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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 147  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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it's a moment baba cain longs for he left senegal 10 years ago to study computer science in virginia after earning several degrees he decided to enlist in the army in 2016 through a program called mob need that allows non u.s. citizens for in the country legally to join the military and immediately apply for citizenship it has always been like a dream of mine for me to serve this country. but i figured this was the best opportunity for me to do that the army was looking for french speakers from africa at a time when terrorism threats were growing in the region kane says he can fill that role but it's been 3 years since he enlisted and he's still waiting to ship to basic training. the pentagon in 2017 announced major changes to the way non-citizens are recruited leading to long the legs there's a concern that mommy recruits may be security threats are you
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a national security rest of the united states no i don't think so i don't think that i have a national security risk i don't have any problems i don't have any. issues with the law or anything. retired major general paul eaton led the u.s. army effort to train the iraqi military in the early 2000 he says at a time when the u.s. military is struggling to meet recruitment goals welcoming immigrants to serve is essential they tend to be very high performers they tend to be. language important they tend to be ambassadors from their their birth country and all that weaves into a picture of a young man or young woman who is who has a lot to contribute to the armed forces of the united states but a growing number. of immigrant soldiers are denied citizenship even after reporting
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for duty it's become harder and harder for foreign born u.s. military recruits to become citizens of the country they now serve in fact recent government figures show that 16 per cent of immigrant soldiers are denied a u.s. citizenship that is higher than the 11 percent denial rate for immigrant civilians cain says he wants to be a u.s. citizen but he chose joining the military over sponsorship through work because he wants to give something back to the country he hopes to one day call his own he doesn't know if that day will ever come. heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington been in service that's working with france to bring home precious artifacts stolen during the colonial era but there are concerns about what will happen to the items once they arrive. reports from me.
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this is what remains of the palace of what was once the most powerful kingdom in french speaking africa we were given rare access to the apple me palace 48 had a maze of compounds rich in history and culture dating back hundreds of years. ago it is himself a prince mature who is explaining how the apple makings conquered their enemies sold their people to slavery and took hundreds of wives. is asking france to return thousands of artifacts looted from the country during the colonial wars many of them thought to be from the kingdom of apple me these stars represent the spirits of the ever making and they date back to the 1600s of people considered these and other stolen artifacts to be at the heart of their culture and that's why they want them back. the current king holds a position still steeped in ceremony we have to kneel while he grants us an audience and gives his view on the issue. of these objects are back we will perform
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ceremonies to recover their powers this will allow peace to reign in our country we've suffered so much since the reign of my father shot by jews we have only seen pictures today i am king and if they carry. it would be a great joy for us. in december 28th in france as president announced the return of just 26 pieces but that hasn't happened yet because bin is not ready to receive them the government admits it needs resources and expertise we have in where you. ministry of culture in france for training. professionals here the curator is. fair in their. sights and museums and the professional courses has already started hearing been at the french institute in order to have really nice exhibitions we have to modernize. i.
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am working on. the best museum in town is also in need of support along with iconic buildings such as the central mosque built in the. preservation of his people's past is his passion but it's going to take time to get the chance to see his. home soil.
