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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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the 1st time for the 1st time security issue has become such a big issue in india the opposition have congratulated modi many campaign make the earlier during the campaign i said the people will decide who will rule the country and they have made a decision so firstly let me congratulate prime minister modi i must also thank my party workers for putting up a tough fight our battle is of ideology and vision and the people seem to have chosen to be j.p. . for now it's a moment for the j.p. supporters to save the prime minister in the b j p one the last election with a landslide victory and that led to the 1st majority led government since 19 eighty-four repeating that in 2019 doesn't appear to have been that difficult as counting suggests that modi is on course for another huge election victory the people have handed him a 10 year mandate a mandate that he asked for back in 2014 so robert al jazeera new delhi. i said
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ahead on al jazeera human rights activists in nicaragua call for the release of hundreds of people arrested since anti-government protests began last year last direct and near nayar looks back over 13 years after deal making since the cannes film festival launched hackery and. hello again and welcome back well we are talking a heat wave situation here in japan and normally this time of year we would see temperatures for tokyo at about 22 to 23 degrees as their daily high but as you look at the forecast map here on saturday we're talking 32 degrees it has been quite warm reaching into the high twenty's over the last several days in these numbers are going to be sticky on the map as we go towards the rest of the weekend and also into next week take a look the forecast map here on sunday actually the values get even hotter even up towards the north where sapporo isn't expected $31.00 degrees there even towards
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seoul we do expect to see a high of for you of 30 degrees well here across parts of china we're going to be seeing the rain kick in across the north and that will bring the temp just down just a few degrees there so we're going to start the day here in shanghai with a high temperature few of 29 degrees by the time we get a sunday more rain in the forecast coming down to about 26 but hong kong it is going to be a hot as well as a humid day with the terms of their of 31 degrees and then very quickly across parts of the philippines it is going to be quite rainy across luzon as well as down here towards the south even over here towards hoshi men we do expect to see a high temperature of $35.00 high humidity for you on saturday going down to about $32.00 but down towards jakarta it is going to be a nice day with a temperature of $33.00. an investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of
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public toilets can be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable these are the people that are called to each one and what is it getting more difficult for you now that debbie h. oh yes those who says to you in terms of trust. that you trust who's on al-jazeera. play again you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our main story this solitary some may has quietened says she will step down as british prime minister in a fortnight may says it's a matter of deep regret she could not deliver breaks it had departure triggered
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a leadership contest within the ruling conservative party which rejected her proposal to hold our vote on a 2nd referendum. not to resubmit had been trying for months now to get a negotiated breck's a deal through parliament which has been rejected 3 times and one of the main sticking points has been the future of britain's only land border with the european union between northern ireland and the irish republic may was been was pushing for a temporary u.k. e.u. customs union to avoid a hard border but that hasn't happened the wrangling over breaks it has twice forced the official date for it to be postponed and as things stand the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. on october 31st when it's now speak to hands on afghan cow who is a member of the european parliament from germany joins us via skype from berlin thank you so much for being with us can i get your reaction for us to to reset may announce in that she's stepping down and where do you think this leaves the old wrecks of process. my 1st reaction is that she is no rude 2nd prime minister who
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lost is respectively her job because of that because less of a get previous or so david cameron also had to resign because of the result of the run and i have some respect i must say or mrs made for her tenacity for. a long breath trying to find india but i think it was impossible because she couldn't reconcile it to major contradictions and for one the british public albeit with a very small margin of error as the parliament majority of the parliament was not in favor of bricks and she did try hard as you say and one of the key issues as we just saw is this irish backstop our new leader is going to have to renegotiate a try he is going to try to renegotiate the irish backstop will the e.u. agreed to drop the northern ireland backstop. i don't think so because that has
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been a condition basically of the irish government and all other 26 european heads of state in government supported that coalition so i think. there's not chance that a new prime minister that conservatives will get any major t.v. a strong the european deal. i think there's only one option really left or actually 2 since i earlier said that there is a contradiction between what the parliament once and the public wanted 3 years ago either you have no new british elections and then the wishes of the parliament may be more close to what the people want at that time or somebody said you know it's a 2nd referendum i think these are the only 2 options left ok 2 options i was going to ask you just that on what grounds would the e.u. be prepared to the negotiate with the u.k.
