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population control project. the department was founded at the united nations in 969 the un f.p.a. the united nations population fund through this ostensibly neutral path western governments channel millions into population control in developing countries the major donors besides the united states were sweden great britain germany and switzerland. south korea was among the earliest testing grounds for population control the country was devastated after the korean war at the same time there was a baby boom with the highest birth rates in the world the united states participated in the reconstruction from the very beginning population control being high on the agenda. yet these 4 korean women grew up in a village 200 kilometers from seoul and still remember the war and the time that
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followed. did. you know all the was hidden. tedham. loci being alone will look like they were getting a little. walk on being. relays are now to. go slow the regular. hello. to my. mom. who told me that periodically i. want to also look at color and it doesn't look like we don't really want her there may have been down. through would look at paying american with all who still divided them on the long walk long long looked to cookie in. the western family
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planners formed armies of so-called health workers in cooperation with the korean government thousands of them combed the country registering fertile couples urging them to use contraception contraceptives publicly distributing that would have previously been inconceivable in south korea as well as in other parts of the world . too not in their indian whom is in the period that i actually are in the. group of either general who are will to undergo game or who will be all your own when their. payments are to condone to number of more i did 2. countries donated buses and jeeps that were converted into mobile medical units
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documents show that their task was not health promotion the population council an american foundation expressed a clear cut mission to the korean ministry of health. these vehicles are given to help improve living standards in korea for bigger is attack on the problem of excessive population growth. cut it dear sir. don't take the little one you got your dog to eat our modern cards are not going. well at the nickel i'm telling. you that this. will. cause a huge let's kill them all if you will. instead of letting citizens plan their own families family planners made having fewer children a citizen's duty they were not interested in fighting poverty but only in preventing the poor from having babies.
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mobile clinics in india went to secluded villages as early as 956 because indians were also supposed to have fewer children. western family planners flooded the country one of the pioneers was the american dr sheldon siegel he founded apartment for reproductive medicine in one of the largest state hospitals in new delhi and trained indian medical students. although early versions of i.e. d.s. had fallen into disrepute in the west siegel smuggled them to india in 1964 he declared them as christmas decorations at customs and had them inserted into the utah right of women without the knowledge of the government. in
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a letter he wrote. the present approach is to distribute the ones i have on hand to private gynecologists we're also inserting some in monkey utah right my feeling is that in the long run it may be faster to quietly accumulate evidence from these sources before trying to press for wider distribution in government family planning clinics i do not want to raise the question with health minister dr yaar if the answer is likely to be negative because we would then be in a precarious position if we. pursued human studies at all. it didn't take long for the indian government to give the green light the united states agency for international development even sent non-sterile intrauterine device is to india serious complications often a rose sometimes with fatal consequences. despite this the family planners increased the pressure and the indian government
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cooperated they said quotas for sterilizations an i.u.d. insertion paying doctors and health workers premiums who are an educated women were the main targets debate money and exchange for their fertility. so you have this system where people at every level or big being given money from the united states from the united nations from sweden from norway money to agree to start or money to get other people to agree to sterilization even if in some cases that eventually bad rounding them are and trucking them to camps where they were sometimes sterilized under the most appalling circumstances. sheldon siegel visited one of these camps in 1962 he described it to his superior i spent sunday at
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a women's sterilization camp and found it fascinating after the surgeon sows up the abdomen the ladies get off the operating table by themselves and walk out of the operating theatre i can honestly say that the operating conditions and adherence to sterility that dr and i observe in doing our hysterectomy is in monkeys for actual insertion are infinitely better yet who can argue with success. the situation in india got out of control in 1975 the government of india gandhi forced 8000000 women and men to undergo sterilization this dark chapter in indian history became known as emergency period.
