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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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in 25 years for me to miller has the latest from pretoria. once presidents will roam of course such a case of oath of office he then untwist the thousands of south africans gathered at the loftus vessels day germany as well as the millions of others watching and he began that address by thanking them for stowing this trust on him saying that this would be a different era an era where he would want to tackle the challenges of poverty inequality and the huge problem of unemployment especially unemployment that affects the almost home of the young people in the country he also made the need veiled reference to the last few good a as when jacob zuma was president piece previously preferred a referred rather to those years as 9 wasted years and one with state institutions were affected potentially looted and corrupted and this is way thousands if not millions of south africans lost out on the benefits and opportunity that the
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african national congress government has promised them of for decades now. also touched on the 25 years of democracy looking back at when announcement dello was sworn in saying that the country has made a number on the cheap months in that time but how those achievements with threatened by some of the decisions as well as the the poor governance by the african national congress and how that would change now the next step. is to nominate to name the members of his cabinet he's promised to scale down on the size of the cabinet and look at people who would to run the country more effectively this is what drum up course is calling a new dawn and he's making a promise to some to some africans that many of them have heard time and time again but this certainly is hope that this time around there will be a difference and that. and the government up to those promises. still to come on
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al-jazeera. ready to take the reins populates us from here to the us the prime minister begins the process of forming a government plus. monitors on the speech it call to the city to shut down the sweet spot of protest to guard the streets it's mostly back to normal now but i'll be looking at the economic impact of the travel and what the. hello there is being extremely hot for some of us in japan recently we've had mostly clear skies and the temperatures have soared we do have more cloud that's beginning to build day that is just to the west of us and hopefully this will bring down the temperatures as we head through the next few days we've also got another
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weather system that is pulling itself together and that's the one that's really going to drag down the temperatures so for us in the far eastern parts of russia that it will stop 14 degrees in the wet weather on monday and that stretching all the way down towards shanghai it won't reach is in tokyo yet but hopefully in a couple of days the temperatures should ease in the southeastern parts of china loss of cloudera lots of showery weather as well with some particularly heavy downpours around the shanghai region this is still looking very messy as we head through monday so they still expect more heavy showers for the southeastern parts of china and stretching through parts of vietnam as well hanoi is looking particularly so gape before the towards the south a lot so showers for the philippines at the moment of plenty more as we head through sunday and into monday we're also expecting quite a few showers over parts of borneo a line of heavy thundery downpours is now working its way southwards towards jobs for the north of northern parts of the island then there's a chance of seeing some shop showers during the day but for the south a better chance of a dry. a
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policy imposed decades ago woman part but she could selectively goods and her only borders changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences are creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at every level will be get being given money money to agree to start zation our money to get other people to move me to sterilization outas their examines the politics of population control.
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this is al jazeera quick reminder of the top stories this hour. u.s. president donald trump is sending $1500.00 soldiers to the middle east as the disputes with iran escalates the iranian foreign minister calls the deployment a threat to international peace and security. at least 12 people including 7 children have been killed in an airstrike by the saudi emirates a coalition on yemen's my we a district in ties province that rates reportedly targeted a petrol station. and south africa's recently elected president cyril ramaphosa has been formally sworn in at a ceremony in pretoria he called for equality and the preservation of the country's resources for future generations. when international maritime courts has ruled that russia must immediately release 3 ukrainian naval ships and 24 detained sailors russia sees. korean vessels and crew last november in
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waters off the crimean peninsula during a standoff at the care streets reeling for the hearing of the international tribunals for the law of the sea in hamburg well dominic cain has been following that hearing he brings us more now from hamburger dominic does this verdict come as a surprise it's all. well the point to make here is that in a document measuring 32 pages a session that lasted 45 minutes the court basically went through all the details of the case that it had been able to compile from the ukrainian sides which was much information from many lawyers and then from some written submissions by the russian federation the russian representatives the point to make here there were no russian representatives in this court at any point the russians have been ignoring this hearing perhaps because they might have anticipated what's actually spelled out here the court has come down heavily in the favor of the ukrainian side and
