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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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hong kong people. to come out and protest people are more prepared and the time meant than ever in annie's sankoh born history something here in hong kong universe that you won't see anywhere on mainland china a memorial of the massacre in tiananmen square in fact the largest gathering of people in hong kong before these recent protests took place just after that massacre 30 years ago this month kind of did point out that there historically hong kong is known as a city of protesters but many say this latest round has a specific goal blocking the extradition bill in this case and even though the opposition to the extradition that was about much more than just the bill that is the clear target in many ways i think what's happening now is a little more focused. many here say the umbrella movement failed in its drive to push back against greater control by beijing and with protesters preparing for sunday's new march against extradition many are determined this time things will be
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different scott hodder al jazeera hong kong. time for a short break here now just when we come back we'll tell you why there was anger in mali against a regional force deployed to provide security. and a court date is set for wiki leaks founder julian assange has to decide if he will face extradition to the united states or not stay with us. the web sponsored by the time and ways. hello there we're seeing yet more showers i reports of turkey they really have been quite stubborn recently they've just stuck around for days and we're seeing a few more just crossed up on the satellite picture there showers are also pushing through parts of azerbaijan and into our media so quite a few showers around a more still to come as we head through the day on saturday to the south of all of that though it is looking fine enjoy and hot for most of us now baghdad up at
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$45.00 force in tehran will be at $36.00 and kabul at 30 a bit further towards the south and here in doha it's also very hot and recently it's been pretty windy as well shouldn't be as windy as we head through the next few days but certainly staying hot at least it's a dry heat for us it's not made for the south there is more in the way of cloud around thanks to the injection of moisture brought in by all tropical cycling so more in the way of cloud in just the outside chance of one or 2 from the storms a bit further towards the south lots of showers here in the eastern parts of mozambique in a couple for the eastern parts of madagascar as well but away from the east coast is generally looking a lot brighter even antananarivo should get away with the following day and for the west it should also be fine for most of us here 22 should be the maximum temperature in been talk on saturday and as you have for the south forcing cape town it's not too cool at the moment the temperature is up at 18. when sponsored by the time weighs 8 years after the fall of gadhafi who is still raging in libya
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but it's not just a domestic showdown outside powers are involved too spoke about the axis of evil the up with this over these and you should really i was are cool tools to al-jazeera. well. when we. welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.s. president has dismissed iran's denial but it had anything to do with the tonka
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explosions in the gulf of oman washington released video to back up its claims but germany says it's inconclusive u.k. census almost certain a branch of the iranian military was involved. saudi state media reporting and strikes have been carried out by the saudi u.a.e. in that coalition against yemeni targets according to the report the strikes had proof the military bases and defense systems in the capital. comes a day after hoofy is talk of the airport in saudi arabia for the 2nd time in a week. of also brazil have come to a standstill during a nationwide strike against proposed pension reforms if approved the minimum retirement age of the reins to work as contributions increased. now escalating threats between the u.s. and iran are locked in to dominate talks of a security and economic forum of asian leaders representatives from more than 30 countries on meeting in tajikistan leaders from china russia and iran among them bernard smith joins us now from. capitol bennett so what's likely to be happening
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on the sidelines of today's summit. well daryn it's often more intriguing and interesting what happens on the sidelines those meetings that are held behind closed doors before the main event itself for example we were given very strong indications earlier on today that putin birder on the turkish president and has on rouhani were going to meet together in a trilateral meeting to discuss syria that is not now going to happen because we know tensions are very high between russia and turkey at the moment over that faltering ceasefire in the last holdout of anti assad forces this week turkey's accused russian backed outside forces of attacking a turkish military outpost keeping an eye on those cease fire lines wounding turkish shoulder soldiers russia has blamed. forces in fact for that attack so tensions are very high an indication of why they might not be meeting but the overall theme of this meeting here in tajikistan is regional security.
