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tv   The Politics Of Population Control  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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so intense amount of tomato get not up on one of these. left or the back will come off i. passed and i have just passed the normal force you understand tennessee can do if there were also one of us in politics. and that's really not easy i mean come on i would feel like and i don't control course no one could have asked. for this i was with you but now look i will say this enough in other churches outside i will not deny you what we don't. yes well i'm. no longer. waiting for guffman looks to me like i've. got it just to send us in a good speech even though. the
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pill bottles it's a. little bomb let's go back to the columbine. mommy but. since i wasn't. going to say. it's not your time it should be the full story for ya.
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you. know. you. may family have all the money. going to be put up by myself over the last departments of sonar and you know you were going to come out of oh well 1st of all i can i will be sorry if i've been done that the dutch are but i know i sound good but i have done damage to what's that about but nancy i've got to know about. how about i buy them up ok i'll dump you then yeah so what i think you know what a booklet i was you know i did almost no right but did not blow oh no i wasn't i'm going to talk to what you did before i want you come on our side why we i'm with up close our my stuff we buy that club inside of them that you. thought meant
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a lot but i think about that so you know you are not there you know where you don't have a record if i want to know you know words that are not garbage out if you're not good us because our god was serving your god not all * are good for you but you thought it was like i said i don't. know if you've been thinking this is not the food the new fish to hold on with i think if it should. be a. minimal smile that's come us to see. it's in the community it's not. according to display it's crisis like this come up we need medical attention. i will continue this job.
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although. i've run out of already you're right i thought it would you know. right over to right arm. you can work toward. wrong with room. in on. the number of. our poor who are so go to google groups you. know when you are not out on them or do you work hard and could install to you are put out to go on longer than i ever would you prefer and most of this is worth the time. so. just yeah that's all he gets this fear is. this new disease and allow for under law it would be for c. and we do you think we are safe with it then we do not get the knowledge what's the
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disease so does not need fear. because of because 18. people. see the d.p. we will call me for the walk because of the can't be i wanted 1000 you. big money 500000. dollars. is about let me see only a dollar only a dollar per hour week now small money down before your life. a possible city falls new into insights into you because inflicted on the end of the. p.c. life it's not going away before blissfully.
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oh i know it and if you can if i make me. it would insist on said will and i'm already fully to know it. didn't know most of me calling do we don't die when i'm your close friend in b. and b. c. kalsu allow me safe then we get the idea save me save before i'll be in d.c. . oh. you know the local food duty. force the form of a quad submissive and i would have no. means. it would if not in fact see if i don't believe see. anybody. i mean i got some candy. it is that
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a if. that's what it's on here if well then yeah i named silly kinds of it's all you know on you ma ma ma ma ma. i'm probably a bit on what that's like. so let's. examine duty bound i like odds and willing it difficult. to get to you don't quote me saying the identical jungle koskinen which it would do i get more thank you off my mean i'm not happy you don't know what i'm not sure. i do don't belong think we're too great an arcane law school ask them both the day we're going to school to monday without a good boy or the sort into the new book i'm going to send you me. now berlin in 1000 dong the best wouldn't you can even be i would know if you so much as you can make good money you know that on sunday going away make good money to a bank you shouldn't use mangum you don't know morning.
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that's our talk our work on how we're going we don't want to pause to get up on and see how much i was on everybody in high school so when i was alone you know as fisa from the president yes all that for the record go on games thought oh god this what out of saudi but if you want to. leave comments on a game you know is ok difficult. or go up for sure to go to some sort them and listen to their listeners but this was not the sort of the morning i have exposed how rajon how for a baby to get up and walk before the outbreak the crowd of people captive for just one or 2 doctors 700000 people. under wraps. that nobody around. that there was no 3 other guy finds us are going to do this and that. is a huge no no no no no no no. no
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. no don't worry about how out of another your money on people. and that's. because if. you think he's. going to work because you. are going to. look at. this a. little. bit. he. puts up with.
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us. big time at. the foot of the bed for having. to walk out. of the book was out less than the normal. just on my website because of the old. farts i did have. with you this are. going to go someplace oh god yes. most of that was. keeping them up for the summer they went on the lesson. that no one else will tell her it was a. book or a fun site that it was good enough that it was not. there.
