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tv   Stateless In Lebanon  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm +03

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join us on al-jazeera and live coverage of the election results. hello nora taylor nanda top stories on al-jazeera in the u.s. the pentagon has toned down its language towards iran saying there will be no war that in different sectors comments came as u.s. politicians were receiving a classified briefing on escalating tensions with terror on washington previously said it planned to strengthen its military presence in the region because of unspecified threats i'd say we're in a period where. the threat remains high. and our job is to make sure that there is no miscalculation i think. that is. one thing we can do. this way so. i just hope our
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honest listeners. know we're in we're in the region to address many things but is not to go to war with iraq. united nations special envoy for libya has warned the country is on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war fighting for control of the capital tripoli is about to enter its 8th week of diplomatic editor james bays reports. the u.n. special representative gas and salami reporting to the security council on what's been a dramatic and destabilizing period for libya. the country gripped by fresh violence his plans for a national conference representing old libyans overturned by a no day shifts offensive by holy for half to a renegade general believed to be by the united arab emirates and egypt $48.00 days into the attack on tripoli by dinner half those forces there has already been too
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much death and destruction libya is on the verge of descending into a civil war which could lead to department division of the country the damage already done will take years to mend and that's only if the war is ended now he said war crimes were being committed and some of those already listed. by the international criminal court were involved in the most recent fighting there are numerous reports of extremists persons under international sanctions and individual is wanted by the international criminal court appearing on the battlefield on all sides or parties must publicly dissociate themselves from such elements without delay and refer to the i.c.c. those for whom arrest warrants have been issued addressing a security council it has itself deeply divided and has been unable to agree a resolution calling for a ceasefire in libya he attacked regional and international players for fueling the
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conflict by sending weapons to both sides in defiance of an arms embargo officially in place since 2011 many countries are providing weapons to all parties in the conflict without exception the amount and sophistication of these weapons are already causing greater numbers of casualties without air robust and forstmann mechanism the arms embargo into libya. will become a cynical joke some nations are fueling this bloody conflict the united nations should go in and do it the u.k. is what's known as the penholder on libya they would draw up any security council resolution it's likely they'll try again to negotiate a resolution calling for a ceasefire but it's also likely the negotiations will be difficult james space al-jazeera at the united nations the british prime minister's offering m.p.'s a chance to vote on whether to hold a 2nd that referendum to reason may set out her latest plan for britain's departure
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from the e.u. telling politicians they have one last chance to deliver bricks it m.p.'s have already rejected her previous withdrawal agreement negotiated by the european union 3 times raises latest deal will be brought to parliament n.-g. united nations says most of the people who fled venezuela's political and economic crisis are in need of refugee protection and it's urging government not to deport them the un's refugee agency says between 3 and 5000 venezuelans still leaving the country every day. as the top stories do stay with us out there a world is coming up next i'll be back with more news throughout that likes watching a scene about. people
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were once a nomadic try and used to bring their animals to the pasture lands of what's now lebanon for decades if not centuries. today's tribe members are descended from bad women who roamed the arab peninsula and the levant for hundreds of years but now their nomadic life is over. they began settling in lebanon in the 1920 s. and continued through the fifty's and sixty's. the establishment of modern nation
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states with defined borders and a series of droughts gradually forced them to give up herding and their traditional way of life. political system is based on a sectarian power sharing agreement. politicians opposed to changing nationality laws say it would affect the demographic balance in the country. some of today's older generation were granted lebanese citizenship in 1904 but are now unable to pass this on to their children. a whole generation of the avoid like some other groups in lebanon have become invisible citizens stateless unregistered people living a precarious existence on the margins of society. this is the story of
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one such group around the town of kabillion in the bekaa valley. area i don't know where you. are. and i was. just an island of a lot of it i had of course the idea of i mean. i don't know the london center. a little bit and i was a country and and had gone so valuable beyond and out of a fantasy without a real lunar lady and a whole lot on and on. with. and i. would not. be forced to permanent.