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where could they be room for compromise. i don't think the e.u. would do that as. i am i so regret very much because i think that in my opinion it was not only was a london was also caused by too much centralization on the part of the european union and it is also true that the economic and political effects of not only her there but at least the european union as much but there is in my view no willingness and after the you have the lections are over at the end of this week i don't think this will change so. it is now at the end of the bridge and i hand what brussels can do it could now help the remain. and give even the brics in 2 years a face saving way out of the european union start to say look we are also
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responsible for if you stay we give you some more autonomy so it is the tractor for britain to stay in the year ability and our hands all have had cow who would brussels want to work with going forward the favorite right now to replace arisa may is boys johnson as we had from our correspondents for is johnson has a euro skeptic a hard line breaks a tear would that make the e.u. back down because a no deal breaks it would also be hard on european countries like france for instance. france will be affected of course but actually more affected will be the netherlands and germany by the way few people in brussels now realize that britain today is already the largest single customer of the other e.u. countries you know and it's in the head of china so in answer to your question of course that of laura's johnson's truck is becoming prime minister nothing will change because he is facing the same reality as mrs may has his face
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so i don't see any. opportunity unless he is trying to get britain out of the european union without any vet he may be able to manufacture because there is now a sort of closing date and then britain crushers rushes out of the european union that will be detrimental to everybody by the way and the whole word because the whole world's economic growth is not anymore what it used to be and a such a catastrophic arctic breck's it can only be a better world trade and world growth i'll have to wait and see what happens thank you so much for speaking to us hands on afghan cow member of the european parliament joining us on al-jazeera from problem thank you for your time. now to other news and a prominent religious scholar has been killed in a mosque attack in the afghan capital kabul
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a bomb reportedly went off during friday prayers afghanistan's interior ministry says 16 worshippers were wounded this happened at a mosque in the east of the city it's not yet known who was behind the attack in pakistan at least 2 people have been killed and several more injured in a bomb blast at a mosque in the city of quite high in the southwest the explosion happened inside the main praying hall about half an hour before worshippers were due to arrive this follows a spate of similar attacks across the country in recent weeks in april at least 4 police officers were killed in a bomb blast outside a mosque the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. now saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin simon has met the deputy head of sudan's transitional military council the prince and general mohammad how gotto discussed corporation between the 2 countries and other issues affecting the region meanwhile back in sudan doctors engineers and artists of rallied on the streets of khartoum demanding a transition to a civilian government protesters
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a voice concern that regional powers are trying to influence the future of sudan and his mom it is a director of justice africa and an activist he says sudan doesn't want or need any help or interference from saudi arabia. the crown prince and saudi arabian united arab emirates want to influence the shape of the coming government in sudan and that something is not going to be acceptable by sudan because this. many p. security they took power because of the revolution a popular evolution and they have to pay to the model of the studies people not the foreign government very regional politics you know you have. you know sudan have to be either between can also did a big united arab emirates and actually we don't actually go in sudan to be part of you know. even
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a power fighting for one and i'm not the interest of the 20 and it's been simple and that is something that's going to be totally rejected by so that if i bought into the need 100 out on saudi arabia i mixed with an awful lot of us what was done is need is a good many types of problems figure to manage our resources not lack of resources we have more resources that anything in the region but we have very poor up government which is absolute you should add all this time that is why we feel economical but what we need we don't need a handout so da da got it i mean it's used to give to the new government handouts for the last 5 years but that never seems and that that never actually improve the economic situation or life of the nice people. the u.s. government is considering an emergency declaration that would let it bypass a congressional ban on weapons sales. u.s. officials and politicians are concerned the secretary of state michael impale and other senior aides want the president to be able to act without the approval of
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congress they say the president might use escalating tensions with iran as a reason to sell weapons to saudi arabia while the proposal emerged when democratic senator chris murphy criticized it on twitter he wrote i'm hearing that trump may use an obscure loophole in the arms control notice a major new sale of bombs to saudi arabia the ones they drop in yemen in a way that will prevent congress from objecting could happen this week alan fisher has more from washington. well normally under u.s. law congress is given 30 days notice before any foreign arms sales and then they can see you or nay another appears that donald trump is going to subvert the process by using a loophole in the law and declaring the sales to saudi arabia a national emergency in this he's being pushed by secretary of state might pompey or in that case the sails will go ahead no matter what and all donald trump has to do is provide congress with
