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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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yes and as well as other human rights violations this is not a government that the united states should be supporting the u.n. says at least 4000000 people have now left venezuela because of its worsening economic and political crises orbit 700000 of them left since the end of 2015 the un's described the figure as alarming and says urgent help is still needed to host them in other countries small from a loss in america added to the scene human in santiago the u.n. high commission for refugees numbers of 4000000 venezuelans having left the country could in fact be conservative and we know that the numbers are increasing by the day in fact some organizations including the united nations are predicting that more than 6000000 venezuelans could have left the country before the end of this here and the vast majority of these people are coming here to latin america and to countries that simply cannot cope in many cases cannot even provide the basic services for their own population and so latin american countries are trying to
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urge the international community to step up to try to help to share the responsibility for this unprecedented flood of refugees as they're being called now from venezuela they are in chile they are in argentina in peru more than a 1000000 in colombia and ecuador and counting and in fact we're now seeing for the 1st time that israel and trying to leave the country in rafts and some of them drowning in the ocean trying to get to places like trinidad and tobago. here's what we've got coming up to you on this news hour. we're looking at liberia and the anger over a sinking economy and rising prices which has sent thousands out into the streets. also more international pressure on the philippines government to stop its debt the war on drugs. and sport the biggest event in the history of women's sport is about to kick off in france we're live at the football world cup.
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but demonstrators in liberia's capital are protesting as we said against rising prices and corruption angry of a president george wales handling of the economy they accuse him of poor leadership came to power 18 months ago promising to create jobs and to tackle corruption in addition the government has blocked access to social media it says to maintain public safety all the liberian information minister using told al-jazeera that the protesters don't reflect public opinion members of the opposition are not in the majority of liberians because like the rest cannot stand mr we're. going to mix it with a confluence of several factors that have brought us to where we are and also recognize that it's part of the economic situation the president. is there to doing the right
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measure of to alleviate the problems that we have in a counter right now so a majority of my bureau on the stairs the portrait of work done with the president is doing but for most of the old business owners who have not yet come to grips with the fact that a lot of the leisure of war you are starting to get from the street why did it not get out about that mark let's check in with ahmed idris now in monrovia spoke to you an hour ago akhmed the protesters were plentiful behind you what's happening now. well basically the crowd has thinned out they've now taken to the streets early on they were here in front of the national parliament demanding to see the president if not the president at least the vice president 1st of all the organizer said they were promised that the president is going to receive them today however the vice president was nominated to come and meet the demonstrators and she couldn't turn up instead this so the minister for foreign affairs and then a few stand over there petitions and also putting extra demands that security
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forces release some of the demonstrators that have been arrested so basically these demonstrations are the main going on simultaneously across several counties in liberia so there is a lot of anger and issues at stake actually inflation issue of the development of the currency that has gone down a little bit and then the allegations of corruption against government officials the liberian government said that is actually nor single cent missing from government through asia to something that the demonstrators are not really really convinced about. limits on social media as well i was speaking to the information minister a couple of hours ago and he confirmed that that was happening can you tell us any more about that how it's affecting the protest movement as well. well basically it has disrupted lots of things since our arrival of the airport while we were driving to this place there was no. internet connections whatsoever it
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comes into me tenderly and it has disrupted several broadcast by news organizations even within liberia that were trying to send reports to their head offices however it looks like things have stabilized now however but the issue is it's still largely unstable at some point we were trying to use such lives however we want we thought that those signals were also jumped but things got a little bit better but definitely whenever you ask here and beauty or their husbands of destruction as to social media and of course internet services big picture for president george way he's been in charge for raising months. is this the biggest challenge he's seen in that time because he promised a lot when he came in. well basically george we had road to power on the back of a goodwill i mean a lot of goodwill. from liberians liberians who are tired of the starters go they
