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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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tension between the 2 governments has been high since the russian annexation of crimea in 2014 which is why some legal experts believe bringing this case has been part of a wider ukrainian strategy ukraine is definitely in a very very difficult situation and they try hard to. acquire judgments in favor of their legal position in order to increase political pressure in order to make it possible to for the presidents to sit down and come to some kind of agreement but the russian government is clear who it believes is at fault it says it's detained the ukrainian vessels and crew for violating its territorial waters a criminal act according to russian law this ruling is pretty clear the minister has what she wanted but the russians want to hear the russians don't know what will really happen in moscow following this judgment until we hear that it's likely these sailors may not be going home any time soon dominic came out zira at the
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international tribunal for the law of the sea in hamburg. last allowed for you on the program the former foreign secretary boris johnson who leads the race to replace british prime minister to resign may as breaks it continues to in calif u.k. politics and as climate change pushes food security up the agenda we check out the bolivian superfood arriving in inhospitable environments. hello again a welcome back we're here cross a struggle finally getting some hints of winter with our next system that's coming in off the by here's the clouds in the funnel barry that's making its way through so what we're going to be seeing is a real change with winds coming out of the southwest bringing in that colder air so
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here on sunday for melbourne 15 degrees but once that front goes through not only from melbourne but also for hobart your temperatures are going to be taking a dive and we're going to be seeing only a high in melbourne of about 11 degrees in the higher elevations though that rain could be snow particularly in the overnight hours to the north and to the east we are going to see brit's been at about $26.00 degrees there in a nice day well here across the south island of new zealand we're going to be seeing some rain in some clouds tempter wise really not looking too bad for christ church staying at about 17 degrees here on sunday as well as into monday but auckland a little bit warm a few 19 degrees there and speaking of being warm it has been hot here across parts of japan and that's really going to continue over the next few days tokyo is going to be 33 degrees with some clouds but by the time we get towards monday it's going to be brightening up with a lot more sun in the forecast there up towards sapporo plenty of sun few at 30 degrees but just to the west we are watching this frontal boundary bring some very heavy rain across parts of russia as well as korean peninsula pyongyang at 19.
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what is left of the vast indigenous knowledge that colonize ation of the americas as assaulted for centuries to amateur astrologers embark on a journey of discovery and reach a remote village in mexico's mayan region but who has more to learn about the ways of the world a route through make sicko's contemporary wreckage and its mystical past in the field finder glances on al-jazeera. aback and.
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welcome back a quick run through the headlines now the iranian foreign minister zarif says the u.s. decision to send more soldiers to the middle east is dangerous for the region he's currently in the iraqi capital baghdad for talks with his counterpart them hamad at keim about the rising tensions in the area. meanwhile at least 14 fighters loyal toward relief after have died in fighting south of the libyan capital tripoli forces belonging to the un recognized government say they pushed back against have to us fighters and a un maritime tribunals ruled moscow must release ukrainian settlers in ships it seems last year during a standoff in waters off the crimean peninsula but russia did not attend the hearing. on out of south africa post says been sworn in as the country's president his party the african national congress suffered its worst ever showing in the may elections posters promise to tackle endemic corruption and unemployment that has now reached 27 percent for me to miller has more from pretoria. the president
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delivered with the president as our. 3rd. song. in front of thousands of south africans the subtle ramaphosa took his oath of office well this is the beginning of rome a poor says 1st full term as president he came to power 15 months ago when jacob zuma resigned amid corruption scandals his party the african national congress is struggling to recover from the damage caused by suma and internal conflict while rome of course is calling his presidency a new dawn he's also acknowledged his party's failures agree sometimes * our people have a large a sum of those in a home they heard 1st that they are crossed or summoned out to the temptation of power and. they have seen some of the very institutions of our democracy eroded. and resources juanda
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their challengers not a what country they are huge and they are real. but they are not insurmountable among those where at least 50 heads of state and dignitaries and more than 50000 people many south africans see them oppose us presidency as the government we committing to working for them from of course those used his address to reassure south africans that be an end to unemployment poverty and inequality is promised a better life for all the promises the thousands of people here have heard many times before all the question for them is whether the president will not allow up to his pledge for the a.n.c. governments provided to millions of south africans with running water electricity and free education is being criticised for the slow delivery of services at 27 percent more south africans an ever go for unemployed we are expecting
