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of that stablish meant far right inclination prefer the populace to their imitators to the copycats so we need to see whether the sensorites what sort of how it will position itself will it take distance from the far right in the next european parliament maybe seeks to form majorities with other parties or will it. continue chasing the right dr buffer thank you very much for that analysis as always europe and european politics are proving to be very complicated we wait and see how they develop in the coming weeks all right david trying to live for us there in brussels thanks david. or greece looks headed for snap elections after the ruling party there suffered some big losses in the european parliament vote prime minister alexis tsipras saying he will now request the early dissolution of parliament after the regional elections on june the 2nd his left wing cities a party which has been in power for 4 years now lost to the conservative new democracy party he's asked voters for
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a new mandate to leave let's get more on this now from john some uplift who is in the greek capital force so. how do we explain these results jane in greece why did this happen. where largely because of overtaxation during the last 4 years of the austerity period which started in 2010 when greece started pouring emergency loans from its euro zone partners because it couldn't afford to borrow from markets around the world and that was the period of political readjustment but half of that has been spent under serious which had promised to endorse and stop these harsh policies of taxing greek workers more heavily and cutting pensions yet that is precisely what they did the priest taxes and they cut pensions further and you can see the results of that walking through a farmer's market this morning when i was talking to farmers small store owners
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sellers of vegetables and fruits they are all the small medium sized enterprises that form the backbone of this economy all of them very happy to see the change in wind direction in this country there was a great feeling of optimism in the market today and of course the pensioners who tend to shop there early in the morning also expressing their displeasure at the facts the whereas cities that had promised to restore their pensions they cut them for they were not taken in by the last minute concession of a bonus pension that was paid out a week. before the european election they thought that was a bit of a gimmick a firework so the street as it were has spoken in these european elections they have what is likely to happen in the next general election and this is precisely what happened in 2014 in the european parliament elections when the then opposition parties. showed itself to be 4 points ahead of the ruling conservatives at that
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point everyone knew that susan was going to be the next government has decided that the die is cast in favor of new democracy why wait until october to have a general election let's cut our losses and have it now all right john thanks for that johnson live for us there in have to see. how the european elections have given a boost to austria as chancellor sebastien courts after corruption scandal brought down his coalition government his people's party want to around 34 percent of the vote they're losing just one seat of curt's is facing a no confidence vote in parliament later on monday let's get more on this now from dominic caney joins us live now from vienna dominic why is today's vote happening. simply because there are smaller parties in this parliament has them who want to
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see missed the courts and his austrian people's party forced from office viewers will recall that around this time last week his former coalition partners the far right freedom party were forced out of the capital all but one of them were forced out of the cabinet this is about forcing his entire cabinet out forcing out his party and precipitating early elections remember that elections have already been called for some time at the beginning of september this is about forcing mr courts out right now the point here though is that the scandal which attached itself to his coalition which form a coalition partners was that was very much of the freedom party's own making several of its leaders were filmed covertly in a discussion with a russian lady back in the year 2017 on the spanish island of ether where they were talking about the ways and means in which russia could develop more interest and and more of a presence in austrian politics suggestions that they made on the take that was
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filmed in 2017 cause such a furor is such an adverse reaction here that they left the government that they were forced to resign so what today is about is does the senior partner in the old coalition miss the courts and his austrian people's party they have to leave office immediately as well. so dominic as far as what happens i mean what what's likely to happen if curt's loses then. well the interesting thing here hasn't is that if you look at the european elections in so far as austrians concerned yes as you were referring to around 3435 percent of those who turned out voted for mr courts and the parties opposed to him to attention in today's vote with much less well certainly his former coalition partners would down down several points on where their poll raising would have you
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believe likewise the social democrat party so if he loses he's out of office there will be elections the question will be whether the president of austria remember that's a ceremonial office not an executive office question will be whether president funder beilin who is a green politician whether he believes that elections need to be called immediately or whether a sort of technocratic government could be compiled to get through to september remember that right now austria holds the presidency of the european union so from one perspective it might well be a thought in parliament to keep mr courts there perhaps so that the presidency ends seamlessly the question is do they want to get rid of him right now bearing in mind that he is leading in the opinion polls and if if an election was to take place in the next few weeks it's quite likely that his party would emerge as the largest party which means that effectively he would then get to choose who to govern with so those are all the sorts of thoughts and questions going around in people's minds
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in the building behind me in the austrian parliaments the debate is underway the vote shouldn't be too long the question then will be what the repercussions are from that vote dominic kane thank you. oh plenty more ahead on this news out. it has always been like a dream of mine from the. serve this country. will tell you why joining the military no longer offers a clear path to citizenship for immigrants in the united states plus. i'm a white thing in beni and i'll be reporting on this country's efforts to get back precious stolen artifacts taken in the colonial era. class milking at the indianapolis 500 has a new champion for an old teen details coming up later in sports.
