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sudan's opposition begins a mass general strike after a deadlock in talks with the military leadership. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. thousands being held without bail the human rights watch report on sinai details alleged abuses against civilians by the egyptian security forces. and al jazeera investigation tracks secret cargo flights which appear to be aiding the libyan warlord trying to capture the capital tripoli. and 2 people including
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a schoolgirl or killed in a mass stabbing attack near the japanese capital. began in sudan where the opposition is staging a 2 day nationwide strike against the military leadership that's after negotiations with the military council hit a deadlock protest leaders are demanding a civilian led administration other hoping the strike will force a new round of talks going out to have a morgan is live for us in khartoum so him how much pressure is the strike actually really going to put on the military council. while at the moment richelle the opposition coalition is saying that it is just the beginning they're saying that they will be able to make the transitional military council feel the presence and feel the strength of their popularity off their babies if people listen to them and go on strike there's already been reports of some flights out of the international airport counseling due to most of the people being on strike as
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well as people on the streets you can see most of the streets around me right now. most of the shops are closed people are saying that they are standing in solidarity with the opposition coalition now it's only early in the morning our people or more people are expected to announce that there are there is support for the strike that has been announced by the coalition and the coalition itself is saying that this is just a way to put pressure but they are willing to talk and negotiate with the military council regarding having a transitional civilian transitional government. if we reach an agreement then all we want is the agreement and for us to work as partners in order to guarantee a smooth and peaceful transition to a civilian government if we do not agree as we said we will escalate things using our peaceful civilian methods which is strikes protests and civil disobedience we can use civil disobedience if we do not reach an agreement but we hope that we do not have to resort to open strikes and complete civil disobedience because for us
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that means many steps and it would only be in return for all our demands not being met not with no demands a partially meds. so having said all that what he said there doesn't look like the 2 sides will actually resume talks anytime soon. at the moment the technical committees between the 2 sides the opposition coalition and the military council are going to meet with talks but the military council spokesman said things are going at a slow pace and yesterday the deputy head because it will cut military council so bad if the 2 sides continue to be gripped in the deadlock but they are currently in the midst of them they will be calling for early elections now that's something the opposition coalition said the country is not ready to do partly because of the consul displacement it has been happening over the past decade in areas where there are conflicts so there is thing that any election is too early and that's something they will not support and either with their base but they're think both sides are saying that they're open to continuing talks but at the moment with the stalemate
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continued to 2 sides it largely remains to be seen who is going to give him her studio or her him or her life for us in khartoum thank you. fighting has intensified around the libyan capital as fighters loyal to the u.n. recognized government battle that is led by warlord khalifa haftar our. government is trying to push forces back from the airport road south of tripoli after launched an offensive in early april to take the capital from forces loyal to prime minister . the fighting has killed more than. $500.00 people and forced tens of thousands from their homes and an al-jazeera investigation is track several military aircraft and spy planes that seem to be supporting forces the report suggests military planes owned by an a company made an identified drop offs ahead of pop tarts offensive on tripoli last month the planes regularly circulate between jordan israel and egypt the investigation also revealed the aircraft appear to have switched off their tracking
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devices to conceal their movements to and from eastern libya. controls much of libya south and east and leads the self described libyan national army he's supported by saudi arabia egypt and the united arab emirates last week the un special representative for libya the us on salami called for immediate action to cut off the flow of warms saying many countries were sending weapons to libya's warring parties perhaps our websites have posted photos and video footage of jordanian build armored cars they said were supplied to have terrorist forces and in a confidential report to the security council earlier this month you an expert said missiles fired approach to police forces in april could point to the involvement of a 3rd party possibly the u.a.e. libya as you would recognize the government has also accused france of backing off tar the warlord has attended talks in paris hosted by president mandela mccrone william lawrence served at the u.s. embassy in tripoli and is currently a professor of political science and international affairs at george washington