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a lot of jobs to be there the best from them not only him but in the at large we are told that the option. of a servant to stop the flow of a slightly expect that he did decisively with corruption to take our country for what and i know all the investor would come back in the coming days and of course as expected to name a new cabinet he's under pressure to rid the government of ministers who underperformed or implicated in corruption but he's also facing the risk of further dividing the a in c. if his appointments don't appease factions within the party but for now it's a day of celebration for a man who carries the hopes of many south africans. al-jazeera pretoria south africa. here in the u.k. politicians from the ruling conservative party of launch their bids to take over from theresa may. a prime minister announced he'll resign next month triggering a leadership contest that's already seen several candidates step forward the contest is likely to be defined by the positions on brics that the former foreign
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secretary leading breaks a campaign of course johnson is currently the favorite to win or a challenge sent us this update from outside the houses of parliament in central london. so who will be the next prime minister of the united kingdom well 14 tories have already said they'll consider running 5 actually throwing their hats into the ring they are gray rory stewart hancock and jeremy hunt and also boris johnson perhaps the most familiar to viewers around the world the former mayor of london and foreign secretary he is the bookies favorite by a considerable margin but historically speaking the favorites usually doesn't do very well in conservative party leadership races you have to get they will face exactly the same challenges with bricks to reason may have just less time to get it done the deadline is looming at the end of october they will be leading
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a minority governments of a divided party a divided country dealing with the european union that doesn't want to renegotiate to resume a deal and then you have the labor party opposition which will do everything in its power try and bring down the government and force a general election. u.s. president has told business leaders in japan that he wants to address a trade imbalance between the 2 countries donald trump is in japan for a largely ceremonial 4 day visit and will be the 1st foreign leader to meet the country's new emperor and now the heater but delegations are also working out a deal on a bilateral agreement among the issues is a threat by trump to increase tariffs on japanese car exports. with this deal we hope to address the trade imbalance remove barriers to united states exports and ensure fairness and reciprocity in our relationship and we're getting close just last week u.s. beef exports gained full access to japanese and to the markets in japan for the 1st
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time since the year 2000 we welcome your support of these efforts and we hope to have several further announcements soon and some very big ones over the next few months and wayne has been following the story for us from tokyo. despite the fact that the white house and the japanese government had been saying that trade was not going to be a big factor in this visit by donald trump to japan i think no surprise that the u.s. president made it all about trade pretty much soon after he got off the plane in tokyo speaking to business leaders he referenced the big trade deficit as he has done many times before that the united states has with japan saying also that he wants a better deal the official reason for this visit is that donald trump will become the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor another heat oh at the imperial
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palace in tokyo but there is no doubt that trade will be discussed as well when he meets formally with the japanese prime minister shinzo abbay on monday trade negotiations on a deal are underway they started in april and we've seen the trade delegations continuing those talks over the last few days in tokyo having said that i don't think there is an expectation that they will be any significant announcement on trade while donald trump is in japan and north korea will be discussed between the 2 leaders as well particularly after the 2 missile tests from north korea earlier this month we heard from the national security adviser for the united states john bolton he's also in japan he said that those 2 missile tests were clearly a violation of united nations security council resolution so the issue of north korea regional security will be discussed when donald trump meets shinzo up in.
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india's newly elected m.p.'s from the governing b j p of re-elected prime minister narendra modi as their leader the party won a landslide victory following a 6 week election in the law in the world's largest democracy and when gives modi a powerful mandate to implement his national vision al-jazeera sal raman has more now from new delhi as part of the process the protocols of choosing the next government the prime minister narendra modi and his cabinet had to resign their positions on friday and submit those resignations to the president of the coven he accepted the resignations but asked the prime minister to stay on as a caretaker until a new government of the new prime minister was elected by the winning party of course the b.g.p. are the willing party of the general election and so on saturday winning parliamentarians have gathered in an empty chamber of the parliament and have
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elected. modi to be the man that they wish them to lead the next government now that process has happened he will take that request by his own members and his allies back to the president and say that he has a mandate as a majority leader to form the next indian government that said and done there has yet to be a swearing in a date in the future that will be coordinated between astrologers b.g.p. prefers to consult astrologers and also allies before they go ahead and decide what day that will be most probably the end of may or early june. police are hunting for a suspect believed to have delivered apostle bomb in french city of leone friday 13 people will be ended when the device exploded in a busy pedestrian street so that it's video shows a man dropping a paper bag outside a bakery before cycling away the explosion happened shortly afterwards france's
