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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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salar who's the army chief the prime minister but there are the interim president ben seller what does it mean for them. it means that the incremental transition that they have been guiding you. is failing because of the revolutionary demands of the crowd there in lies the rub because we have. cause for total systemic change to a system that feels it needs to preserve itself just for the stability of the country and of course this isn't a problem for all 14 weeks of the protests are we going to have a revolution or an evolution or it's under the current constitution most algerian protesters don't believe in the current saudi which they say include hundreds of thousands of dead people in zambia dollars or even they say for a zombie president and many of them are equal to vote if you actually we don't have an electoral agency in place right. as it is they seem to be
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hardening their they on both sides in fact with the protest movement demanding root and branch reform which it would appear this transitional authority this every placement of the. they don't seem to be willing to contemplate i'm sorry for you he did question a whole another horse in may ok there seem to be hardened attitudes on both sides of this debate at the protest as you as a complete root and branch overhaul of the system which those in power seem unwilling to contemplate. absolutely this is the crux of the problem and on top of that we have a kind of into politics where the quasi totality of the population reject the political parties in place and refused to name leaders of their protest movement the iraq movement and army generals also reject the current political parties and have been systematically arresting people of political party leaders who were
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involved in the recent protests and so how can you have a normal political absolution under the current constitution if even the main vehicles political parties are being rejected by all sides and so the dialogue which gen gates understands needs to happen hasn't happened yet and we are at an impasse. seeking a constitutional solution under a constitution rejected by the population william aaron thank you very much for talking to us. we've got a lot more to come on this hour including president trump arrives in japan for a visit serenade but with serious trade talks on the agenda. zimbabwe's main opposition party that is meeting to elect a new leader as the country struggles with an economy in crisis. and its double delight for bond munich peter has action from the german cup final install.
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to aroma poses been sworn in as south africa's president amal it was a day of celebration for him it followed the worst election yet for his ruling african national congress for me to miller explains from pretoria the president in that place raise our. poll out of all. out. in front of thousands of south africans a subtle ramaphosa took his oath of office well this is the beginning of a process 1st full term as president he came to power 15 months ago when jacob zuma resigned amid corruption scandals his party the african national congress is struggling to recover from the damage caused by suma and internal conflict will run the process calling his presidency a new dawn he's also acknowledged his party's failures in recent times our people
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have launched a some of those in a home they had invested they are crossed have summoned not to the temptation of power and great years. they have seen the some of the various situations of our democracy eroded. and resources randa their challengers are not a what country they are huge and they are real. but there are not insurmountable among those where it least 50 heads of state and dignitaries and more than 50000 people when he saw the african see them oppose us presidency and the government we committing to working for them from of course those used his address to reassure south africans they'd be an end to unemployment poverty and inequality is promised
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a better life for all the promises the thousands of people here have heard many times before all the question for them is whether the president will not allow up to his pledge for the a.n.c. governments provided millions of south africans running water electricity and free education is being criticised for the slow delivery of services at 27 percent more south africans than ever before and employed expecting a lot of jobs to be there the best from them not only him but in the at large we are told it's the option. to stop the flow of the slightly expect that it did decisively with corruption to take our culture for what and i know all the investor will come back in the coming days and of course as expected to name a new cabinet he's under pressure to rid the government of ministers who underperformed or implicated in corruption but he's also facing the risk of further dividing the a in c. if his appointments don't appease factions within the party but for now it's
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a day of celebration for a man who carries the hopes of many south africans for me to malaya al-jazeera pretoria south africa reilly speak to me or schwab his research director at the human sciences research council she's joining us live from johannesburg via skype thank you for talking to a smear for meters report there just teed up what is perhaps perhaps the most pressing task before syria rem oppose a noun that is choosing selecting a team to work with him that is due to happen on sunday we understand what will we be able to tell by the people that he selects. well 1st of all we will be able to tell whether he's serious about his commitment to root out corruption because we know that there were people very close to the president in fact in the deputy presidency who is accused of corruption by the zonder commission which remark was appointed to look into corruption and. all expectations are that we will have
