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imminently handsome the point here is we've had several hours of debate mr kurtz himself who's trying to defend the policies he has brought to this panel i'm standing in the he's trying to defend himself but so many of the people who are very soon come to the podium and said they are very very angry he's. a reality you have a house and 2 passions are you dramatically it is too much or the center left social democrats and the far right freedom party are likely to vote with each other to remove sébastien quotes from office and it should happen quite soon to a point though is that while he may well be a vote loser today the opinion polls and the results from yesterday's he's been elections demonstrates that a large minority of austrian voters support his party so long he might well lose this afternoon in the election that will have to follow the results a negative or result from him today well the opinion polls puts him in pole position should it come to that. all right dominic cain live for us in vienna
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thanks tony. when we come back on al-jazeera a shortage of emergency services in afghanistan is putting lives at risk. welcomes a look at the international forecast starting in china where it's looking pretty wet at the bible lots of class rod across the south of the country hong kong seeing some big showers at present and that wet weather will stay in place as we go through chews day since a little further south with the way in the states that brought skies come in once again but we are going to see temperatures in hong kong at about 28 celsius with that cloud of rain still in situ here somewhat whether they are just lingering just around the gulf of tonkin into a good part of indochina us and really heavy showers persisting here we see some heavy showers recently. it's the northeast of india last shows that just rather
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basis out of india just pushing down towards the southwest of the country for many it is hot and dry so the. cling on to the east coast as we go through the west the weather the monsoon rains are now starting to push up into the far south. but you can bet further west still very much about the heat 45 celsius in that poor getting up to 44 in new delhi as we go on through where the same just noticed election out there into the southwest of in the further haiti showers coming through here then over the next step. into southern parts of before much of the country is fine and dry. on counting the cost where did it all go wrong for argentina is champion of the free market can actually stay in power as a populist makes a comeback a potential multi-billion dollar fine on course to break up facebook and bailout
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number 13. counting the cost. and again you're watching i just you know reminder of our top stories this hour voters across europe dealt a blow to centrist politicians in the e.u. parliamentary elections the populist far right enjoyed a surge in support but the liberals and the greens also added more seats. greece is headed for snap elections after the ruling. he suffered major losses in the
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european parliament vote prime minister alexis tsipras says he will request the early dissolution of parliament after local elections on june 2nd. austria's chancellor sebastian kurtz is facing a no confidence motion in parliament that could see him removed from office he is expected to lose that vote despite a strong showing by his party in the european elections. donald trump says the united states is not looking for regime change in iran the u.s. president making the remarks in japan where he met prime minister shinzo abyei when a has more from tokyo. with a handshake donald trump received a historic owner in the imperial palace in tokyo the u.s. president became the 1st foreign leader to meet japan's new emperor now though he told the meeting was seen as a symbol of the strong relations between the 2 countries after a bilateral meeting with japan's prime minister shinzo of their attention turned from an ally to a foe with the u.s.
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president saying he's not seeking regime change in iran and i'm not looking to hurt around it or i'm looking to have iran say no nuclear weapons we have enough problems in this world right now with nuclear weapons no nuclear weapons for and i think will make a deal i think iran again i think iran has tremendous economic potential it was a softer tone from trump after weeks of increasing tension following the reimposition of sanctions on iran because of its nuclear development. prime minister is considering a trip to tehran next month and has offered to mediate in the dispute donald trump didn't publicly respond to that offer specifically but supports the idea of going to iran pushing this visit has been all about relationship building but given that donald trump can sometimes be an unpredictable president he may well be nervous that a lot of his hard work could be easily undone particularly on the key issues of.
