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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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opposition candidate probably has to be on to his challenging the results of last month's presidential election in court his lawyers filed the appeal saying he lost because of widespread cheating official results showing president joko widodo won the vote which the election commission called free and fair the results been met by violent protests with at least 7 people killed and 200 others injured and you thomas has an hour from jakarta. a middle back crowd arriving at the constitutional court in the heart of jakarta a lawyer for. the defeated presidential candidate who found out earlier this week officially from the electoral commission that he had lost and lost badly to the presidential power without a will he just that he says that the election was systematically rigged and that is what his lawyers are here at the constitutional court to claim the have been some 4 fear that the lawyers when they arrived here might arrive with protesters and those protesters could turn violent earlier in the week utica after there were
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big protests riots really and a number of people were killed well those scenes thankfully haven't been repeated on friday there's been a big police and soldier presence right across jakarta all day on friday they were certainly ready for a mass rally it hasn't happened the lawyers arrived on their own and this is the beginning of the legal process to dispute the election result. now a weather update still ahead on al jazeera improving access or a threat to security the controversy over kenya's new biometric id cards. and protesters in bangladesh say hundreds have been secretly detained over the past few years live from dhaka. a log. and welcome back well over the last several days we have seen some very very
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hot conditions and dry conditions across much of the eastern med and the middle east i want to show these images that have come out from israel with the 4 fires that have been going on across the area here across israel we have seen about 40 homes destroyed because of the wildfires as well as 3500 people have had to be evacuated just across parts of palestine know people have been dealing with temperatures into the high thirty's and low forty's and getting relief any way they can unfortunate temperatures over the next few days are going to remain quite hot beirut not too bad for you at about 25 degrees your temperatures are coming down but for many locations here across parts of syria even to the southern coast of turkey we are talking into the high thirty's for some locations well across parts of the middle east and into the arabian peninsula we are looking at temperatures into the high thirty's here for doha at $38.00 over here towards $36.00 really not seeing too much of a change in terms of temperature but for yemen of course we have been dealing with
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some flash flooding and more rain is coming into play if a son of their with the temps are there of about 21 degrees to the north the red is going to be quite warm at 40 and over here towards medina a nice day if you have $42.00 degrees. yugoslavia disintegrated descended on its inhabitants. amidst the death and destruction created a peaceful microcosm for boys whose fathers faced each other in battle episodes through your football rebels enters the world of footballing legend push each. when from coaching boys football to teaching young men. push each of the siege of sarajevo on al-jazeera.
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how again i'm. reminded of the news this hour the white house has moved to bypass congress to sell billions of dollars in arms to allies in the middle east the us secretary of state says it's to deter a rainy and aggression. several prominent conservative m.p.'s have put their names forward to become the next british prime minister after tourism a announced she would step down on june 7th and in 3 to mull choice years in office. and lawyers for defeated indonesian opposition candidate. father nor suit challenging the results of last month's presidential election official results showed president joko widodo won the voters but provost says he lost because of widespread cheating
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. demonstrators in the bangladeshi capital dhaka have gathered to protest against and forced disappearances they're calling on the government to release people who they say have been secretly detained. and human rights groups in bangladesh say around 435 people have to subpoena and the last 10 years. child rejoins us live now from that protest site in dhaka tanya we can see the crowd there with the what's the mood like and and how large is that crowd. well right now we've got about 700 people gathered here and this is only from dhaka the people who are outside the capital city didn't gather here because of the logistics most people gathered here it's international week for us and force doesn't parents so it's organized by a forum called myer dock which translates roughly to mothers call inspired by the argentinians mothers movement to find people missing and source disappear and now
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they're gathered here to demand to the government to sic justice to find their loved ones many of the people are missing since 2013 and there is no trace of them despite. repeated requests with the law enforcement agencies even appeal to the prime minister the home minister there is no trace so far about many of them some have come back but they don't want to talk to the media they remain silent that sort of told not to talk to the media or discuss about the issues but we know what the been we've talked privately to some of them something we cannot discuss in public in a structure and tanveer according to write scripts we're talking about hundreds of people who've disappeared over the last decade what's the government response been especially given that they're the ones allegedly detaining these men. while the government on its part mostly says that they're looking into this but
