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they know theresa may well but what they want to know is will it be a hard line breaks a tear will the government in the u.k. collapse i mean all these questions now up in the air and that of course means that the whole break that process itself is up in the end i think some of those comments from those european leaders i told you about it earlier really suggest that for them they want clarification on what's going to happen and fast because they are fed up and frustrated with the process of britain leaving the e.u. that is now going on for several years certainly has. one guess it's not just the european leaders who are fed up with doing this process and dragged on but given we are where we are is there an appetite in the e.u. for extensions or even potentially renegotiating that deal. well i think more european leaders will be looking at closely is exactly what's going to happen next in the u.k. because they don't even know where they go from here who will they be talking to
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who is going to replace trees in may who's going to take over the negotiating process as far as the european union is concerned they have agreed to a deal for britain to leave the e.u. and that deal has been agreed upon and they're not necessarily going to change it will they with someone else i mean our i certainly can't say but there's no doubt that teresa mayes resignation coming as it does in the same week as the european elections is certainly something in extremely disruptive from their point of view britain voted in the european elections on thursday that's when the polls open they will continue until sunday that is when voters in france for example will be voting and in fact the french president emmanuel markov before the european elections had made it very clear that he had actually wanted britain and the whole break that process to be wrapped up before the european voters go to the polls because he saw it is far too disruptive well as it was britain remains in the e.u. for now under e.u.
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rules it had to take part in these even elections but you can only imagine the european leaders really are looking at this whole process and just wondering how on earth it can really get any worse ok natasha butler in paris we'll have to leave it there but thank you very much indeed for that update well as we mentioned earlier to reserve me i've been trying for months to get in a goosey to do it through parliament and there which has been rejected 3 times already one of the main sticking points it's been the future of britain's only land border with the european union between northern ireland and the irish republic. has been pushing for a temporary u.k. e.u. customs union to avoid a hard border but that hasn't happened the wrangling over bricks it turns twice forced the official date for brics it to be pursued. bones and ass things stand. to leave the e.u. on october 31st oh and john worth is a european union affairs blogger and a visiting lecturer at the college of europe in brunei joining us now on skype from
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berlin thanks very much for speaking to us today at where do you think these things the backs of process in the danger is that britain is not going to be able to get everything completed by the 31st of october so that for britain it's either going to be facing a new deal rex's or correction which in 30 years whatever was probably going to be requiring a server extension from the european union that's probably the most likely also bear in mind that the conservative party rules will take some months before we know who the reason a successor will be until the antics sorted out brussels has no one to negotiate with really so we're going to be facing a period of uncertainty wallace clock is still ticking down to the 31st what tara i do think there's an appetite in the e.u. for another extension the french simm remarkably reluctance to extend this process any further even john court was saying it's it's time to wrap it up i agree with
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that and the e.u. wants to use time pressure as a way means of forcing some decisions on the u.k. but bear in mind what the e.u. and indeed france which will be one of the countries will be most hit by this cannot accept is this crush on a new deal breaks it is economically also very very hard on from such a country very close trading relationships with the u.k. so ultimately if it comes to it and it's either britain crashing around or another extension i still think reluctantly the likes of michael would be willing to give greece another extension in october now a lot of course depends on who forwards to reason may hear what the e.u. likely like to see as a successor. the e.u. would like is someone who is pragmatic sensible straightforward and realistic so among the candidates potentially in the running is the current foreign secretary jeremy holmes or maybe the health secretary. those who'd be the people who would be easiest to deal with for the e.u.