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looks spotless an army of workers has been drafted in to give the capital a facelift for the biggest international event it's ever hosted the conference on interaction and confidence building measures in asia watching over the work from seemingly every street corner is the man who has ruled the central asian republics the 26 years by law all media must refer to him as the founder of peace a national unity leader of the nation president of the republic of to g q stan is excellent see i don't molly rama rahman has used the threat of terrorism to justify new laws that allow widespread monitoring of citizens and the outlawing of the main opposition islamic party and the government says some of the 1900 tajiks who went to fight for i saw in iraq and syria are returning so regional security is one of the main focuses for this meeting as you know i've done this one is it is
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a concern of many countries in asia even neighboring countries of course would be interested in having peace stability in afghanistan in order to provide security peace and stability in their neighboring areas in asia and beyond that there are also opportunities for private meetings between delegates on the sidelines it's often where the most frank discussions happen among the 30 governments represented here are delegates from israel and palestine as well as teams from egypt bahrain the u.a.e. and catarrh and it's rare these days that these people would find themselves in the same room at the same time because we haven't been told if any of them we need to privately also notable by its absence is saudi arabia and as notable is that iran is sending its president hassan rouhani tajikistan's capital is studded with grand official buildings and monuments commissioned by the president and financed and built by china premier see jumping will be at the conference as part of an official
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visit to. china as an investment contributes to stabilisation of the region and the dismantling of negative forces such as terrorism and extremism here i think china is seriously supporting to jiko stan. china has a military presence in the east of the country and has been given concessions to extract minerals in return for loans but in what is the poorest of the former soviet central asian republics china doesn't tell to g.q. stan what to spend the money on. and china is increasingly trying to push its influence in this part of the world particularly because it wants to increase investment here because of this belt and road trade initiative that the chinese government is pushing so as a way from the regional political tensions the main one of the main subjects for this visit of this summit is the official visit by the chinese president xi jinping the writer bernard smith there into shall be the capital bernard thank you. well
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the world health organization. public health emergency. in the democratic republic of congo. in the 2nd worst outbreak of the disease in history. was made. in. neighboring democratic republic of congo. by the disease i suspect. as my guys was. us. she. was.
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content with 100 people. in the. drug. they have been around 2000 cases of ebola with 1400 deaths the world health organization says although the break be a serious it is not an international emergency it was the view of the committee that the outbreak is a health emergency in the democratic republic of congo and
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the region but it does not meet all the 3 criteria for a public health emergency of international concern 2 1 challenge is uganda's porous border with. some people enter the country without passing through areas we screening is taking place it's not very easy to determine how many people. leave this part. because when. they were very open about. their. health officials say there is no evidence it. had been. lost in 22. and is the appearing for the worst health officials have been vaccinated and trying to deal quickly with any outbreak would to date this week uganda is on high alert. al-jazeera. the u.n.
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security council has held a meeting on its peacekeeping force in the darfur region of sudan u.n. confirmed the killing of 17 people in the burning of more than 100 houses early this week the u.k. says the un african union mission in darfur must stay in the region and responsibility for security not to be handed over to sudan's group. it says removing the peacekeepers would violate existing agreements as well as u.n. rules. fatah protesters in mali's capital bamako demonstrations broke out near a military barracks there's growing tension over a west african regional security force deployed some entertaining security dozens of people were killed in the latest flare up of ethnic fighting and this week welcome with 3. people here feel molly's conflict has been cruel to their doorstep right up there but it's not her fault they're angry over the headquarters of
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a regional military cooperation known as g 5 somehow being moved to their neighborhood in mali's capital bamako. we want them to leave here we want them to get out that's all that is all. its previous headquarters was bombed by insurgents last year it was in central mali closer to the conflict that the g 5 is meant to resolve. the decision to move it here to the capital in the south came after the headquarters of the g 5 just down there the police are protecting them police have been coming up to the protesters in the pickups driving around the neighborhood firing tear gas but each time they pull away protesters we got some of it throwing stones setting fire to tires and other debris in the road people here on. what they see as a totally ineffectual regional cooperation. many people in mali
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feel the army un peacekeepers and foreign militaries have failed to protect them from various foreign forces here have failed to end insurgencies in the north by armed groups linked to al qaida and i so the g 5 health force includes pickiness passe chad mauritania. as well as mali. the people here in bamako don't want to hear. about. they should fight the terrorists in the villages every day our brothers and sisters are being killed their places over there even last week they killed people in the book too we're asking them only in the thirty's to do everything to get them out of here. on these problems are many and complex. insurgencies in the north into communal conflict in the center.
