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from the journalism protesters complain about the under reporting of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations we've been listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for they get this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes we do not want the situation to escalate. this is about deterrence not about war the acting u.s. defense secretary turns down the rhetoric of the tension with iran. there has already been too much death and destruction. of britain warning from the united nations that libya could be descending into a prolonged civil war. with millions having fled venezuela the u.n.
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says most are in need of refugee status and urges other countries not to deport them. and clashes in jakarta over the result of indonesia's controversial presidential election. the acting u.s. defense secretary says that there will be no war with iran and the recent deployment of additional forces in the gulf has deterred possible attacks by teheran patrick shanahan made the comments following a classified briefing to members of the house of representatives mike hanna reports . congress has been demanding more information for weeks and finally it was provided by members of the trumpet ministration secretary of state mike pump aoe in the acting secretary of defense patrick shanahan held separate reefing sessions in both the house and the senate. patrick shanahan arguing that the recent deployment . to carry a strike force to the region has played
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a role in controlling the crisis we have to turn attacks based on our repository of assets to turn attacks against american forces. our biggest focus at this point is to prevent iranian miscalculation. that we do not want the situation to escalate. this is about deterrence not about war. or not about going to war we're ready to respond if we have to the best thing to happen is for everybody to calm down and iran to back off and i'm hoping that this show of force will result in deescalating not escalating nobody is talking about a military solution to the current friction with the iranians i haven't heard anybody discuss that r.t. thank you all very much but the briefing still did not convince skeptical democrats make no mistake this president has a business tracing are itching for
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a confrontation with iran i believe that a war with iran would be. an absolute disaster. on the wall with iraq and i hope the american people told this administration that we will not go to war in iraq underlying this crisis the decision by president donald trump to unilaterally pull out of the 2050 nuclear deal with iran and as the briefings were taking place iran was announcing it had quadrupled its production of enriched uranium this many democrats a consequence of a president rejecting a negotiated deal with no thought as to what should replace it mike hanna al jazeera washington. as a former cia officer he says the coals for deescalation. tensions must be echoed by president donald trump. the acting defense secretary is
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a rare reasonable official in the ministration of india logs and incompetence so i think that is probably true that tensions are a little lower and the problem is that you have to the extent you have a coherent series of tactics i won't call you on the strategy they are those of the neoconservatives which gave us the invasion of iraq and it is easy to threaten and to break things for the united states but it's always infinitely infinitely harder to build them or achieve another more positive end and the approach almost always forgets that in any conflict even if one side like united states is vastly more powerful than the other the other side gets to play in the game too and we can't no one can control events but i think that the
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defense secretary's statement is a positive one in a rather absurd situation. u.s. sanctions are making life in iran increasingly difficult iranians say that it's the devalued currency that's pressing problem reports from. iran ramadan is usually a time of spiritual reflection charity and family but for a 2nd here in a row as iranians began a month of fasting there was escalating pressure from the united states. every day they face angry exchanges with american leaders a buildup of u.s. forces on their doorstep warnings to commercial flights in or near iranian airspace and threats from arab neighbors saudi arabia the u.a.e. and. all that on top of an economy in freefall on the day it's one of these guys that's it will trump or america can do anything you're on is not iraq even though
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they are strong iran's armed forces will stand against them that's going to get. them is on your mark we think military is as strong as past but it isn't we should never face america directly i'm afraid because we keep saying they can't do anything they finally well and the siege of the islamic revolutionary guard corps that took to the streets in the revolution and changed everything something iranian people speratus to that level but it isn't. a u.s. carrier strike group deployed close by in the arabian sea was for some a chance for a little levity a widely shared post has the abraham lincoln up for sale on a website for used goods. but for many talk of war is a real concern that some hope can be resolved through dialogue because when i get back in the 2nd edition i think if they enter into talks it will be better because this is the 21st century and we should avoid war now is the time for dialogue jank
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even as it is a war in my opinion is not good for us now negotiation is the best our government could overlook so. issues if this pressure could be reduced speaking to a group of young artists iranian president hassan rouhani said he always remains open to the idea of dialogue but not with us bullies even if it means taking on the world alone. iranians too young to remember when their country last fought a war say fighting america seems unreal. yet many say they have more faith in the country's strategic defenses than its economy in the past year the prices of fast moving consumer goods like food and household items have all gone up even bread a staple of the iranian diet that has been price controlled for decades is more expensive now and in some places the price of a piece of bread has tripled whether they have known war or not a few here are keen to rush into battle with the united states in a meeting of the to her own city council this week. the son of