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the idea of population control what was so seductive to national leaders people like indira gandhi was the idea that they could achieve majority in one generation and they could do it with crash programs even if it required taking some risks even if for some people were going to get hurt this was something that was going to make india a modern nation and was going to improve everyone's welfare in the long run what they didn't understand is that in many rural societies these children were their parents only source of security in all these right and not only that but in poorer societies even children in many cases are able to support themselves and help their parents even from a relatively young age. people or places like the population council or the ford foundation they realize that parents and poor societies in many cases prefer to have songs that what they began to think was if only they had some way of helping those parents determine whether the fetus was a female or male then they might along with abortion they might have a quicker way of reducing fertility rates the head of the population council
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determines a clear direction in 1967 men did research efforts leading to improve contraceptive technologies or practical methods of determining the sex of an unborn child so that parents could be assured of the sun. in the early 1970 s. the time had finally come scientists develop chorionic villa's sampling or cbs with this method a child sex could be identified before birth. abortion was forbidden in almost all developing countries sheldon siegel and his colleagues used their connections to the highest ranks in the u.s. government and with great success. henry kissinger was u.s. president gerald ford secretary of state at the time in a $974.00 document that was long kept classified he demanded the massive 50
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population of developing countries and declared abortion to be an indispensable tool for population control. no country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion. while women in the united states were still heading to the streets to demand the right to control their own bodies american foundations and politicians were pressuring developing countries to legalize abortion. in the following decades a massive surplus of men was created in asia through the abortion of daughters the consequences are omnipresent in india today once again those who suffer most are girls and women of low socio economic standing like 19 year olds the jena.
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and because of the law may be said on a lot of. today's list with her brother's family he is her protector and saved her life 3 years ago when she suddenly disappeared from her village. flashback after vanished shamsul sold everything travelled 2000 kilometers to new delhi and reported her disappearance to the aid organisation of nobel laureate. you know there are little girls will be coming. here. right. shams who was not able to accomplish anything on his own even the police turned him away several times when pressured by the aid organisation the police finally took
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action in the village or said jean it was being held. there. a woman claiming to be mother in law pulled out a marriage certificate the shortage of women is particularly extreme in the north and indian state of. parents desperately look for wives for their songs. you know. the village elder ultimately explain what happened to such a. god right to tell you. what they're going to think about. that if you go not them other than the common are you know. the truth finally came out when the residents turned the girl over to the police the entire village had collected money to buy the jena.
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batchelor's she was married to one man and abused as a sex slave by 7 others this is one of the consequences of the severe lack of women in the. room. sit gina it's not an exception. traffickers go through slums looking for girls when they disappear hardly anyone goes looking for them. the traffickers are often acquaintances are neighbors. girls and women likes a gene or suffer the consequences of population policies introduced an expedited by western family planners 50 years ago in india.
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pregnant woman part that she would selectively goods and have only boys so this was created by the academic medical profession promoted by a ford foundation and a lot of other in jews who try to lead the whole project. i think they took 30 students per year. so in about 5 years there was a co-op with over a few 100 people who barely whether it's a boy or girl. the gynecologist poorly trained at the same hospital where sheldon siegel carried on his research. i was told it is a project. of research going on somebody that i think people need and how to find god it's a boy or a girl before birth by doing abuse and he says oh they produce a girl of course we're what. prenatal sex
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determination was the biggest breakthrough in population control this way girls were aborted on mass and birth rates were just 2 fold fewer babies were being born and fewer girls they could later bear children. daughters are weeded out. in china as well one in 5 boys presently born one later not be able to find a wife mother so worried they advertise at countless marriage markets for their surplus sons in shanghai there's such a market every sunday in people's park. was
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it the us that says it or where we were. that. those who would do than boy were in the you know you do when the. beetle was a man who has been our that the ahmad's how we win new york. city and so that there one is that if we seen a better hood you had some insist he should insist jacen says it's a teaching. these are mothers who have only one son because they were permitted to have only one child this was the chinese strategy for population control. once and the mud detroit now settled in towns and villages. but many are unregistered and invisible to the park 6 boards and tools none of them have
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citizenship al-jazeera world meets the great people. who are both of them being put on the person's going through the. state lists in lebanon. on al-jazeera. until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was a cover included todd's tragedies of quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway 5 and a half months out. when it's a case of system that was introduced to. latin america al-jazeera has come to fill a void that needed to be stilled. everything it's a devastating impact on. explore some of the efforts to recover its lost
