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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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on the 100th anniversary of the house giving women the vote in the united states women and abortion rights activists in cities across the country took to the streets to say their battle is not finished does anyone here think there are women in this country was the silent of all our rights are being taken away from us. they marched to protest abortion restrictions recently passed in conservative states 256 nays one alabama's new law is the most extreme it bans abortions except for when a woman's health is at risk making no exceptions for rape or incest this is a stepping stone it's a worldwide rebound effect would be right in america and it says it's very important analysis which other great work by. more than a dozen other states are trying to make abortion illegal after a fetal heartbeat is detected as early as 6 weeks democratic leaders say such laws
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are unconstitutional from them it's very fact that you are republican but plain truth are waking up there are going rabid are women's rights come in all right the state laws are not yet enforced they face court challenges that will likely escalate to the u.s. supreme court. what conservative activists have decided now is the time to challenge roe versus wade the landmark case that gave women the right to an abortion in 1973 you believe really where you are. and i think. the supreme court has skewed to the right due to president trump's recent appointment of 2 conservative justices but there's no guarantee the court will intervene meanwhile the president has distanced himself from the most restrictive abortion ban tweeting he's pro-life with 3 excess. actions including rape and
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incest. but these protesters say that's not enough they fear women's rights are eroding in america and are telling the supreme court now to protect their right to an abortion. castro al-jazeera washington. china's 3 biggest airlines are demanding compensation from boeing after its troubles 737 max fleet was grounded china was the 1st to ground its fleet when they 2nd 737 max plane crashed in ethiopia killing everyone on board so now air china china southern and china eastern are seeking compensation for losses or boeing 737 max planes have been grounded globally since march investigators say a flight control system problem was to blame for both crashes a british based chip designer area is reportedly suspending business with a chinese company while away staff have been instructed to pause contracts and any pending engagements in order to comply with the u.s.
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regulations the move could threaten the chinese firms ability to create its own smartphone chips for him is owned by softbank a japanese investor designed chips for most mobile devices around the world and the u.s. recently added wall way to a blacklist after trade tensions escalated between the u.s. and china and u.s. president donald trump's latest tariff increase in beijing's plans to counter them are hitting u.s. companies in china that's according to the american chamber of commerce at down at least 40 percent of its members are considering relocating businesses outside the country or have already done so ambassadors to the a master to the u.s. rather says beijing is ready to continue trade talks the last round ended 2 weeks ago with a new deal. once baby is holding a live fire exercise off the east of the island area has been increasingly threatened by chinese ships and planes wednesday's drills are part of the annual
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exercise that simulates an attack by china. argentina's former president cristina fernandez de kirchner has appeared in court at the start of what is expected to be a yearlong corruption trial proceedings began just days after she announced she was going to run for vice president later this year. she was argentina's precedent for 18 years from 2007 to 2015. 4 years later cristina fernandez that continues to be one of the most important politicians in the country. now she's on trial for her alleged role in a corruption probe worth millions of dollars during her administration. lawyers likely going to the morning to sign say the links between kirshner and the businessman are a crucial part of the investigation. believe the nobody has been able to prove that you had corruption money but what has been demonstrated is how the former president used their hotels and other places too long to release it to money. money that i
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legibly came ass kicking backs from public works contracts from last advice a family friend who was a bank clerk turned tycoon when he 1st met the kershner family cristina kirchner will be appearing in this courthouse regularly from now on even though she's been implicated in more than 10 corruption investigations this is the 1st case that makes a full court cristina kirchner is now a senate or still sees protected with parliamentary immunity which prevents her imprisonment but not her prosecution. since leaving office cristina kirchner and members of her government have been indicted and accused of corruption one of them was even caught trying to hide around $9000000.00 in a monastery. but the former president says she's seen a cent and a victim of political persecution from her rival president.