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a founding father of the islamic republic warned that dissatisfaction and the possibility of unrest over high prices is iran's biggest immediate threat more so than another american war in the middle east. the u.s. has announced that it seen signs the syrian government may have renewed its use of chemical weapons the state department says that includes an alleged chlorine attack on sunday in the northwest of the country it comes a day after more than $400.00 u.s. lawmakers urged the trumpet ministration not to pull out of syria citing deep concerns and threats on regional allies the state department said it will respond quickly and appropriately if it finds evidence of a chemical attack in the united nations security council has been warned that libya is on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war the u.n. special envoy for libya briefed members in new york on salon is assessment follows
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7 weeks of fighting for control of tripoli by forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar our diplomatic editor james bass reports from the u.n. . the u.n. special representative gas sounds salami reporting to the security council on what's been a dramatic and destabilizing period for libya. the country gripped by fresh violence his plans for a national conference representing all libyans overturned by a no day shifts offensive by wholly for hafter a renegade general believed to be armed by the united arab emirates and egypt $48.00 days into the attack on tripoli by general have to us forces there has already been too much death and destruction libya is on the verge of descending into a civil war which could lead to the permanent division of the country the damage already done will take years to mend and that's only if the war is ended now he said war crimes were being committed and some of those already listed by the
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international criminal court were involved in the most recent fighting there are numerous reports of extremists persons under international sanctions and individual is wanted by the international criminal court appearing on the battlefield on all sides or parties must publicly dissociate themselves from such elements without delay and referred to the i.c.c. laws for whom at arrest warrants have been issued addressing a security council it is itself deeply divided and has been unable to agree a resolution calling for a ceasefire in libya he attacked regional and international players for fueling the conflict by sending weapons to both sides in defiance of an arms embargo officially in place since 2011 many countries are providing weapons to all parties in the conflict without exception the amount and sophistication of these weapons are
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already causing greater numbers of casualties without it robust and forstmann mechanism for the arms embargo into libya. will become a cynical joke some nations are fueling this bloody conflict the united nations should put an end to it the u.k. is what's known as the penholder on libya they would draw up any security council resolution it's likely they'll try again to negotiate a resolution calling for a ceasefire but it's also likely the negotiations will be difficult james al-jazeera at the united nations here with the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program why the king of fast as exotic former president is offering to return home. on a glass of america's most polarizing politicians goes on trial for corruption. and in sport a look back at the life of one of the one greatest ever drivers. protesters
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in indonesia's capital jakarta thrown fireworks at police as they rallied against the results of the presidential election riot police fired tear gas and water cannon as the standoff continued into the night the election commission declared president joker widodo the winner of april's poll with 55 percent of the photos but opposition presidential candidates proper was will be on to says that he plans to challenge the result in course let's go live to al-jazeera as florence louis is there for us the morning after the night before florence after the police firing tear gas and water cannon overnights what's the situation there now. well it's really it's calmed down largely after very eventful night now at the moment. protesters but we are expecting the crowd to grow now police say they
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arrested about 20 people overnight these are people who they say suspected of provoking or inciting violence that took place overnight the protests started peacefully. on tuesday afternoon where there are about a 1000 people who are gathered outside the office of the election supervisory board that's just right here behind me and it had started peacefully by night many of the protesters had disposed but then they came back and refused to leave the area despite orders from the police and that's when things started to turn ugly protesters hold fireworks and other objects at the police who then retaliated with tear gas water cannons and the clashes lasted for several hours and it really only started to calm down by about 7 this morning now as i said we are expecting the crowd to grow even though police have been have been warning people to avoid large crowds and to not attend the demonstrations for fear of terror attacks police say they have information that people linked to i still may be plotting to use the
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gatherings to carry out attacks and they say they've arrested 30 suspected extremists as well as seized homemade bombs please and military have also been taking steps to prevent people from traveling to jakarta on mass there are about 50000 police and military personnel on duty in jakarta. beyond taro the man who ran against president joko widodo as his supporters to maintain peace and order when they demonstrate but as we've seen with emotions running high the situation can turn at any moment so what happens now says he doesn't accept the results of the election how is this dispute going to play out. while we're seeing part of that process unfold right here these demonstrations are something that probably will called for in fact people started gathering on tuesday afternoon shortly after president joke over giotto delivered his victory speech. you know has the demonstrators to demonstrate peacefully but if the them and
