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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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reading the saudi policy in yemen you know to the end right or wrong the united states under a truck wants to back that policy now no one has managed to register successfully to stand in algeria as upcoming presidential elections in july dozens of candidates said they intended to run for the top job but virtually all of them failed to get the required number of signatures sattar hideouts reports july the 4th is a proposed date of algeria's presidential election but it doesn't have any candidate so far the constitutional council has declared that almost all of the 77 candidates don't meet the legal requirements to take part candidates from the future front party a national republican party withdrew there are occasions calling for the election to be delayed and for the creation of an independent election monitoring body. he can the authority can form an independent entity like a national committee with branches nationwide so that we can have an election not
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involving the executive powers namely the president the government and the constitutional council critics of the ruling military fear the election will who work in its favor the army's chief of staff gave saleh a scene of the election as an important step to restoring stability to algeria. so a presidential election will put in them to those trying to prolong the crisis it's important to form an independent body to organize and supervise the elections. on friday protesters chanted for saleh to resign along with other leaders connected to former president did i have these beautiful including interior prime minister card that have been silent protesters don't trust the interior government which took over in april after a bit of a step down the 82 year old was algeria's longest serving president in power for 20 years it's been 14 weeks of protesters 1st took to the streets demanding change now they want the election pursue find. klugman an independent monitor must have more
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power than just organizing an election it should be able to supervise the entire process including declaring the results this is vital to bring back the people's trust. despite the hardship of protesting while fasting during the holy month of ramadan demonstrators insist they won't stop until their demands are met sort of. well let's just remind ourselves of how we got to this point it was pushed out of power after weeks of demonstrations leaving the country at a crossroads the 82 year old was all jarius longest serving president in power for 20 years mass protests began in february when he announced his bid to run for a 5th term many thoughts he wasn't fit to run really be seen and been seen in public after suffering a stroke. 2813 well by march 11th the president was forced to reverse his reelection bid he promised reforms and names
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a new prime minister but it wasn't enough with the fico it was forced to step down in april under pressure from protesters and the army well mokhtar buddy is a lecturer in islamic studies at university and joins me now. we don't know all the facts at this stage but it is rather unusual is it not to go from 77 potential candidates to 01 see things behind this. 1st it's really unusual $77.00 candidates none of them is eligible so it's something that. unusual but i cannot comment on individual candidates on the application is what went wrong with them is it a political decision is it. really these people are not eligible for the election i cannot comment because i have no clue to. do you think in terms of this
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move the army were pushing for these elections on the 4th of july they were really determines what do you think happens to these elections no i mean if there is no candidate there can't be an election surely. the army has been insisting on the constitutional approach to sorting the problem out and the constitutional approach means election on the on july 4th now it's not possible the only way out of it i guess i think is the constitutional council to declare that without any candidate eligible to stand for the election we have to postpone the deadline to another date and within the terms from now until july until the new the new candidate that should be our solution and this is just tell me what the protesters are calling for will they be emboldened by this news that the elections
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may not go ahead. the protestors have had many many demands one of them is. to flee to or to depart and he has gone. the latest one is to postpone the 4th of july and now the achieve this these demand so they should be happy with this but without. a further step they cannot we may come by. to the same problem in the future and the follow on the step i think is to set up an independent body for the election that is fully independent of the current government i know that the protesters called for the government to go for the president to go but. i guess that a compromise point is to set up. the electoral body that is independent and they give it full authority. it has to organize and obviously the
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election and nor for duty of the current government of their it this can be a way to sort out the problem potential solution but no way forward as yet from our budget thank you so much speaking to us here on al-jazeera there's plenty more a still to come on the news are increasing the cost of keeping peace our funding crisis is threatening one of the un's most important goals on the global stage. teeing off more talk and trades we'll be live in japan with the latest on the u.s. president's visit and in sports the field is sets for the monaco grand prix you know here from lewis hamilton. now it's the final day of voting in europe's parliamentary elections they're being