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immediately president precisely because david the previous the president was deeply implicated in corruption so the question is who this president is going to be there is a view that the president should perhaps be someone from the zuma faction which is the faction opposing causa. to bring you know some. but. prevailing view the majority view is that you know he should really root out everyone who was implicated in corruption and the collapse of prosecutions is absolutely so it seems very much as though his main task is to strike a line under what many people describe as the last decade the zuma decade of corruption and lack of development and he has a huge task ahead of him doesn't he and how will we measure success and how much
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time world the electorate of south africa give him. well i think they will give him some time because he hasn't been in office who got along at the same time people are running out of patience and this call for change we've heard it for some time but there is really some agency to prosecutions now i think that he has a lot of good will and side people want him to succeed and i think that that is why the and see once again got the majority of votes at the same time he is being threatened by the action and there is a significant amount of of bad will it is bad faith if you want to cool heads who would call it that towards him in the ain't see so he's not entirely free to take images that he wants to take because of this pressure from within the agency and he wouldn't want to be seen as the person as the president responsible for splitting
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the agency right ok what about when it comes to palm and she messes now given that this is the lowest level of support that the a.n.c. has received since democracy came to south africa 25 years ago he's going to have to make alliances within parliament what's the state of the opposition now following the elections. well one very interesting plaint is that 3 of the 9 provinces in 3 of them are provinces we have a new opposition namely the engine for economic freedom fighters so that is a very interesting development the provinces are governed by also sorry but as an opposition party if the western cape is still being held by the da. da support has actually weakened over the last in the last election which is an interesting phenomenon but the it is poses a significant rate and one sees more move from a cause or takes julius malema if leader very seriously and sit in issues which is
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surprising from some. in the sense that if it doesn't have such a large majority or such a large percentage of votes but they have a spirit strong voice and i think. some opposed to some extent once to accommodate them at the same time 57 percent still places they firmly in the lead is me a shot thank you very much indeed for talking to us live from johannesburg. now to the u.k. where politicians in the ruling conservative party of launch their bids to take over from to reason may the prime minister announced he'll resign next month and that triggered a leadership contest that's already seen several candidates step forward the contest is likely to be defined by the candidates positions on bret's it the former foreign secretary and leading bracks it campaign a boris johnson is the favorite to win rory chalons sent us this update from
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outside the houses of parliament in central london. so who will be the next prime minister of the united kingdom well 14 tories have already said they'll consider running 5 have actually throwing their hats into the ring they are estimate gray rory stewart matt hancock and jeremy hunt and also boris johnson perhaps the most familiar to viewers around the world form a matter of london and foreign secretary he is the bookies favorite by a considerable margin but historically speaking the favorites usually doesn't do very well in conservative party leadership races whoever gets it they will face exactly the same challenges with. tourism a had just less time to get it done the deadline is looming at the end of october they will be leading a minority governments have a divided party a divided country dealing with the european union that doesn't want to renegotiate to resume a deal and then you have the labor party opposition which will do everything in its
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power to try and bring down the government and force a general election but we've been speaking to professor alex the writer his director of the center brett studies at birmingham city university he says whoever it is the next prime minister is going to face the same challenges as to reason. for some courses clearly the raging favorite one poll suggests that he could attract easily 40 percent of tory party members as a person say dominic rob and i knew about less than 20 percent but of course what does it mean to win in those circumstances appear johnson only what yesterday reaffirmed that he will be leaving at $81.00 the end of october deal or no deal would still be facing a parliament with a remain a majority of the risk clearly no appetite at all to leave with no deal so he would he or she would still face a same constraint centuries made it marriage. the voters in the czech republic and