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university is the conflict in libya has relied heavily on foreign arms shipments. both sides are violating the weapons in bargo and there are many countries supplying weapons to both sides but the primary. country for furnishing arms to have star and is u.a. e. and the primary country supporting the defense of tripoli in the west is turkey we are quite sure that the emirates have built an airbase for drones in the south of thing ghazi and these drones have been used on at least 7 occasions to hit civilian targets in tripoli as well as many other occasions to hit military targets now the latest reports the jazeera did are remarkable they raise more questions than the answer of course but we see planes flying from jordan from israel from a number of other countries that are probably related to not only the provision of armored vehicles but also drone technology and and other types of weapons all of
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which are banned by the u.n. so both sides are sort of pots calling the kettle black and and naming the other side there are some theories that the reason why you supported have start to attack on a april 4th was because of a delayed turkish arms shipment so that these arms shipments are having major impact on the conflict in libya at least 2 people have been killed in a stabbing attack and japan happened during rush hour in the city of callous aki attacker appear to have targeted children as they made their way to school before taking his own life by in a report. the attack happened just before 8 in the morning in this usually quiet suburb of kawasaki city as children were waiting to board a bus to go to a nearby private catholic elementary school a man attacked a group of girls with knives it appears he deliberately targeted the students but
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some adults were also caught in the violence eyewitnesses say the attacker was carrying 2 knives the latest stabbed himself and died in hospital not. kids screaming and crying other kids in people at the scene looked too shocked to do anything i didn't know what i could do for them. medical staff say most of the wounded being treated at several hospitals are children among those killed an 11 year old girl an attack like this mainly against children is particularly shocking in japan which is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world with one of the lowest murder rates in july 2016 there was another mass stabbing in the same prefecture on that occasion 19 people were killed in a home for people with disabilities by a former employee as the scene of this attack was cleaned investigators were trying to find out why children may have been the targets of such violence wayne hay al
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jazeera kawasaki japan. the leader of italy's link party says the european election results represent a call to reverse spending cuts details of any who is also italy's deputy prime minister repeated his intention to cut taxes and defiance of europe's policy of austerity and he says it was time to change outdated rules that have hurt countries . the europe of cuts among employment has failed pursing greece merkel micron and may were rejected everywhere the europe of insecurity and. unemployment has been rejected even the advance of the green and in some countries such as germany calls for the overcoming of economic constraints however it goes it will be a success and we are counting on being part of that success story as without a leader after
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a no confidence vote forced rightwing chancellor sebastian curtis to step down opposition parties joined forces to remove him from office over a corruption scandal involving a former coalition partner dominic a nasa story from vienna. just over a week ago court said a stable coalition astri's far right. now his chancellorship is over after only 17 months in office and his country has no government. act this was the scandal that engulfed his family partners and eventually ended the coalition the secret video emerged of the freedom party's leaders films in 2017 apparently advising russians how their country could increase its influence over austrian politics the controversy led courts to force the party's cabinet ministers from office last week now they have returned the compliment. you have begun so if you made the entire freedom party responsible for the wrong actions of 2 people who took the
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appropriate measures as we agreed that's what he did he tried to take advantage of a difficult situation of a government partner he tried to enlarge his own power base for the social democrats it was about denouncing what they call the unconstitutionality of course his actions and his sham laws this is a shameless unrestrained and irresponsible power grab this is what we are witnessing but the power in our country is based on the people and not you it was a stark contrast from sunday's scene when sebastian cortes led his party to its best european election result in 20 years which makes the opposition decision to force an early election seem electorally questionable. the chamber is now empty the politicians who voted the government out of left perhaps go home to think about planning their election campaign the one irony of this result is that the man who's been forced from office might well soon be back on those same government benches if
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the opinion polls are anything to go by something mr cortes knows only too well and as he told his supporters soon after losing the confidence of parliament in the heart purpose parliament today parliament decided but at the end of the day in september and this democracy the people will decide what i'm looking forward to that thank you for your support clearly he thinks he can ride that support back to the chancellorship dominic al-jazeera the. still ahead on al-jazeera here is in iraq. to explain any instability arising out of tensions between the u.s. and iran and with the end patience in afghanistan paying a high price of war and poverty.
