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did it needs to have a full front of the iran establishment put out against it but mr fall had his comments does tell us is that there may be some daylight between what iran's government is saying in terms of no talks with the united states and the practical measures that iranian leaders are taking to try to bring down the tension bring down the heat in this region same as rabi reporting live from tehran saying many thanks saudi arabia is hosting a series of high level meetings to discuss rising security concerns across the middle east leaders from the gulf cooperation council of the arab league a gathering in mecca later on thursday the aim is to focus on regional security as tension between the the united states iran and the u.s. is gulf allies escalates on wednesday regional foreign ministers met as the saudis called on muslim nations to confront iran with what they called force and firmness it's been a particularly tense month in the region with the u.s.
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deploying troops and warships to the gulf of zeros andrew symonds reports the 1st of 3 major gatherings of leaders one objective to find a way of reducing tension in the middle east it's difficult at a time when divisions within the region run deep made worse by the battle of rhetoric between the united states and iran the hosts for these talks saudi arabia made its position clear. we emphasize the need to exert more if it's to combat the subversive activities of extremist terrorist groups they must be addressed with all strength and firmness. a reference there to damage to 4 vessels including 2 saudi oil tankers off the coast of the united arab emirates earlier this month and drone attacks on saudi oil installations 2 days later the saudis had accused iran of ordering the drone attack which was claimed by new things in yemen in the run up
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to these talks by foreign ministers from the organization of islamic cooperation john bolton the u.s. national security advisor visiting the u.s. he said naval mines almost certainly from iran we used to attack shipping but he didn't refer to any evidence adding who else would you think is doing it somebody from nepal iran's foreign ministry dismissed bolton's remarks as a ludicrous claim and the supreme leader ayatollah ali how many reasserted we will not negotiate with america because negotiation has no benefit and carries harm. before the talking started in jeddah it emerged that katz oz prime minister abdullah bin nasa bin khalifa plenty will attend g.c.c. and arab league sessions on thursday it will be cattles 1st high level contacts with saudi the us a power reign in egypt since the fall states imposed an ad land
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and sea blockade on the country nearly 2 years ago the full states had accused of supporting terrorism accusations vehemently denied by katz our leader has the united states wants to see an end to the blockade on cata i would hope that they could work out some of these things because they have essentially they being the saudis destroyed the gulf cooperation council it's a paper organization now it never was for middle but now it's almost nothing because of this bitter fight within the ranks of its own members this is not a way to assure security in the gulf and it's not a way to present iran with a solid front from as it were the other side of the ocean. whether this could be a 1st step towards repro small is unclear but the immediate effect of cattle is involvement here could result in a broader debate over relations with iran andrew simmons al-jazeera let's take
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a moment to remind you of the state of the relationship between iran and some other countries its neighbors in the region since the g.c.c. crisis began in 2017 iran has pursued direct relations with oman q weight and council the countries imposing their blockade on qatar including saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain of all spoken out against iran operate accuses it of supporting its shia opposition to the fuelling unrest saudi arabia and the u.a.e. said that iran is a major regional threat they're leading the coalition against iranian backed hooty rebels in yemen israel is called iran its number one enemy and condemns its support to the for the syrian government and lebanon based has ball up the u.s. and israel both accusing iran of supplying weapons to the group. joining me now in the studio as much observer a who's the director of the gulf studies center university could see again what are we to make of the fact that qantas prime
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minister will be attending these talks in saudi arabia i think this is a political move those out of these summits you know in a very critical time i think that seize this opportunity to attend to have its voice heard by others because they have asked who is invited invited and also they did not you know they did attend all of the summits previously in the last few years maybe with the lower part of the present asian but they always attended these kind of conferences but this time maybe. you know the prime minister is actually attending him so i think it's it's a political move to show that it has a voice to be heard and that in any platform do you think pressure was applied upon saudi arabia by the u.s. to invite cross. to be honest this could be as scenario as could be a you know pressure from the not the but then i stayed actually did try to push out
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of saudi arabia and the major issues like for example open the space rejected so this can be a scenario but it's hard to accept that so do you actually listen to the states when it comes to this question or i said given the state of the relationship between qatar saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are they going to be able to form a consensus on dealing with iran given that counter things very differently about iran it's not only a man who's had a different perception of iran how different perception of iran and we know that the idea of the project of out of need to which was you know. pushed by so these actually failed because one of the major players like egypt for example did not want to be part of this coalition. so i think this is an attempt it has a it has little opportunity to achieve its goals because the perception within the
