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the control of the in active old airport it's very strategic because it's the airport is the supporting line for have to his forces in several areas around the airport but there's 2 issues now william is very tense and in this atmosphere of the holy month of fasting the month of ramadan you can say that tripoli has 2 different faces one in the front line where the fighters the pro-government fighters try to chill out the sometimes the the eat or break their fast on the front lines under fire arms sometimes they fight and those same time try to break their fast because this is the holy month of fasting meanwhile they try to chill out by singing chanting sometimes they try to chill out their own way but here in the city center of tripoli there is a different situation where people try to get out of the war and more get out of the tension by. arranging drifting performances and also some other
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activities to try to forget that tripoli is under war. as we approach the front line in southern tripoli. there is silence and uncertainty people have left this area and their homes and shops old ruined by war. a bleak landscape covered by smoke from missiles fired by warlords flee for have to the forces towards forces loyal to the you enter quickness to government in ains our neighborhood. by sunset it's time for the government forces to perform their prayers as it's ramadan the holy month of fasting they break their fast alongside their fire arms. they come under fire.
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and try to fire back. here on the battlefield food is usually mixed with weapons in between these fighters take time to chill out get on with. her chanting jokingly against have to. the. car and blaming fighters from the city of god who are now saying they betrayed them by taking have to decide thought all the hope you had that we try to alleviate the tension by just laughing joking and telling personal stories that's how time goes by here but at the same time we're maintaining our location well and are always anticipating a possible counter-attack. time for coffee on a wood fire but as fire light can be spotted by drones they try to hide it.
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from government fighters here on the edge of tripoli this is their last defense fighting could break out at any moment and it's even more dangerous now. it when has that is jets usually attack this area but far from here in the center of tripoli the situation is very different. here in the main square yon believe b.n. has come to enjoy watching the drifting in a country that does not have many entertainment activities drifting has become a way out. it's entertaining but dangerous your. i like drifting it's fun i hope all libyans can have fun and get rid of that negative energy caused by the war. it's risky and needs to be organized they should be police here to maintain order. but these young libyans here seem to be fascinated by the sport this is one of the city's landmarks and if the war gets any
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closer it could become another battlefield. or that the. tripoli. parts of saudi arabia have been without water and electricity since saturday local media say 3 provinces in the southwest close to the border with yemen have lost vital services disrupting hospitals and gas stations the outages being blamed on a technical malfunction yeah syria human rights activist based in london says a power outage highlights the lack of alternative plans as well as corruption in the kingdom i mean. like that there was no plan b. namely in jazz on hospitals even if they were plan b. and it fails there must be an alternative measure to evacuate the patients and implement them to other facilities this alternative measure was absent we learn how doctors tried to save lives and patients from an i.c.u. to ambulance vehicles
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a very painful saying in aegean health ministers of helpless the problem is the in . a clear example was the floods of 2009 in jeddah to this day no. new transparent accountability actions have been taken for granted more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including new schools in northern nigeria for children who have been made orphaned spy book all around violence plus. i'm jim allen dogon reporting from yami island our mobile it's on the northernmost tip of the philippines we'll tell you how the philippine military is efforts to build a defense zone here in greatly influence other territories in the south china sea and in sports with joe how the bruins took control of the stanley cup finals against the us.
