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when in boston on wednesday the bruins twice to really bring back a mixer synchros goal taking the game into the palea. afghanistan was the hero for the police firing in from long range. to clinch a 32 victory solution might have home advantage for the next 2 games. starting for game 3 on saturday. first game we're happy today we came out you know fire and i think we played a great game for 60 plus minutes. and you know that is that is the team we are we come back like that we never give up and yeah just for me to put it in there and get to get the win or it just it's a great feeling and the toronto raptors getting ready for their 1st ever appearance in the n.b.a. finals the raptors will be taking on the golden state warriors in game one of the best of 7 series later on this thursday the warriors are in the finals like for the
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5th straight song by contrast no can maybe in franchise ever won the n.p.r. challenge. we can all relate to the multicultural or the diversity of of toronto and canada and. that's that's how our team is they talk in different languages on defense they talk in different languages in the locker room and it's like it's like that you know going to. be an international myself and being from africa proud of that. ok plenty more from a throne that i'm about to sit and try to be thanks dave that's it for the news of course the news never stops richelle here to update you again in just a few spots. every
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war makes a devastating impact on the sponsors earthrise explore some of the efforts to recover what was lost from the syrian scientists safeguarding one of our most valuable resources these are important southpaws that we have to make sure they are surviving to the refugees striving to co-exist with nature ok so what's going on there simulating what happens when an elephant because life after conflict on al-jazeera. president trump will be welcomed by the queen and outgoing prime minister to rescind made during his 1st state visit to the u.k. but how will the public receive him trump's views on breaks it global warming and other issues unlikely to cause controversy watch al-jazeera for full coverage and
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analysis. when a military coup overthrew chile's marxist president one stadium's became prisms and the hunters sole objective was absolute control one man publicly refused to accept dictatorship episode 4 of football rebels expose the life of carlos. the footballer whose personal story swayed of votes that altered the history of his country carlos caselli and the demise of i ended a on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera.
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believe. it is just unbelievable just unbelievable. a major defeat for israel's prime minister for the 1st time in history parliament votes to dissolve and calls for a new election. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up gulf leaders are set to meet in saudi arabia for an emergency meeting to discuss the escalating tension over iran's influence and the region. the un seeks to help a generation of stateless people worldwide who have been denied a home. level story of a young migrant boy in italy who helped save the lives of his classmates but is now fighting to get citizenship.
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for the 1st time in israel's history parliament has voted to dissolve itself and call a new election just 7 weeks after the last one benjamin netanyahu won a highly contested race last month but he could not form a coalition government before midnight deadline on wednesday israelis will now return to the polls on september 17th 2 weeks before netanyahu pretty enticement hearing on a series of corruption charges meanwhile a senior white house adviser jury questionnaire is in israel to drum up support for donald trump's highly anticipated middle east peace plan go to harry fawcett who is live now and westray some so eri why could netanyahu not form a coalition. well essentially it was the actions of his former defense minister and prior to that his initial political aide when he ran for the likud leadership and won his 1st election victory in the mid ninety's lieberman he
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is in charge of a right wing secular party that wanted to ensure that a bill which he saw as defending israel from becoming a religious state or at least in part doing that would go through unchanged ness and yahoo couldn't square that with his ultra-orthodox prospective partners in the coalition government and so his attempts is ongoing attempts to try to get a coalition failed at the last moment i believe him and has been out this morning not mentioning netanyahu by name blaming likud's turn towards ultra orthodoxy for the situation that it finds itself in not either saying that he would go with benny gantz the leader of the opposition in any future elections saying about would not happen so we really back in the same situation we were 7 weeks ago. any but after a bruising final day trying to magical last minute coalition deal benjamin netanyahu