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frayed and security. with no significant announcement on trade there will inevitably be more tension over the large trade deficit the united states has with japan and the 2 leaders have different opinions on north korea's 2 missile tests earlier this month donald trump says he wasn't concerned by them while shinzo obvious says they violated united nations security council resolutions. but they agreed to work together on the issue of japanese people abducted by north korea in the 1970 s. and eighty's as they met their relatives there are many still unaccounted for and prime minister said getting them back is a priority. but the had always trump brought to the up took issue with north korean leader kim and told him my thoughts president trump is making diplomatic efforts in line with your wishes. and your wants to be directly involved in that diplomacy by meeting the north korean leader donald trump says he supports the
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initiative wain hey al jazeera tokyo. and dozens of passengers are missing or feared drowned after a crowded boat sank in lake my in the democratic republic of congo at least 30 people died around 180 survived the disaster on saturday night it's thought the boat was ferrying around 350 passengers welcome what has more from come paula in neighboring uganda. dozens of bodies have been pulled from the water dozens more still missing and it's unlikely at this stage that survivors will still be found in the water more than 24 hours after the boat sank survivors say it was overloaded with cargo and with people and that's common for boats on congo's many waterways on the rivers and the legs which are crucial for connecting up the interior of the country there's little infrastructure many of the roads are only possible on a motorbike and it gets even difficult to pass them after heavy rains so the
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waterways are crucial also there's a lot of poverty so overloading from the point of view of boat crews is a way to get a little extra desperately needed income and to the point of view of passengers it's just the only means to get around to carry out their business and in the case of many of the passengers on this boat they were teachers going to collect their monthly salary which is essential of course for their survival as well when the boat sank soldiers who were posted around the lake went to try and rescue some of those who had survived they didn't have any proper military boats they're using small wooden boats the same kind that are used by the fishermen in the villages that live around the lake itself. lake mind also prone to choppy waters big waves and heavy tropical storms so even losing engine power on the lake for a few minutes in an overloaded boat can come with a substantial risk these kinds of accidents aren't common our
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sources are told judges here are men abducted and killed at least 7 people in the north eastern nigerian city of maiduguri. or to be behind the attack has more. the attackers came in the dead of the night as their victims were preparing to go for a late midnight prayers during the ramadan abducted 7 people took them from the dallas area of my degree to the outskirts of the city and cut them down using my shit is apparently the attackers were trying to avoid going attention on themselves and that's why according to security forces the one not using guns now the killings came hours after the nigerian army denied reports of an earlier ambush that resulted in the killing of $25.00 soldiers around the dam glasses the nigerian army through a spokesman said the story was not true and that there was no such incident around my degree or done. over the weekend now but what are my stepped up its attacks in
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eastern nigeria just as the multinational drone task force the regional force that has been fighting both from come to nigeria chad and major public have also stepped up their operations the shaikh olfaction in particular is accused of carrying the latest round of killings because they rarely distinguish between civilian and military targets zimbabwe's main opposition party has elected nelson chamisa as its leader it is the 1st congress held by the movement for democratic change since the death of its founder morgan chang and i last year has had only tassel reports now from where divisions have played the party since his death. after months of infighting over who the leader was about his main opposition party nelson chamisa is elected president of the movement for democratic change he ran unopposed to some who wanted the top job left the party but dropped out of the way
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we have shown the world with sean zimbabwe with show in africa that it is possible to be democratic it is possible to renew a discourse about where. nonviolent peaceful content. internally and that is what we've shown the world look at the number of people we have come fall on their own accord. zimbabweans are watching him closely to see how he plans to put pressure on president amos and i got word of a rising inflation and unemployment along with fuel and cash orders nelson chamisa unary lost last year's presidential election to president amos and all around god where the results showed he has significant support but whether he can appeal to a broader audience remains unclear but his m.d.c. party also has to show its different from the ruling zanu p.f. i think there's a lot of common ground between the ruling party and all business and i don't like to call frameworks and propositions the bold new liberal pro free market business
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and therefore they don't just even out they may differ in terms of whether leaders whatever ages and so on but fundamentally i do much for the same when it comes to his party geneva has position is the 1st congress since morgan signed that i died from cancer last year. soon after the death of the m.d.c. is found the party split over who should replace him. the next election is in 4 years jimmy so will need everyone to work with him if he to depose the only party . that even know. where. or ambulances in the afghan capital already now and for their fos response to attacks but little else most people needing to get to hospital take a taxi sometimes having their chance of survival shot about us finds out why.
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income an explosion or gunfire is followed by. police military and ambulances racing towards the attack nurses and drivers without protection bury the dead and wounded to hospitalize despite the danger around them. it is natural to be worried everyone is scared of places where there are attacks but it's our job and we have to get to the place and do our duty there is always a nurse in a drivers seat to a cool despite responding to more than 50 attacks since the ambulance services created in 2002 they haven't had any staff members killed or injured. this is what the kabul ambulance service is known for what it is not known for it's transporting other patients to hospital those not victims of attacks. there's a lack of awareness about ambulances and how to use them it's a free service for everyone and they don't understand there's a nurse and driver and we can take them free. on the lack of awareness there's also