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china has taken a firm stance on u.s. trade blaming washington for the setback in negotiations beijing accuses the united states of being an untrustworthy negotiator and says a trade war is only hurting america's economy and brown has more from beijing. a trade dispute the began almost a year ago is intensifying in an unusual move officials from the commerce ministry held a news conference on a sunday morning to present a report outlining china's position in the stalled trade negotiations up to 3000000 u.s. jobs were at risk it warns and it was the trumpet ministration not china backtracking on previous commitments nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and he warned china will never yield to pressure. if one side does not respect another size sovereignty and the core interests forcing one side to see it through pressure
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to gain a result that is only beneficial to one side and this kind of negotiation will not succeed will convince china's government is now promising new measures set to further escalate the trade tensions on friday china's commerce ministry announced it was establishing a blacklist of foreign firms deemed a threat to china's national interest more details are expected in the coming days but analysts say it's almost certainly a response to the impending ban on u.s. technology exports to china's biggest tech company a move that's likely to further unsettle foreign business executives in china u.s. ones in particular on saturday there was more chinese retaliation when terrorists were raised by up to 25 percent on $60000000000.00 worth of u.s. imports the list detailing the new levies running to $132.00 pages they applied to a wide range of products everything from meat and victim and pills to seasonings
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and auto parts. china's president xi jinping and president donald trump will have an opportunity to talk again at the g 20 summit in japan later this month but on sunday the vice minister said he didn't know if the 2 would now meet adrian brown al-jazeera beijing or the intensifying trade war along with rising fuel and labor costs is having a negative impact on aviation the industry was expecting a net profit of $35.00 and a half $1000000000.00 this year now the prediction is that it will go down to $28000000000.00. passenger demands robust the trade was and for tips in this measures are taking a toll on the cargo business and rising costs of fuel labor and infrastructure. margins us president donald trump say is britain should walk away from the e.u. and be prepared to leave with a no deal breaks it is racist comment in
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a controversial lead up to a 3 day visit to the u.k. well over over them i wouldn't pay $50000000000.00 to the big number would be a $50000000000.00 as me i'm only saying this from a simple i would know it's a tremendous number it will get what they want to walk away. this is their decision which is just great really. if you don't get the deal you want if you don't get a fair deal. then you walk away. let's speak to me back in london for as need another intervention in british politics by donald trump has escapist piece of advice being seen in the u k. yeah exactly another bombshell intervention by donald trump he seems now to be advocating a no deal brix it was probably going to go down well amongst british politicians that share that opinion the likes of course johnson the export and secretary who now is the front runner in the race to replace threes of may as prime minister he
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was described earlier by donald trump as having the potential to be an excellent prime minister in what's been described as a breach of diplomatic protocol going forward they don't talk to words may well be interpreted as possibly meaning the post breaks it's the u.s. the united kingdom may well be able to forge some sort of trade alliance but of course given the own going trade dispute between the u.s. and china and u.s. and mexico there are some who are worried about how much we could really trust trump going forward it's not going to go down very well or tall from what trump has said among some of the long standing established political parties here is the suggestion that nigel farage the head of the newly formed party be involved in negotiations should they restart again going forward the brics that party dealt a significant blow to the conservatives in recent european parliamentary elections
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should we be surprised by trump's words ahead of this all important state visit probably no that's what he was here last summer ahead of his working visit he suggested that the u.k. sued the european union raising questions really about how much donald trump way the understands when it comes to european politics and all of this coming ahead of a busy week in british policy that is more about trump's visit and what is expected . it's going to be an absolute whirlwind of a week donald trump arrives on monday he meets with the queen of choose that he meets with the trees in may the outgoing prime minister but could make for some very awkward conversation indeed given trouble's back ingle unofficial backing of boris johnson may and johnson have had a very fractious relationship over the years he'll then trouble them head down to the south coast take part in world war 2 commemorations and then of course let's not forget at the end of the week treason may officially steps down kickstarting
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their leadership contest officially there are 12 a contenders in the running boris johnson is currently the bookies favorite thank you for that me baka live in london police in the u.s. state of virginia save a suspected gunman in friday's mass shooting at pierre to have bought his weapons illegally doing crowd was an engineer for the city of virginia beach police say he shot and killed 12 of his coworkers in the worst mass shooting in the u.s. this year castro has more than. the community of virginia beach remembers the 12 killed in friday's attack the military veteran who worked for 28 years as a city engineer the contractor visiting the government building to file a permit to their families to their friends and to their code. they leave a void that we will never be able to fill out police say the shooter was doing
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craddick he'd been working in the public utilities department for 15 years and had no criminal record police declined to give a possible motive officers killed craddock at the scene although they didn't have any engagement with him verbally once they are identified him he identified them immediately opened fire we immediately returned fire the weapon was a 45 caliber handgun with a silencer and magazine extenders such extenders were once banned in the us but became legal again in 2004 democratic presidential hopefuls expressed outrage on twitter calling for more gun control but as images of the newest mass shooting played out on american television screens the public remains divided on what to do next you know ma'am guns don't kill people people kill people. such attitudes still dominate washington where republicans swayed by the powerful n.r.a.