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bless them ahead professor least 30 people are dead dozens missing after a boat sank in lake mayan dom bay and western democratic republic of congo on saturday officials say several 100 people were on board when bad weather hits they were mainly teachers traveling to collect their salaries by boat because roads in the region of poor now donald trump says he's not seeking regime change in iran on the 3rd day of his visit to japan the u.s. president reiterated his willingness to have talks with iranian leaders and do a deal on nuclear weapons and i'm not looking that hurt iran at all i'm looking to have iran say no nuclear weapons we have enough problems in this world right now with nuclear weapons no nuclear weapons for and i think will make a deal i think iran again i think iran has tremendous economic potential and i look forward to letting them get back to the stage where they can show that i think iran
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i know so many people from iran these are great people it has a cheers to be a great country with the same leadership we're not looking for regime change i just want to make that clear why does it is when he has more now from tokyo. it was a wide ranging media conference given by the u.s. president donald trump and japanese prime minister shinzo alba talking about north korea trade and iran in fact donald trump compared north korea to iran he has spoken several times in the past about the economic potential he believes that north korea has he said the same thing and that media conference about iran he said that the u.s. is not looking for regime change what they are looking for in iran is a country without nuclear weapons he says that he thinks that iran wants to talk and if they do want to talk then the united states is willing to do so the japanese prime minister shinzo are they also spoke about this issue japan and iran
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traditionally relatively close we had the iranian foreign minister in tokyo less than 2 weeks ago and shinzo is considering a trip to tehran some time in the middle of june in the bilateral meeting with donald trump the u.s. president said that he supported that prospect and we've also had in the past the japanese prime minister offering to mediate in this dispute there was no specific mention of that during this media conference all the bilateral meeting as far as we understand other issues discussed not surprisingly there was no significant announcement regarding a trade deal between the united states and japan north korea despite the discussed at length especially the issue of abductees japanese citizens taken by north korea and the 1970 s. and eighty's it's an issue that shinzo abbay wants resolved he's willing to meet north korean leader kim jong il and to get that issue resolved something that donald trump says he supports and when hey they're in tokyo let's get the view from iran now me is live for us in tehran so zain how iranian leaders going to be
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looking at this these latest remarks from the u.s. president on iran saying he doesn't see regime change given how how often he's changed his tune and how the administration as a whole doesn't seem to be speaking with one voice. that's exactly right a lot of what u.s. president donald trump said today are these are points that his administration has made in the past we heard several weeks ago from u.s. secretary of state by pompei o saying that they're not looking for regime change they're looking for a change of behavior so while there is nothing new what was extraordinary is that he said these things so publicly and in his own voice so certainly a sign that there is softening writer rhetoric from the american president however iranian leadership here is likely to see this as insincere they consider u.s. president donald trump not trustworthy pulling out of the 2050 nuclear deal was
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a sign to the iranian government that the united states isn't serious about any sort of negotiated solution to tensions with iran we spoke to one expert who said that if the united states is hopeful for talks the fact is that when it comes to making war or peace and that still is power that rests with the run supreme leader and ayatollah ali khamenei has said that there will be no talks especially not with this administration this expert who is a former commander of the islamic revolutionary guard corps suggested that if there was any possibility even the sinister shred of possibility of any sort of negotiation the 1st step the united states would have to take is returning to the nuclear deal to the joint comprehensive plan of action before any other diplomacy could go forward now there have been offers by several countries that enjoy good relations with the united states and with iran in the middle east and in asia for some sort of mediation but iranian leaders have said over and over again that there will be no direct or indirect talks with the united states going forward so some