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is faced said it all it failed she beamed out of. nick israeli parliament and netanyahu urging hooted to dissolve itself and take israel into an unprecedented 2nd election in the same year it's now his best hope of cleaning on to power but he insisted voters shouldn't blame him the blame belonged to his former defense minister avigdor lieberman partial global amount of didn't even want to trouble to look much more it is just unbelievable just unbelievable other door lieberman is now part of the left he's from the left blood you give him votes for the right but he doesn't give his boat to the right wing government this is what we see. lieberman needs a secular party opposed to what he calls attempts to make israel a religious state he was insisting on the passage unchanged of a bill that would increase the numbers of ultra-orthodox jews being drafted for national service the ultra-orthodox parties also a key part of any right wing coalition want the law softened the women held firm
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and the coalition was doomed liquid. the kooris failed in this task to form a coalition to form a government together with their turn to the altar orthodox they bear full responsibility for the fact that israel is now going back once again to an election failure to form a coalition would usually put the question back in the hands of the israeli president he would then select a member of the knesset in all likelihood a different one and give that person a chance to form a government but these aren't normal times benjamin netanyahu is facing pending indictments in 3 separate corruption cases in order to give him the best chance of fighting that off only the top job will do last weekend tens of thousands took to the streets of tel aviv for a rally against netanyahu is apparent attempt to legislate immunity from prosecution and ensure the courts couldn't overturn such a law once passed with his 1st indictment hearing june october even if you win as the september election and manages to form a government and he hopes of ensuring immunity will be seriously dented it might
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make it harder for him but he's. very. strong. heikki political capabilities so it's not his last word for sure he will try to maneuver opposition leader benny gantz says the elections are all about netanyahu is bid to survive prosecution against a 1000000000 people but. really this is all happening for only 2 words only 2 words legal fortress there is no other reason here. gans was mocked for declaring victory early on election night in april but now it's clear netanyahu owns celebrations were premature the fight he thought he'd won 7 weeks ago has months left to run. kerry so. son in law senior adviser he is in israel today presumably trying to drum
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up support for his middle east peace plan that hasn't been announced yet but how does the situation right now politically for benjamin netanyahu complicate that mission well it makes it much more difficult and in particular who potentially really undermines it already in a lot of trouble in terms of the palestinian rejection of the trump peace plan. that would have expected to come here to talk to netanyahu is the head of a new government having made a coalition that of course isn't the case he's here talking about the economic elements of the plan which you'd be unveiled in manama bahrain in 25th and 26th of june we were then expecting the political elements to be rolled out but already they postponed that for the last election last israeli election if they postpone it again then we're getting into the u.s. presidential election season so all of this makes it much more difficult for an already very much under fire plan ok harry fossilised for us the most recent thank
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you an iranian official says the u.s. has been using mediators to send messages to his government and member of parliament made these comments on thursday he says the americans have also asked to hold negotiations with tehran contradicting their own actions the u.s. blames iran for sabotaging for oil tankers off the coast earlier this month tehran denies the internet accuse the americans of trying to start war joins us live from tehran so these are these common saying tell us more. well hush what. is a senior member of parliament who's the chairman of the national security and foreign policy commission over iran's parliament and 2 weeks ago he tweeted that they wrote that the iranians and the americans needed a table somewhere in the region perhaps in qatar or in iraq to hold some kind of negotiations to deescalate the ongoing tensions in the region this was around the time of the u.s.