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gun lobby have consistently fought to preserve gun ownership rights i'm just going through a lot of emotion because it's way too much killing going on and i'm just glad that they alert. enough time the thoughts and prayers continue to pour in adding drops to a sea of grief in a nation where the pace of these mass shootings has dramatically accelerated but the political will to stop them has not. castro al-jazeera virginia beach virginia sign a few moments we'll have the world weather with everton fox and still ahead on the news hour tackling mexico's murder rates will take a look at the president's proposals for getting tough on crime. as we follow the people who escort ambulances through gridlocked indonesian cities and the name on his back after allegations of rape we'll hear from the brazilian star in sports with.
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the weather sponsored by the time. we've seen some violent storms affecting northeastern parts of india and also bangladesh you can see this cloud just storms just spilling out of the poor rolling across bangladesh into the far northeast of india into try pira state this is $104.00 millimeters of rain in 24 hours or so where time of year we often get these big fun to read downpours that's about a quarter of the june average rainfall in 24 hours so this really was a very very big events here you can see the kind of effect that we've had in and around the region then the with the very strong winds battering the area power outages of course. destroyed and we have had around 100 homes badly affected by this particular set up and there's more showers as we go on through the next couple
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of days but away from here the story is really very much about the heat was pushing to central parts of pakistan 51 celsius yesterday in central pakistan and that kind of that plume of hot air across the northwest of india has consistently seen those temperatures getting up around the late forty's low 50 mark in recent days stays very hot as we go on through the next few days you'll see the temperatures continue to get up into the mid to high forty's further south we have for the far south of india and also sri lanka. the weather. in the philippines the black market for gold is worth hundreds of millions but not everyone is reaping the rewards for the sound of ultimate price when i went east investigates why people like dying on al-jazeera i mean this is different whether it's someone doing something that's very rare. it's how you approach it and that's
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what it is a certain way of doing it you can't just. go out. these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people you lived in the vicinity the motives make little difference rewind silent. amount to 0.
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welcome back you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to a reminder of our top stories at least 2 people have been killed and 10 others injured in sudan's capital after security forces opened fire on protesters have been camped outside the military headquarters for weeks to minding a civilian government israeli forces have entered the out of iraq some mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem they used pepper spray and detained a number of palestinians who were attending prayers at the mosque and china says the u.s. must take full responsibility for the setback in trade talks chinese feist's and the chinese vice minister of commerce says the u.s. can't put pressure. on china into an agreement and beijing will not back down on its core principles. now the dispute in the south china sea has also emerged as a flashpoint for china u.s. relations the chinese defense minister has warned the military will take action to defend beijing's claims over side won and the south china sea a comments come
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a day after the acting u.s. defense secretary patrick shanahan want china to stop threatening its neighbors sovereignty. it is legitimate right of china to carry out construction on its own territory trying to limited defense facilities on the islands and greece for self defense is when there are 3 it's the will be differences in the place of he will be on board ships and aircraft how can we not deploy you need to prince facilities let's take a closer look at the issues 6 countries have overlapping claims in the south china sea china vietnam the philippines taiwan malaysia and china historically claims nearly all of the sea including waters close to the cull solve the other countries beijing has built several artificial islands to house military bases there at the sea is important because it's a major trade route worth 5 trillion dollars and has abundant fisheries natural resources and possible oil and gas reserves that the philippines is building its
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1st military base on its northernmost island it's an end in habited and taiwan is just 80 kilometers away al-jazeera is jimmy linda going traveled with the philippines military to yani island and reports now on why the facility is so important. people here say it's talked about like mythical islands in the children's book a place so remote many thought there was no way to get there. but the philippine military invited us on the trip. and after almost 2 days of travel we finally arrived at the island. yemi is also known as most bullies the northernmost to put the philippines taiwan. and. for the last 2 years the philippine military has been quietly building a maritime zone here it's not in a contested area as it's well within the philippines exclusive economic zone but