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closely watched as a barometer of the strength of the far right across the continent those are casting ballots in $21.00 member states including germany france and italy $751.00 politicians will be elected for a 5 year term with results expected on monday they've achieved and i join us live from brussels david this is a big day across much of europe what's happening at the moment. as you said 7 of the $28.00 members of the european union have already cost said ballots another $21.00 countries going to the polling booths today will not be allowed to because of reporting restrictions tell you exactly what the exit polls are until the last polling booths close in italy actually but it's pretty clear before this whole election started that this was going to be
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a crucial test of both the euro skeptics and the extreme right in europe and what was widely predicted to be a rich reach by the liberal parties but as i say we'll have to wait and see exactly what happens now that turnout is going to be crucial to the 1st direct election started for this politics in 1989 you've seen a gradual drop in the actual turnout especially in the eastern european states so perhaps because of bragg's it baps because of the determination by the far right to make make a mark this time around that turnout will actually increase for the 1st time we'll have to wait and see that sadly well david the hearts of the future of europe is consensus very much at stake with this bones just how significant would you see these elections on. well it's going to be very important
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because essentially what you've got in the european parliament the 2 groupings sort of being the sort of the center and the stabilisation of the european union that's the european people's party and then also the socialists and democrats now what is thought to be happening is a sort of fracturing of fragmentation going on because of the euro skepticism skeptic parties and because of the right wing parties but also there's also expected to be some pressure from the green says well another smaller parties so what we've accepted as an overall the balance of power inside joke is going to start disappearing so what's really going to be happening is that the the world's biggest trading bloc is going to see perhaps the beginnings of real democracy not an anodyne bureaucratic sort of scheme that's arranged by the european commission in brussels and strasburg but actually real politics beginning to intervene within
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the european union for the 1st time really giving perhaps advance notice of real powers coming to the european parliament but essentially here us it's an exercise in democracy the 2nd biggest one in the world after india and it does seem to herald the increasing pressure within the european union for a real policy it's a start taking place in the parliament and the commission can david chance a report saying from brussels thank you this really is new cabinet saying crudes a record number of 7 women as well as the 1st aboriginal minister for indigenous australians prime minister scott morrison named his reshuffle cabinet so week after his surprise and general election victory for 3rd term morrison is vowing to improve the way as straightly and interacts with the government on everything from tax to social services. papa new guineas prime minister has quits after 7 years on the job peter neal's resignation follows weeks of high level defections
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from the ruling party he says a change of leadership is needed to ensure a planned reforms aren't delivered former prime minister julie is chan will take over as leader upcoming talks between u.s. president donald trump and japan's prime minister shinzo abby are expected to focus on trade and north korea trump arrives in japan on saturday for a 4 day state visit there are they offered to help diffuse u.s. tension with iran so far from some gauge ment's with they have been in the cultural including traditional japanese similar wrestling it's also expected to meet new emperor and iraqi 2. joins us now live from tokyo when i was just at the start of this visit of course but i did it all for of mediation goes on with the u.s. president. well we have had no official
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reaction yet from the u.s. president donald trump today was really all about leisure and sports as you mentioned they played golf they attended a sumo tournament and they're sitting down to dinner right now actually in a restaurant in a suburb of tokyo it is something we expect that the japanese prime minister shinzo of him may elaborate on further when the 2 leaders meet officially formally on monday off the meeting at the imperial palace when of course donald trump will make history becoming the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor and but as far as offering to mediate in iran it is something that has been suggested before by the japanese prime minister the iranian foreign minister was in japan not so long ago so i think there is a feeling here that the japanese prime minister has a good relationship with both countries in particular with the united states and the president donald trump so that he's in a good position he feels to be able to offer something to the situation. that as
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you are suggesting of course the main body of talks in the main thrust of this visit will will kick off on monday but we've heard already the per president clearly very keen to talk about trade but there is of course the burning issue of north korea what can we expect to come up. yes absolutely north korea will be very high on the agenda when the 2 leaders sit down to talk formally on monday japan of course has a big stake in peace on the korean peninsula it is often the targets of the north korean aggression when it comes to missile tests and things like that we've seen a bit of a strong stance from the japanese prime minister shinzo r.b.a. over the past few years he wants a tough line taken against the north koreans of course he's open to negotiation but doesn't want japan the united states south korea to give up too much we saw
