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motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. darren jordan is the op is there a new life and coming up in the next 60 minutes we're in the region to address many things but it is not to go to war with iraq the pentagon chief turns down the war of words with iran a senior u.s. officials briefed politicians about the military buildup in the region. in london with the top stories from europe including the british prime minister offers the chance for a 2nd referendum on the brics it but only if m.p.'s support her new wish traill
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deal. that has already been too much death and destruction a dire warning that libya could be descending into a prolonged civil war. and the u.n. says most people who have fled venezuela need refugee protection and urges governments not to deport them. the u.s. pentagon chivas turn down the war of words between the u.s. and iran saying there would be no war defense and defense secretary patrick shanahan's comments come after iran's president called the us administration not us politicians with naive ideas us on rouhani was reacting to donald trump's threat to meet provocations by iran with what he called great force will trump later said he was willing to negotiate with tehran but iran's leadership has continued to rule out any such talks topic. officials including the u.s.
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secretary of state and the acting defense secretary are now briefing congress on the situation but we have 3 correspondents across this developing story zain is in the iranian capital tehran kimberly how good is outside the white house but 1st let's go to share but he's on capitol hill the seat of the u.s. government senior officials from the ministration have been giving lawmakers and an intelligence briefing behind closed doors on this perceived threat from iran and i think come out of that so far. we haven't got any leaks yes but that briefing for the house was scheduled to begin about half an hour ago that will be followed by a briefing for the senate it's scheduled to begin in about 3 quarters of an hour as you mentioned acting defense secretary patrick shanahan secretary of state chairman of the joint chiefs joseph dunford are giving that briefing no one but it would appear from the intelligence community is that this briefing which has disappointed some members of the democratic party so the last week there was talk of gina housefull director of the cia being part of this briefing that doesn't seem to be
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the case now some members of democratic party saying they'd rather have been an intelligence briefing a purely intelligence briefing rather than something from the trumpet ministration although as we know from iraq it's not as if the intelligence community isn't above politics but at the moment we understand that that briefing is under way not there though john bolton national security advisor who seemed very much as the instigator of the current escalation of tension with iran with that communique a couple of weeks ago that was ships were were on their way to the region to confront iranian aggression of course and then it turned out that the waters were on their way anyway to the region and we had that's a bit of a scramble in the days afterwards of the administration trying to come up with examples of alleged nefarious behavior by the iranians but it was all the bits and pieces not terribly specific so that led to this confusion on capitol hill what is going on not least of course because donald trump himself seems to be playing down the threat from iran quite often i'm sure we'll hear about more about that from kimberly in
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a moment so we're having this briefing now and it does seem that the administration is trying to tamp things down to move away from the drone but narrative acting defense secretary patrick trying to have the smalling said in fact that that the chance of aggression from iran had quit been put on hold although he's trying to present it as a result of american action to start trying to save face while typing things down and trying to how it went on to say this. i'd say we're in a period where. the threat remains high. and our job is to make sure that there is no miscalculation. that is. one thing we can do. this nation. this place in. our last year or 2. i just hope for us listening. we're in the region to address many things but is not to go to war with iraq. so
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that sense that the administration is trying to say look we're just here as part of a regional strategy we don't want escalation something that reflects all of the members of congress are saying is who is doing the escalating here is iran or is it the u.s. and something that many democrats are saying but when they look at the intelligence they see iran simply reacting to u.s. aggression we have to see whether that was the message then that is being communicated and i was the congress in the coming hours when the leaks began will be here you have a chance today on capitol hill she had thank you let's cross over now to kimberly how that's at the white house kimberly so how much skepticism is there then in congress regarding iran and any potential threats and as the white house seems to and president is on giving. yeah it was a she have alluded to there you know the mixed messages coming from the trumpet ministration are not only confusing members of congress but really confusing the iranians and the world because you have to look at where we are and where things stand since the trumpet ministration and dollar terms himself decided to pull the
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united states out of that 2015 agreement to limit iran's nuclear program since then the tensions between iran and the united states have asked a late it greatly i mean there was the deployment of the warships to the persian gulf ashi have talked about but it was also the ending of waivers to really reduce the revenue stream to 0 in terms of oil export funding and that was part of the ongoing maximum pressure campaign with very tough economic sanctions put in place by this administration to limit what they could have for months pointed to as iran's destabilizing activity in the broader middle east so the rhetoric that is coming out of the white house as it is taking this action specifically from the commander in chief of the u.s. military the u.s. president donald trump on the one hand he's been open to speaking with the iranian leadership saying call me when asked about whether war is imminent he has said last week i hope not but then followed it up with very tough wording in the form of
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tweets on social media saying that warning if there was a fight with iran would be the official end of iran * never threaten the united states again so it is within this backdrop that there is confusion not only on capitol hill but also rising fears of military confrontation around the world as donald trump continues to escalate his rhetoric and is continuing the maximum pressure campaign including those tough economic sanctions committee thank you for that let's call someone out to the iranian capital tehran and talk to zain buzz ravi saying the iranian president hassan rouhani has been speaking today about the crisis what more did he have to say and how worried are ordinary people about the threat of war. well with all of the talk of war iran's president hassan rouhani wants to remind people that the current conflict that they are fighting with the united states is very much an economic war he was on a tour of western us or by john province in iran where he was inaugurating of busy