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analysts say the judiciary in argentina tends to lean towards those in power i bet they will feel there is political persecution there is animosity and judges pushing cases in properly against certain political figures with but i believe it has to do with the justice system as a source of power and not because they're responding to those who are in government coercion or was expected to run in the october presidential election against modi. but the former president surprised everyone on saturday when she said she would run for vice president instead i company i'll bet the farm and this a former political ally a strategic move that is supposed to help her party win more votes. for supporters say cristina is in a sense isn't it with these. with her we had a better life education health care she's been persecuted because she defended the poor. the trial is expected to last for a year
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a year in which she could make it back to power once again. they said well i'll just. correlators are being accused of ignoring abuses being carried out by government security forces and indeed administered kashmir human rights group says there were $400.00 accusations of torture last year alone and victims say the issue has been ongoing for decades so raman reports from new delhi. it's 20 years since dizzy and the cheek of his legs amputated after what he says was torture by indian security forces in indian administered kashmir the stonemason was accused of being a rebel sympathizer. so we just started me by using a ruler on my legs they would get on the 2 sides of the road or to exert extra weight they would pour hot water on my legs and also burnt my hand on the fireplace i was subjected to brutal torture and when they thought i would die they dumped me
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outside a hospital. he's not the only one a new report from the human rights group called association of parents of disappeared persons and a coalition of civil society says there were more than $400.00 accusations of abuse and torture made against india's security forces there last year and this is the view or we are doing the film long enough god true. right which has not been internationally like. going to be. the in this god. we have tens of thousands of the torch and sort of violence here and a lot of them have died. in march al-jazeera reported the death of a school teacher rizwan while in police custody near the state capital srinagar police said the 28 year old teacher in the town of
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a wanted poster was picked up by security forces as part of what they call an ongoing terror investigation and. activists who work with police to develop reforms within the service they change is difficult and takes time the indian government has been told by international mechanisms time and again that it needs to ratify the united nations convention i think what's preventing the indian government is the only thing that's possible is that there is a resistance to hold. security force personnel and public servants who are complicit in torture accountable. as they're asked the indian army for comment but they have responded this latest report is a disturbing read to outsiders trying to understand the realities for kashmiris in the indian administered region which is also disputed with pakistan while successive indian governments remained silent and refused to accept there was a problem it's left to those such as nazir to highlight their experiences and their
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hopes that no one else has to suffer like him. so robin al-jazeera. and richelle carey these are the headlines right now on al-jazeera and tenacious president djoko we doto says his government will not tolerate any threats to the country's security or unity after a day of violent protests are set in the nation capital on lockdown after 6 people were killed during the riots protesters are angry at the results of last month's presidential election on tuesday the election commission declared incumbent djoko veto the winner giving him a 2nd term in office and the nation's security minister says they will partially block social media to avoid the spread of rumors or it's louis has more from jakarta. because joker we dodo won the elections by quite a huge margin 2 digit 11 percentage points which translates to nearly 17000000
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votes analysts have pointed out that this in a way undermines the opposition's claim that the elections were great and also worth remembering that international observers have largely declared the elections to be free and fair despite probables claims that the elections that there were fraud irregularities during the poll. tax uncertainty may have led to another business casualty but manufacturing giant british steel collapsing u.k. based company was hoping to secure a bailout from the government but the high court has ordered it into compulsory liquidation industrial giant employs 5000 workers directly with another 20000 jobs involved in its supply chain him operate as prime minister theresa may is coming under renewed pressure from right wing and he's within her own party over her latest plans to steer her bracks to deal with the a you through parliament she set out her latest plan for britain's departure from the e.u. telling politicians they have one last chance to deliver bracks that m.p.'s have already rejected her plan every time. saudi arabia the united arab emirates will
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attend a conference in bahrain next month part of u.s. president donald trump's palestine investment plan the palestine liberation organization and a mosque call for an arab boycott of the meeting organized by trump senior adviser gerry questioner. would be more likely to have 2 hours in paris for meetings with france's president mandela macron after deepening u.n. concern about how far is military offensive on tripoli against the internationally recognized government there so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera we have another recap of headlines in just a bit in the meantime inside story is that next. when