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to. 6 look i. think. if you. look. at it. i think.
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the only thing we're. 6 going to get it if you. will. actually go with it because i think are these 2 lists who is going to get the opposite nominee on that it puts in the 1st clue that. this. well it's all good but you know full force an auspicious start over responsibility our speech we must not know i know i like you did most of you know that something bad is going on just a bit longer to get to believe it's probably not but let's not do it up at least it you know told. our president much now we go for the long run but you know if we
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give it up. or that. no one. could mean a. bad thing. i think you know that at. least in the woods and in this room with. the new kiss movie gets because. we don't look for malacca. because it's just. a show can we get confused me
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to mix up the order saying. because everybody be working. on that whole thing's going to try to go down. because they lost. so i hope see when it's on sitting on the chair. to. pull. it off. no. not all fucking american for the phone. i'll back off.
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i have a lot of coffee. on the dot com with other food. so as soon as the results see it on because it seems to be in depreciates by did it evolve me. being a. local .
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i mean you see good 9 out impossibilities. side looks. good. so i believe me for me. we are. just strong parts for police in believe open you ha. you. know more.
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stories generate found some sort of headlines with different angles from different perspectives on the sun just stand up with international is finally separate the speed of the facts the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under reported of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story a feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that each other's lives but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real stories just mended is to deliver in-depth generalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. and investigation into
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the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable these are the people that are called to be h one n one push is it getting much if it like you know it w h o has just chest who says don't hear in terms of trust that you trust who are knowledge is the. hello i'm mr hall with the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. national security advisor john bolton says intelligence on the threat from iran is quote deep and serious the white house has moved to bypass congress to sell
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billions of dollars in arms to allies in the middle east the u.s. secretary of state says it's to deter a rainy and aggression and president trump has announced he'll send $1500.00 more troops to the region. we want our project the middle east we're going to be sending a road. through the boats. some very talented people are going to the middle east right. now and we'll see what happens at least 9 people have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi m.r.c. coalition on yemen's most district and thais province the raid reportedly targeted a petrol station and some of the victims were children. several prominent conservative m.p.'s have put their names forward to become the next british prime minister that's after 2 reason they announced she would step down saying she regretted failing to lead the u.k. out of the european union noirs for defeated indonesian opposition candidate. have
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filed a lawsuit challenging the results of last month's presidential election official results showed president joko widodo won that votes but says he lost because of widespread cheating. in nepal at least 8 people have died while attempting to scale mt everest over the past few days the deaths have raised questions about overcrowding climates have complained about spending hours queuing at bottlenecks during their journeys to and from the world's highest peak. demonstrators in the bangladeshi capital dhaka have gathered to protest against enforced disappearances they're calling on the government to release people who they say have been secretly detained. a u.s. judge has blocked president donald trump from building sections of his border war with mexico the preliminary injunction prevents trump from spending $1000000000.00 in pentagon funds earmarked for anti drug efforts on the proposed wall trying to
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carry a national emergency in february after congress refused to approve funds for the wall. all of those are the headlines they'll be more news here shortly now back to with this. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges and helped break of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available.
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here. this morning miami declaring an outbreak of ebola virus disease a public health emergency of international concern countries affected today please do not have the capacity to manage an outbreak. and complexity on there will. be resisted a little. more you put the sooner you take for you to hold your body all right the p.p.p. we do. when it's came. in the. stuff records because. of the very fabric the found on the farm.
