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the 1st congress since morgan tsvangirai died from cancer last year. soon after the death of the m.d.c. founder the party split over who should replace him. the next election is you in 4 years jimmy so will need everyone to work with him if he said suppose the only party minisub audience had ever now. al-jazeera where zimbabwe. for the head of sudan's military council has held talks with the crown prince of the united arab emirates as protests continue back in khartoum of the fact that what han visited abu dhabi where mohammed bin zayed offered his support the trip comes after both hands meeting with egypt's president on saturday a move that angered protestors in sudan who are worried about foreign interference in the country's transition to civilian rule. accusations of corruption were rampant in argentina when cristina kirchner was in power since then the courts have launched a campaign to detain and seize assets of those involved in corruption scandals that
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has more from. the ceiling through but on a river aboard a confiscated $1000000.00 luxury yacht that's been used by argentine security forces. the ship belonged to regatta the highway the former transport secretary during the administration of cristina fernandez. he's currently in prison accused of corruption whatever the prefect. says all saudis are using the yacht because the government cannot sell it. was recovered in a corruption operation it is now used by the students of the institute so they can learn how to navigate we have to pay for maintenance everything is very costly but i would rather buy speedboats for students but in the meantime it is what we have. longed for a labor union representing construction workers being accused of corruption and
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extortion the estimated value of this car is about $350000.00. but it's not just for a reason there are at least 3 garages like this one filled with luxury cars the government has to pay for the maintenance and insurance of the vehicles at cost that people like says needs to stop. ideally if the vehicles were normal we could use them in operations the problem is that in this case the cars are too expensive for us to use we have to keep them and it requires a big investment to keep them i. accusations of corruptions were rampant during the previous administration but what is your market came to power in 2015 with a promise to fight it. but he was also investigated because he's name appeared in the panama papers machree is the son of a once powerful businessman who also had dealings with the argentine state.
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never mind the political part there are within the political establishment links that transcend the party and mix business and political classes and many of them want all the corruption investigations to be closed because many many are involved . decrease so the government can sell the confiscated corruption items but for now it has not been implemented in. the degree needs to be controlled by congress and congress rejected it the decree is unconstitutional i think fighting criminal organizations require us to a. new method simple but the test to go through congress and all political forces should be the same. but it's an election year. and for now many in the. the law will have to wait. all right still ahead when we
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come back. to whether afghanistan cricket say. opening world cup match against defending champions.
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it's working with the french government to arrange the return of. stolen during the colonial era but one of the challenges is being able to look after the items once they arrive in reports from. this is what remains of the palace of
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what was once the most powerful kingdom in french speaking africa we were given rare access to the album a palace of 48 hector maze of compounds rich in history and culture dating back hundreds of years. ago it is himself a prince mature who is explaining how the apple makings conquered their enemies sold their people to slavery and took hundreds of wives. is asking france to return thousands of artifacts looted from the country during the colonial wars many of them thought to be from the kingdom of apple me these stars represent the spirits of the oval making and they date back to the 1600s the obama people considered these and other stolen artifacts to be at the heart of their culture and that's why they want them back. the current king holds a position still steeped in ceremony we have to kneel while he grants us an audience and gives his view on the issue. when these objects are back we will
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perform ceremonies to recover their powers this will allow peace to reign in our country we've suffered so much since the reign of my father shot by jews we have only seen pictures today i am king and if they carry patrick. it would be a great joy for us. in december 28th in france as president announced the return of just 26 pieces but that hasn't happened yet because bin is not ready to receive them the government admits it needs resources and expertise we have in where you. ministry of culture in france for training. professionals here the curator is. fair in their. sights and museums and the professional courses has already started hearing binion and the french institute in order to have a really nice exhibitions we have to modernize. i. have
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a new thing and we're working on that the french side the capacity to preserve the country's culture and history is a challenge that extends beyond me and the capital city of portland over the best museum in town is also in need of support along with iconic buildings such as the central mosque built in the early 1900. s. the go to match your the preservation of his people's past is his passion but it's going to take time before you look at the chance to see his kingdom's artifacts back on home soil i'm up waiting algis here apple me. all right skittles for now his live thanks has well defending champion rough on the doll is back on paris clay looking for another tournament win and he's off to a pretty good start 2nd seed nadal took on young confident range 180th nadal dominated every set winning this 1st round match 626163 it's been a hard start for several high profile athletes including world number 13 caroline