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were tired of government corruption they were tired of in activity lack of development lack of instruction infrastructure like of job opportunities that was why they said they voted george weah to fix those problems 18 months after george weah was voted into office they are becoming more and more angry than before they said this is not the deal they asked for in fact we spoke earlier to a member of the coalition governing coalition a senator in fact who told us that look this is not the way we wanted we are not demanding the change of government we are not demanding the president step down but we want action we want action on critical issues we want action on the economy we want action of corruption we want action on job creation and that's what the demonstrators largely want and i dish in a few hours later after they couldn't meet the president or the vice president there i did additional demands they want to the release of their comrades who they said well arrested by security forces earlier. made interests with the latest from
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monrovia thank you. the u.s. says it will lodge a formal diplomatic protest with russia over a near miss between their warships in these china sea both countries are accusing each other of unsafe actions after the ships came within 50 meters of crashing the 2 ships had to take evasive action to avoid a collision which military officials say put sailors lives in danger. now that comes as the russian president vladimir putin has been hosting his chinese counterpart xi jinping at an economic forum in st petersburg looking at that and the rest of the european news in the inland. yes that's right kemal president putin had strong words the united states he says that aggressive protectionism is a recipe for conflict by chinese president xi jinping he also condemned u.s. measures against chinese tech giant huawei there is a step lawson has worn out from some petersburg. florida you put into words must
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have been music to the ears of his guest of chinese president xi jinping is on a 3 day state visit to russia at a time when china is involved in a trade war with the united states and the relationship between the 2 worlds largest economies is at a low for putin it is clear who is to blame. it is how the united states i regret to say that x. today it extends the jurisdiction across the whole world by the way i already spoke about it 12 years ago not only contradicts the normal logic of communication between the nations in the reality of the complex with multi polo world most importantly it does not meet the challenges of the future. both put an end she has described their relationship as unprecedented trade between russia and china has reached a historic high of modern $100000000000.00 and the 2 leaders have decided to start
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using their national currencies to be less dependent on the u.s. dollar look at the sizes of their economies china and russia are far apart but they're troubled relationships with the united states and their common positions on international issues like venezuela or syria and iran has created a strong bond so while china has been dominating this most prestigious international forum united states government has been boycotting it the reason was the rest of american investor michael kelsey 4 months ago he has worked in russia for more than 2 decades and is facing fraud charges he says are fabricated l.v. who is under house arrest had requested to attend the forward but even an endorsement from the kremlin did not help at the russian american business meeting his cheer remained empty. longstanding. person investor with a very good reputation in
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a row so when that happened to him everybody thought. him a good happen to anybody and that has an impact on investment decisions of course foreign and russian business people called for legal reforms during the forum but reform was not on the menu while foot in was hosting cheek the russian leader took the opportunity to take the chinese president on a river cruise in his hometown st petersburg while she remarked that the city had nurtured many outstanding people put in later apologized for keeping the chinese leader awake way past his bedtime because they had so much to talk about step process and al-jazeera so in petersburg or in other developments a prominent investigative journalist has been arrested in russia yvonne galloon of is known for his investigations into corrupt. ssion he was arrested in central moscow on thursday on drugs charges while travelling to meet a source his employer says he managed to tell friends after his arrest that he was
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given 2 packages containing an unknown substance which police later said were drugs . british prime minister to resign may as formally step down as leader of the ruling conservative party she handed in her private resignation letter 2 weeks after announcing her intention to leave saying she regretted not being able to deliver breaks it mrs may will continue though to serve as caretaker prime minister while the party chooses her replacement 11 m.p.'s are expected to be nominated in a succession contest that could last for several weeks with the winner automatically becoming the new prime minister. meanwhile judges in britain's high court of thrown out an attempt to prosecute leading prime ministerial candidate or stance and for allegedly lying about bricks it last month he had been told who appear in court for saying that person would be about $400000000.00 a week better off outside the e.u. he made the comments during the 2016 e.u.