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they said they're not it's not the security forces who are involved with it the home minister said that many of these people are missing because they owe money to other people because of bad relations. for other factors social reason ever admitted that this could be a political reason yet there are hundreds of eyewitnesses when people were abducted or taken over by law enforcement agencies people say they were wearing a uniform some cases plain clothes men pick them up so denial is more a denial it's not something that they're going to it made it is not just last week michael chugg an indigenous tribal person who was involved with politics was picked up. and there's no trace often police denies it has anything to do with it yet his sisters and others say they have traced his in dr drew's frame but that witnesses say they were picked up by law enforcement agencies so it is not ending and the
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government's denial is a very standard operating practice so things change hundreds of people have been missing since 2013 and there's no trace of 8 them out as far as tanveer chattery there across that story for us in dhaka thank you tanveer. well in nepal at least 8 people have died while attempting to scale mount everest over the past few days the deaths have raised questions about overcrowding which means climbers have to spend longer hours in their journeys to and from the world's highest peak those dead in 2 mountain is from india the united states austria ireland and a nepali guide more than 120 people scaled the peak on thursday nepal has issued a record 300 $79.00 permits to climb is this year and this photo of recent climbers has gone viral it's been posted on twitter and hundreds have shared the image as you can see some mountaineers of course in
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a jam of people on the slopes which nepali officials said caused exhaustion dehydration and in some cases death. thailand's newly elected parliament has held its 1st session since disputed elections and launch a government has yet to be formed as rival coalitions battle for more seats and as that goes on in parliament one of thailand's main opposition figures is on trial scott haida reports from bangkok. addressing the new members as he opens thailand's parliament it follows a contentious election in march the 1st since a coup 5 years ago this week led by the current prime minister genota in the bed and. it is important for everyone to be truthful and work together with full abilities. profits party polling cannot set out its position to take control of the government allowing him to keep his job thanks mainly to a recently written constitution allowing the military government to appoint the 250
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member upper house but they'll still have to form a coalition to reach the 376 seats needed for control of both houses and there are strong indications that they have the numbers there's a physical transition with this new parliament as well the old parliamentary building has been closed and is set to be torn down the new building was supposed to open 4 years ago but remains unfinished the king had to meet with the new members here in the ministry of foreign affairs. on the eve of this opening session the constitutional court decided to move forward with a case against on a torn. wrong kids his new future forward party ran on an anti who platform and did very well in the election the party is in the democratic alliance coalition with main opposition party it garnered the most votes there are multiple biegel cases against the court he says there trumped up charges by the military government and politically motivated earlier he told our he's concerned about people losing faith
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in the system look at the big picture i think it's clear the attempt to continue to be in power of the military government is that there they'd be willing to tax thailand to the bottom if need be for them to stay in power some feel that this new government will be short lived mainly because of how it has run the country over the last 5 years he had not been talented so in order to answer to the parliament he has to be more polite this is not his way at all and also in terms of latest lengthy process he faced a lot of challenges he could not run the country by i don't feel. parliament will also face those challenges as they try to govern now operating outside the political vacuum the enjoyed for the last 5 years many feel it will be
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a short term government a year or 2 and the political tension could possibly lead to public on rest it's got harder al-jazeera. for jailed catalan politicians have been suspended from spain's parliament the man was sworn in under police escort securing the opening session earlier this week they won seats in the national election in april despite also facing trial over their role in catalonia has failed independent spirit and 2017 the catalan separatists deny the charges and say the trial is an act of political repression. in much of the united states there's no national system for ambulance services and most rural areas where police and firefighters are generally paid emergency medical technicians are volunteers and as john hendren reports from wyoming the system is on the verge of collapse.