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wozniacki 22 year old russian veronica could the match televised roland garros debut to knock was nasty out of the tournament 066363. and 4 steve kicky burdens booked her place in the 2nd round of the french open with a 6364 win over pauline apartments here a friends also on the women's tour 2 time grand slam champion cutthroat the toba has pulled out of the tournament with an arm injury. the cricket world cup kicks off on thursday with emerging teams like afghanistan aiming to make their mark in the sport they play defending champions australia on saturday with the best bowler in the world and a genuine chance of causing upsets we welling's reports. when cricket was banned under the taliban afghanistan being one of the elite 10 teams to contest a world cup would have been unthinkable but their prize over the past decade has
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been extraordinary 2 years ago afghanistan was awarded test much status one of only 12 teams to play the most prestigious and respected form of cricket but it's in the short forms that the got them ice dangerous and this team has a genuine chance of upsetting big it seems in the poseidon world cup. several of these players have lucrative indian premier league and australia big bash contracts and play county cricket in england but the star is the man considered the world's best one day ball and spin of rashid khalidi you must be so excited about this world cup which you are one of the superstars that the government. exactly definitely very excited to be in the world cup squad into prison doing my country especially in my 1st 50 or you have the you have the skill you just need to utilize that and hopefully the guys are good you know one of them is working hard and definitively it won't be too far that when it's i will be into offerings. that coaches phil symonds who has plenty of world cup experience playing for the west
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indies the players are having to cope with it tough showed you. the training hard all of their opponents in the tournament a part of the world's elite sport duff you know the longest mission is 3 long days to get to have the fast you need to do well for the country as well so we didn't bring those things in the mind that i'm fasting on nor do you know you have enough energy even to have enough to eat after after after already and then you can just go in a day and play the game there i pretty much is on this ground in bristol against defending champions australia a difficult start but they'll have plenty of support the tournament organizers the i.c.c. have restricted the amount of teams in the tournament to just 10 which excludes many of the developing nations but 5 as the big nations in lakers notches afghanistan still managed to be $100.00 to qualify and now had to make a mark on this world cup. al-jazeera bristol well afghanistan have just lost to
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england and their world cup warm up match at the oval they made $160.00 after being put into bat for archer took 3 wickets but england chased down that total with ease jason roy made a half century as england won by 9 wickets. manchester city chairman mobarak hit back at criticism of the club's spending claiming that some rivals are jealous of their success city one the domestic trouble in england but continue to be investigated by you a for over breaking financial fair play rules which they deny mubarak is confident they'll be exonerated and also responded to the spanish league president have yet to have us who claim city and paris and demand are damaged damaging european football with petrol and gas money. think the way he's combining teams just because of ethnicity. i find that very. very disturbing to be honest i will not
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accept for this club to be used as a diversionary tactic on poor investment this is some other cause we've managed ourselves well. and we will be touched by facts egyptian clubs the magic ended a 16 year african trophy drought they were up against renaissance sportive burke on in calf confederation cup final but they were taken to a nail biting penalty shoot out by the moroccans in the 2nd round them out like converting all of their spot kicks for a $53.00 when it was about explorers continental trophy since 2003 and their 10th calf title overall. the indianapolis 500 delivered a 1st victory in the famous race 1st time on the frenchman who started on pole position got the better of a terrific duel with alexandra rossi did you know securing an 18 victory in the indy 500 for the team owned by roger penske the traditional milk celebrations followed he described this moment as
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a dream come true. golfer cavanagh's won his 3rd p.g.a. tour title cleanskin victory at colonial the american cruise to a 4 shot win over tony a few now in texas it's his 2nd tour victory in 10 months local favorite towards me finished 8 shots back. that's it for me back to you as a thanks and that is it for this news hour but i'll be back in a couple of minutes with more of the day's news there. after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can only on their own identifying patterns and predict human behavior. artificial intelligence could monitor ombudsman. and decide on a future big picture to coach the world according to ai and exposes the
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bias inside the machine coming soon on al-jazeera talk to. you're just back from yemen what was the glimpse of the country to go we listen to that children are deeply affected because of war we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter because there are. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough
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housing stock available. kidnappings and murders in crimea since russia's forced onyx ation of the black sea peninsula. i don't understand why he was kidnapped. schools of crimean tatars have been arrested tortured and killed most believed by russian security forces. crimea russia's dirty secret. on al-jazeera. but to the right nationalist parties make gains in european elections as centrist blocks lose ground.