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from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important samples that we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on there simulating what happens when the elephant life up to conflict on al-jazeera. hello again i'm dennis in doha with the top stories here at al-jazeera iran says the u.s. decision to send 1500 more soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous the iranian foreign minister zarif is in baghdad for talks with his iraqi counterpart on friday protests has demanded that government stay out of the disputes the deadline to file applications to stand in algeria presidential election in july
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paul's local media is reporting that possibly all of the potential candidates fail to meet the legal requirements so rahm opposes being sworn in this south africa's president following the worst election yet for the ruling african national congress rather opposes promise to reform the country and revive its economy. president trump has met the japanese prime minister shinzo at a golf course in chiba south of take in it's the 5th time they've played together president trump is on a 4 day visit which will include a meeting with the new emperor not a heater as well as talks with on trade with this deal we hope to address the trade imbalance remove barriers to united states exports and ensure fairness and reciprocity in our relationship and we're getting closer just last week u.s.
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be vexed words gainful access to japanese and to the markets in japan for the 1st time since the year 2000 we welcome your support of these efforts and we hope to have several further announcements soon and some very big ones over the next few months british politicians in the ruling conservative party of launch their bids to take over from 2 reason may the prime minister announced he'll resign next month the leadership contest is likely to be defined by the candidate's positions on bret's that former foreign secretary and leading bricks it campaign a boris johnson is favorite to win so dan's military chief is in neighboring egypt on his 1st trip abroad since the army overthrew former president omar al bashir. in hell talks with the egyptian president up till fattah el-sisi the meeting has been closely watched by a protest groups who reject any interference by egypt there is the latest headlines
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for us here that is there i'll be back in about half an hour after the politics of population control. affluent americans started a new movement most of them were men from well known scientists to the super rich like john d. rockefeller the 3rd together they wanted to curb the large numbers of children worldwide. so you had the system where people at every level were big givers monitor body from united states from the united nations from sweden from norway to agree to our money to get other people to agree to sterilization prenatal sex determination was the biggest breakthrough in population control this way girls were aborted on mass. daughters are weeded out in china as well one in 5 boys presently born one later not be able to find a wife. u.s.
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president richard nixon and his secretary of state henry kissinger arrived in beijing and $972.00 it was a historic meeting with mounts a tongue about the balance of power and the mutual commitment to world peace. there is no reason for us to be enemies. neither of us domination over the other. neither of us seek to stretch out our. and waited world. but the fear of the americans of chinese supremacy and thus the supremacy of communism was great and the fear that chinese population growth seemed unstoppable . after nixon's visit the floodgates opened for western family planners the chinese
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government had a sympathetic ear for them. most successor deng xiaoping introduced the one child policy millions were trained as lay health workers the so-called barefoot doctors their mission distributing contraceptives all over the country and ensuring that couples only had one child. an easy way of. young. family planning became a matter of state if anyone expected a 2nd child and they faced draconian punishments. the government used graffiti on building facades warning people to obey you can beat it out you can kill it you just cannot give birth to it. although the media
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reported forced sterilization and abortions the west donated money to the chinese population program at 1st this only came from organizations like the ford foundation but in 1979 even the united nations population fund a $50000000.00 to the chinese government. an employee of i p p f one of the donor organizations sounded the alarm. i think that in the not too distant future this will blow up into a major press story as it contains all the ingredients for sensationalism communism forced family planning murder of viable fetuses parallels with india etc when it does blow up it is going to be very difficult to defend. but the warnings were not only nord the un population fund also presented china with an award for outstanding contributions regarding birth control who they choose to give it to it
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wasn't a reproductive rights advocates you know it wasn't to people whose lives were risk because or trying to campaign to get people and especially women the right to own and control their own bodies it was just the opposite they decided to honor the leader of china's course of population control program a chinese general. you know who had presided over the most egregious period in the entire history of the program and they chose to honor indira gandhi who was responsible for what until then was the worst population program of all the emergency period program in india. why did the un population fund support countries financially that forced people to be sterilized and have abortions. you have to bring in money to improve the kind of contraception. if for example why you are improving the
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health you also have to be in a country to be able to talk to authorities to say you have been invited us in. a better way of helping your women tell me the whole russia now for giving in there on the 1st population or ward after the start as a forced sterilization of so many people as well as to the chinese. now. need to be very clear. that goes i will exact given by the united nations member states. it. struck. at that time the united states was the most important member state contributing 40 percent of the budget was the u.n. population fund simply the puppet of its benefactors.
