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took his oath of office well this is the beginning of from a process 1st full term as president he came to power 15 months ago when jacob zuma resigned amid corruption scandals his party the african national congress is struggling to recover from the damage caused by suma and internal conflict called him a process calling his presidency a new dawn he's also acknowledged his party's failures in recent times our people have watched a some of those in a home they had invested they are crossed have summoned up to the temptation of power and richard. they have seen some of the various situations of our democracy eroded. and resources wander the challenger's a one country they are huge and they are real. but they are not insurmountable among those show wage least 50 heads of state and dignitaries and
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more than 50000 people many south africans see them oppose us presidency as the government we committing to working for them from of course has used his address to reassure south africans to be an end to unemployment poverty and inequality is promised a better life for all promises the thousands of people here have heard many times before the question for them is whether the president will not allow up to his pledge for the a.n.c. governments provided millions of south africans running water electricity and free education is being criticised for the slow delivery of services at 27 percent most south africans an ever call for an employed expecting a lot of jobs to be there the best from them not only him but in see it lights play out be told it's the option of a servant to stop the flow of the site looking for expect that. it did decisively
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with core ups to take our culture for what and i know all the best i will come back in the coming days and i'm of course is expected to name a new cabinet is under pressure to get the government of ministers who underperformed or implicated in corruption but he's also facing the risk of further dividing the a in c. if these appointments don't appease factions within the party but for now it's a day of celebration for a man who carries the hopes of many south africans from al-jazeera pretoria south africa. still to come here at al-jazeera president trump is in japan the visit child ceremony but serious trade talks are on the agenda. as it was main opposition party meets to elect a new leader is a country struggles with an economy in crisis. the
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weather spawn says bank account time and. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast where the rain is on here across much of china that has been the trend over the last several days and will continue as we begin the week and you can see those thunderstorms really developing especially in the heating of the afternoon so the forecast map has plenty of rain on it all the eastern seaboard is looking at rain we do have a flow out of the south bringing a lot of moisture from the south china sea as well temperatures are a little bit lower than what they were because of all the clouds and rain so for hong kong we do expect to see 28 degrees there maybe coming up to about 30 but still plenty of rain across much of the region anywhere between $150.00 and possibly $250.00 millimeters over the next 3 days where here across much of the southern part of indonesia we are looking quite nice part piddly here across parts of java as well as into bali so much was also looking quite nice over the next few days not a lot of clouds here on sunday picking up
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a few more clouds as we go towards monday and that will also drop the temperatures across much of that area for bangkok it is going to be a rainy and cloudy day with a temperature there of 35 degrees and the monsoonal rain is kind of begin flowing here across the south so for sure long you saw some rain we may get a little bit of a break here on sunday but as we go towards the north the heat is still in play across much of central areas with attempted there of $45.00 degrees. whether sponsored by cattle and weighs a policy imposed decades ago. she could selectively goods and boards changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences for creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at every level will be get being given money to agree distro zation or money to get other people to be disturbed. al-jazeera examines the politics of population
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control. let's take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera iran says the u.s. decision to send 1500 more soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous the iranian foreign minister zarif is in baghdad the talks with his iraqi counterpart the deadline to file applications to stand in algeria as presidential election shed jeweled for july has now passed local media is reporting that most possibly all of the potential candidates fail to meet the legal requirements 0 run opposes been sworn in as south africa's president following the worst election yet for the ruling african national congress has promised to reform the country and revive its
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economy. that president trump has met japanese prime minister shinzo a year ago for calls in chiba south of the capital thank you it's the 5th time they've played golf together trump arrived in japan on saturday evening for a 4 day state visit which will include a meeting with the new emperor not a heater as well as talks with the prime minister about trade. with this deal we hope to address the trade imbalance remove barriers to united states exports and ensure fairness and reciprocity in our relationship and we're getting close just last week u.s. beef exports gained full access to japanese and to the markets in japan for the 1st time since the year 2000 we welcome your support of these efforts and we hope to have several further announcements soon and some very big ones over the next few
