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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 141  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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and the red detachment of women would only spreading a unifying message a communist vision to knit a vast divided country together which i give them out to. the t.v. on by the 1990 s. beijing had shifted from communism to a more market driven system chinese cinema found a new impetus the possibility of commercial success led by the example of movie makers in hong kong filmmakers on the mainland started experimenting with new johndroe action movies t.v. dramas chick flicks from comics even satire. the producer it was clear to mainland chinese producers just how much potential domestic market had was having come of age watching hong kong cinema in the eighty's and ninety's they began to invite filmmakers from there to come over with industry over the model for china it was diverse it had stars and it played with different genres and what's
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interesting about some of these films is precisely because of the popularity of the people involved they can push the envelope a little bit. big shots funeral had a lot of comedy revolved around product placement this was a very cynical way of making money by putting large corporations products into the film at the same time the story of the film was about the corruption of everyday life by advertising and market culture unfunctional guns films are full of that kind of rather cynical approach to chinese culture and life today. the cynicism of satire critique that once they get past the censors they can attract a sizeable audiences the 2012 comedy lost in thailand made a spectacle of chinese materialism who are this if you will there. in 2016 the mermaid
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a fantasy romance comedy pushed an unabashed critique of environmental negligence in china well what do you call a god like they were all 14 of them are no good don't you knowing how you both films topped the box office. it's about more than just money though there have been occasions when a film can actually make a political difference 2800 dying to survive was based on the true story of one man's mission to smuggle cheap cancer medicine from india into china. it generated such a response that the government was forced to announce new policies on drug pricing . perhaps inspired or possibly put on notice by the pull of such films beijing has doubled down on cinema as a tool for its own purposes it's resulted in what's called juice win lose or mean melody filmmaking fusing typical chinese political messaging with the production values budgets and mass market appeal of commercial cinema. the films have become
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even more popular and the current target of them and younger generation family years didn't go through the previous decades and it's easier for them to accept this type of films than older generations say boy knighting sixty's seventy's this is also to do with this is a production quality of those films in the past by propaganda films mostly come out of the state and studios the restructuring that took place in 200-2001 saw many of the studios disappear consolidated and were frankly overtaken by private sector companies and then after a few years of this we've also seen the state sector learning from what the private sector was the sense chinese filmmakers learn how to make films with messages that the communist party liked with
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a hollywood system movie stars shahrizat cetera and the box office then picked up you you've got a situation where the chinese film industry is delivering popular films the same. time may the requirements of the party. superhit firms out of growing importance for the communist party's media strategy last year the state firman television regulator was abolished and cinema was brought under the control of china's quite forthrightly named propaganda department. and aside from the routine sensing of films the government has singled out directors investors and film stars for disciplinary action the message cannot be missed no matter how successful chinese commercial cinema is beijing who means the power center and it will use its elaborate fine set of rules and laws to determine what's allowed and what's not i think there's a very very what you can do what you can do some people do something without
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running into trouble some people do say the thing thing but they're getting into trouble and it's also not just based on the current rules nor but also the current political circumstances environment and so on the. instances of content being removed after films are made are reducing in frequency this doesn't necessarily mean there's more self-censorship rather there's mutual understanding for example if i feel there's injustices taking place and things that make us angry or unhappy i want to shout about the place the front and center instead you must wrap them up and place your critic in deeper and deeper layers of cinema. where. there is a padded ox in chinese cinema today the more audiences chinese films attract the more earnings they bring the closer is the scrutiny they come under from the state
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china is ramping up its messaging not just inside the country but globally as well and big budget films could spur a new age of chinese soft power. with sequels to with 40 or 2 and operation red sea already underway chinese filmmakers could find their work being watched much more closely by beijing than ever before. and finally it has been 6 weeks now since a jury as president as he is beautifully cut was forced out of office following weeks of mass on a rest but the calls for political reform keep on coming social media was where the people mobilized it's one of the few spaces for criticism of the government since the domestic state approved news media rarely make room for dissenting voices but i just it is an algerian musician and you tube star one of many using music to push socio political material often to the annoyance of the regime her work has forced
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her to leave the country that happened 4 years ago but it did not silence her one her latest songs called a low list system has now amassed more than 25000000 views she makes the point that the changes made so far by the algerian powers that be are not nearly enough we'll see you next time here at the listening post. to be to.
