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forces this video is said to show the attacks between can check who uncovered in southern edited white phosphorus and it is an incendiary material that's banned as a weapon it can cause severe burns and breathing trouble the syrian government launched an assault on a province last month and it's the last major area of rebel held territory in syria a land mine explosion has killed at least 6 chaldean soldiers in lake chad a t.v. cameraman with the army convoy also died there also multiple injuries when the land mine exploded on the road between the city of beggars solar and the town of poor on chad's border with nigeria and there sudan's military chief is in neighboring egypt on his 1st trip abroad since the army overthrew former president omar al bashir. held talks with egyptian president sisi the meeting has been closely watched by protest groups who reject any interference by egypt protest leaders in sudan have
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called for a general strike this week in a bid to force the military to hand over power to civilians. politicians from india's governing alliance led by the hindu nationalist b j p have reelected modi as their leader and rubber stamps his 2nd 5 year term as prime minister after a landslide election victory he has promised to promote inclusion after critics accused his party of divisive policies that put hindus 1st and indian opposition leader raul gandhi offered to resign as president of the congress party after it was transferred in a 2nd straight election but party officials say the gesture was rejected gandhi lost his season it was a pradesh which has been held by his family for decades the gandhi dynasty includes 3 former prime ministers. off still ahead on al-jazeera congolese politician ways could be val's to unite the opposition after almost 3 years in exile plus.
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it's almost inject politics a city that shot down this week it's a lot of protesters to go to the streets it's mostly back to normal now but i'll be looking at the economic impact of the travel and whether the could be in. the west and sunsets by cattle and. hello again it's good to have you back or still looking at some very warm conditions here across the middle east we're talking about the eastern mediterranean where temperatures have been going into the high thirty's some locations into the low forty's in the last couple of days now a lot of those temperatures have come down a few degrees but it is still above average in some of these locations now you can see aleppo we're talking about 30 degrees there even the southern coast of turkey is seeing into the low thirty's over the next few days not
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a lot in terms of rain we did have wildfires in israel those have been controlled but aleppo 34 degrees as those temperatures rise baghdad we do expect to see a time to them of about 41 well here across the gulf well looking quite nice here in doha terms as about seasonal for this time of year about $38.00 degrees we expect to see but we do expect to see some more rain across parts of yemen so for sauna some showers pushing through there and as we go towards monday a little bit of break but up towards mist got a nice day for you with a temperature of 35 degrees and then very quickly here across parts of southern africa we are seeing some clouds across parts of cape town for durban johannesburg you are going to be into the low twenty's over the next few days but by the time we get towards monday we do expect to see more rain across parts of madagascar some showers could be quite heavy at 21 degrees but harare it is going to be a nice day with a cool 22 degrees in your forecast. the weather sponsored by the ways people have to weigh your record on this troubling but few years ago there
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was place only for one state on the land of israel all you do not believe in a 2 state solution the official story is that there are no i'm sure we all should already i don't care about the official story if you were a little visit today you would say what has the media been telling. them why there's a lot to gratian if you join me near the front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories are the big issues here when i was in iraq. hello again i'm mr. reminded of the news this hour the deadline to file applications to stand in algeria as president and election in july has. local media
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reporting that most possibly all of the potential candidates failed to meet the legal requirements. u.s. president donald trump has teed off with japanese prime minister shinzo all day as a golf course and chiba south of the personal diplomacy will be followed by what's expected to be tough talks on trade has complained about japan's a large trade surplus. and iran says the u.s. decision to send 1500 more soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous iranian foreign minister john wood zarif is in baghdad for talks with his iraqi counterpart. now different member states have been casting their votes in the european parliament elections since thursday 751 politicians will be elected for a 5 year term with results expected on monday the e.u.