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months one hour from our correspondent in tokyo wayne hay. despite the fact that the white house and the japanese government had been saying that trade was not going to be a big factor in this visit by donald trump to japan i think no surprise that the u.s. president made it all about trade pretty much soon after he got off the plane in tokyo speaking to business leaders he referenced the big trade deficit as he has done many times before that the united states has with japan saying also that he wants a better deal the official reason for this visit is that donald trump will become the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor another hito at the imperial palace in tokyo but there is no doubt that trade will be discussed as well when he meets formally with the japanese prime minister shinzo abbay on monday trade negotiations on a deal are underway they started in april and we've seen the trade delegations
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continuing those talks over the last few days in tokyo having said that i don't think there is an expectation that they will be any significant announcement on trade while donald trump is in japan and north korea will be discussed between the 2 leaders as well particularly after the 2 missile tests from north korea earlier this month we heard from the national security adviser for the united states john bolton he's also in japan he said that those 2 missile tests were clearly a violation of united nations security council resolution so the issue of north korea regional security will be discussed when donald trump meets shinzo up in. politicians in the u.k. 0 in conservative party have launched their bids to take over from 2 reason the prime minister announced he'll resign next month and not trigger the leadership contest that's already seen several candidates step forward the contest is likely to be defined by the candidate's positions on it former foreign secretary and
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leading breck's it campaign boris johnson is favorite to win bowie challen sent us this from the houses of parliament in central london. so who will be the next prime minister of the united kingdom well 14 tories have already said they'll consider running 5 have actually throwing their hats into the ring they are estimate gray rory stewart matt hancock and jeremy hunt and also boris johnson perhaps the most familiar to viewers around the world the former mayor of london and foreign secretary he is the bookies favorite by a considerable margin but historically speaking the favorites usually doesn't do very well in conservative party leadership races whoever gets it they will face exactly the same challenges with its tourism a had just less time to get it done the deadline is looming at the end of october they will be leading a minority governments of a divided party
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a divided country dealing with the european union that doesn't want to renegotiate to reason may's deal and then you have the labor party opposition which will do everything in its power to try and bring down the government and force a general election. versions in the czech republic and slovakia in malta and in latvia have been casting their votes in the european parliamentary elections this is the penultimate day of the vote which is seen different member states take to the polls in sages since the day $751.00 politicians will be elected from the $28.00 states you know they serve a 5 year term and the results are expected on monday the parliament for various different issues like health and safety regulations farming and environmental protections politicians from india's governing alliance led by the hindu nationalist b j p have reelected no renda modi as their leader it rubber stamps his
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2nd 5 year term as prime minister after a landslide election victory he has promised to promote inclusion after being criticised for allowing divisive politics to take hold the put hindus 1st. and the opposition leader raul gandy has offered to resign as president of the congress party after it was transferred in a 2nd straight election but party officials say his gesture was rejected gandee law says seat in uttar pradesh which has been held by the family for decades and gandy dentistry includes 3 former prime ministers so how raman has more now from new delhi. as part of the process of the protocols of choosing the next government the prime minister narendra modi and his cabinet had to resign their positions on friday and submit those resignations to the president covalent he accepted the resignations but asked the prime minister to stay on as a caretaker until
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a new government and a new prime minister was elected by the winning party of course the b.g.p. of the winning party of the general election and so on saturday winning parliamentarians have gathered in an empty chamber of the parliament and have elected. modi to be the man that they wish them to lead the next government now that process has happened he will take that request by his own members and his allies back to the president and say that he has a mandate as a majority leader to form the next indian government that said and done there has yet to be a swearing in a date in the future that will be coordinated between astrologers b.g.p. prefers to consult astrologers and also allies before they go ahead and decide what day that will be most probably the end of may or early june. zimbabwe's main
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opposition party is set to officially elect a new leader the movement for democratic change the m.d.c. is expected to choose nelson chamisa he's been the interim leader since last year the party narrowly lost the election in 2018 and analysts say it's got a way of a calm internal divisions in order to convince voters for the next election has more now from cuero in central zimbabwe i feel keys are becoming a permanent feature in zimbabwe like everything else here prices keep rising and people are becoming increasingly frustrated. and to morrow morning. followed. some are asking politicians from all parties to put aside their differences and focus on fixing things this is the time to sure but you actually have