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a large scale infrastructure projects that he described as a decisive response to american economic pressure against iran illustrating the fact that despite this maximum pressure campaign despite all of the economic sanctions iran is a country that is still able to invest in its domestic development agenda he also said that it can't be the government alone that resists the united states that iranian people have to show a great deal of will power in standing against iran's enemies now we've been speaking to a number of iranian people in the past weeks and days and the thing we keep hearing over and over again is that iranians certainly are worried about a war with united states there is fear but it is the next the stench will fear what they say they're more immediate problem is is the rising prices of things like food and household items it's the falling value of their currency the iranian rio and it is the ongoing american sanctions that continue to eat away at iran's economy all right zain thank you. now iraq's prime minister says he's sending
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a delegation to the united states and to iran there are concerns a military confrontation could lead to a renewed conflict in iraq which is a u.s. ally and iran's neighbor stratford reports from baghdad. iraqi fighters backed by iran fighting eisel in 2014. experts say that without the popular mobilization forces o.p.m. arabs the victory over eisel in iraq may not have been won. but with the u.s. now increasing pressure on iran many iraqis are concerned that they will be caught in the middle of washington says the pm in for one of iran's proxy fighting forces and or a potential threat to u.s. interests in iraq including about 5200 u.s. soldiers stationed here there are tens of thousands of fighters among different p.m.a. factions in iraq and. america wants to control this region and to exploit its
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resources and frankly that's why we totally stand with the republic of iran and its people because iranian people are being oppressed by the sanctions also there is a religious bond between us that's another motive to support iran. 1 pm at function led by the influential shiite cleric muktodhara solder has distanced itself from iran but said that any party that threatens iraq's stability is an enemy neither iraq nor its people combat another war he tweeted on monday we need peace and reconstruction any party that ignites iraq with war and makes it a battlefield will be an enemy of the iraqi people. the u.s. has withdrawn its non-emergency staff from the embassy in baghdad there was an evacuation of exxon mobil foreign workers over the weekend from an oil field in the south of the country a katyusha rocket was fired into the green zone which is home to the u.s.
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embassy on monday night nobody claimed responsibility as the war of words continues between the u.s. and iran the atmosphere here in iraq is increasingly tense. the iraqi prime minister says any u.s. intelligence about increasing threats to u.s. interests in iraq is wrong and his country has been mediating between both sides to try and avoid further escalating tension and. iraq is very concerned that its country might be a battleground so iraq is seeking solutions between the iranians and the u.s. and their allies including saudi arabia iraq knows that if this fireball grows bigger it will set a blaze in the society dividing it deeply. p.m.s. will formally integrated into iraq military and security apparatus in 2016 they take part in raids on eisel sleeper cells in iraq almost every day but amid fears of a military confrontation between the u.s.
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and iran there are questions over how these iran backed fighters in iraq would respond. like that. is professor of political science at kuwait university he says israel is course in the u.s. to go to war with iran. it's getting very very heated. however. it is also clear to me that award in this region will only be destructive to everybody not on duty to iran but to us also on the other side of the gulf but also to the u.s. and its interests so this is a very. a crisis that has gone way beyond the norm and rationale and i guess that is. an israeli attempt to push forward this war and to bring the u.s. to be involved that the people at the white house are looking from an israeli lens
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to the situation in the middle east maybe part of that is related to the whole idea of trying to impose a solution palestine that is not a solution that has no basis and therefore there is a lot of complexity going on iran is a strong country it has the will it will it is this. it is there is no way but to negotiate probably something a little bit more enhanced and what can be done to really activate this entire situation past wars had u.n. stem. this escalation has does not have a u.n. stamp does not have even a consensus at the level of the word and therefore you don't have the chinese on board you're going to have the russians you're going to have i would say the europeans as well so we're in that in a difficult situation where the superpower the us superpower is taking
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decisions on its on. to come here when he was our including one of lots of america's most polarizing politicians goes on trial for corruption we'll have an update from when assad's we are asked if the return of the king assassins exult president could help to reduce. intercommunal violence and sports a look back at the life and times of one of formula one's greatest at the dr as a source of. british prime ministers offering m.p.'s a chance to vote on whether to hold a 2nd breaks that referendum parliament has already rejected to resume a's previous withdrawal agreement negotiated with the european union 3 times and now she's offering a vote on a 2nd referendum but 1st m.p.'s must support her new plan when it goes to parliament in june. i've also listened carefully to those who've been arguing for
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a 2nd referendum i've made my own view on this clear on many many times i do not believe this is a route that we should take because i think we should be implementing the result of the 1st referendum not asking the british people to vote in a 2nd one but i recognise the genuine and sincere strength of feeling across the house on this important issue. the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement bill at introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a 2nd referendum and this must take place before the withdrawal agreement can be ratified. and on this al-jazeera correspondent lara slade joins me in the studio so she's offering a set number of concessions what's the reaction been to this plan well you know i mean how many times have we said that it is just a mass of contradictions and the biggest contradiction of the lot now is that in trying to please everybody in what she said this afternoon bracks is on the one side i want to ensure that the u.k.