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within those you know look of the country is not really the same i think there's also a major issue it comes to. you know what is the outcome of this in a way you know you want to push on what will be the outcome of this do you want to put in an economy that pressure political pressure what's what's the outcome of that i think that is also a major issue is saudi arabia going to be able to to i want to say bully that i thought perhaps an inappropriate word but bully oman kuwait and qatar into falling into line with with the with its view and that of the u.a.e. it would be difficult to do so it would be difficult because we know a man is in now in gold in a sort of mediation we heard a lot about 1st of mediation between the nicer so it's hard actually to push and that actually really gets to many thanks david lane with us once again. this is the news hour from our series still to come on the program the bombs keep falling and civilian casualties keep rising we'll have the latest on the battle for syria's
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last rebel held off plus our tourist crews in hungary and capital turn to tragedy. later in sport and their scare for the world number one at the french open. delegations from the taliban and afghan politicians have concluded a 2 day conference in moscow a joint statement was released emphasizing the need for foreign troops to withdraw now afghan government figures will present the taliban is refusing to negotiate directly only this month the 6th round of talks between the u.s. on the taliban and did in doha. we discussed the ceasefire and. discussion so we discussed all important. progress. progress issues if we're counting on our next meeting.
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yesterday we negotiated for hours and we did come to some agreement but our expectations were a bit more we had at least 9 hours of negotiations our main message was for the ceasefire a ceasefire that could be the beginning of peace a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital kabul has killed at least 6 people a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a military training center that's one of the main centers for training recruits. civilians once again being targeted in the syrian government's assault on rebel held areas in the northwest 3 children were among those killed on thursday when asked trikes hit cities in the province but despite the bombardment rebel fighters are holding their ground so hard to reports from beirut. prayed that his children and grandchild will be pulled out alive from underneath the rubble of what was their house. they were at i.
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more than 250 syrians have been killed in russian and syrian air and ground attacks in recent weeks opposition controlled towns across southern it lip northern and western aleppo in the northwest are under attack. every day people are dying under the rubble here in provence while the arab league is there an air conditioned rooms children women and the elderly a dying look around this has become a reality. the united nations says further escalation which threaten humanitarian assistance for the region's residents some 270000 people have been displaced since late april all in a high level of 100 only 30 percent of those in need are receiving aid because the number of displaced in the past month drastically increased the intense bombardment is preventing aid workers from reaching some areas. it's been a month since the bombardment began
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a cease fire agreed by russia and turkey last year has all but collapsed straining their alliance in syria turkish authorities say there are efforts to revive that deal. we asked and are waiting from our russian partners who we are in close contact with to use their influence on the syrian regime in order to stop the leaden air attacks on it live as soon as possible. the russian backed offensive is seen as military pressure on turkey to force the rebels to create a demilitarized zone around it lip and open highways that run through the province . share. their. being there and there. the armed opposition is holding its ground believed to be backed by turkey which
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gives it a strong position on the table but turkey's participation in the russian led after they go to track may be more important for russia than it live as it seeks to drive the political process to end the war so for their people to protest leaders in sudan have declared their 2 day strike a success people across the nation stopped work on tuesday or wednesday protest groups are now threatening civil disobedience to try to force the military council to hand power to a civilian that administration is in wrong can report stuff from to. the revolution without a little music that's the thinking of a musician and shopkeeper. he took part in the strike by sitting in a shop as usual but refusing to sell any instruments he says he lost money but is willing to continue the strike if the call is made. this right is just the
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beginning of more escalations to come because the military is wasting time and while meet the demands of the revolution and only give us talk in just 2 years i expect if the military council does not give us a straight answer in the negotiations and show us good faith then you should expect more civil disobedience the posters outside his shop display his and many others opinions one says we don't want the spring we want the whole garden another says. to me a reference to the vice chairman of the transitional military council's threat to sack anyone who went on strike. into the early hours and there's a celebrate 3 out was fair at the city outside the military headquarters one of the senior leaders of the protest movement tells us the strike was a success but challenges lay ahead. after the high response to the strike would receive word the army wants to talk again and welcome such