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following on time for the sports there's a peter 3 thank you very much rafael nadal has made a commanding start as he chases a record 12 french open title the defending champion made sure of yannick hand from an 188th in the world and it's the 2nd seed for this tournament and dominated every set in the 1st round match dropping just 6 games. no problems either for another former champion of a chunk of h. the world number one beat poland. 6 full $62.62 in favor of the serbian djokovic she is looking for the 2nd title in paris at these championships. it was
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a scare for the 3 time champion serena williams as she dropped the 1st set against vitale of the chain ko but she fought back to win dropping just one game in the rest of the match. some of the leading players have struggled including world number 13 caroline wozniacki 22 year old russian veronica clue that metal used her run against ab to knock was me actually out of the tournament lovesick 6363. and 4th seed kiki burton's book her place in the 2nd round of the french open with a 6364 win over pauline parr mentee of france but 2 time grand slam champion patrick a little has pulled out of the tournament with an arm injury. after 3 seasons away aston villa back in the english premier league they beat darby county 21 in the play off final at wembley thanks to goals from. and john mcginnis disappointment for frank lampard and his 1st season in. charge at darby but a great moment for vela boss dean smith his players and their fans which included
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prince william who was watching in the stands this match is regarded as the richest game in world football with an estimated $215000000.00 in revenue to the winners and aston villa have already reached out to the prince on their twitter feed the club asking for him to give manager dean smith a knighthood when the next selections are made tottenham manager america says he side or rested and ready for the champions league final they'll take on liverpool in madrid on saturday for the top prize in european club football positiveness future as is remains unclear anything is best not to lose focus ahead of such a huge match we can make the story we can write the story we can provide our fans and i were people i thin and i were family of course. the base happiness in food that you can provide. and i thin today to talk about individual things is
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it's a little be embarrassing or shame because you know i thin or you're not important spurs have been boosted with striker harry came back in training after an ankle injury the england captain believes the team that handled the occasion better in madrid will win. we like to truncate recession with lots of press and winnable. game of a lot of energy to say enough interest them to control their emotions and control the situation. or have a great chance of. manchester city chairman hall do not hit back at criticism of the club's spending claiming some rivals are jealous of their success so he won the domestic treble in england but continued to be investigated by u.a.e. for over breaking financial fair play rules which they deny the rock is confident they'll be exonerated and also responded to the spanish league president javier
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tempests who claim city and para center men are damaging european football with inverted commas petrol and gas money. i think the way he's combining teams just because of ethnicity. i find that very. very disturbing to be honest i will not accept for this club to be used as a diversionary tactic on poor investment this way and from other quotes we've managed ourselves well. and we will be touched by facts. the cricket world cup starts on thursday with the moving teams like afghanistan aiming to make their mark in the sports they play the defending champions australia on saturday with the best boehner in the world and a genuine chance of causing upsets he winnings reports. when cricket was banned under the taliban afghanistan being one of the elite 10 teams to contest the world
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cup would have been unthinkable but there rise over the past decade has been extraordinary 2 years ago afghanistan was awarded a test match status one of only 12 teams to play the most prestigious and respected form of cricket but it's in the shorter forms of the gang they're most dangerous and this team has a genuine chance of upsetting bigots aims in this 50 over poseidon world cup. several of these players have lucrative indian premier league and australia big bash contracts and play county cricket in england but the star is the man considered the world's best one day bowler spinner rashid can you must be so excited about this world cup you're one of the superstars of the game now. live in the world cup squad in the biz and in my country especially in my 1st 50 or so you have the skill you just need to utilize that and hopefully the guys are good one of them is working hard and. only 2 for that one as i will be in top ranks. their
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coaches phil symonds who has plenty of world cup experience playing for the west indies the players are having to cope with it it's hard. they're training hard all of their opponents in the tour but a part of the world's elite just quite deaf you know a long distance and it's really long days to get to have the fast you need to do well for the country as well so we didn't bring those things in the mind that i'm fasting on nor do you know you have enough energy even to have enough to eat after after after already and then you can just go in a day and play the game their opening matches on this ground in bristol against defending champions australia a difficult start but they'll have plenty of support the tournament organizers the i.c.c. have restricted the amount of teams in the tournament to just 10 which excludes many of the developing nations but fife is the big nations in lakers not choose afghanistan still managed to be one of the 2 teams to qualify and now had to make
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a mark on this well cop welling's al-jazeera bristol. ok i'll have more sport again later during thank you very much peter thanks for watching the news hour on 0 that's it for myself and the team here in the harbor we hand you over to felicity barr and our colleagues in london with more news coming your way right here on out is there. i really want to get down to the nitty gritty of the reality where on line we have a male chauvinist and that is think plans with in our global federation it is really hard to get a piece of that or if you join us on send. me to pick up their mind this is
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a dialogue everyone has a voice to talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in history join the colobus conversation on al-jazeera. examining the headlines a collapsed economy believes that many people are struggling to survive setting the discussions people have looked away i don't think you can look away any longer sharing personal stories with a global audience explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform the media's motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. when a military coup overthrew chile's marxist president one stadium's became prisms and the hunters sole objective was absolute control. publicly refused to accept
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dictatorship episode 4 of football rebels expose the life of carlos castle. the footballer whose personal story swayed of votes that altered the history of his country carlos caselli and the demise of a u.n. day on al jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. the changing face of europe far right a nationalist big european elections but so to the nipples on chremes. and in the u.k. a pro brix it party comes out on top while the ruling conservatives suffer the worst results electoral history.