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the people would be the really would be very very hard to manage to deal with. all dominant romper full of secretary it was very difficult to negotiate with on that rubble ready when he was secretary so seeing someone like that as prime minister. would be welcome to all. brussels is ready for the u.k. to leave the e.u. to keep the brics process going but what it wants in london is clear answers and stability on the london side and that's exactly what they haven't gotten so now. is they don't see what to get through the house of commons and so therefore they can't see that even jeremy hunt would manage to find a majority for anything in the house of commons either so therefore i think there's a lot of nervousness understandably in brussels just now you mentioned boris johnson. and jeremy hunt so it doesn't grab bag of parts and history of the people that wouldn't be keen on these 2 candidates of course are people who would likely
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go for a no it's a real scenario and certainly see this no deal scenario as a bargaining chip to get a better deal. of the e.u. do you think this the choice of either boris johnson or dominic robb would make a no deal scenario more likely or would make you back down and be more favorable to britain i don't think the e.u. is going to back down i think it would make the chances of a new deal more likely i think it would also make the chances of no brics it more likely one of the conservative materialists in parliament dominic grieve he's already said that he would be unwilling to stay in the conservative party if it were run by boris. bear in mind that you would only need 4 conservative members of parliament to leave the conservative party to mean there would be no majority of tools of the government anymore and then you'd need an early general election so essentially trying to get you to back down here i can't see it but if you had rubble johnson bill tried to take britain towards
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a crash out for exit but they may not get there because they can't count on their own party to give them the necessary majority about how. instability is the watchword there we will. keep an eye on developments but for now i thank you so much for your thoughts jungwirth european affairs georgia joining us from berlin. there's a lot smaller still to come on the news hour including eritrea celebrates its independence for the 1st time since it signed a peace deal with a theo pier but rights groups warn off widespread abuses. and why some are accusing the u.s. president of trying to use a legal loophole to bypass congress and sell arms to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. . we'll tell you how this 3 time major champion is trying to end a victory drive on film so that's coming up in in school.
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well india's prime minister narendra modi has pledged to take his country to new heights after leading his party to a landslide reelection victory with most of the 600000000 votes kind since the b j p has secured a large majority in parliament so it gives him a powerful mandates to implement his nationalist vision which promises a stronger economy and a more influential role in international affairs so raman reports not for me telly . modi is on course to win a 2nd term as prime minister of india he arrived at his governing b.g.p. headquarters late on thursday evening jubilant by what his party had achieved. today we have witnessed citizens from every nook and corner of the country filling this beggar's hand i banged my head for india's 1300000000 citizens.
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but celebrations at b j p headquarters began early in the day and vote counting wasn't even over yet the votes of hundreds of millions of indians were tallied and candidates and their agents of focusing on the district centers in each constituency. the election commission says the turnout was the largest it indian election history more than. 600000000 people voted out of the 900000000 who were eligible to take part in the 6 week election the issues a clear for some. people have voted for nationalism for the good of the country and for development work done by. the only person who can fight me that it isn't like. this is the reason only and yes using a mugging as a prime minister. this election has been one of the most divisive in recent years i think the security issue has been projected in a way that people's imagination was fixed on that and then you start feeding them
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constantly through your media on that so it seems that in the post independence india the 1st time for the 1st time security issue has become such a big issue in india the opposition have congratulated modi many. during the campaign i said the people will decide who will rule the country and they have made a decision firstly let me congratulate prime minister murty i must also thank my party workers for putting up a tough fight a battle is over ideology and vision and the people seem to have chosen to be j.p. . for now it's a moment of b.j. peace supporters to say. hello raman joins us now from needs aliens are held 2nd like a massive victory for morsi and the big ones i saw happen today. well the vote count continues we are nearly at the end of it the being confirmed as far as the election commission
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a concern to have won 302 seats with one seat in the northeastern state of him a child pradesh still pending so they have an absolute majority and we are expecting the election commission later on friday to announce officially that the b j p have won the general election and give the opportunity to senior b j p leaders including the mentor modi to decide how to move forward but until that announcement we will wait to see what the b j p do but they've certainly got a lot of questions that the public want answering joining me now here is a don't shoot metal is a senior b j p leader good to have you with us and congratulations sir it looks like on a front emphatic election win but again once the celebrations are over so the hard work begins again for the b j p let's talk about the economy high unemployment 7.6 percent in may and a large young voter base that voted for your party and want to see jobs come to india the $7.00. months from the cia i me you know
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of skilled organizations. do not mean that this is national data but official official. understand this is this election this was one of the talking points that is completely fallacious it's not true but that's not important what is important is that. we did not stop the government continue to work and there are challenges india is the fastest growing economy so naturally there. are challenges which have to be addressed and that's been them do admit though that there is an unemployment problem and that young people are looking for jobs and opportunities in india that use. say is. this. the think about unemployment and the context india has a very distinct sectors one is the organized labor is the. sector. you know the dynamics that are different.