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you're exposed to lists finally make a breakthrough mainstream politicians face a challenge from the far right as 400000000 europeans vote in this week's e.u. parliament elections how will voting shape the future of the continent this is inside story. hello and welcome to this special edition of inside story from london i'm barbara sero the world's 2nd largest democratic election starts on thursday voters and 28 countries will choose 751 members of the e.u. parliament immigration and the economy are dominating the political agenda and the rise of the far right is dominating the headlines mainstream politicians are calling for a united europe urging voters to reject rightwing and populists candidates
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meanwhile far right leaders from nearly a dozen countries including france germany and the netherlands where initially on saturday in a show of unity the rally in milan was led by deputy prime minister met their son vini who wants to form a powerful far right bloc within the e.u. parliament some analysts are saying the future of the european union is at stake we'll talk to our guests in just a moment for us though this report from osama bin in milan. italy is deputy prime minister and interior minister is hoping to upset the status school during this european nick. he plans to do it with the help of euro skeptics and immigrant nationalists are pulling crowds in ailing economies we are more. on need to do everything that is right to free this country this continent from the illegal occupation organized by brussels. instead of traditional billboards and
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t.v. ads social media has been instrumental in getting the league's message across and making inroads into tradition and left leaning cities such as milan and it found an audience in the richer parts of northern italy where some relate to slogans such as why should we pay for others who don't contribute as much and is under rarely has been since the beginning a divided e.u. . france decided to start a military operation against libya which caused very serious damage not only in italy but also in europe of europe today is totally divided in only exist for the interests of france and germany. many italians disagree with the populists and they have been protesting with thousands of homemade ban it. the movement grew up to the government forcibly removed slogans from a balcony by using fire fighters the opponents this was one more manifestation of authoritarianism and fascism which they say is being peddled by the elite party i
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think that this time the politics of this a trend that is the being against the saying is beginning to make people think. this election has become more interesting than previous ones besides u.k.'s brags of fame there's also a surge of populists across europe among them its least let yourself be populist policies about immigration an economy that's found in allies from germany to hungary and this new alliance wants to overhaul the european union and its andro wrote a book about the rise of 2015 he fears that a strong right wing alliance in the long run could mean the end of the european dream sounds like a really fair. politics have been too far from people and too close to finance europe was not able to give real answers as it put too many limits on everything and there are many parts of the european population who felt the burden of the european union without feeling the advantages of. the european parliament consists
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of 751 amy pease representing more than 500000000 people from 28 countries the big question is how many of them will give their backing to new alliance of far right european leaders. let's now introduce our guests say a final act in all senior lecturer in european politics at the university of surrey and men and director of the u.k. in a changing europe initiative and a former special adviser to the house of lords e.u. committee and joining us from milan stephan a very generic and italian journalist who focuses on economics and foreign affairs and is also co-author of the black book of the leg agenda. welcome all of you to inside story the finest expects of us if i can start with you when just seeing this report about that rally in milan led by matt hale many how likely do you think it
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is that a lot of these far right stroke populous parties across europe will be able to form a functioning coalition a functioning bloc within the european parliament this is the most important question because this is the 1st time that we've seen these parties cooperating together usually they don't like each other they don't like to be associated with each other right wing nationalism has different shades and for a lot of these parties across europe they have tried over time to create a more mainstream image about themselves to be able to attract more. mainstream voters rather than the extremes so they have traditionally they traditionally didn't like to to cooperate with each other but this time i think they're trying to to put together something that's more transnational in order to be able to tackle the issue of europe all of them have and the european feelings and sentiments and public discourse is so that helps them but at the end of the day how much they will be able to sustain this kind of alliance going forward inside the european