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parliament presides over a wide ranging laws including health and safety regulations farming and environmental protections has more from brussels. political analysts have been widely debated whether liberal values are on retreat in the european union and whether the 28 countries taking part in these parliamentary elections will show a rise in populism where we'll have to wait and see when the polling booths close on sunday evening what the 1st exit polls will tell us about those trends immigration policy the economy and terrorism have been issues at the heart of this debate in europe the 1st direct elections to the european parliament began in 1989 but the 5 year early polls have seen a steady drop in voter turnout ever since 57 percent abstained in 2014 there are 700 $51.00 seats here in the chamber of the european parliament up for grabs now each country is awarded
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a portion of them according to their population size germany has $96.00 top followed by france with 74 and then britain on 73. once elected the m.e. peter organized into transnational blocs the largest group up to now has been the center right european peoples party so when the newly elected any piece take up their position in the chamber their 1st task will be to elect a president of the european commission because. his days in that are now numbered in just a few weeks then they'll have to decide on the shape and size of the european union's budget nearing 200000000000 dollars this year congolese leader and moyes could be has told al jazeera he plans to unite the opposition he recently returned to the democratic republic of congo after almost 3
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years in exile khatami is a wealthy businessman and former governor of the southeast katanga province he was once an ally of former president joseph kabila that the pair fell out and get toby was charged with property fraud and barred from running in december as election that for it was won by a fixture security so the result has been disputed since just a k.t. has been in office he has pardoned 700 prisoners including political opponents of former president kabila noise could turn b. was one of those cleared well al katharine so i sat down with him and the main city in his political heartland. i think what is important for us is the life of the congolese people i'm going to go and do my tour in the country i came by a man of peace i never killed anyone i never stolen any payment from anyone i count for everything rich of god and do you still hold presidential ambitions 5
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years is a lot we need to count to go up we need the people. of 12 better life people think you may be to be to be in the in government is where you can help people. where i am today in the opposition we are going to congratulate when we can where you can congratulate you are going to criticise where you can agree and you are going to give advice when we can give some advice in the last presidential election you supported martin for you and not a politician and he's been going around the country saying that he is the legitimate president do you support those issues you see i'm not the constitutional court the constitutional court program president as president i'm not above the law some
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people listen the president has been struggling to assad his authority he's seen this question but he's formed with his predecessor joseph kabila what is your reaction to that i know want to talk about they are quietly and what are you concerned that he surrounding himself too much with people who are allies of the former president their people refused for the 3rd mandate of president gobby lab and secondly they didn't vote for his candidate so i think today their people want a better future is up to president to say good because i think he should listen to the people while they do want for their future so you yourself have come back after almost 3 years he left the country thank you for being the cause of your fall out with the president with a with a then president joseph kabila how was your relationship now he's a former president. is
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a president to retire. i always good retiring i mean the opposition is goatees coalition i think when i resigned because i saw the country was collapsing. i. final results of this week's presidential elections in malawi will be delayed the high court has ordered some votes be recounted after opposition parties complained of irregularities and intimidation others say figures on many sheets were altered using correction fluid and combin president is seeking a 2nd 5 year term and neighbor in nearby zimbabwe the main opposition party is set to officially elect a new leader the movement for democratic change is expected to choose nelson chamisa he's been interim leader since last year the party narraway lost the
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election and 2018 analysts say it must overcome internal divisions in order to convince voters next time around. where a. few keys are becoming a permanent feature in zimbabwe like everything else here prices keep rising and people are becoming increasingly frustrated. some are asking politicians from all parties to put aside their differences and focus on fixing things this is the time. just at heart forget the politics. going. politics is useless. but zimbabwe is divided politically some people believe the main opposition leader nelson chamisa is the only one who can turn
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around the economy because m.d.c. party has a congress this weekend to officially elect him as leader has declared an interim leader after morgan tsvangirai died last year from cancer a decision that angered those who also want to the job the main opposition party. he is trying to reinvent. the party splits they have been court challenges over property ownership and who has the rights to the party's name jamieson mary lost last year's presidential election to innocent but the results show the opposition has significant support many challenges await opposition leaders who will be elected at this congress those challenges include manage an internal divisions and come up with alternative economic policies to convince voters before the next general election in 4 years time. al-jazeera zimbabwe. can has returned to indonesia's capital after protests over the presidential election results opposition candidate. has asked the constitutional court to review