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said as you said those votes those sailors must be released at the point to make here well will the russians comply they've given no indication that they intend to comply with this court's ruling and finally the point to make is this is an interim ruling this is not a final ruling the case may well go on for some considerable time some lawyers suggest perhaps even 2 years at dominic it seems rather a strange situation really any given russia doesn't recognize the jurisdiction of this court and has refused to engage with it what's this likely to change what happens next. but the interesting thing here is a mission russia does recognize the jurisdiction of this court this is the united nation's highest expression legally of governing maritime law across the globe so the russian federation is party to this a signatory to the charter is that set up this organization but in this instance
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they are choosing not to accept the judgment so it's quite a it's part of the wider disputes conflict between russia and ukraine particularly regarding crimea but also the eastern areas of ukraine particularly around and the hunts. some people believe that what this is about is the ukrainian government getting international community support for its side in violence with russia about those areas of ukraine and indeed crimea which was which was annexed that's what some people certainly lawyers here who i've been speaking to say well this is part of a wider ukrainian posture to try to get more heat on 2 fishes in the kremlin particularly on to president putin to release these sailors and to release the ships ok dominic thanks for bringing us all the latest then dominic in reporting
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live from hamburg. i don't know trump says he is hoping for progress on a trade deal with japan's shinzo abbey the u.s. president is in japan for a 4 day visit both men are expected to discuss car tariffs and how to improve their working relationship away in haiti has this updates from tokyo. despite the fact that the white house and the japanese government had been saying that trade was not going to be a big factor in this visit by donald trump to japan i think no surprise that the u.s. president made it all about trade pretty much soon after he got off the plane in tokyo speaking to business leaders he referenced the big trade deficit as he has done many times before that the united states has with japan saying also that he wants a better deal the official reason for this visit is that donald trump will become the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor another hito at the imperial
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palace in tokyo but there is no doubt that trade will be discussed as well when he meets formally with the japanese prime minister shinzo abbay on monday trade negotiations on a deal are underway they started in april and we've seen the trade delegations continuing those talks over the last few days in tokyo having said that i don't think there is an expectation that they will be any significant announcement on trade while donald trump is in japan and north korea will be discussed between the 2 leaders as well particularly after the 2 missile tests from north korea earlier this month we heard from the national security adviser for the united states john bolton he's also in japan he said that those 2 missile tests were clearly a violation of united nations security council resolution so the issue of north korea regional security will be discussed when donald trump meets shinzo up in. the end is near the elected m.p.'s from the governing bharatiya janata party are
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expected next prime minister narendra modi as their these are in the coming areas it follows the party's landslide election election victory which gave the b j p an absolute majority in parliament is also gives was a powerful mandate to implement his nationalist vision so hale raman is joins us now from new delhi and so help prime minister bertie most he rather will be having a very busy day tell us more. yes we sort of have to go slightly back just 24 hours to what happened to understand what's going to happen on saturday on friday basically the prime minister himself resigned his post along with his cabinet he took that declaration to the presidency the president it's all part of formality the way the situation unfolds the president then mr koven asked the prime minister to be the caretaker prime minister until the
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official election results were handed to the presidency then we get the election commission who the media has been waiting for the official announcement to be made that still hasn't happened but the election commission have gone to the presidency with a list of all of the candidates that have won parliamentary seats that then allows the president to wait for a announcement from a political party to take the mantle of the next government running alongside that on saturday right happening right now are all the parliamentarians that have won their seats from the j.p. who as you say of one learnt majority of 303 seats along with allies around about 350 they're all gathering in one of the sub chambers of parliament to formally in a cold clave declare that they want the renderer modi to lead the next government the caretaker prime minister narendra modi will then go back to the presidency and say i claim. the prime ministership and i can form a. parliament