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a national interest at heart forget the politics. going out we call it politics is useless. but zimbabwe is divided politically some people believe the main opposition leader nelson chamisa is the only one who can turn around the economy his m.d.c. party has a congress this weekend to officially elect him as leader his allies declared an interim leader after morgan tsvangirai died last year from cancer a decision that angered those who also want to the job the main opposition party is trying to reinvent itself since morgan tsvangirai died last year the party splits they had been court challenges over property ownership and who has the rights to the party's name jamieson mary lost last year's presidential election to innocent but the results show the opposition has significant support many challenges await opposition leaders who will be elected at this congress those challenges include managing internal divisions and come up with alternative economy. policies to
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convince voters before the next general election in 4 years time. al-jazeera zimbabwe. sudan's military chief is in neighboring egypt on his 1st trip abroad since the army overthrew the former president omar al bashir. han held talks with the egyptian president abdul fattah el-sisi the meetings been closely watched by protest groups back home who reject any interference by outside players protest leaders in sudan have called for a general strike this week in a bid to force the military to hand over power to civilians in libya fighting has started again on the outskirts of tripoli between forces who are battling for control of the capital. fighters loyal to the u.n. recognize government say they have managed to push back against fighters who support the warlord holding for half their close to the old international airport
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more than 500 people have been killed since have to as forces began their advance towards tripoli in april that's not a new discovery since many andean communities have been growing it for generations but some are now talking of kenya hour as the next superfood daniel shrine there are reports from toledo in bolivia. at 3600 meters above sea level this desolate arab landscape in the andes mountains doesn't produce much but what it does manage to grow here is a grain with more eye and zinc protein and calcium but it's cousin it also has a less bitter taste at them and their presence here only meant for as sisters food production was an art the art of having a deep relationship with mother earth what we now call the environment they had to have a positive relationship. positive relationship working with
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a husband and for children to grow and develop the consumption both at home and abroad as flower cereal soup and more. i believe all products must have a fair price for the producer that it covers the effort he puts in but it should also be a fair price for the consumer so they can afford it and then if fair price for mother earth the cost of pollution a sustainable use of the soil. she's keen that they're all get it product does not go the way of soda high prices in the whole food shops of london new york but in an elsewhere a so-called super food that the bolivians who produce it can no longer afford to be tough to survive up here both plants and humans both need to understand the other not just to survive and thrive but to provide solutions so they have a hungry. can you know what can withstand frosts and heavy rainfall strong winds and even drought making it an ideal crop in areas affected by extreme weather
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caused by climate change. it then needs to be adapted to the modern markets. noid says this machine didn't exist anywhere else in bolivia it's a prototype the 1st we had to test our key in wa and the emraan to produce this toaster which transforms the product can yell is also providing work in regions which farmers have for generations been deserted for the cities to he returned from the city and found her peace with mother or the arms the she says a here if we would only take the time to look for them. thank you sean there are 2 little bolivia. to take a look at the top stories here it out there iran says the u.s. decision to send $1500.00 more soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous
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the iranian foreign minister zarif is in baghdad for talks with his iraqi counterpart on friday's protested gathered in baghdad demanding that government stay out of the dispute between iran and the u.s. they're worried iraq could become a battleground for a proxy war between the 2 rivals the deadline to file applications to stand in algeria as presidential election in july has now passed local media reporting that most possibly all of the potential candidates fail to meet the legal requirements. president trump has met japanese prime minister shinzo al be at a golf course in chiba south of the capital is the 5th time they've played together president trump arrived in japan on saturday evening for a 4 day visit which will include a meeting with a new emperor and now he to as well as talks with the prime minister on trade. with this deal we hope to address the trade imbalance remove barriers to united states
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exports and ensure fairness and reciprocity in our relationship and we're getting closer just last week u.s. be vexed boards again full access to japanese and to the markets in japan. for the 1st time since the year 2000 we welcome your support of these efforts and we hope to have several further announcements soon and some very big ones over the next few months british politicians in the ruling conservative party have launched their bids to take over from to reason may the prime minister announced she'll resign next month triggering a leadership contest there's already seen several candidates step forward the contest is likely to be defined by the candidates positions on bret's it former foreign secretary and leading bricks it campaign that boris johnson is favorite to win all right you're up to date they are the latest headlines from us here about is there i'll be back in about half an hour that's off the inside story today stay
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with us. britain's prime minister to resume resigns out a not getting support for her deal to leave the european union and her successor unite parliament and the country and what will a change of u.k. leadership mean old brags that this is inside story. hello welcome to the program. brags it brought