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a capacity issue. the carboy ambulance service has just $29.00 ambulances for $5000000.00 people it says its response time is usually less than 20 minutes but it can be up to an hour and a half of ambulances a facing further delays after the taliban day tonight had one packed with explosives in central kabul last january well 100 people were killed ambulances another search to check points. it means most afghans choose to use a taxi rather than call for an ambulance everyone in this intensive care unit was 1st brought to hospital by a taxi. was admitted unconscious with renal failure also a year ago. i was feeling pain in my body and i was in trouble when i was travelling here by taxi i was not able to sit up properly i was in a lot of pain. most of the patients were brought here by taxi or in
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a serious condition coming in a taxi the patient loses 50 percent of the chance to recover because they come from a long distance without oxygen. and it's not a problem limited to the capital kabul ambulance service has 50 vehicles in 3 provinces it afghanistan has 34 provinces and more than 30000000 people the ministry of health admits it doesn't know exactly how many ambulances exist. or a couple. breaking news to tell you about now austria's chancellor sebastian kurtz has just lost a vote of no confidence in the parliament there came after a corruption scandal that forced some ministers in his coalition to step down dominic cain is live for us with more on this adamic this was a vote as you said earlier largely expected. yes it is rossi's granted doesn't come to pass mr cortes lost the vote he's left the chamber of not
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sitting in the place of the chancellor anymore because he isn't chancellor anymore now the board is very much in the court of the president green party politicians the underbelly and what will he do give the call even early election earlier elections and we had already thought was going to happen remember elections were due in september now it is for the president decides can an alternative government be formed very unlikely indeed that might happen because the 2 parties who worked together as it were voted together to remove codes today will never work with each other that's the center left social democrats and the far right freedom part of it would not work with each other therefore it seems very likely that early elections are too good remember one caveat that is quite simple but as it stands the opinion polls and indeed the european election results from last night from sunday demonstrate that mr cortes his party is by far the most popular party in this country right now so the chances have to be quite high that's if there is an election in which the courts might find him suffer yearning massive action and then
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in the bizarre position of coming back to this armaments and trying to form a coalition but haps with one of the very parties just voted him out. and of course it just remind us dominic this all came about because of an incriminating video that led to the resignation of a key partner in that coalition. yes that's right as a let's be clear about this today it was about voting crowds out but last week it was about removing those people concerns the leaders of the far right freedom party several of whom found themselves being recorded in a conversation with a russian lady 2 years ago in spanish and. over the course of 7 hours they spoke about how the russian government the russian federation it exerts a greater influence in austria an austrian politics they made suggestions about how russia could try to acquire media outlets and then change the editorial policy of those outlets to
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a pro russian policy and it was the reaction to that when people in austria became aware of that precipitated their resignations effectively talking of them from the government's the point about this is it was brought by smaller parties who felt disgusted by the overall government in austria well they've had their wish lose you see quotes but as i said the irony here is that mr cooke's might have lost last year in that he leads the opinion polls and might well win the next election all right we'll wait to see what happens next dominic a live person in vienna. this is al jazeera it's got a round up of the top stories as you just heard there austria's charts of the sebastian kurds forced out of office after losing a no confidence vote in parliament the president now has to appoint a chancellor to form a government that can get parliament support until the next election right now expected in september last week
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a corruption scandal for some ministers in his coalition government to step down. a voters across europe have dealt a blow to centrist politicians in each new parliamentary elections the populist far right source surge and support but the liberals and the greens also added more seats in france one of the most well known faces of the anti immigrant anti e.u. current marine le pen came out just ahead of president emanuel micron's party. greece is headed for snap elections after the ruling parties there took major losses in the european parliament vote prime minister alexis tsipras saying he will request the early dissolution of parliament on june the 2nd donald trump says he is not seeking regime change in iran on the 3rd day of his visit to japan the u.s. president reiterated his willingness for talks with iranian leaders to make a deal on nuclear weapons and i'm not look at that heard around or i'm looking to have iran say no nuclear weapons we have enough problems in this world right now
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with nuclear weapons no nuclear weapons for and i think will make a deal i think iran again i think iran has tremendous economic potential and i look forward to letting them get back to the stage where they can show that i think iran i know so many people from iran these are great people it has a chance to be a great country with the same leadership we're not looking for regime change i just want to make that clear. dozens of passengers are missing or feared drowned after a crowded boat sank in lake mayan dubbo in the democratic republic of congo at least 30 people died around $180.00 survived the disaster on saturday night it's told the boat was carrying about 350 passengers the crown prince of abu dhabi has offered support to the head of sudan's military council at a meeting in the united arab emirates that had met with egypt's president on saturday a move that angered protestors in sudan they're worried about foreign interference
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interference in the transition to civilian rule those are the headlines talked as it is next. crickets. morals 6 ways. from venues. around australia. will. play with. cricket while. in israel as political uprising is now in its 4th month on january 10th president is sworn in for a 2nd term following elections not recognized as legitimate by opponents nor much of the international community this sets in motion an opposition plan to declare the president of the national assembly. as venezuela's interim president more than
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50 countries recognize him and call on me to step aside to allow the new elections since in 2013 than israel is economy has plummeted along with the production of oil the country's lifeline. to mystic and foreign opponents for widespread shortages of food medicine water and electricity more and more of an israeli believe their once rich nations collapse is the fault of gross government incompetence and corruption in the united states which has already imposed selective sanctions declares an all out economic war on to cut off access to oil revenues and financial markets opinion polls show has wide public support but the government proved to be far more resilient than predicted russia and china which have heavy investments in the coming 2 and he maintains the crucial support of the military high command.
