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rising inflation and unemployment along with fuel and cash orders nelson chamisa narry lost last year's presidential election to president in a similar with the results showed he has significant support but whether he can appeal to a broader audience remains unclear. his m.d.c. party also has to show its different from the ruling zanu p.f. i think there's a lot of common ground between the ruling party and. i do a logical frameworks and propositions. both pro free market business and they don't just fall. out the may differ in terms of with world leaders whatever ages and so on but fundamentally. when it comes to his party chairman issa has cheated i thi opposition is the 1st congress since morgan tsvangirai died from cancer last year. soon after the death of the m.d.c. has found the party split over who should replace him. the next election is june in
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4 years jimmy so will need everyone to work with him if he should oppose the only party minisub audience that even know. where. in mexico the inability of police to tackle violent crime is being blamed from a grow growing number of vigilante attacks angry mobs have burnt some suspected criminals alive others have been hanged. reports. on the streets of a neighborhood in the state of mexico. is meeting residents who say reese is the leader of a neighborhood watch group set up in response to a growing crime rate in his state but are sometimes police don't do their job sometimes there simply aren't enough officers or they don't patrol so if we can lend our support in looking out for suspicious activity obviously that helps there's a growing incidence of vigilantism in the state of mexico which is one of the most
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dangerous states in the country. and according to a recent report by the national human rights commission attacks by lynch mobs are on the rise that just because have a he's done and the data registered in these 1st few months of 29000 confirms there is an increase in lynchings there have been 67 cases and 107 victims. experts say these attacks are often triggered by feet news or rumors on social media because you know you're not a lets him there is a direct relationship between the phenomenon of theft or rape and lynchings it doesn't matter if a crime has actually taken place for a lynching to occur so long as a population perceives as a crime as happened it must be punished even if it isn't real. there have been several recorded incidents involving innocent people being beaten or even burned alive by lynch mobs after being mistaken for criminals neighborhood watch signs like these are a common sight here and there which is regarded as one of the more dangerous regions of mexico residents here say they've chosen to take matters into their own
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hands citing a noticeable increase in crime and a lack of confidence in law enforcement's ability to keep everyone safe rhesus is the root watch group is intended to enhance the efforts of police not replace them adding that since his bija lanty collective began the streets feel much safer moved up in new jersey down to mexico. for the past 9 years india's government has been gradually linking the personal records of 1300000000 citizens to their biological information and what's the world's largest biometrics initiative supporters say it will help the poor access basic services but as far as jamil reports from the capital new delhi there are now major concerns about privacy and government surveillance. india's biometric program of the r. began with the promise to give every indian a unique number that entitles them to citizenship rights and services. nearly 9
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years later many say that promise hasn't been fulfilled then the romney ryan came to new delhi 5 years ago with his family from raw just on he got his biometrics card here but other than helping him get a mobile phone he says it hasn't been much use and. the government promised me i'd get a plot of land in the russian cots a food but so far nothing it's let my family and i stay at the shelter and put my kids in school in the summer and there are other concerns about the program even as sign ups continue critics say their usefulness has diminished india supreme court has ruled that private corporations cannot demand customers of our info though the government has recently passed a temporary order allowing companies to use it again but that has added to concerns over data and privacy leaks. hackers journalists and others have exposed security flaws and earlier this year domestic media reported the biometric numbers and
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personal information of millions of people could be bought on the black market critics say the program isn't living up to its promise never. to be delays reducing what the harsh mother says promised opportunities for the poor have been replaced by concerns over people's privacy especially that of critics of the government this . allows the government to have access to will everybody who. travel. the state wants to get back and it has a huge amount of what do you do at its highest the government continues to defend the program saying it's a benefit to all that will streamline bureaucracy and government services. many of those a program was meant to help say the system makes them feel trapped they're still waiting for the benefits that were promised. you deli. and near a cattle. a phony has received an invitation from saudi arabia's king solomon to
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attend 2 summits in mecca the meetings will focus on the effects of drone strikes on oil installations in the region castle remains under a land sea and air blockade after saudi arabia led 3 other arab nations in imposing a trade and travel embargo in june 2017. so i had for you on the program a red card for the referee the so explaining this strange and in the chinese stupidity. every war makes a devastating impact on. earth rights explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important samples that we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on there simulating
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what happens when an elephant life after conflict on al-jazeera. kidnappings and murders in crimea since russia's forced onyx ation of the black sea and in china. they don't understand why he was kidnapped. schools of crimea into tons have been arrested. and killed most believed by russian security forces. crimea russia's dirty secret. on al-jazeera.