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a prime minister to resume to power and it was ultimately the issue that forced her out debate on britain's departure from the european union exposed deep divisions in the country and may face intense pressure to step down after parliament repeatedly but jacques to her withdrawal deal with the e.u. on friday she announced she will resign on june the 7th subic attack a prime minister until her governing conservative party elects a new leader may politicians to find a compromise to deliver drugs it. will be for my successor to seek a way forward to that on as the result of the referendum. to succeed he or she would have to find consensus in parliament where i have not i will shortly leave the job that it has been the honor of my life to hold. the 2nd female prime minister but certainly not the last. i do so with no ill will
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but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country of the race is now on to find may successor a contest will pit politicians want a clean break from the e.u. against those who favor close ties with the bloc but european leaders say they're worried about how the new prime minister will handle drugs it as anyone can see british politics is consumed by regulation and would be consumed by breaks or for a very long time i mean so we now enter a new phase when it comes to regular kind of face and maybe a very dangerous one for ireland. doodle and it be 2nd stance is a heartbreak that appears to be a reality that is near impossible to stop the british government the british parliament are soley responsible for a no deal exit and its consequences. let's
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bring in our gas joining us on skype from lancaster in the u.k. mark garnet senior lecturer in politics at lancaster university in london jonathan lis deputy director british influence a pro european think tank and also on skype from bologna and italy matthew goodwin professor of politics and international relations of the university of can't thank you to all for joining us mr garnet what led to may's dong 4 was it a failure to deliver bragg's it or just simply because he couldn't manage to heal the political divide in heritage well you know i think you could say this is a departure it's kind of inevitable for 2 reasons the 1st one after the general election of 2070 which she had called and then for very much of a campaign a witch revolved around herself and her plans to address it well that general election resulted in the loss of the conservative party overall majority parliament
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well from that side on this is may's days were numbered it's clear she would never be allowed by the seat to fight another election as leader but obviously. the actual process the failure to get withdrawal terms accepted by parliament on 3 separate occasions resulted in humiliating failure and actually proving the reputation of governments in britain into jeopardy because governments are very rarely defeated by the scale of this may be managed so that was the final trigger that it was a case of really it took longer but would save their own pocket expects to get rid of that and that's where the big question arises because the reason it took so long for this is the parties to be force is because the party isn't sure what to do next mr ellis may said a terse speech that she she called the nation to move to worse compromise but this
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is something that she rejected herself at the very beginning until late when she could lies that it's about time to reach out to everyone do you think that compromise is still possible now in your care politics. that is a very good question because british politics has become totally polarized in the last 3 years now you up the right the theresa may resolutely failed to reach out to her opponents and indeed to her colleagues for the 1st 2 to not fear of her premiership and when she finally did so it was much too late but compromise was possible in 2016 immediately after the referendum if she had tried to bridge the gap between the 50 percent the votes to leave and the 48 percent of those to remain there might have been a different outcome of we might have already left the european union on a half say much softer terms but because she failed to do that she has helped to engender a situation in british politics where you have ditched the middle ground of
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a softer exit and now we're really talking about a no deal breaker sets which would be incredibly harmful to the economy or revoking article 50 and that's your main aim neither of these 2 options were even thought about in 2016 and now either the 2 seems inevitable mr goodwin could to resign may's departure trigger a new debate on a new referendum to avoid a no deal in the u k. well thank you for having me i think mrs maze the show will inevitably see the conservative party move toward a hard decision that breaks it and will increase government preparation for even though you write it and i think as we get closer to the deadline in october that will inevitably. have another effect which will be to see the parliament push back against the prospect of a no deal great to see the issue of being
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a vote of no confidence in the next government and indeed that is when we get into a general election or 2nd referendum territory i'm not 2nd referendum may well be something that has a sort of no deal becoming more meaningful break from the european union on the ballot with perhaps remain or article 50 it is too early to say i think personally a general election is a little bit more likely over the long with the 2nd referendum but we are going to see fundamental changes within the conservative party from here on let's look have a look at all the possible scenarios mark. mrs made it's failed to deliver what david cameron 100 over and then it falls on the shorter of the new prime minister to decide whether to deliver bragg's it or to go for a new deal which of these is the most likely scenario in the near future.