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leaves and remains on the other who are the world customs union or wants a 2nd referendum because most alienate everybody at the same time and in the other 3 hours since since she spoke twitter has just been awash with m.p.'s from her own side saying we can't support this is not a 2nd referendum attached to it now that's a betrayal of bricks it's but the labor m.p. is the opposition m.p.'s on whose support she depends to try to get this through there the people she saw for the 2nd referendum for their say well we can't possibly support this because your resigning anyway if you do. a hard line it takes over then he can just rip this whole thing up so how he can even promise they so that the whole thing is basically shots of pieces even even before it begins and i think she's now frankly it's at the point when they might not even try to get it's a parliaments if it looks that bad in the humiliation then for her i think will be complete so if that's the case then what even if someone else does take over then then what are the options for brics as we see that the mistake that she made in
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trying to do this sort of squishy machine pleasing everybody sort of thing is that it fails to recognize that over the course of the last year or so in particular opinions on both sides of completely hardened. european elections here the brics it policy we want it now they can get 3536 percent of the vote that's 3 tellings what the conservatives will get at the same time every single opinion poll. in the last year or so who has said that if there was a 2nd referendum than staying in the european union would win because opposition subjects it completely has hardened as well there's going to be a new conservative leader probably a hardliner that's a start but the need to be something other national election or of the referendum to sort of break this national constipation so there was we could be living in this purgatory frankly in the u.k. for years to come and just very briefly mention that the european elections were at effect in any way what you decide to do whether to take this shit through put it in front of parliament well if she's to do it it would be the week i think i think if
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it looks by the end of this week his problem is not sitting the week that the next week because this is the holidays if it looks this bad by the end of this week that the men in grey suits might turn up and say time to go to raise or indeed i had to tell you that thanks there's. our strained chancellor sebastian court says he will appoint a new caretaker government after his far right partners quit the ruling coalition of course is also facing a vote of no confidence after an undercover video scandal led to the removal of the freedom party john mccain has more from berlin. sebastien courts is very much been in crisis management mode ever since the scandal that engulfed his coalition partners the freedom party erupted over the weekend in forcing out the ministers of that party all but one of whom have left their posts in cabinets mr cortes clearly believes that this is will bring support will reassure voters in austria but also
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reassure those looking on from the wider european union that austria's government is still in steady hands. i believe this is a key step in guaranteeing security for our country and making sure that we remain capable of acting on the european level in the crucial coming months the government has a responsibility for austria but it also has a responsibility to him and for the european union i promise you i will fulfill the responsibility to the best of my ability in referring to the coming months if the courts is clearly conscious of the role his country is playing as president of the european union specifically with european elections taking place in the next few days but it's the coming the coming days in austria which really matter there will be a confidence vote in the austrian parliament on monday must survive that or there will be greater constitutional worries for his country one last thought to make though
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is that in the most recent opinion poll released in austria since the scandal erupted over the freedom party it appears that mr courts his party the austrian people's party government has found a boost several percentage points up on what they have been whereas the. party is down strangers to infer too much from one poll but if it's accurate it suggests that mr courts well that some people do approve of the actions he's been taking in austria. or from london later in britain now it's back to darrin down the line thank you that will see a bit later now the united nations security council has been warned that libya is on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war the un special envoy to libya briefed members in new york. is assessment follows 7 weeks of fighting for control of tripoli by forces loyal to the warlord holly for have to are our diplomatic editor james bays reports from the un. the un special representative gas and salami reporting to the
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security council on what's been a dramatic and destabilizing period for libya. the country gripped by fresh violence his plans for a national conference representing all libyans overturned by a no day shifts offensive by wholly for hafter a renegade general believed to be armed by the united arab emirates and egypt $48.00 days into the attack on tripoli by general have to us forces there has already been too much death and destruction libya is on the verge of descending into a civil war which could lead to the permanent division of the country the damage already done will take years to mend and that's only if the war is ended now he said war crimes were being committed and some of those already listed by the international criminal court were involved in the most recent fighting there are numerous reports of extremists persons under international sanctions and individual is wanted by the international criminal court appearing on the battlefield on all
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sides. all parties must publicly dissociate themselves from such elements without delay and referred to the i.c.c. those for whom arrest warrants have been issued addressing a security council it is itself deeply divided and has been unable to agree a resolution calling for a cease fire in libya he attacked regional and international players for fueling the conflict by sending weapons to both sides in defiance of an arms embargo officially in place since 2011 many countries are providing weapons to all parties in the conflict without exception the amount and sophistication of these weapons are already causing greater numbers of casualties without a robust and forstmann mechanism for the arms embargo into libya will become a cynical joke. some nations are fueling this bloody conflict the united nations