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employed you were given money and they started on enterprise and some 80000000 people have benefited out of that what is critical is. an impetus of this kind is meet. but. it is not something that started yesterday. not only the youngsters but everybody. we saw g.s.t. implemented 2 controversial varied reception. policies. in terms of the next 5 years where are you looking to invest.
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we had the. economic reform. been an integral part of indian economy and we have successfully now. obviously the. to be. the. efficiency. because we can never really get into these subjects in such a few minutes but thank you very much from the b j p of course lots of issues
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including foreign policy. health education infrastructure all issues are we talking about with a range of people through the day and of course. election commission officially. the 17th indian general election. well in a few moments we'll have the weather with cabin but lots more still to come on al-jazeera including star warnings about this year's hurricane season in the u.s. scientists say the storms are getting the more powerful. we'll tell you have a sport that's good for the environment has got the backing of one of hollywood's biggest stars that's coming up feeling good job on.
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the web sponsored by cattle and ways. we're going to start this hour here in the eastern med we have over half a dozen countries right now that are in the midst of a heat wave and it's been very dry take a look at the satellite image we've had a few clouds passing through but not any rain temperatures have been quite severe and i want to take you to israel this is what's happening right now across israel they're dealing with winds widespread wildfires of about 3500 people have had to be evacuated already 40 homes have been destroyed and wildfires are spreading right now the firefighters are tackling them but unfortunately the news is this we're going to deal with temperatures here into the mid thirty's some locations have actually gotten as high as the low forty's in mid forty's and as you can see anywhere from a done aleppo all the way down to jerusalem we're talking about temperatures that are well above average for this time of year as we go from today to tomorrow notice that we don't see much of
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a change in the temperatures actually more sunshine across the region all the clouds start to make their way out here towards the east in terms of relative humidity about 20 percent that's very very low for this time of year temperatures should be anywhere between about mid twenty's to high twenty's along the coast maybe high twenty's in lent and as you can see as we go towards the next couple of days here a little bit of a break for israel but still up towards the north in beirut we're talking well above average temperatures there. when. the time. let me take. my place on the. wild west the rain. and thousands come. to relieve the strongest fostex start a new skill could. explain
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nation come together to. establish. its stadiums would have dropped like incredible. discover the wonders of on us destination as the women's world. 2019. this is all just the record mines are all of the top stories this are the reason
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may cause quits and says she will step down as british prime minister in a fortnight he says it's a matter of deep regrets that she could not still live or breck sets her departure triggers a leadership contest within the ruling conservative party push rejected her proposal to hold the votes on a 2nd or exit referendum indian prime minister narendra modi's b j p party has been reelected but the huge landslides in the parliamentary elections but he told supporters a new delhi that he's got a mandate. to build a new india. well it's bring you more on that top story the u.k. labor leader jeremy corbyn has tweet it's in response to may's resignation he says it's a reason why is rights to resign she's now accepted what the country has known for months she can't govern and nor can her divided and disintegrating party whoever becomes the new tory leader must let the people decide our country's future through
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an immediate general election let's get more on this jonathan lists is the deputy director of the think tank british influence and joins us now from london over the lists you think the general election is on the horizon. i think the general election is going to be very likely but probably not in the next few months because the tory party is also going to have a leadership election the lead will want to bet in if they could votes of confidence for example i might not succeed because for example change you can a break way party boy bucket so i don't see a general election now but certainly for the year that is a situation simply unsustainable it cannot be resolved so where does the sleeper exit then the clock is ticking and time runs out for the u.k. on the 31st of october. that's right we have an
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extension to october as you say adonal to present to the european council in april said do not waste this toy or that is exactly what we are doing we are now going see how this self-indulgent unable gazing retore leadership campaign until the summer and then the tory new prime minister will go to brussels to seek to renegotiate the deal he or she will be short shrift from brussels which is already said it cannot renegotiate the nuts and bolts of this deal so the prime minister will turn to london face exactly the same parliamentary pass the theresa may his face and nothing will go any further this is a total disaster we are facing more and more deadlock of brothers this. we've just heard from the european commission there they're saying themself to according to freeze nothing has changed if the reason me cannot deliver on brics it then who can we have this leadership contest which is what's been underway for