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my. after more than a month of voting the biggest democracy in the world will announce its results indians voted with a record turnout but will the government maintain its. joining us on al-jazeera for live coverage of the election results. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality where they are on line. with
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in our global federation and it is really hard to get a piece of that or if you join at sunset. their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in history join the global conversation on al-jazeera. whether someone telling someone to read. i think it's how you approach. it is a certain way of doing it you can just. try out. that over here in doha with your top stories from al-jazeera now the acting u.s. defense secretary says there will be no war with iran and the recent deployment of
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additional forces to the gulf has deterred possible attacks by tehran patrick shanahan made those comments after giving a classified briefing to members of the house of representatives here's my kind of . congress has been demanding more information for weeks and finally it was provided by the members of the trumpet ministration secretary of state mike pump aoe in the acting secretary of defense patrick shanahan held separate reefing sessions from both the house and the senate. patrick shanahan arguing that the recent deployment to carry a strike force to the region has played a role in controlling the crisis we have to turn attacks based on our repository of assets to turn attacks against american forces. our biggest focus at this point is to prevent iranian miscalculation. we do not want the situation to escalate. this is about deterrence not about war. or not
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about going to war we're ready to respond if we have to the best thing to happen is for everybody to calm down and iran to back off and i'm hoping that this show of force will result in deescalating not escalating nobody is talking about a military solution to the current friction with the iranians i haven't heard anybody discuss that pretty thank you all very much but the briefing still did not convince skeptical democrats make no mistake this president has a business tracing are itching for a confrontation with iran i believe that a war with iran. it would be. an absolute disaster far worse than the war with iraq and i hope the american people told this administration that we will not go to war in iran underlying this crisis a decision by president donald trump to unilaterally pull out of the 2050 nuclear
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deal with iran and as the briefings were taking place iran was announcing it had quadrupled its production of enriched uranium this argue many democrats a consequence of a president rejecting a negotiated deal with no thought as to what should replace it mike hanna al jazeera washington protesters are again gathering in the indonesian capital after a night of violence jakarta's governor says at least 6 people died and hundreds were injured fireworks were thrown at the police as demonstrators rallied against the results of the presidential election on tuesday president joker widodo was declared the winner of april's poll the opposition candidate will be on to says he'll challenge the result in court the u.n. special envoy to libya has won the country is on the verge of descending into a prolonged civil war now that assessment follows 7 weeks of fighting for control of tripoli by forces loyal to the warlord after. the rebels say they've carried out
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a 2nd drone attack on an airport and military base in the saudi city of knowledge from who the media says the attack in the early hours of weapons day targeted hangars containing warplanes riyadh has still not acknowledged weapons days attack but did this u.s. statement after tuesday's incident saying what it called a quote civilian site at the airport was targeted. the u.s. says it seen indications the syrian government may have renewed its use of chemical weapons the u.s. state department says chlorine may have been used in an attack on sunday in the northwest of the country. un says most of the people who fled venezuela are in need of protection it's urging governments not to have them deported 3000000 people have left the country since 2015. the british prime minister to resign may is offering m.p.'s a chance to vote on whether to hold a 2nd bricks it referendum mrs may set out her latest plan for britain's departure
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from the european union telling politicians they have one last chance to deliver bracks it m.p.'s have already rejected her withdrawal agreement with the european union on 3 separate occasions her latest plan goes to parliament early next month up next his rewind quick summary in about 25 minutes. thank you i. don't want. her. to are are.
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back in 2000 and. some of the best of them today to 2012 in fact we're going even further back because today's episode. 1900. back in 1900. an economic powerhouse standards and design and construction. cost in 2012. for the 1st 20 years of her life meeting up with her at
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regular intervals since her. personal narrative to the transformation of china across. how nice. and this is i've been filming her ever since she was a baby 20 years ago in china's southern city of. do you. ever turn to meet k.k. at regular intervals. my followers are growing up at a time of unprecedented change for her and her family.


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