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and now protests in the capital over a failed regional attempt to bring peace malcolm web and al-jazeera how much mali. moldova's caretaker government has resigned then being a power struggle triggered by an election that failed to give a clear majority to any party the democratic party stepped down to make way for a new coalition government but not before calling it illegal and demanding a new election political instability in the impoverished country has been growing since the vote in february ended in a 3 way split. a court in britain will decide next february. extradited to the united states we can exe found as wanted in the u.s. for conspiring to hack government computers and leaking thousands of secret documents. reports. julian assange watched via video link as the date was set for his extradition hearing the wiki leaks founder said to be in poor health and serving
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a 50 week sentence for bail violations would have to wait until february 2020 for a full hearing on the u.s. request this case raises such fundamental questions about freedom of speech we heard in court today it's an outrageous affront to journalistic protections and on that basis we would certainly hope that no journalist or publisher would be extradited said in court the 18 county u.s. department of justice indictment was read out charges including government computer hacking and the soliciting and publishing of classified information they relate to the publication in 2010 of hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. military documents to do with the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the charges the indictment reads relate to a songes alleged role in one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the united states his supporters of course disagree already we've had a report by the united nations special at the time to explain how the long period
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of time he's been subjected psychological torture and he's bearing the effects of it he's cutting down the space we feel for this man. putting his his own self-interest aside with his gave this gift of knowledge to the people who are. for the coal that goes up here among supporters all purely massagers for the u.k. government to step in and block his extradition to the united states while earlier this week the home secretary sergeant job it's. that request to get legitimate saying it was right but this is in the u.k. custody now and making it clear that the government's position is that this is a decision only now for the court. in april julian assange was ejected from the ecuadorian embassy where he sought refuge for 7 years following a swedish extradition request on charges of rape in 2012 with
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a court date set and a legal battle ahead is several months away yet from finding out whether he'll have to answer u.s. charges in a u.s. court showdown al-jazeera london. the mayor of paris has awarded honorary citizenship to the saudi activist. in recognition of advocacy for human rights affluence among a group of female activists arrested last year in saudi arabia for campaigning to end the ban on women driving in the kingdom. of the headlines here this hour the us president has dismissed iran's denial that it had anything to do with the tank explosions in the gulf of amman on thursday the u.s. has released video to back up its claims but germany says it's inconclusive speaking to fox news donald trump called iran a nation of terror. we're being very tough on sanctions. when i came
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into office they were a absolute terror they're a nation of terror and they've changed a lot since i've been president i can tell you they were unstoppable and now they are in deep deep trouble and they've been told in a very strong terms and we want to get them back to the table if they want to go back i'm ready when they are saudi state media is reporting as strikes launched by the saudi led coalition that hit yet many targets according to the report they struck who theme military targets and added fence systems in the capital. parts of brazil have come to a standstill during a 24 hour nationwide strike against proposed pension reforms if approved the minimum retirement age would be rains down workers' contributions increase. the hong kong government may be wavering in its support for a new law to allow extraditions to mainland china another mass demonstration is planned on sunday to stop the bill becoming law it is
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a live pictures from hong kong where the semi autonomous territories government leader is about to meet legislators held an emergency meeting with her advisors late on friday the world health organization has stopped short of calling this part of the bowl an international emergency for them 1400 people have died of the virus in the democratic republic of congo since august escalating threats from the u.s. and iran are likely to dominate talks the security and economic forum of asian leaders representatives the more than 30 countries are meeting until she can stand leaders from china russia and iran are among them on the merit paris is awarded honoree citizenship to the saudi activist machine i'll have to do in recognition of advocacy for human rights fluids among a group of female activists arrested last year in saudi arabia for campaigning to end the ban on women driving in the kingdom. the headlines the news continues after talked. on counting the cost and.