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hello there there's a big swirling mass of cloud over europe at the moment the satellite picture shows that center of circulation and all of this cloud marching up through the southeastern parts of europe at the moment that's giving some of us some very heavy rain and actually i invest some parts of southeastern europe and across as we're likely to see around 100 millimeters of rain in the next couple of days and that could give a problem with flooding there once the north and the things are turning cool off a some of us here the as well flowing down from the north and so the temperatures are dropping london and paris when you get to around 16 degrees by the time we get to wednesday it is warmer for saving spain in portugal say madrid will be getting to 27 degrees and the southeastern parts of europe will be very warm because the i hear it. feeding up from the south a 27 as a maximum in kiev and force in moscow to across the other side of the mediterranean and we have been some of the shit seeing some of the cherie weather across europe as well has been seeing some very heavy downpours those alone actually caring away
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it doesn't mostly dry force on choose day but on wednesday the chance of seeing one and 2 showers is back i think there's a greater chance of seeing a downpour though over parts of libya some of the showers hey could be very heavy and they'll certainly be kicking a lot of dust towards the north. after decades of being programmed with instructions they took on greek computers could know on the road identifying problems and predicting human behavior. official intelligence good moment to moment. and decide on. the big picture. of the world according to a i expose the bias inside the machine coming soon on 00.
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this is out there and these are the top stories right now sudan's opposition as begun a 2 day general strike against the military leadership that's after negotiations on a transition of power to civilians at a deadlock protest leaders are hoping the strike will force a new round of talks. at least 2 people have been killed in a stabbing attack and japan happened during rush hour in the city of callous saki the attacker appeared to have targeted children as they made their way to school later stabbed himself and died in the hospital fighting has intensified around the libyan capital as those loyal to the u.n. recognize government battle with forces led by warlord khalifa haftar are analogous their investigation has found evidence appearing to show military aircraft supplying off parts forces. there are worries in baghdad that the growing tension
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between the u.s. and iran could have dangerous implications for iraq's stability as the fight against continues its feared the group is just waiting for any weakness in the international coalition. ports from baghdad. iraqi security forces and armed groups backed by iran known as the popular mobilization forces or p.m.s. hunt eisel sleeper cells in northern iraq. the u.s. calls the p.m.s. iran's proxy militia they were set up after a decree by iraq's top shia cleric calling on iraqis to fight i saw when the iraqi military present isolette fancy of on the city of mosul in 2014 tens of thousands of p.m.s. fighters were formally integrated into iraq security forces 2 years later. military analysts say they were vital in the battle against eisel for a fight the iraqi prime minister said was one in 2017 but some factions
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have warned they would support iran if there was a military escalation between the u.s. and iran potentially jeopardizing the fight against eisel. any conflict would weaken iraq's security and defense establishment including the p.m.s. because some of these armed groups would divert their focus from fighting i sell to siding with iran i still would be given a huge opportunity to penetrate the areas they want occupied as we have seen sleeper cells trying to do in recent days this video shows iraqi military air strikes on eisel targets in the hungry mountains in ceylon who didn't province army commanders say sleeper cells of eisel fighters have been trying to recruit in the area analysts say i saw were exploited any deterioration in iraq stability especially if there was a military escalation between the us and iran they have been increasing attacks by
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eisel in the west in the north of the country in recent months car bombs killed 5 civilians and 3 members of the iraqi security forces in 2 separate attacks in recent days. the hunt for eisel sleeper cells goes on across remote areas of iraq the. security forces continue their military operations across the vast desert. this includes search and destroy missions of any ice in the remenant and sleeper cells that have recently attacked remote villages and towns. as u.s. pressure on iran increased earlier this month u.s. secretary of state mike pompei. government about what he said was intelligence showing increased specific threats against u.s. interests in iraq the iraqi government denying there were any threats from the p.m.s. days later a rocket was fired into the green zone in baghdad which is home to the u.s. and other embassies no one claimed responsibility for the sign that increased
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tension between the u.s. and iran has dangerous implications for the stability of iraq and could ultimately weaken international coalition efforts to find myself just killed thousands of people in attacks in this region and beyond. that al-jazeera back down. as prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's doing everything he can to build a coalition in avoid another election that's after parliament passed a motion to dissolve itself less than 2 months after election seem to offer netanyahu a new man today. 48 hours to form a government attention ally. lieberman is insisting on a new law extending mandatory military service to ultra orthodox men but that yahoo's ultra orthodox allies want. to stay if. it can be done in 48 hours the voters wishes can be respected
