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tv   Up Front 2019 Ep 10  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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the magnitude 8 event happened about 75 kilometers southeast of la guna us district president martin has flown over the epicenter where the quake damaged buildings and roads and calls part of a hillside to collapse at least 18 people were injured. there are accusations of corruption love rampant in argentina when cristina fernandez the cashier was in power since then judicial authorities have launched a campaign to detain and seize the assets of those involved in corruption scandals for isabeau has more now from. ceiling through a river aboard a confiscated $1000000.00 luxury yacht that's been used by argentine security forces. the ship belong to regard the former transport secretary during the administration of cristina fernandez. he's currently in prison accused of corruption whatever prefect. says all saudis are using the
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yacht because the government cannot sell it. was recovered in a corruption operation it is now used by the students of the institute so they can learn how to navigate we have to pay for maintenance everything is very costly but i would rather buy speedboats all students but in the meantime it is what we have. longed for a labor union leader that represented construction workers being accused of corruption and extortion be estimated value of this is about $350000.00. but it's not just ferrari's there are at least 3 garages like this one filled with luxury cars the government has to pay for the maintenance and insurance of the vehicles at cost that people like evil says needs to stop. ideally if the vehicles were normal we could use them in operations the problem is
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that in this case the cars are too expensive for us to use we. to keep them and it requires a big investment to keep them. accusations of corruptions were rampant during the previous administration but what is your market he came to power in 2015 with a promise to fight it but he was also investigated because his name appeared in the panama papers machree is the son of a once powerful businessman who also had dealings with the argentine state. never mind the political part there are within the political establishment links to transcend the party and mix business and political classes and many of them want all the corruption investigations to be closed because many many are in court. precedent mackley bastard decree so the government can sell the confiscated corruption items but for now it has not been implemented. the degree needs to be
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controlled by congress and congress rejected it the decree is unconstitutional i think fighting criminal organizations require us to address and plymouth a new method but it has to go through congress and all political forces should be on the same side. but it's an election year in argentina and for now many in the opposition say the law will have to wait. and. they're burning is a country in west africa and it's working with the french government to try to arrange the return of precious that was stolen from it during the colonial era is trying to improve its capacity to look after the items once they return. reports now from me the area that many of those items are thought to have been taken from. this is what remains of the palace of what was once the most powerful kingdom in
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french speaking africa we were given rare access to the album a palace of 48 hector maze of compounds rich in history and culture dating back hundreds of years. ago it is himself a prince mature who is explaining how the apple makings conquered their enemies sold their people to slavery and took hundreds of wives. then in his asking france to return thousands of artifacts looted from the country during the colonial wars many of them thought to be from the kingdom of apple me these stars represent the spirits of the oval making and they date back to the 1600s the obama people considered these and other stolen artifacts to be at the heart of their culture and that's why they want them back. the current king holds a position still steeped in ceremony we have to kneel while he grants us an audience and gives his view on the issue. of these objects are back we will perform ceremonies to recover their powers this will allow peace to reign in our country
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we've suffered so much since the reign of my father shot by jews we have only seen pictures today i am king and if they carry. it would be a great joy for us. in december 28th in france as president announced the return of just 26 pieces but that hasn't happened yet because bin is not ready to receive them the government admits it needs resources and expertise we have in where you. ministry of culture in france for training. professionals here the curator is. fair in their. sights and museums and the professional courses has already started hearing been in the french institute in order to have a really nice exhibitions we have to modernize. i. haven't you seen him and we are working on. the capacity of the country's culture and history is
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a challenge. and. the best museum in town is also in need of support along with iconic buildings such as the central mosque built in the early 1900. the preservation of his people's past is his passion but it's going to take time to look at the chance to see his kingdom back on home soil . al jazeera. is coming out.