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he quite rightly says thing which has become much less likely now is the compromise when mrs mccain prime minister some observers including myself thought that this did present the best opportunity of bridging the divisions in british society now in fact what mrs may did was to edge towards a part of bracks in people expected and that really caused all the trouble from that time on when she established a so-called red lines then the whole the whole debate i think became more and more all good towards the extremes. and so as things stand at the moment it is much more likely that a successor will be much more effective in brussels here than she ever was however the parliament isn't going to accept a hard broke sit and so it seems to me that this is got to be a result by some kind of consultation beyond parliament some kind of consultation with the people now if boris johnson with us talk about leadership in 10 years
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later but if a certain type of person becomes leader a general election is completely unavoidable ready in my view and a controversial carrots and he's chosen by the conservative party as prime minister without consulting the people is going to have a very difficult time and probably will be subject to a vote of no confidence so i think at the moment and all the cards as usual certainly the ads developments what is much more likely now is what of those 2 extreme options the middle ground is really cake then jonathan are we talking here about a race that could be nasty chaotic that could have far reaching rip a cash and for the future of the tories. if that is a great city i mean look i think that breaks it i agree with that with both my colleagues here that the tory party is going to move much closer towards or no deal breaker say because that is where the tory membership is and that after all this is
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that is who is going to elect the new prime minister so boris johnson or whoever it is is going to be much more relaxed about no deal than theresa may was but that words spell disaster for both the tory party and more importantly for the country and so parliament would agree step in and ensure that doesn't happen and that's why i think that a general election is likely not in the immediate short term but within that within a year but then that still isn't going to answer the question because a 2nd referendum is ultimately going to have to be the answer because the general election. is going to be so severe a broad brush approach the livery of a new parliament a new government but the british people ultimately have to decide if they want to continue with the path that they set in motion 2060 marty i mean if we look at the list of the contenders boris johnson comes up on top of the list but he's widely seen as someone who's very divisive figure is an advantage or do you think this
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could be a fatal weakness well the conservative parliamentary party is unquestionably now beginning to rally around boris johnson as one and he said to me last week. fairly moderate conservative m.p.'s in marginal seats now can see the boris is probably their best chance of doing 2 days one is meeting the challenge from the break to party that we are going to see to the right the conservatives have a strong vote this weekend winning european parliament elections and that is making a lot of people within the conservative party nurse because the great to politics winning over a lot of. committed leave voters but the 2nd facing the conservatives is that they need a leader who can be jeremy corbin now rightly or wrongly many within the parliamentary party are concluding that boris johnson is the only person with the charisma and
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the sort of presence required to deliver on bulk of the post challenge it's what what is unsure unclear at this moment is indeed whether he can deliver on those you know there is another view which is borrow as well polarized britain but he is not the same boris johnson who won the london mayor election twice in a row but he is very toxic among middle class professionals and majors and ultimately we're going to have to wait and see if boris gets on the ballot but the final 2 candidates and it is the parliamentary party chooses final 2 then he will win the election and every membership shows that. jonathan i mean if you top the list of the survey does not this is our pick to become the next prime minister of britain because you have other candidates like jeremy hunt by to go over as to. do any of these has a chance to take over. i think the only way that they have
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a chance to take over is it boris johnson doesn't make it to the final ballot as matthew has just said johnson if he makes it will get through but then we're in very dangerous territory because there is no guarantee the parliament will have confidence in boris johnson as prime minister so we could be entering a period of real constitutional crisis in britain because there are several turris who intimated that they will vote against johnson in the commons and that means the queen would have to get involved to decide who should be prime minister when the fundamental point is this whatever boris johnson does he will he were up to divide people but he will also your for the all the people he brings on board he will alienate others so matthews out the right that he will appeal to the voters who does that to the tory party breaks that party in the last european election by going further towards a no deal but he will also alienate the centrist core of extra manus and moderate
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leavers who still very conservative who want nothing to do with that kind of policy and that also comes with a country hard right social agenda as well which knowledge of raj has been pioneering for many years so he ultimate result of this is the tory party could well split in you direction mark let's assume that the conservatives agree on a consensus candidate but what are the galaxies so the next prime minister faced the same fate of theresa may she was humiliated she was abandoned by her own close in a circle she was backstabbed nonstop she was let alone to deal with the europeans i mean she faced a very tragic. fate. yeah i think i'll be tempted so your initial remark around a little bit and say that any competent park or vice candidate seems guaranteed to meet exactly the same fates is to reason a reason for that says it's a reason they did have an opportunity to forge a compromise to reach out to the parties to try and get some kind of the agreement