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a tweet from donald trump earlier on saturday regarding the 2 missile tests that north korea conducted earlier this month 2 short range missile tests that it conducted donald trump saying that they fired off some small weapons which disturbed some of my people and others but not me well that was in stark contrast to what his own national security adviser john bolton had said on saturday when he was in japan and also the japanese prime minister who had earlier said that those missile missile tests were a violation of the united nations security council resolution so already a slight difference there in the approaches from donald trump engines are there when it comes to this latest. aggression from north korea when he reports the live from tokyo thank you very much indeed and. the united nations has been paying tribute to its peacekeepers serving around the world there are at least 100001 active duty to point to some of the world's most dangerous places $98.00 were
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killed last year alone but the tributes come as operation operations face an unprecedented budget crisis or diplomatic answer james bays has more. the u.n. is holding its annual events honoring the work of its peacekeepers around the world . some of the most volatile places on earth last year 98 were killed while on chichi increasingly they also operate in a very difficult financial environment funds a tight with some budgets being cut or peacekeepers need better training and better equipment and their men that seem to be the least think and adequately support these with both resources and political will for many years un peacekeeping has been based on a grand bargain western countries the e.u. and the u.s. providing specialized equipment and troops and the vast bulk of the money while
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most of the troops come from asia and africa. but the system is breaking down many countries but most notably the us are not paying their share un peacekeeping is owed a staggering sum over $1900000000.00 the country is providing the peacekeepers countries like pakistan which has over $5000.00 men and women serving around the world are the ones currently having to pay most of the costs so here we are $2.00 contribution countries making sacrifices losing lives in order to maintain international peace and security and facing budgetary challenges so i think we need to fix this it needs to be thinks because this removes the most successful enterprise of the united nations and it should be adequately resourced the u.s. owes way more than any other country to un peacekeeping that's been the case for
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many years but under president trump the size of the arrears has swelled to over $1100000000.00 a former obama administration official says it would make real sense to pay up now it's a little confusing. the united states side the u.s. cares about peacekeeping we see it in our interest u.s. is a larger training training country for peacekeeping missions and our diplomats work worldwide to help them succeed because we see the value of these missions so some of this can and should be sorted out with congress so they fully fund the amount that the u.s. owes and we can resolve this shortfall the u.n. secretary general knows he must tread carefully president trump doesn't take kindly to demands for huge sums from international organizations even though in this case it's money that everyone agrees the u.s. is james bays al-jazeera of the united nations lots more so ahead on al-jazeera in a few moments we'll have the weather with stan plus find out what's at stake out
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zimbabwe's main opposition party meets to choose its new leader concerns over the world's biggest biometrics projects and fought it means for people's privacy and it's double the right for byron munich lena leah has reaction from the german cup final in sports. the web sponsored by cattle alway's. hello there over the course of the year we've had rather a long winter here in doha it's been fairly pleasant the temperatures now have risen for us and that cloud have disappeared but it's not disappeared completely from the arabian peninsula the still a great deal of it towards the southwest in parts of saudi arabia and into the northern parts of yemen now looks fairly innocuous really on our satellite picture looks fairly feeble but it has given us in fairly heavy downpours some places
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reporting nearly 90 millimeters of rain and actually for this city we normally expect only around 20 millimeters in the entire month so we're seeing far more than we should do at this time of year plenty about what weather has been pouring down the mountain sides and heading towards the sea so we're seeing scenes like this through some of the villages clearly this is a part that's designed to see the water to let the water go through the city but still quite impressive to see it at this time of year and it looks like we're going to see more showers as we head through the next few days again in that same region i think is where we're going to see the worst of it so the northwestern parts of yemen and across into the southwestern parts of saudi now we head further towards the east we've also been seeing some rather lively showers in the southern parts of india as well for bangalore route 120 millimeters is the very wet weather we're seeing there that's out of this primo i'm seeing shower and want to not have been quite reach just even in the southern parts of sri lanka yet. the west.