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with see this as possibly iran painting itself into a corner but another expert said that that's not necessarily the case that iranian leaders know that some steps need to be taken some diplomatic steps need to be taken but as far as talks with the united states since there's no clear path forward as to what those talks with achieve especially with this administration that's unlikely to happen but what iran is doing one. interpreted what the foreign ministry has been doing in recent days with high level visits to iraq to other countries in the middle east including oman and kuwait and qatar the deputy foreign minister is expected to be there later today that is iran trying to reach out to regional players trying to push its idea of non-aggression pact and loop in regional players and say we don't need the united states to move forward with our own security in the region all right zain thanks for that live for us in tehran. on monday is memorial day in the united states when americans on of the military
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servicemen and women killed on but not all those who serve in the u.s. military are american born about 40000 immigrants have earned u.s. citizenship through military service and that government program is now being scaled back castro explains why from washington ok. every year thousands of immigrants pledge their allegiance to the united states to become new americans. it's a moment baba cain longs for he left senegal 10 years ago to study computer science in virginia after earning several degrees he decided to enlist in the army in 2016 through a program called magdy that allows non u.s. citizens for in the country illegally to join the military and immediately apply for citizenship it has always been like a dream of mine for me to. serve this country. but i figured this
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was the best opportunity for me to do that the army was looking for french speakers from africa at a time when terrorism threats were growing in the region kane says he can fill that role but it's been 3 years since he enlisted and he's still waiting to ship to basic training. the pentagon in 2017 announced major changes to the way non-citizens are recruited and leading to long delays there's concern that mommy recruits may be security threats are you a national security risk i did say no i don't think so i don't think that the national security of this i don't have any problems i don't have any. issues with the law or anything. retired major general paul eaton led the u.s. army effort to train the iraqi military in the early 2000 he says at a time when the u.s. military. is struggling to meet recruitment goals welcoming immigrants to serve is
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essential they tend to be very high performers they tend to be. language important they tend to be ambassadors from their. birth country and all that weaves into a picture of a young man or young woman who is who has a lot to contribute to the armed forces of the united states but a growing number of immigrants soldiers are denied citizenship even after reporting for duty it's become harder and harder for foreign born u.s. military recruits to become citizens of the country they now serve in fact recent government figures show that 16 per cent of immigrants soldiers are denied a u.s. citizenship that is higher than the 11 percent denial rate for immigrant civilians cain says he wants to be a u.s.
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citizen but he chose joining the military over sponsorship through work because he wants to give something back to the country he hopes to one day call his own he doesn't know if that day will ever come heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington all right in a few moments we'll have the weather with everton but still ahead on edge is it. how a shortage of emergency services in afghanistan is putting the lives of millions of people risk. by dealing with corruption scandals in argentina has not been plain sailing. and we'll show you what it means to secure a spot in europe's top club competition that's coming up later in sports. the web sponsored by cattle and ways. well over the past week or so we've seen
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temperatures in japan quite easily getting up into the low to mid thirty's some of the heat wave here is on the verge of being broken low by this big area cloud which is now rolling across the sea of japan that will continue to drive its way further east was to areas of low pressure tucking in behind that's going to bring the cloud it will also bring the rain we're seeing a fair bit of rain into southern parts of south korea $98.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours that's going to continue driving its way further east which as we go on through choose day that wetter weather getting into southern and western parts of japan still 29 celsius sticky 29 there for tokyo thundery downpours being broken as we go on into way to stay in temperatures then freshening up to rather more pleasant 24 degrees still a few heavy downpours just squeeze in the way away you can follow that area of cloud and rain though down towards the southeast of china and it's been pretty wet here as well last a cloud showing up on the satellite picture just to the west of hong kong $278.00
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millimeters of rain 24 hours in a round a month's worth of rainfall in just one day that's going to continue driving its way further south which of these was just because i want through the next couple of days so now what one on shoes day for southern parts gresley moving east. the weather sponsored by the time. let me take. my place on. the train. and thousands come. to relieve the strongest false testimony skillful. nation comes together to. raise.
