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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2019 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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extradition arrangements with more than 20 other countries including the united states the former governor of hong kong chris patten has also been talking about this bill criticizing it saying that he believes it's it's another reminder that beijing has been going back on the promises that it agreed to before the handover in 1997 i think also china might well point out that in fact while there might be a lot of people in hong kong against this bill there are also plenty of people it says who i am favor of it pointing to an. online survey that shows that more than $750000.00 people voted electronically in favor of the extradition bill but what it demonstrates very clearly is that once more hong kong society is divided it was divided almost 5 years ago during the occupy protests when demonstrators occupied the center of hong kong for several months over their demand to be able to elect
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their leader now hong kong is divided once more polarized once more over an extradition bills that the critics of this bill say could potentially allow china to to target political opponents vehicles people would be sent to the mainland extradited to the mainland and be subjected to a legal system that is controlled by the communist party and therefore in their view a deeply flawed system. and adrian if the hong kong government presses ahead with this bill what is likely to happen next. well there's a danger here for hong kong a very big danger because you know in the past hong kong has been treated as a sort of separate place from china by various u.s. administrations but increasingly politicians in the united states are starting to say we may not be able to continue allowing hong kong to enjoy this special status
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special because it gives hong kong special trade and economic benefits and you know it could get to a situation where eventually you know the united states under president from will say you know you're either with china or you are with us and of course that would have a devastating impact on the hong kong economy. and adrian just to remind ourselves back in 2003. the hong kong government had retreated on legislation in the face of protests before there was this was seen as a controversial national security proposal after half a 1000000 people hit the streets but in recent years the current chinese president xi jinping has shown no signs of of bending as beijing seemingly tightens its grip over here government in hong kong yes. you're absolutely right i mean the mood in hong kong back in 2003 i covered that that
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demonstration involving more than half a 1000000 people protesting against a new security law that was a very different hong kong then and also you know china's leadership was very different then it was a lot more moderate than it is now and that is the part that really has the danger you've got stronger democratic forces in hong kong at a time when you know china is ruled by you know the strongest leader since mount said tone you know cheating paying visited hong kong just before the 20th anniversary of the handover and it was interesting that just before those celebrations he visited the pill a garrison in hong kong and this seemed to be to me sending out a very powerful symbolic message that seemed to be saying you know when the occupy protests happened in 2014 we left it to the police to try to regain control but perhaps next time we not we might not be prepared to go down that route perhaps you know we might have to use our own soldiers to try to restore order. all right for
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the moment adrian brown live for c.n.n. beijing adrian thanks very much. all right when we come back on al-jazeera. against corruption drives thousands of protesters back on to the streets of haiti plus. archaeologists in iraq battle to preserve artifacts from the ancient kingdom of babylon. however the flood risk is still around in most states of the central part of the u.s. but that's river flooding falling out of the sky the problems become georges all the carolinas for example this rain has been around for 3 days and has dropped at least 100 millimeters so far as probably 100 to come and the system now stretches
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up the eastern seaboard even into count of toronto's days looking wet at 16 on monday further west it's been quite quiet i 30 in san francisco or really courtney increase in the temperatures that prefer the snow disappeared and they've seen come into the northern rockies just a couple days ago so the cold is gone but there's enough of a change in temperature to want to showers and some of the plain states and the gathering of rain just coming it's in the south of texas but this system is on its way out now so new york back in the sunshine as toronto come tuesday but the rain is to hang around in southern georgia possibly even the florida panhandle. south of all this the caribbean still full of cloud with occasional showers brought in on the breeze bigger ones returning to cuba and for example haiti santa domingo could well be aware places that you want results from mexico and guatemala the showers are returning getting bigger and bigger and probably thundery.