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military buildup beginning in in this part of the middle east and his comments today seemed to suggest a sense of what might be getting discussed between these 3rd parties already to a part of his statement he said these 3rd party countries explicitly told america not to talk to iran from the people here say that the reason why they're calling for a strike is the rising unemployment and poverty in the country i would hope they were for they were going to do the austerity measures are affecting the argentine population undaunted by the international monetary fund last year some of these lost 15 percent of value this year the saying. argentina is facing an economic crisis that has had a severe effect on living standards in the country if they should in 2018 it reached almost 50 percent and the rate has continued to rise in 2019 but wages are not keeping up with the pace yes on the side the situation is a disaster i have
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a soup kitchen and bonus areas and the amount of people coming continues to grow we don't have enough the government says that this strike hurts the country's economy even more and that it's been organized by biodiesel mikey's political opponents presidential elections are scheduled to take place in october this year the economic situation has deteriorated mackie's popularity and his chances of being reelected are at risk a judge in spain has jailed ahead of mexico's biggest steelmaker while it's decided whether to whether he should be extradited to face corruption charges and his home country. alonso and sara elizondo was arrested at the main airport of the mediterranean island of majorca has wanted to mexico as part of the president's anti-corruption drive at a rest for and has also been issued for the former chief of mexico's state owned oil company hemmings. john heilemann has more from mexico city. well this is been president andres manuel lopez obrador slogan when he was on campaign and now as
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president that we need to root out corruption that's the source of the country's problems he's fond of saying but this is really his 1st big effort to do this and he's really taken on an emblematic case for those in your audience that don't know the case of all the braked this is a brazilian construction company that basically admitted to bribing officials across latin america to get jobs done a huge corruption scandal it's all presidents food it's all ministers get canned in mexico it led to really absolutely nothing happening under the previous president and rick opinion here so really there's a point to prove here for president under his money well lopez obrador and to do that he's going after a 1000000 open. the x. head of the state oil company there's been a lot of noise around him to do with the auto brake case and things connected to it
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for quite some time he's also gone or after the director over his ministration public prosecutors have gone off to the director of one of mexico's major steelmaking firms so this is just the start really of this case charges have been pressed they were born in italy grew up there and speak the language the 2 boys here were told they would get nationality after saving a hijacked bus full of children and they are still waiting for the government to keep that promise their case is fueling calls for italy citizenship laws to be changed from row a some adventure babe reports. has been called a hero him and his classmate help save the lives of 51 students when their school bus was hijacked in march the eluded the police resulting in a dramatic rescue of their hijacked bus. the bus driver had threatened to burn all the children on board before setting fire to the vehicle he was protesting
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against migrant deaths in the mediterranean i then hid his phone from the hijacker and called his mom for help work 1st part of the prank everyone he knows has hailed him for his courage but despite being born in italy he's not an italian citizen that's because adam's parents moved to italy from morocco under italian law a child born to foreigners does not have the automatic right to citizenship and must wait until they're 18 years old to apply for it but after adam's actions on the bus it please government promise to grant him citizenship. i think of someone was born here it's fair that he has a telly in citizenship it's unfair if he hasn't in the beginning they told us they would give us citizenship but it's been 2 months now we still don't have any news. the government's decision to grant him and his french citizenship has sparked a debate many are asking should people risk their lives to get citizenship others are calling for immediate set of the chip for all children born in italy if you
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neary is an immigration lawyer and he wants the government to change what he calls an archaic system. on the web the 1902 law copies the 911 law of course that's not compatible with today we need to integrate foreign citizens starting with minors children who arrived or were born here. elizabeth was 10 years old when she came to italy and couldn't apply for citizenship when she did apply years later the government changed the procedure from 2 to 4 years i can understand the like all my life. for. that. the government believes the laws need to be even stricter about who can become an italian citizen. in italy there are 60000000 people and we certainly do not need more in italy there are specific citizenship rules if they legally remain for at
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least 10 years they can apply for citizenship if a child was born in italy at the age of 18 they can have citizenship. but many foreigners a new don't agree with that sentiment rights activists believe the different residency requirements based on whether the applicant is a descendant of an italian citizen an e.u. citizen or a non you citizen for discrimination in 2003 a european citizenship by residence was proposed but amid rising xenophobia and nationalism that seems to have forgotten. their role. as al jazeera let's take a look at the top stories israel will hold a 2nd election this year after prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition government that's happened just 7 weeks after he claimed a major victory and parliamentary elections. believe. it is
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just unbelievable just unbelievable lieberman is now part of the left he's from the left blog you give him votes for the right but he doesn't give his vote to the right wing government this is what we see. prime minister is expected to attend a summit in saudi arabia and the 1st high level meeting since a blockade against a nation of saudis are holding a series of meetings to discuss regional challenges namely the rising tension with iran the delegates from more than 15 asia pacific countries are in bangkok for a un meeting on statelessness and there are going to pledge action for the millions of people around the world being denied a nationality. participants in sudan have declared their 2 day strike a success people across the nation stopped working on tuesday and wednesday purchased groups are now threatening a campaign of civil disobedience to try and force the military council to hand power to civilians and civilians are once again being targeted by the syrian
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government's aerial assault on rebel held areas in the northwest 3 children were killed on thursday when airstrikes hit cities in the province $66.00 civilians have lost their lives in the past 3 days alone. a bomb attack in the afghan capital kabul has killed at least 6 people a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a military training center it's one of the main centers for training recruits no group has claimed responsibility yet and garion police of launched a criminal investigation after a tourist boat sank on the danube 7 people are confirmed to have died another $21.00 are missing the boat was carrying south korean tourists as q team said there is little hope of finding survivors a judge in spain has jailed the head of mexico's biggest steelmaker while it's decided whether he should be extradited to face corruption charges in his home country alonzo and sara elizondo was arrested at the main airport of the mediterranean island of majorca is wanted in mexico as part of the president's
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anti-corruption drive so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera more news to inside story is next. a crackdown on crime or an act of provocation. police have detained several people including 2 u.n. officials in it's so dominated no serbia is now deployed troops along the border so what's caused this new flare up between the 2 neighbors with a history of religious and ethnic tensions this is inside story.