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a government an indian government then he will be handed you might say the permission from the president to form that government we then expect him to declare a date for the swearing in the thing's been confirmed yet we're thinking the 30th all of may all the 1st of june but that's what we're expecting certainly in the next few hours that prime minister or the caretaker prime minister will be announced as the formal candid it for the prime ministership and then the call of the fence continues until we get a date for the swearing in of the government can say here once the formalities are the way it's set back to work one of the most important tasks that lie ahead for this incoming government. develops keep on message with what we're covering here on al-jazeera let's say ron it's been a very important to weeks and one paps of indecision for the government as was and for the government that fills all the ministries in the next few days because what
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we did see just before the final phase of voting on the 19th of may was the iranian foreign minister arrive in new delhi to speak to his indian count counterparts. and basically there when the us removed all of the waivers india was one of those countries whose waiver was removed so the iranians want to clarity from new delhi as to how they would proceed in the future and the message coming out of new delhi was that we can't do anything yet until a new government has been formed do we know what the policy will be only then can we talk to the us and only then can we talk to you so this is the big problem when i spoke to the economy spokes person for the b j p he yesterday when those of course election vote counts and the election results were being announced that was gopal krishna he said you know india imports 70 percent of its fuel from iran and it's used in the automobile industry it's used for production and then. fracturing and it's used for power generation iran is
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a huge customer for india india needs them. in so many aspects of its economy if it is restricted the growth that we've seen in india could also be restricted in impact all of the policies that the indian government want to implement which is your job creation manufacture attracting foreign investment you can't do that if you don't have the power and you don't have the fuel is the big issue for the prime minister and it's one of most probably one of the topics that will be on top of his agenda once he takes office ok so hell ramen joining us there live from new delhi thank you. now can has returned to indonesia's capital after protests over the presidential election results defeated candidates pre-board subi until has asked the constitutional courts to review the voting and 4 counts in process is mean for people in jakarta counting the costs of the week's destruction and to thomas has more. people shuttling bundles of clothes from
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southeast asia's largest textile market earn about $30.00 a day so when violent street protests in jakarta many managers close the taliban markets janai idea dealers took a financial hit. you knew going to last about it on busy days i can make 40 or $50.00 so missing 2 days means i've lost nearly $100.00 i couldn't give anything to my wife there was nothing violent street protests in jakarta and choose then wednesday night stopped much of the indonesian capital protesters were angry that official election results showed a big victory for the incumbent president jocko widodo over his more religious opponents for most of the antelope supporters shared their opinions on how the voting was raked and the vote counting operation was run by biased officials. the violence led to road closures shops and offices was shut people discouraged from
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leaving home it's all had an economic impact which economists put in the 10s of millions of dollars. short term it will have a negative impact but long term if the government shows it can control the situation it could actually create confidence among investors and on friday opposition politicians appealed for calm as their lawyers launched a formal legal challenge of the election result the city has mostly returned to normal but it's not hard to find provoke supporters sympathizing with the protesters. something strange went on with the lists of voters and with the vote counting the witnesses on the site were able to do their job. but the mother mostly wants life to return to normal he says his personal finance trumps his political concerns if this week's violence turns out to be the extent of the post-election trouble than the long term economic impact here. will be pretty small
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the concern is that the female disruption hate when the constitutional court releases its verdict at the end of june or beyond adults i'll just have to talk to . at least 10 people have died while attempting to climb mount everest over the past few days the deaths of raised questions about overcrowding in the world's highest peak is full so of climbers waiting in line near the summit has gone viral the polling officials say the delays caused exhaustion and dehydration the chance include man city is from india the u.s. austria arlen's and a new poll the guy it's. this is al jazeera these are the headlines this hour u.s. president donald trump is sending 1500 soldiers to the middle east as their disputes with iran escalates the iranian foreign minister is calling the deployment