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a letter of explanation of why he's the clear the specific seal a national emergency no there's going to be opposition to this if there is a gap between donald trump and republicans on capitol hill it certainly comes over the issue of sodium arabia you'll remember that earlier this year a bipartisan move in both the house of representatives and the senate to limit american support for the saudi led war in yemen was passed and was only defeated when donald trump issued a very rare veto the republican senators like lindsey graham big supporter of donald trump who says he doesn't want to see any arms sales to saudi arabia until the address the issue of crime prince mohammed bin salman who he says is responsible not just for the war in yemen but also for the mark of journalist jamal khashoggi there are republican senators like marco rubio who says he wants to see any details before he would be comfortable with selling weapons to saudi arabia and
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there certainly are many many democrats in both the house and the senate who are very very anxious at the u.s. getting involved in arms sales to saudi arabia no this is happened before but you've got to go back to the 1980 s. when a president declared a national emergency to force through arms sales in this way the president then was ronald reagan the issue was the perceived threat of iran and the weapons sales while that was to saudi arabia. protesters on the streets of algeria capital for the 14th consecutive friday there demanding democratic reforms and the removal of politicians from former president abdulaziz which if he has government elections presidential elections are expected in july the longtime leader was forced to step down last month. in brazil the supreme court has voted to make homophobia and transferred via crimes on a par with racism activists have hailed a move which was backed by 6 of the court's 11 judges peers have been growing that
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president self declared homophobes could roll back the rights one watchdog group says 420 g.b. t. were killed in brazil last year alone. now they can film festival is where director mirren a came to prominence in 1908 she became the 1st indian filmmaker to win the camera door for best 1st feature for her film salaam bombay now 30 years on her socially conscious work continues to have an impact on the industry charlie angela sat down with. welcome to cannes we're here with director mira nair talking about how the festival shaped her career and some of her future projects mira thank you for joining us just take us back to that day when your film salaam bombay one can prize the best 1st film the bovey was you know extraordinarily received we had a 30 minute ovation lamb and so on and then i went back home to my pencil on them
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and i had sort of the whole world you know in the morning and it was that kind of fairy tale and of course topped by the cab door and great prizes and certainly it launched me you know in the in the industry and made life much easier as a sort of sort of negotiate what to do next you stories i mean they not only take it to india but they take us to pakistan to uganda. countries that are often seen through quite a narrow lens is that very important here that i think every film is a political act you know and you can choose to have a point of view that becomes the bane stream or you can choose to make your point to view the mainstream as i have tried to do i just believe that you know where we come from matters our language our poetry our everyday struggles our humor you know is not just particular to us but actually if you get to the truth of it it's
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universal and just tell us about your current project is an adaptation of the pick novel suitable boy i jokingly call it the crown in brown it has that kind of big business and sweep but it is about us it's about our country it's about the india taking you know after independence from the british going to a democratic elections for the 1st time a country finding its voice and a young woman finding her voice through her harried mother who's keen to make her find a suitable boy because i really believe that if we don't tell our stories no one else will tell them. or if they were to tell them they were to live their way and not are we. again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera terisa me has quit 10 says she'll step down a spray of prime minister in a fortnight may says it's a matter of deep regret she could not deliver breck said departure triggers
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a leadership contest within the ruling conservative party which rejected her proposal to hold a vote on a 2nd referendum. but it is now clear to me that is it it is in the best interests of the country for a new prime minister to lead that effort so i am today announcing that i will resign as leader of the conservative and unionist party on friday the 7th of june so that a successor can be chosen i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country. india's prime minister narendra modi has to take his country to new heights soft leading his party to a landslide reelection victory this gives modi a powerful mandate to implement his national vision which promises a strong economy and a more influential role in international affairs. brain says met the 2nd in command
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of sudan's transitional military council to discuss corp meanwhile sudanese professionals have rallied in khartoum demanding a transition to a civilian government protesters are on the streets of algerian capital for the 14 consecutive friday they're demanding democratic reforms and the removal of politicians from former president of the disease but if he has government presidential elections are expected in july the longtime leader was forced to step down last month in pakistan at least 2 people have been killed in a bomb blast at a mosque in the city of quarter the explosion happened inside the main train hall about how for an hour before worshippers were due to arrive the chump administration is being accused of trying to bypass a congressional ban on weapons say of society arabia there is concern the u.s. secretary of state michael impale and other senior aides may use a loophole allowing the president to approve a sale without the approval of congress those are the headlines on al-jazeera the news will continue here right after talks to stay with us.