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time for this policy is now with peter thank you very much lewis hamilton dedicated his win that the monaco grand prix to the formula one great niki lauda off to victory on the streets of monte carlo before the race says the drivers came together to pay their respects to the 3 time world champion who died on monday it was another day to forget for ferrari charlotte clare for certain i after suffering a puncture trying to pass nico holcomb bug the debris clear up brought a safety car and the pit lane release of the drivers so max for stop and collide with the potus collecting a 5 2nd penalty that would eventually cost him a podium place late in the race with hamilton in front of a stop and it only could surpass and would cause another collision at the chicane hamilton hung on to win with sebastian vettel promoted to 2nd and bottas 3rd this was hamilton's 3rd a victory at this crown jewel race but the 1st time this season mercedes failed to
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secure a one to finish. that was definitely probably the hardest race i think i've had but nonetheless you know this is i really was fighting with the spirit nicky and he's been such a and influential person in our team helping us get to where we are so i know he'll be looking down and no you take his hat off today the indianapolis $500.00 delivered a 1st victory in the famous race for simone powers you know the frenchman who started on pole position got the better of a terrific deal with alexander rossi securing an 18th victory in the indy 500 for the team owned by roger penske the traditional mokes celebrations followed he described the moment as a dream come true. atalanta's dream of a 1st appearance in the champions league is finally in reality they went into the final day of the italian season on sunday knowing when the games would clinch place instead they are. passage with the crucial goals as
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a. way coming from behind to win 31 against a team who finished with 9 men great celebrations at the end as they qualify for europe's top club competition next season. the final champions league spot when to enter millennium after a dramatic final day encounter with him police. ran out to one winners thanks to this goal from a. game where both sides finished with 10 men defeat consigned amply to relegation as well. and those results meant a similar start on the champions league despite beating spell in their final game frank casey school twice from milan who will be lining up in the europa league next season. and boy in munich have been celebrating a double winning season in germany a day after the champions beat leipzig in the cup final they paraded the trophies in front of thousands of fans in the city it's the 12 time buy and have completed the bundesliga and cup double kovacs also becoming the 1st man to win the double as
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both a buyer and player and coach after 3 years away from the french open roger federer is back to winning ways at roland garros on the opening day of the 2nd grand slam he was a straight sets win. may go in their 1st round match who has set up the clay court events in recent seasons is the number 3 2nd at the strip. this is not a show of putting on this is the truth you know i really don't know how far i can go in the 7th and. very happy with my 1st round it was a really good performance i thought from from my side for not having played here for as long as i did. but a top seed has crumbled in paris world number 5 engineered kerber is out a 3 time grand slam when i was dominated by wolves number 81 on a stuffy up or top of of russia the only major kerber hasn't won is the french open and it will stay that way at least for another year after
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a straight sets exit. former french open champion god been your mobile became american taylor townsend in 3 sets to reach the 2nd round mcgrew 3rd who won this tournament 3 years ago taking the deciding set 60. and for the 4th year in a row venus williams was knocked out in the 1st round she lost in straight sets to 9th seed. only. there was a scare for judo italia favorite on sunday's 15th stage as daria cataldo celebrated his 1st win in the race the jumbo team rider crashed on the final day saints of the 237 kilometer ride into como he would drop to 47 seconds behind race leader richard qatar pass cataldo out of the challenge of fellow italian matiya cutter now in a sprint finish retains the race leaders pink jersey resumes on tuesday after this year's final race day. fiji have won themselves
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a 2nd consecutive rugby sevens title at the london leg of the world series on sunday they were up against australia at the famous twickenham stadium it turned out to be a very one sided final fiji and ran in 7 tries to complete an overwhelming $4037.00 victory over the australians. the current olympic gold medalists and this win ensures they qualify for next year's games in turkey the victory also takes them to the top of the overall long series standings with just one league still to play in paris. now it's not often you see a referee risking a red card but that's exactly what happened in the chinese super league on sunday look out for matthew kong in blue colliding with renate store of beijing go on and knocking him to the floor new zealand official seemed a bit embarrassed as the brazilian required treatment beijing would go on to lose $21.00 to share. in this top of the table. and that's all the sport we have no more
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coming up again later. peter stamets there that's all for me dennis thanks for joining me do stay with this a. will be in this chair just semantics. and investigation into the real powers that control the world health organization their obligation to their shareholders completely overwhelms any consideration of public health can they be trusted with building a healthier future if their loyalty becomes questionable the people that are called to the h one n one porsche is it getting what it did for you now oh yes there's chazz who says don't your terms or trust that you trust who on al-jazeera.