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how votes were counted and people in jakarta counting the cost of the week's disruption andrew thomas has. people shuttling bundles of clothes from southeast asia's largest textile market about $30.00 a day so when violent street protests in jakarta manages to close the taliban markets janai idea dealers took a financial hit. here new growth last about on busy days i can make 40 or 50 dollars so missing 2 days means i've lost nearly 100 dollars i couldn't give anything to my wife there was nothing violent street protests in jakarta to stand wednesday night stopped much of the in the nation's capital protesters were angry that official election results showed a big victory for the incumbent president jocko widodo over his small religious opponents for most of the antelope supporters shared their opinions on how the
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voting was rigged and the vote counting operation was run by biased officials. the violence led to road closures shops and offices was shut people discouraged from leaving home it's all had an economic impact which economists put in the 10s of millions of dog. short term it will have a negative impact but long term if the government shows it can control the situation it could actually create confidence among investors. on friday opposition politicians appealed for calm as the lawyers launched a formal legal challenge of the election result the city has mostly returned to normal but it's not hard to find proposal supporters sympathizing with the protest as. something strange went on with the lists of voters and with the vote counting the witnesses on the site were able to do their job. but the mother mostly he wants life to return to normal he says his personal finance trumps his political concerns
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if this week's violence turns out to be the extent of the post-election troubles and the long term economic impact it will be pretty small the concern is that the could be more disruption hate when the constitutional court releases its verdict at the end of june or beyond. algeria jakarta. now it's not a new discovery since many and in communities have been growing it for generations but someone now talking of kenya as the next superfood dangle the reports from toledo and bolivia. at 3600 meters above sea level this desolate arab landscape in the end these mountains doesn't produce much but what it does manage to grow here is a grain with more iron zinc protein and calcium but it's cousin it also has a less bitter taste at them of the presidency than the menthol for as sisters food production was an art the art of having
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a deep relationship with mother earth what we now call the environment they had to have a positive relationship. the positive relationship of working with a husband and for children to grow and develop the consumption both at home and abroad as flower cereal bowls soup and more. deliberate i believe all products must have a fair price for the producer that it covers the effort he puts in but it should also be a fair price for the consumer so they can afford it and then if fair price for mother earth the cost of pollution a sustainable use of the soil. she's keen that they're all going to product does not go the way of soda high prices in the whole foods shops of london new york burlington elsewhere a so-called super food that the bolivians who produce it can no longer afford to be tough to survive up here both plants and humans both need to understand the other not just to survive and thrive but to provide solutions so they have
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a hungry world can you know what can withstand frost and heavy rainfall strong winds and even drought making it an ideal crop in areas affected by extreme weather caused by climate change. it then needs to be adapted to the modern markets. noid says this machine didn't exist anywhere else in bolivia it's a prototype the 1st we had to test our key in wa and emraan to produce this toaster which transforms the product can yell is also providing work in regions which farmers how for generations been deserted for the cities to he returned from the city and found her peace with mother or the she says a here if we would only take the time to look for them daniel schorr in their own little bolivia.
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with the headlines on al-jazeera the deadline to file applications to stand in algeria as presidential election in july has passed local media reporting that most possibly all of the potential candidates failed to meet the legal requirements u.s. president on trunk has teed off with japanese prime minister shinzo are there as a golf course in chiba south of tokyo trump arrived in japan on saturday evening for a 4 day state visit which will entered a meeting with new emperor naruhito and talks with the prime minister on trade. iran says the u.s. decision to send 1500 more soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous iranian foreign minister jabbered zarif is in baghdad for talks with his iraqi counterparts syrian activists are reporting the use of white phosphorus by the syrian government and russian forces this video is said to show the attacks between can show who and in southern italy
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a white phosphorus is an incendiary material that is banned as a weapon it can cause severe burns and breathing trouble the syrian government launched an assault on the province last month and the last major area of rebel held territory in syria a land mine explosion has killed at least 6 chaldean soldiers in lake chad a t.v. cameraman with the army convoy also died there were also multiple injuries when the land mine exploded on chad's border with nigeria and there are members of venezuela's government and opposition will meet in oslo next week for talks aimed at resolving the political crisis the development seen as a sign of progress after months of tension between opposition leader. and president nicolas maduro confirmed his team will meet government representatives in norway. for the argentinean leader cristina kirchner and her running mates have launched their campaign ahead of elections in october the launch comes just days after her
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1st court appearance on a string of corruption charges in a surprised many when she announced she would run for vice president instead of the presidency well those are the headlines next up is up front to stay with us. just. an up front today we'll debate why turkey is rerunning a major election but 1st i'll challenge nobel peace laureate and former liberian president ellen johnson sirleaf on corruption nepotism and the prosecution of war crimes.