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back time now for your sport with peter. thank you very much lewis hamilton dedicated his win that the monaco grand prix to the formula one great nicky lauder after victory on the streets of monte carlo before the race says the drivers came together to pay their respects to the 3 time world champion who died on monday it was another day to forget for ferrari charlotte clay for certain i after suffering a puncture trying to pass nico holcomb bug the debris clear up brought a safety car and the pit lane release of the drivers so max for stop and collide with 40 bottles collecting a 5 2nd penalty that would eventually cost him a podium place late in the race with hamilton in front of a stop and it only could have passed and would cause another collision at the chicane hamilton hung on to win with sebastian vettel promoted to 2nd and potters 3rd this was hamilton's 3rd a victory at this crown jewel race but the 1st time this season mercedes failed to
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secure a 12 finish. that was definitely probably the hardest race i think i've had but nonetheless you know this is i really was fighting with the spirit nicky and he's been such a and influential person in our team helping us get to where we are so i know he'll be looking down and no you take his hat off today the indianapolis $500.00 delivered a 1st victory in the famous race for seymour power you know the frenchman who started on pole position got the better of a terrific deal with alexander rossi securing an 18 victory in the indy 500 for the team owned by roger penske the traditional mokes celebrations followed he described the moment as a dream come true. atalanta's dream of a 1st appearance in the champions league is finally a reality they went into the final day of the italian season on sunday knowing you will again. clinch a place in syria. and mario postulates shoot the crucial goals as i
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did it the hard way coming from behind so went 31 against the team and finished with 9 men great celebrations at the end of they qualify for europe's top club competition next season. the final champions league spot went into milan after a dramatic final day encounter with employee into ran out to one winner thanks to this goal from roger 9 goal line in a game ways which saw both sides finish with 10 men the defeat consigned employed to relegation as well. as results. in the champions league despite beating spousal in their final game frank casey school twice for milan who will be lining up in the europa league next season. and by munich have been celebrating a double winning season in germany a day after the champions speed leipzig in the cup final they paraded the trophies in front of thousands of fans in the city it's the 12 time buy and have completed the league and cup double. also becoming the 1st man to win the double as both
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a buyer and player and coach. after 3 years away from the french open roger federer is back to winning ways at roland garros on the opening day of the 2nd grand slam he was a straight sets win over the reigns and so may go in their 1st round match who has set up the clay court events in recent seasons is the number 3 seed at the street. this is not a show i'm putting on this is the truth you know i really don't know how far i can go in the 7th and. very happy with my 1st round it was a really good performance i thought from from my side for not having played here for as long as i did. but a top seed has crumbled in paris world number 5 angele kerber is out a 3 time grand slam when i was dominated by world number 81 and i stand. up over of a rusher the any major curve i haven't won is the french open and it will stay that way at least for another year after
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a straight sets exit. former french open champion got being immobile became american taylor townsend in 3 sets to reach the 2nd round mcgrew 3rd who won this tournament 3 years ago taking the deciding set 6. and for the 4th year in a row venus williams was knocked out in the 1st round she lost in straight sets to 9th seed. only. there was a scare for judo italia favorite primos on sunday's 15th stage as daria cataldo celebrated his 1st win in the race the jumbo team rider crashed on the final descent of the 237 kilometer ride into como he would drop to 47 seconds behind race leader richard cut us cataldo out of the challenge of fellow italian matiya cutter now in a sprint finish at a fast retains the race leaders pink jersey resumes on tuesday after this year's
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final race day. fiji have won themselves a 2nd consecutive rugby sevens title at the london leg of the world series on sunday they were up against australia at the famous twickenham stadium it turned out to be a very one sided final on the fiji and ran in 7 tries to complete an overwhelming $4037.00 victory over the australians. the current and limpid gold medalists and this win ensures they qualify for next year's games in turkey the victory also takes them to the top of the overall long series standings with just one league still to play in paris. now it's not often you see a referee risking a red card but that's exactly what happened in the church. super league on sunday look up for matthew conga in blue colliding with renault still of beijing go on and knocking him to the floor the new zealand official seemed a bit embarrassed as the brazilian required treatment beijing would go on to lose
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to once a shanghai aside p.g.a. in this top of the table. and that's where we'll leave it best to marry him in london thank you very much detail that wraps up the news hour but i'll be back in a moment with all the latest of course on those results and the projections on the european parliamentary elections i'll see you very shortly. on counting the cost where did it all go wrong for argentina's champion of the free market can stay in power as a populist makes a comeback a potential multi-billion dollar fine and of course still break up facebook and
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bailout number 13 for pocket stop counting the cost on i just see it or. 11 and investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders. overwhelms only consideration of public health can be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable these are the people that are part of the h one n one is it getting worse difficult for you now that w h o has this cast who says don't hear in terms of trust. that you trust who's on
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al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are. the battle for europe pro and anti e.u. forces compete for control of the european parliament as final polls close in the elections this as greece's prime minister dissolves his government and calls for snap election.