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a move because we believe in dialogue and resolving things in a reasonable manner but the revolution will continue and who will keep escalating gradually right now the protesters are in a confident mood however the transitional military council are sticking to their guns and they say they won't hand over power until there's an elected government and they want to oversee that process that's not good enough for the protesters who say that they want a sovereign transitional government to oversee the election process m.r. carney i would say there are 2 in kenya a verdict has been delayed in the trial of 4 men accused of terrorism charges in a 2015 attack that led to the deaths of 150 people if convicted the suspects could face life in prison gunmen ambushed the university campus in northeastern kenya and then there was a siege that lasted nearly 15 hours the attack was later claimed by the somali based al-shabaab. police in hungary have launched a criminal investigation after
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a tourist boat sank on the river danube danube it was carrying south korean tourists 7 of them were rescued 7 were killed 19 are still missing child palace reports. it's a populous tricks of the danube river in the heart of budapest a tourist boat the moon made was docks carrying more than 30 south korean turfs hts it was involved in a collision with a cruise ship receding search for survivors the tourists weren't wearing life jackets and water temperatures were below 15 degrees celsius police said after a month of heavy rain high water levels in a fast current complicated rescue if it's. one of the most we found some people with serious injuries in a critical condition there were some who got lightly injured and some needed to be resuscitated police have now released video of the incident ferry telekinetic law total we can see on the footage that the small boat the mermaid is sailing north is
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the biggest ship the viking when they reach the margaret bridge the mermaid turns in front of the viking for some reason and as the viking touches the mermaid it gets turned on its side and within about 7 seconds it sinks of eking. cruise line operator viking said it's a boat the 2nd was involved in the incident around 9 pm local time the mermaids wreckage was found on the river bed the hungary's parliament building in the city's famous margaret bridge the surging river and poor weather it hampered if it still bring it to the surface. the mermaid was a 26 metre boat use for sightseeing that could hold 60 people. i sincerely apologize for having to share heartbreaking news from. the south korean to our agency who organized the trip to the passengers were mostly families who have been scheduled to return to solve this weekend. we will try to get to budapest as
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quickly as possible and coordinate with the hungary and authorities and our embassy to save lives. south korean president moon j n has seen foreign ministry officials to put a peace to help should. i urge you to make use of all diplomatic channels to work with the hungarian government so search and rescue operations take place as fast as possible if there are not enough personnel or equipment i ask you to coordinate with neighboring countries are hungry to find ways of bringing more rescue experts and additional equipment. as police launched a criminal investigation the search for survivors was extended far down staring into serbia shallop ballasts al jazeera. now with some eyebrow raising numbers about tornadoes in the u.s. is visual just kevin corriveau kevin that's right no doubt we've seen a lot of action in the month of may and i'm going to bring you those numbers a just an updated we can show you the video all month long of tornadoes in this area today is another tornado day now in the month of may we would normally see
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about $270.00 tornadoes the most active month the whole year but this month alone we have seen about $544.00 now confirmed tornadoes in the month of may that's about double from what we would normally see some other numbers here 26 tornado days out of just the $29.00 we've had so far this month and we've had a stretch of 14 consecutive days with at least one tornado in them as we go towards the next couple days though things are going to die down and as we go towards june but the other concern is as we get to june it's a tropical moisture here across parts of the caribbean now here in the dominican republic take a look at the video that has command of the flooding because of a tropical trough that's going through the area now this trough is also going to be causing problems as well not just for the many who are public but also over here towards puerto rico where they have seen over $400.00 millimeters of rain just in recent days alone with this system right here another area watching it's down here towards the southern part of mexico there's a tropical disturbance there that's going to bring a lot of rain across much of that area and we could be seeing anywhere between
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$100.00 to possibly $125000000.00 reason rain and that could lead to some localized flooding as well as mudslides. kevin many thanks still to come here on the news hour we'll take a look at the challenges that lie ahead for india's prime minister as he begins his 2nd term in office. we'll have the story of the boy hero in italy who helped save the lives of his classmates but is now fighting for citizenship. and could his eyes over time drama in the stanley cup finals and they will be here with all the action a little later in sports. june on al-jazeera people in power returns with an investigation into why india's capital delhi has some of the worst air pollution in the world. 2 years into the blockade we look at the future of the g.c.c. crisis and its impact on life in qatar join us for special coverage the big picture
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examines the power potential unprejudiced of ology official intelligence as it used to shape our world leaders from the group of 20 nations will gather for the 14th t 20 summit to be held for the 1st time in japan and in brand new episodes we follow people from around the globe who are risking it all just to make a living june on al-jazeera. in the philippines the black market for gold is worth hundreds of millions but not everyone is reaping the rewards or sound of paying the ultimate price when i went east investigates why people like dying for gold and al jazeera.