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a lot of this is as you see it on live from dot also coming up austrian chancellor sebastian kurtz faces a vote of no confidence after a corruption scandal involving his deputy. we're not looking for regime change i just want to make that clear. u.s. president donald trump changing his tune again on iran as he talks trade and security in japan plus. i'm not writing in beni and i'll be reporting on this country's efforts to get that precious stone artifacts taken in the colonial era. color voters across europe have dealt a blow to traditional centrist politicians while smaller parties on the left and right made gains european parliamentary elections in many countries still record turnouts the populist far right enjoyed
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a surge in support of the liberals and the greens also added more seats to go live now to e.u. headquarters in brussels david chaytor is there for us but 1st the tasha butler with the main takeaways from these elections. the face of europe's parliament is changing the traditional power blocs of the center right and center left that have dominated for decades lost seats as populous greens and liberal surged for the 1st time in 40 years since the 1st elections in $1879.00 of the european parliament to 2 classical parties socialist and conservatives will no longer have a majority. nationalism and fears over immigration fueled gains for populous parties in france hungry and italy where matteo sell vinnie's far right policy won more than 30 percent of the vote. in in not only is the league the 1st party in italy but marine le pen is the 1st party in france in the u.k.
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in order for rodgers 1st so it's 3 france england it's the sign of a europe that is changing green parties in several countries celebrated their best e.u. election results highlighting concern among some voters in the climate change about for ending the use of people all across europe want to form a peaceful europe together we haven't just got a great result in germany but as it stands in ireland and the netherlands in austria all across europe the greens are strong. the election results reflect a growing political trended means 28 member states people are increasingly rejecting establishment traditional mainstream parties and supporting alternatives and voting for causes the center right european people's party remains the largest bloc in the e.u. parliament but with no majority it'll be forced to seek support to form a pro e.u. coalition there is no those ability their recent no stable majority
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without the e.p. and that's why the e.p.a. is ready for compromise ready for talks to each other but the have to work together that is all mine. the european project was created after world war 2 to ensure that rivalries between countries would never again result in conflict while these elections show that politically europe is more fragmented than ever pro e.u. party still retain a majority suggesting that although some voters may be questioning the european union most still believe in it natasha butler al-jazeera paris or david kay to is live for us in brussels with more mr david what's actually going to change as a result of these elections. most observers will be looking at what are called essentially the insurgent parties now these are the euro skeptics and the members of the far right parties that have done very well during
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this election and they'll be looking at them to see if they can challenge what was that you awfully of the center left and center right which is now being eroded and lost this week surety and what mischief they can make but. there's still a case the fact that they will have to make compromises themselves will have to form coalitions but it does mean that any legislation that comes through any points they want to make any and the people's use of claim if they want to come back to will be before very closely now instead of being decided in remote rooms in paris and in lynn now this is the impact they have and of course it's assumed that if your a far right party the you have many things in common with the other far right parties but that's not the case in the european union and the parliament many of them are divided on the issue of the of the russians and the russian influence i'm glad to
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be of putin someone the sanctions removed others want more imposed and that will be difficult that will continue to be a thorn between the far right parties in the euro skeptics so we'll have to see how that plays out and so what are going to be the main problems then. well the main problems are studying the studying very very soon is who is going to play sean clode the the president of european commission who is going to appoint 2 are going to be the power brokers main power brokers for the new generation of the european commission and of the european union itself now at the moment as a 46 year old the varian a german who's. soon going to be taking over from junk load and and he's cold. and it does seem that many of the groups especially in the right wing parties will try and combat that appointment not coronations that i think is the