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a strong right wing government can be established we can bring stability and a good government to israel i hope people come to their senses and do the right thing. china and russia will not attend the u.s. sponsored summit on palestine in bahrain next month the palestine liberation organization is also announced it will not be going to trump the ministration is expected to unveil its interpretation to be economic benefits of ending the israeli palestinian conflict and try to attract investment. the 1st crucial test of whether the u.s. states can hold drugmakers responsible for the crisis starts in oklahoma on tuesday players were argue that company johnson and johnson is to blame for the widespread addiction that's devastated the state the case will likely affect around 2000 other pending cases all across the u.s. and the gallagher reports from oklahoma city. it's a drug crisis of epic proportions that's what i would even die for it according to the center for disease control in 2017 close 250000 people died from overdosing on
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drugs more than a 3rd of those deaths were caused by prescription opioids given to patients for pain faced with a growing crisis oklahoma's attorney general decided to take action to big drug companies purdue pharma and tiva pharmaceuticals have already settled before being taken to court that leaves johnson and johnson who lawyers say are an opioid kingpin these companies we believe made no effort. when this process began 20 years ago to ensure that they were providing you know clear and informed way what the downside was oklahoma's case is just the 1st of almost 2000 lawsuits brought by states local municipalities and native american tribes this then is an important test case for the entire nation if lawyers here can prove a multi-billion dollar company like johnson and johnson played
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a role in the opioid crisis the ramifications could be huge ultimately campaigners say it will save lives and could be the beginning of tackling a crisis has claimed so many. legal experts say whatever happens drug manufacturer is watching closely at think it's going to have a really good benefit for the public and the whole in terms of the safety and the marketing of drugs in april president trump valid to tackle the opioid crisis by providing more treatment and oversight of big pharmaceutical companies we will end this terrible menace we will smash the grip of addiction we will make our city safe our communities strong and our future brighter than ever before as one united nations we will work we will pray and we will fight for the day when every family across our land can live in a drug free america. the opioid crisis has already claimed
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countless victims over the last 2 decades and continues to blight the lives of millions pharmaceutical companies claim they're not responsible but courts across the us and now primed to hold them to account and to gallica al-jazeera oklahoma city. mass arrests and forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings are just some of the allegations being leveled against each it from security forces in the sinai and by a new human rights watch report thousands of soldiers have been waging a military campaign against eisel affiliated groups that is in the region since 2013 there at least 40000 troops in sinai today and the report says the military and police have made more than 12000 arrests human rights watch says detainees often face abuses and as many as $1000.00 being held without trial at one of the 3 secret sites the report says violence in the sinai peninsula has forced tens of thousands of residents to flee it blames both sides for human rights abuses against civilians amounting to war crimes since fighting intensified egypt's arms imports
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have grown by 215 percent making it one of the biggest arms importers in the world among days a middle east and north africa researcher for human rights watch she joins us now from berlin so tell us more about how you're able to gather this habits. thank you good morning and sorry for being late at least coming to the studio is not as hard as producing this report. actually we document and reveal in this report abuse is that the government has been hiding for more than 5 years in the course of the military operations against the islamic state method to sinai peninsula independent reporting is perhaps it'd and journalists have been sent to me as we proceed in the army has. rested understood thousands and actually disappeared hundreds of them in 3 main military detention sites that we reveal in
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the report some of these detainees have been taken to the desert and executed point blank without any trial and. also the army has recruited some local resistance often with criminal records into unofficial militias to also the army in the region and those members of those militias have also been involved in serious abuses we also document incidents of possible unlawful shooting by air or ground strikes and the army actually has compensated some of these families but also with technology any wrongdoing publicly the army which is very stunning has never actually released any numbers on the civilians affected by this company so do you see this is a matter of not enough oversight or are they doing this from your understanding in your reporting on orders like is this
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a concerted effort to do these things. we believe that many of these abuses are systematic and widespread which is which means that it cannot really be . just some bad apples in the bus kids or some bad officers acting on their own be have. and we also say. there could be a responsibility for commanders senior commanders and also civilian officials in the egyptian government who knew or should have knew about should have known about these abuses and should have stopped it and we called for accountability for all of these officials so how do you get that that accountability what is the egyptian government had to say. because of the failure of the egyptian government to investigate in abuses or even to just acknowledge any wrongdoing in the sinai