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if the demonstrations carry on for a couple of days it could disrupt business and it could bear alive the city and then of course there's the. legal avenue that's open to he has said he intends to follow a legal challenge in the constitutional court now and he has till friday to do so and once he does so the courts will have to decide whether or not it thinks there is enough evidence to take on the case and if it thinks there is then there is another 14 days from the time it receives all the documents point to make a ruling and the court's decision is final and it cannot be appealed and once the decision is made the general election commission then has to announce the final results within 3 days off the ruling so that's the legal avenue that's open to. now and it has to be it's worth remembering that international observers have said that the elections that were carried out in april were largely free and fair even though alleges that there was widespread cheating and irregularities and it's also worth
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pointing out that some analysts have even said that because joke over dodo won by an 11 percentage point difference which translates to nearly $17000000.00 votes this in a way undermines proposed argument the opposition's claim that the elections were a great agent florence but he thinks i was there as florence through their lives in jakarta the us president told trump's latest tariff increase and beijing's plans to counter them hitting u.s. companies in china that's according to the american chamber of commerce it found at least 40 percent of its members are considering or have already relocated businesses outside the country china's ambassador to the u.s. says that beijing is ready to continue trade to the last round and did 2 weeks ago let's go live now to beijing al-jazeera as adrian brown is there so china's new u.s. ambassador is still saying beijing wants to talk but it's not a flaw in the hope do you think a dream. i think in many ways it is
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adrian near china's ambassador to the united states is a man who has a pretty shrewd understanding of the u.s. political system as well as the way the u.s. media works which of course is why he's been appearing on the fox channel which is president trump's favorite news channel of course now what he said was not entirely new he stressed that china was committed to talking to the united states if the united states wanted to talk he said that china remained committed to buying more from the united states to address the trade balance but he also said that you know the united states has also been renee going and flip flopping on some of the commitments that it made during previous talks because a few weeks ago of course president trump citing as one of his principle reasons for raising tyrus with china was that china had gone back on his word well the ambassador was saying actually it's the united states it's been going back on its word meanwhile we've been hearing from you know u.s.
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business groups here in china adrian really painting a pretty grim picture of the business environment here right now for u.s. companies saying that 40 percent of respondents to a recent survey said they were either planning to leave china or had left china moving their manufacturing bases out of the country a 3rd said they were now focusing purely on china business as opposed to business with the united states they also complained of facing increased delays for their products at customs saying they get you know an unwanted sudden inspections at their factories and also complaining of you know time being taken to to get new licenses they need to cooperate in china so that is a reflection of the reality in china at the moment for for u.s. businesses remember china's government continues to say that the environment remains good for all businesses wanting to operate according to the law in china
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adrian the propaganda organs in china appear to be in overdrive this week we'll see your assessment of the tone. will it is sort of strident nationalism in a way we've been seeing lots of old films glorifying china's role in the war against the united states during the korean war we've been seeing a lot of songs appearing on social media particularly on we chat songs that really attack the united states and its role in the current trade friction with china one of the songs has has the catchy line that if the perpetrators want to fight will beat their wits out of them now this is you know a symptom of flavor of the way some chinese feel at the moment the way that all chinese people feel of course but on a bigger picture it's interesting to see what president xi jinping is doing rather
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than what he's saying right now he's continuing his tour of the southeast of the country following in the footsteps of those who took part in the great march the march that of course was led by chairman mao and brought the communists to power it is 100 years since the communist party was created here and 70 years of course since the communists came to power and the message from president xi jinping is this you know we fought the americans once before we can do it again our china correspond a daydream brown reporting live from beijing a very many thanks. the u.n. says that most of the people who fled venezuela's political and economic crisis are in need of refugee protection and it's urging governments not to deport them 3000000 have left the country since 2015 as the economy has crumbled a power struggle is continuing between president nicolas maduro and the opposition leader. the un's refugee agency says between 3 and 5000 venezuelans are
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still leaving every day almost half a 1000000 have sought formal asylum mostly in other latin american countries and america and its lucien newman reports now from caracas the un refugee agency has called for. protection seems to be an indication that this crisis is going to get worse before it gets better in fact the united nations says that nearly $4000000.00 venezuelans have left the country in less than 4 years most of them coming to latin america which is a part of the world that certainly does not have the resources to absorb so many this is unprecedented refugee crisis for this part of the world and there are countries that are already closing the door. trinidad and tobago panama which is demanding that they have a visa so the united nations is clearly saying this is an emergency the region needs help venezuelans are going to need help and latin america too are saying that this is a burden that needs to be shared not just by the region but by the whole world