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1st problem we're going to face in the 1st few days of this new parliament all right david lifeless there in brussels thanks kate. or hannah newman has been elected to the european parliament for the greens in germany she joins us now from berlin thanks very much for being with us now it's been a good result for your party not just in germany but for the greens across europe what do you put that success down to i think the main reason is that the climate st and fighting the climate crisis was high on the agenda in this election and our party was founded 40 years ago exactly to tackle this issue we have been fighting for tightening against a common climate crisis when it was not on walk we've been battered for that and we continue to fight for it but this time it played out well for us because it is high on the agenda and you are your your group are seen as kind of the king makers in
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all of this because as we said the did the center left and center right. parties didn't didn't get enough to form a viable coalition so now the current and now all the sort of horse trading begins now what is your group i mean who would you be looking to get together with and what are your priorities as you as you get into those discussions now. it is a new situation in the european parliament that the s. and the n.d.p. will not be strong enough to form a coalition of its own so we will have a say in that and that's a good thing we will not so much focus on the personal we will be very strong on our content positions which is fighting climate st strengthening a social europe and strengthening basic european values and democracy democracy in europe so this will be our main focus and then we will have to discuss with everyone and see how much we can get where this was sure that we will focus on the
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streets and counted out so we are strongly saying that it's the european parliament that has a say and only someone who was running as a country that in the whole process will have the chance to become a commissioner from our side so in your view the commissioner would have to be somebody who views tackling climate changes as a priority that that's a red line for using yes yes we'll see tackling climate change as a priority. they he has to have a priority priority to implement the paris agreement which is something already all member states have agreed upon and he has to be a spit in country that there are those on the other side who say that that the greens and many environmentalist parties like yours are asking people to make drastic changes in their lives that they're not they're simply not ready to make right now in a big part of that is how it's going to hurt them in their wallets i mean we saw with the with the yellow vest protests across france which was an effort to combat
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global warming warming by raising fuel prices and the response from that was was as we've seen in the news was was quite extensive people there are saying we've been taxed enough already we can't take another tax what do you say to that. i think we have to be very strong with the guts especially to pricing carbon dioxide so the carbon dioxid tax but the money shouldn't stay with the governments over that you can commission it has to go back to the people to make it a social program and so basically everything that we tax on products for carbon emissions and all the money that is coming to the commission then has to be given back to the people so everybody who is saving carbon dioxide and who is saving on his or her missions gets money back whereas people who are very strongly in their consumption of carbon dioxide they have to pay extra so this is how we can balance it and. the climate crisis in
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a socially responsible way good to speak with you hand in human joining us there from bali thanks for being with us. greece is headed for snap elections after the ruling party there suffered big losses in the european parliamentary vote prime minister says he will request the early dissolution of parliament after the regional elections on june 2nd his left wing sarees a party lost so the conservative new democracy is asking voters for a new mandate to lead. chancellor sebastian kurtz is facing a no confidence motion in parliament there that could see him removed from office is expected to lose the vote despite a strong showing by his party in the european elections it comes after a corruption scandal that forced some ministers in his coalition government to step down let's get more on that now from dominic caney joins us live now from vienna so dominic how close are we to that all important vote.
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coming up imminently handsome the point here is we've had several hours of debate mr kurtz himself is trying to defend the policies he has brought to this parliament i'm standing in the he's trying to defend himself but so many of the people he said come to the podium said they are very very pleased. that the irony here hasn't changed passions are dramatically it is too much of a center left social democrats and the far right freedom party are likely to vote with each other to remove sébastien quotes from office and it should happen quite soon to the point though is that while he may well be a loser today the opinion polls and the results from yesterday's he's been elections demonstrates that a large minority of austrian voters support his party so while he might well lose this afternoon in the election we'll have to follow the results a negative or result from him today well the opinion polls puts him in pole
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position should it come to the us. all right dominic a live for us in vienna thanks tony. when we come by.


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