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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 146  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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they can't live in fear of being arrested and detained for that doctor patient. the whole ball of nationality confers value on a person by the state it confirms that individuals affiliation to that country in return for their protection by the state. normal dump out of it that i can with. of whether think i had 150 that with a minute to flip me to me is a sad helen one i wanted and a sure way said she in their. rule no one is year one of them higher than a nanny like and i'm sure head is in on it i had the whole we're at the ugly old don't know where they don't play to call us personalized had to learn that on my
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agency a member. but see them of the only. limit the amount can dismantle a modest lot of bones. my stuff that was shaved to last almost double. the normal. full and she was the one among those. community so it was a. lame can all that sort of all with that serum in. your body all of them would have a glioma glady our normal life them. all out sort. of us. slavia we are officially a liar. about. this man i would tell them no i'm not god what are not god
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what i have no god what i am. other. just mark on my leg and then i. turn. the long ago. and fight for the lawn of the long arm. of normal life not in where the one to know where the champagne and. oh yeah since you are visually we start then if i can see can you hold. another one but at the bilious love you know how much he needed a little midfield was so much love a mere hate internet pushing stand and always have fun because she could she could she get out of your internet sure the reverse. and she let
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it down the mark all year. long but i brought the biggest movie of love in. the whole year though you alan feuer silent and finished time of clean kill though if you missed some of them to that we had a hell me. and . i will have them get the call you reminding him about a meeting and a meal with other men in the tribal community.
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now i don't know young men only on my feet and down to how do i know how not shy
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out of my thought by the yeah i know i might have them i thought i might have been to you know i don't know what to. do what a. lot of women who got sort of put out on a beautiful big. show how do you how do. you know so bam to help out the bit. you know. no no. no no no no no. no i mean as you know him and i am in the house i am sure because i am not going to him like a human and by now i shall do well in the video you know how when i don't know how we're not. going to cut overhead i want to know about how the one how do you have the i mean how big are the one i'm. going to have that takes this to condemn this one more look at him a moment that i've been one of don't know if i got mad haven't had time i had to be i knew. i needed to tone up this i'm a mom and about. but
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i want to get. just. the stuff out. there was. a sort of ross sort of thing and said. this. is this if you have. to have. that. sort of thing for that to be it. would be here would be a lot of times our time has been but i don't know when a muslim man would know that it. was i thought. it was a lot like knowing that if you are like i'm not. ok.
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but other than you i don't know. that it's only through who can you. possibly look up the one that. i could have. left. that. will be. who you. oh you know we are by the way your new dealer crew and. a lower weapon to give you a limb i would use a year when walton might have walked on a limb and i wouldn't you fool fool jenny jenny mcclure mackillop lived in. any. real court when he walked on the floor one of. those i mean 1000000 see on out of all the fields. you
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know are. we he he can she and we and we even as an enemy in but does evil to see him how we do as a. whole wheat and then how his side of plenty. must that i don't want to she wouldn't how we wanted to do one lawyer of the world or the. whole with all of. you or any of that have to think that i'm a horn. consumer and you know how though i have no. matter what your doing.
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i don't have many of the millionaire mad that i. as a sincere when our son tyler and i live near blossom the men in their own way and all we did under one male we learned is in many in a minute and in the ghetto in
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a good band of native method on an in a mini me. ana mama always a new way to many one new indian or baby. many of us and i don't know we will call . in as you are the. mahdi and died he muttered live in a country where statelessness continues to pass from one generation to another while nationality laws don't change. lebannon spall it takes our labyrinth. but the plight of the upgrade highlights an urgent need to reform its albi to laws in line with internationally recognized standards of human rights.
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al-jazeera was goes on a roller coaster journey in iran and discovered how such an empowered refugee community itself beliefs and identity. i'd like to prove to the world after the public i will be able to prove myself to my columns from friends and myself. able to play the psychic child afghan united on al-jazeera.
