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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2019 1:00am-1:35am +03

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what the saudis want to do is to try to project a united front. the iranian regime interfered in our internal affairs and develop ballistic and nucular weapons it affects navigation in international oil this is a naked aggression against our stability and international security. but iraq objected to a communique attacking iran issued later which supported the rights of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to defend their interests following what they say were attacks on shipping and oil installations and i quote any if i mean as in what proper what i my brother's in the midst of this tense time and the quick developments and a tense regional and international environment full of threats we are watching before our eyes the escalation of a regional and international crisis which can turn into a war that will engulf assault. the saudis may have the support of the united states but some observers think that tactics are high risk when the g.c.c.
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is so divided instead of uniting and unifying the gulf region to stand as a bloc a solid block they're actually dividing it into different countries they are this integrating. regional organization that you see. a reference there to the blockade of cattle after allegations made by saudi the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt but the country backs terrorism accusations firmly denied by cats are a leader is saudi arabia isn't giving the impression any breakthrough is imminent. they said he'd qatar participated in previous summits so it is not new it is true this time they were represented by the prime minister of the saudi stance like the other countries is that we are looking for a solution for the cause of the problems and the crisis between these countries and qatar hopefully there will be a solution if qatar comes back to the right path. but the issue of iran dominates
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the thinking and talking saudi arabia may regard support from the g.c.c. and the arab league as a diplomatic advantage but with opposition led by iraq the message isn't warn of full arab unity andrew symonds. so at on al jazeera. this is private and one of the toughest years that i've experienced in my 40 plus years on american farmers are by donald trump's chinese tariffs are not backing down from their support of the president as soon as the military council calls the protests outside army headquarters a threat to the country and shuts down al-jazeera as bureau in khartoum. hello again welcome back we're here across south china as well as northern vietnam watched very heavy rain over the next few days and this has been the trend just the
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last 24 to 48 hours as well so for another vietnam particular here in hanoi it is going to be very heavy rain localized flooding could be an issue temperature a little bit lower because of the very heavy rain and clouds across the region but as we go from saturday to sunday the rain just a little bit more towards the south the temperature does come up to about $31.00 degrees there though across parts of china though it is going to be quite hot across much of the area 32 degrees expected high here in hong kong and you combine that with the humanity the heat index is going to feel more like 35 to even 36 degrees across that area up to the north though it's going to be drier but still quite hot at $31.00 degrees for one as i take you over here towards india we are watching the monsoon start to make its way to the north and fourchon monsoon is actually delayed right now particular down here to the south of sri lanka where the monsoon is not too late is here of cross parts of me and mark where it has onset across the southern half of the country here across the north though we are looking at nagpur at $43.00 degrees in new delhi a searing $44.00 degrees over the next few
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days and then as we make our way over here towards katmandu and the rest of the paul we are expected to see some very heavy rain in the mountains with attempted there of 24 degrees. when a military coup overthrew chile's marxist president one stadium's became prisms and the junta so objective was absolute control. publicly refuse to accept dictatorship episode 4 of football rebels expose the life of calos cassidy. the footballer whose personal story swayed of votes that altered the history of his country carlos caselli and the demise of my young days on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's take up the top stories right now on the mexican foreign minister is to travel to washington to meet with u.s. officials over the threat of u.s. tariffs president says he'll impose tariffs on goods from mexico unless it stops illegal immigration there secretary of state my pompei o is in berlin at the start of a 4 nation tour he's urging european partners to isolate iran and to stop using technology from china's huawei and iran has rejected accusations that a summit of arab nations that it's a threat to regional and global security 2 summits have taken place in mecca and the 3rd is due to start later on friday. $60000000000.00 at the u.s. into effect this hour the battle between washington and beijing is taking a toll on america's midwest and the farmers are struggling as this trade to
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escalate but for now president donald trump still draw support from the race in. illinois. as the u.s. administration plans ahead in its trade war with china american farmers say they're getting crushed between the world's 2 largest economies we grew a record soybean crop record corn crop and then you take the fact that our largest buyer just disappeared you know we created a huge ending stockpile that is it's going to take years to eat through it not to mention we tripled what we normally carry china's retaliatory tariffs on corn soybeans imported hit their mark american farmers deep in trim country across the midwest are suffering this is private and one of the toughest years that i've experienced in my 40 plus years of farming are bankers i'm starting to get nervous next year is going to be. a tough time and some farmers are not going to get their