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and again you're watching i just hear a reminder of our top stories this hour. has been confrontations between protesters and police in what could be hong kong's biggest rally in 16 years protesters want an extradition bill drop which could enable political opponents to be sent to mainland china for trial. sudan's military genter says it will deploy more troops on the streets and that includes members of the paramilitary group known as the rapid support forces at least 4 more people were killed in khartoum and neighboring mali on the 1st day of a general strike. california will become the 1st u.s. state to pay for health benefits for some adults living there illegally a plan agreed by democrats will apply to almost 100000 low income adults aged between 19 and 25 the state will start taxing people who don't have health insurance to help pay for the program the move is a revival of the nationwide penalty under former president barack obama's health
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care law. peter matthews is a professor of political science at cypress college and the also of dollar democracy with liberty and justice for some how to reclaim the american dream for he joins us now from los angeles thanks very much for being with us so california is is seen as very much a liberal state in the u.s. but it is it is something of a pioneer state when it comes to. laws like this what sort of a precedent could this set because of an example for other states like new york the largest states more affluent states to pursue this path as well but it's actually reflection of governor gavin newsom's attempt to get a single payer system ultimately in california he campaigned on it he actually said the beginning we took office he'd like to implement that in the beginning of getting part of the segment of population to be covered even the undocumented folks to some extent and just just get given wilson is the is the california governor
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is he is this. now at the at the federal level could this be a challenge given president trump's policy when it comes to illegal immigrants yes it could be on 2 fronts one of course is you're offering it to undocumented workers or illegal immigrants of the column and that's something trump doesn't want to do doesn't want them to be here and secondly is to hear actually go to the individual mandate at the federal obamacare level which used to force people to buy insurance or get fined and instead this will have the opposite it will actually bring back the individual mandate at the state level to force california don't have insurance to pay a fine and that money part of it could be used to help cover these are documented folks to bring them into medicaid the state wide public insurance system that's partly federally funded as well so on to the areas is conflicting with the federal government absolutely correct this might end up in the courts and get settled finally the supreme court on where the other and where where where do you where do
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you think things will end given that the supreme court. is tends to lean to the right at this point. i think the supreme court the 2 justices that are the conservative ones that he appointed the trump appointed you know the gorsuch and kavanaugh these does this is have not been proven yet on the economic level economic decision such as this they might actually go along with allowing california in this particular writer freedom to do this because they also believe in decentralized government so it's possible that this could go through and be up held by the courts it's just only one segment those leads about $90000.00 people $98000000.00 that still leaves millions of california uncovered both who are born here illegally and working here as well as undocumented american californians who are here who are not covered with health care is very dangerous because when people who work in public sector jobs like in restaurants or other places they must be ensure that they are covered health wise 2nd go to take care of any potential
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disease or infection they could have that get passed on the rest of population so it's just a practical question also a philosophical one which goes to the point that health care is a human right that should be guaranteed for all right and that's something the most modern civilized countries have. peter matthew thanks very much for being with us we're going to go back to hong kong now hong kong chief executive kerry lamb holding a news conference she's speaking in english now. and i think this fully reflects the greed of civilization in hong kong society and. that the rights and freedoms individuals journalists exact. fully protected and safeguarded it's under the basic law so in a way i hope this incident also. helps to refute any worries and allegations that these rights and freedoms have been in the road in recent years i think they clearly demonstrate that these rights and freedoms as robust as ever.
