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it's out her agenda which suggested a bold change of direction for the governing conservative party we will make britain a country that works not for a privileged few but for every one of us. that will be the mission of the government i lead and together we will build a better britain. she'd been the home secretary in charge of the police immigration and security for several years with a reputation for hard work competence respected but not loved by colleagues but as prime minister less than a year into the job it was her decision to call and a necessary election and that was the beginning of the end. the campaign was an inspiring stories a maze message repeated so often that who do you trust to have a strong and stable leadership strong and stable leadership that strong and stable government the results well her face said it that nights she and the conservatives
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clung to power but their majority was gone and so was her authority she was not a personality politician in the same way and jimmy called raven david cameron was just believe in personality politics and that becomes harder and harder than the age of social media an old simile the country never fell in love with to reason make it tolerated her and the party tolerated her and the challenge now is to find someone who can lead the country but also bring some fades and dynamism it's been lacking in recent years restless colleagues sensed opportunity then foreign minister boris johnson a man of power. undermined her repeatedly with less than coded criticism of what he saw as her too cautious approach to brecht's it. then came the policy speech where almost everything went wrong the interrupting prankster the coughing the lessers channeling off the sound behind her none of it her fault but it created a fatal impression that not only was her resume incompetents she was also unlucky
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the windrush scandal the violations of the rights of people from the west indies who had come to britain decades ago only to find themselves at risk of deportation because of policies established by may when she was home secretary did her no good either so much for a country that works for everyone and i want to dispel any impression that my government is in some sense coming down on the world this is particularly those in the caribbean. and life here. today because we came to the story. of the us but bricks it proved impossible for her to manage the supposed hard liner accuse of flip flopping between the 2 warring sides in her power. unable to make a decision about whether she wants of the u.k. a little bit in or completely else of the european union in the end she was a decision in the marriage to the last 3 on the 19th so the no politics at the top is always lonely and perhaps
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a challenge was impossible to make a success of bricks it will holding together a policy war with itself. in london when all the developments voters in ireland have been casting their ballots in the european elections there are 59 irish candidates vying for 13 seats but 2 of those elected politicians will face an uncertain wait because of the delay of a bracks it island is set to receive 2 of the $27.00 seats reserved for the u.k. it seats will be redistributed among 14 member states when it leaves the bloc. and just another story that we've been following at least 8 people have been injured in a suspected parcel bomb explosion in the french city of all the device exploded near a bakery in the center of the city those hurt in the blast were hospitalized with leg injuries that were described as light but the incident is being investigated by the french counterterrorism office and the interior minister is calling for increased security at public sites across the country police have released an image
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of the suspects while the french president emmanuel macron was giving an interview when the attack took place he says his thoughts are with those who were injured. you know that. many are but we consumed about the attack you it's not for me to give a death toll. deaths for the toll in being one of the injuries you don't know i'm thinking of you could people and their families stuff you're watching the news hour live from london much more still ahead on the program around remotely pledges to take his country to new heights after leading his party to a landslide reelection victory. and the streets why nicaragua cities have turned into ghost towns and a chilly day in the saddle for the writers on the road to talia the 2 will have that story and more in the sport.