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should put an end to it the u.k. is what's known as the penholder on libya they would draw up any security council resolution it's likely they'll try again to negotiate a resolution calling for a ceasefire but it's also likely the negotiations will be difficult james space al-jazeera at the united nations a former white house counsel has failed to appear to congress and the committee on the russian investigation after donald trump instructed him to defy a subpoena and stay away the house judiciary committee says it will hold trump accountable for the no show one way or another dumb again delivered some of the most damning testimony against the u.s. president during robert muller's investigation the white house says mcgahern has constitutional immunity and testifying. pro-choice demonstrations are underway across the u.s. as a growing number of states ban the right to abortions 14 states of adopted laws banning or limiting access to the medical procedure alabama's ruling last week is the most restrictive it prohibits all abortions and is the mother's life is at risk
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the un is one of the bands but dr abortion underground let's get more now from the hardys of castro in washington d.c. heidi so how significant are these protests at the moment. well they're happening across the country daryn and happening in nearly all 50 states and the significance of them taking place today is that it's also the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote in the united states here in washington these protesters were joined by democratic members of congress and they protested in front of the u.s. supreme court this is the court that of course back in 1973 gave women a constitutional right to abortion in a landmark ruling bro versus wade and you will hear plenty more about this case in the coming months because at this time in history since the 40 years when this long . past has it has not been a greater danger of being overturned which would outlaw abortion across the u.s.
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and these abortion rights activists are simply saying that cannot happen here in the hood tell us a bit more about these abortion is. what we have seen a spate of conservative states rushing to pass or trying to pass these restrictions as you mentioned the most restrictive of them is one that was signed into law in alabama last week which is sensually is an outright ban on abortion except for the one case when a woman's health is at risk notably this ban makes no exception for rape or incest and there have been other states more than a dozen in fact have been rushing to pass so-called fetal heartbeat laws which would also ban abortion after heart b. is detected which could be as early as 6 weeks after conception so the protesters here are saying that these laws cannot take effect and in fact they haven't yet
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because they're they were immediately challenged in the court system but the irony is that the very authors of many of these cases many of these laws in particular the outright ban on abortion in alabama designed the wording of these bills to challenge roe versus wade they're hoping that the supreme court in months or years to come will take up these cases and use it as a legal mechanism mechanism to outlaw abortion across the country they think now's the time to do this because the makeup of the u.s. supreme court has shifted to the right since trump took office he appointed 2 conservative justices to the court and it's notable though to point out that even the president himself has backed away a bit on twitter backing away from the outright ban on abortion in alabama perhaps noting that taking such an extremist position would be alienating to voters in the
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upcoming election. coming on al-jazeera including a family and a nation divided we'll have the latest on the case that's become the center of french debate on the right to die plus. i'm wayne hay in bangkok with thailand's lower house of parliament to sit to convene for the 1st time since an election in much but we'll tell you why it's the military that remains in control. and in sport basketball's most dominant team heading to the n.b.a. finals for a 5th straight since more than the state. how i once again still no let up in the spring rains across parts of the middle east also collapse showing up around iraq iran pushing over towards afghanistan and to
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the north of that as well so we are going to see some unsettled weather once again anywhere from the caucasus from the black sea the caspian sea right across into iran but gobble it around $23.00 degrees celsius for the south what is hot sunshine for pakistan crunchy 35 to crease sea temperatures into the thirty's there 39 celsius for baghdad and 28 for beirut on the web as they come thursday well 30 degrees in beirut 40 for baghdad so it's warming up bright skies less cloud by the station notice the showers then further north pushing over towards afghanistan once again we'll see fine and dry weather across a good part of the arabian peninsula of southern areas of saudi arabia just around the border with we could see one or 2 spots of rain some showers longer spells of race still in the forecast as we go on through the next there's no need for that wet weather by the way down to what the southern end of the red sea if you catch a show it could be a shop shall continue into northern parts of mozambique eastern areas of tanzania
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but for a good part of southern africa is fine and dry. yugoslavia disintegrated war descended on its inhabitants. amidst the death and destruction one man created a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle episode 3 of football rebels enters the world of footballing legend. each. who went from coaching boys' football to teaching young men like frederick push each under siege of sarajevo on al-jazeera. when their boneless struck many die and many wrist to end the epidemic. this is their story through the lens of local filmmakers would see people making
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sacrifices. this is what i want to see survivors a witness documentary on al-jazeera. welcome back it could come out of our top stories here this hour the pentagon chief has toned down the war of words between the u.s. and iran saying there will be no acting defense secretary spoke ahead of a congressional briefing by top u.s. officials on the crisis. my message to reason may have presented our latest plan for britain's departure from the e.u. telling politicians they have one last chance to deliver a break that includes the possibility of a 2nd referendum. on the u.n.