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which would have the sense of the people who are less polarized inside c.m.'s in british society has to create a coalition of people who are paths if the give and take now because her attempts is failed i think the countries out of all those who care about this issue or not is a lot of the car seat people these people are more polarized now as a result of the failure to compromise though they were before the what the person who might have had a chance of such a person existed it would be somebody who believed in a compromise but also tremendous charisma now the leadership candidates in my view are soothingly only inspiring and they would have to be the last option standing in order to get any support and so although there's a dominant role who is a kind of slightly as the last colorful character boris johnson he really a hard line brush satiric he's a possible fullback option but none of these fullback options are going to do what
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my other 2 colleagues have been talking about actually galvanize conservative support and stand a chance of winning a general election against kerry recall been who for all his controversial aspects is somebody who is kind of been able to play a waiting game on bret's it and it hasn't got the wounds on his back that the only conservatives any concerts at the herrick's mrs mays wombs as well as a crime mafia this is him for a 2nd that you are a political analyst for the tory party than you have nigel follows a 100 biting into the popularity of the party of losing voters and you have generally called it on the other side of the political spectrum do you think that it's about time for the party to go back to touch or ism to reinvent itself. well a very interesting question if i was an analyst at the conservative party the 1st thing i would say is that the conservative party asked to deliberate set if the conservative party does not deliver breaks it the conservative party will not
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survive in its current thought nearly 3 quarters of conservative party voters want to leave but the vast majority of them want a harder bijan that bret's it than that which mrs may offered and this weekend we will probably see a large number of them both at the bracket party however the conservative party is also hemorrhaging support in other areas of the country where jeremy corbyn and labor what the liberal democrats are doing much better and this is what i think is the perfect storm facing the conservatives on the one hand they lose votes to nigel farage and the bracks it party because they are unable to look to deliver a meeting but on the other hand what we may see at the next election of the liberal democrats will be taking seats they lost to the conservatives in 2050 and also labor taking seats from the conservatives beyond london in parts of the southeast because ultimately whoever takes over has very little room for maneuver on
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britain's political map jonathan i think the labor party of the same time is looking closely at the situation and waiting to see who is going to take over as prime minister do you think that dermot carbon is definitely going to come out more assertive about his stance on bread said if the. tory decides to go for a hard liner. that is the $64000.00 question because right now jeremy cooper in strangulation and prevarication is what is saving the tory party in some ways because the tory party has taken a clear line on breaks it and is going to almost certainly go harder with a new prime minister but jeremy corbyn isn't mirroring that in the other direction and so what coburn is doing in trying to please everyone is he's actually
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alienating everyone leavers don't trust into little cracks that remain is don't trust them to get behind a 2nd referendum and that's why the labor party is hemorrhaging various 3 to 13 main parties with about a quarter there is i think going to see more and more leave parties so it could be and does finally see the writing on the wall if you like and realize that the answer to him must be to about unequivocally a 2nd referendum and then he will put himself in a very very good position to take power but if he continues this sort of walking the line between the 2 camps the tory party might just clinch it but the to go back to some here matthew said i think he's actually right the conservative party survival depends on delivering bracks it but the conservatives survival depends on not delivering it because the 2nd that you deliver price it in whatever form you want 188 a lot of the voters here actually decided that because it won't be what they wanted which takes me to talk a little bit more about the european union mark what does the resignation of
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terrorism may mean for europe well this yes it's true which i think is brought a lot of. your so the. well i think quite rightly see that this is this. is an awful lot of difficult preparations for a new deal or really only way. though. will be no desire to be negotiated made clear all the time i think it will obviously be courage didn't circle in character and so the idea that this needs to go back to the british people as i think that the east is ition the response to this is most part will be a lot of obvious if they regret personally but that really they'll have their keep the same position with the slightly a priest awareness that this is likely to result in the thing that everyone wanted
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to avoid which is a new deal process and really a very severe time in relations between europe and britain muthee who would wish to become the next prime minister of the u.k. if he has only 2 months to come together with a new plan that would mean a huge difference for the country so it is either going to be no deal or a new deal with the new year i mean how can you work out the details of such a mammoth task within 2 months. well that a great question if you are a heart you're a skeptic like boris johnson or dominic where are you have be talking with your colleagues and developing a plan behind teresa mayes back for some time i think almost certainly over the summer we are going to see a big inward investment in no deal preparations i think the inevitable 1st of that new conservative prime minister is going to be firstly to win a confidence vote parliament will inevitably call one early on to test the new