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ellen johnson sirleaf thank you for joining me up front it's been more than a year since you left office as president of liberia you came into power off the back of a peace deal that followed decades of war and violence and. you ended your mandate with liberia's 1st successful democratic transition in 73 years you're the 1st woman to lead an african nation a nobel peace prize winner and yet some might say you've been more popular abroad than you have been at home what do you say to them. well you know i think your point really went around the country where i spent a lot of time going into rural areas able to work with farmers and rogue women. and traders and you know i found that i was very well connected with them but also it's in the city some of the positions i took maybe not popular then that's fine but i also know that i had to be out in the global community being
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able to mobilize the support for liberia being able to reach to my peers credit worthiness. being able to make sure that the partnership that we needed you know was put in place to enable us to achieve our development goals i'm very happy with what i was able to do when you became president in 2005 you pledged a war on corruption you called it quote a national cancer and called public enemy number one but then you yourself were hit with a variety of scandals your government and you later said you quote underestimated the cultural roots of corruption but surely liberian culture isn't to blame for corruption liberian politicians such as yourself and others are to blame for corruption well let me tell you politicians are part of the culture politicians are probably fairly system but it's also how blaming the public the collateral for the actual knowledge lamie anybody and none and i think you you're just talking what
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are listening that's not what i'm saying i'm saying dependency dishonesty. these institutions to. corrupt. you mention the institutions and yet you did have an independent corruption watchdog the general auditing commission which found 20 government ministers accused 20 government ministers of corruption and you failed to prosecute any of them why. well let me tell you something all of those reports were sent to our liberia anti-corruption agency they were also sent our legislature we all got a particular unit in the presidency to be able to look at all of those cases and to be able to send them power to the ministry of justice where ever people
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prosecution was necessary why would they pressure let me let me well because our system is like that. if you want to really understand liberia you need to dig a little deeper you need to understand culture our values systems and the way to tackle it is not always to just make a whole lot of noise. but to quietly build those institutions that are going to go on last what is it about your country's institutions and values and culture to lead you to appoint 3 of your sons and your sister to top government positions something that led to your fellow liberian nobel peace laureate leymah bowie to resign from her post as head of liberia's peace and reconciliation commission to she you know understand liberia. less lead no less let's put it this way 1st of all when i took office talking about one of my sons was always in place in place
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couple of ministrations before i took place and i didn't fly yes i didn't think it was necessary to do so if you're talking about where i needed a specialized skill to be a way she objected of trying to mobilize resources to attack a major development programs that's what i did and frankly where you place look around today as some other countries that have found themselves perhaps in similar position and happening able to put in place those particular which varies. when you come to the us leave that to you do your research i've done my research at the british prime minister has been appointed then a canadian prime minister has been appointed in family members the french president has appointed any family members the german chancellor as an appointed any family members i could have going going to have a good there is that oh you would say look i don't reason i'm saying it's not a common practice for president or prime minister certainly not in democratic
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nations to appoint a bunch of family members to run this very very low level let me put it this way we really got this you know let's just let's deal with the real life you. can help this well and i'm going to see you say let's deal with the matter is really at our letters i know you say you said you say you are going to i mean is that a special skill set your son robert sirleaf was appointed chairman of liberia's national oil company that company went bankrupt in $30.00 to $40000000.00 us dollars disappeared what special skill set did he bring to the national will be no no no no no no let me just say what you just said. i i lie you look at the red cross that is nothing about. that company. there were no problems at all the national company masto or company ran into big. companies that were trying to x. . x.
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so more well and. could not point. that this company could not continue it's as simple as that and the record is clear how about the liberia central bank you pointed your son charles deputy governor that. i suspect has officially declared assets and 2 months ago he was ordered to be held in jail while awaiting trial for having unlawfully printed local currency worth tens of millions of us dollars did you know he was doing that. well i didn't know you wanted to have an interview just to come up with a just statements i mean. it was you know and i said earlier that i thought you know that you know as you know i you know 2 i mean it's not wrong if the ad is not true that is not true that is not true he was. just apply. legally. but it was charged i mean.
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that was initially you're not going to charge a i'm just ask you to comment on him being held for trial you're saying that didn't happen clearly you know what you're trying to do what you're trying to do is to show now that's what you're trying to do we do that we need to have a civil exchange i'm very civil very simple question you accuse me of making a living i've been accused of anything i simply asked your son who has been ordered to be held in jail while awaiting trial for having unlawfully printed local currency worth tens of millions of dollars what's your reaction to that there's nothing uncivil about that question. look i was system requires that when we have a when we have a limited jurisdiction the court we're not supposed to talk about it tell that matter settled by the courts so you're trying to make me do things that i'm not right not legal please don't do that ok how about what happened on your watch you
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suspended him for defaming to declare his assets am i lying about that as well. do you have to realize how i read what i read and i read. maybe i will try to work out what you want to know how did you run the government you appointed family members suspended some of them just wondering how that works. well i don't think you want to. i do i don't think i don't think you want to go there because i'm asking questions that are very legitimate questions i would ask any former president on this show about corruption allegations on their watch the fact that i happen to be your children is neither here nor there. so you don't want to comment on anything about corruption ok one of the other things critics lined up against you for your criticized for your former support of charles taylor your predecessor who's of course a convicted war criminal in 2000 and you formally apologized for having stood behind him that same year the liberian truth and reconciliation commission made