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hello again here across united states it has been another day of severe weather particular across oklahoma here the storms have pushed through and they were deadly in el reno oklahoma where people had died because of the overnight storm and it's still dealing with the recovery there across the region we're going to see more weather over the next few days particular pier across parts of arkansas into missouri and to iowa as well and we're also dealing in conjunction with the flooding that's going on because these storms continue to drop rain across much of the same areas from monday to tuesday a lot of the rain pushes into ontario but then we're going to be seeing a little bit of a break here across the central areas down towards the southeast we're still dealing with heat with atlanta reaching to about $34.00 degrees there what we've been talking about the rain and heavy rain across parts of central america we do have a disturbance off the coast that has really been instigating the rain there nicaragua has been a big problem and now we're going to be seeing a little bit more rain as we go towards northwestern coast to rica so flooding and
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also mudslides and landslides could be a problem them up towards now so it is going to be a nice day on monday with a temperature of $28.00 degrees and then very quickly across parts of argentina a little bit of a rainfall situation across parts of the north and the east in asuncion rain for you the temperature of 26.
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2 ringback ready
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2 2 2 ringback. the pollution is palpable. delhi shares the symptoms of many modern metropolis but its unique features have be gotten a crisis. people in power investigates the toxic mix feeding the city's invisible killer and asks why more is not being done to relieve its citizens the least that we aired on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for
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al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging even if particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news our life. team dennis coming up in the next 60 minutes gains for the populace in european elections while the centrists lose their majority for the 1st time in decades. in france marine le pen's party
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out stages president mccrone while the far right leg leads in italy. now you for august bret's at passy ahead in the u.k. the ruling conservatives routed after failing to take britain out of the european union. and japan's charm offensive ahead of a tricky trade talks donald trump becomes the 1st foreign leader to meet the new and. pranav hito plus. i'm a blessing in penny album reporting on this country's efforts to get that precious stone artifacts taken in the colonial era. though early results show the pro europe centrists of long dominated the european parliament have suffered significant losses in one of the most contentious elections in history but it's not just the euro skeptics far right you've gained at
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their expense in a vote that seen the biggest turnout in 2 decades the center right european people's party and the socialists and democrats together they have the most seats but it's not enough for a majority but they do have 2 potential allies is made their own gains the liberals have based business did their numbers and so have the greens they have become the 2nd largest force in germany and the far right has made major headway in the elections to italy's far right leader led by the anti immigration interior minister met a.s.l. vini has become the biggest force there in france marie le pen won her symbolic jewel with president emmanuel mackerel while the united kingdom is divided over bracks it earlier results showed that nigel farage is bret's it party is in the lead or the pro europe liberal democrats are coming in 2nd both the conservatives and labor a losing support. that we've got correspondents across europe covering this we
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start with barbara sarah is in brussels. she is the face of european populism and this was a moment she wanted to savor very limp and her far right national rally came 1st in france's european parliamentary vote upstaging president of a crohn's centrist pro you are in a sense moved. live for some of the view but to see the board on these assume the fading of traditional parties and the polarization between the national ready party and the renaissance party confirms that the political scene is now split between nationalist and globalist this fundamental debate will determine our nation and our people's future and will determine what voters will have to choose in the next election. marine le pen's victory was echoed across the alps by methe tail salvini whose leg party was the biggest winner from italy's election results a strong anti immigration message and the focus on europe's christian identity won
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him around 30 percent of the vote so vini has formed a new right wing populist alliance with other like minded politicians from all over europe their gains weren't as big as some polls had suggested but the newly formed european alliance of peoples and nations could still be a force to be reckoned with in the european parliament of course we could see that happening. parties. which parties within the smaller groups inside the rupee in parliament in order to achieve major and more influence within the policymaking activity of the rupee in parliament they may well decide it is better for them to join something is alliance and therefore we could see is group grow and achieve perhaps 80 or even 90 parliamentarians the elections major losers have been the center right and center left coalition for decades they've been able to dominate the chamber with their combined majority but they are both set to lose dozens of seats. and their majority with them there is no stability there recent no stable
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maturity without the e.p. and that's why the e.p.a. is ready for compromise ready for talks to each other but they have to work together that is our main. compromise and coalition building would be key in the new european parliament the green party has emerged a stronger from these elections coming 2nd in germany and the liberals also saw their numbers increase through these elections had the potential to change the very nature of the european union a fact that wasn't lost on voters turnout across the block has been the highest it's been in decades at just over 50 percent that result has been a fragmented parliament which in many ways reflects the divisions faced by the european rule barbara sarah al-jazeera the european parliament in brussels. well