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to get adrian for going to here in doha with the news from al-jazeera the headlines israel will hold a 2nd election this year after prime minister benjamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition government that's come just 7 weeks after he claimed victory and parliamentary elections netanyahu is insisting that the political situation will not interfere with the u.s. plan for palestine and israel he's just met with senior white house advisor. who's touring the region to gain support for the initiative. push this plan is likely to be on the agenda 3 summits in saudi arabia leaders from the gulf cooperation council of the arab league gathering in mecca they said on thursday qatar's prime minister is expected to attend the 1st high level meeting since a blockade against his nation. budget alan sorry is a professor of political sociology at castle university he says it's important for the qatari prime minister to be part of the discussions on regional tensions. 1st
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of all we have a proper invitation that came through the right channels from the king himself a like other invitations in the past that were done in a not so respectful manner and this apparently you know led by the government to take a decision to send such a high. but also we have to remember that. this invitation this is a special summit on a very special case which is. in the gulf and especially what happened then for jr and saudi arabia. saudi arabia was not under any obligation to contact them directly through the invitation but they did and therefore that they decided that it should be part of this summit on the high level i think one of the main reasons for what i've participating so strongly in this summit is because. i. believe very strongly that this is collation is not needed it will not result in any good for the security of the region as
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a whole and these countries want to be part of the discussion they need to be about the question and they want to ash allies politics in the region we've seen a lot of rational movement when it comes to the politics of the arab world and of course in general because of the movement and said they'd be in the u.a.e. with this we need to get into that actual the national politics and i believe that the omanis the kuwaiti there rocky they all believe and it's a matter india's prime minister is being sworn into office to read remote was elected to a 2nd term last week that's his p.g.p. party secured a sharply increased majority in the lower house of parliament the servant is taking place in the courtyard of the presidential residence the russian party provide security as predictably tights with board 6000 people to use for arrive earlier on made preparations for his inauguration including visits to the shrine of mahatma gandhi let's take a look at some of the issues that prime minister modi is likely to be facing it is 2nd firstly those unemployment which is at its highest level in nearly half
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a set. sure that's a particularly concern among young people then there are farmers who face low crop prices and mounting debt income assistance in the last budget helped ease some of that anger among farmers but many more say that much more needs to be done and there was a rise in attacks against muslims during modi's 1st despite his message of inclusion soon after winning his party's been accused of discrimination against minorities. shirty kabila is a lecturer at the university of cambridge is faculty of history she joins us now live from new delhi good to have you with us these challenges that modi faces in his 2nd with not much different to the ones that he faced in his 1st day. no they're not you're quite right to point that out that in the sense that the economy but has gone down in the last 3 or 4 years and i think this is going to be more these legacy term
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a term in which he would want to leave long lasting policy and institutional designs for what he calls new india which is in direct contrast to the foundations of modern india and to say never so i think the economy is one piece but what is what is more clear are the 2 of the future direction is foreign policy a so-called strong india and that is indicated by the guest list for his inauguration today which is to say he has inaugurated his ringback inauguration is coming with friends from what is called been stack which is a bit of a mouthful but it excludes of gotta stand pakistan and china but invite has invited all the people of the big b. of being goal area so i think foreign policy is going to be very key to moody's next term which also will have implications for the domestic side particularly on kashmir is it fair to say that the modi has mellowed since his election when he's talked about assuring minorities against attacks by hindu fundamentalists he's paid tribute to were the 1st prime minister narrow who's been
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pretty posh about in the past is he going to be conciliatory in his approach during the 2nd term. i think it's anybody's guess but i think the didn't is office victory day will already attack on minorities in india so i think modi will find it hard to control the right wing violent elements which are sometimes called fringe elements but which we feel emboldened under his leadership already the c.m. the leader of one of the biggest provinces in india is controversial so i think by the may have made these gestures and noises which were welcomed by large numbers of people i think he will find it incredibly hard to actually say sheet the right wing appetite always a violent appetite of some of his core supporters a large number of 1st time voters voted for modi in this election just as