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40 years after these population policies supported by the west over 30000000 chinese men remain involuntary bachelors because of the shortage of women. this is why millions of unemployed men from rural areas move to the cities as migrant workers they aim to earn money to improve their chances of finding a bride. leapin works in a selfie stick factory near hong kong at 27 he also does not have a girlfriend yet. you were going down there and for no it's for the let's have more than my old. employer but i've got a right. to live here paul you know that was there no way. of that and. that song was young i mean yeah so you know what's.
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going. on the number of continues to increase especially in the countryside chinese women prefer well off men from the city. china's problematic a lack of women will not change in the coming decades current birth records show a continued gender imbalance amongst newborns. parallel to the increased lack of women the trafficking of girls prostitution and child abductions have risen dramatically in china. with the huge the activist to un visits the parents of pan shooting
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a little girl who disappeared but he has no good news there is still no trace of their 3 year old daughter. you're the. guy. who put it off until. the mendoza got it out coming out of you you mail a. message of how a mail conason mom is only a mail she has is a commission as i'm sure and no knowledge to themselves she. hasn't been seen. the girls are often abducted by someone from the village before the child reaches the person who contracted to have are taken she will have passed through many hands with each transaction the price goes up ultimately the product girl costs roughly $8000.00 and for the buyers the deal always pays off.
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but they are herds of. very young daughters and. some of the irish officer under a fan of the. toughest jobs here was a teacher not someone who would be as a big part of a sort of tidy up if you like in a louisiana law are a long way to go to to avoid a busy are you off for lump of a human. up in riyadh bio jali on io jumpers or the legion of the south florida. to some mama. who wouldn't play the hoff you again find a hot young woman team in. go to isn't that you also neil foss in the lot to need.
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to need the counsel on that one haha the. source on hide and. statistics show the higher the surplus of men the higher the crime rate and the number of violent crimes against women. and how do you american political scientists valerie hudson researches and teaches the impact of this surplus of men up to bush school of government in texas. is. that. you're creating a pool of already socially disadvantaged young men who are already predisposed to challenge the established order now you deepen their grievance there
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is no hope for them to finally become adult men within their society without taking more drastic action. statistically the majority of crimes worldwide is committed by young unattached men when men enter into relationships or have children the likelihood of them committing a crime decreases. valerie hudson views asia's massive surplus of men as a serious threat to global stability. when you get instability and violence and. and security and the 2 most populous nations on earth i don't see how that that can spill over into global international relations whether we're talking about the rise of china whether we're talking about the future of india's its walk recy thing all these questions are affected by what's going on with the women of india and china.
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i mean while the indian government reacted and outlawed sex determination in the early 1990 s. and yet they have never been as many abortions of girls as today because with alter a sound technology sex determination has become cheap and safe. despite the ban it is only a question of money to find a doctor who is willing to break the law and reveal the gender of the unborn child . the middle class in india is growing and as expected educated indians want fewer children little has changed about the preference for sons especially in the upper class.


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