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ways. part of. an investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable these are the people that are called in the h one n one portion is it difficult for you know that w h o s those who says don't you in terms of trust that you trust who are knowledge is
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0. this is a quick reminder of the top stories for you this hour iraq says it will stand with iran in its escalating disputes with the us iraq's foreign minister mohammad al hakim made the pledge only talks with his iranian counterparts to have a job. no one has successfully registered to stand upcoming presidential election in july 77 potential candidates said they intended to run for the top job but almost all of them failed to get the required number of signatures. and it's
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the final day of forcing and europe's parliament. the elections which are being closely watched as a barometer of strength of the far right across the continent voters are casting their ballots in $21.00 member states including germany france and italy. as syrian government forces are being accused of attacking rebel areas with the band in century white phosphorous video is said to show the attacks in southern italy syrian forces and russian airstrikes really launched attacks on the last major area of rebel held territory last month. we're getting reports from northern nigeria that an armed group has ambushed a military convoy killing at least 20 people it happens while the army was trying to relocate refugees from a camp in dam bor it's the 2nd attack in the region within a week on monday i saw a linked group and isolate group struck a military base killing 9 soldiers armitage's has more from my degree. local
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sources say the attack happened when the military was escorting a group of civilians from the village of. towards the world on saturday morning now the military has not issued a statement regarding this attack and this is not by the way the only attack in recent days a few days ago there were claims by islamic state in west africa province that it had attacked military positions around google area killing so many soldiers just days after they released a video which they claim to show the execution of soldiers fighting the insurgency in the east nigeria recently both factions of both the islamic state in west africa programs that align to the islamic state of west africa province as well as the cold war. in other parts of borno state have launched attacks but the ice up targets mainly military targets in the region while both foreign fighters the other
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ones led by factional leader i will because i've been raiding villages for food items and the rest they missed mostly target civilians and they also attacked military positions and now the nigerian military in collaboration with the multinational joint task force the regional force like involved in the electorate area have ramped up their attacks and operations against in the region claiming to have killed several of them in attacks carried out on that basis in the northeast. the results of the presidential election in malawi is being delayed speakers some. high court judges made the order after opposition parties complained over seas and intimidation correction fluid was allegedly used to alter some ballot paper this president. is seeking a 2nd 5 year term. some bob boys main opposition party is due to officially name its next president in a few hours. in the interim leader of the movement for democratic change since last
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year is the process 1st congress since the death of its founder morgan chang to write last year. as the infighting since. joins us now live from. this is the 1st time this in congress since the party founder dies what are we expecting today. all right now are people currently voting in many a big nelson chamisa to win simply because you're running and contested but it's not been any the race for him a lot of people say that it's been a bruising battle politically of the people who wanted the top job they they felt intimidated and harassed to the extent of they had to drop out of the race the malays there wind up in hospital and others according to i mean a dictator thing he really should not be the man to lead this party the chinese are now at united divided the but most want to hear from him and know what he plans
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to do about the economy which is getting worse i mean right now the planning to go on strike in 2 weeks has increased by nearly 50 percent which means the price the basic commodities have also gone up civil servants say they can't afford to go to work anymore because they pay is so little the n.d.p. do have economic policies on paper but economists say some of those qualities are too similar to those of the ruling party so if you're going to be more of the thing or is jimmy going to do things differently and her have there been any more obvious arrests of opposition activists this week. so all those 5 activists still behind bars on monday. a poor state that they travel to the mall they took part in a training workshop on hard organized protests to overthrow the government and how