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go wrong for modi so soon after his landslide election no longer the world's garbage can china disrupted the multibillion dollar industry counting the costs on . to. see. here at the u.n. they had a peace plan for libya it was though disrupted by one general. he is not all get to instead this week we speak to someone who knows him well the former foreign minister and libyan m.p. . who they were in exile together in the u.s. and he also knew during his schooldays he says that it's now resembling the former dictator. the.
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former foreign minister of libya libyan m.p. thank you for joining us here on talk to each is 0 your country is in population terms a relatively small 16 or 7000000 people living on the side of the mediterranean most of them living in one part of the country with huge oil wealth. and yet we've seen only since the revolution in libya conflict and chaos do you think there will be a prosperous libya coming forward for sure libya lived for 42 years under the theory and good definition after 42 years of the aerial ship i think the country needs some time to regain its helped unfortunately many of the warlords and people who are are you know trained and that they could definitely jeem told
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that this isn't a bush unity for them to amass west and that created a vacuum in the country because that evolution in 100-2011 had no leadership it was a puppet of pollution so many of the b. but even who were on it were good that he people i suspect some of the problems in the revolution go back to the time of gadhafi and for most of your life he was in control of libya he came to power in 1969 what was life like on the gadhafi well. what is life under any dictatorial regime lack of freedom look over rule of law left of decency and lack of development and human development and country development libya and for the 2 years after the end of the get there he is she the country was worse than when it was in 69 by the way
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he's my generation we were the same age 42 but both of us were born in 42 and i knew him in grade school and they knew him after that even he tried to you know entice me to be with him in $72.00 to be one of his ministers i said i rather be teaching at the university and he then. present you. and tortured you because how i was that because i was a nobody a critic he didn't like or been critical of people who will could size him i was one of them how did you cast house of libya and what was life in excel like in 76 when i was you know outside of the universities you know most of the people who would be at the time where my generation so i was able to get out of libya and came to the states because i knew the states very well i studied my masters and maybe the and i said this is
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a place i would like to stay i raise my family here and continue to study also islamic studies in michigan for a method of beach the and. started in 1980 when he started his campaign to kill the opposition the there's outside grilling me he would say said some people to you know assess and hate me we started the national front for the submission of libya against him and since then i worked it out against him in aspects of what the voter availability unities. it was a long struggle what were your thoughts finally in the beginning of 2011 when the revolution started well it was a dream coming through i mean we were not dreaming that they did they've been people will really involved but the arab spring in tunisia and in egypt gave a new life what went wrong because everyone fought gadhafi and gadhafi fell
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but then it seems everyone 40 chapa i think when you and the allies the situation in libya the uprising has no leadership. so most of the leadership that came and turned the country were mostly people from the old regime or some expatriates who came and joined them like yourself i didn't threaten dear i i was doing the work of training be able to be citizens so i did stablished the citizenship form and for 2 years i have been you know trained libyans from tobruk to day or 2 got thousands of be what i trained but the question is that because they could lease of ness of the society were broken or was broken because of the rule dictatorial rules don't give you an opportunity to build
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a relationship to build. solidarity is to build civil societies student unions were banned or were controlled trade unions were banned or controlled all of the what you can call if you look at tunisia which has a very vibrant civil society in libya that is not. you've mentioned the role in 2011 of the international community in particular nato with its bombing was key in the military overthrow of gadhafi but did the international community do enough particularly in the keep period after gadhafi was toppled i think there is no bush unity mists by the international community because getting rid of get there was step number one building that it be year to really restructure itself was step number 2 and the community or the world community at large left libya alone and
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that i think was a great mistake i was in libya in august 27th when gadhafi fled from tripoli and his government basically fell i was back of just a few months later in october when gadhafi. was killed and it was interesting in that short space of time although on each occasion there was a great deal of euphoria it was clear things that come bad in the 1st few months militia already in control in tripoli oh yes i think there were among them was really the decision to give people who are fighting or who claim to be fighting the good def you forces. mentalistic been demons so instead of 30000 forces the number. 20300000 evolution of forces most of them were not the fighters and people have discovered that this is a very good opportunity to m.s.