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slovakia malta and latvia have all been casting their votes in the european parliament elections is the penultimate day of the vote which is seen different member states take to the polls in stages since thursday $751.00 politicians will be elected for a 5 year term the results are expected by on monday the e.u. parliament presides over various different laws including health and safety regulations farming and environmental protections politicians from india's governing alliance led by the hindu nationalist b j p have reelected their own very moody as leader it rubber stamp his 2nd 5 year term as prime minister after an election victory his promise to promote inclusion after critics accused his party of divisive policies that put hindus 1st and indian opposition leader rahul gandhi has offered to resign as president of the congress party after it was
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transferred in a 2nd straight national election but party officials say his offer was rejected so how raman has more now from new delhi. as part of the process of the protocols of choosing the next government the prime minister narendra modi and his cabinet had to resign their positions on friday and submit those resignations to the president covalent he accepted the resignations but asked the prime minister to stay on as a caretaker until a new government and a new prime minister was elected by the winning party of course the b.g.p. are the winning party of the general election and so on saturday their winning parliamentarians have gathered in an empty chamber of the parliament and have elected. modi to be the man that they wish them to lead the next government and now that process has happened he will take that request by his own members and his
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allies back to the president and say that he has a mandate as a majority leader to form the next indian government that said and done there has yet to be a swearing in date in the future that will be coordinated between astrologers b.g.p. prefers to consult astrologers and also allies before they go ahead and decide what day that will be most probably at the end of may or early june. still to come here in the news. find out why these volunteer ambulance drivers are considered the modern day cowboys of the frontier. a city that shut down this week because of all the protest it's to go to the streets it's mostly. be looking at the economic impact of that and whether the could be full of hate. and in school lewis hamilton takes pole position for the
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monaco grand prix. this. hello again it's good to have you back where across the night states we have been seeing a lot of active weather severe weather going across much of the central plains here is our next system right there that has been pushing through and with these storms because they are going over the same areas we have seen a lot of rain in the same places that means the flooding anywhere from wisconsin all the way back here to texas is a major problem actually it's historic levels in some locations as we go towards sunday to monday another storm system develops coming out of the rockies and again heavy rain particularly up here towards the north affecting parts of illinois parts of iowa as well as into the dakotas down here towards the southeast though we are
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talking about a heat wave and records are being broken in terms of temperatures so for lana we do expect to see a high there of 34 degrees well as we make our way down here across central america we have been watching really that area nicaragua and costa rica very carefully we have a tropical storm is just off the coast we don't think it's going to develop too much but what it is doing is bring some very heavy rain across much of this area mudslides and landslides are the biggest threat across this region and as we go towards monday really not seeing too much of a change across the area so accumulations are rising up towards savannah though it is going to be a nice day at 30 but for jamaica rain in your forecast with a temperature of 30 as well. after decades of being programmed with instructions data agree computers can now know on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior.
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official intelligence can monitor ombudsman. and decide on a future big picture decodes the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine coming soon on al-jazeera. when a military coup overthrew chile's marxist president when stadiums became prisms. and the hunter's sole objective was absolute control. publicly refused to accept dictatorship episode for a football rebels expose the life of carlos. the football whose personal story swayed of votes that altered the history of his country carlos the demise of a day on al-jazeera.
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a look at the top stories here in the al-jazeera news iran says the u.s. decision to send an additional $1500.00 soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous the foreign minister zarif is in baghdad the iraqi capital for talks with his counterpart. the deadline to file applications to stand in algeria as presidential elections for july has passed local media is reporting that most possibly all of the potential candidates failed to meet the legal requirements to run oppose has been sworn in a south africa's president following the worst election yet for the ruling african national congress has promised to reform the country and revive its economy. that president trump's arrived in japan he says he's hoping for progress on a deal with prime minister shinzo up by the u.s.