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unsuccessfully attempts to encourage a military uprising 130 s crisis enters a new critical phase opposition deputies are arrested others. underground except. that government doesn't dare touch for fear of even stronger u.s. reprisals. u.s. military intervention are escalating and surprisingly last week both sides agreed to send. to explore a possible negotiated way out of a crisis that has taken on global dimensions the man whose job it is to try to convince the world that venezuela is a victim of u.s. aggression is foreign minister. he has been traveling tirelessly to countries all over the world as far away as china russia turkey and iran all of them allies of venezuela he wants their political and economic support we caught up with him here at the foreign ministry just before he got on the plane yet again.
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foreign minister. thank you for talking to me that i'd like to start by asking you is there any reason to be to mystic that there could be a peaceful resolution to this conflict. see i'm which of us on principle but also i . mean. finance help with those who need to be going to what is the evidence for then i know korea for your blood the know him or the neocon well going to sleep then stand there when i notice your own seen president this and they let you know many gonna get up early to go on the boat i mean monkeying with the money on the. boko to look at what is here and the other synthesis and democracy and i think what it is going to look on template democrat us sort of your own is going to be me and grown up i see i said no but in their most. well you can mislead the them or you go is the moment the busy in the
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mode where joe want to demo and yellow rope with it on top of this and the reports in venice i love to go there for quite dramatic as either momentum of community i would set up the middle who is to have a big well 1st of all you call it a dialogue your opponents call this at best mediation it's taking place right now with the under the auspices of your know each and counterpart but more than that the opposition for the 1st time seems to agree on something and that is that they are demanding you all of them unanimously have demanding that president you could ask mother to step down that there be a transition government and that there that it will be free fair transparent elections under international supervision to quote them are any of those things negotiable for you talk about them and then go aboard get those we'll see a lot of things he didn't know so the obama. they don't quite get into the right eye or quite get older going to the c.n.n. center limits no i come. noir scone or the imperial bomb
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a corner going to those who don't either until are going to do so in a sort of book i want us all to see on it as. numbers and the know it done and i want to do so while you talk about the constitution so does the opposition you're both holding the opposite. the constitution in your hand but this is a political conflict i think you would agree that it's political that needs a political solution so what concession can your side give to the opposition one that comes as you are now more than i was told that i would be most on one verse and on osama and it was. one of your lesser political warty and you only got daughters and then your mil this is he had the evil sort on and then you immediately said they will come with us ellida i love you lend support us a lecture on this go go to rio and i told myself don't get your ticket and. id then you go go real lost and behold head up by a secular corner see it only going on as we learn a game in
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a sweat. you're not getting you know ok you had jonathan i wanted to see don't you know sore throat and will continue well to get him ok yeah look at him ok i see him better look political i think we can do that and we just saw the important him see it ok you conflict authority. venezuela didn't know when to use 11th but related to him i know that i would receive even most of those when he goes he let me guess a you are put on hold so you have no one cared only that or don't recall have been assuage those when you wonder come on then your boy the young boy that gets up at the letter you know and didn't wear what they contain went down the man known that i would guess yes you know and don't mean that whether you. know one. sort of the other gets up early in the editing and blow they're going to go inside or them b.b.n. they failed to do it in elementary on indoor has a political selling going on that it was somebody and went up and i thought again border would see a bit about the matter what are the plane going to the advent of but the later
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people in terms of cell and supplement them look at meta data conflict if they conflict with that actually the place they would get alexy on they would have would get a conflict also you know a classic simple about that percentage out of the number who said a minute out of the completely a c. in the body to go and promote you would then of course i mean if that end in the end but it gave them i thought they fit into it and they got to where the put other can be and so how do you get along with the ones that you call the bush but actually i would argue that they're not but it's not necessarily the case in the actions for the national assembly 2 thirds of venezuelans voted against the government candidates but going beyond that just the other day and i want to quote him president medvedev said come rain thunder or lightning the revolution will remain in venezuela for the rest of the 21st century i didn't create is that the type of democracy is that what the constitution says that i will soon but as with already got it i will do so knowing what we have no or unprecedented. whom proceso
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mad it's a month and they're gone they're all there let me guess honest or not but i do willin to put going through either party than most people here put up and by. makes the. home that i was on process from what i'd be to do yeah that would tell us what it would bring to do so and then it gained control oh no we're going to do so young what to do a 2nd at some venice and then go. see. talking only here on the world to see if they're going to turn on us and let us know so under person than to the light and to him but as i have over them the one they don't think that is a thought it could have been as well that i think up appeal political troubles as you know are you not going to put us through economic or i want us on this or not who doesn't want to head. for that and go say they want a photo to feel about a deal not that we look at economic or in the us a person i thought they meant they didn't but let's go back to what's happening