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money so it would have started to create their own militias and in every city almost we would have stablished new militias it is now such a complicated situation you have various different militias in different parts of the country you have rival governments rival parliaments well. under the surface yes in the l a t there is only one can isaac government which has been by braddock's of aspirants political agreement it's called the now the government of national. accord in g. 8 and with it there should be 2 more major political organizations the state council and the house of representatives the house of representatives was hey jacket and tobruk with under the control of the libyan national army
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the militia of couldn't have after and until have to attack it to billy the house of representatives did not come to tripoli but after they attacked tripoli members of the house of representatives from the western areas realized that this is the time to break away from to broke the political agreement. cold for the creation of a new parliament from people who were elected in 2014 and from the boycotters like me. and we did it on april 1st week of april after he affectively we really gathered in tripoli and more than 50 members of the house were written the started a new parliament and said this is the bulb moment according to the political agreement there were meant in public it is completely out and because they
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made the statements aborting the attack of have to on. you bring up the subject of general khalifa haftar not many people have known him as long or as well as you have so let's just examine who this man is he was there at the time of the coup in 1969 with khadafi he was a close associate of khadafi yes yes he was one of the people who. did the coup against the king. and that's were the a no the agony of libya started in september 1989. again he was the commander of the libyan army who at that could chat and did have a can chat and he was defeated in chad and was imprisoned in chad get death even this isn't difficult nice that he had an army in chad or he has to have that in
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chad so he disowns general have to be sold them he used think looking back now that episode might have been quite important in the psychology of general have to and how he's acting now i think so because in some of the conversations i had with after he said he was so mad about get deaf is denial of them being imprisoned in chad because in those days if the chad is have killed all of them nobody would say and you weren't he made the consideration would get deaf in the last 7 years or would that his life. death he. made approaches with many people according to him he gave him money he gave him a palace for his children in cairo he even bade wishing for his children to study in cairo so there was
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a good relationship between him and get their feet and define the ears of the deaf is let me just go back to chad he and his troops were imprisoned in chad eventually was the u.s. brokered his freedom i believe to what was then known as zaire now the democratic republic of congo then on to kenya and then to the u.s. to live in virginia the same place the cia based begs me to ask the question do you believe general hafta was working for the cia i think the narration of the situation goes back to where the national front for the salvation of libya has a program to attack libya and to liberate libya from get their fee from jet and they did the deal with the americans and with the chad is that if they let the libyan prison there is a war in chad at least they can be starting the libyan national army but as part of
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the an f s l the national front for there's a division libya when this to be. was successful in his coup against or sent heavily these are these are the charlie and leaders will have to leave the area he thought was him down with the help of the french their whole project failed and the americans help but the prisoners of war who were in chad and transported them to the united states so general have to is living in the us as an exile from libya you are living there too that you know each other. before we did not but we knew each other when he came to virginia and we lived for many years together as acquaintances friends in the northern virginia city of fairfax and as far as they know he was with all the libyans who came from chad.
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piccies who want to help and who want to rebuild their lives there. after many years with the national front of the vision of libya he decided to break away from it and he stabbed would some of that be with another movement. another british an movement away from the national front and since then he became by himself working on his own projects from the conversations we had together he is a man who believes that he is worthy of you know. controlling libya and he always speaks about libya needs a strong force to control its. you said you were a friend at the time to do you consider that he could be a ruthless military leader then i never had that idea in my mind i thought that. since he was you know suffered the from the ruthless regime of get there feel that
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he should not be the same rootless that mentality or attitude and when he decided after the revolution started in 2011 to go to libya you were there his side take him to the airport i believe yes and it was you know really. in an effort to help the a revolution and when he went back to libya he started to build his own you know and to raja here on special forces his aunt's ego status i realized that this is not a person that i will continue to have a relationship with because he went to pain garci besieged part of benghazi went to another city in the east of besieged erna he's been accused and some of his those working within his forces of war crimes could you for seen any of these things never never and by the way these are there is also of later on at the beginning he
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was supposedly working with the revolutionary forces and to get that he was troubled but then he started working on his own. and in 2014 he made. you know acquitted. on the t.v. . but still i think he was able to amass some support for himself in the eastern part of libya and started end to end the end debris text of fighting terrorism and been. fighting against the revolutionary forces there. he said it will take 2 weeks it took 4 years to fight against powerful 40500 forces there after the this emitted benghazi he did the same thing too there are the 2 centers of civilization in the eastern part of libya and then he went on through the south of libya he had quite a bit of international support we think will come to that in
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a moment but i just want to complete the story which is in april when he launched online and announcement the time has come on april the 4th an assault on the capital tripoli and he did it remarkably at the time when the u.n. secretary general was in tripoli the u.n. had a plan for a national conference some good dharmas and then eventually elections to make that announcement at that time with the top world organization leader in the capital fairy or dangerous just not very relation and it's very shocking because. he showed can bleed distributed to do 90 nations to the secretary general and today represents a diverse and said ama whom he was with a week or 2 or 2 before in abu dhabi making.