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president is there for a 4 day visit he's the 1st state guest of the new emperor another he to both men are expected to talk about call terrorists and how to improve their working relationship he'll become the 1st state guess as i say of the new empress who came to the throne this month. with this deal we hope to address the trade imbalance remove barriers to united states exports and ensure fairness and reciprocity in our relationship and we're getting close just last week u.s. beef exports gained full access to japanese and to the markets in japan for the 1st time since the year 2000 we welcome your support of these efforts and we hope to have several further announcements soon and some very big ones over the next few months our correspondent in tokyo is wayne hay. despite the fact that the white
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house and the japanese government had been saying that trade was not going to be a big factor in this visit by donald trump to japan i think no surprise that the u.s. president made it all about trade pretty much soon after he got off the plane in tokyo speaking to business leaders he referenced the big trade deficit as he has done many times before that the united states has with japan saying also that he wants a better deal the official reason for this visit is that donald trump will become the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor another hito at the imperial palace in tokyo but there is no doubt that trade will be discussed as well when he meets formally with the japanese prime minister shinzo r.b.a. on monday trade negotiations on a deal are underway they started in april and we've seen the trade delegations continuing those talks over the last few days in tokyo having said that i don't
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think there is an expectation that there will be any significant announcement on trade while donald trump is in japan and north korea will be discussed between the 2 leaders as well particularly after the 2 missile tests from north korea earlier this month we heard from the national security adviser for the united states john bolton he's also in japan he said that those 2 missile tests were clearly a violation of united nations security council resolution so the issue of north korea regional security will be discussed when donald trump meets shinzo up there but let's talk trade with robert scott his a senior international condiments with the economic policy institute he's joining us live from washington thanks for talking to us. the 1st step the largest economy in the world is amazing now with representatives of the 3rd largest economy in the world is it has say that donald trump has always seen japan as a rival rather than an ally. i think there's no question about that john
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don't trump looks at the world through bilateral glasses if you will he's always looking to make a deal he seems to think our problems are just with individual countries which china number one mexico is another one he picked on a course a 3rd one here is japan and the problem is that we really have a system of global trade imbalances and the president is not prepared to deal with that it doesn't just affect united states effects many countries to suffer from unfair competition from some of the same countries we're talking about and he seems to be rather obsessed with this the issue of the trade deficit between the united states and japan is that necessarily a bad thing. i think it is actually i think the growing trade deficits have cost the united states millions of jobs we've lost 5000000 manufacturing jobs over the last 20 years that is directly related to growing trade deficit but the problem is
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one that trump seems unwilling to deal with it's really a problem that's related to currency misalignments it was caused by currency manipulation for many years it's now into a more slightly different is caused by private capital pouring into the united states which is bidding up stock prices and real estate but it's always the same moving in the same directions pushing up the value of a dollar making u.s. goods uncompetitive but there are other countries are contribute to this is well such as so for example singapore as a very large trade surplus but not with the united states never talks about our trade problems with singapore and that's part of the global problem about 20 countries that contribute to this problem and it seems to be the japanese car industry that are in the cross has that seen the cross has of of trumps bid to get some realignment and what is the significance then all of us be for instance that
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now having full access to japanese markets what he would he consider that a success. oh he'll certainly claim that he will take any kind of credit he can for any kind of deals he's. looking to have some corner of a trade deal which pay and of course not but i think we haven't heard mention of the fact that japan is facing elections in july it's unlikely that the japanese are going to complete any kind of negotiations giving away access to their their very. carefully protected agricultural markets any time before those elections i think it would be too disruptive for prime minister abi but i think they will take credit for that nonetheless i don't expect it to have a significant impact on china's global surplus oranges by that are all surplus with the united states is not going to fix our trade bobbins all right so what is successful then for this tape is if you know donald trump. well donald trump should
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go back to page one of his playbook candidate donald trump in 2015 promised that he was going to declare china a currency manipulator on his 1st day in office he has consistently refused to do that because it would have made wall street unhappy and wall street likes a strong dollar makes stock prices stronger keeps cheap imports coming in which raises corporate profits but a trump really should have been good on his word and the problem is not just china as i said it's about 20 countries that have a history of manipulating their currency is this is problem number one in terms of rebalancing global trade not gaining access to the japanese markets now but scott good to tell us he thank you very much. their columns returned to indonesia's capital after protests over the presidential election results the opposition candidate. the constitutional court to review how votes were counted and people in