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u.s. president says he will send an additional $1500.00 troops to the middle east amid high and tensions with iran donald trump insists the deployment is mostly protective and will strengthen american defenses in the region our white house correspondent kimberly heloc it brings us more. it's not the 120000 troops as some had initially speculated the u.s. would send to the persian gulf but on friday trump confirmed he was sending 1500 we want our projection the middle east we're going to be sending a road only small number of troops the pentagon says the deployment consists of a patriot missile battalion to defend against missile threats additional intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft and fighter aircraft for deterrence. the pentagon says the move is defensive and not meant to provoke war but it adds to another rush deployment earlier this month of the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group bombers and fighter jets we would continue. to
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call for caution and restraint both in terms of actions and in terms of rhetoric the announcement also follows the u.s. acting defense secretary just this week downplaying the threat to u.s. forces steps were very prudent. and would put off the potential for attacks on america democratic members of congress and some republicans have questioned the intelligence being used by the trump white house to make the case that iran is a threat this week the u.s. secretary of state the acting defense secretary and chair of the joint chiefs briefed lawmakers to make the president's case iran has been a as you know they state stero all over the world they're a much different country now than when i 1st got here when i 1st got here they were at 14 different locations fighting right now they know i don't think iran wants the
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fight and i certainly don't think they want to fight with us but they cannot have nuclear weapons maintains he wants to strike a new deal with iran to limit its nuclear program after withdrawing last year from the 2015 u.s. backed deal known as the jay c.p.o. way since then the united states has been increasing the pressure on iran including tough financial sanctions to try and force a new deal. donald trump says he's willing to sit down to resolve his differences with iran's leaders but in light of his latest military move such discussions seem unlikely can really help at al-jazeera the white house. well a senior u.s. navy figures accused iran's revolutionary guard of being behind the attacks on oil tankers off the united arab emirates 11 days ago where admiral michael gilday director of the joint chiefs joint staff said that the elite wing of the iranian army used a limpet mines to damage the tank because. meanwhile president trump has cleared
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the sale of billions of dollars worth of weapons to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. citing tensions with iran the democratic senator robert menendez had used his powers to block sales of thousands of precision guided bombs fearing that they would lead to more civilian deaths in yemen but the trump administration has told lawmakers it will bypass and legally with congress review and go ahead with the sale anyway. alan fisher is live for us now in washington as it come as any surprise allan that trump is taking this step and bypassing congress of to effectively push this arms sales through. well if there's a gap between the republicans on capitol hill and donald trump it's over the policy of sodium arabia we know that there was a bipartisan motion that went through both the democratically controlled house of representatives and the senate to limit us a poorer of the sodium led war in yemen that was eventually vetoed by donald trump
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and there wasn't enough votes in both houses to overturn that veto and so donald trump realized that if he followed the usual procedure which is to inform congress that he was making these arms deals and gave them 30 days notice that it was likely that congress would block the sale so the only thing that he could do was to declare it a national emergency and therefore push it through on a legal loophole no it's not the fust time this has happened ronald reagan did it back in the 1980 s. he sold weapons to saudi arabia because of the threat from iran of both president bushes did this one before the gulf war in 1901 and then another before the war in 2003 that are certainly republican senators who are concerned about this and lindsey graham who is a big supporter of donald trump has been one of those to express his concern about selling weapons to. mohammed bin salmon the crown prince has such a prominent role there marco rubio has expressed his concern and there are
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democratic senators who say that they will look to take possible action to block this although it seems unlikely that they're able to do that because all donald trump needs to do is provide written justification for why it's pushing ahead with this $1000000000.00 worth of arms sales and he says as has confirmed in a statement just in the last hour or so it is because of the perceived threat of iran and they are doing this to bolster their allies thank you very much allan fisher in washington. well in all the development sudan's transitional military council has vowed to back saudi arabia against all threats and attacks from iran after the deputy head of the council met the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman in jeddah saddam is part of a saudi led coalition fighting the iran back to seize in yemen meanwhile in sudan protests demanding an immediate transition to civilian rule have continued in the capital protest leaders of call for a general strike across the country on tuesday and wednesday and ron cohen has more
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on this now from the capital hard to. ever since the sit ins began early look at how the 7 has become a focal quick to boast a rallying cry look at set up that service often dictates the agenda for the opposition coalition for the next few days now the more there's buttons for a general strike so it's not just in the capitol itself but across the city as professionals association of the brotherhood rises to bring the represents most of the city's professionals is also that destroyed it destroyed could will cripple look just a couple but the entire over the country there what we're hearing is that the opposition to the should i cut off hope that that destroyed will put them in the driver's seat when it comes to negotiations with all the up the one with the opposition because this is a they would know the role in public political life from the obvious insisting that
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they didn't want to go there meanwhile in algeria police have arrested dozens of protesters rallying in the capital algeria's was hundreds gathered in the city for the 14th friday in a row calling for interim president ben solid to leave office immediately he became president after the ailing longtime leader abdel aziz which i think i stood down last month and of public anger at him running for a 5th elections a juicer be held in algeria in july. well at least 15 people have died in a major fire the shopping center in the indian city of surat in the west of the country when this is say several people jumped from the building to try to escape the blaze it's believed most of the dead and injured were students who were attending classes in a coaching center inside the complex. well india's prime minister narendra modi's pledged to take his country to new heights