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special envoy to libya as one of the countries in. verge of descending into a prolonged civil war which could lead to its permanent division. as warning came at a un security council briefing. that the un says most of the people who fled venezuela's political and economic crisis are in need of refugee protection and is urging governments not to deport them 3000000 left the country since 2015 as the economy has crumbled a power struggle is continuing between president nicolas maduro and the opposition leader. the un's refugee agency says between 3 and 5000 venezuelans are still leaving every day almost half a 1000000 of sort of formal asylum mostly in other latin american countries. as a spokeswoman for the u.n.h.c.r. she says for many venezuelans the decision to leave is agonizing. venezuelans in many cases are unable to go back home they're suffering from the point of view of
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persecution but also deterioration in the conditions inside the country one example is a father who spoke to u.n. refugee colleagues who said that he decided to take his family to brazil after 3 of his relatives including his 9 month old daughter died and he put it quite bluntly he said we either leave or we die we totally understand that the scale of the numbers of venezuelans arriving in countries is challenging and is complex we recognize that and we recognize that the countries of latin america in the caribbean have made efforts to host venezuelans in some cases they've offered them temporary visas or work arrangements to enable them to stay but what we are saying is that given that the infrastructure in the asylum systems may be overwhelmed it really is important for the governments to focus on giving venezuelans international refugee protection and it may be very difficult maybe impractical to do individual determinations so in that case we are advising that they consider
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venezuelans as a group in order to give them asylum the corruption trial of argentina's former president cristina fernandez de kirchner has begun in but as iris it's starting just days after she announced plans to run for vice president in october 1st is accused of receiving kickbacks from public construction projects during the presidency. as the latest from the argentine capital. well the 1st trial against former president cristina kirchner already underway right here outcry was one that former president arrived about an hour ago he's back and we mean there all day on this very day off but prior to the fact you can hear the charges made i guess against her back to around 600 pages of accusations where she is in a way at. irregularities in public works. contracting the progress of the home of her husband former president nick thought of this trial is expected to last for
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about a year and what then 1st thing about it is that it's going to be happening all at the same time that the presidential campaign presidential elections are expected to take place in argentina in october workers in a curfew at that that you would like to run by that and while this trial is going to supreme court of argentina is also an ally i think the whole pain because the president has presented a complaint thing that the trial is built with a regularity but of course that would have an impact on that on the ongoing trial 2 during the government of cristina kirchner. and were rampant and that's what correctly and now we call that mackey elected because a large. population demanded yeah but then right behind me there are some quarters of the former president will say that corruption is not the real problem in argentina about inequality and that's why many many in argentina think i've been won't vote for her once again protest leaders in sudan not calling on their
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supporters to prepare for a general strike demonstrators say they'll remain on the streets of khartoum until a civilian led government is in store talks to discuss just that are due to continue later on tuesday so far the military and opposition alliance have been unable to agree on the makeup of a new ruling body. after 5 years in exile form a bit president blaise compass or a says he wants to come home offering his help to try and broker a peace deal with groups the government's been struggling to stop religious based attacks and into communal violence and as nicholas talk reports now from one can do good but just as to take action for. bringing hope to the hopeless lyrics by breaking offenses rapper smokey. with sectarian attacks and interview. violence multiplying this song serves as a reminder to politicians that if they fail to bring the country together the
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people will take to the streets again. cream who profits from this violence and divisions politicians do especially those from the old regime who are looking at the country's instability to make themselves relevant and come back to power. back in 2014 smokey was among those leading the popular uprising against pretty tough boss was longtime ruler blais after he sought to extend his 27 year long hold on power protestors brought the parliament down forcing campari into exile in neighboring i re khost the parliament has been left untouched the plan is to turn this into a memorial to pay tribute to those who fought to oust. because the government wants this to serve as a reminder that his regime is part of a distant dart chapter of history. but after 5 years in exile of the former president now wants to return home in april he sent