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stadiums with a box like incredible. to cover the wonders of on us destination defeat the women's world cup. 2019. 1000000000 you're watching out is it a reminder of op top stories this hour voters across europe have dealt a blow to traditional centrist politicians in the e.u. parliamentary election the populist far right saw a surge in support but the liberals and greens also added more seats. that's not
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general election has been called in greece after the ruling party there suffered major losses in the european parliament prime minister alexis tsipras and his left wing syriza party lost out to the conservative new democracy pot. donald trump says he is not seeking regime change in iraq on the 3rd day of his visit to japan. the u.s. president reiterated his willingness to have talks with iranian leaders and make a deal on nuclear weapons. let's get more on president trump's trip to japan with jeff kingston he is a professor of asian studies at the temple university joins us live now from tokyo thanks very much for being with us now trump is someone who places a lot of value on personal relationships it's been reported that he's had more than 40 conversations with abyei during his presidency will that relationship have any effect in in bridging the difference is the 2 countries have on issues like the
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threat from north korea and the current us china trade war well certainly prime minister hopes i mean he is president trumps closest friend among world leaders he added trump and invested a lot in this relationship. there's a little bit of daylight between trump on north korea was a trump you know reacted to the missiles from north korea say no big deal here in tokyo people do think it is a big deal so you know there are problems there and i think that i mr abbott is particularly worried about your school lady treating war with china which can have significant collateral damage on the japanese economy. and japan it looks like it has really pulled out the stops for president trump on ice on this visit does what will that make any difference. well you know summits are really about symbolism not
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so much on substance so i think you know the warm relationship you know the selfie on the golf or is he not an isa kind of the meeting with the new emperor the 1st day yes all of this pomp and ceremony you know this is what trump rebels and so some people think that perhaps you know abi is gone overboard in slimy maybe he probably thinks that his best bet in dealing with is a radek partner is to stroke if he know as much as possible so we'll see how it works out from skeptical that you know trump is going to you know suddenly make big concessions because of their blooming. what in fact is it is the u.s. trade war with china having japan. which a cat is you know got a strong business relations with china so already you know japanese companies are
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feeling the heat a japanese economy is beginning to slow down in part this is related to the chinese slowdown so to the extent that the tree lor's escalate with china japanese companies stand to supper there's also concern trump you know is having trouble with china he may be need a win against japan so that's another concern but today ave got a little bit of good news is that drum set is going to change that you can down the road and postpone any tough negotiations until august which is after the july elections and so that's going to help abbay because he would face a lot of criticism to extent that he makes concessions on agriculture which it appears trumpet is demanding. to speak with you jeff kingston there in tech and thanks for being with. thank you. of the
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head of sudan's military council has held talks with the crown prince of the united arab emirates as protests continue back in khartoum of the fact that han a visit abu dhabi where mohamed bin zayed offered his support the trip comes after a meeting with egypt's president on saturday a move that angered protesters in sudan who are worried about foreign interference in the country's transition to civilian rule. zimbabwe's opposition leader has promised to ramp up the pressure on the government to save the country's economy on sunday nelson chamisa was chosen to lead the movement for democratic change replacing its founder morgan chang guy who died last year i don't know tasa has more from where. after months of infighting over who is main opposition party nelson chamisa is the elected president of the movement for democratic change he ran unopposed after some who wanted the top job left the
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party or dropped out of the race and we have shown the way out we have shown zimbabwe with on africa that it is possible to be democratic it is possible to renew it is possible to have a nonviolent peaceful contest internally and that is what we have shown the world look at the number of people we have come all on their own accord. zimbabweans are watching him closely to see how he plans to put pressure on president innocent of a rising inflation and unemployment along with fuel and casualties nelson chamisa narry lost last year's presidential election to president amos and all around that with the results showed he has significant support but whether he can appeal to a broader audience remains unclear. his m.d.c. party also has to show its different from the ruling zanu p.f. i think there's a lot of common ground between the ruling party and all position and i don't like
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to call frameworks and propositions the bold new liberal pro free market business and therefore they don't differ even out they may differ in terms of whether leaders whatever ages and so on but fundamentally i do much for the same when it comes to his party the has positioned is the 1st congress since morgan signed that i died from cancer last year. soon after the death of the m.d.c. is found the party split over who should replace him. the next election is you in 4 years jimmy so will need everyone to work with if you oppose the only party. that even know. where it's about what. of corruption were rampant in argentina when cristina kirchner was president since then the courts have launched a campaign to detain and seize assets of those involved in corruption scandals.