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the use to unity between summers in lebannon and winters in syria. and i still find i can actually answer. no not how does a young. girl of not one not one on one. in. many know. don't know. how do you know with a nod of good how. to go to shop. the establishment of borders between lebanon and syria forced to up worried to change their whole way of life. they once moved freely from place to pace without restrictions or legal formalities . today they obviously need travel documents to move from one country to
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another but also within lebanon. but the status has not evolved in line with these changes. and this is the good thing money from jim jones what i heard. about salient a lot of. down a little attention is a little bit as a matter of you know now russia much way look you've been an arm of cuban and good and i didn't learn. much from a dozen years. a few summers that i don't know. but another an opinion about me on all of them and. a double 100 of you log. on and we don't talk. about it a lot. of it i've done a lot not. a last minute
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b.s. all of them talked another sin or left into the we learn new kin. had been we but if you need to learn when he might or we might. want to turn out all the anonymous. thought. from. and as my mother my mother has somewhat of a money to soft money i'm going to force incentives. to get in the moment. to me which is. no one how we. look but. the fish i'm sure we get out of you know how we have
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done in ohio and i didn't want to. well you know when you. get out of an arc with the only way i'm thinking of to think that. because i'm allowed to live and you think about a lot of that are. stuck. in their nomadic past the braids were stateless but free to move where every day please. today young men like holly and marvie cannot move within the country they settled in the old romantics teaches snus has turned into a lack of the basic human right to have a nationality. and
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you say hey you. had been. a man did you see him and. yeah ok i wish i wanted to include. in the law good woman. it was certainly that you were there then. well i don't see how. i didn't. know her about the. man i mean i made you most women and you see i'm anderson. thank god that. you're here.
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with me. like palestinian refugees across lebanon on unregistered people can get work but it's limited to relatively low paid jobs and normal government services are close to. my feet so we. live in the land of the sea if you. must not yet you can. yeah i mean shelling out. he said he. said it was not in our lives and if he had
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a tough no. matter who it. is evident. in the. do you fear that they're going to have the number the talent shows on. there are between 405-0000 tribe members across lebannon with around 25000 in the bekaa valley.
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where you'd work hard to preserve their traditions and community but if the old tribal social networks become weakened the elders aren't always able to maintain their former role of upholding law and order. start up just the. federal budget. you name fish on the forbid ophelia might be out for female audience activities and see you feel if you must walk to be. $90.10. feet by to listen to she me with melody is a few how and then looked i mean it was like a. monk and it did. to. handle it at least my underscore the out of florida. they will bother. to.
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be held. if you. live in southern indiana who she. just did why is she hung. from a conflict that isn't such a. strong focus i. can as you can mentally. but. i don't. know if you was a charlatan. because the. command man had
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a man had a mission it. would of the better of you to believe and i should have waited. i don't know but i. have. to see if. it would. fit on been much to show love does what a little. i love it. but this news will. do the. work in connection.
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with. the 1940 was the last change to lebanese nationality laws. seriously and. busy i'm out. here with. people as they need. you know some generous a clear. will hello not 3. but they appreciate. the job. the only form of id young unregistered men like ali have can get is
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a card from the mayor of to believe us called in at the station to see that they live in the town. the. laughing at them in name only missing out of. and if shalit another lame. well. i didn't fish al i'm. going to be. because it was a year in jail for a motherboard and stuff it might be joe wealthy. janet she had a colossal of a diana i omitted i should say and i was delighted and it isn't of them lot of can you name can as
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a message to about are she when she got out of i don't know what ballad why that isn't that there's a. limit on how this man around mt will talk to you without a daddy that if. you know how does. how does it feel to have so we had your with of me it was. startled. by his will if you develop. a vocal will. be done by you don't. doubt if i'm tired of. doesn't feel. a lot after time. that's all we're ready. what an issue mind you it's be. mindless reply been me when i had so well known.