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today what's happening today this political crisis for cuba and i was surprised to hear this has been requested by canada and norway to to help mediate does some kind of a dialogue which i'm going to wonder what could be cuba's role especially since the opposition sees cuba as part of the problem rather than a solution. you know say whether i could buy you had a man who worked at a loss or anyone else or learn how to boil over as well and over that we have no one else will learn oh you know where market i meet the human psyche and being as a whole we have a better or a lot of i think in the end there you go there but i know boys are going to learn from areas you undergo one of them to be and when i was yep it was some cause i'm sure he ended up really begin to understand it but what can you tell me about what could have been discussed in no way no boil your. imprudence that died in the process would have been had then i said but would you say that there's reason for optimism or is it still too early but this and when i confront this your own
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political see in them but every day i want to confront those whom barely can see i'm going to what i know as we speak the opposition you know why those representatives in washington got us a big us about to meet with the u.s. military southern command. and i'm about to ask of course for it to co-create help or assurances that the united states will come to the opposition's aid militarily do you believe that there is a real credible threat of u.s. military intervention in minnesota where was it a bluff known. last i'll go ahead like i said lanka annoyed loves going to who's going to like us so long to see him break it then add. more to more talk we always put a very dollar has an idea of for a president that they don't bring a water bill mean this is here because you go ok you're going to own up at us are many don't want to live in this world and elsewhere was only for one bill for the wrong boat and the term investor bailed out the 2 bands for each of the other hopes
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and i thought sort of amazing going to be done but i'll put it like it is and i do see lawson going to have a nice reload but i'm going to look over my knee and i know what i'm going to and he got i was on my you know you have all done by the org on their bodies in africa i want to play saying i see on the i wanted to i get the head north and i swear that venezuela i think at the moment to be center hopefully to go there one of your last young. i didn't in that interview and i guess he better me deems it better meeting by a said hey look i'm an international i'm going to swear i said i did i'm going on the set why would i but in the video where you keep saying why why though is there is there is a puppet of the united states but what about the more than 50 other countries that support him that recognize him as the interim president of this country countries that like canada like germany like france that do not particularly i'm not exactly known for taking orders from president donald trump how do you explain this you know you're going to get what i can direct go to go and do most i know it all but what i want us when we see
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a view then look at those when the economy to seal the deal bomb. donald trump and the i'm with him and doesn't and so those numbers look at the oh i don't know what up in the band and we're now in the oto but i guess i got by them yet in the conflict in the noise from madison. abruptio many throat read the fine alysia. american on a comment said on the road out of that meeting today and there are going to say the net again that idea the motor thought it will go away but it's almost not reform are going to say no way you know and we want a job loss and then he got on a committee and on day and bloody giacomini through it was when i had a daughter that is remotely. different all of us with on the order back and i know so much we had no what i got a better noise when we had a meal and washington anybody morning sam but i got aboard us here on a good dinner but if you're in a political angle we have a law my important and i guess i like in washington but i get into but if you and daughters will face a healthy and don't they mind then what i say and they don't run going on monday you get them on the nepali so all the problems of it is the economic collapse in
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this country the hyper inflation the highest in the world the fact that millions have left the country trying to survive as best they can some of them have had to come back and are you going to say that that's all the fault of the empire your government has no fault at all in this realty here that we have no but if a dog. no comment then the time being i see a letter we are not perfect at all minus and not that economic i say what i meant that i go to has your knickers who isn't a mile or 2 in the onus on bus or bedouin economy a better. idea can only come in. the middle to point to yourself speaking to psyche i mean that if you answer it that i had only going to meet the dollar but i mean normally you know somebody in care said going economy absolute i mean that better than that of any other bloke and with them on air then with a couple. inclusive media and at the moment a single meeting me joining their daughter i don't look at that openness orlando
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gary celebrating ok because a lot of our model and i got to figure out that the town or the home i would have sort of out of what home as an adult but i live a corner. less in media but i love it so i could equal everywhere and they never bought us a little bit about i mean for to do it up but i am going to swear but i don't or compromise so internationally but i also saw her go to school they're well known as well that get an absolute comment made any and all i look at i'm going to sort of. say less and so on and then i see only the look at me at the end coming up what i meant to. put on the mantel honest open up i mean the need to get s. and then say i wonder woman saw they see on t.v. that you're always a pussy and then the citibank their horse at bunco got up on sullivan as well a bank of america there has said one quarter point i learned so at a tender wonder said i didn't. want to be honest with me again so he said if he had one to sell let me give us your mr leno mean this is a. look at me and said listen if you'll never make things that he said he said that