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a threat to international peace and security. saying this ravi has the latest now from terror on. rhetoric his still going up even though tensions about escalation in actual conflict with the united states has gone down and people are expecting a full on fight but iranians are definitely seeing every incremental step as another step towards some sort of tension in the region 1500 in the grand scheme of things is not a very big number the united states already has tens of thousands of troops in and around the middle east and so while iranians do see this as as as not a very big step they are still perturbed nonetheless iran's foreign minister just adds recalling it dangerous for peace and international security and him he also said that the accusations that the united states is making against iran to validate these moves are simply americans trying to justify their hostile policies and escalate tensions at least 12 people have been at least 12 people have been killed including. 7 children in an airstrike by the coalition and yemen's mo we're
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districts in ties province the red reportedly targeted a petrol station and comes a week after the who sees a tax and oil pipeline near the saudi capital riyadh so that because recently elected president cyril ramaphosa has been formally sworn in at a ceremony in pretoria he called for equality and preservation of the country's resources for future generations a poser took office last year after jacob zuma resigned amid corruption allegations the african national congress won the general election earlier this month. donald trump says he is hoping for progress on a trade deal with japan's shinzo abby is in japan for a 4 day visit some will be the 1st foreign leader to meet the u. emperor he too and an international maritime court has ruled that russia must immediately release 3 ukrainian naval ships and 24 detained sailors russia sees the ukrainian vessels and crew last november and that's york state news continues now
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after inside story. directory a has been an independent state since 1901 but it's only just emerging from decades of sanctions and diplomatic isolation as a come to 28th birthday we ask why hundreds of thousands. of become refugees this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program on. a rest area is marking its independence day after a year of profound changes a peace deal last year and a decades old border dispute with its laws a neighbor if the opiah the united nations lifted sanctions and an arms embargo president. who has been in power for nearly 30 years is accused of ruling with an iron fist political opponents are jailed there's been that's rheumatiz service and a rest area is now one of the biggest sources of african refugees in europe the government has blocked social media had of independence celebrations this week we'll bring in our guests in a moment but 1st and just simmons has this report. it's the biggest day in eritrea's calendar of celebrations with even more significance now there's a peace deal with its neighbor and want time enemy ethiopia. now u.n. sanctions are lifted but human rights organizations say repression is still part of
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daily life president is as off work he keeps a firm grip in this one party state. i reports of a ban on social media may be surprising to some when you consider how few people are actually online eritrea has a population of 5000000 but it's estimated fewer than 2 percent use the internet mobile phones don't have internet access and there's no private media dissent isn't tolerated and the country is now in a position to open up to the rest of the world. the. surprising bar is that very little seems to have changed actually. despite. the system of government. autocratic stream the regressive. eritrea's peace deal with ethiopia last year part of it signed in jeddah appears to have had
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some involvement from saudi arabia and the united arab emirates partly brokered the deal with a clear objective to have more influence in the horn of africa the u.a.e. had already built a military base in the eritrean port of asvab back in 2015 and as these satellite images show its a large complex the runways are used by warplanes from the saudi u.a.e. coalition in its fight against the duties in yemen. with a base in positioned at the mouth of the red sea it couldn't be more strategic the suez canal to the north but even more important to the u.a.e. its enemies in yemen are a short distance away. eritrea as war for independence from ethiopia lasted 30 years coming to an end back in 1991 the conflict may be over but unemployment is high compulsory national service in the military is indefinite tens
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of thousands of people have fled the country one of the hazardous routes out through libya where many have ended up in detention centers. peace may have been established but any hope of it bringing better fortune for the people of eritrea is still thin on the ground. andrew simmons. let's bring in our gas joining us on skype from athens in ohio there executive director pan a rest area in exile a freedom of expression organization in london motm plots senior research fellow of the institute of commonwealth studies and the author of understanding a rest area inside africa's most repressive state also on sky from salt lake city john. and. the resident senior research fellow of the brookings institute is
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situations africa growth initiative program thank you all for joining us. like to start by asking you this question about we've seen many countries in the african continent turn that chapter of talk crissy and repressive rule and reinvent themselves except for a rest area why is that stupid cunt to all this. commission of patents that's been local law that has been like everything has been suspended for the last 20 years and right now you're just realizing that this has been made excuse by the you are because that sanctions have been lifted the conflict as it has been solved but things are getting worse from day to day and this probably because of the regime in power martin is it exclusively because of the regional dana mix in the horn of africa or solid because someone like.