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peninsula we actually call on the united nations human rights council to establish independent inquiry of. and given information of inquiry and also similarly the african commission should do the same and we call on countries to use the domestic loads of universal jurisdiction to actually persecute any officials involved in war crimes in the sinai region a more moderate human rights watch thank you very much for your time. and brazil dozens of prisoners have been killed fighting among themselves and for different prisons $42.00 inmates were found dead in the jails in amazon a state another 15 prisoners were killed as rival gangs attacked each other 24 hours earlier. years of war and poverty have had a devastating impact on afghanistan's health care system the country's largest children's hospital treats up to 1200 patients every day the children need to share
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beds and a lot of equipment just doesn't work stephanie decker has more. she's barely a year old but little roy is struggling to stay alive it took her family 6 hours to drive here and there is little they can do now but wait. you would we took her to a local hospital in our village and take up but it didn't help her health condition was getting worse so we came here there is only one intensive care room here and it's full their tiny bodies share the beds. the sound that it is completely against all medical standards but we have no choice it is the lack of facilities that we're faced with that the current condition is stressful for doctors and nurses and it has a negative impact on treatment. every day is a challenge inside afghanistan's largest children's hospital they desperately need money it's not only a lack of space but the equipment needs to be fixed and updated some of the
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machines don't work with tools and we need to 1st of all invest more in. the. basic markets for health services because the current investment isn't sufficient and the system isn't able to serve. the whole population of afghanistan and children are always the most vulnerable so the impact there is is the worst through all these challenges doctors tell us at least these children managed to reach the hospital their families able to afford the trip there are many more children across afghanistan who urgently need medical care but have no access. stephanie decker al-jazeera. yes italian corporation fiar chrysler has proposed a merger which with for. manufacturer will know to create the world's 3rd biggest automaker the new company would be worth $40000000000.00 and combine forces in the race to make electronic and electric have her head autonomy's be
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a cold or nose merger with japanese maker nissan has faced challenges following the arrest of former boss carlos scotian on financial misconduct charges. take a look at the headlines right now on al-jazeera sudan's opposition is staging a 2 day nationwide strike against the military leadership that's after negotiations with the military council had a deadlock protest leaders are demanding its civilian administration they're hoping the strike will force a new round of talks and morgan has more from khartoum. the opposition coalition is saying that it is just the beginning they're saying that they will be able to make the transitional military council feel the presence and feel the strength all their popularity all their b.s. if people listen to them and go on strike there's already been reports of some flights out of the international airport counseling due to most of the people being
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on strike as well as people on the streets you can see most of the streets around me right now most of the shops are closed people are saying that they are standing in solidarity with the opposition coalition fighting has intensified around the libyan capital as forces loyal to the u.n. recognized government battle those led by war khalifa haftar. the government is trying to push out tars fighters back from the airport road south of tripoli afar launched an offensive in early april to take the capital the fighting has killed more than 500 people and force tens of thousands from their homes and an al jazeera investigation is tracked several military aircraft and spy planes that seem to be supporting hamas forces the report suggests military planes owned by a company made an identified dropoffs had a pop star's offensive on tripoli last month the planes regularly circulate between jordan israel and egypt countries under a un imposed arms and bar cargo popstars supported by saudi arabia egypt and the
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united arab emirates mass arrests and forced disappearances and killings just some of the allegations being leveled against egyptian security forces in the sinai by a new human rights watch report thousands of soldiers have been waging a military campaign against eisel affiliated groups in the region since 2013 there are at least 40000 troops in sinai today and the report says the military and police have been more than 12000 harass young children are among the victims of a mass stabbing in japan one child and one adult are dead and callous saki that is near tokyo at least 18 people were injured most of the wounded are children attacker died after stabbing himself and the neck. so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera more news to come inside story is next. cricket's biggest total is come to england's a memorial 6 weeks tell me tell you. how much joy your
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friend. will be good fun big win a world cup play with al-jazeera for all the lights for the 20000000 so you cricket world cup. the far right makes games in the european parliament elections but not the clean sweep some feared as pro e.u. parties are still the majority what are the results mean for nationalists in the divided parliament this is inside story. hello and welcome to this special inside story from london i'm barbara setup a record number of voters across europe have dealt a blow to traditional centrist politics with far right parties making significant gains in the.


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