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bureaus spawning 6 continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondent live in bringing the stories they tell me and if you have it was done enough to leave us nothing on a lesser scale. we're at the brazil barraging camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera in world news i don't want to leave in the world where everything is designed in california made in china the cutting edge is in the hands of the corporations the only way to be subversive is to be able to control the technology but massimo bands he has built a chip that anyone can use to build anything. he needs to cost like a pizza spearheading a global movement to democratize technology meet your make up part of the rebel geek series on out to 0.
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al-jazeera. every. gains for the populists in european elections while the centrists lose their majority for the 1st time in decades and nigel farage is brecht's the party ahead in the u.k. the ruling conservative peace and after failing to take britain out of the european union.
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hello i'm a star and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up japan's charm offensive ahead of tricky trade talks donald trump becomes the fast foreign leader to meet with new emperor in our heater plus. i'm up north so you can bring me and i'll be reporting on this country's efforts to get precious stone artifacts taken in the colonial era. now the pro europe centrists who have long dominated the european parliament have suffered significant losses and one of the most contentious elections and e.u. history the center right european peoples party and the socialists and democrats together have the most seats but not enough for a majority but 2 potential allies have made gains the liberals and the greens have become the 2nd largest force in germany the far right has also boosted its numbers
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with policies ahead in both italy and france while in the u.k. the new breaks of party grab the most seats riding a wave of voter frustration over britain's departure from the european union now we have correspondents across europe covering the story but we begin with barbara sarah in brussels. she is the face of european populism and this was a moment she wanted to see for very low pay and her far right national rally came 1st in france's european parliamentary vote upstaging president centrist pro e.u. rene sensible. live for some of the view. see a libel or not is assume the fading of traditional parties in the polarization between the national ready party and the renaissance party confirms that the political scene is now split between nationalist and globalist this fundamental debate will determine our nation and our peoples future and will determine what voters will have to choose in the next elections. marine le pen's victory was
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echoed across the alps by meth tail salvini whose leg at party was the biggest winner from italy's election results a strong anti immigration message and the focus on europe's christian identity won him around 30 percent of the vote so vini has formed a new right wing populist alliance with other like minded politicians from all over europe their gains weren't as big as some polls had suggested but the newly formed european alliance of peoples and nations could still be a force to be reckoned with in the european parliament of course we could see that happening parties. which parties within the smaller groups inside the rupee in parliament in order to achieve major and more influence within the policymaking activity of the european parliament they may well decide that it's better for them to join something is a license and therefore we can see is group grow and achieve perhaps 80 or even 90 parliamentarians the elections major losers have been the center right and center
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left coalition for decades they've been able to dominate the chamber with their combined majority but they're both set to lose dozens of seats and their majority with them there is knows the ability the reason no stable maturity without the e.p. and that's why the e.p.a. is ready for compromise ready for talk to each other but these have to work together that is our main. compromise and coalition building will be key in the new european parliament. the green party has emerged stronger from these elections coming 2nd in germany and the liberals also saw their numbers increase. these elections had the potential to change the very nature of the european union a fact that wasn't lost on voters turnout across the block has been the highest it's been in decades at just over 50 percent that result has been
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a fragmented parliament which in many ways reflects the divisions faced by the european union barbara sarah al-jazeera the european parliament in brussels. italian interior minister. has welcomed what he called a new european renascence as he celebrated his far right parties success in the polls as on a binge of aid has more from rome. it's been the night for. the party as projected earlier it has done quite well with exit polls showing at least a 3rd of the voters who come out to vote have voted for material needs that the democrats as well as his coalition partner the 5 star movement are trailing behind but this is not just a vote about the european union voters who we've been speaking to through the day have been telling us that this is also a referendum on the tally in politics people want to change to see a change a face is so to speak they want their own representatives to go into the european parliament and want to cast their votes for those people who've been saying that