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the italian interior minister and deputy prime minister. has welcomed what he called a new european renascence as he celebrated his far right league party his success in the polls corresponded to some a binge of aid has more now from rome. it's been the night for. the party as projected earlier it has done quite well with exit polls showing at least a 3rd of the voters who come out to vote have voted for material need that the democrats as well as his coalition partner the 5 star movement are trailing behind but this is not just a vote about the european union voters who we've been speaking to through the day have been telling us that this is also a referendum on the telly and politics people want to change to see a change a face is so to speak they want their own representatives to go into the european parliament and want to cast their votes for those people who've been saying that they want to change the status quo but so far in the south the turnout has been
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which has resulted in the other parties trailing behind and it's been higher in the north in milan beneath his piece have been gathering to celebrate what they've been expecting to be a victorious night what this also tells us is about the state of affairs that we will see in the wider european parliament because the european alliance for people of the nations is going to be taking a large part of the right wing road from hungary all the way to germany and everything in between in trying to form a bloc are right being stronger abroad as we've seen compared to what was in the 2014 elections so far the interior ministry has been saying that the water turnout has been around 56 percent but obviously that is going to change until we get the final results of the votes are still being counted and results are coming in but it looks like that to us and we need is the party is in the lead sounding he has actually come out all social media tanking his voters saying that thank you for
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making the league policy number one it's only it remains to be seen what will this mean for italian politics because we've been hearing from experts that if we need the party does. better than what they're expecting big could be buoyant enough to go into a national election or gore and former gore government of their own rather than having to form a coalition of a party which the 5 star movement which they have been differing with in recent weeks and in the u.k. nigel froggies new bracks it party is in the leader's veges express their frustration over the deadlock on how to leave the european union ferrars says his passes success is a massive message for the conservatives and the labor party is that of long dominated british politics rory chalons has more now from london. nigel farage has done it again 5 years ago his ukip party scared david cameron into calling
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a referendum on britain's e.u. membership now his new brics it party is on course to win big in the u.k.'s unwanted hugh rippin elections the intelligence i get is the director thought he's doing pretty well the lib dems remain started doing reasonably well but it looks like looks like there's no reason to think with the rest of the. as the hours passed the bracks it party tally of any piece grew and grew leaving the traditionally dominance of labor and conservative parties far behind it's an astonishing feat considering this party didn't exist before april the 12th leave voters have severely punished the tories for to resume a failure to deliver bricks it remain voters have deserted labor over it's a vase of attitude to a 2nd referendum consequently the liberal democrats have done very well as have the greens what we're left with after the election is an electorate looking all ready
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new let's go home at least start in the remains are one that's very skeptical of the 2 big parties and one that clearly wants to let the political parties involved issues in westminster know how they feel nigel farage with his message that britain has been betrayed by its complacent politicians found the daughter victory wide open britain only voted in these elections because marches last minute breaks a deadline extension required to the tories barely bother to campaign and astonishingly spent the run up to the vote dethroning their leader labor hardly showed much more effort there's a lesson here for the tory leadership hopefuls competing to replace to reason may and it's a lesson that will concern anyone who's worried for the sense of ground of british politics the next leader of the conservative party may well be thinking that if he or she is going to. hold back any of the voices that they've just lost they're going to have to out fire 0 ish nigel farage will reach alan's how to 0 london.
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right now to calvin duncan is an international affairs and this is joining us live via skype from washington d.c. thanks for talking to us how did these early results from the european parliamentary elections appear from way you'll say saying well i think the biggest takeaway from you know this side of the i negotiated is the huge interest and richness of patients as the segment you know just sank highest for just facial and 2025 years and i think what that says is that they weren't abnormal or you were right or the lao or different party slightly changed some but it did show the citizens in the e.u. are more and increasingly concerned with the role of the un what the future of the e.u. is going to look like and that's obviously factor of the migration challenge is what will apple the rights that it has that the other members of the union so i think
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it's definitely show that this was a much bigger deal or citizens at one point indeed and many people were predicting that there would be a complete surge of the rightwing particularly the right wing populists as an interviewer pm politics in the member hasn't doesn't seem to have every church that particular point the d.c. what's happening in european politics generally to be perhaps an extension of of what happened in your own country with the trump election victory of 2016 then of course in britain there was the bracks which was also seen as being part of that is that sentiment. yes i definitely see that and as you know you're correct there weren't huge huge gains but there definitely signs of increasing populism and nationalism i believe me in italy when you took that picture where you know thank you italy had to make america great again at in the background which you know.


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