage suffering severe burns damage to his lungs
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and was left in a coma he survived severely scarred but incredibly missed just to rices he returned to do with english driver james hunt with physical and psychological scars their story after the accident i couldn't take any of it is it all because it was too bad laughter i was feeling good i wanted to raise a lot of retired from the foreign advice of the season after just 2 laps concerned with it's a wrench riding hunt completed the rice in 3rd place to win the $76.00 drivers' title by a single point. louder did manage to reassert himself dominating the 77 season to regain his title. when he left ferrari there was a lame period including too short a time in its. 1902 he was back winning races with mclaren and part of another famous rivalry this time with tonight alan crossed the frenchman to the 84 will drive his title by just half a point when he finally retired as a driver at the end of the 85 season there is still plenty to keep him busy he won
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his own airline and yes there were times he was back in the cockpit as a pilot and had 5 children by the time the 2nd wife gave birth to twins in 2009 management positions including the return to ferrari in the ninety's and he was non-executive chairman of messiter when i signed lewis hamilton in 2012 and understandably popular figure he's left the team in mourning lord. oh well you hear. part of his legacy will be his dedication to drive a safety. the damage from the 76 crash was always there. but the trophies and powers of recovery for what you define. global sea levels could rise by 2 meters by the end of this century that is twice as high as predicted carbon emissions continue unchecked that's according to
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a study which draws on a new data revealing how the ice sheets in greenland and antarctica are warming and melting some island nations and coastal cities are forecast to be entirely submerged by this increase and more than 180000000 people displaced the authors say human activity is behind rising global temperatures but it can be avoided if carbon emissions are cut. just there on these are the top stories present haasan rouhani says he favors diplomacy with the u.s. but the current situation isn't suitable for talks on monday tehran announced it has quadrupled its production of low enriched uranium the united nations says it may be forced to scale back the delivery of humanitarian aid to some parts of yemen under hooty control blames the rebels for blocking a convoys and harassing staff that says the suspension of a would be a last resort. the agency will do everything within its powers to ensure that the
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weakest and most vulnerable especially the children do not suffer doubly if he still hopes a good sense will prevail and the suspension will not happen the ultimate responsibility for the welfare of their people lies with the yemeni leadership hundreds of u.s. politicians sent a letter to the white house urging president donald trump not to pull out of syria lawmakers argue the u.s. should remain engaged in the conflict citing concerns over the security of regional allies south africa's former president jacob zuma is back in court for a 2nd day hoping that judges will throw out corruption charges against him zuma is accused of fraud money laundering and racketeering as the lawyers describe the case as politically motivated mob justice. place in new zealand formally charged the man accused of carrying out the christ church mosque attacks with terrorism. already faces charges of murder and attempted murder it's back in march left 51 people dead . venezuela's president nicolas maduro has proposed holding early elections for the
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opposition controlled national assembly the next scheduled vote isn't due until late 2020 at least a dozen assembly members happen stripped of their legislative immunity and recent weeks and face charges of treason and subversion. global sea levels could rise by 2 meters by the end of this century that's twice as high as predicted if carbon emissions continue unchecked that's according to a study which draws on new data revealing how the ice sheets in greenland and antarctica are warming and melting some island nations and coastal cities are forecast to be entirely submerged at that increase. so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera more news at the top of the hour the strain is that next. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. when you call home i'll just bring in the news and current affairs that matter to.
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al-jazeera. and you're in the stream and i have a dream how are young people forcing the world leaders to act on climate change today we dive into a new al-jazeera documentary highlighting the social justice movements pushing for reform. u.n. secretary general antonio gates yet as the world is facing a climate emergency and with political will to respond to the problem there is a growing movement of young people fighting to address the inaction and its rise explores the impact.


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