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their nominee terry martin an issue all. by you. will bother you when. you hold it. up to mean of. mallam you know how caesium out in my view there it was a fool or you was it. how you're so large and see stardoll never saw a menace man and with a near the door. shut he had to be a tree. and see. by their name kids she. came to my dentist out of you know. few minutes many. criminal of many if you minimize that us i am
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a lot about since i'm sad to see how the kingdom specially. looked it. had been by 2 feet many. how do we didn't get a mission such an. enema dummy and knew it was not an issue that will bother. her but the incision. over do it for the 7 minute effect at least i love this new. ritual that you are not done and. or. national small do and you can see the how. many doctors and silly them for her kid you did learn whether they will bother them with your child food. in 1904 governments naturalized thousands of people including some of the of where
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a tribe today they live relatively stable lives. but many tribe members were not naturalized some didn't apply because they didn't want to serve in the army or simply couldn't see the benefit others didn't believe the lebanese government was serious about naturalizing people like them. for the family being unregistered has been disastrous and the son of my matches name was sort of. sort of modern medical so you suffer a moment of what i now know with the knowledge you have now is human i would get me going why should we. go for that. i thought oh no no no we're all figured out in the asha theater had a tin ear and they were somewhat damn forward now and such for. janet mere hours
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after the armistice for the she how old were you on with us and on our journey. to get a lot of medicine going al gore i have a normal me him and i we him shall we talk. for a man on it but not only on him by the father that it is you a she and all of our show and all will do well then on or not in a hike i felt that unknown. alone and i was you lay only him alas i meant. why i have none i'm in and how we're going to know at last summer helen and i meant how this year as ever did on the stage for as of a day or been the 30 if inconsiderate there been any kind of an issue. oh my how we learn them such for some one can while the action one can. get into the. young with a start and how we have been on. shall see it in. their thinking it
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could be to tell us on a salon. i could but again it out up i believe i can and i don't cinema comedy about it i'm a time of year. to have the thought that if she learned the whole i was out i was out and had. been massaged for father to we haven't hunted haven't i been auntie and if you can. manage why. we're sort of your kid and i love made available affection for a. while if accountability on the. capability i did. than i have given him to. put it out if it didn't show it all which is to me that as you feel me and him did make you. feel uncomfortable so i don't know her for. but. there she is to help and you can last side is i think a shift but i see it and i can under calm i can understand so here i am and so i
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will end it. for them on the monitor are going to tide me to me does. anyone any on the top. and young we sin again big lose you michael is your michael j. . and i love. to add a layer. i need to find. this is so here it is the way it. cough or holy war for the haven started at the moment lulu. she was that. what they would have it is.
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i that is. the greatest hardship is not being able to move freely within lebanon to be imprisoned and to believe i'm not the one but of the biggest nothing of love you know it was for me a little it feel like a lot i'm near fatal internet. standard and always have an approach to shit which went out of europe and asia internet shit i mean it was. the worst all year. long but i brought nothing of love in the. whole year though you alan feuer silent and finished the mother of clean killed only from some of the internet we have
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a film. in a 2 part series. observes the lives of 2 children. over 20 years. where insights into circumstances that shape lives. in a rapidly changing world. 20 years of me continues with good morning good to see ya on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here important are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this lack of knowledge of the bag-o. people's thoughts and say this struggling to make ransom notes and just want a better life from around the world as agnes he has been offered to those who rebel against the government open except those involved in human rights abuses
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a war crimes. and investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable reason the people that are part of the h one n one porsche isn't getting what if it were you know it w h o s just chest who says don't hear in terms of trust that you trust who our knowledge is 0. when the news breaks. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told. the wall of radio with exclusive interviews it dangerous for journalists to choose publishers all around the world and in-depth reports are real being canadian forces there with al-jazeera as teams on the ground are not my world to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news.
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heller intern on the top stories on al-jazeera the acting u.s. defense secretary patrick shanahan says the american military has deterred attacks from iran u.s. politicians have been receiving a classified briefing from shanahan and sex just take my pompei you on escalating tensions with terror and washington had previously said it plans to strengthen its military presence in the region because of quote unspecified threats. our biggest focus at this point is to prevent the rioting and miscalculation. that we do not want the situation to escalate. this is about deterrence not about war. we're not about going to war this is about continuing to protect our interests
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in the middle east and conducting the missions that they're we're there to perform so why did i believe that a war with iran would be. an absolute disaster far worse than the war with iraq and i hope the american people told the ministration that we will not go to war in iraq but you. special envoy for libya has warned the countries on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war. was speaking at a un security council briefing on the latest situation as fighting for control of the capital tripoli is set to enter its 8th week. the british prime minister is offering m.p.'s a chance to vote on whether to hold a 2nd breaks at referendum to resume a set out what she described as a new deal for britain's departure from the european union telling politicians they
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have one last chance to deliver bricks it. nation says most of the people who fled venezuela's political and economic crisis are in need of refugee protection and it's urging governments not to deport them the un's refugee agency says between 3 and 5000 venezuelans still leaving the country every day. don according on their supporters to prepare for a general strike talks between the opposition and ruling military council a continuing to say they will remain on the streets of khartoum until a civilian led government is installed to sign to be unable to agree on who will need a new governing body. there's a top stories do stay with us continues next news hour for you straight after that huge army that if you can.