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between him and said he basically had said he would sign up to the u.n. plan but he was here everyone he did but because the man doesn't want to share power of the anybody he realized that if you went to the damask conference he would only have part of the power. and he decided to probably. blitzkrieg the conference and activity and control the power himself has it worked you know how of his forces surrounding tripoli like to pin says do you think he can move further and take the capital i don't think so because his attack on timbalier was the rallying point of the february a revolutionary forces that came from the from the mountains from theirs in 10 from from leeds in homs many forces have come together to really rallying
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to support their belief and the militia and thirdly also defended their city and now most of these forces which are supported by the or supporting the government of sabotage is really. they stopped. the forces of have terror and now they are getting them back. so you've given us the situation as you see it the military situation inside libya book the one thing we haven't looked at is the support the general have to has outside libya and that may be his secret card the support of egypt the support of saudi arabia the support of the united arab emirates we know when he was operating in the garci there were spent french special forces there that seemed to be on his side he's got very strong backers hasn't well the for not visited of tunisia spoke about the axis of evil
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the abu dhabi this so it is and easy options add to demby french this axis of evil have a mandate to work against the success of the arab spring. they were able to do it in egypt. and sisi now is governing egypt it with his followers as if a new dictator there they tried in tunisia they could not they were not able they're found to have terror as somebody who can work with them you know it's amazing that somebody like up there when he said that if these ships make a decision which is against my interest in libya i will take it. which means against even national you know aspirations not only this lately he said even the egyptian send me 10000000 people to live in libya i will accept it something that
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made all the libyans so angry i mean who are you to give these this you know card that they can invade the country this situation i think the international community have to realize they have supported have started with weapons against the united nations security council resolutions and nobody spoke about it as an arms embargo no and there is a lot is about of all weapons and everybody knows even in the briefings of the united nations envoy that there are arms coming from those 3 countries or at least double the b. and egypt to. mr have to or he may well though have another even more important supporter general have to have a phone call with president trump we know there are some around president trump who may be persuading president trump that what the libyan needs is another strongman
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and that is general have. i think that it was against the policy of the american administration. you know those who know washington very well they know that their lobbying groups could make such moves and i think the lobbying groups which are paid by the government and by the way i always speak about abu dhabi government the emirates because they are the spearheading of our all of this efforts the rest of the emirates are not part of it they are also supported by the egyptians and the saudis how do you see this particular moment where we are in libya is this a moment that is done that is dangerous or is this a moment of opportunity and hope potentially there is an old saying that in a bit of crisis there is an opportunity this crisis has created in a bush unity for all the forces of february 17th to rally together and even in the
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east there are tribes now who have come oh believe against have to and spoke that what he did on tbilisi is not acceptable and days are calling for reconsideration with the rest of the country so we are in coming now to a realization that have terror bases of support in the east is not as it used to be there are lot of complaints. life in britain because he and in there now is unbearable it's worse than the days of the deft. there is no freedom of speech there is no freedom of lho there is there are a lot of killings extrajudicial killings and the i.c.c. the international community court has already indicted some of the assistance of have to himself he himself should be under investigation and tank
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the. you know foreign relations committee of the house of representative in the congress which sent a letter to the attorney general to start investigating the crimes of have there because he is also an american citizen. they also asked the f.b.i. director to open the files for have to so there are now forces in washington and in the high end date to really follow up the war crimes which have been committed in libya and i when i am very clear that the war crimes committed by i have to or others should be investigated the libyans deserve to have some of those you know criminals be brought to justice. thank you for talking to a specific you very much for having. my.