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argentina's former president cristina fernandez to has appeared in court on the 1st day of what's expected to be a year long corruption trial it comes just days after she announced that she was running for vice president in october selection of zeros to raise a book reports from one of us. she was argentina's president for 8 years from 2007 to 2050. 4 years later. continues to be one of the most important politicians. in the country. now she's on trial for her alleged role in a corruption probe worth millions of dollars during her administration. lawyers. say the links between kirshner and the businessman are a crucial part of the investigation. nobody has been able to prove that she had corruption mind but what has been demonstrated is how the former president to their
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hotels and other places to launder illicit money. money that i legibly came ass kicking backs from public works contracts from last advice a family friend who was a bank clerk turned tycoon when he 1st met the kershner family cristina kirchner will be appearing in this courthouse regularly from now on even though she's been implicated in more than 10 corruption investigations this is the 1st case that makes a full court cristina kirchner is now a senator or still see is protected with parliamentary immunity which prevents her imprisonment but not her prosecution. since leaving office cristina kirchner and members of her government have been indicted and accused of corruption one of them was even caught trying to hide around $9000000.00 in a monastery. but the former president says she's seen a cent and a victim of political persecution from her rival precedent. and
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early say the judiciary in argentina tends to lean towards those in power. there is political persecution there is animosity and judges pushing cases improperly against certain political figures but i believe it has to do with the justice system as a source of power and not because they're responding to those who are in government commissioner was expected to run in the october presidential election against modi . but the former president surprised everyone on saturday when she said she would run for vice president instead i company i'll bet the farm and this a former political ally a strategic move that is supposed to help her party win more votes. her supporters say cristina is in a sense isn't it was. with her we had a better life education health care she's been persecuted because she defended the poor. the trial is expected to last for a year
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a year in which she could make it back to power once again. they say i will. britain's prime minister is offering m.p.'s a chance to vote on whether to hold a 2nd briggs's referendum to resume a sad plan for britain's departure from the e.u. telling politicians they have one last chance to deliver briggs's m.p.'s have already rejected her withdrawal agreement with the european union 3 times may's latest plan will be brought to parliament in june i've also listened carefully to those who've been arguing for a 2nd referendum i've made my own view on this clear on many many times i do not believe this is a route that we should take because i think we should be implementing the result of the 1st referendum not asking the british people to vote in a 2nd one but i recognise the genuine and sincere strength of feeling across the
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house on this important issue. the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement bill at introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a 2nd referendum and this must take place before the withdrawal agreement can be ratified one hour from lauren sleep in london. by her own admission this is three's m a's one last chance so she put it in a speech to try to deliver some sort of bricks it's to try to deliver herself a legacy frankly but what she wants is a brick set that can appeal to as many people in this deeply divided parliament and deeply divided country as she can and so to that end she's obviously listen to all the different very loud voices across parliament who want entirely different things from bracks it's and tried to bring them all together and say ok let's see if we can have a withdrawal bill that we can pass that brings all of these things in at once and so she's trying to appease the hardliners in her own party who want to ensure that
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at some points the u.k. will be free from a customs union with the european union says that will have to be done by december 2020 that the northern irish part of the democratic unionists have been propping her up that there will be a same system nor nolen to the rest of the u.k. so the argument be divorce so all that to appease them but she's trying to appease the labor party as well and those other much more moderate parties by saying don't worry we won't have a horrible american chicken in the u.k. afterwards will be environmental standards and most crucially of all she said to those m.p.'s on the labor party side if you pass my bill then we will have a confirmation referendum where the public will get to decide if they like it or if they don't presumably the u.k. then doesn't leave the european union it's all to ben p's like it's no they do not speak as much of it is absolutely reheated there's no really big new idea in any of it's to try to move the process forward or the bracks there's
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a saying we've heard all this no thanks very much the labor party side crucially those who won the 2nd referendum are saying well i'm on trees i'm a your saying these things but you're leaving office anyway and your successor could be a hard liner who will rip up the idea of a 2nd referendum completely so as an idea a week or 2 before this voted or really. it's pretty much dead in the water a weather update next on the news out then does anyone here think that the women in this country will stay silent while our rights are being taken away from us. thousands of women across the u.s. unite against the recent wave of empty abortion legislation. and in support basketball's most dominant team heading to the n.b.a. finals for a 5th straight season. the weather sponsored by the time. hello there we're still seeing quite