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i'm arianna and you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program iran and iraq present a united front over an escalating crisis with the united states and why with just over 5 weeks to go until algeria's election there are no candidates. or polls have just closed in italy the last you country to vote in elections that will decide the balance of power across the continent it's europe's most important election in decades where a rising populace a valid to grab supply. from the traditional parties $751.00 seats in the european parliament to up for grabs and the makeup of that chamber will shape the future of the e.u. well so let's just look then at the results the early projections and how
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what they indicate essentially about a potential make up of the european parliament a center right european peoples party is 178 seats followed by the progressive alliance of socialists and democrats with one $147.00 seats the alliance of european liberals and democrats is on $101.00 seats the populous bloc which calls itself a europe of nations and freedom have $57.00 seats and the year of freedom and direct democracy which includes the u.k.'s breaks it party has 56 seats with the greens on 70 seats sarah is at the european parliament in brussels she's been following this story for us and these elections were framed by both sides as a source of battle between liberal democracy and the more populist nationalist forces in europe tell us what the projections are showing about the possible makeup of the european parliament in the direction it might take. in
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marry him i mean if you're saying that elections are always framed in that sort of choice between liberal democracies and perhaps more nationalist viewpoints of the european union the truth is that then we've had a pretty mixed result because we have seen some gains of the far right not everywhere and we certainly have seen the erosion of the influence of many of the mainstream parties so let's look at the main groups within the european parliament there's a group on the center right the p.p. with the most center right parties across europe they're part of it and then a center left group the s. and d. and so historically they have formed a coalition because between them they would have an absolute majority now even though we don't have all the final results it does. look like they're not going to be able to form that majority and they're about 70 seats short now the question is would they still try to form it together with another grouping to join them the greens for example could be. you know potentially a match at all would they try to form it with other groups or perhaps the center
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right might look to other other rightwing perhaps more far right political groupings the truth is we don't know right now but we certainly do know that the dominance that did the 2 mainstream parties enjoyed is no longer there in parliament the numbers just simply don't add up so we've had i suppose the let we're still waiting for exact details coming from the u.k. but we've had results from italy we're joined now by simona is a data analyst for european legs you've been looking at all the numbers a lot of people have been waiting for the tally was also because of course mattel survey me the self-appointed leader of a potential far right alliance so what do they look like. so far the projections what we can tell is that. we perform. lower than we've been pows were expecting pows were expecting more or less averaging from 27 to 30 percent of the vote of course this has big repercussions for the european parliament or for the
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new the new group of the n.f.l. rebranded group. lieutenant leading anything and so do they have the numbers then said vinie le pen and a lot of the other parties that are falling under that alliance do they have the numbers to disrupt the work of parliaments. these will depend very much on the degree according to which the main european groups in the european parliament will be able to join forces meaning that if the sent this traditional tandem center right and center left will be joined by then by the liberals by the growing greens of course they will be able. to overcome try to coming from the far from the from the right wing of the chamber of course this is an important question and something that will play out over the course of the neck of the coming week. oh it's a shame apologies for that we'll try to reestablish connection there with brussels but just getting a sense of barbara's conversation there with her guest about how disruptive the
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impact of the populist nationalist presence in the european parliament could be although these are just projections right now we don't have the final results yet of this election but of course we know that mainstream parties have suffered a bit of a drubbing and we have seen smaller parties in populous parties making some gains interesting developments in greece where the prime minister alexis tsipras has called a snap election after his party suffered a heavy defeat in the european parliamentary elections now early results there show that his party. is trailing the opposition new democracy party now they're trailing by about 9.6 prizes popularity is fall'n jews are recent controversial a name change agreement signed with north macedonia his term had been due to expire in october but a vote is now expected to be held in june so that's the state of play there in