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and then i say i'm going to n.c. . going to samal i see this is going to politically economically or somewhere we have no money no one point about what i want to say that that they don't like i will not get i want to live in this where that cannot be known by you had another thing going on. there you. better get on the home by going on the sort of innocent left. the timetable is debatable that the heaviest the strongest sanctions no doubt began this year and they are brutal nobody can can deny that they were meant to overthrow your government quickly and that hasn't happened how long can venezuela survive this way how long can the not just a government how long can the people of venezuela survive you get ok but why would i know they can. put on a president i mean again and see lawyers and where will the independence in mind so i mean literally interview them you know me or just entering the room or you're my
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head i mean us your own. you know sort of that i'm going to swear that i'm going as well and i don't i. am or leave you're going to be and i'm like this is where my base no i want to go but i see him but at the border it up a bit up but i will get it with and then we have that $100.00 homes were leo i thought that i would hold the view and said that at this underling border is your own border we're not the boiler so you're go more slowly than that i look at who blew up a southern look at not all sorts of weapons but all of them want to go down the sea said they want the nonsense you want to sell and tell look this is we want to have a go good we went on and i know that the work said yes it was and i got on the governor's way you are really saying that the venezuelan people should make that kind of a sacrifice isn't it a sacrifice perhaps to make a concession couldn't is it conceivable that president nicolas maduro could step aside for the good of the country as many former chevy stuffs chavis dissidents are asking for not just the very last year and be able to see and
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present them i would have said before they hear border because he said to me you don't have boots on i like a bus because this is a political conflict and you're saying this could last for years but. the end of the ongoing conflict those are the only those who know what a good president the drum no london will go because in the drama that internacional in us or anyone else we're going to. working a bit better than us you know we need you still gotta get in and get the money to people as if you want to know if you didn't tell us what any of an excellent. we have another one president you know so i don't put out a hand was appalled by what gets it when times are you sure that's what all of the venezuelan people want. and we get i want to look at and go i want to see don't rely on a sweater yet i see and it's what i don't get anybody under an issue like that ok see i'm going to learn to pick it and said i wasn't going to you know when you tell me the emperor might get esle will pull out i'm autistic daughter had by but i
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could do as i had to some idea says i got a call normally got a body flush he don't come oh so you see and he says i'm going through so much everything and i'm. sure many done as well a lemon as i like. and what romance and with that i was associated said like always you know it's a temple and that isn't but we've also seen discussions not just in the military but also more quietly more subtly but for the people that once supported you. in that i will say honestly empathize with almost any they can process. and realize that i was wrong and i know i mean though and i mean to it and i don't mean that as i say i am going to sit there and get the idea see and look at then it is a good as a simple query that you say that people of all mean streets freely with that at least 14 deputies have been stripped of their immunity and in hiding or in exile or in it and it's easy there they haven't tried yet i. don't mentor
11:40 pm
and friend didn't go to a meeting that intervened because i don't. know and like a lot of money been done to you i thought as presented by merely data. that's not that's what i get out of it by now i see what people does it's like when i thought it might but i don't got them in the dark on that raid give us idea i don't like it but they're going to give us ideas and thoughts when. see nancy pelosi selling a 1000000 although peter as we know it when i go to. another drum and get by him along with the sec to want to. really go buy it on the made a mode of their own chief the. yorkie said if i go to the northeast. a lot romano had called the cell at roma. you know land. of the road and. and really sadly only alone. you know to whom. it also represented a lonely bus i wouldn't see my romano and one of the people yelled at me only
11:41 pm
because i thought it says they imposed. on us when they are imported see the silly arms went to a menace when i keep one of them one of course like i said i later wonder most of them when i was young wondered what others were. who these think i want a toad to get the mileage of door the drill out the sort of earnest well opinion but at the only moment of what about the united nations commission for human rights has issued a blistering account of committed allegedly committed by your government also more recently amnesty international which is suggesting that this government be taken before the international court of justice for alleged crimes against humanity are they are making all this up to. want to call me when i'm going to be on the commission i would rather have it your money being the only thing i know you get me to say that but on the ice i want to inform her that by now going throw them overboard definitely going to the end ok and i thought oh here's in defeat go did
11:42 pm
you send your butt a quarter of what i have while getting closer we need only so if i don't fairly say they had only said what's going to go and you know in this weather but i know that i said in the report said that they were extrajudicial executions that there was a little bit of the report they had to run to her let me see don't go you know and i swear that i wanted them to report this so i said wondering but i see and it's a lead but i said winthrop. this order looking to be in been a sort of a lot of go the message and the theme to national or any in the valley that and then as well as in print well includes a financier going to going to a salon note then i will play video and i will be there at the known by perfect i gave us an average woman to see and it goes with them being a place you had everything being going to going to love it oh man oh and go on be a damn good about that i don't go along with them and tell them anything yeah you're just an editor one of the knock on them of the highest they've given us well it's like i like that he said to me a book i want done to you in the throat as a man and to see him able going to boy we're not going to put like a you am a woman is that he said i am a korean what is going to say look at i am not going to hear you i don't like i was
11:43 pm