9:43 am
prime minister and if they pass that then start prepping for no deal but you're right i mean whoever comes it is almost certainly going to be faced with a very constrained parliamentary r. and with a very low creaking majority so i think if you are you know. a political analyst i think almost everybody is now sharing that sort of consensus that we will have a general election sooner rather than later but also with britain going as a country only how is it going to be reunited them it is very cold or ice and toxic debate or go broke so jonathan if the next prime minister decides to go and talk to brussels do you think the whites see any change when it comes to the i was sports a back stop for example less than 0 chance now we know the next prime minister will try and get a new deal before they go for no deal i think boris johnson has said that he would
9:44 am
do that because no deal is nobody's 1st choice and so ironically the 1st thing that the new prime minister will have to do is seek an extension from the e.u. because there was simply no time the prime minister will come in july announce his or her plans to conference in october and perhaps the days that are so ironically for prime minister elect to leave the 1st thing they'll be doing is they're asked to stay in it but then the e.u. will be under no i have no incentive whatsoever. to that prime minister as i have less than a minute and this is going to be my last question to mark mark the those who are sol the idea of the british people. it turned out to be a debacle by whether they are not willing to tell people that they are entering into an art charter territory how do you see the future of britain one of the big ironies of this situation is the people who fought hard subverts it were not given the job see these are all now clean the mess that they have got that will suit what
9:45 am
they do i think the nation is going to have to gradually come to terms with the realities of the situation more generally and what i think the 1st thing is that the idea that the threats of no deal is somehow going to make europe even buckle that idea is soon going to be tested i think that we'll find a different answer for the ones that rex is put forward ready at that point i think hopefully at the end of all this has got to be a debate about britain's role in the world that would be the only really constructive thing that could possibly come out of this wearisome saga and it may well be that brittany's face difficulties before it comes to realize a should its place in the world if so as i say it's something that the broad cities will have brought upon themselves the consequences for the conservative party particular are going to be extremely severe. political saigon to continue to impress people all over the world and the clash between the unifiers and the us
9:46 am
sceptics who are determined to push for their own political agenda thank you very much indeed gas magana jonathan list and math here goes away and thank you too for watching you can see the program again and a time by visiting our website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for was slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter a hand there is a j inside saudi from me ashim the entire team here in doha by phone.
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in 2012 al-jazeera traveled to iraq people here are definitely scared to speak on camera they're saying that if they talk to us they think they'll be arrested down the line to take the pulse of a country ravaged under us occupation some of these graves are completely destroyed it's one of the most holy and sacred sites in all of iraq turned into a battleground between the mighty army and the americans rewind returns to iraq after the americans on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. swear every. an investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization
9:48 am
their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable these are the people that are about to be h one n one porsche is it getting much difficult like you now. chaz who says does your job trust that you trust an al-jazeera. hello i'm martin dennis in doha with the top stories here at out his area iran says the u.s. decision to send 1500 more soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous iranian foreign minister zarif is in baghdad for talks with his iraqi counterpart on friday protests is that demanded that government stay out of the deceit charles japhet has more from baghdad certainly according to
9:49 am
a spokesperson for the foreign ministry here in iraq these meetings are going to concentrate on 2 main areas the 1st one is strengthening ties between iraq and iran and the 2nd one as you can imagine is very much according to the spokes person iraq's role in potentially trying to defuse this escalating conflict between its neighbor and the u.s. iraq is in a very very delicate position here because of the great influence that iran has on this country it is by far the largest regional ally of iraq economically politically militarily i think it's important to actually sort of break down exactly what these what the u.s. cause are iran proxy groups that operate in this country exactly what they are not only were they integra were in the fight against eisel they were integrated into iraq security operators in 2016 and they have a very strong political presence here is world being represented by political
9:50 am
parties in government they are very much institutionalized as part of iraq split equal and military situation here the deadline to file applications to stand in algeria is presidential election in july has passed local media is reporting that most possibly all of the potential candidates failed to meet the legal requirements cyril ramaphosa has been sworn in as south africa's president following the worst election result for the ruling african national congress ram opposer has promised to reform the country and to revive its economy. u.s. president donald trump has met the japanese prime minister shinzo are at a golf course in chiba south of tokyo is the 5th time the pair have played together president trump arrived in japan on saturday for a 4 day state visit which will include
9:51 am