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the philippine military is thinking ahead to the area of the naval forces. the very 1st other naval forces. yummy the island is highly strategic it's facing a key waterway that connects the pacific ocean the east china sea and the south china sea. at a time when the administration is highly criticized for its. zones in the north. we have a responsibility we should exercise our rights braving the rough seas luis has been fishing here for more than 50 years he says foreign poachers with larger
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fishing vessels have been bullying local fishermen like him for decades he says he is grateful for the shelter that's been built here for them. from what i never imagined that this was possible in my lifetime before we were hoping for a nurse to throw dynamite in front of us. food security is a growing issue not just in the philippines but in a region with competing claims over territorial waters and analyst sea this may well be the next flashpoint. as the flag is raised and the national anthem reverberates on this now occupied island the philippine navy promises to increase its patrols here on the northern front. jamila dogon al jazeera police island northern philippines on ourselves a little deeper into this issue 9 speak to graeme on webb who is
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a fellow at the rajaratnam school of international studies his rise kite from singapore very good to have you with us on al-jazeera again how high would you say is a risk today of military conflict in the south china sea. in my assessment and i think of all those of us often as you just agree with me the probability or what escalation in the books an escalation is unprecedented lee harvey it's not just about the rising rhetoric on all sides of the table spirits well you know chinese like there are a piece of the top in assault charges but it's also the military developments on don't your reporters covered that are also a great concern so i think it would be something that special attention to going forward and what role is the u.s. playing in this dispute precisely. well i think the general consensus is that. significant u.s.
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military presence in the region is generally a good thing because it made. the room full of all of us the abilities of the force including the state those who are right now are just sort of holding the fort here in the in the u.s. brings a very strong amount of military capability with the right intention most of all those within the urban sultans particular can agree on that but i think the. concern is that with all the hustle and bustle going on in the waters of the south and it's all about deliberate intent to well to trigger a war or but really it's about inadvertent escalation what i mean by this is that there's just so much are going on in the waters of the south china sea that it's very easy for all of this is that. are our call our ships on to comments who are competition with each other and so if these complications or the mishaps are not intended it's very easy for the it's. too far out of control.
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that's the real concern so how do you manage it then this conflict has as remain unresolved for decades now and i read that an agreement is being worked on are on who would govern conduct in the size china sea but can a multilateral deal that would involve all the countries that have an interest in the region really work all would be bilateral agreements between countries that say between malaysia and china for instance be more effective. i do recall sitting on the fence you know i think it would have to be for i think some of the multilateral initiatives in particularly when you're referring to with the court of conduct of the parties in the south china sea that needs to be. nice to be firmed up and ratified by all parties equally find of and this document has been in the works for for so many years in eagle is and follows the common good is to come to it and help people to sign up. at a c i don't cause i can go bilateral
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discussions are taking to my mind clearly china has been using the bilateral approach to unravel multilateral initiatives real against china's interests so our it is important for the bilateral discussions of commons alignment with the multilateral discussions right now i think that's not happening so we have a series of discussions on a bilateral level particularly with some of the other countries in that it will try to guard cambodia example that i used the song more work to try to cite because of the kind of kinds of sticks and carrots that china uses at its disposal to try and influence of course some of the smaller states in the region so this alignment needs to be to be achieved and i think that's going to be the work ahead for the region this year graham on web thank you so much for a insights thank you for joining us on just there are. now 2 nigeria where so-called mega schools have been opened in the northeast are taking around 50000
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orphans of war book around trying to have destroyed classrooms kill teachers and kidnap students in 10 years of fighting as a public school system is rebuilt in borno states experts say children need other help to al-jazeera sammy did restrain force from my do going. from 0 to a more most of us saw our father killed by book or our fighters who also took away how mother. now the 11 year old is fighting back challenging the ideology of our father's killers by getting an education. that. i want. to. learn and. so on and also. taken from a displaced people's camps she joins 200 others who are being looked after school in the state capital by. the number of orphans on the streets and the danger they