in the way i gotta do to somebody she wanted. no french even knew that had been done this or here don't know has about a seal so here why keep the middle and let them all get us in a store then where is hidden but that of the deputy has disappeared he's been disappeared for more than 20 days so i stopped by to see the nobody has said what he is and i'd be happy to hear where he is he wrote it so how about. your own benefits you know that they don't benefit from the book at wimbledon and dollar said you have your lens and humility at the siller your beneficial interest. they would but then there would in the end don't say when if you consider yourself ever did oh i suppose as always he had. done the ways that he was he was detained before the 30th and there's also meant that you will move on to a 4th when i meant what it is you know you know we don't know not know who knows you know why do what minute that i am in a sweater i could say well i. got on i got to be up a lot more out of my mental you can plan it but when you know in this way that the
11:44 pm
impulse you know you always have your body and then they want to meet that are in business whether the i keep it there would be for the men out of my family to what it was you and the other thing that we had 7 or so then and tell me something why isn't one of the idle under arrest then i got on with the show and i still don't really see. do you think you should be or you would have done one thing that i shared with you honestly wes for going out and about i. well i liked him by asking you this then where do you see it in 6 months or even in 3 months if there isn't a peaceful settlement to this conflict or you've come on well guess what the message that i want my whole goal you see in a lot of. them hold your highlight going to process all the sort of come in the yellow why don't you i don't want one of the political but i. don't put it less i'm going to you're not going to hold what the board of political minister listen
11:45 pm
whereas what was going out there on the hold my head up will see i said i know i said that was going to be my last question but i just have to keep insisting if you're going to negotiate you have to give up something i'm sure you'll come to cede some of it was i don't know what it was the and what will you concede tonight so this time when i was said in that i was as sure as hell that i disciplined then i guess i said that the whole lot of that the nicaraguans as you and i want to see was in concepcion what all high level to him to you know support the local money that was going on the libya. and say you know why you go yes i'm going to have given it was you know but when it was going to. get in was it that and again i am i'm going to go silent because in the been these and those who knew get on scene i thought b.n. though i mean that in venezuela that said i am out of one of them but i guess i should live it i get it they're not going through this you want to look at the legacy hindle a local money and don't assume that i you you know. are going to see me in the form of or need to go i want to say nordic and i think doug want to let me do this you want to minister lana put on the c.m.
11:46 pm
but at the moment this is you take with the simple to us they're going to let it was you don't want that will go into the mode he looked at didn't get a full song. look i wouldn't turn out of their muscle but affect the so on some of the audience or not and this was the most urgent. foreign minister podcast that thank you for talking to i just returned as i. thank.
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
i don't want to live in the world where everything is designed in california china the cutting edge is in the hands of the corporation the only way to be subversive used to be able to control the technology but my simone bonzi has built a chip that anyone can use to build anything we need to make each cost like a piece of spearheading a global movement to democratize technology we need to make our part of the rebel geek series on to 0. this is 0. this isn't is our life or my head quarters and i'm dead in obligato coming up in the next 60 minutes crow a you parties keep a grip on the european parliament despite an electoral surge by their nationalist
11:49 pm
opponents the austrian chancellor sebastian kurtz down after losing a vote of no confidence following a corruption scandal involving his deputy. we're not looking for regime change i just want to make that clear also ahead donald trump strikes a conciliatory tone on iran after weeks of rising tension and military deployments plus fighting off heats hunger and snape. while living under a tree with her 10 children mothers cry for help in the m. and. m. to go to school big names in action on day 2 of the french open defending champion rafael nadal is off to a winning started roland garros that in the latest news out. hello voters have delivered a fragmented results and european elections turning their backs on traditional
11:50 pm
centrist parties but the far right populist wave was smaller than some had predicted and was matched by surging support for liberal and green parties still nationalists and euro skeptics came out on top in france italy poland and britain where anger among some is still high over the bungled divorce the talk about lower begins our coverage. the face of europe's parliament is changing the traditional power blocs of the center right and center left that have dominated for decades lost seats as populous greens and liberal searched for the 1st time in 40 years since the 1st elections in $1879.00 of the european parliament due to classical parties socialist and conservatives will no longer have a majority. nationalism and fears over immigration fueled gains for populist parties in france hungry and italy where matteo sell vinnie's far right policy won
11:51 pm
more than 30 percent of the vote. in it not only is the league the 1st party in italy but marine le pen is the 1st party in france in the u.k. in order for august 1st so it's a 3 france england it's the sign of a europe that is changing green parties in several countries celebrated their best e.u. election results highlighting concern among some voters in the climate change about for ending the people all across europe want to form a peaceful europe together we haven't just got a great result in germany but as it stands in ireland and the netherlands in austria all across europe the greens are strong. the election results reflect a growing political trended means 28 member states people are increasingly rejecting establishment traditional mainstream parties and supporting alternatives and voting for causes the center right european people's party remains the largest
11:52 pm
bloc in the e.u. parliament but with no majority it will be forced to seek support to form a pro e.u. coalition there is no ability there recent no stable majority without the e.p. and that's why the e.p.a. is ready for compromise ready for talks to each other but the have to work together that is all mine. the european project was created after world war 2 to ensure the rivalries between countries would never again result in conflict while these elections show that politically europe is more fragmented than ever pro e.u. parties still retain a majority suggesting that although some voters may be questioning the european union most still believe in it natasha butler al-jazeera paris live now to the home of brussels where we have david chaytor standing by so how are these fragments of results being viewed in brussels that. yes as you say