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there are as many deer as people. here in the least populated of the 50 american states. where the modern day cowboys of the frontier. 250000 square kilometers of red rocks or. whatever this is and they rescue the. earth. for the 46000000. us. trained certified experts such as downey volunteered their time. their. help.
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system verge of collapse. the us population increasingly. with more 2 income households busier there are fewer. and for emergency services scrambling for volunteers and funding it's a system in crisis. for rural residents whose ailments range from rattlesnake bites to rodeo injuries that means longer sometimes life threatening waits for help the answer many say is to fund rural ambulances through taxes like most police and fire
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services the volunteer model i do not believe a sustainable as it currently exists the organizations cannot be expected to continue to fund themselves and buy their equipment and provide their time for free it's just it's it's not a sustainable model. already across the rural us ambulance services are shutting their doors for good many operators who remain fear one day soon critically injured patients will down 911 and no one will answer john hendren al-jazeera devil's tower wyoming. kenya's government has bringing in a new biometric id cards officials say it will make the country safer and improve access to public services others think the move could be risky as catherine soy explains. this kenyans are registering for a new digital identification card called who duma but all citizens and residents will be expected to hold a can government called it a single source of truth it will contain details about people's physical
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characteristics combined with other data it's costing taxpayers about how for $1000000000.00 and everyone above the age of 6 will be expected to have one official say it will make it easier for people to access public services and will protect national security we don't want you to register but just not enough but if you're going to seek sadnesses you need to get the services that is much more than 1st kenyans hold a variety of identification documents all with different numbers from a national id passport to defeat to a driving license and so warn government officials say the who do money number will consolidate all those in one digital platform some kenyans see this as a good and progressive step but human rights campaigners are concerned that proper privacy protection laws it could prove dangerous critics also say people are being
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crossed into registering and they're not being told how the information will be stored or shared on the national integrated identity management system all names names is a major database of all everybody in kenya that will be put in the cloud. or whether that cloud. or not we're not sure how that particular system will be audited who. who can access that information. who who will be able to who apply and be given these. if somebody of. the government announced it was bringing in the system weeks after this attack by somalia's armed group al shabaab in january that left 21 people dead at a hotel complex in the capital nairobi some security experts say having data on one platform will make it easier and quicker for security forces to identify people who
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pose a threat ditto together is going to help the management of human resource in our country some rights groups try to block the scheme in court although judges rejected that they do drew the system should be falloon terry and not limited to access to public services the state was also bad from gathering people stand me and from sharing information it collects with other organizations but activists say that's not enough and bastos can protect people living in kenya from their past the information being misused catherine sorry al jazeera nairobi. hello again i'm. reminded of the news this hour the white house has moved to bypass congress to sell billions of dollars in arms to allies in the middle east the us secretary of state says it's to deter a rainy and aggression and president trump has announced he'll send an additional
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$1500.00 u.s. troops to the region. we want our projection the middle east we're going to be sending a relatively small number of troops mostly project to. some very talented people are going to the middle east right. now and we'll see what happens at least 9 people have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi amorality coalition on yemen's district entires province the red reportedly targeted a petrol station and some of the victims were children. and funerals have been held for 3 young brothers and their sister who were killed in strikes that targeted military sites and sun are who the run t.v. reported that 6 civilians died and dozens of others were injured including 2 russian health care workers who he is have controlled the capital since 2014 several prominent conservative m.p. is put their names forward to become the next british prime minister that's after
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treason they announced she would step down on june 7th ending 3 tumultuous years in office. noirs for defeated indonesian opposition candidate proposed to be un to have filed a lawsuit challenging the results of last month's presidential election official results showed president joko widodo won that for years but says he lost it because of widespread cheating. in nepal at least 8 people have died while attempting to scale mt everest over the past few days the deaths have raised questions about overcrowding which means climbers have to spend longer hours in their journey to and from the world's highest peak. demonstrators in the bangladeshi capital dhaka have gathered to protest against and forced disappearances human rights groups in bangladesh say around 435 people have disappeared in the last 9 years all those are the headlines the news continues here after football rebels please do stay with us
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