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operating loans they're not going to pay off their operating loans from this year and they're not going to be able to get credit to put a crop out next year for the 2nd straight year president trump signed a bailout for american farmers this time $16000000000.00 worth but that won't bring back lost markets buyers who've moved on to other sellers their silos are full of surplus crops that oversupply his tank prices for corn and soybeans farm income levels are half what they were 5 years ago across the midwest corn and soybean farmers are filing for bankruptcy in numbers not seen for more than a decade and losing their patients i'd like to see that light at the end of the tunnel and know when things are going to turn around and get better so you your patience is wearing a little little yeah this year farmers are dealing. high tariffs low prices and now his story grains that have left their fields flooded but while china's chair of search striking their intended targets they have not achieved their goal of turning
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the farmers who are among president trump strongest supporters against the president is it fair to say that farmers still by and large support president trump i think that's fair we believe the president is doing the right thing to live on a farm as an old agrarian saying has it used to be schooled in patience for now those laboring behind america's plows seem willing to wait a little longer john hendren al-jazeera colfax illinois thompson is a senior fellow at the require new school of public policy he joins us via skype from singapore appreciate your time very much so as our reporter just illustrated there farmers are having a very very hard time taking a direct hit from all of this what have you seen what is indication that you've seen from donald trump about how far he's willing to take this well i think he's very committed to rebalancing and reshaping the trade relationship with china he has a couple of different objectives that he hasn't yet achieved and i think he's going
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to dig in to continue to to again one of course is bringing more manufacturing and more jobs back to the united states and that's partly seen in his. moves against mexican trade as well despite having agreed to trade agreement with canada and mexico already but he's also trying to get u.s. manufacturers to diversify their supply chain so they're not totally dependent on china so he's encouraging them to shift their production either back to the united states or to other countries in southeast asia or elsewhere so that the u.s. is not as overly dependent on china as they are now is there any indication that this particular attack at this particular plant will accomplish any of those things . i think it's already working to some degree the transition of certain business lines certain supply chains are already transitioning from china to places like vietnam in particular in southeast asia i think the trade war is accelerating that trend it already began long before the trade war so so it is happening in
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effect that suits the u.s. overall objective. is china in a position to absorb this longer i mean ed and i what i mean by that what i mean by that is politically speaking obviously they all have to answer to constituents the way that donald trump will eventually have to answer to constituents so yeah obviously president xi jinping is no longer limited by by the terms of 2 term cycle so he could serve much more than the 10 years that his predecessor did had been limited to but i think the chinese economy were was facing headwinds before the tariff wars began so i think there is a lot more pressure on xi jinping at this point to get the economy right and to deal with a number of underlying issues including. a big lending bubble he's got an inflation problem he's got a big asset bubble problem and there's way too much stimulation of the economy
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right now and it's overly dependent on. bank loans there's also a fair amount of discontent amongst the chinese private sector the private business community who don't feel that they have a level playing field a dentist state owned enterprises the national champions so that internal tension i think also is ultimately going to affect its calculations about how he reforms the economy all right or thompson and singapore thank you very much my pleasure. protests are in sudan's capital khartoum are defying warnings from the military to stop their sit in outside the defense ministry this is a scene as people took part in friday prayers in front of the military headquarters on thursday a senior army official said the sit in had become a hub for criminals and was creating a danger for the state and al-jazeera has denounced sudan's closure of its bureau in khartoum saying the network sees this as an attack on media freedom professional journalism and the basic tenets of the right for people to know and understand the
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reality of what is happening in sudan network to poorest the decision and assures its audiences in sudan and globally that it will continue its coverage of sudan despite this political interference by the sudanese authorities as kook is a member of a nonviolent resistance movement in sudan he says journalism is now under threat in the country. you're moving the freedoms of press and trying to have the world not see what's happening is a big deal. and i think this is a turning point because what happened after 11 years in the collapse the government and certainly the government allowed journalists from all over the world to go sit in to come to sudan and to cover this and for them now to decide that no the world doesn't need to see this anymore is a sign for us that some things are changing and we're going back to them crackdown and everything so we're actually getting ready for a crackdown on the protest area i mean what's happening with the negotiation between the. declaration for freedom and change for talking from the point of the
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protesters with the transitional council they reached a point where we suppose they have a civilian government and they reached a point where they may not move forward either their transition many council is going to give up power it's billions or they're not going to do it and. now we're more than 55 days into this situation and we thinking that now is the time or we have to go back to. fighting this government in another way is there not giving you the minute you doesn't want to give up power so we're not waiting for them to give up power and if they were serious about giving up power they were not going to do a crackdown on the media so we're not worried now germans are protesting in the streets despite police reportedly arresting dozens of people in the capital al chairs. hundreds gathered in the city for the 15th friday calling for interim president. there and solid to leave office immediately he became president after the ailing longtime president at the elysees but if like us