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journey to work can be a challenge on its own. but for some peruvian villagers traversing one of the world's most dangerous roads is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of these people as they get out of to survive. risking it. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here important are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this past month of the flag though people often see this struggling to make ransom notes and just want a better life from around the world as agassi has been offered to those who rebel
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against the government often except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes. airborne vehicles harvesting every pick you take every click you make click to everything through all the waves also possible. but this time to watch the what can we blame that on the deep sleep was the 1st civilian to struggle. and we are creators. are. pretty good engineers. as you.
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see. where every. donald trump labels iran a nation of tara claiming it's a tunker. lotions in the gulf of mexico. alone down in jordan this is out as they are alive and also coming up. to risk has spread to countries outside the region remains low the world health organization decides against declaring a global emergency on africa's ebola outbreak. thousands of brazilians take to the
1:49 pm
streets to protest against the president's action reforms. and the innocent sufferers of iraq's declining health system a cancer patients desperate to lifesaving drugs. the u.s. president has dismissed iran's denial that it had anything to do with the tank explosions in the gulf of amman donald trump called iran a nation of terror but gave no indication of any response to thursday's incident he warned iran against blocking the strait of hormuz as all prices rose amid fears of a disruption in supply reports from moscow. what or who is to blame for the explosions on board 2 tankers in the gulf of oman the u.s. blames iran and they released this video purporting to show iran a sort of a gods removing an unexploded limpet mine from the japanese owned kuta courageous
1:50 pm
the timestamp according to the americans shows the top and after the vessels crew had been rescued well ron didn't do it and do you know they did it because you saw that load i guess one of the mines didn't explode and it probably got essentially a run written all over it and you sort of loaded nigel in to take the mine off and successfully took the mine off the boat and that was exposed that was a boat that will damage. and they didn't want the evidence left behind i guess they don't know that we have a segment we can detect in the dark that worked very well. russia and germany say the video at least inconclusive and the issue that requires further investigation iranian leaders accuse the us of what they call diplomacy against the country. speaking at a gathering of eurasia leaders in kyrgyzstan iranian president hassan rouhani said the u.s. is pushing and the going to stance that cannot be tolerated. as the government of
1:51 pm
the united states over the last 2 years using economic and military capacity and is creating an aggressive approach the united states has stepped over all the norms and regulations of the international community and has created new threats for the region and the world. and the war of words the japanese owner of one of the ships has cast doubts on the u.s. claim that mines were used he said the ships a lot of soft flying objects before the explosion this for analysts hard evidence is kept but intentions on the one side or the other are easy to gain iran may well one to prove that if squeezed it can hit back by dissipating oil supplies through the strait of hormuz the u.s. leaders on the other hand have long shown their desire to punish iran for its alleged nuclear ambitions one analyst says whoever is behind the attack incident
1:52 pm
has given the us a perfect opportunity but i think it's pretty clear that the united states administration is really rushing to judgment there is quite a bit of cynicism out there are young people who are trying to read the messages from pompeo a lot of people think this is possibly a little too convenient given that there are some in washington some in certain countries in the region that want to see the tensions between the u.s. and iran remain really high some of those countries are iran a sunni muslim neighbors saudi arabia and the united arab emirates in addition to israel but there is no telling what a war on iran could cause to the region gulf nations have much to do is if a major war breaks out if in the north of the country and i could find itself in the crossfire because of its location other nations such as the united arab emirates may well really think before encouraging
1:53 pm
a conflict that's good and the economy prosper. meanwhile the u.n. secretary general has condemned the incident in the gulf of oman and says the truth as to what happened must be established diplomatic editor james bays has more from un headquarters in new york. addressing reporters alongside the arab league secretary general arma double gate antonio good terrorists said remarkably that he had not seen this video released by the pentagon and broadcast around the world he said he believed there should be an independent investigation into the incident but the u.s. is not the right to launch investigations only the security council can do it. in relation to that obviously not the right person to your question he also said that high level mediation was needed but again his hands were tied obviously.