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referendum campaign johnson is the front runner to succeed to reason may his conservative party leader and prime minister. well now the u.k.'s breaks it party has failed to win its 1st parliamentary seat in a byelection in eastern england a newly formed party campaigns on the single issue of leaving the e.u. and perform strongly in recent year appeal elections the result is surprising because 60 percent of voters in the region backed leaving the e.u. in the 2016 referendum jonah how has worn out from the city of piece of bread. for a short while on a weekday afternoon the tea dance brings time and old english tradition into perfect step the breaks of priority came a close 2nd in thursday's peterborough byelection thanks in part to the strength of feeling in this room my over live who saw english for gradually i was a family moved to the core of something moving this summer this year ange into the
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back of me and i'm getting sort of crowded out the majority of people of the united kingdom wales and i don't know about scotland because they sit on the fringes voted to leave in my opinion what we should have left many who voted to leave the european union in 2016 including in this corner of the english countryside are deserted the ruling conservative party over prime minister to resume a's failure to deliver. pizza void that leave campaign a nigel farage and his fledgling bricks of party have ambitions to fill peterborough may have taught them that they need actual policies beyond just the word bricks it without the brits it party it's much more likely that it will be kicked down the road or maybe never delivered and yet we will develop until it's delivered fundamentally it is not a promise you can keep well we can affect british politics massively and i did so the labor party narrowly held on to the peterborough seat
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a victory for hope so it's new m.p. this is a result for every community in pizza parlor so now it's victory is significant because it has shown that the politics of hope can win. but in the culturally diverse town center where labor's vote is strong there of worried about the direction of british politics one is away now he says 5 relief as you say but 9 and a half 1000 people still voted for break sit in this in this constituency and that's a concern. from what we've seen and heard of the brits that party they do seem very divisive as you've experienced this is a very diverse city like most cities in the u.k. now and that's the last thing of any city leeds is that division as the ruling conservative party sets about electing its new leader this byelection will prove that the threat from the heartbreaks of right is very real and that will all but ensure they choose our heartbreaks of prime minister in peterborough some things do
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stay the same and the bricks of property ensures that hope is still alive here too among those clinging on to the traditions of the past. peterborough or turning out some other stories we are watching closely in europe at least 19 people have been injured in an explosion that ripped through 2 apartment buildings in sweden the blast blew out windows and destroyed balconies in the southern city of ling coping authorities say residents only suffered minor injuries and many were treated for shock the cause of the blast was not immediately known a police bomb squad has been deployed to the area but no arrests have been made in the greek capital's 1st mosque in more than 180 years has been officially opened in an event hosted by the great minister of religious affairs who says that muslim community has been lobbying the government to build a mosque in athens for decades or than 200000 muslims live in athens many of them refugees from syria and afghanistan is likely to begin operating in september 3
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years after construction was approved by parliament. and russian state t.v. is making its own drama series about the 1986 chernobyl nuclear disaster it follows national fury over the success of the u.s. adaptation which was transfixed which has transfixed me was around the world russia's version will claim that a cia spy was present for the worst nuclear accident in history it's being filmed embarrass and will depict a more patriotic soviet retelling of that story. i have more news for in about half an hour's time now let's head back to. ok mary and thank you for that and still ahead on this news out. of the weather shouldn't be like that it used to rain in the middle of april. the people forced to leave their country because of climate change it's a new factor in the u.s. immigration crisis and its border teenager reaches the women's final at the french open for the 1st time in more than a decade. hello
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summer proper seems to settle the now that doesn't disallow a future has certainly the last longer clades run up from egypt into normal society is like to up in syria eastern turkey or georgia but otherwise just think of temps as inland in the forty's quite happily and near the coast if you're lucky in beirut high twenty's rather more pleasant i would have thought temperature wise in iran to round up to 35 but there is still there is to a potential for quite significant thunderstorms along the southern caspian to the northern shores of iran if you like the arabian peninsula is typically drawn hottest time of the year 42 in doha 42 in mecca but the cloud is increasing in yemen and will start to creep up there on the coast as done so yet with the horn of africa catching some pretty big downpours along with occasionally southern yemen so
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an africa should be largely draw it's winter season as you tend to get storms streaming through just catching the sun kate for example cape town looks fine 18 degrees but little bit of rain up for the mozambique otherwise is looking good by day because we're talking about high ground here we're into the low twenty's of course overnight it gets down to near frost particularly in south africa but if you like the sunshine go anyway. on the counting the cost the trump doctrine cherubs 1st negotiate 2nd who benefits as the global economy slows. what was behind fi its attempt to merge with run out and the shipping line that's going green counting the cost on al-jazeera the strength of al-jazeera is that because we have tried to share expenses or people
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would come to us and actually shared information with the al-jazeera team entrapped or. a natural resource that's gone untapped for more than 2 decades allison has found of course years before israel has found its on al jazeera world tells the untold story of gaza as an exploited gas fields because a lot of it is only made us of the but as you know so it's a lot of money and how this valuable resource could have transformed palestinian lives. because the gas deal on al-jazeera. or on the news are here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories sudan's