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a letter to the current president offering his help in bringing stability to the country so far the government has refused to negotiate with armed groups a mistake says a member of parliament in the sunni region where the group islamic state in the greater satirize active he wants to see lead negotiations you couldn't it was static the terrorists are from my region we have to fight them but also to negotiate with them when blaze was in power we didn't have any of these problems he had his channels of communication his secrets. lead successful peace talks with armed groups in neighboring mali and secured the release of western hostages while he was a key mediator in the sile he stifle dissent and freedom of speech at home but some want to see him return for different reasons of course we want to see him back home so he can face justice and pay for his crimes the government has no plans to allow him back in the country yet presidential elections are due to take place in a year's time with the security situation rapidly deteriorating politicians are
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under pressure to bring about peace. in the whole was. not far right parties in europe are expected to gain support when voters elect the new e.u. parliament this week and that could shift the blocs balance of power from this discourse about the law in thailand london. thanks daryn yes they're just 2 days to go until the start of the e.u. parliament elections and last minute campaigning is in full swing it today is that right ringing party has been holding large rallies and is predicted to emerge as the country's biggest winner so a binge of aid has more from milan. italy deputy prime minister and interior minister is hoping to upset the status quo during this european elections and he plans to do it with the help of euro skeptics and immigrant nationalists are
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pulling crowds in ailing economies. or. need to do everything that is right to free this country this continent from the illegal occupation organized by brussels . instead of traditional billboards and social media has been instrumental in getting the league's message across and making inroads into traditional left leaning cities such as milan and it found an audience in the richer parts of northern italy where some relate to slogans such as why should we pay for others who don't contribute as much. and it's really has been since the beginning a divided. france decided to start a military operation against libya which caused very serious damage not only in italy but also in europe europe today is totally divided and only exist for the interests of france and germany. many italians disagree with the populists and they have been protesting with thousands of. the movement grew up to the government
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forcibly removed from a balcony by using fire fighters. opponents this was one more manifestation of authoritarianism and fascism which they say is being peddled by the elite party. make. this election has become more interesting than previous ones besides fame there's also a surge of populists across europe among them its least. populist policies about immigration as found in allies from germany to hungary and this new alliance wants to overhaul the european union and it's a book about the rise of 2015 he fears that a strong right wing alliance in the long run could mean the end of the european dream. beyond politics have been too far from people and too
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close to finance europe was not able to give. too many limits on everything and there are many parts of the european population who felt the burden of the european union without feeling the advantages. of the european parliament consists of 751 representing more than 500000000 people from 28 countries the big question is how many of them will give their backing to new alliance a far right european leaders. doctors in france so switched on life support by court order for a man at the center of the country's right to die debate. suffered severe brain damage and became quadriplegic after a traffic crash in 2008 doctors had started turning off life support on monday before the appeals court ordered it be restored and the decision to keep alive has split his family and the country but ash about lawyers following developments from
9:42 pm
paris. of us along best case is a very high profile one in france it's one that is a divided people across the country and it's actually torn apart his own family he's a 42 year old man in 2008 he had a motorbike accident and ever since he has been in a vegetative state in a hospital nice to france now he can breathe on his own he can sometimes open his eyes but he is being artificially fed and hydrated by doctors he's on life support now on monday in a rather dramatic turn of offense doctors began stopping with drawing that life support after a judicial hearing which followed the advice of his medical team saying the vassal on bear was simply not going to recover but just hours later a paris appeals court reversed the decision that doctors were forced to resume the life support while this is being the case and vassal of bears a life ever since 2013 because it was then the doctors 1st said vassell nobel was
9:43 pm
not going to recover in any significant way and they advised that his life support or be withdrawn his wife is legal guardian agrees she says that he should be allowed a dignified death and she has brought this to the courts many a time but on the other side you have us all on bear's parents who are devout catholics and they say that it shouldn't be up to the state to take away his life and they have also afforded for his life and for the life support to be mentoring and in the french calls when any form of doctor assisted dying or euthanasia is prohibited in france it is of course a very complex and sensitive issue. well that we can speak to dr done it with low consent he's a professor of medical ethics at the university of oxford joins us live now from oxford via skype thanks for being with us so you say that in an emotive case wow how do you define the ethical issues in particular in this instance. for
9:44 pm