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to down last month the public anger at him were turning for a 5th term elections are due to be held and algeria in july. wiki leaks founder julian assange has separate psychological torture that's according to united nations special rapper toure who also says the songes help was critical and that he should not be extradited to the united states to face charges of espionage . all the symptoms of a person who has been exposed to psychological torture for a prolonged period of time who are speaking about is severe stress and stress chronic. severe psychological trauma. seriously gravely concerned that if this were to be extradited to the united states he would be exposed to a politicized trial in grave violation of his human rights a new memorial has been unveiled a new york operating those who lost their lives in the 911 attacks many of the 1st
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responders continue to suffer after being exposed to toxins nearly 18 years ago or since allouni has more. in the park where the twin towers once stood the unveiling of the new memorial highlights the lingering impact of the september 11th attacks particularly on 1st responders nearly 400 of them have died from 911 related illness so far thousands more are sick at the ceremony they mixed with dignitaries amid the slanted stones meant to honor them bridget gormley father william was a firefighter whose company was one of the 1st on the scene that day everybody initially had the 911 cough the world trade center cough it wasn't until 2016 though that he was diagnosed with bladder cancer that killed him 6 months later this is shifting the narrative to where it needs to be shifted not as what has what
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happened but what is happening. the gormley family is still waiting for payment from the victims compensation fund which was set up to help survivors you won't see any names written on this memorial that's because the list of sick and dying is still growing and could soon eclipse the nearly 3000 people who were killed on september 11th that as funds that were set aside by congress to help victims are drying up. it's estimated as many as a half 1000000 people were exposed to the toxic dust that filled the air for months after the attack and it's not just 1st responders who are getting sick but also those who volunteered went to school or worked in the area the bearish mcgarry law firm now represents 12000 people from all over the country whose illness has been linked to 911 exposure and they say they hear from new victims every day we're seeing many people in the 911 community who have not one but 2 and 3 cancers
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doctors tell me they have never seen this before in february officials overseeing the victims' fund announced they were running out of money and would have to drastically cut payouts to victims but advocates are already pushing congress for more funding down we belonged to on september 16th 2001 when we were told there was a debris the water was safe to drink and yet now we're fighting. for health care and compensation. from the government the very government who lied to us a government that promised to never forget the horror and the courage seen day and a community who with this memorial is promising to remind them kristen salumi al jazeera new york. for the 1st time in the 94 year history of the u.s. national spelling bee competition there has been an 8 way tie so he and me p e l y o t o you are right
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thank. you we 600 spellers under the age of 15 took part in a tournament in maryland that just closed the final contestants for 20 rounds on those day finally call them into the competition they felt that these spellers could not be beat so each of the winners will receive a $50000.00 cash prize. it's amazing and it's never happened before which makes it even more special i feel like there is no no better way to do it i would have been really sad if one person had missed in that round i was really glad people won i never expected for this to happen i was convinced that the ball was going to ring on me at some point today and for some reason. i don't know if this is the culmination of the past 6 years of my life.
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to get the headlines on al-jazeera the mexican foreign minister is to travel to washington to meet with u.s. officials over the threat of u.s. tariffs president donald trump says one post tariffs on goods from mexico unless it stops illegal immigration mexico's president andres low president gore says the tariffs are not the best way to deal with the immigration issue. on that. i believe this measure will be further analyzed by the united states government i believe that president trump will understand that this is not the way to solve things i think that there will be a correction if not right away at some point because these measures are neither in the interest of mexicans nor united states citizen race as i state my pump a.o.s. in berlin at the start of a 4 nation tour is urging european partners to isolate iran and to stop technology stop using technology rather from china's weiwei we've been pretty clear about trade with iran there are items that are sanctioned in their items that are not
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those items that are subject to sanctions we will do our best to enforce the american sanctions regime that is put it been put in place but for those that are for humanitarian goods things that are permitted to move whether they move through in stacks or through another mechanism those are lawful in appropriate didn't are permitted to continue under under the sanctions or the sanctions laws that we've put in place iran has rejected accusations that a some of the air nations arab nations that it's a threat to global and regional security to summits have taken place in mecca and a 3rd is to start later on friday algerians are protesting in the story and despite police reportedly arresting dozens of people in the capital algiers. i'm sure it's gathered in the city for the 15th friday demanding further change after president adela sings beautifully a step down last month elections are due to be held in algeria in july.
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those are the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera and more news at the top of the hour and sad story. because i'm going to. do this i'm going. to munch on the concept you can see. that you don't see. this. there is also a substitute. in washington but at the same. body to find that it. is on.
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