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bar and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the youngest leader is forced out of power after a corruption scandal causes a political avalanche in austria. fighting hunger in the middle of a civil war we hear from one yemeni mother who's struggling to feed a 10 children. plus the $1000000.00 yacht sand luxury cars seized from alton tina's corrupt elites the investigators bowing to pursue justice. half a 1000000000 europeans are facing a new political landscape for the 1st time in 4 decades the centrists alliances that have dominated the european parliament have failed to form a majority new political forces are on the rise with far right parties enjoying big
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success in france italy and the u.k. but there's also been a surge in support for liberals and the greens as natasha butler reports from paris . the face of europe's parliament is changing the traditional power blocs of the center right and center left that have dominated for decades lost seats as populous greens and liberal surged for the 1st time in 40 years since the 1st elections in 1979 of the european parliament due to classical parties socialist and conservatives will no longer have a majority. nationalism and fears over immigration fueled gains for populist parties in france hungry and italy. vinnie's far right policy one more than 30 percent of the vote. in in not only is the league the 1st party in italy but marine le pen is the 1st party in france in the u.k. knowledge of the rajah's 1st so is city france england it's the sign of
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a europe that is changing green parties in several countries celebrated their best e.u. election results highlighting concern among some voters of a climate change after ending divide people all across europe want to form a peaceful europe together we haven't just got a great result in germany but as it stands in ireland and the netherlands in austria all across europe the greens are strong. the election results reflect a growing political trend in the east 28 member states people are increasingly rejecting establishment traditional mainstream parties and supporting alternatives and voting for causes the center right european people's party remains the largest bloc in the e.u. parliament but with no majority it will be forced to seek support to form a pro e.u. coalition the center right and center left parties have scored badly they have both lost. they have both lost votes but we see
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a 3rd party emerging which is the liberals at the moment so the liberal party if one includes the votes from across is likely to become the king made. in the next european parliament. the european project was created after world war 2 to ensure the rivalries between countries would never again result in conflict while these elections show that politically europe is more fragmented than ever pro e.u. parties still retain a majority suggesting that although some voters may be questioning the european union most still believe in it natasha butler al-jazeera paris or some of the most dramatic results came in the united kingdom where the traditional big 2 party suffered massive losses to reason may's ruling conservatives could only manage 5th place the worst results in their history and the opposition labor party didn't do much better it is of course inevitably or down to breakfast and a warning that lawrence lees flash report does contain flash photography. the
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record of not being. alone reading there was only one winner in the british election nigel farage invigorated those voters who feel betrayed at grex it's not having happened his single issue brix it party won just over 30 percent of the vote most of it at the expense of the conservative party this is a vote that says no deal breaks it back on the table make it part of our negotiations because without that you've got no chance of getting a sensible free trade deal i want us as the bracks it body to be engaged in that but it's also a vote that says the 31st of october is the but next really big day in this process if we don't leave on that day then you can expect the exit party to repeat this kind of surprise in the next general and such was the collapse in support for the conservatives in the wake of sarees may's resignation that they came out with the
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worst results in their history her negotiated breck's a deal is now dead the party by its own admission in an existential crisis the main opposition labor party suffered too because of jeremy coleman's continued prevarication over whether or not he supports this in the aftermath he gave an indication he might now be prepared to support a new referendum what this party does. it supports an agreement with the european union to prevent crushing out supports putting that proposal when agreed to a public act there was in-fighting that directly to a surge in support for the greens and liberal democrats the total vote for parties which supports not leaving the european union at all was over 40 percent so they could say they won as well the number of votes the fact that more people have supported remain parties if you count us as the lead remaining party and then greens and change u.k. add those votes together more people have supported us and supported the brics it