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opposition has conditionally accepted the prime minister as a mediator in their political deadlock with the military. held talks with both sides in an effort to kick start negotiations although there are reports an opposition leader has since been detained. protesters are rallied in liberia's capital to voice their anger over rising prices and corruption curies president george way of mishandling the economy. and the u.s. congress is pushing back on president trump's move to fall struck the sale of american weapons to saudi arabia a new york times report says the u.s. could give riyadh access to technology to produce its own high tech bombs. a little more on our top story now the united nations is calling for the urgent deployment of a u.n. monitoring team to sudan follows the violent crackdown on dissent in which more than 100 people were killed the world health organization said today it is gravely concerned about the impact of the violence on people in need as well as on health
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workers and medical facilities noting that these actions violate international human human rights law health care workers appear to have been targeted for helping the injured with reports of rapes in female health workers destruction of mobile health clinics to treat protesters and looting of medical equipment of the united states says it will go ahead with a 5 percent tariff on all mexican goods from monday despite progress in talks over migration and trade it comes just hours after the mexican president and the rest manuel lopez obrador said he was optimistic a deal could be reached with the u.s. the tariffs are being imposed to pressure mexico into stemming the flow of migrants over america's southern border the white house has said those tariffs could go as high as 25 percent we've got kimberly closing with us now a professor in the economics department it reed college she's on skype from portland oregon to talk about tariffs kimberly and this is in the prism of mexico
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but also china as well can you do a little tariffs one on one for us because donald trump likes to say he's a tariffs guy and this is the way he does deals but the flip side of the argument is that tariffs hurt his own people and his own country. absolutely yeah so it's pretty clear that many in the administration don't really understand who paying the tariffs or they're deliberately misleading the public because almost everybody agrees to study the issue at all that the terrorists really are felt most heavily by the us consumers and there's been several studies of trump tariffs already that show that the prices just get higher in the united states by the amount of the tariff so it's really a consumption tax and it turns out it's also regressive consumption tax that falls more heavily on the poor than on the rich so give us an example that if we're talking mexico what type of things would be taxed or what sort of things would tariffs be put on and then how would that flow through to the american consumer. so
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for instance we import a lot of avocados from mexico and beer and so when those goods cross the border tariff is assessed and because mexicans can also sell those products to other countries they don't have to sell them to the united states they then can raise the price on the consumers to account for that that extra tariff another issue with the tariffs particularly in the north american case is that many of the manufacturing industries in the united states canada and mexico are reliant on each other to me products that work across the supply chains the tariff also risk disrupting a lot of industry and potentially causing layoffs and and less competitive american businesses tipping times previously where tariffs and the threat of tariffs have been used like this i just find it interesting that in the case of mexico tariffs being used as a threat over the issue of immigration you know trade and immigration. the 2 don't
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necessarily go together. yeah that is quite unusual and i think it's a very wrong headed approach typically tariffs are used because of trade violations by other countries and you want to respond to their trade violation with the tariff and your own and in fact our tariffs in this case would probably lead to some retaliation from our trading partners just like they have in other instances but using tariffs to respond to dissatisfaction about immigration is is both a new and likely to be counterproductive because what you really want if you're trying to stem undocumented migrants is you want to focus focus on that issue but also focus on ways to make the mexican economy stronger not weaker if you weaken the mexican economy by giving them fewer export opportunities they're going to have fewer resources to deal with migration or any other problems that they might be having and so it's really counterproductive and wrongheaded and i think to link these 2 issues just fun they can they can ask about china focused
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a lot on mexico but china obviously the tarsa been in place and they're and again they're on the go to try to change the level it up what's been the effect so far of the terrace of china. you know we've really seen very little. progress in terms of using tariffs as a bargaining tool i think the promise that some of the administration held out is that if we leveed these tariffs that we would then get huge concessions from our trading partners and we've seen very little of that what we've seen instead are big costs for u.s. consumers that have been several studies of the chinese tariffs and they show that u.s. consumers are paying already hundreds of dollars more in cost to the fact those chinese tariffs are in place and it's likely to get as high as $800.00 for consumer now that these additional chinese character in place and that's enough extra cost to wipe out all the benefits of the tax that's for those in the bottom parts of the income distribution for the bottom 2 thirds or so of americans so the so it's kind