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off the leading his party to a landslide reelection victory. official vote counts modi's nationalist b j p swept to victory taking 303 seats out of a possible 542 the opposition indian national congress party led by a rogue on the trail behind it won only 52 seats but that's still up from the party's historic low of 44 seats 5 years ago the remaining 187 seats would divide it among dozens of other parties a record number of women is said to end to india's new parliament $78.00 seats is set to go to female candidates though that is still well below the global average of nearly one in 4 female representatives well al-jazeera sail raman reports on the story now from the capital you debbie. india woke up on friday to news that the bharatiya janata party led by the renderer modi had secured an absolute majority in the 6 week long general election. b j p celebrations began on thursday when early indications suggested another wind was imminent. the election commission has been
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counting more than 600000000 votes cast since early on thursday and everyone is waiting for the initial announcement modi still has to be formally elected by his own party parliamentarians he's expected to meet them in a special session on saturday we need to listen to that he is celebrating the mood is very different from any opposition groups whose influence in parliament is now severely reduced given our experience the last 5 years. and we shored mean business we would let them have their own way we will stand up as far as people's concerns will be i mean picture of opposition. analysts suggest job creation in rural and urban areas is a topic the government needs to focus on has one this victory. significantly to the young and 1st time much like he did in 202014 but in the last couple of years unemployment has been very high and it will be something that he will have to
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address for the young as well as for the future of the country. but one senior leader says moody's policies are working what's next in terms of how. all the sectors must move because if the impetus which is already there is the fastest growing economy has. the must produce results which will better performance at least until. the public to those concerns. he should try and remove unemployment for the young of the country the problems of the villages lack of electricity water should be tackled farmers should get more facilities. and the marginal and troubled farmers get their problem solved these are the issues for money. and as the prime minister gets ready to begin his 2nd term many will be looking to see if he'll address these issues modi has received an overwhelming mandate to deliver on his pledges but it's not just domestically issues that'll be
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a factor in his 2nd term. global financial uncertainty is something that may affect india's growth and economy and regional stability with pakistan is something that modi has to balance while appeasing his nationalist vote base so whole robin al-jazeera new delhi. in indonesia a presidential candidate probably has filed a legal challenge to last month's election result that jakarta has experienced days of violent protests with at least 7 people killed and 200 others injured in riots protesters are angry that president joko widodo was declared the winner they say there was widespread cheating but the election commission says the poll was free and. well as most still ahead. hundreds of same sex couples tie the knot in taiwan a week after it became the 1st asian country to legalize gay marriage to the
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orthodox jewish community in the united states where cases of measles have gone through the roof despite this musical pain tension and then in sport it's the world cup countdown to anyone look ahead to that challenge it's. a log and a welcome back to you in the national weather forecast well here across europe we have seen plenty of rain over the last couple days and unfortunately over the next you are going to be pretty much like the same we see the clouds down here pretty quick down towards the southeast not so much the southern coast of turkey or good. reese we'll get to that just one moment but think about your forecast map here on saturday plenty of rain although we have across parts of moscow as well putting that into motion from saturday to sunday the rain continues to move towards the east we've got some more rain coming out of the mediterranean bring some rain to parts of italy as well here across the peninsula well by the time we end the
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weekend things look good there where the temperature of $27.00 and the temperatures across the southern part of turkey we are talking to the high thirty's for many locations well here across another part of africa we are looking at a lot of rain for the next several days notice anywhere from parts of algiers over here towards tunisia the rain will pretty much be along the coastal areas in algiers you are going to be seeing the rain over the next few days tunis as well as we take a look at sunday though things get a little bit better towards the west but still lingering clouds and rain are going to be a big problem trouble you'll be in the rain as well with some clouds there but over towards cairo temperatures are coming down to normal of this time we're about $35.00 degrees there for you. an investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of
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public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable views of the people that are part of the h one n one is it getting what if it were you now it w h oh yes there's jazz who says don't hear in terms of trust that you trust who our knowledge is there are after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can only on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior. artificial intelligence could monitor our movement. and decide on our future the big picture to coach the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine coming soon on al jazeera.
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welcome back a look at the top stories a british prime minister to resign may as announced her resignation as leader of the ruling conservatives after failing to deliver breaks that she will stay on as caretaker prime minister until her replacement is chosen. the u.s. is to send an additional $1500.00 troops to the middle east amid heightened tensions with iran president donald trump described the deployment as a mostly protective measure. and a sudanese protest leaders have called for a general strike. across the country on tuesday and wednesday. they're hoping it will increase pressure on the military to hand over power to a civilian leadership. now thousands of people are already on strike and nicaragua demanding the release of political prisoners human rights activists saying about
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$800.00 people have been arrested since anti-government protests started last year al-jazeera. is in mexico city. the streets are empty across much of the nicaraguan capital many businesses have closed their doors for the day in an act of civil disobedience this is now the 5th national strike to take place since a political crisis group the country more than a year ago. the strike was organized in part as a response to the killing of anymore u.s. citizen held by the nicaraguan government as a political prisoner his shooting by a prison guard was the subject of a recent meeting at the organization of american states that the u.s. . has in paris of the violations of human rights people to an end and nicaraguan citizens regain all of their political rights and privileges also that all political prisoners be released which is of maximum priority that's a clear and forthcoming investigation be launched into the death of the month has.