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they want to change the status quo but so far in the south the turnout has been low which has resulted in the other parties trailing behind and it's been higher in the north where in milan the 2 us and we need. peace have been gathering to celebrate what they've been expecting to be a victorious night what this also tells us is about the state of affairs that we will see in the wider european parliament because. european alliance of people of the nations is going to be taking a large part of the right wing road from hungary all the way to germany and everything in between in trying to form a bloc are right being stronger brought as we've seen compared to what was in the 2014 elections so far the interior ministry has been saying that the water turnout has been around 56 percent but obviously that is going to change until we get the final results of the votes are still being counted and results are coming in but it
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looks like meant to us and we need is the party is in the lead sounding he has actually come out all social media thanking his voters saying that thank you for making the league policy number one it's only it remains to be seen what will this mean for italian politics because we've been hearing from experts that if. he does. better than what they're expecting big could be buoyant enough to go into a national election or go and formal government of their own rather than having to form a coalition of a party which of the 5 star movement which they have been deferring with in recent weeks and as you heard earlier nigel farage is new breasts at parties in the lead in the u.k. for says his party's success is a massive message for the conservative and labor parties that have long dominated british politics chalons has more from london. nigel farage has done it again 5 years ago his ukip party scared david cameron into calling
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a referendum on britain's e.u. membership now his new brics it party is on course to win big in the u.k.'s unwanted hugh rippin elections the intelligence i get is the director thought he's doing pretty well the lib dems remain started doing reasonably well but it looks like looks like there's no reason to think with the rest of the. as the hours passed the bracks it party tally of any piece grew and grew leaving the traditionally dominance of labor and conservative parties far behind it's an astonishing feat considering this party didn't exist before april the 12th leave voters have severely punished the tories for to resume a failure to deliver bracks it remain voters have deserted labor over its a vase of attitude to a 2nd referendum consequently the liberal democrats have done very well as have the greens what we're left with after the election is an electorate looking all ready
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new lives go home at least are the remains of life one that's very skeptical of the 2 big parties i'm one that clearly wants to let the political parties and politicians in westminster know how they feel nigel faraj with his message that britain has been betrayed by its complacent politicians found a daughter victory wide open britain only voted in these elections because marches last minute breaks a deadline extension required to the tories barely bother to campaign and astonishingly spent the run up to the vote dethroning their leader labor hardly showed much more effort there's a lesson here for the tory leadership hopefuls competing for a place to reason may end as a lesson that will concern anyone who is worried for the sense of ground of british politics the next leader of the conservative party may well be thinking that if he or she is going to. hold back any of the voices that they've just lost they're
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going to have to out faraj nigel faraj retellings how to 0 london. now president all trump has praised the relationship between the united states and japan as he sat down with prime minister. he became the fastest foreign leader to meet the new emperador he. trump is also invited to a state run chris at the palace in the evening but the focus in talks with the prime minister is mainly on trade and security so our relationship i think i can speak from the standpoint of the united states has never been better than it is right now with japan i feel that we understand each other very well we're very committed to each other as nations so we have a situation where we have the best relationship that we've ever had with japan and we're going to keep it that way we are working on the imbalance of trade there's
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been a tremendous imbalance and we're working on that and i'm sure that that will work out over a period of time. cannot on the whole kind of knew it we're going to discuss the various challenges of the international community including north korea of course we're going to have a bilateral economic issues between japan and the u.s. on top of that we'll have robust coordination so as to bring the g. 20 a saka summit to a successful conclusion to our great partnership. when has life or death entire care when it's already been a busy few days so far for golf sumo wrestling i believe and then a meeting with the am perhaps quite the charm offensive by the japanese what are they hoping to achieve. but i think from the japanese government's point of view from the prime minister's point of view it's about relationship building in to an extent that is why we saw the japanese government give this gift to the us president of being the 1st foreign leader to meet the new
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emperor of japan was a historic certainly symbolic poignant moment that we saw in the imperial palace a few hours ago and shinzo alba has tried very hard over the past few years to donald trump to get him on his side going back to 2016 when donald trump won the election there was the 1st leader to fly over there to meet then president elect donald trump in trump tower in new york and since then they have met by the face to face or spoken on the phone at least 40 times much of that to do with north korea but it is still quite a remarkable statistic and i think that's really what it is all about for shinzo a bit trying to build that relationship to an extent that it makes it more difficult for donald trump who as we all know can be an unpredictable unconventional president. relationship back when it comes to security issues or trade issues and weigh in with the 2 men.


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