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a few showers over the southern parts of china they've been with us for the past few days and they are giving us some very very heavy downpours you see the bright white cloud on our satellite picture here just over the southern parts of china and into the northern parts of viet nam some places have been reporting way over 100 millimeters of rain from the system just in a 24 hour period there's more weather still to come to this system gradually is going to be pushing its way eastwards as we head through wednesday and into thursday so we'll thursday looks like hong kong will join us under that wet weather some of the thunderstorms here could be fairly violent a bit further towards the south and there's lots of showers here as well particularly over the western parts of borneo and there's a drifting their way west would still say force in singapore and k.l. it's likely to be more wet weather over the next few days to those showers are also getting going said the north 2 so plenty of wet weather here it's in the south of i'm up where there's more in the way of dry weather for java and across into bali there is plenty of fine weather but it will cloud seems to be gathering for
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thursday and that could just give us one or 2 showers as i was pakistan afghanistan still rather unsettled to get more cloud in a few showers drifting its way across us as we head through the next few days is could also reach us in the northern parts of india but for the south are not poor just incredibly hot where at 44. the weather. always a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman thought that she could selectively goods and have a boy that's changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences for leading poor socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people are everyone will be good everybody money to agree to serve as a ship body to get other people to be the services. al-jazeera examines the politics of population control what is left of the vast indigenous knowledge that call in isolation of the americas as assaulted for centuries. to amateur astronomer
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. because embark on a journey of discovery and reach a remote village in mexico's mayan region but who has more to learn about the ways of the world a route through mexico is contemporary wreckage and its mystical past we'll find out glances on al-jazeera. it is good to have you with us hello adrian for the get in here in doha with the news from up 0 the headlines the acting u.s. defense secretary says there will be no war with iran and that the recent deployment of additional forces in the gulf is to turn
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a possible attacks by to run the u.s. on the pressures reveal details of what they describe as unspecified threats from iran. denies it nations special envoy for libya has warned of the country is on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war the assessment follows 7 weeks of fighting for control of tripoli i forces loyal to the warlord khalifa haftar and the united nations says that most of the people who fled venezuela's political and economic crisis are in need of refugee protection it's urging governments not to support the. iraq's prime minister says he's sending a delegation to the united states and iran there are concerns a military confrontation could lead to renewed conflict in iraq which is a u.s. ally and iran's neighbor charles stratford reports from back that. iraqi fighters backed by iran fighting eisel in 2014. experts say that without the
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popular mobilisation forces o.p.m. absolute victory over i saw. in iraq may not have been won. but with the u.s. now increasing pressure on iran many iraqis are concerned that they will be caught in the middle of washington says the pm for one of iran's proxy fighting forces and or a potential threat to u.s. interests in iraq including about 5200 u.s. soldiers stationed here there are tens of thousands of fighters among different p.m.s. factions in iraq and look at that and to say that america wants to control this region and to exploit its resources and frankly that's why we totally stand with the republic of iran and its people because iranian people are being oppressed by the sanctions also there is a religious bond between us that's another motive to support iran. 1 pm at function led by the influential shiite cleric muktodhara solder has distanced
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itself from iran but said that any party that threatens iraq's stability is an enemy neither iraq nor its people combat another war he tweeted on monday we need peace and reconstruction any party that ignites iraq with war and makes it a battlefield will be an enemy of the iraqi people the u.s. has withdrawn its non-emergency staff from the embassy in baghdad there was an evacuation of exxon mobil foreign workers over the weekend from an oil field in the south of the country a katyusha rocket was fired into the green zone which is home to the u.s. embassy on monday night nobody claimed responsibility as the war of words continues between the u.s. and iran the atmosphere here in iraq is increasingly tense. iraqi prime minister says any u.s. intelligence about increasing threats to u.s. interests in iraq is wrong and his country has been mediating between both sides to
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try and avoid further escalating tension and. iraq is very concerned that its country might be a battleground so iraq is seeking solutions between the iranians and the u.s. and their allies including saudi arabia iraq knows that if this fireball grows bigger it will set a blaze in the society dividing it deeply. formally integrated into iraq military and security apparatus in 2016 they take part in raids on eisel sleeper cells in iraq almost every day. but amid fears of a military confrontation between the u.s. and iran there are questions over how these fighters in iraq would respond. back to the european parliament election begins on thursday for rice and populist process are expected to do well and that could shift the blocs balance of power in italy the right wing league party is projected to emerge as the country's largest.