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counterterrorism police have opened an investigation into the incident describing the suspect is dangerous. a british man has become the 10th person to die on the slopes of mount everest this climbing season while been hanes fisher reportedly fell ill on his descent from the wealth high spaink where the conditions of made it one of the deadliest seasons ever on the mountain on friday irishman kevin hines died in the so-called death zone known for low levels of oxygen local hiking officials have attributed most of the deaths to weakness exhaustion and delays on the crowded winds and paul is facing scrutiny facing a record 381 permits for this year's spring season british mountainy alan hanks has described the spike in deaths as heartbreaking and he warns that high altitude mountain climbing is a dangerous sport. these people have spent 40000 pounds which is a life saving to do it in the car for all to go but following you you know that up multi-millionaires you know multimillionaires usually on the yachts that are on everest when i did it i was lucky it was only it was about 20 years ago when there
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was only 4 of us on the sort myself a friend and soon the police to shippers i looked around for i could see the curvature of the snow looks around the full busy size mounted it will look seen not next so we don't spend too long in the so it's i should point out to people you want to spend about 5 minutes on the summit them out you've got to get down you literally in that this sort where you where you'll die within a few hours no chance of any talk to about 6 now so it's mates it's so people are risking their lives and it is rather stout that 10 people have lost their lives this yr. it's tasty nutritious and is being touted as the next soup of food can you know us has been growed for generations in one of south america's most inhospitable regions now the grain is being seen as a possible way to ensure the food supplies in the face of climate change daniel shawn or pull its from to later in bolivia. at 3600 meters above
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sea level this desolate arab landscape in the andes mountains doesn't produce much but what it does manage to grow here is a grain with more iron zinc protein and calcium that its cousin it also has a less bitter taste at them of the presidency than the men or as sisters food production was an art the art of having a deep relationship with mother earth what we now call the environment they had to have a positive relationship. the positive relationship of working with a husband and for children to grow and develop and the consumption both at home and abroad as flower cereal bowls soup and more. i believe all products must have a fair price for the producer that it covers the effort he put in but it should also be a fair price for the consumer so they can afford it and then if fair price for mother earth the cost of pollution a sustainable use of the soil she's keen that they're all get it product does not
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go the way of sold at high prices in the whole food shops of london new york but in and elsewhere a so-called super food that the bolivians who produce it can no longer afford to go to be tough to survive up here both plants and humans both need to understand the other not just to survive and thrive but to provide solutions so never hungry a world can yell what can withstand frost and heavy rainfall strong winds and even drought making it an ideal crop in areas affected by extreme weather caused by climate change. it then needs to be adapted to the modern markets. noid says this machine didn't exist anywhere else in bolivia it's a prototype the 1st we had to test our key in wa and the emraan to produce this toaster which transforms the product can yell is also providing work in regions which farmers how for generations been deserted for the cities to he returned from
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the city and found her peace with mother or the arms the she says a here if we would only take the time to look for them. daniel schorr and there are 2 little bolivia and the cannes film festival's top prize the palme d'or has gone to the film parasite by south korean director function ho it's the 2nd time in a row the award has gone to an asian film about a family of criminals antonio banderas won the best actor category for his performance in pain and glory best actress went to emily beach and for a little. brief look at the top stories now the iranian foreign minister mohammad javad zarif as arrived in baghdad for talks with his iraqi counterpart mohamed al hakim as tensions continue to rise between iran and the united states sorry for said the u.s. decision to send more soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous but president
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onil trump insists the deployment of $1500.00 troops is needed to improve the defense of his country and its allies against iran u.s. senator dianne feinstein who sits on the senate intelligence committee met with very early this week al-jazeera is alan fisher has more on that from washington. well the meeting is it's not unique but it is unusual that a democratic senator when there's a republican president would be meeting someone from iran and certainly dianne feinstein's office she is a senator from california they're seeing that the form of the state department of the meeting before happened and happened over a month ago the intention was that they would get a briefing of us and the rather fears of course in that month things have changed significantly. all in all the headlines at least 14 fighters loyal to warlord khalifa haftar have died in fighting south of the libyan capital tripoli forces
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belonging to the un recognized government say they've pushed back against have to fight is near the old international airport. saddam's military chief has arrived in neighboring egypt on his 1st trip abroad since the army overthrew the former president tomorrow bashir until photographer han held talks with the egyptian president abdul fatah sisi the meeting has been closely watched by protest groups who reject any interference by egypt. a un maritime tribunal has ruled russia must release ukrainian sailors and ships it sees last year during a standoff in waters off the crimean peninsula the hamburg base tribunals called on russia to facilitate their release immediately but russia did not attend the meeting and cyril ramaphosa has been sworn in as south african president in front of thousands of spectators in pretoria a promise to tackle rampant corruption unemployment and growing poverty in the country well as our top stories this hour there will be more news from doha in
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about half an hour's time off to find out latin america which starts now. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the way. al-jazeera viewfinder fresh perspectives through the lens of local filmmakers around the globe.
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