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to avoid a tribe was once the magic and move seasonally between syria and lebanon. everyone
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knew one another even if they didn't always know when they were born or how unanswerable not having an ideal of was not a problem. but their life as wandering herdsmen changed as national borders and politics forced them to settle in towns and villages many in the bekaa valley in central lebannon. today everything revolves around an id card without it their non existence since settling the aid have gone through the process of applying for lebanese nationality some have succeeded but others are still waiting for the political decisions necessary to grant them identity and legal status as tribal structures are inevitably gradually eroded religion can still bind people and communities together.
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a deal is done an interview in the south i didn't know how but. the. young. i got will tell you that they're not. and so on the nominal. nominal or you out on the on in. laid the. flashing through. funded the the the the. the. the. the. yeah or the.
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saw. the. the. by the side of the generals out and who hangs not i saw tyler hamilton. but i know jalib know i had 2 of. them have been annoyed about 2 anomalies yet. i got there. when nomadic tribe fettle there's always a danger that their old social organizational network might break down.
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the tribe might no longer be the center of life so the bonds of kinship that used to bind families to their community might be weakened or disappear. but simply b.s. many traditions and their reputation for generous hospitality seem to have survived especially during religious festivals or when they're receiving guests. but most of. them and know. when they're not. they are the thought of going to another. zoo or do they have no knowledge of the have been hurt. you know my bad behavior
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now many of numbing myself as a. husband who had actually get out into the den. mother. and her lover. that i. was. little. and. distorted fish should not. have a movie would have a deal. more
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feel. ok that didn't shoot me in the foot she. does a bit with. one of the other to believe but then know if you should let go. and i haven't and the reason why but they're going to and will be remembered. because you are just. in time is of a time of mother ted look at the time. i got to dinner i somehow feel i want to share some of it. and i painted some honey we should how do you. think mr harry and i've been up. in the how can i pay no suffering and no money. and i'm an inventor. not one to ask no one.
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and that's what i did either. as she too has a role in settling certain types of disputes and being consulted in matters like marriage and divorce and i'm not out of them at this. and not a lot of. women have a lot of appeal. and you have a lot of rule of thumb to. deal. and i feel sort of you not. understand honestly i don't know who will come. out on the common we're not. going to. do it in the event. of a. huge cut on. the up with. kind
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of a live issue. what i had to give out again and got to. be one of those who are lucky to have them and it's one of the idea of how to. give how do we. sort of with a toilet. everybody. said how do i let her tell you what i would have thought of it. we're going. to love to do to you. gary.
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can i get away with for the job was impossible. for what is a gentlewoman. from the modern r.b.i. out of on mosab a militia we have nothing is the dealing with done. and alabama mr him up and now we. see you know we have and my dear was another buzz. but how coding is a my family come of a joke. or . how about. talking about how we know more we.
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know the same as you know not. there with. the if you had there was if. i shared. your life. to appear other than and given them normally i was out of.
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the rhythm of to hear either. of us a lot of that until and. how was i. with. a lack of nationality makes stateless people are highly vulnerable social group denied basic human rights like freedom of movement and access to education public health care and employment. m.r.i. . all the. that. they can live in fear of being arrested and detained for lack of documentation. of
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all but all nationality confers value on a person by the state it confirms that individual's affiliation to that country in return for their protection by the state's. normal dump out of it that i clearly can with fission and. all the other things but i had one of the only fish that with a minute to flip it to me is a sad helen one i wanted and sure i said to. them. or no rule no one is here and i've been higher than a man i like and i'm sure she'll be fair. izzy and i need to have the whole we are only had don't know they don't call us personalized we had to learn that on my agency. but see them and the only. modest lot of bones. about them that. my stubble is that were shaved last i was the bill
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should get them out. and she was the one among those. community so it is a. claim can all that say them and bury her with it so you don't really do all of them because we have a glioma glady our numb ally themselves. along with a lot sort. of given how must have been that of us. a lot. about. this man i would tell them are not good what are not good what i have no good what i am. other. and then i.