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some of which makes most africans and that has a lot of ability to ask. you to come to conduct one of. these things. meet someone in the street without harbin a hunch or a hole. you know or some form of body contact so with the advent of a bullet. it's like. everything that makes me why on. i tuck. the. letter with the. men are told me. 2003. terry they're going to have to i'm going to try it i love you
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actually with. regard to the women it's a little. bit there why then are we all go to for an hour faster without big for that in the. evening but. if. each value was only the deep getting mount when it will last will and my thought was you know. it's awfully nice. up witnesses not going with. you or. she cannot be admitted to the bulls did you even do the doctor said that she really needs is to see and section. these are all problems if
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you will because normally i could have taken how to get between us she would have been admitted and observed for polly and all of these things. so kind of suffering. i think it's in this. give me that it was. yes. ok well mother. i'm not that. well. this woman augmentin is not young is about i don't know if i did 5 percent of it was not high 5 on today i don't i said outs when i said before the
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i don't know if that's all i don't know is if you don't on the whole so that i don't got a life is i mean opposed to when the formula somebody people that did what and when to have of told me. my me to do or 7 say for them for me and i don't i'll die i don't i can die for that is the sense underground so i decided if i make a point of what i know we welcome it it's on my own i don't we were caught and i are misled i discover me and i know one guy now i don't suffer for money i don't want right now i know 1 7 day i want you 1st see what's in a come. oh ok. all right what i did i don't.
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know you know i. don't know. 2 if you. know. i don't. want. to do.
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you know. ok i want. to. just turn you back yeah. well you did see if you can get them up on what we should i would. love
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a little bit ok ok i'm. not going to talk on the air. listen to. the limo. by. the.
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obama. i mean. these are good. people money got going to do what you need obama. give us some good on iraq or. good let's try to talk about events i may become the only good at it by dialogue so it's now. not in a panic it only. it was only in it depends upon 2 feet but that's on its guns when. i put the months. in medieval meaning the day before they're not going to.
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go to about this life i seem to be your body because it wouldn't be equal to that. list of life we don't let it come midnight and it was time to take up on that that is going to be and bring doesn't apply here i don't have a family and then we should treat each eastern in a manner. so these days especially from now to money are very very important these homey because. they don't all get into subtlety that's tomorrow if she did not get back by tomorrow she won't be going through syncing on section one for me i just believe on
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transco dots and then. nothing goes wrong with about another baby. to go to glory. these is only who i prayed that's written this ruefully you and me and she's just name and we're. the kind of scene by the presence of gold the lights wherever you go to light are going to shine upon you're going to walk in darkness ways goodness and messenger go up on you in about a father who was on the loose in jesus knew. you . by the crystal ball my wife. and my son
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home safe. and that's a fact i am happy that you be happy because. i have seen my song a nice healthy. i am really into people across the country i think. people that are afraid to gather here and get west africa's q 1200 will. reach out to some smallest of. the stars for 3 days don't try to do this an extra push to. the church will be taken to this counterproductive to having by some charities a similar campaign in liberia's capital last year after rioting and looting they died. no no no
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when they can examine how the fuck does nothing to do this and if i want to have a good doesn't listen to you both are going to knock the shit what i wanted so i want to get up will get him a bit i know full well that. i can make you know. this stuff yet somehow. not let me. let. you know i'm kind of a having a lot of a genuine and i get along i'll let you know. when i'm good just about i was mad when that was never really no not well most of the above and i know many did so maybe it was on the one hand i could be no no no no no no no no no more than going to survive. you know you know i didn't know i mean i saw him and it wasn't because you. didn't want to you can ask me if you know i actually want to see norm you know would. be just my thing to. unite you young gents my last couple you have
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the previous night looking up usually i see c.d.'s are what's on it is me there's nothing it's not ok i got about how to get your world today so we. don't be stupid to also i would not have. when he gets up to standard time to honor the time for you for me that's what i don't get for not a sucker for something. real simple middleditch accidents you know they don't get to accidents but i possibly can son we're not interested in 2 accidents one to suck in one with a just let's get off point in time because you feel for the people you work for making people like sacrifices now do you want a full time until we meet the week of the gods of interest that you buy you don't. look at spiderman not a superman look up to make you feel is that if you put out one of the sacrifices that will be just me and this one i want you will will some of the possible maybe please not just go to going to discuss books are to come nobody suspects up and
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with a lot of evidence. not out and out something you never will thank you very much thank you very much above the wonders of the word as it was your mind about 100 will be different and i was running away i think i know your gut feeling with a little tonight you. come here to tell us you know how to keep on talking i mean if you thought you were the guy. with the egg. feeling anything. anything.