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potentially posed criminal gangs to fight for boko haram is forcing the government to take action 50 of these bigger schools have been built in borno state the epicenter of the book wire and crisis they can take in thousands of children we never had a chance to go to school education has been cut short the government here hopes that they will help counter the extremist ideologies of the group and it could be children with knowledge and education to help them thrive the state's governor says the priority now is to get the children into a safer environment we live in. we can actually intend patent. so my job now is into sure that i maintain this. office in this school and intend this school in a sustainable manner. but education experts say the often sneak more than just new
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school buildings where they need is more than education they are abnormal children and when you are a lady in towns there really is an abnormality you see that their equipment for such a journey is much more high in terms of resources than trained in chad. backcourt armies fighting to create an islamic state in northern nigeria it's also opposed to western education and launch its schools bombing campaign and kidnapping of goals in 2009 schools teachers and students were targeted in a region that was already like him behind in school enrollment. 10 years on book rounds was killed more than 30000 people including hundreds of teachers with a crisis still far from over many predict the needs of children orphaned by the conflict will continue to rise and that the government needs to do more to care for them how many greece al-jazeera may degree nigeria. in mexico
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nearly 8 and a half 1000 people were made it in the 1st 3 months of this year president andres manuel lopez obrador has from this attack on the problem with a new security force called the national guard home and has an age is not special series looking at the president's 1st 6 months in office. recalled murder levels in mexico it's clear president and his mother will not preserve the daughter needed a plan to bring the killings down this is it or a big part of it the national guard branded as a new security force it's actually made up of the same soldiers marines and federal police that have been deployed to mexico's hotspots for years now $50000.00 of them will be stuck together in the new force and given extra permanent policing powers its 1st deployment in a tip line in the southeastern state of veracruz the force was sent here up to 13 people including a baby were recently killed at
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a party. many residents are relieved including local doctor and community leader laurel petty's. when the gang says had gone past the limits there was no want to control them right now they're being stopped and it's tangible there's still kidnappings and robberies but they've gone down. with the relief so worried about a militarize force permanently on the streets armed forces temporarily deployed across the years have committed human rights abuses listing the lenses marines were involved in the disappearance of a son hackle as it's happening to other the force disappearances haven't stopped and if the national guard comes with carte blanche to do what it wants they'll go on that's what we don't want more disappearances more human rights violations there is another issue now the new force has been promised is the government really going to come through president will preside over the board announced almost
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a month ago that it was already operational here in minutes. learned but in 2 days in the city we haven't seen a single member of the national guard and that's only going to lead to questions is this for real or just to show. we were unable to put those questions to the new national guard commander our interview request went unanswered. critics have other questions the main one why is the government starting this new fools why not work on the badly paid and equipped local police which ready in place in the long term you're basically just increasing the reliance of of local governments in federal security institutions instead of strengthening their own capabilities so you're not really filling up the institutional vacuum that we have at the local level in various places of mexico where security forces and police forces are basically useless and very incompetent because of
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a myriad of issues mainly corruption and infiltration. president lopez obrador beach results and quickly these calculated that the national guard will deliver them its impact in the long term is open to question john homan i just did a minute. and in the next in our series on the mexican president's 1st 6 months in office we'll look at the social programs aimed as a deterrent against crime that will be on thursday on monday rather right here on al-jazeera. germany's social democratic party leader has resigned casting doubt over the future of the ruling coalition the s.p.d. was due to vote on andrea nani's position on tuesday after she chose to stay in coalition with i'm going to merkel's conservatives the move was criticised by the pa.


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