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of like what the administration is giving with one hand in terms of tax cuts they're taking away with with the other hand in terms of this very regressive consumption tax that the terrorists are very interesting kimberly clausing thanks so much for your time do appreciate it my pleasure. well last year u.s. border guards apprehended hundreds of thousands of central american migrants trying to enter the united states just as we're talking about the tariff is migration issue more than 3 quarters of a 1000000 migrants they were from mexico more than 21000 and traveled from honduras and 16300 people came from guatemala and that's what we're going to focus on because experts say actually climate change is one of the reasons for the exodus from their prolonged drought and extreme weather events a battering the maize and other crops as david mercer reports now from guatemala many farmers say they have no choice but to look for opportunities elsewhere. on this dusty hillside in guatemala's western highlands francisco prepares
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a field for planting a decade ago he could grow enough corn to feed his family for most of the year but these days his harvests are getting smaller and smaller francisco says climate change is to blame is that then the weather shouldn't be like this it used to rain in the middle of april but now the rain doesn't arrive until the end of may or the beginning of june we always wait until it's rain before we plant our corn if it doesn't rain and we don't plant because the seeds won't grow average daytime temperatures in guatemala have risen over the past decade while crop damaging frosts are more common and when it does rain it often pours for days washing the topsoil away. already has the highest rate of child malnutrition in the western hemisphere and in the western highlands indigenous subsistence farmers make up half the population when crops here fail people leave who wants to follow his
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uncles to the united states the 18 year old says that there is no future for young people in his village the only people he sees getting ahead have left to work abroad and send money back look at oh i didn't. i want to make something out of my life to be able to follow my dreams i want to get a good. you cation find a job and help my family here it's a struggle to save even a tiny bit of money as go to malas dry corridor continues to expand more farming families are set to struggle what of all is one of the 10 countries in the world most impacted by climate change and while people leave the country for many different reasons at the root you often find climate change that makes adapting to and mitigating the changing weather patterns a priority marco's learn to hack knows how far a little help can go he built this drip irrigation system as part of a u.s. funded project focused on cropped up versification water and soil conservation and reforestation the goal to create
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a stable income from agriculture i. look you know we have the desire and the will but we don't have as the capital but the assistance from us aid in other countries helps drive us forward not just me but many farmers were able to help our families and were able to better care for the environment president donald trump cut aid to guatemala el salvador and honduras for failing to stop illegal migration for families like francisco's that could make the decision on whether or not to migrate to the united states that much easier david mercer al-jazeera. what amala algeria is interim president says he will stay on until the next election despite calls by protesters for him to step down. as leader and. after a long time leader of the disease but a flicker resigns the protesters want anyone associated with put a flick and gone before a new election can be held. u.n. human rights experts are demanding an investigation into what they call
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a staggering number of murders in the philippines and its war on drugs human rights watch estimates at least 12000 filipinos have been killed since president a terror campaign began in 26 days support from charlotte bellus. one year into philippine president rod regarded her days war on drugs 17 year old candelas sentence was dragged into a dark alley in manila by plain clothes police officers and shot in the head. he was one of 32 suspects killed that night for their alleged involvement in the illegal drugs trying to take the love of. the people who shot my son can hear this i don't know if they have a heart there are a lot of churches here they should go to one. another year passed into tears i had doubled down on the drug war his signature policy initiative went to the funerals of 5 people in cebu killed in
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a right one widow told us how police barged into her home at dawn looking for her husband he told me don't be afraid there are no drugs in our home they won't do anything but she says police shot her husband dave in the last 3 years police say they have killed more than 5000 drug users or dealers but rights groups insist that number is at least 3 times higher. if you stay through years of struggle are. human rights experts and now is skule xing the cause for an independent investigation with this statement to the un human rights council we have recorded a staggering number of unlawful deaths and police killings in the context of the so-called war on drugs as well as killings of human rights to find they right the
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killings appear to happen in a climate of impunity and that concerns have been raised with to today's government 33 times over the last 3 years. the president has remained defiant when the international criminal court began examining the president's policies on drugs he withdrew from the court and he isn't 20173 singing the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings agnes kalama. people then. that's why i told column art if you investigate me i'll slap you she is the lead signatory to this new statement. that even though you may be more are ever. even present or not even in charge of the legislature and even though there's not much of a challenge for institutional checks and balances at least internationally there are groups that run. the 11 rights campaign is timed the statement ahead of the un human rights council opening
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a new session in geneva this month challenge bellus 0. vote isn't. give me a vote isn't cuz i started going to the polls on sunday to choose a new president for the 1st time in almost 30 years the interim president has been handpicked by the country's former leader but his robin forrester walker reports from almaty a growing youth movement has other ideas. old men have been running kazakstan 3 years and people here are now being asked to vote for another one but younger cousin x. getting other ideas elsewhere. this post went viral exposing the absurdity of a political system where even a blank lines you in trouble and i need to know. if the activism has grown rapidly since president nursultan nazarbayev resigns of march.


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