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and you can. get it in the night i'm going to try and. carry. it. you. know yours was you. know if you. think. i don't what so not thank you for the efforts will not make. me smile what i will be it will be sad because this. and it will survive. it is no.
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more does not we know richard it's the journey of a one year 6 months. and for me we have got to about who and this are no more acidic idea and forts and if we do see the union we all make forts and i make a fool it's. sunny but i knew it. so i told all to keep it going toward him we live and come. and i just go and see for this i want off music and weeks and i think i am. your boy very very special that he's a fighter in their home and you cannot imagine how happy. you are going.
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to say such if you g.t. . one and only decide to see. this it impugns this he's living his only one doing that since for me. do it in the a tete a tete a tetes nicely. and so so glad you go to sydney from this glad it's a dirty job for the efforts back when i knew from the yeah you can i do on a motorcycle name he grew so who called me this you know if you know it's 192020 saying that now college yes. it's fine and we see where c.d.c. came in we said huge you know a big body no more 90 feet deep. because the boat he said it was because he be needed a new case if he doesn't you must know it it so can i say something in it the same question please him and if. he says i think it was just
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a. little bit on the top of the bottle. as one said it would add almost comes on and so then decided for once up incident and what are we all stand in and in our eyes the quality of our performance is going to get us yes i go this by the end of this morn i will start to look back and i can and. i go especially if i if i don't say. fellows civil unions. we declared a state of emergency. because the very existence of this country
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was at stake. i have commenced discussions with the leadership of my limits and the state of emergency. the ebola outbreak has ended in sierra leone but we must remain vigilant and we must remain alert. a total of it $1704.00 see the unions were infected during the outbreak. and we lost 3589 of our brothers and sisters. more theirs and further as our sons and daughters. rest in perfect peace. got their money to come we got a good morning tom english name off my me and yeah when you going to name me tell
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my back to me. got according i going on. between. the people who are all disturbed get believe. it's so warm and. now. i know it's. only thing i'll pull it off we know he's in europe with a lot if i got mail because you know up here in brazil and your whole that what are you like about them and you will have everything and nobody knew what you're reading or people who know me.
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if equipment to demo you want me one going on. my plan for make it. would be. me and if i'm in the will come on i guarantee. me the pick in the midwest my mom. is going to orderlies the number i just gave up is it's. just one note listen so this one if you bloom gets all would say i don't do it
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belong to me. because. i believes it will not be going to do this once in this of 5 when it will i don't know on. this miss. this one now. and then we get to dismiss. the man who lets loose the wooden boats missed. wouldn't there. there i mean. there's about been most of them there lost their lives do you saw. signs that this this is
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a strong country. this is what makes us unique. 10 to 12 years of one of the most brutal war in africa. who survived it and also by the border. to see. things happening to see you continue to talk talk talk talk making a change for me the goods assuming of course is the make a change in the life of somebody. we are so in the lights on the mission. to sierra leone and to the work. because that is why we're here. to to give meaning to life. a career reporting to the well do it here one journalist documents life beyond the
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headlines. that certain stories can change us in the easiest please use to it when you need it is history. to children like a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello again i welcome back well over the last several days we have seen some very very hard conditions. and dry conditions across much of the eastern med and the middle east i want to show these images that have come out from israel with the 4 fires that have been going on across the area here across israel we have seen about 40 homes destroyed because of the wildfires as well as 3500 people have had to be evacuated just across parts of palestine know people have been dealing with
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temperatures into the high thirty's and low forty's and getting relief any way they can unfortunate temperatures over the next few days are going to remain quite hot beirut not too bad for you at about 25 degrees your temperatures are coming down but for many locations here across parts of syria even to the southern coast of turkey we are talking into the high thirty's for some locations well across parts of the middle east and into the arabian peninsula we are looking at temperatures into the high thirty's here for doha at 38 over here towards 36 really not seeing too much of a change in terms of temperature but for yemen of course we have been dealing with some flash flooding and more rain is coming into play if a son of their with the tempter there of about $21.00 degrees to the north it is going to be quite warm at 40 and over here towards medina a nice day if you have 42 degrees.
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the strength of al jazeera is that because we have such an expansive natwar people will come to us and actually share information with the al-jazeera team entrapped that. the u.s. is sending more troops to the middle east iran's foreign minister calls it a dangerous escalation.