this case is very similar to ones that people may remember from. apologies we seem to have lost professor wilkinson for a 2nd not 40 and so hill him me but we can we try that again many say. yes sure yes so you got you back it's like the tests that are really getting there to me didn't we missed all that. and so this case is very light cases before it the case of terry shot in the mid 2000 the case of tony blair and in the 1990 s. affect these that some patients are so profoundly brain damaged that they will never recover consciousness. but they can be kept alive artificially through through means such as at official nutrition and hydration by shoots and what's the right thing to do in that situation and this this young man has been in
9:45 pm
the states i think when there is no prospect that he really. doesn't it will be somebody having trouble with the sound on that and to apologize for that and that's a pretty favor to hand you back to dan in doha. all right lauren thank you very much well a ceremony has been held in bangkok to remember of victims of a military crackdown 9 years ago it comes as members of parliament prepare to meet for the 1st time since the march general election election was supposed to bring an end to military rule but the new parliament includes a senate that's dominated by soldiers zeros when hate reports. i mean what i mean do you think that thailand's history is stained with political violence and what victims say a fruitless search is for justice it's a pass critics say the military wants ties to forget and tries to prevent them remembering their neighbor there's no denying people died here in this temple or
9:46 pm
it's supposed to be a save zone it's very cruel that authorities don't let relatives more properly. visits this buddhist temple in bangkok every year to remember her daughter a nurse who was one of 6 people killed by soldiers 9 years ago. a guard went to the temple to help anti-government protesters looking for safe shelter as soldiers moved to end their rally but the military fired into the temple from an elevated train line 2 weeks ago charges against those soldiers were dropped because of a lack of evidence. the shooting was part of a crackdown against dissidents orchestrated by general prayuth china who became prime minister after leading a coup in 2014. he's likely to stay in the job after the next government is formed thanks to a system that's designed to keep the military in power. that's despite the country holding its 1st general election for 5 years in march more than
9:47 pm
a 3rd of the senate is filled with retired military or police offices the wrist are civilians who are also handpicked by military leaders some say many thais have been brainwashed from a young age to believe that the military must have a role in politics and to grow up to have a very simple idea we have a problem because politicians are bad you know and. military are not they are the ones who have successfully kept peacefulness the armed forces are entrenched within thai society when men turn 20 they have to report for duty and tens of thousands are conscripted fell into a military force that has around $1600.00 generals or admirals and a record budget this year of just over $7000000000.00 army commanders rejected al jazeera is request for an interview thailand's military is also being plagued by corruption scandals many centering around the purchase of the quickness that critics say it simply doesn't know what combat tanks submarines and an airship that
9:48 pm
cost $11000000.00 and spent most of its life on the grounds thailand doesn't have any regional enemies and the military's equipment and personnel are often used against the public. they try to cover up trying to make themselves not guilty once you kill a civilian and aren't prosecuted you may feel mighty but as a mother i won't let you get away with what you did 9 years ago she believes thailand can only have true democracy when the military gets out of politics only then she says will many human rights abuses be fully uncovered wayne hey al jazeera bangkok time for another short break here al-jazeera when i come back i will the sport asked no will be without one of their star players for the europa league final find out why and sport law in that state is. examining the headlines
9:49 pm
a collapsed economy means that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have to wait i don't think you can live that way any longer sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire. the world. chain on al-jazeera. welcome back afghanistan seen through teenage eyes that's the subject of one of this year's cannes film festival entries the filmmaker. second feature set in kabul
9:50 pm
in the 1980 s. own brains to show a side of the country rarely seen on screen jolie angela caught up with. welcome to the current film festival but talking and directed the news that about a new film the opening thank you for joining us the film is based on your friend memories of being a major problem in the 1980 s. tell me what inspired you to see this but i had access to the diary of my friend almost 10 years ago it was 800 pages that's herodes in his very on this for the police to go. through a posse was i was so inspired by reading each paragraph of your film is set in kabul but shot in to stun what was that many of my trujillo women so of you reach to the point after many discussion that maybe it doesn't work that because of a life in danger because of the film we did location scouting all over the world and we ended up instead you kissed on one screen afghanistan is easy to take it as
9:51 pm
a how it would be is it the west nor do you see the different perspectives but there are a lot of films coming out with the topic of afghanistan mainly it's about the prison the prison the effect on this on afghanistan today or it's about the taliban and we don't really know that much. the eighty's about the seventy's about the sixty's and this is what i'm really interested. because i think if we want to talk about afghanistan prisons we should know about the past how easy will it be for i'm going to see you. there are 3 cinemas left in kabul. and i can say that it's very difficult to show the kind of my full indo cinema. it's a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy i think it's the fights it's a war by itself but i'm getting prepared. for example to support his son thank you
9:52 pm