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unemployment is at a 4 decade high lot of young people need jobs is he going to be able to provide them food. i think that is a moot question i think the economy is the biggest challenge that actually move the faces we've got very little indication of what that would look like from the manifesto and we'll get to know who the new finance minister is going to be so i think it's hard to say door as your as you pointed out in your introduction but that it is the economy whether it is youth unemployment these are very major challenges one of the reasons modi one is because he kept inflation very low and in some ways ringback voters in india tend to vote much more on inflation rather than on these other issues having said that let's see whether there is actually going to be a big ticket a policy initiative on employment generation which is widely expected the other
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thing that is expected is actually more these push into digital ringback india and you know we will see more reforms but also legislation and as it were the spring of that of that sector really gets to see many thanks david being with us shortly capello there in new delhi. congolese forces say they've killed 26 rebels near beni in the region of kiev who the fighting between government soldiers and the allied democratic forces happened on wednesday night according to the army a military position was attacked and then a fire fight ensued and. as the u.s. and china battle over tariffs apple's c.e.o. tim cook recently estimated that if i phones were entirely made in the u.s. they'd cost consumers up to $100000.00 that's partly due to higher labor costs but also a shortage of manufacturing expertise did for structure al-jazeera as rob reynolds travel to thailand in los angeles to find out more. we have the number one and 2 and 3 of 4 up to 9 to leave isaac larry in those
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toys he's the c.e.o. of m.g.a. entertainment one of the most successful toy makers in the u.s. which of these toys here on the wall are made in the united states no no were made in nano if you make the beef 23rd for 14 you know if their growth. the number $102.00 in america if you made the film to us because you would pay $40.00 for it they will buy it for $40.00 for the kids would not have been toys you think possible to make a log of totally andy you would think as the u.s. china trade war heats up president donald trump gives companies some simple advice last september he tweeted make your products in the united states instead of china start building new plants now exciting but trade experts say trying to replace
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china's factories isn't an exciting idea it's a bad one we have so many strengths that we should be working with rather than trying to duplicate the industries of the past today's us economy is based on providing services and ideas not heavy industry and china's advantage isn't just in lower labor costs from toys to television sets to technology the u.s. simply lacks the manufacturing infrastructure and expertise to produce many of the items which are now made in china c.e.o. isaac larry and gives one example i've been doing tweed for 40 years haired grooming under oath. and routine even skid cannot have been here if the shortage of exclude to do want to wait for 30 years 40 years for america to become
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the big dog manufacturing you would think in the ward in philly. but there are hundreds of highly paid workers at larry ins company headquarters the divine decree t.v. teeth coming out of their brain and they are paid a lot more for that the moral of the story of toys tariffs and trade is that the u.s. economy runs uncreative brain power not industrial brawn robert oulds al-jazeera chatsworth california the un says that millions of people around the world are being denied a nationality they referred to as being stateless and the growing problem is prompted the un to host amazing in bangkok to look at ways to solve the problem delegates from more than 15 asia pacific countries are taking their expects to pledge action ahead of a global gathering in geneva in october the un's refugee agency estimates that
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there are at least $10000000.00 stateless people worldwide a 3rd of the children people end up being denied a nationality for many reasons and in many cases because of ethnic and religious discrimination that is certainly the case with the from for example the u.n. describes them as the most persecuted minority in the world and a serious call tied to reports now from bangkok. it was so far today on the agenda really is kind of discussions about best practices what has worked and hasn't worked in these 15 nations in asia in the pacific who have come here for this meeting so they're discussing through this so they can kind of share ideas and share what has worked for them and what needs to be focused on not to discuss this further we're going to bring in melanie kahn and she is the head of u.n. aid that's the refugee agency statelessness what really does that mean you know we know refugees are internally destroyed displaced persons i.d.p.'s what are stateless people thank you for that scott and 1st of all thank you for having me on
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it's a great question and even though i work on the statelessness full time i'm very aware that most people have never heard of statelessness it's a bit counterintuitive most people have a nationality everybody they know has a nationality so statelessness is a bit of a mystery but it is the situation of people who have no nationality no government on the planet recognizes them as its citizens it's different from the refugee issue because stateless people haven't crossed an international border typically there can be exceptions but most stateless people live and die in the country they were born and without ever having a nationality here these best practices in discussions will be taken again to the bigger statelessness meeting in geneva in october now they were born in a silly grew up there and speak the language the 2 boys were told that they would get citizenship after helping to save a hijacked bus full of children boss still waiting to.


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