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the capital jakarta they are counting the costs of the week's disruption andrew thomas reports. people shuttling bundles of clothes from southeast asia's largest textile market about $30.00 a day so when violent street protests in jakarta manages to close the taliban markets. dealers took a financial hit. the news got out about on busy days i can make 40 or $50.00 so missing 2 days means i've lost nearly $100.00 i couldn't give anything to my wife there was nothing violent street protests in jakarta and tuesday and wednesday night stopped much of the indonesian capital protesters were angry that official election results showed a big victory for the incumbent president jocko widodo over his more religious opponents. supporters shared their opinions on how the voting was raked and the vote counting operation was run by biased officials. the violence led to road
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closures shops and offices were shut people discouraged from leaving home it's all had an economic impact which economists put in the 10s of millions of dollars. short term it will have a negative impact but long term if the government shows it can control the situation it could actually create confidence among investors. on friday opposition politicians appealed for calm as their lawyers launched a formal legal challenge of the election result the city has mostly returned to normal but it's not hard to find proposal supporters sympathizing with the protesters. something strange went on with the lists of voters and with the vote counting the witnesses on the. site were able to do their job. but the mother mostly he wants life to return to normal he says his personal finance trumps his political concerns if this week's violence turns out to be the extent of the
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population problem when the long term economic impact here will be pretty small the concern is that it would be more disruption ahead when the constitutional court releases its verdict at the end of june or beyond added jobs out to jakarta. zimbabwe's main opposition party is set to officially elect a new leader the movement for democratic change the m.d.c. is expected to choose nelson chamisa has been the interim leader since last year the party narrowly lost the election in 2018 and alice say it must overcome internal divisions in order to convince voters next time around. has more from where in central zimbabwe i feel keys are becoming a permanent feature in zimbabwe like everything else here prices keep rising and people are becoming increasingly frustrated. and to morrow morning. in the morning. looking forward.
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to strike. some are asking politicians from all parties to put aside their differences and focus on fixing things this is the time for sure but you actually have little interest at heart forget the politics let's get going because without we call it politics is useless. but zimbabwe is divided politically some people believe the main opposition leader nelson chamisa is the only one who can turn around the economy because m.d.c. party has a congress this weekend to officially elect him as leader his allies declared an interim leader after morgan tsvangirai died last year from cancer a decision that angered those who also won. to the job the main opposition party is trying to reinvent. the party splits they had beer court challenges of a property ownership and who has the rights to the party's name jamie said mary
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lost last year's presidential election to missing when i got one but the results show the opposition has significant support many challenges await opposition leaders who will be elected at this congress those challenges include manage an internal divisions and come up with alternative economic policies to convince voters before the next general election in 4 years time. al-jazeera zimbabwe. a un maritime tribe you know has ruled that russia must release ukrainian sailors and ships its last year during a stand off in waters of the crimean peninsula the hamburg based tribe you know called on russia to facilitate their release immediately and urged both sides not aggravate the dispute but russia didn't attend the hearing as dominic now reports. several of her country's sailors and ships have been held by russia since last november so on saturday ukraine's deputy foreign minister led her delegation here
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at the international tribunals for the law of the sea in search of justice in contrast russia chose an empty chair strategy. seemingly unconcerned by the possibility of an adverse ruling. tribunal consider is it appropriate under the circumstances of the present case to prescribe provisional measures requiring the russian federation to release those 3 ukrainian naval vessels and 20 full detained ukrainian soldiers smith and to allow them to return to ukraine. one of the judges on the panel was russian his was the only dissenting voice among a panel of 20 a moment of success then for you crown for out this is a pure weak theory there is what we asked did you know and to deal now clearly the it that all our vessels and our crew should be released immediately tension between
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the 2 governments has been high since the russian annexation of crimea in 2014 which is why some legal experts believe bringing this case has been part of a wider ukrainian strategy ukraine is definitely in a very very difficult situation and they try hard to. acquire judgments in favor of their legal position in order to increase political pressure in order to make it possible to fall for the presidents to sit down and come to some kind of agreement but the russian government is clear who it believes is at fault it says it's detained the ukrainian vessels and crew for violating its territorial waters a criminal act according to russian law this ruling is pretty clear the minister has what she wanted but the russians want to hear the russians don't know what will really happen in moscow following this judgment.


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