1:54 pm
the offices of the secretary general always available but the office of the secretary general of the mandates on the bodies of the. u.n. . is that with the full agreement of the parties the secretary general seems to be placing limits on his own possible actions and they are limits that are not laid out in the united nations governing document the u.n. charter so why does mr terrorist appear to be so reluctant to get involved i asked his official spokes person can you tell me where in the charter of the limits on his good offices where are the limits in the charter to stop him setting up his own investigation i can't find any secretary general needs a legislative u.n. legislative body to set up an investigation that has that has been that has been the practice for as long as i've been here what does he need to carve out a more powerful role and is he not in effect shirking his response no i don't think
1:55 pm
he's sure at a time of global crisis he should be leaving that i don't and he's finding excuses not to i don't think he's shirking his responsibilities at all the secretary general is clearly putting the ball in the court of the security council but there are already clear indications on this. issued the council is deeply divided if mr good terrace is waiting for a unified security council to give him permission to get involved he may be waiting a very long time then again he probably already knows that. al-jazeera at the united nations saudi state media reporting airstrikes have been carried out against yemeni targets by the saudi u.s. led coalition according to the report they struck who think military bases and their defense systems in the capital and happen the day after who these attacks airport in saudi arabia for the 2nd time in a week. the world health organization has decided not to the international public health emergency break in the democratic republic of congo 1400 people have died
1:56 pm
since august and the 2nd worst outbreak of the disease in history. virus may have spread to uganda where 2 people died after visiting the. reports from. the disease. on ugandan soil they had crossed from neighboring democratic republic of congo we. killed by the disease my sister was with her as my eyes as. us. as was she. us. was. content with nearly 100 people.
1:57 pm
could come from. they. did request. and they were. in the. drug that. they have been around 2000 cases. with $1400.00 deaths the world health organization. it is not an international agency it was the view of the committee to break emergency in the democratic republic of congo. and the region but it does not meet the
1:58 pm
3 criteria for a public health emergency of international concern. is uganda's porous border with . some people into the country without passing through areas where screening is taking place it's not very easy to determine how many people. because we're. very. health officials say there is no evidence. and is the repairing for the worst health officials have been vaccinated and trained to deal quickly with the outbreak. this week uganda is on high alert. al-jazeera. hong kong's private government leaders meeting legislators to discuss a controversial extradition bill pressure has been building on the chief executive
1:59 pm
to throw out the proposal which would have criminal suspects to be sent to the chinese mainland for trial she held an emergency meeting with her divisors late on friday hundreds of thousands of people are expected to protest on sunday against the law joins us live now from hong kong sara so there are reports that may actually suspend the bills so what's the latest when are we expecting an announcement from. well as you mentioned carrie lamb is currently members of her party and the lives of council politicians up at government house which is about a couple of kilometers from here and reports are now that she's will report has been confirmed she's going to have a a media conference at 3 pm and of course this it's suggestion is that she's going to suspend this particular new extradition law and the amendments that would be my future to build and this of course comes at a very timely moment on the grounds that tomorrow there was a mass rally planned and we saw last sunday around 1000000 people march from victoria park which is about 3 kilometers behind me through to where we are now
2:00 pm
which is the government headquarters and of course tomorrow this is protests we saw last sunday and they're now protest groups suggesting that we want strike action on monday so certainly this is come ahead of this rally and there's been division within the government party on the grounds that some are suggesting that kerry lamb underestimated the economic implications of this extradition bill and also the suggestion that she shouldn't be fast tracking this she's had a self-imposed deadline of the end of the month which is when the parliament he adjourns for the summer break so certainly the suggestion is that this bill will be suspended for now. if the bill is suspended what will around the school go ahead it will go ahead the the various groups that are opposed to this new extra.


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