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go on and you go. fight for the lawn of the. lush not in where the one to know where the shrine to them. and we are since you of a she we start then if i can she can with who we. are. i'm not the one but at the bilious nothing of loving overmuch he needed a little midfield plus and i'd love amir hatlen connect to shooting stanley and always have funny question because she did she went out of europe and asia and the internet should already have us. and she might think down the mark foley kick butt and i brought the mismatching out laugh in the winter that. year though you alan feuer silent and a finish time of king killed though if you missed some of the internet we had
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a hell me. i will have to get the call you know reminding him about a meeting and a meal with other men in the tribal community.
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now i don't know john they're really on my feet and now i know how do i know how they're not shy out of my thought by the yeah i know i might have them i thought i might have been to you know i don't know what a night out to a. lot of women who got so to douse on a beautiful beach how do. you how do. you know so bam to help out the bit.
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you know i'm not no no. no no no no no. no no measurable him and i am in the house i am sure because i am never going to him like a human and by now i shall do and of well you know how when i don't know how we're not. going to cut overhead i want to know about it we have the one how do you have the i mean how big are the one i'm. going to have that they can use to condemn this one when i can in a moment that i've been one of don't know if i got mad haven't had time i had to be i knew. i had to tone up this i'm a mom and about. i don't want to get. up just. stuck out. was. a sort of ross
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sort of thing and said. it is. this if you have. to have. that. sort of difficult to be a. going to be here when we have a lot of time some time has been but i don't know when a muslim man would look like i. was like no you're living your life. like i don't know. anything. but other than that i don't know. but it's only through who can you. possibly think that the one that. i could have. left.
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a. little bit. more years. ago. or more than might have more than a limb and i wouldn't you. look. at any. cost that he brought. out of other foot. he's just you know. we can see how we he that is how we he in as an a arminian but deceived him how we do as a machinist see him i think dimensional see the whole wheat and then how we thought it made a certain muscle out of that
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a mustache and i want to share with him how we want to show a little bit of the world or the imagery of the little guy in the post office with . the idea that it's got a pretty low we have hierarchy or in any of the i that if at all we are much healthier now you look on it and. we consume i mean how could she idea there was so i've now we're bound over to a duel hire. a lawyer. to lawyer. i should eat enough. 2 to enough milk. nice. enough. to. be the.
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author. of money off. the top of the. wall it'll be on the. house mom. and i have many i'm going to millionaire mad that i'm going to. as a sincere one of us and bella and i live near blossom to marry then away and all we . can on it is eliminate in a minute and look good on a good man of many methadone and a mini me. my we. many one knew it but. many of us and i don't know we will call.
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in his view of the. mahdi and die he muttered live in a country worst teacher snus continues to pass from one generation to another while nationality laws don't change. lib announce politics are labyrinth following but the plights of the upgrade highlights an urgent need to reform its albi to clause in line with internationally recognized standards of human rights.
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hello there we've had a fair amount of cloud over the southern parts of australia recently still with us on the satellite picture down in the southeast it's given us one or 2 showers but mostly now it is beginning to move away that means it should be a bright day for some wednesday 19 the maximum in melbourne towards the west it should also be not too bad for us in perth a top temperature of 19 and some sunshine around and then the next system is working its way towards us as we head through they say thursday will be a cloudy day and the chance of one or 2 showers around every towards new zealand and there's plenty of sunshine here we've got an area of high pressure in charge of us so it's fine unsettled just a little bit of cloud there drifting its way towards the southern parts of the south and that's still going to be with us over the next few days making things here a little bit gray maybe one or 2 showers but really elsewhere it's an unsettled 15
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as a maximum in christchurch around 16 or clear and further north and for the northern parts of asia there's been some very heavy downpours over positive pan recently that system is pulling away though so as we head through the next couple of days there should be more in the way of sunshine for tokyo we're going to around 24 degrees there on wednesday up to 26 as we head into the day plenty of bright weather here towards the west it's getting very hot force in beijing. as yugoslavia disintegrated war descended on its inhabitants. amidst the death and destruction one man created a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle episode 3 of football revels enters the world of footballing legend praed rag push each. who went from coaching boys football to teaching young men life president bush each and
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the siege of sarajevo on al-jazeera. thank.


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