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hello everyone i'm come all santamaria welcome to inside story problems between serbia and kosovo they go back well 10 years to call suppose independence they go back to the war of the light 99 days they are people who go well beyond that as well so when tensions flare up again as they are right now there is some cause for concern on tuesday so be a put its troops on full alert after the course of the police and to the serb dominated area of northern cos of a fired tear gas and according to some reports live ammunition and arrested 23 people because of a call that an operation against organized crime and corruption the arrests even included 2 members of the u.n. mission in costs of sobeys president alexander which says he wants to preserve peace and stability but that serbia quote will be fully ready to protect our people at the shortest note. before we move on just
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a quick reminder of how these countries came into being and why there is still this tension here's the map kosovo and thomas region in the former yugoslavia. until its break up in the 1990 s. following that separatist pressure from kosovo only increased its course led to serbia's crackdown on kosovo's albanian population that was only ended by a nato military intervention in 1909 kosovo declared its independence in 2008 it has since been recognized by more than 100 countries but crucially serbia and russia still see it as part of serbia these latest incidents signal rising tensions in northern cause of a parts of which remain largely outside the control of the government. and instead pledge their allegiance to belgrade. so here's natasha but in our reporting from mithridates there were kosovan serbs protested against tuesday's police raids in the area where we are in north major feed said this is a predominantly certain it's a policy in the northern coast of a people here don't feel they're not going to pristina they feel very close to
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belgrade and so happy and they've come here to protest because they say that they are being intimidated by cost of an authority this is because on tuesday kosovan police launched a major operation they say was across the country but particularly in this region against smuggling of all sorts of goods such as petrol and cigarettes they made several arrests among them some so and so the police officers who were later appear in court in pristina now serbian people here say this is just an opportunity to try and fight in them to try and intimidate them the president of serbia has put troops on the border on full alert he says this is for peace and security but also that they will be able to respond if needed the president of course supposes that this is simple law enforcement the whole situation is also being fueled by russia calling this a provocation as well because of course russia is an ally great an ally of serbia
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serbia and russia who do not recognize possible independence. or right here's the panel for today to discuss things with starting in belgrade with. former so politician now head of the forum for ethnic relations in london vet take associate director of the consultancy group control risks with a focus on central and southeastern europe and finally in berlin is but a very senior associate of the democratization policy council and a specialist on cos a vote serbia relations i thank all of you for joining us today i want to start and i'm asking a lot here i know but i want us to look at this. latest incident in isolation outside of the history between the 2 countries i know there is so much history but still let's look at this incident i'll start with you to shine kosovo has said it is about corruption it is about organized crime it is about smuggling it is about
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drugs are those actually real concerns in this part of the world eroding. support really 2 narratives about one things you have immediately to interpretation no doubt that the from course your point of view and the point to your international presence your course on that was one of the actions even of the larger activities fighting is the organised crime specially in the whole territory including didn't order corso or the motives for that are of course weasely better is a shoot for course show and also to show who is controlling territory basically the question which arises in the last one year is who is who has this rule where any killed the lord of course or from point to yourself and sarah bia did so only fight for the control of territory people are doubting that the really course who will want to. fight against the organised crime including in the spatial region there
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really defrocked or they are arresting the people who are the part of organised crime well for the serbs and serbia the more important issue is the status of kosovo and the territorial integrity or sarah bia meaning control of the north of the course or one or be clear the human needs and the human being is not on the 1st level of the politics she said to be an impish there ok we're going to come back to that issue of territory a lot more i know it's better going to school let me bring you into the conversation from london your thoughts on what the actual cost of own police are supposedly cracking down against an. drugs is one problem i know previously that was i think it was in the year 2000 something like 40 percent of the heroin in europe in north america came from kosovo so they have been problems with things like drugs and smuggling in the past is it still enough of a problem now. thank you come out with out that out organized crime is