11:53 pm
there are new fracture lines in the parliament it's a complex picture it's not a tool coherent dissent left on the center rise of been eroded to voters has dropped so they no longer have the g.o.p. they used to have and we've seen the u.s. skeptic parties and the far right gaining ground but not in the huge way that we thought might have happened during these elections there's been a tilt to the right so to help me try and get some clarification of what this will actually mean to the operation of the parliament here i have with me peter. from open europe the head of the brussels office so peter a complicated picture but it was only a tilt to the right how is this going to actually affect the policy of this parliament well this is a victory for the empty stomachs ment's euro skeptics
11:54 pm
a bit it's only a modest victory i think it's largely a consultation so how's this going to affect the workings of the european parliament not very much to be honest because the majority still in the hands of. mainstream parties and they want to continue with business as usual nevertheless indirectly i think this will have quite an effect because mainstream parties will definitely pick up some of the concerns that have been channeled by these and to start richmond's parties yes there is a warning dad that the insurgent parties they've stayed with in europe at least they have a very clear design on europe dante they're going to have very clear ideas once they get together about what to do to the european parliamentary system well let's say that they're divided euro skeptics some want to completely destroy the e.u. they want to get rid of it others want to try to reform it. mostly try to form it
11:55 pm
along the lines of restore power for national governments restore vetoes for national governments turn to e.u. and something like a trade arrangement that focuses on opening up barriers to trade now i personally think if the e.u. would follow that but it could become a lot more popular because every time that people are angry at the e.u. it's because they don't want to pay for the transfers or they don't want to accept the conditions linked to the transfers or they are angry that the european union is trying to intervene into issues that are very close to the heart of national democracy migration and doing more migration less it's very touchy already for national politicians to decide so if you outsource that to the supernational brooke proceeded the european union is this is bound to go wrong it's bound to provoke a lot of anger. peter let's now turn to what might be happening the next few days
11:56 pm
now we've got the very controversial decision about who's going to replace shawn as president of the european commission looking to get a new generation now one of the men being mentioned is a very in 46 year old very unmounted verba that what is going to happen over this is that this is going to be the 1st conflict the 1st time that the euro skeptics and perhaps the extreme right start muscling in on this decision. i don't think so at the moment there's some kind of a cat and mouse game in the parliament european parliament tries to pretend that it can. decide who will have to succeed younker a bit of course at the end of the day do you the e.u. treaty reserve's decision to delete years of the national governments not peter must stop it we've run out of time fascinating but always a complex issue so an increase in the complexity of the european
11:57 pm
parliament and the politics of the european parliament and a few battles ahead yet all right david tater with an update from brussels thank you let's now move to italy where the deputy prime minister matteo salvini has led his far right party to a historic victory in these elections that is where osama bin divides is joining us from and what do we make of that that the far right did better than expected and what's behind this and some. weathering there's a number of issues that have been championed by mature sal dini crime immigration the economy all of those things that he's been able to wrestle away from established here as somebody who wants to change the status quo not just in the italian politics but across into brussels as well and that's some of the reasons why his party has done so well getting more than 30 percent of the vote. as his coalition of the 5 star movement has dropped down to something between 17 to 20
11:58 pm
percent off the total vote count to discuss more we have heard this david angelou chee who is a research and in college at the economy thank you very much for joining us you've crunched the numbers here on this one what do you think actually gave rise to any and what will be the impact of this on the italian politics on thank you that results of the you took an election you. said beneath the elections and won the election campaigning on several issues the most important probably immigration what we have done and d'italia and center for electricity universities to be trying to understand. how much does he has been able to do to explain the sec says self belief and what we have found is that he did even those abs where there is high proportion off. as compared to
11:59 pm
a good local population vote for the least but she can only use but she can only hide but what is surprising off of the speaker 30 off motto salvini and i want to spend just a few more sundays is this being is ability to do penetrating saddam's regions this is something unexpected that was unexpected before the the election the holding to data the electoral performance of the spot yes compared to the general election of 2013 as increased by 1.5 in northern regions by 2 centered regions by. saddam regions and this is something that is actually quite proud of and because the party now once they're not only is actually a national park and nationalized party and this is something that we have to take into consideration. we want to understand the fuchsia of the political system in
12:00 am
the telly now we hop up big pop to a big national we've got a minor. popping pollution that is the 5 star movement as you said before and quickly this goes to show about what his ambitions are about the why de european alliance that he's creating middle of the far right has been let us out of a nice championing their cause do you think that he's been able to disrupt and will be able to achieve this new europe that he's been promising his voters while this is the ambition of moto salvini and he sees the ambition of the populist wave in europe but actually. the numbers. are not so encouraging for them i mean populist potties in europe have gained of course as compared to previous election. mainstream pop days so the european people's property the broths and the social democrats. able to do from together a majority within.


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