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in the nicaraguan capital small protests have taken place in recent days calling on the government to release political prisoners. but it remains illegal to demonstrate publicly against the government of daniel ortega instead those in the political opposition are calling for alternative forms of dissent. or. this national strike is a legitimate form of peaceful and civic protests and is a way for us to show our support and solidarity towards those who suffer the heavy presence of anti-riot police and pro-government paramilitaries have been dispatched to prevent protests in managua the country's finance minister also issued a warning that any banks participating in the general strike would face sanctions by the national government but lit up a new. mexico city. well to venezuela now a $23.00 prisoners have been killed and 14 police wounded during riots at a prison west of caracas and n.g.o.s that defends prisoner rights says the clashes
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were sparked by inmates taking some visitors hostage or venezuela's president has accused the u.s. of trying to destroy a state backed food program that he says feed some 6000000 families it's being reported that washington is preparing sanctions against officials suspected of using the program to known the money it sells boxes of food including rice pasta and powdered milk to venezuelans at subsidized prices nicolas maduro says the program will continue despite what he calls averse imperialism. meanwhile the opposition into why does accused of being disconnected from reality after he invited chinese tech giant huawei to help set up a 4 g. network. the ok if i'm not on the plane but if you only bought a president maduro said that the governments were approving investment resources for 40 technology and 5 g. lift your hands anyone who has a signal today and this thing that seems laughable laughable today in venezuela is
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sadly the end of a long disconnect from reality poor use of resources and state funds. or now eritrea celebrated its 1st independence day since a peace deal was reached with neighboring ethiopia last year the $2800.00 agreement followed decades of deadlock between the 2 nations over a border conflict a government block social media ahead of the day in an apparent effort to curb protests well despite eritrea strategic location in northeast africa vast natural resources and recent peace deal with ethiopia eritreans themselves continue to flee in droves an estimated 4000 leave every month and the country is one of the largest sources of african refugees in europe rights groups speak of widespread abuses within eritrea forced conscription traps many in military service for most of their lives the country is often described as a prison state with some 360 prisons for a population of just 5000000 people communication is also strictly controlled by
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the government there are no private media companies and the internet cannot be accessed by mobile phone we can now speak to jordan anderson an analyst with the africa country risk team at i.h.s. market so when you look at some of the security measures that are already in place there are clearly tight restrictions on social media on access to the internet which obviously impinges people's ability to communicate with each other how would you describe the sort of general situation in eritrea as they celebrate this independence day or certainly the shutting off of social media that you mentioned have seen coming in last week that's clearly the government showing that it has an eye not just on what's taking place in eritrea itself what's happened in neighboring sudan we've seen the civil unrest against the government there similarly in recent months we've actually seen near a train government as well closing off the border post that it had opened up with ethiopia so the government is clearly worried about the internal situation and
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trying to keep a lid and prevent there from being civil unrest like you've seen on the other sides of the border and clearly the. i mean they now have this independence day and perhaps what makes this. commemoration even more significant this year is the peace deal with ethiopia wedge obviously the government is very proud of but the eritrean people hope that it would result in some sort of change in their everyday lives but that hasn't been forthcoming has it not the peace deals raise a huge amount of expectation both inside eritrean itself and in the diaspora that there are going to see changes particularly to indefinite national service that because the conflict with ethiopia had come to an end that that would be ending and normally when we are seeing that kind of announcement coming out of the eritrean government president would make a speech at a major day a televised address on a major day in the calendar announcing a change in the policy he didn't make one earlier in the year a new year's address at all and we haven't seen any major policy announcement today on independence day it's possible we'll see one next month or on martyrs day but
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there doesn't really seem to be forthcoming and so it seems more likely that the government is hoping that economic integration with the region is going to bring greater investment into eritrea greater jobs and prosperity and that they can use that to temper some of the hopes and expectations for domestic reforms and those way of bringing those reforms more slowly. so the idea is to implement reforms that you mention that the government is where the situation in sudan being possibly replicated within eritrea what is the likelihood that people lose patience for the implementation of those sort of reforms are they more likely to protest or or more likely to simply try to leave the country to seek a better life elsewhere so it's very hard to see what exactly that situation is like in eritrea as you mentioned we certainly see people leaving the country and that acts as a certain amount of a pressure valve within the state itself and the government has some reason to think that it can bring greater prosperity greater jobs in this more contentment by