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ceiling through a river aboard a confiscated $1000000.00 luxury yacht that's been used by argentine security forces. the ship belong to the god of the highway the former transport secretary during the administration of cristina fernandez. he's currently in prison accused of corruption. praefect. says all saudis are using the yacht because the government cannot sell it. was recovered in a corruption operation it is now used by the students of the institute so they can learn how to navigate we have to pay for maintenance everything is very costly but i would rather buy speedboats for all students but in the meantime it is what we have. for a labor union representing construction workers being accused of corruption and extortion the estimated value of this car is about $350000.00.
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but it's not just for a reason there are at least 3 garages like this one filled with luxury cars the government has to pay for the maintenance and insurance of the vehicles at cost that people like says needs to stop. ideally if the vehicles were normal we could use them an op. aeration the problem is that in this case the cars are too expensive for us to use we have to keep them and it requires a big investment to keep them. accusations of corruptions were rampant during the previous administration already so michael came to power in 2015 with a promise to fight it but he was also investigated because his name appeared in the panama papers machree is the son of a once powerful businessman who also had dealings with the argentine state.
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never mind the political part there are within the political establishment links that transcend the party and mix business and political classes and many of them want all the corruption investigations to be closed because many many are in court . precedent mackley basta decrease so the government can sell the confiscated corruption items but for now it has not been implemented. the degree needs to be controlled by congress and congress rejected it the decree is unconstitutional i think fighting criminal organizations require us to address and plymouth a new method but it has to go through congress and all political forces should be on the same side. but it's an election year in argentina and for now many in the opposition say the law will have to wait they. are fighting between prisoners in brazil has killed at least 15 inmates some were stabbed others were strangled during visiting hours at the jail near man else at
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least 56 prisoners were killed during a rebellion in the same jail in amazonas state 2 years ago. i millan says in the afghan capital are a noun for their foster response to attacks but little else most people needing to get to hospital take a taxi sometimes harming their chance of survival shala bellus finds out why from kabul. income an explosion or gunfire is followed by. police military and ambulances racing towards the attack nurses and drivers without protection bury the dead and wounded to hospitalize despite the danger around them . it is natural to be worried everyone is scared of places where there are attacks but it's our job and we have to get to the place and do our duty there is always a nurse in a drivers seat to a cool despite responding to more than 50 attacks since the ambulance service is
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created in 2002 they haven't had any staff we killed or injured. this is what the kabul ambulance service is known for what it is not known for its transporting other patients to hospitals those not victims of attacks. there's a lack of awareness about ambulances and how to use them it's a free service for everyone and they don't understand there's a nurse and driver and we can take them free. on the lack of awareness there's also a capacity issue. the couple ambulance service has just $29.00 says for $5000000.00 people it says its response time is usually less than 20 minutes but it can be up to an hour and a half to cover ambulances a facing further delays after the taliban day tonight had one packed with explosives in central kabul last january well 100 people were killed ambulances another search to check points. it means most afghans choose to use
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a taxi rather than call for an ambulance everyone in this intensive care unit was 1st brought to hospital by a taxi. was admitted unconscious with renal failure also. i was feeling pain in my body and i was in trouble when i was travelling here by taxi i was not able to sit up properly i was in a lot of pain. most of the patients were brought here by taxi or in a serious condition coming in a taxi the patient loses 50 percent of the chance to recover because they come from a long distance without oxygen. and it's not a problem limited to the capital kabul ambulance service has 50 vehicles in 3 provinces it afghanistan has 34 provinces and more than 30000000 people the ministry of health admits it doesn't know exactly how many ambulances exist charlotte. couple and on wednesday be sure to watch the.


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