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a set of recommendations saying that a compensation scheme should be created a dedicated war crimes court should be set up you never took action on those things why not. have it. we have. all the. character country like. all of those things that have kept us down that have to. happen. well it will not be ruthless reconciliation effort to get past eventually. reconciliation has gone to the courts. it's left the courts it has
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transformed into a law. that process has started a process of contrition and forgiveness all of that has started and i don't put you in all the mission on truth and reconciliation which also accused you of financing and forming quote the warring factions in liberia's civil war the report said that people including yourself should be banned from occupying public office for 30 years. but then made that up to date on the country maybe you forget that after that came out i won 2 elections because you ignored the recommendation that said i shouldn't be allowed to run around or no no no no that went to court you see you don't have enough information for the things you say ok that's really unfortunate ok this matter went to the courts i didn't put it went to print court and the decision was taken you cannot busy body did not
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have the legal powers to be able to judge people were given the right of self-defense was in my case it was somebody else's case if you just take a little bit of time to understand the truth and the facts then you won't have to say some of the things you say. it's not true than that the recommendation was for people not to run for office for 30 years i just made that up. and you totally missed the point. we'll have to agree and disagree with the reports of people to look it up one last question you're one of the few african leaders to lead a peaceful democratic transition when you look at the state of democracy and some other african nations and see how so many others libya zimbabwe others have failed to do the same of have repeatedly contested elections what's your advice to those other african countries or other african leaders i think africa is on the right track when it comes to democracy. i think what we need is to make stronger
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institutions that will ensure that democracy is implemented will ensure that participation of all citizens in society is by intense today active active collaboration to be able to achieve development goals there may be a be a model for those that. take away from the successes we've had for progress we have but i think the record is clear evidence is right to see ellen johnson sirleaf thank you so much for joining me on outfront i'm not sure if i thank you. i must say i'm glad it's over. back in march president earlier ones ruling justice and development party or at party suffered surprising losses in local elections across turkey including in istanbul and ankara for the 1st time in almost 20 years but the turkish president refused to concede and
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earlier this month the country's high election council announced a rerun of the istanbul mayoral election to be held on june 23rd so is this just the latest step on the road to turkish or talk or see or is 2 as his supporters say just protecting the integrity of the election process joining me to debate this from istanbul. a senior member of the ak party and its former vice deputy chairman for human rights and most of our senior fellow at the cato institute and contributing opinion writer at the new york times thank you both for joining me in the arena harun your party suffered significant losses in the local elections in march including in istanbul where your president used to be the mayor in a democracy many would say you're supposed to respect the election result not demand multiple recounts and then have a rerun of the whole election just because your candidate didn't win. you're just repeating the opposition. which are not true the election is going to rerun because
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there is an independent but the electoral commission made a decision to go to rerun for 2 reasons because number one is that there are hundreds of people that point at the ballot box offices number 2 there are irregularities in was counting sheets which in the law clearly says that in these sort of cases if it's impacting the final result of the election it goes to iran and it's not the 1st in last minute simple elections there are 14 minutes to fill it is that then to rerun for similar reasons when you say irregularities voters in istanbul didn't just vote for mayor on march 31st they cost 4 different vote. in 4 different pieces of paper they were all put into the same all overlook before going into the ballot box but you're not calling for a rerun of all 4 vote how come the 3 are ok but one of the votes is irregular that makes no sense to me the reason is very simple math if you know the law because the difference the difference between the 2 candidates in istanbul metropolia in minutes ability is very small if you look at the local municipalities yes the is
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regularities are there valid for them as well but they are not impacting the final result because the difference is more ok it's an independent body calling for a rerun and they were voting irregularities was the problem. well becky i think it's not that simple and i should 1st say this i'm really sad about what turkey has become it's my country we had a great accomplishment in the early 21st century we were the shining star of the muslim world unfortunately it devolved into a grim authoritarian scene in the past 6 years and lot of things have gone down speech independent press lot of things have gone down already well at least the elections were there at least elections were trusted and now with the cancellation of these stumble elections unfortunately now there are question marks about even the curiously of elections and the legitimacy of elections in turkey will be there even former president former former prime minister ahmed who are the people who
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built his party said that this is a this is really a bad thing for our democracy there are independent scholars who don't see any reason illegitimate reason for the cancellation of the elections the elections are canceled on a technicality that there were not. people there more than 30000 ballots in a stumble in 200 of them the people who are the head of the team counting the ballots were not government officials they didn't used to be government official for decades this is a new law they keep people out the fact that they were not government officials doesn't prove any mystique they're only miscount it's just a technicality and that technicality is not used to cancel other elections across turkey in which the opposition lost the only place where opposition won which is istanbul the big most important place is not being canceled in the ruling party will have its arguments but other than themselves nobody in turkey believes this is
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fair however let me ask you this question you said earlier that i was just repeating opposition talking points but it's not just the opposition who have been criticizing the rerun of this election as most of them went to gold the former president of turkey a member of your party that polity. said that it costs a shadow over our democracy tolu former prime minister member of your party has said it's cause our fundamental values to be undermined and they also opposition members now look. first of all these 2 gentleman are founders of our party and very respected senior politicians of our party and we always when they do criticism. of of course they are open to give their opinions we hear their opinions they are able to make their criticism indeed this is what makes that party a very democratic party and they are making this decision based on law not someone else's comments i mean maybe they made an unpopular choice to go to repeat the