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bringing in outside investment just earlier this year we saw the european union pledging 23000000 euros. route investment projects that are going to be linking the philippine america train ports that's one of the ways the government is hoping again to try to approach blockade the population to improve living standards and make the population happier that way thank you very much for your insight on this jordan anderson from my h.s. market thank you. well now to kenya the high court there is up held a colonial era law that criminalizes gay sex the court ruled that the ban on same sex relationships does not violate the constitution gay rights activists have campaigned for 3 years to get legislation overturned on the kenyan law or anyone in a same sex relationship currently risks 14 years in prison or absolutely disappointed that the courts have decided to interpret the provisions of the constitution as not protecting everyone it's. truly a shame to see that this is how our the courts have decided however we still
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continue to believe in the rule of law and we are going to appeal this decision. but brazil's supreme court meanwhile has voted to make homophobia transphobia crimes on a par with racism activists have welcomed the move which was backed by 6 of the court's 11 judges it comes as fears grow the president. declared homophobe would roll back l g b t rights on watchdog says 420 l g b t people were killed in brazil last year alone and in taiwan more than 360 same sex couples have tied the knot there off to the island became the 1st place in asia to legalize gay marriage taiwan's parliament approved same sex marriage last week it follows years of debate over marriage equality and religious and with religious and conservative groups among the most vocal opponents. i think it's a very difficult thing ethnic chinese culture especially for men and we've been very lucky to have support from our families after this new law has passed even more traditional families will be willing to try and considered normal for 2 meant
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to be together and get married. well now to nepal where 4 people have died while attempting to scale mount everest over the past few days that number includes 3 indian climbers and one nepali guide it takes the total number of people killed or missing on the world's highest mountain this climbing season to 7 nepal has issued permits to $379.00 climbers this year thailand's cain has opened the 1st session of an elected parliament since the military staged a coup in 2014 but a government is yet to be formed as multiple coalitions continue to jockey for more seats and one of the main opposition leaders has been suspended from taking part accused of charges which supporters say our political motivated scott higher explains from bangkok. addressing the new members as he opens thailand's parliament it follows a contentious election in march the 1st since
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a coup 5 years ago this week led by the current prime minister. in them did it is important for everyone to be truthful and work together with full abilities. party. is position to take control of the government allowing him to keep his job thanks mainly to a recently written constitution allowing the military government to appoint the 250 member upper house but they'll still have to form a coalition to reach the 376 seats needed for control of both houses and there are strong indications that they have the numbers there's a physical transition with this new parliament as well the old parliamentary building has been closed and is set to be torn down the new building was supposed to open 4 years ago but remains unfinished the king had to meet with the new members here in the ministry of foreign affairs on the eve of this opening session the constitutional court decided to move forward with a case against monotone june kit his new future forward party ran on an anti who to
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platform and did very well in the election the party is in the democratic alliance coalition with main opposition party it garnered the most votes there are multiple legal cases against the court he says there are trumped up charges by the military government and politically motivated earlier he told al-jazeera he's concerned about people losing faith in the system and look at the big picture i think it's clear the attempt to continue to be in power of the military government is that. they would be willing to takes thailand to the bottom if need be for them to stay in power. some feel that this new government will be short lived mainly because of how pretty it has run the country over the last 5 years he had not been talented so in order to answer to the parliament he has to be more polite this is not his way
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at all and almost all in terms of late is late he process he faced a lot of challenges he could not run the country by i don't feel. parliament will also face those challenges as they try to govern now operating outside the political vacuum they enjoyed for the last 5 years many feel it will be a short term government a year or 2 and the political tension could possibly lead to public unrest it's got harder al-jazeera been caught. for jailed cattle and politicians have been suspended from spain's parliament the man was sworn in on the police escort during the opening session early at this week they won seats in the national election in april despite also facing trial over their role in catalonia is failing dependents but in 2017 catalan separatists deny the charges and say the trial is an act of political repression. in new york some jewish commune.


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