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a few weeks now it's now out in the open a year the conservative party is likely to go for and will they be able to deliver what series i'm a could not. the problem is the conservative party is now i know you well mean the pro breaks of party and the likely candidates are in fact going towards no deal not just a hard break said she and no deal crushed out people like boris johnson and dominic royal because that is where the membership is which is out of step with the rest of the country so if you had some like boris johnson who at the moment is the favorite he would not be able to face not be able to succeed any more than treason may has because if he tries to renegotiate the deal they'll fail if you choice a brain by the current deal he'll fail because part of it is still the same numbers if you try to go for no deal parliament will absolutely resist that and they will pass new legislation to stop it you're doing it and that means that here is that lot we have a parliamentary democracy in this country and
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a prime minister does not have the power to do as he or she pleases ok jonathan we'll have to leave it there but thank you very much for your thoughts jonathan this joining us now from london now the dutch labor party is on course for victory in the european elections in the netherlands exit polls suggest prime minister margaret says conservatives coming thirds europeans are voting to elect members of parliament come in the netherlands will reassure established parties he feared a surge among the far right. at least one person has died and several more have been injured in an explosion at a mosque in the pakistani city of coretta follows a space of similar attacks across the country in recent weeks and it probably has 4 police officers were killed in a bomb blast outside a mosque the pakistani taliban claimed responsibility for that attack.
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at least one person has been killed in an attack on a mosque in the afghan capital kabul a bomb reportedly went soft cheering friday prayers afghanistan's interior minister says at least 16 people have been wounded it isn't yet known who is responsible for that attack. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman has met the deputy heads of sudan's transitional military council here and general mohammad hunt and the gallo discuss cooperation between the 2 countries and other issues affecting the region meanwhile in sudan doctors engineers and artists have rallied on the streets of courts in demanding a transition to civilian governments protesters have voiced concern that regional powers are trying to influence the future of sudan the land of oz the thought now we're marching to have voices can be heard and to inform the students people that we are all on strike no matter what the circumstances we started
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a strong revolution and will continue with the same struggle adamant all fall under the establishment of a civil state. this march which is organized by the sudanese professionals association with so we could all participate and stress that we will go on a political strike and civil disobedience to support the position held by the mass sudanese people and the opposition groups negotiating in the name of the sudanese people. or half is mohamed is the director of justice africa he says sudan doesn't wants or needs any help or interference from saudi arabia. the ground greens and saudi arabian united arab emirates want to influence the shape of the coming government in sudan and that something is not going to be acceptable by sudan because this. minute he added security they took power because of the
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revolution a popular evolution and they have to pay to be a model of this dense people not the foreign government there it's regional politics you know that you have. you know sudan have to be either between. also did a big united arab emirates and actually we don't actually want sudan to be part of you know the review no power prices or anything and not the interests of the can you understand people and that is something is going to be totally rejected by some i bought into that need handouts from saudi arabia it couldn't have a little piece what was done is need that would many of our problem is figure to manage our resource not lack of resources we have more resources that is consumed in the lead but we have failed corrupt government which is actually you loose you've also done all this time that's why we feel economical but what we need we don't need a handout so dear god i think about it i mean if you said you should i need
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government handouts for the last 5 years but that never seems and that that never actually improves economic situation or lives then these people. eritrea is marking its 1st independence day since a peace deal was reached with neighboring ethiopia last year the government has moved to block social media platforms ahead of celebrations the reason is unclear but the speculation the government's might be trying to prevent protests and dissonance reports. it's the biggest day in eritrea's calendar of celebrations with even more significance now there's a peace deal with its neighbor and want time enemy ethiopia. now u.n. sanctions are lifted but human rights organizations say repression is still part of daily life president is soft lucky keeps a firm grip in this one party state. the reports of
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a ban on social media may be surprising to some when you consider how few people are actually online eritrea has a population of 5000000 but it's estimated fewer than 2 percent use the internet mobile phones don't have internet access and there's no private media dissent isn't tolerated and the country is now in a position to open up to the rest of the world. the flip side of. this uprising are very little seems to have changed actually. despite all of. the system of government. autocratic streaming regressive. eritrea's peace deal with ethiopia last year part of it signed in jeddah appears to have had some involvement from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates partly brokered the deal with a clear objective to have more influence in the horn of africa the u.a.e.