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elections but it is same time this was the right decision according to the law to be fair to their u.k.p. doesn't the fact that they're not demanding reruns in places like adarna or messire and where they also lost to the opposition does not maybe suggest that there is a genuine objection they have in istanbul because they are not asking for reruns across the board across the whole country other know they are not asking for a return on korea as well which they have asked for i think it is stumble is the most important thing in the scene secondly there is a really close call i mean they lost with a very small margin but the mere fact that elections are rerun in turkey when the ruling party thinks that they are not helpful that's a stain on our tomorrow and the fact remains that the act party did lose to the opposition in other cities throughout turkey how do you interpret those losses are they a referendum on president rule on the evidence of dissatisfaction from the turkish public with the ones rule number of people have made their decision for the general
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election last year for president this significant. so interpreting this managed to pull of the results as a general election would mislead us it's wrong that's not correct and even if you do that and i think if you look at the general popular vote a party still want 53 percent general both in this election and i saw something on that. there is no doubt the president out on any keep he's still popular in turkey there's no doubt about that the problem is the rest of the country is being demonized by the propaganda machine of the government in turkey the problem we have is a very divisive rhetoric which considers one political line legitimate and the other one is really so i'm not saying that the president ought. to going to be as most of you are turkish i'm not but to be fair you are now based in the u.s. where you work in the u.s. think you write for the new york times many would say the u.s. is a country where the president diligent mises the opposition doesn't treat all sections
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of society equally and that many in token you for this many in turkey would say we're being demonized by the west is always a reference to or to it ultimate empire and the western media biased against us i want to say to that there is polarization in the us to a very venomous polarization and i actually see some of the populist narrative i know from turkey in the u.s. politics as well today in the hands of the present and some of you know borders but in the u.s. there are institutions there are certain checks and balances where president trump passes a muslim ban a judge can stop that in turkey that judge would be in trouble himself in in the u.s. there is independent media president president trump calls it the enemy of the people that term doesn't become an indictment to put a newspaper journalist in jail in turkey the problem is that populist wave which is now all across the world is so strong and it crushed institutions so let's also left very little room about so we have
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a very version of populism in the us i see other problems as well in the western democracy. i see other problems as well i mean i think it is it is not unfair to say i got him a job or we get our news media has become nothing but a propaganda machine for the government the 90 percent of the turkish media has become like that i mean we are all in. absolutely i disagree with this point and it makes no sense whatsoever where did you get this 90 percent. number it doesn't it doesn't reflect the reality and you very well know that if you if you work if you are complaining about the media ownership by a few businessmen this is a common from for many countries for example rupert murdoch in dk has more than 50 percent of british media but you never claim that that's a big that becomes a problem for british democracy. and most of us father himself is the opposition opposition journalists in turkey criticize the government several times and i read
1:44 pm
them these very respected senior journalists are you telling me that most are you telling me that most of your father is just keeping his bush's in because he never criticize the government. i didn't say under per cent of the media is controlled by the government i said almost 90 percent of the media is controlled by the government and my father is in that 10 percent right now that there are other people respected people journalists yes who say that's my group things even though there are people ever criticizing the government in that 90 percent they lose their job one of them is chemistry who just was fired from you nischelle we all know this let's be honest in turkey media owners several several media holders you very well know how their newspaper is the average joe let me finish in turkey big people like murdoch you referred to they had to sell their newspapers which were bought by people who were friends with the government they transformed those newspapers they
1:45 pm
fired the editors reporters and columnists who are critical of the government let's be honest about this we have not let's be honest if you could have you know this is the whale you can say the radio not a lot of the honest let's be honest that who reacts. you know your board members are really really important having transformed our room will you concede any of that or are you saying there's been no change in all of the loads all of the all human rights groups who have pointed out the lack of media freedoms the media consolidation the record number of arrest of journalists and taking out jails more journalists than any other country the world and you deny all of that it's all just we just imagining all of. these accusations have no basis 1st of all changing changing ownership in the media is that is the zisha that those businessmen can make we have nothing to do with those decisions and also if you have to be more specific they have it they have it out of which for example he left and he went to the times because his line wasn't really matching with the guardian newspaper david
1:46 pm
around it doesn't mean arrested have detained in the united states you know that many many journalists have been arrested and detained in turkey so it's not a very good analogy. that you know it's hundreds of thousands of people academics judges the last thing you do that you build up of the are all being detained you know that come on you know that tens of thousands of people have been detained in turkey you're not denying that and i'm very glad you brought it up mattie i'm very glad you brought that because i now have a chance to clear that up 1st of all in most of us own words into a thing in 2018 when he was speaking brussels he said from his own words he's clearly said that the u.n. is called the religious cult they had a big power on broken see the military the police did to sherry the media and education and those guys later on try to overthrow an elected government these number of journalists that you give are nonsense one of them are in jail because he actually published a sex tape of leader one of them is in jail because he's he murdered this what
1:47 pm
about it all of them. also have mouth disease and water problems as well turkey has time times more of that and unless we don't even acknowledge that those problems exist turkey will not go anywhere better guys we run out of time her and most of all we'll have to leave it there we're out of time apologies that was very lively and that's our show from the movie back later this year. every war leaves a devastating impact on. earth rise explores some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important south we have to make sure there are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature. the methane on their simulating what happens when an elephant life up to conflict on al-jazeera.