very much a downer on niki lauda one of formula one's greatest ever drivers has died at the age of 713 will titles claim in 2 of them a near fatal crash in 1900 to 6 the weddings that looks back at the korea of a man who never knew when he was beaten up in his prime mickey lauder was one of the most famous people in sport formula one world champion 3 times 2 of these titles came off to an astonishing with cauvery from across the almost killed him. and dressmakers lauder was born in vienna in 1949 by the age of 22 he built up enough racing car experience to be part of f 1. 174 he'd been asked to drive for italian culture in its ferrari. he finished 4th for team that had been struggling and his input to improve the car proved invaluable because in 1975 he became world champion. more dominant in $76.00 until
9:53 pm
a horrific and infamous crash at the new ring in germany now that had urged his fellow drivers to boycott the rice over safety concerns but it went ahead and on the 2nd lap of the truck and burst into flames he was trapped in the wreckage suffering severe burns damage to his lungs and was left in a coma he survived severely scarred but incredibly missed just to rices he returned to his jaw with english dr james hunt with physical and psychological scars. then you just write with. the brain you hear noises and you hear voices and you just try to listen to what they're saying and to try to keep your brain working and to get the body ready to fight against illness and i think this was very good that i did that because of a lot of retired from the foreign advice of the season after just 2 lops concerned with it's a wrench right hunt completed device in place so when the 76 drivers title by a single point. did manage to reassert himself in the 77 season to regain.
9:54 pm
their was a limp a week including too short a time in its. 1902 he was back winning races with mclaren and part of another famous rivalry this time with tonight crossed the frenchman to the 84 well drive his title by just half a point when he finally retired as a driver at the end of the 5 season there was plenty to keep him busy he want to align and yes there were times he was back in the cockpit as a pilot management positions included the returns a ferrari in the ninety's and he was not executive chairman of messiah when i signed lewis hamilton in 2012. part of his legacy will be his dedication to drive a safety. for damage from the 76. but the trophies
9:55 pm
and powers of recovery i want you to find nicky. posts england have named. in the final squad for the tournament. play only qualified to play for england in march and has appeared in just one day internationals. despite being involved in the recent. in a row over the world cup in good shape good preparation good squad good leadership good captain could track record as number one of the world but there's always the question during the business of the tournament and they're very excited about. afghanistan have got their wall cup preparations back on track they have beaten ireland by 126 runs in belfast it comes off of being thrashed by the irish on sunday arsenal will head to buckle for the or paralegal final against chelsea
9:56 pm
without matilda henrik and the armenian international has concerns over his security while his country is involved in a territorial dispute with host azerbaijan over the. region and the azerbaijan f.a. has assured arsenal there would be no issues although terence safety the final happens all may the 29th. has been the. kind of do. anything for for for these issues is very very personal decision personalisation we need to respect he. i don't understand now. or the color problems but. i. i must respect. ghana's old time meeting goal scorer has announced his retirement from international football a summer scheana says that he won't play at the upcoming a couple of nations in
9:57 pm
egypt he said 3 year old that was unhappy at not being named a team captain for the tournament the golden state warriors have advanced to the n.b.a. finals and pulled the 5th straight year all the states are carrying $101217.00 over time when i guess the portland trailblazers to wrap up a 4 nothing serious we have in the western conference finals as a hunger about us and whether we want to lose you know if we take pride in how we play and. you know if i say fouls and the historic nature with that is kind of crazy think about. what a joy we know for ways to find your season with a championship so i got to stay locked in and that's it for me there and it's not a funk you very much indeed ok well that's it for me down in jordan for this news hour lawrence taylor in london is up next with much more of the day's news and so
9:58 pm
watch and stay tuned. once and the magic tried now settled in towns and villages. but many are unregistered and invisible. 6 boys and 2 goals none of them have citizenship al-jazeera world needs to upgrade people. walked out on the identity of the person is considered nonexistent. statelessness in lebannon. on al-jazeera.
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examining the headlines a collapsed economy believes the very people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have to wait i don't think you can look away any longer sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform of the neediest motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. talk to al-jazeera we ask your just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country the gulf we listen to that children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter now does iraq.
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al-jazeera. swear every. we're in the region to address many things but is not to go to war with iraq the pentagon chief tones down the war of words with iran a senior u.s. officials briefed politicians about the military buildup in the region. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up there has already been too much death and destruction a dire warning by the u.n. that libya could be descending into a prolonged civil war. the british prime minister has the chance for
10:01 pm
a 2nd referendum on breaks it but only if m.p.'s support a new withdrawal deal.


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