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when israel's political uprising is now in its 4th month on january 10th president nico last month is sworn in for a 2nd term following elections not recognized as legitimate by opponents nor much of the international community this sets in motion an opposition plan to declare the president of the national assembly hall as venezuela's interim president more than 50 countries recognize him and call on mughal to step aside to allowed new
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elections since father took office in 2013 than israel is a con and he has plummeted along with the production of oil the country's lifeline . blames domestic and foreign opponents for widespread shortages of food medicine water and electricity more and more of an israeli and believe there once rich nations collapse is the fault of gross government incompetence and corruption in the united states which has already imposed selective sanctions declares an all out economic war on model to cut off access to oil revenues and financial markets opinion polls show quite all has wide public support but the government proves to be far more resilient than predicted russia and china which have heavy investments into israel and come to my voters 8 and he maintains the crucial support of the military high command going by dog unsuccessfully attempts to encourage a military uprising 130 s to crisis enters
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a new critical phase opposition deputies are arrested others go underground. except whom the government doesn't dare touch for fear of even stronger u.s. reprisals calls for u.s. military intervention or escalating when surprisingly last week both sides agreed to send. to explore a possible negotiated way out of a crisis that has taken on global dimensions the man whose job it is to try to convince the world that venezuela is a victim of the u.s. aggression its foreign minister. he has been traveling tirelessly to countries all over the world as far away as china russia turkey and iran all of them allies. he wants their political and economic support we caught up with him here at the foreign ministry just before he got on the plane yet again i. thank you for talking to i just see that i'd like to start by asking you is there
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any reason to bilk to mystic that there could be a peaceful resolution to this conflict. which of course on principle but also i. mean. for those who need to be going to want to see iran as well then i north korea for your blood the know him or the neocon. when i would assume same president this and they thought that you know maybe gonna need to go on the board i mean monkeying around when you're on the. look at him and the other side and the more. they're going to do so i say look on them that i'm. going to name him go on. go on but in their most. and then they're going to mislead them or you know it's the moment they're busy in the mode. of the auto we're going. to go there.
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and there went well communes i would set up remember who have but 1st of all you call it a dialogue your opponents call this at best mediation that's taking place right now with the under the auspices of your norwegian counterpart but more than that the opposition for the 1st time seems to agree on something and that is that they are demanding you all of them unanimously a demanding that president nicolas maduro to step down that there be a transition government and that there that it will be free fair transparent elections under international supervision to quote them are any of those things negotiable for you talk about them and then go bored at those when we'll see a lot of things we didn't know sort of on. the yellow and white get into the road or get on the corner going to the c.n.n. center lemmings no i come up with dollar noir scone or the corner going to those who don't either until they're going to do so much for the book i want us all to
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see on it as. numbers and then the night down and i want to do something where you talk about the constitution so does the opposition you're both holding the opposite the constitution in your hand but this is a political conflict i think you would agree that it's political that needs a political solution so what concession can your side give to the opposition one that comes as you're now more than i was for the one who did most on one verse and i know some wasn't and i was. one of your lesser politico would be you know you only got daughters and i knew i mean this is you had to go and then you immediately said they will come with us early i love you lend support us a lecture on this go go to rio and don't mess it don't buy your ticket and they're going to go at the border you know then you go go real close and behold it up by the secular going to see it only going on as we're learning. my point is you're not getting you know ok you had jonathan i wanted this your own you know sore throat
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and will continue well to get him ok yeah look at him ok i see him but i look political i think i can do that and we just saw the report then to see ok you conflict authority. venezuela didn't know when to use 11th but related to him i know that i would see it you know suppose when he goes he gets a europe but i don't see you heard of one gate only that or the i don't recall him in his way that you know those when you wonder come on then to tell you what a young boy that gets up at the letter you know and didn't wear what they contain went down the man known that i would guess yes you know and don't mean that whether you. know one. sort of letter gets up early in the editing and bodo go inside or them b.b.n. they failed to do it element this young indoor has a political selling going on and that was somebody and went up and i thought again i would go see a book about the multiple what are the what. going through the advent of at a later people in terms of style and supplement them look at me try to configure the conflict that actually the place they would get alexy on there what you know