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reports. italy's deputy prime minister an interior minister is hoping to upset the status quo during this european elections he plans to do it with the help of euro skeptics and immigrant nationalists are pulling crowds in ailing economies. more. need to do everything that is right to free this country this continent from the illegal occupation organized by brussels. instead of traditional billboards and social media has been instrumental in getting the league's message across and making inroads into traditional left leaning cities such as milan and it found an audience in the richer parts of northern italy where some relate to slogans such as why should we pay for others who don't contribute as much. and xander morelli has been a bit salvini since the beginning a divided e.u. italy's balls. into france decided to start
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a military operation against libya which caused very serious damage not only in italy but also in europe of europe today is totally divided in only exist for the interests of france and germany. many italians disagree with the populists and they have been protesting with thousands of homes banners. the movement of the government forcibly removed slogans from the balcony by using fire fighters. opponents this was one more manifestation of authoritarianism and fascism which they say is being peddled by the elite party. that. make. this election has become more interesting than previous ones besides u.k.'s brags of fame there's also a surge of populists across europe among them its least let yourself be populist policies about immigration an economy that's found in allies from germany to
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hungary and this new alliance wants to overhaul the european union and its wrote a book about the rise of 2015 he fears that a strong right wing alliance in the long run could mean the end of the european a dream. of a fair. politics have been too far from people and too close to finance europe was not able to give real answers as it put too many limits on everything and there are many parts of the european population who felt the burden of the european union without feeling the advantages. of the european parliament consists of 751 amy pease representing more than 500000000 people from 28 countries the big question is how many of them will give their backing to new alliance of far right european leaders. judges in france and for stock to this resume life support for a man who is at the center of the debate over end of life decision making. suffered
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severe brain damage in a car crash 11 years ago after listening to his wife's wishes doctors agreed to switch off life support equipment on monday but the appeals court overturned that decision women who support abortion rights of marched in cities across the u.s. in a show of force against conservative efforts to restrict the procedure. heidi jocasta reports where the ice piled. on the 100th anniversary of the house giving women the vote in the united states women and abortion rights activists in cities across the country took to the streets to say their battle is not finished does anyone here think there are women in this country who will stay silent while our rights are being taken away from us . they march to protest abortion restrictions recently passed in conservative states 256 nays one alabama's new law is the most extreme it bans abortions
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except for when a woman's health is at risk making no exceptions for rape or incest this was a study as we were all live read and that really. right in america and it says it's very important analysis breaks out there and the great work by. more than a dozen other states are trying to make abortion illegal after a fetal heartbeat is detected as early as 6 weeks democratic leaders say such laws are unconstitutional from. every part of. the park and back plate are we are going round are women aren't coming at all right the state laws are not yet enforced they face court challenges that will likely. escalate to the u.s. supreme court. conservative activists have decided now is the time to
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challenge roe versus wade the landmark case that gave women the right to an abortion in 1973 where you are. married and i think. the supreme court has skewed to the right due to president trumps recent appointment of 2 conservative justices but there's no guarantee the court will intervene meanwhile the president has distanced himself from the most restrictive abortion ban tweeting he's pro-life with 3 exceptions including rape and incest. but these protesters say that's not enough they fear women's rights are eroding in america and are telling the supreme court now to protect their right to an abortion heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington almost a 1000000 range of refugees living in camps in bangladesh for years government run schools that have quietly welcomed dry him to refugee students but recently scores
5:42 am
of children have been expelled tarver child free reports. amman and abu were both born in bangladesh their parents fled me and mar in 1901 their home now a sprawling refugee camp in cox's bazaar we have not identified them at their request but both were recently expelled from school our teachers went on our classrooms and told us that you not be able to study here comment is not don't want to. study any more here for years bangladeshi schools have allowed some rohingya refugees from cox's bazar to attend classes a man is now worried about his future and that of other refugees so even the gunmen can give us everything so why they are unable to give us and education. nearly 55 percent of the total running a population are children providing them education is the biggest challenge the
5:43 am
community is facing now bang alleged gunman however is wary that setting up any such schools will offer their writing as a sense of permanence and that they will not want to return to me m r r bull is concerned many young people like him are being denied the chance to improve their lives. in this situation because of the more integrated transport to let ourselves to be known in the global area if we stay on it look at it will not be able to get our rights and our nation back. in the camps there are dozens of informal school run by iranian government tears where children learn basic literacy but little else and the u.n. children agency says it is trying its best to provide more education when their it came there was nothing then i think i'll say we've made