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greece that said to john psaropoulos who is in athens for us what's been the reaction there in the greek capital. well the reaction has been very rapid the opposition leader who is now in the ascendant. very quickly after about the 1st 20 percent of the results were in called for the prime minister to resign he said greece needs a new a fresh mandate a strong new government to face the challenges ahead both in the economy but also with respect to its geopolitical position the reference to neighboring turkey and the problems that have existed in the last couple of years in greek turkish relations. he says that the government should resign and the new election should be called and that happened a short while afterwards mr super as the prime minister came out and said that even though the result secures our position as a protagonist as a key player in the political contest it is not up to par with our expectations i
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will not ignore this result he says that he will call for a general election immediately after the 2nd round of local elections which is next weekend and that places the greek general election somewhere near the end of june because constitutionally the incumbent has a blood to give at least 3 to 4 weeks notice so that is that has been the result of these european parliament elections and that has dramatically 1st something similar happened 4 years ago 245 years ago in may of 2014 when c.d.'s there was in the ascendant and they topped the then ruling new democracy conservatives 4 points in these european parliament polls at that point everybody knew that caesar was going to be the next government the same thing has happened on the reverse. ok thank you very much john psaropoulos in afghans and barbara is back.
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european parliament in brussels and done right we just got kos off and we're hearing from you and your. guest about well how disruptive some of these populous nationalist forces could be because the early results so far suggest that marine le pen is in pole position in france i'm a terror cell the mean a tele could also be in a strong position after this election. absolutely i mean it has to be said that polls had suggested for months that both of those parties would do very well so perhaps that's not much of a surprise but it is certainly symbolic that now you have far right parties getting more votes than the mainstream parties and the question is whether a lot of these parties can form an alliance let's go back to a similar response ito from europe alexa data analyst with them so that's the point i mean we're now seeing the results the the old d.n.a.
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was the new salvini alliance the far right grouping in parliament has done well not as well as perhaps some people were expecting what are the chances are that they may convince other smaller far right parties in europe that perhaps haven't joined them so far to join a grand alliance of the far right i think this is a very likely situation we do we do expect a number of smaller but not so small political parties from other european countries to eventually join. the alliance of course these replay out over the course of the coming weeks and this it will also depend on now with these other. right leaning groups inside the european parliament will fare. for the country i mean a lot of these parties have to put it mildly controversial views especially when it comes to immigration and integration here in the parliament how destructive could they be because as well as the controversial views many of them effectively want to change the e.u. from within and some would say destroy the e.u.
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from within can they. at the moment at the present time they will not be able these the euro skeptic groups will not be able. to say it to destroy the the u.s. some say however the bigger the group becomes. the bigger the potential for disruption within the parliament within the policymaking activity of the european parliament and its europe sometimes is i guess hard to love as an institution because it's very complicated even europeans don't know much about it and certainly people around the world will have heard of the european union but will not know how detailed all new institutions are if you seen in you know crunching the data and seeing who's turned out to vote and who for that perhaps we have seen more engagement of this time from europeans for the selection because of course this is the only time that they can vote directly for an institution. very much so we've seen turnout rising in almost all the countries inside the european union bar
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a few small countries but turnout is up in germany is up in france is up in italy over europe and of course. at the beginning that was supposed to play out play in favor of the of the big the bigger your skeptic groups however as we said the mixed results for the for the european for the for the rupee an alliance led by said we need make is think these will not be decays as the greens those have been able to mobilize both are very much the same one as president from europe elects thank you so much so merriam of course a lot of the results might still change a little some exit polls some a national projections but we really do have an image now of the european parliament who's got how many seats the question is how now they're all going to perhaps change the groups that they sit in deed in many way in many ways that the real work starts now doesn't after the election thank you very much sara in brussels. well the results of these elections could give a.


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