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parliament will remain to be seen i don't mean on the what do you think using there's more they unites them than divides them. there are obviously things that unite them they have common attitudes tools in particular the centrist political elites of in across europe now you're getting this rhetoric about mainstream politics being broken but of course the fundamental paradox of these policies is that nationalist parties struggle to work transnationally it's almost inherent in their d.n.a. that you know they will fight and if you take an issue like for instance immigration on the one hand yes they want lower immigration on the other hand they fight amongst themselves because the rights in italy one of the boroughs is other countries in the european union and taking enough of these people that come to europe and of course that's something they squabble amongst themselves about stefan of energy joining us from milan where of course that meeting at to play it took place. led by michael so the any who is not only that head of the leg up but obviously that would be prime minister in italy and it does look like his party well have the majority i mean how was he selling it this this union of the far
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right parties. well. this is saying that these elections are very important for lagos and for the european union and he's trying to gather together all the european far right parties. in order to change the european union that's what he's what he usually says i agree with mr mannion when he comes to to to propose how to change it. the party is these these far right parties are very diverse. among each other for example legal. self he's trying to to to push public spending in italy. so the public debt will willing crees and last year they drafted a bill always which was expansionary. and later was criticised by
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a 50 which is its german ally now the european elections. and of course back to the studio so not funny segues a duck to go to you i mean the timing wasn't great for much us of being in that meeting because on that very day we saw the eventual resignation of the vice chancellor in austria was a member of a far right party part of a coalition because of this videos thing that released that was showing effectively showing an offering government contracts to were supposedly russian oligarchs nice how that obviously damaging potentially maybe in austria but beyond that do you think people across europe will look at that and think actually we can't trust these far right parties when they get into government well the there have been equivalent reports for other parties around europe classic example is the golden dawn its members have been accused of murder they're participating in gangs
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prosecuting immigrants and so on on the streets they have gone to jail and still the support remains so we have to consider how much of an effect a leader has in driving support for the party and how much the ideology of the party has infiltrated certain segments of the voters in order to convince them to stay on despite all these allegations so we need to do to do to see how how damaging it will be for the f.b.i. in austria but i don't think it will be that damaging for all the parties across europe and men and do you agree with that do you think that stuff like that actually has an impact on voters in other countries has an impact but on the particular issue of links with russia and with what amir putin it depends on the country because of course in italy it's very mainstream berlusconi was a great friend of putin a didn't harm him in france you saw the scandal over the foreigners you know with bank loans from russians and again that didn't seem to
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resonate so on the one hand the opponents of these policies say they're dangerous that teaming up with our enemy but it doesn't seem to get that much residents of multiple. opinion certainly not among supporters of these parties it doesn't seem to want much to cut for the stefano that leads me to you because of course one of the issues in your book the black book of the legacy was very much about potential financial links between russia and that the leg up 1st of all explain to us what you said in your book and also what reaction there was to it initially when it was published which was only a few months ago. you know well. we revealed in the book that there was a negotiation ongoing at least from july 2018 until october 2018 to fund with the russian money when i say russian money the negotiation that we have evidence of was between an oil state owned oil owned company by a by the russian state or us and you have to and the toddy and state oil company
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would use any and i. so we witnessed a meeting of the metropole tel in moscow on october 18th 2018 where there was a soviet representative whose name is john lucas several unique. and something to me juries from from the russian from from from russia people that are deemed to be strictly living with with putin as inner circle so basically they were talking about selling rosneft selling 3000000 tonnes of diesel to any via an intermediary bank from the european union. on these on these amount of diesel they were discussing about having a 4 percent discount but in the end it was not any benefiting from the discount but legally this is what the people were saying and one of sylvania representative for
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russia was was there we didn't get any reply from them. and there wasn't much call. rich of the issue in italy and since the publication of the book i mean we really have seen the leg a surge in the opinion polls that we think you know they could almost double what they had in the previous elections at these elections in italy specifically what do you think is behind the leg a success and then i'll ask all of our guests you know why they think populism a surgeon but starting with you stuff well it's mainly.


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