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assayas of working is seen as lars of the life and definitely staying in power for as long as it takes well you're right about him appearing larger than life that certainly true. when i've met him i mean he that's the way came our cross i mean pretty haughty share we say but you know the problem is really that he runs the country with a tiny group of people there is no parliament there are no elections there's never been an election in eritrea's history and the situation is controlled by them and really they just rule everything there are no free press there's nothing whatsoever so it's an extremely repressive situation. and buckle if you don't have a functioning parliament if you don't have an opposition recognized by the government if you don't have freedom of expression how is it possible for the people of iraq fear in the near future to call for political reforms are at least
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start in your political establishment i think that this is a very difficult question to answer because. what is happening me in the region know is something that i snuck in a lot of other countries especially countries that come from revolution in about ground in which some group of people fight for independence and then they do not live to sing and i love civilians to rule the country this simply believe that they have they are the only people capable of ruling the country i think this is the problem though you have in eritrea but i believe that peace agreement signed between a journey through a pia opens up a very important door for if your p.o. spatially and other countries in the region to convince the existing government in . 2 to open up and whole. credible and fair elections
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to have a new government because i think that on that is to go many you have a retreat and now you're not going to be able to have any sort of economic development were any sort of human development in the area primarily because this particular government is either incapable or is on willing to move the country head in terms of economic development. very leaders of the o.p.'s took the world by surprise last year by signing the peace agreement are you hopeful that this could be conducive to genuine political reforms in your country. not amateur full and almost little past 10 months of form that there's no real english major trying to him into an editing damson and signs of improvement like in terms of military terms of the economy in terms of i don't find them the issues are certainly issues and things that did getting from bad to war so i don't i'm not talking about
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a month at all planned for many years of work he has been saying that his biggest concern is to undermine the basic tenets of a country facing an existential threat from neighboring is this expose what has been clamping down on dissent now with the overtures to worse the if your peers your relations with the somalis with the job would you bertie do you think that the jew political dynamics could be now in favor of political reform in the country well i wish that was the case and for a while it looked as if things were really going to open up on the border between ethiopia and eritrea was open there were about 3 different crossing places where people could come and go and people particularly from ethiopia flowed into eritrea there was the airline began to make daily trips and that was very very positive but the problem is that since then without any explanation the border has been closed again now the eritreans are reaching out to the sudanese they've sent
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a mission there although the border with sudan was closed about a year ago and troops were put on the border so it's everything's done by the whim of president he syas now why he does these things well your guess is as good as mine what it could be is that in relation to sudan is that he's acting on behalf of his allies in the war in yemen which is saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and that he's actually carrying a message from them but with this is pure speculation because there is no accountability there's no way of knowing what is actually going on with some burqas because of an accountability why has the international community and the african union failed to enforce. harajuku reforms in a place like eritrea because they do have some sort of leverage i think part of the problem has to do to found that when you look at the horn or did east africa region
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you see that international community is involved in a lot of issues that make it very difficult for them to concentrate on what is happening to retract some of the groups that in their position to do something significant every trip more interested in finding. a bed to problem in somalia and actually looking whiz to help. get out of debt quite mad that the country could only is in one thing that i need to mission here is that. since the peace agreement between if you reach i was sent there was a feeling among some scholars that. maybe actually trying to open up just a little bit in order to get to sanctions lifted so that he can access is international resource a day needs to continue his or repressive rules rule and that he's not really
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interested in moving forward in such a way that the country would have new political parties there will be new political competition there will be new konami competition in order to provide an opportunity for your returns in the diaspora to come back home and develop the country so i think that there must be international community and especially i got and the countries in the hone have to look for a different way to force change in the new tribe because i don't believe that. to prison regime in their trash is really interested in gently change. adam listening to you seem to be pretty must be some mystic about any positive outcome that would put an end to the reclusive authoritarian rule in their rhetoric but if you go back just to your neighbor in if the o.p.'s mass protest movement suddenly asked a minority of the. is there any chance as we might see a must process.


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