5:44 am
a lot of progress in terms of walls creating this space where children can come together to learn so we have from the unicef save as of last week we had 2060 learning centers but the recent expansion from bangladeshi government run schools highlights the struggle faced by hundreds of thousands of running of children who are desperate to study if they were given the opportunity 100 chart 3 al-jazeera cox's bazaar bangladesh. the new prime minister of the democratic republic of congo is already facing challenges so let's stay longer was appointed on monday under a political agreement between president felix and his predecessor it ends months of political uncertainty in the central african nation catherine sawyer reports now from the capital kinshasa. what stands out when you visit kinshasa are the number of roads being built in the city infamous for its bad drugs and traffic congestion
5:45 am
many are prone to floods because of poor drainage president kennedy has a located 7 $1000000.00 for an emergency infrastructure program in downtown kinshasa traders and the disrepair has cost them lots of money. is very important to many businesses here and very difficult to come we've got it. so most 4 months since she said katie became president inheriting many a cannot make and social problems from his predecessor joseph kabila the previous government was accused of mismanagement of public resources as well as human rights abuses she said katie says he wants to change that he's also given amnesty to hundreds of political prisoners and lost both in exile to come back home but all that has been overshadowed by politics with some critics saying that he's a weak president who is not in control of the country's affairs he said katie has
5:46 am
formed a partnership with the former president common front for. the f.c.c. controlled parliament the senate and local governments in some. struggling. he's a 1000000 tied to deal with. if you were to have a gun then that would really be. that's part of the deal and he knew what he was getting in as he signed for this did however it will come up to the point where they will. after citizens you know. for me it will start pointing fingers people will know who is blocking from desired results from happening the president has appointed a new prime minister 73 year old sylvester is a little known curry a public servant who served in 3 previous governments and is loyal to some colleagues say he brings nothing new to the table but others believe he comes in a wealth of economic experience we have
5:47 am
a problem. with our public into prices and he was the head for some time of the committee rituals are actually. what was in charge of trying to reform our public enterprises understanding and so if you can bring that expertise and security become actually outlined new vision the new prime minister is yet to meet his cabinet many people we talked to said they want to see government ministers who are keen to make reforms but your political choices of the past may largely determine who is going to be appointed catherine al-jazeera inches from afghanistan seen through teenage i guess that's the subject of one of this year's cannes film festival entries filmmaker shunned by new sodomites 2nd feature is set in kabul in the 1980 s. and aims to show a side of the country that's really seen on screen charlie angela reports welcome
5:48 am
to the couch film festival we're talking about and directed showmen is that about your film built in the during your film is based on your writing memories of being a major problem in the 1980 s. tell me what inspired you to do this when i had access to the diary of my friend almost 10 years ago it was 800 pages that erodes in a very honest way the believing. a possible i was so inspired by a reader. it's hard to feel your film is set in kabul but shot in the g.q. style why would many of my school be a woman so of the rich to the point of so many of this question that maybe doesn't work that because of a life in danger because of the film we did location scouting all over the world and we ended up into education on sunscreen afghanistan is easy to fake it as a war zone how important is it to be a western audience is a bit different perspective there are
5:49 am
a lot of films coming out with the topic of afghanistan mainly it's about the prison in the prison up on the front afghanistan today or it's about the taliban and we don't really know that much about the eighty's about the seventy's about the sixty's and this is what i'm really interested at because i think if we want to talk about afghanistan prisons we should know about the past how easy will it be you can see your film there are 3 cinemas lifted in kabul. and i can say that it's very difficult to show the kind of my family endorsing him. so a lot of paperwork and birth process i think it's the fights it's a war by itself but i'm getting prepared for the. thousands of students marched in the streets of algeria as capital calling for free and fair elections the young protesters want all politicians connected to the ousted president and to lizzie's
5:50 am
beautifully to step down including the interim president and prime minister the presidential election should yield for july 4th but opponents fear that it will be manipulated by the country's political elite must understand the national intifada i don't want to lections under the governance of the interim president and prime minister it would be an honest election and a regime change these are our demands they are very simple just add on that is our last nor will be without one of their star players for the europa league final. find out why in the sport next. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites into time. seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in 2008 the time put happiness at the center of all political policy
5:51 am
inspiring the un to pass the resolution urging other nations to follow petang example but how do you measure it many brittany's happiness is what we ensure it's if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country has. why we love. our own we want. out. now. oh yes now here with us for his summit. thank you very much and one of formula one's greatest ever drivers has died at the age of 713 will titles came in
5:52 am