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what a conflict also you know what i would take a lesson simply about that percentage out of the numbers a minute out of the completely a c. in the body to go and promote you then of course i mean if that end in the end but it gave them to the frenzy then they got a question of what other can be and so how do you get along with the ones that you call the bush but actually i would argue that they're not but it's not necessarily the case in the auctions for the national assembly 2 thirds of venezuelans voted against the government candidates but going beyond that just the other day and i want to quote him president medvedev said come rain thunder or lightning the revolution will remain in venezuela for the rest of the 21st century i didn't create is that the type of democracy is that what the constitution says that all assume but as i thought he got it i will do so knowing what we have know or unprecedentedly. whom proceso mad it's a month and they're going to roll their levee guess honest or not but it will and
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to put it going through either party than most people here put up and by. makes the. home that i was on process from what i'd be to do. that with the loss of what it would bring to do so and then either gain control oh no we're going to see on what to do a 2nd at some venice and then go. see. the any hero of the world to see if they're going to turn on us and let us know so under person than to the light and to him but as i have over them the one who didn't think that i said he thought he could have been as well that i think up of people political bosses you are you not going to put us through economic or i want us on this or not who doesn't want to head for that and go say they want a photo of a. part of the of the not that we look at economy or in the us a person i thought them and they didn't but let's go back to what's happening today what's happening today this political crisis for cuba and i was surprised to hear
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this has been requested by canada and norway to. help mediate does some kind of a dialogue which and i don't wonder what could be cuba's role especially since the opposition sees cuba as part of the problem rather than a solution. you know say better than i could and i thought i had a man who. had any evidence or learned how to boil over as well and over that we had no one else will learn oh you know where my kid that i meet the human psyche and being as a whole we have a bed or a love out of the end there you go there but i know boys you're going to be as you undergo one of them again and when i was yep it was some cause i'm sure he ended up only begin to understand it what can you tell me about what could have been discussed in no way no boil your. imprudence that it died in the process would have been had then i said but would you say that there's reason for optimism or is it still too early but this and when i confront this your own lead to see in them but i don't want to confront those whom barely can see i'm going to what i know as we
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speak the opposition leader why those representatives in washington got a lot of a.q. is about to meet with the us military southern command. and i'm about to ask of course for it to co-create help or assurances that the united states will come to the opposition's aid militarily do you believe that there is a real credible threat of u.s. military intervention in minnesota was that a bluff no. laws are going to like us i've learned bluffs going to who's going to like us olenka see and break it then add. more to it more talk we would put a very dollar has an ideas for the president that they don't bring a water bill will mean this is here because they go ok you're going to own up at us you're military going to go in as well and walked on in for pump oil for the wrong boat on the beach i mean there's a poem about the 2 bands for each of the other hopes and i'm sort of the missing 3 and then i'm going to rip it up but i will get us and i do see lawson going to have
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a nice reload but i'm going to record my knee and i know what i'm going to and he got i was on my you know y'all don't do the trick or go on the replays and after going to placing us on the i wanted to get both the headed north and i swear that venezuela and at the moment to be center here political there were no you unless you don't. i didn't in that interview and i guess he better me deems it better meeting by ethical money international i'm going to swear i said i did i'm going in on this and why would i but in a video where you keep saying why why though is there is there is a puppet of the united states but what about the more than 50 other countries that support him that recognize him as the interim president of this country countries that like canada like germany like france that do not particularly i'm not exactly known for taking orders from president donald trump how do you explain this you know you're going to get what i contracted go to go and do most i know it all but telling us when we see a view then. does when the economy to seal the bush. donald
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trump and the i'm with him and thousands of those numbers look at the oh i don't know what up in the band and we're now no top exec about them and yet in the conflict in the noise from madison. abruptio many thought read the fine alysia. american on a comment said on the road out of that we did that and there are going to say the net again that idea to modesto it will go away but it's almost not reform are going to say no way you know we want a job loss and they got on a committee said on day. one we need to let us when i had a daughter delivering only. went all of us alone ok i'm going to. forget what i got a better noise. and washington anybody warning sam but i've got a boat i see on it but if you're in a political angle we have no law my important and i guess i like in washington but i bet it inefficient and daughters off by the end don't they mind what i say and they don't want going on monday and if you get them on the nepali so all the problems of it is the economic collapse in this country the.


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