a meeting with the new emperor now though he had to as well as talks with the prime minister on trade but as politicians in the ruling conservative party of launch their bids to take over from terrorism a prime minister announced he'll resign next month triggering a leadership contest that's already seen several candidates step forward the contest is likely to be defined by the candidate's positions on bret's it former foreign secretary and leading breck's it campaigner boris johnson is favorite to win each other in the sense is this from outside the houses of parliament in central london. so who will be the next prime minister of the united kingdom well 14 tories have already said they'll consider running 5 have actually throwing their hats into the ring they are estimate very rory stewart hancock and jeremy hunt and also boris johnson perhaps the most familiar to viewers around the world form a matter of london and foreign secretary he is the bookies favorite by
9:52 am
a considerable margin but historically speaking the favorites usually doesn't do very well in conservative party leadership races whoever gets it they will face exactly the same challenges with bricks to reason may have just less time to get it done the deadline is looming at the end of october they will be leading a minority governments of a divided party a divided country dealing with the european union that doesn't want to renegotiate to resume a deal and then you have the labor party opposition which will do everything in its power to try and bring down the government and force a general election. sudan's military chief is in neighboring egypt on his 1st trip abroad since the army overthrew former president omar al bashir abdul fattah han held talks with the egyptian president abdul fattah el-sisi the meetings been closely watched by protest groups in sudan who reject any interference by egypt
9:53 am
right there is the latest headlines the politics of population control is next. this is a film about women who had to abort their daughters. about men who can no longer find a wife. about girls who were kidnapped for that reason. and about desperate parents. and that has settled on the kid that.
9:54 am
i eat only. was. one she is a province in southern china panshin don't envy my shan or parents who are searching for their daughter 3 year old pan shooting disappeared a month ago without trace. at 1st nobody believed that something terrible could have occurred in this peaceful village where everyone knows each other with the search for her has remained fruitless. wow me you see so you can see out your whole fine until you can find items out into the family all but. he does. all that
9:55 am
remains for the parents are their memories and. the photos from happier times. were. to. circle the area. from concord about. do you know as a lot of despairing parents he works for a relief organization throughout china they are already 200000 volunteers searching for missing girls such as pan shooting. period there are the right tards about how it was
9:56 am
a free other area. other than what it was ago. and there's michelle employer or the general recall. there it's had you want to read all. so you know the developers of without the 2. 1000 and chat on magda has a better hardware. there is a shortage of millions of women in the world's most populous country 135 boys are born for every 100 girls in some provinces of china. this is the result of an experiment that started decades ago on the other side of the world in the usa after world war 2. it was the era of the economic miracle people in the west were doing better than
9:57 am
ever before if not for the fear that their prosperity could soon come to an end a big concern was constantly growing populations due to medical advances especially in developing countries. affluent americans started a new movement together they wanted to curb the large numbers of children worldwide most of them were men from well known scientists to the super rich like john d. rockefeller the 3rd they were people with influence and connections to the highest levels of the american government. their foundations continue to exist today the ford foundation the rockefeller foundation the population council they triggered a rising tide of fear of
9:58 am
a population explosion that soon also spread to other countries and they formed the head of worldwide measures taken to decimate the population of the impoverished. this has been examined by matthew connelly as tory and a columbia university in new york he has researched in detail the development of does movement from its beginnings to its impact today population council saw its mandate not just to control the rate of population growth but also to address problems in the quality of population so they had an explicit mandate to try to do something about the growth of the fertility rates among people who they thought you know would eventually take over the world if something wasn't done to reduce fertility rates across the board but especially among people who they thought would be poor parents would have even more poor children. this way of thinking also took hold in american politics in 1966 u.s. president lyndon b. johnson attached conditions for receiving development aid one of them being that
9:59 am
recipient countries must reduce their population. and. it was a time of drought and starvation in india. the president spoke on the phone with the secretary of agriculture. put out an important project already but the president learned what he wanted no part of an exhibit i don't want to get. there by the way i'm over 30 but what are you out on the road. so i don't know but if you know what i ought to get out of here it would be cured but. he stopped food deliveries until indira gandhi down to the demands. accusations were made that the west had imperialistic intentions with its
10:00 am
population control for tax. department was founded at the united nations in 1969 the un f.p.a. the united nations pop. relation found through this ostensibly neutral path western governments channel millions into population control in developing countries the major donors besides the united states were sweden great britain germany and switzerland. south korea was among the earliest testing grounds for population control the country was devastated after the korean war at the same time there was a baby boom with the highest birth rates in the world the united states participated in the reconstruction from the very beginning population control being high on the agenda.


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