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a major issue in the region especially as you mention in kosovo serbia and the border regions to which are not always well patrolled we see semi porous borders so organized crime is or is supposed to be one of the key priorities for governments to tackle in the region so with that in mind and looking again as you said in isolation this incident this event there is no reason to doubt the motives of the course of our government that they were looking to tackle organized crime networks in their country that it followed similar operations elsewhere in the country earlier on this month also adds to the evidence that they were looking to to dismantle a big organized crime network now having said that. there are issues
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about how the whole operation was conducted as you mentioned already here there are concerns among the local population about the use of excessive force that was their gas use their avocations about firearms being used so all of these issues put some question marks as to how the whole operation was conducted and what other messages were being signaled there yesterday when the special forces members went to north coast but. let me let me just going to all agree that organized crime. ok organized crime is an issue it's a bit of a but let me ask you that. as raise the point that there is a problem it does need to be dealt with but the way that the course of government and police went about it is it seems to be extremely heavy handed and certainly that's what was served. come out i would cremate with my previous answer there
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is a serious problem with the weakness of the rule of law and with high level organized crime and corruption in the whole of a region is specially about not only in serbia and kosovo and given that fact you know the fact that the judiciary and the police are not in the pan and in these 2 countries. any action against organized crime is always part of a kind of selective justice you know so this on the general crown always in the raises. suspicion about the very action as much as normally in action an organized crime correction now we have the very specific case of north of course over basically the unresolved status this beautiful beggar its actions are best actions for 30 years insisting that cause civil war is part of serbia has drawn the region more and more away from serbia and left the region and especially
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the north and the limbo where you have a specific because of the state of this view with the rhetoric of there that they are part of serbia or of the 3 reality being summer and that's why it's so varied has been created a very extreme specific next of organized crime and a political patronage system so whenever you know if pristina is acting in that context which also has a link between opinion and cause or survive and serbian one it raises suspicion and especially in the way this is i think the 2nd or the 3rd of such action which really looks like a film plot over the last 12 months which is not legally you know linked with the overall very. high level negotiations on the final comprehensive agreement that's being lost once or bear that out for to have gone in a completely wrong direction and raised tensions among the 2 countries and again we've. comeback to battle sure little bit later on and issues to do with e.u.
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ascension what do we make though and maybe i'll come back to you. shannon in belgrade what do you make of the way the serbians have reacted here president bush has put his troops on high alert and that sounds dramatic and i'm sure it looks dramatic as well do you think he would actually act or is there actually too much at stake here for both countries i mean just did the one point on what was previous sale don't forget that in our case serbia of course or do organise crimes players politicians and guerrilla fighters are on the power they are really closely and strongly connected meaning the old the. leaders of the organised crime groups there are some kind of the instruments in the political games when sarah b. and not the data controller what is the situation reality sometime is using the
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channels or for communication with little bay needs like industries you know the taxis in the boy could or the custom goods trade or sometimes for publication no difference as security incidents go back to your question i gained. would. be some kind of the how silly. pocket game. you try to our eyes the level of crazies to sean clearly to 14 years of use that centers and to albanians the serbia is ready to fall right on to perp take the steps from the other side is the message for the local population in belgrade that there are the limits of that intervention to be clear i am sure that his idea will world not to send the. army but the idea was to show the readiness and to prepare if it is needed some other instruments for provoking the
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local army than other conflicts course if we listen.


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