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and how long he'd seen this is al jazeera line from doha also coming up u.s. president donald trump is expected to arrive in japan in the coming hour to talk trades and security will be life in tokyo. an airstrike by these sodium aracely coalition kills at least 6 people in yemen studies province. and this crane from the bolivian and peruvian andes be the world's next super food. tensions between the u.s. and iran are escalating with president donald trump confirming plans to send for. $1500.00 more troops to the middle east iran's foreign minister called the troop deployment a threat to international peace and security trump is also bypassing congress to
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sell $8000000000.00 worth of weapons to our allies in the region in a moments for hear from same bus travel on iran's reactions to the latest developments but 1st here's alan fischer. initial report suggested the u.s. was preparing to send an additional 120000 troops to the middle east to combat the perceived threat from iran but president donald trump is no confirmed he's sending $1500.00 we want our projection the middle east we're going to be sending a relatively small number of troops the u.s. defense department says the troops are going to include an anti missile battery additional intelligence and surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft it's also sending fighter aircraft for deterrence. the pentagon says the move is defensive and not meant to provoke war but adds to another rushed deployment of this month the u.s.s. abraham lincoln carrier strike group started to move to the gulf we would continue . to call for caution and restraint both in terms of actions and in terms of
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reading. the threat from iran is also being used to push through $8000000000.00 in weapon sales to saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan normally congress would be given 30 days to approve foreign arm sales but it's already put a hold on earlier sales so secretary of state mike pompey decided to bypass congress and to clear the seal necessary to bolster regional allies against iran in the statement he said delaying the shipment could cause problems for key partners during a time of increasing regional volatility he says he sees this as a one off event the state department's decision to do this implies that they are very intent on increasing the weapons flow to saudi arabia but they did it within what i think they would argue is politically acceptable frame by adding jordan to the mix plus now of course although it may have been there originally these 3 countries together it's looks like a more robust package of defense against iran the sale has provoked criticism from
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both republicans and democrats in congress but it appears there's little they can do to stop it the president insists robust u.s. action sent a clear message to iran right now you know i don't think iran wants the fight and i certainly don't think they want to fight with us trump maintains he wants to strike a new nuclear deal with iran having pool the u.s. out of the existing deal he's cranked up tough financial sanctions to force them to reopen discussions but there's nothing coming from iran which suggests they're ready to sit down and talk again alan fischer washington. well for more let's cross live to the same bus ravi in tehran and same what's been the reaction there to see these weapon sales and troop deployments is there a fear war is imminent. well the fact is that anytime you look at the current circumstances between the united states and
3:53 pm
iran in the region whenever you look at anything through the prism of that conflict everything takes on a more immediate nature so president president donald trump's troop surge $1500.00 more soldiers coming into the region $8000000000.00 worth of weapons sales really in tactical terms $1500.00 is a small number if you compare it to troop surges under previous american presidents in active conflicts like iraq and afghanistan that numbered in the 10s of thousands this is a relatively small number of saudi arabia has been a longstanding weapons client so even though the weapon sales may have been restricted because of ongoing khan the ongoing conflict in yemen the fact is that even under u.s. president barack obama weapons were still sold to saudi arabia so that we may have gone through anyways but at the same time iranian leaders are seeing every single signal coming from the united states as some form of threat they are seeing it through the prism of that conflict foreign minister zarif responding to this troop increase calling it dangerous for peace and international security in the region
3:54 pm
and he said it was also the americans trying to justify their hostile policies and raise tensions in the region so seeing it very much as a continued form of the maximum pressure campaign is a continued form of aggression at least that's the view here in tehran to these latest actions as in the americans argue they're just trying to get the. right on the table again is there any chance a toll of tehran reaching out to its own will try. well i dare say that yes there is a chance if the united states would return to the 2050 nuclear deal and reassert its commitments to the joint comprehensive plan of action and that is highly unlikely so the fact is iranian leaders have kept saying over and over again that if the united states wants to show it is serious about negotiations that it needs to honor the commitments it's already made and again during a trip to pakistan. for bilateral talks address the reporters question that exact
3:55 pm