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to use small firearms to use during protests are those 5 activists deny the allegations nothing to me if i had that you planning some kind of protest in the coming weeks but in this they will be peacefully to the point of those protests is to for prison in a synagogue or to come to the table to talk to him to find a solution to the economy the last time there was a major protest in the lobby was in january when you increase by 150 percent people were so angry they took to the street when that happened several people were killed were injured hundreds were arrested and there were reports of rape and torture done by security forces. thank you very much indeed for the states. has told me he plans to unite the opposition he recently returned to the democratic republic of congo after almost 3 years in exile because india's
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a wealthy businessman and former governor of the southeastern province he was once a former ally or former president joseph kabila but the pair fellow who was charged with property fraud and was barred from running into semblance election votes was won by felix. and the results has been disputed since kitty has been in office he's part and 700 prisoners including political opponents of former president kabila. was one of those cleared catherine sawyer sat down with. the main city in his political heartland. i think what is important for us is the life of the congolese people i'm going to go and do my 2 way in the country i came by a man of peace i never killed anyone i never stolen any penny from anyone i cannot account for everything breach of court and do you still hold presidential
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ambitions 5 years is a lot we need to up our country to go up we need the people of congo 12 better life people think you may be to be to be in the in government is where you can help people. where i am today in the opposition we are going to congratulate when we can where we can congratulate you are going to criticise where you can agree he ses and you are going to give advice when we can give some advice in the last presidential election you supported martin for you and not a politician and he's been going around the country saying that he is the legitimate president do you support those who you say you see i'm not the constitutional court . the constitution of god proclaimed better than just as president.
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some people as in the present has been struggling to assad his authority we've seen this quite a lesion but he's formed with his predecessor joseph kabila what is your reaction to that i know want to talk about their coalition and what are you concerned that he surrounding himself too much with people who are allies of the former president people refused for the to demanded of president gabi lab and secondly they didn't vote for years candidates so i think today their people want a better future is up to president to say good because i think you should listen to the people why do they want for their future so you yourself have come back after almost 3 years he left the country thank you 16 because of your fallout with president with the with the then president joseph kabila how is your relationship now these are former presidents is it president to retire i
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always would retiring i mean the opposition is goatees coalition i think when i resigned because i saw the country was collapsing i resigned we've nanda and i think what is important is the future of congo did peace in the congo. the u.s. geological survey is reporting a magnitude 8 earthquake in north and careen and happens around 75 kilometers southeast of the district oh my goodness there's been no reports of any significant damage or bring you any more as it comes in. no way is to host more talks aimed at resulting the crisis in venezuela venezuelan government's position representatives are june. when similar talks are earlier this month development seen as a sign of progress between president nicolas maduro and opposition leader one why
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do these ones he won't take part in what he calls phones dialogue and to an even more a is the editor in chief over in news the news dot com he thinks it's unlikely that song school puts an end to materials government. the history of it as well as shows that every time a dural has managed to get the opposition in negotiations what it's been has been a stalling tactic he just biased time and manages to diffuse whatever uprising of the moment is against him manages to diffuse international pressure against him so he has used talks as a tool on numerous occasions and even pope francis that one of the those series of talks a couple of years ago was under the auspices of the vatican and even pope francis who has not really been that harsh against my dura over the years has expressed that promises were not kept rather than as all in government so the history of talks with maturity would imply that there is not going to be a successful outcome here and that's what vice president pensa in the united states was saying you know just
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a day ago was that the talks there should be no talks and then today the state department said that if there are talks that the talks should be focused on the eggs that a moderate only nothing else. record levels of violence in mexico and people's frustration with the police's inability to tackle it's are driving a surge in vigilante justice by a script say at least 121 people have been killed by angry mobs since the starts or 2015 my no republican has more from mexico. on the streets of a neighborhood in the state of mexico. is meeting residents who say reeses a leader of a neighborhood watch group set up in response to a growing crime rate in his state but are sometimes police don't do their job sometimes there simply aren't enough officers or they don't patrol so if we can lend our support to looking out for suspicious activity obviously that helps there's a growing inside.


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