1:48 pm
in 2012 al-jazeera traveled to iraq people here are definitely scared to speak on camera they're saying that if they talk to us they think they'll be arrested down the line to take the pulse of a country ravaged under us occupation some of these graves are completely destroyed it's one of the most holy and sacred sites in all of iraq had turned into a battleground between the mighty army and the americans rewind returns to iraq after the americans on al-jazeera. a deadline passes in algeria with no one successfully registering to stand in the presidential election.
1:49 pm
hello i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up diplomacy on the golf course donald trump seeks the perfect swing for tough trade talks in japan. norway is hosting another round of venezuela talks as opposition leader wants the government against any false dialogue. and back from forced exile politician noise between the speaks to al-jazeera about his plans to unite the opposition. now the deadline to file applications to stand in algeria is presidential election in july has passed local media reporting that most possibly all the the potential candidates failed to meet the legal requirements to run for president protests against the elections saying the current government is linked to formally to
1:50 pm
abdelaziz bouteflika nationwide demonstrations have now continued into their 14th week bruiser fico was pushed out of power after weeks of demonstrations leaving the country at a crossroads the 82 year old was algeria its longest serving president in power for 20 is mass protests began in february when he announced his bid to run for a 5th term when he thought he wasn't fit to run he'd rarely been seen in public office suffering a stroke in 2013 by march 11th the president was forced to reverse his reelection bid he promised reforms and named a new prime minister but it wasn't enough here's a figure was forced to step down and april under pressure from protesters and the army william lawrence is a professor of political science and international affairs at george washington university he says it's unlikely the elections will be postponed. well this is another blow to the effort by the army to have elections on july 4th we are in had
1:51 pm
a number of previous problems mayors and political officials ready refusing to administer the elections i remember a national the use of a written recent letter calling on the elections to be postponed because there is no other support from the general population and we have of course 77 letters of intent that none of these candidates approved and even some last minute withdrawals this week from kid s. that could have presented a viable oh candidacy and so here we are with a scheduled election and no candidates now we have as before and out your 99 you know i'm sure all the opposition candidates withdrew and have rejected some of them on similar grounds what's different now is that we have because the totality of the population and jury officials who are opposed to the marches on the current date so i don't see any way out except for the army to postpone the elections again while u.s. president donald trump has teed off with japanese prime minister shinzo a as
1:52 pm
a golf course and chiba south of tokyo it's the 5th time they have played together trump arrived in japan on saturday evening for a 4 day state visit which will include a meeting with new and primary hito and talks with the prime minister on trade and trans just 20 said that the united states and japan are making great progress on trade talks but he added that much of the negotiations will have to wait until after the japanese elections in july when he has more from take care. a day of sports and leisure on sunday will give way to the real business on monday when u.s. president donald trump becomes the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor another hito and then there will be the summit between donald trump and japan's prime minister shinzo it seems certain that trade will be discussed as soon as donald trump arrived in japan on saturday he spoke to a group of japanese business leaders again referencing that big trade deficit that the united states has with japan saying that he wants to get
1:53 pm
a better deal however we're not expecting any significant announcements over the next few days when it comes to trade we've already heard from japan's chief trade negotiator saying that he doesn't even expect a partial agreement to be reached while donald donald trump is in japan they will also discuss the issue with north regarding north korea particularly given the 2 missile tests that pyongyang conducted earlier this month donald trump has already tweeted about that on sunday before his round of golf with japan's prime minister saying that north korea fired off some small weapons which disturbed some of my people and others but not me a clear reference there perhaps to his own national security advisor john bolton he is also in japan and spoke about this on saturday saying that the missile tests from north korea were clear violations of united nations security council resolutions and that is something that the japanese prime minister has also said.