same question and he said there are no plans for any talks with the united states he was directly asked if he would speak to secretary mike pompei oh and the foreign ministers of odds rich said absolutely not there will be no phone call because he said there was no point to it it gives a phone conversation we this current administration cannot resolve the problems to between the 2 countries at the moment and he also said that if the united states thinks iran is a terrorist he said donald trump is the only person who deserves that label ok same and i thank you very much andy. well iran's foreign minister javid zarif is heading to iraq for talks with its leaders his visit comes as a rocky protesters demand their government stay out of the disputes between the u.s. and iran for matheson was there. as a writer like us one between the united states and iran iraqis are worried that it's going to spill over into violence and that's going to mean that their country and south as a battleground in a proxy war the line has good relations with iran in terms of trade culture and
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religion in iran supplies about here didn't suddenly alex visiting hours that iraq means the south of the country but iraq also needs the troops from the united states and foreign countries to deal with the threats from lysol and it needs investment in those countries this rally has been called by god also he's a shia cleric is also the leader of one of the largest political blocs in the parliament is also a nationalist has made no secret of the fact that he wants to get us in foreign troops out of iraq and iraq has been in a period of relative calm since the law and i saw now the iraqis are concerned that they are facing the chance that their country is once again going to be pulled into conflict. the u.s. president donald trump is g to arrive in japan soon for a 4 day visit security is tight in tokyo ahead of his arrival trump is set to
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become the 1st states guest to japan since emperor nero he too ascended to the throne earlier this month will also meet prime minister shinzo abbey and both men are expected to discuss the u.s. trade deficit with japan and north korea's nuclear program while wayne hain is live for us in the japanese capital port is the purpose of this visit is it mainly about trade. yes hello i was expecting the u.s. president to touch down in tokyo some time after 5 o'clock in the afternoon so potentially in just over an hour it's a fairly very visit i have to say there will be a round of golf with the japanese prime minister shinzo the pair will attend a sumo tournament the u.s. president will hand out the trophy at that tournament as you mentioned there will be a historic meeting at the imperial palace for the u.s. president and the 1st lady but of course much attention centering around the
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meeting that talks between the president and the prime minister and what they will say about trade as much as the 2 sides try to downplay tray will be discussed in that meeting there are trade negotiations going on between the 2 countries at the moment that could have big ramifications. away from high profile trade disputes between governments small and medium sized japanese businesses are forging their own relationships suck a casting company used to make up parts of the large japanese companies now it focuses on making products for other industries instead of relying on the japanese government to do the deals for it it's going directly to the united states. there is a global political trying to put your country 1st but even if there is an existing framework for trade i want to build relationships with other countries that are private sector level the relationship between japan and the united states is good
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but donald trump is trying to push japanese prime minister shinzo a bit around on trade the u.s. president will attend a sumo tournament while he's in tokyo and may find that japan is determined to hold its ground trump is threatening to increase tariffs on imports of japanese cars if trade talks are successful within 6 months when the talks are going on between the 2 nations neither party should call up for any unilateral action most of the threats are coming from the u.s. side which wants to correct its trade deficit with japan. but japan's government knows it's in a fairly strong position because the united states needs it strategically mainly because of the threat from north korea. and as a foil against the growing regional influence of china which is involved in its own trade dispute with the united states the white house is trade will not be the main
4:00 pm
focus of the president's trip to japan instead it's mainly about being a state guest here at the imperial palace when donald trump will become the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor and empress you know he became emperor on the 1st of may after his father akihito abdicated giving this he. sturrock 1st meeting to the u.s. president is being seen as a symbol of the strong alliance between the countries and a desire to keep it that way i think for japanese government that these are very important gift for him. to. keep a good communication with japan. is unlikely to be a trade agreement reached while donald trump is in japan meaning the threats and strong rhetoric may continue in the meantime japan's smaller businesses have no choice but to carry on innovating and making their own deals. well when the trade issue is looming large but what about north korea are they likely to discuss this
4:01 pm
pressing regional concern. yes i think there's no doubt that issue will be discussed between donald trump and actions so on.


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