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had already built a military base in the eritrean port of asked sabah back in 2015 and as these satellite images show its a large complex the runways are used by warplanes from the saudi u.a.e. coalition in its fight against the movies in yemen. with a base in asvab positioned at the mouth of the red sea it couldn't be more strategic the suez canal to the north but even more important to the u.a.e. its enemies in yemen are a short distance away. eritrea as war for independence from ethiopia lasted 30 years coming to an end back in 1991 the conflict may be over but unemployment is high compulsory national service in the military is indefinite tens of thousands of people have fled the country one of the hazardous routes out through libya where many have ended up in detention centers. peace may have been
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established but any hope of it bringing better fortune for the people of eritrea is still thin on the ground. andrew simmons. the s. government is considering an emergency to clear ration that would lessen bypass a congressional ban on weapons sales to saudi arabia u.s. officials and politicians are concerned the secretary of state's might can pay you and other senior aides what the president see be able to x. without the approval of congress they say the president might be escalating tensions with iran as the reason to sell weapons to saudi arabia while the proposal emerged went on a cross exam with mr chris murphy criticized it on twitter. he said i'm hearing that trump may here is an obscure loophole in the arms control acts notice a major new sale of bomb society arabia the ones they drop in yemen in a way that's will prevent congress from objecting could happen this week alan
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fischer has more now from washington d.c. . well normally under u.s. law congress is given 30 days notice before any foreign arms sales and then they can see you or name another appears that donald trump is going to subvert the process by using a loophole in the law and declaring the sales to saudi arabia a national emergency in this he's being pushed by secretary of state might pompey or in that case the seals will go ahead no matter what and all donald trump has to do is provide congress with a letter of explanation of why he's the clear the specific seal a national emergency no there's going to be opposition to this if there is a gap between donald trump and republicans on capitol hill it certainly comes over the issue of sodium arabia you'll remember that earlier this year a bipartisan move in both the house of representatives and the senate to limit
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american support for the saudi led war in yemen was passed and it was only defeated when donald trump issued a very rare veto the republican senators like lindsey graham big supporter of donald trump who says he doesn't want to see any arms sales to saudi arabia until the address the issue of crime prince mohammed bin salman who he says is responsible not just for the war in yemen but also for the mark of journalist jamal khashoggi there are republican senators like marco rubio who says he wants to see any details before he would be comfortable with selling weapons to saudi arabia and there certainly are many many democrats in both the house and the senate who are very very anxious at the u.s. getting involved in arms sales to saudi arabia no this is happened before but you've got to go back to the 1980 s. when a president declared a national emergency to force through arms sales in this way the president then was
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ronald reagan the issue was the perceived threat of iran and the weapons sales while that was to saudi arabia. indonesian presidential candidates prabhu or so beyond 2 is expected to file a legal challenge to last month's election results. has experienced days of violent protests for the 7 people killed and 200 others injured in byatt's over the past week protests as angry that president joker would do it or was declared the winner of last month's election they say there was widespread cheating the election commission insists the poll was free and fair andrew thomas has more from jakarta. it's here at the constitutional court in the heart of jakarta that the opposition has said they will before the end of friday lodge a formal legal appeal over the election results it's quite possible that many hundreds of their supporters maybe thousands will come down to watch them do it and that's why there's such a big police presence here the roads are closed but got riot gear they're arresting
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at the moment but they're prepared for what might come because earlier in the week protests violent turned into riots and people were killed sunday on.


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