1:54 pm
iran's foreign minister says the u.s. decision to send more soldiers to the middle east is extremely dangerous for international peace and us media is reporting the job and the reef has recently met dianne feinstein the senior most democrats on the senate intelligence committee alan fisher has more from washington d.c. . it's not unusual for politicians across the board to meet with diplomats from other countries what is slightly unusual this time is that it was a senior democratic senator meeting with the iranians no dianne feinstein's office said that they spoke to the state department before the meeting and they asked for a briefing on come around u.s. relations the meeting happened 3 or 4 weeks ago so things have changed in the interim period and there's no confirmation from the state department in the meeting actually went ahead but the iranians have confirmed that and there are some reports in the u.s. media that might pompey or the secretary of state is actually concerned some even
1:55 pm
see angry that this meeting actually went ahead no the u.s. policy is very clear donald trump has articulated it on several occasions he believes it's all about exerting maximum pressure on iran he believes that with the current economic sanctions by choking off the market for around all industry that that will force the arena calling me into trouble and will force the iranian leadership back to the negotiating table there are some in washington who believe that john bolton the national security advisor is very much in favor of military action against iran and that might pompey or the secretary of state is also a hawk when it comes to that as well but you have to remember though trump has spoken on several occasions about what he sees as expensive needless for and war as he says you don't spend that sort of money and get nothing out of it it's very much with his american foreign policy so here's a lot to launch any sort of military action he's talked about the war in iraq says
1:56 pm
he opposed it from the very beginning not quite true but he's also opposed to the high troop numbers in afghanistan so he seems reluctant to commit to any extensive military action against iran so while the advisers advise it is donald trump the president who will decide and at the moment he seems to be deciding that it's all about economic pressure rather than direct military action. and johnson's reef is now in the iraqi capital baghdad on a 2 day visit zarif and iraqi president barham saleh discussed ways to make the region more stable on friday protesters gathered in baghdad demanding their government stay out of the disputes between iran and the u.s. they're worried a rock could become a battleground for a proxy war between the 2 rivals charles stratford has more from baghdad was certainly according to a spokesperson for the foreign ministry here in iraq these meetings are going to concentrate on 2 main areas the 1st one is strengthening ties between iraq and iran
1:57 pm
and the 2nd one as you can imagine is very much according to the spokes person iraq's role in potentially trying to defuse this escalating conflict between its neighbor and the u.s. iraq is in a very very delicate position here because of the great influence that iran has on this country it is by far the largest regional ally of iraq economically politically militarily i think it's important to actually sort of break down exactly what these what the u.s. cause of iran proxy groups that operate in this country exactly what they are not only were they integra were in the fight against eisel they were integrated into iraq security operators in 2016 and they have a very strong political presence here is world being represented by political parties in government they are very much institutionalized as part of iraq split
1:58 pm
a cool and military situation here a land mine explosion has killed at least 6 chaldean soldiers in lake chad a t.v. cameraman with the army convoy also died there were also multiple injuries when the land mine exploded on the road between the city of bug a solar and the town of an cupola on chad's border with nigeria and. so around the poser has been sworn in as south africa's president and what it was a day of celebration for him had followed the worst election yet for the ruling african national congress for me to malaya explains from pretoria. the president elect will place raise up the. help of all of us. in front of thousands of south africans so ramaphosa took his oath of office well this is the beginning of a process 1st full term as president he came to power 15 months ago when jacob zuma resigned amid corruption scandals his party the african national congress is
1:59 pm
struggling to recover from the damage caused by suma and internal conflict called him a process calling his presidency a new dawn he's also acknowledged his party's failures in recent times * our people have watched a some of those in a home they had invested they are crossed have summoned up to the temptation of power and richard. they have seen some of the various situations of our democracy eroded. and resources wander the challengers a what country they are huge and they are real. but they are not insurmountable among those wage least 50 heads of state and dignitaries and more than 50000 people many south africans see them oppose us presidency as the
2:00 pm
government we committing to working for them from of course has used his address to reassure south africans to be an end to unemployment poverty and inequality is promised a better life for all promises the thousands of people here have heard many times before the question for them is whether the president will not allow up to his pledge for the a.n.c. governments provided millions of south africans with running water electricity and free education is being criticised for the slow delivery of services at 27 percent most south africans an ever call for an employed expecting. a lot of jobs to be there the best from them not only him but a.n.c. at large we are told it's corruption. over and over to stop the flow of a slightly expect that it did decisively with corruption to take our country forward and i know all the investor will come back in the coming days and of course is expected to name
2:01 pm
a new cabinet he's under pressure to quit the government of ministers who underperformed or implicated in corruption but he's also facing the risk of further dividing the a n c.


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