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of course we would have a very set who will be watching t.v. . that there were some violence on the cheek by a few 100 protesters including attacking the police obstructing the road exactly. as a result several police colleagues and at least one report and maybe some other. people have been hurt i want to extend. my my warmest sympathy and hope that they will recover as soon as possible the police as mentioned by the commission of police earlier this morning we are taking very serious actions against those purchase off the law because hong kong is a very lawful society we respect and appalled that freedom self-expression we also expect every citizen to obey the rule. now coming back to the
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substance. and the protest. i understand i fully understand that. many of the. i have expressed worries and concerns and science about the government's attempt to amend the legislation. i have also. from the political parties who have issued a statement that the march. support for the government action they also have put forward some constructive suggestions. responding in the following 4 areas where. one is we realize such. an explanation where it has to continue. to consulates christie new process or. even the. off the bill because this is a very important piece of legislation that will help to will uphold justice and
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also ensure that hong kong will fulfill the international obligation in terms soft cross boundary and transnational crimes. the explanation i hope will focus on the additional safeguards that we have introduced especially on the 3rd of may. security those 6 matches will provide to some of the very reassuring save that we have heard some people especially from the legal sector who have put those proposals to us in their off the consultation oh experience is as long as there is a chance for us to will interact and to explain and answer questions directly face to face normally it will have a very positive in fact all. the other stakeholders. improve all enhance their understanding of what we are doing. the 2nd area that we
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will do is coming back to the additional human rights safeguards don't we have announced on the may hurt that there was some worry that all this will just see. statements made by a government official and they are not particularly reassuring so i'm telling you here in this area where we will make sure that all of these additional safeguards and there's some longest of those additional safeguards which resemble very closely the international standards and the i.c.c. minimum guarantees they would have legal binding in fact on the government because put them in school a very small number. to be delivered by the secretary for security when the bill very soon is his 2nd reading in the legislative council and if one cares to go inside a bill itself there is a very specific provision that says that as long as we all see these safeguards
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from the requesting party and put them into some sort of agreement then they will of course. restrict find the executives. in the. us so in show these human rights to have finding a fact and we will only. a fugitive requested by requesting when these guarantees being fully met. the 3rd. is in response to all as they're just hearing from some political parties late last night that is if if the bill. those political parties suggested that the government should provide regular reports to the legislative council about the implementation of this sort of case by case arrangement in terms of jurisdictions involved the nature of the cases
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and. we have been talking about being fully implemented. finally i have to stress again that we set. at the very beginning of this exercise that this special surrender arrangement that is a case based surrender arrangement is a supplementary arrangement is a sort of stopgap arrangement because we do have a very serious gap and deficiency in our justice system but the long term arrangement of the long term goal is still to answer ensue long agreement on the surrender of the you to offend this with as many jurisdictions as possible we now have there trying to such agreements we should increase these by electoral agreements as far as possible civil court priority to this area work and will immediately and hans to staff resources in
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a security bureau and the department of justice to enable them to school catch up on the work and she will start the negotiations on this long term agreements including nikos nations with the mainland of china taiwan and the. kind of the i want to say tool and free citizen in hong kong who has expressed a view on these amendments whether you are creating or not agreeing with us whether you are supporting the work we are doing all object to the work we are doing i want to thank every one of you because the concert and all of every citizen about the work that the government is doing and scrutiny of our work is all right so you've been listening there to actually carry land the hong kong chief executive dressing the proposed extradition loft of protests that sent people out into the streets of hong kong the biggest protests there in well over
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a decade against this proposed extradition bill that would allow people to be extradited to mainland china she defended the proposed law saying that it will go ahead. but outlined that there was what she called additional safeguards that she says will be legally binding but it remains an open question as to whether that will be enough to satisfy people in hong kong adrian brown is live for us. who has also been listening to this age in did did she go far enough in addressing those concerns no i don't think she did it's pretty clear that caroline is not going to show this controversial extradition bill she spoke about those safeguards but the problem is those safeguards won't actually be in shrine and in the in the law as i understand it and a lot of the critics say that those safeguards sibby don't go far enough in sort of
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plugging the gap i think that what we do have now is a reminder that there are deep divisions still in hong kong society we saw those deep divisions almost 5 years ago during the start of the occupy movement when the center of hong kong was brought to a standstill for several months and now we've seen anger once more now some days peaceful protest had gone off as i say largely peacefully but things turned violent in the evening outside the main legislative building and it has to be said that you know this was just a few 100 diehard supporters you know 99 percent of the people who took part in the protests did so in a very peaceful manner the problem is though it plays into the hands of china and already we've had comment today from the state media here in china the china daily saying that foreign forces in its words are responsible for the new chaos in hong
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kong 80 and thanks for their age in brown live for us in beijing more news in half an hour stay with us here on al-jazeera viewfinder latin america is next. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so know most when you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. viewfinder fresh perspectives through the lens of. around the globe.
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