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party the government has to listen there is one piece of common ground between the brics that party and its pro european opponents all of which outflank labor and the conservatives they're all demanding electoral reform the traditional 2 party system of politics in this country is now under enormous strain and i hope that this will be a sign to the conservatives and the labor party that there we need to have a proportional system and i truly believe when you look at those 2 parties there is more than one party sitting under the same umbrella and what they need to heal their own divisions it's be able to be true about who they are it's individual policies on the left and right of their own parties and if we had a proportional system that would give them the opportunity to do that while sitting still and labor or conservative and if it's to achieve. power all is now demanding to be part of any new brics in the go see asian he's pro european opponents are demanding another referendum the main part is
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a lost traditional politics here is in meltdown. al-jazeera in london. austria is now without a leader after sebastian kurtz was forced to step down as chancellor following a vote of no confidence opposition parties joined forces to remove him from office over a corruption scandal that brought down his right wing government because his people's party still did well in the europe. elections and is expected to perform well in style elections in september so mccain has more from vienna. sebastian cordes might well be thinking what a difference a day makes on sunday he was a vote winner leading his party to its best performance in european elections for 20 years on monday he was here in the austrian parliament losing a vote of confidence and out of the job that he has held for the past 2 years his former coalition partners the freedom party the far right freedom party voting with the opponents of the social democrats to remove him and his party from office
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remember that the far right freedom party themselves were forced from office just over a week ago following the scandal that ensued from the revelation that several of its leading members had been speaking to a russian lady recorded on video from 2 years ago on the spanish bond of it before in which they spoke about how the russian federation government could improve its influence in austrian politics the fallout from that precipitated there from office today they got their revenge in forcing the courts from office but he may have the last laugh his party won the european elections in austria on sunday and they are far ahead in the polls if there is if there is to be new elections in the next few weeks well then he would be in prime position to win those and find himself in the bizarre position of having perhaps to come back to this parliament with a new mandate and to seek a coalition with one or other of the parties is just voted him out and there's more political upheaval in rumania that's where the leader of the ruling social
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democrats is starting a 3 and a half year jail sentence of the losing an appeal against a corruption conviction. that. protesters chanted go to jail as leave you drag mayor was driven to prison from his home in the capital bickering rest there is regarded as romania's most powerful man but he's barred from becoming prime minister off to a previous conviction the very breaking. in syria at least 9 people have been killed in government air strikes south of italy a number of people are also trapped under the rubble following the bombardment in the town of america and surrounding villages government troops have been pushing to take it live since last month's the region is the country's last major rebel stronghold for years 4 years of war have pushed yemen which was already one of the
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poorest arab states to the brink of famine for the millions of yemenis forced from their homes the situation is becoming increasingly desperate as victoria gave to be reports. this yemeni mother has 10 children to feed and this is where they live in a makeshift camp for internally displaced people in the remote had to provence in northern yemen i guess i look back we're living under a tree and we don't have anything and there are snakes which we're scared of yesterday we had to kill one back got too close i struggle for my children i back so that i can see down. fighting between pro hooty forces and fighters backed by the saudi u.a.e. coalition has intensified in the province in the past 2 months around 420000 yemenis forced from their homes living in hundreds of makeshift settlements such as this. and the numbers keep rising on this campus in a very bad condition some people have received food aid packages and others of not
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some people have received tents and others still have to live under the trees the situation is similar to that of homeless people who don't have any found. aid is trickling in through her data port the gateway for 80 percent of yemen's food and humanitarian assistance but hope generated by the huge the withdrawal from the city earlier this month is fading. this fighting on the outskirts raising concerns of the deepening humanitarian crisis growing even worse the war is intensifying in many parts of the country where every day we have stories of people fleeing from air strikes shelling gladwyne they tell us that they're hungry and they're worried . things won't get any better they're being different as bad as they've ever had it in families such as should feel because a struggling to survive and the chances of aid agencies reaching their remote mountains.


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