to them a near fatal crash in 1976 looks back at the korea of the men who never knew when he was beaten in his prime it louder was one of the most famous and fastest people in sport formula one world champion 3 times 2 of these titles came after an astonishing with cauvery from a crash that almost killed him. and dressmakers lauder was born in vienna in 1949 but the age of 22 people took enough racing car experience to be part of f 1. 174 he'd been asked to drive for italian it's ferrari he finished 4th for team that had been struggling and his input to improve the car proved invaluable because in 175 he became world champion. using more dominant in $76.00 until a horrific and infamous crash at the new ring in germany now that had urged his fellow drivers to boycott the price of
5:53 am
a safety concerns but it went ahead and on the 2nd lot of the truck and burst into flames he was trapped in the wreckage suffering severe burns damage to his lungs and was left in a coma he survived severely scarred but incredibly missed just to rices he returned to be with english driver james hunt with physical and psychological scars then you just fight with your. brain you hear noises and you hear voices and you just try to listen to what they're saying and to try to keep your brain working and to get the body ready to fight against illness and i think this was very good that i did that because of a lot of retired from the foreign advice of the season after just 2 lops concerned with its eventual right hunt completed device in place to win the 76 drivers title by a single point move now the did manage to reassert himself dominating this. used to be. when he left there was a limp a week including too short
5:54 am
a time it's. 1902 he was back winning races with mclaren and part of another famous rivalry this time with alan crossed the frenchman to the 84 will drive his title by just half a point when he finally retired as a driver at the end of the 5 season there is still plenty to keep him busy he want to align and yes there were times he was back in the cockpit as a pilot management positions included the returns of ferrari in the ninety's and he was not executive chairman of messiah days when my son lewis hamilton in 2012. parts of his legacy will be his dedication to drive to safety. the damage from the 76 crash. but the trophies and powers of recovery i want you to find nicky the. cricket world cup hosts england have named. in
5:55 am
their final squad for the tournament the barbados born play only qualified to play for england in march and has appeared in just 31 day internationals david really. missed out despite being involved in the recent series against pakistan thing going to rival the world cup in good shape good preparation good squad good leadership good captain good track record and one of the world but there's always the question during the business of the tournament and they're very excited about. afghanistan have got their world cup preparations back on track they have beaten arlen the by a $126.00 runs in belfast it comes off to being thrashed out by the irish on sunday . arsenal had to buckle for the europa league final against chelsea without stop matilda henrik make it terry and the armenian international has concerns over his security while his country's involved in a territorial dispute with host as
5:56 am
a debate on the over the. region yassar vagina essay had assured the arsenal there would be no issues over make italian safety the final happens on may the 29th it's been the usual. kind of 2. and if you fall for sort of these issues is very very personal decision persona decision we need to respect. i don't understand. it. or the college programs but. i. i must respect gun as all time leading goalscorer has announced his retirement from international football a slam washy and says that he won't play at the upcoming africa cup of nations in egypt he said to 3 year old that was unhappy at not being named team captain for the tournament the golden state warriors have advanced to the n.b.a. finals for the 5th straight year golden state securing $109217.00 overtime against
5:57 am
the portland trailblazers to wrap up a 4 nothing series sweep in the western conference finals 6 time tempe is all next take on either the toronto raptors all of the milwaukee bucks. as a hunger about us and whether we want to lose you know if we take pride in how we play and. you know if i say follows and the historic nature with that is kind of crazy think about. we want to enjoy. we know full well where's the fun just season. so gotta stay locked in that's always full from we'll have more later on. some updated i'll be here with the latest news in just a few moments here on al-jazeera but that's it from this i'm for me thanks for watching i'll see you again i think.
5:58 am
after more than a month of voting the biggest democracy in the world will announce its election results indians voted with a record turnout but will the modi government maintain its power. join us on al-jazeera and live coverage of the election results. and investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable. people better to h one n one question is it getting much difficult like you now. cast who says don't trust that you trust on al-jazeera. it's a climb to one of the holiest sites in due time. seems to defy gravity
5:59 am
every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in 2008 the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow putin's example but how do you measure it. it's a nice happiness when sure it's if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country has. people have to weigh your own record on this trouble in fact a few years ago there is place only for one state on the land of israel i do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story is that there are no i'm sure we all still are you i don't care about the official story if you were to go visit today you would say what has the media been telling the world isn't black and white there's lots to graze in here join me mad the front of my guests from around the world take
6:00 am
the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here on al-jazeera . we do not want the situation to escalate. this is about deterrence not about war. u.s. defense secretary tones does in the rhetoric of attentions with iraq. alone will come on peter w. watching al-jazeera live for my headquarters here and also coming up there has already been too much death and destruction. morning from the united nations that libya could be descending into a prolonged civil war. clashes in jakarta over the results.


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