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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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right. you're watching the news hour live from headquarters and. coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.n. calls for an investigation into the death of egypt's former president mohamed morsy in court as mourners pay their respects in his hometown. u.s. president donald trump is expected to announce his bid for reelection for a 2020 at a campaign rally in florida. hundreds of thousands are displaced in the democratic republic of congo further complicating the fight against ebola. and soaring high
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engineers outline their plans for a new generation of supersonic passenger jets at the paris air show. hello the u.n. has demanded a thorough independent investigation into the death of egypt's only democratically elected president mohamed morsi if there was a high security presence as he was buried at a cemetery in cairo rather than in his hometown as his family had requested journalists were kept away from the service that was held a day after he collapsed and died in courts aged 67 rights groups complained that mostly was tortured after being held in prolonged solitary confinement and having access to medicine restricted well mourners. pay their respects hundreds of residents prayed amid tight security in
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a village. morsy had been in jail since he was forced from power in a military coup in 2013 rights groups complained that he was held in prolonged solitary confinement and had missed medicine wrist strict were saying and the un human rights office says any inquiry into his death should examine how he was treated while in prison the statement went on to say is former president mohamed morsy was in the custody of the north ortiz at the time of his death the state is responsible for ensuring he was treated humanely and that his right to life and health were respected any sudden death in custody must be followed by a prompt impartial thorough and transparent investigation carried out by an independent body to clarify the cause of death. well thousands of people throughout the middle east have been remembering what to see with funeral prayers politicians and to hold a prayer for him the spike concerns that could be seen as a political gesture elections are being held there later in the year hundreds of
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people also gather to remember him in libya's capital tripoli and in turkey president rajapaksa berta one attended prayers at an stumble mosque where he raised concerns about how morsy died said of course while glue has more from istanbul. oh . this is a special food all service for egypt's former president mohamed morsy hundreds of people gathered in a stumbles far to moscow to honor his life and straka. gyptian is here already agree. i was something changed in egypt after he died and we not just forget him because he was a good leader show us oh people here believe despite the loss of a leader the revolution will continue history shows that they are not a leader is created their leaders is walking around other leaders will continue or . a lot of the words are millions. in the capital ankara
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hundreds gathered outside the egyptian embassy in protest. talkies opposition leader criticized the charges morsi had faced and said the former leader should have been buried with the presidential honors earlier to say mosques like this one held prayers for deposed president mohamed morsi to accuse soft religious but it had called for the nationwide special service many people here to part to remember the tips in leaders and protest against his treatment while in prison former politicians and morsi is cabinets believe the egyptian government's neglect of more so while in prison left to his death they have a mind of their own the force of the force of the surrender and the knowledge that is there otherwise they would kill also. we could for years you know cutting through the process of medical negligence with our right to get any basic health care having dependents international transparent investigation of the circumstances
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of these that. this is the least the international community should do after very many years of negligence. of the good did you suppose for taking care of. turkeys present tragic typepad on attended one of the special prayers in istanbul he said there are doubts about this case and blamed egyptian president up to $560.00 for his death and that of other dissidents. i do not believe that morsi is death is a natural one such cowards that they are they did not hand over mohammed morsi is body to his family but on has spoken out strongly against each of stupid 1013 military coup that toppled morsi especially after turkey's own failed military coup nearly 3 years ago. al jazeera. the us president donald trump is expected to kick off his reelection campaign in the coming hour he's just landed
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in florida a state that was crucial to his victory in 2016 and will be again next year if he hopes to retain the white house and we'll see the scene in orlando right there that's where supporters are waiting for the president to arrive and that's where our kimberly health is joining us from from orlando at that rally that's going on in florida right now kimberly just talk us through what you've seen and what's happening behind you. it's incredible what happened here in orlando and sometimes it's really good to get outside of washington with your cameras to really do it justice what was going on here is worse. trump announcing his reelection. campaign this is a. great our. people. receive as part
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of their soul now the people that get it. hours before that. and still. just to. keep these. really never stopped. to look at what is it. that is going to make. the country but. the nation this is going to be a competitive race for the presidency. because you. people are. going to. meet a voter 2020 us presidential candidates will want to win over radio journalist william diaz is latino undecided and most importantly lives in florida the crown jewel in
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american politics republicans are doing an excellent job in florida and to me they are. and you know what a moderate democrat he says republicans are simply more engaged he is came to the united states 30 years ago from venice wella despite president trump's hardline immigration policies he is considering voting for trump but he'll need to do more to support those suffering in venezuela more from better adoring. when truck visits orlando on tuesday to officially kicked off his campaign it's voters like d.s. hill need to convince trump's record over the past 2 years will be front and center i will build a great great wall trump's biggest $26.00 promise to build a wall along the southern border to stop illegal immigration has proven to be
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a challenge he was unable to secure funding from congress so he declared an emergency to start construction that's being challenged in the courts a recurring theme throughout his 1st 2 and a half years as his opposition uses legal means to oppose some of his biggest policies those challenges included his travel ban on people from 5 muslim majority countries and although it faced widespread opposition initially trump managed to successfully implement it it also helps that he appointed 2 justices to the country's highest court as a candidate trump promised voters america 1st policies he made good on that pledge and angered u.s. allies and now saying he would withdraw the united states from the paris climate accord and pull out of the 2015 agreement to limit iran's nuclear program still the u.s. economy remains steady even as trump has picked fights with china mexico and europe accusing them of unfair trading practices expect to boast about a strong u.s.
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economy and historically low unemployment even among voters of color despite persistent criticism trauma's policies hurt minority voters. we know that florida is a state that's becoming increasingly brown and i think that's a that's a state where he's going to have to address that issue another problem for donald trump trying to convince voters to look past at least 15 investigations into 3 states looking into trump's business charity and campaign and even with the muller report behind him democrats in congress are still investigating generating problematic headlines for a president trying to win reelection. just like the energy in your state you think they're not all trying. to pull. back. the show that donald trump that. the.
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investigations that i mentioned in my group the words and the fact that he certainly going to have to counter a line to get problematic for the president is the one advantage donald trump does it's time somebody. that's got to be elected democrats are heading in there to. defend it take a lot of time donald trump already. donald trump hit it hard to believe campaign mode would be a u.s. election within 16 months all right take care of the house will leave you for the time being thank you let's bring in steve clemons he's the editor at large of the hill he's joining us live from washington d.c. thanks for being with us on al-jazeera so as kimberly was saying donald trump clearly in campaign mode right now and fact has been ever since he won his election
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the 1st time around but will he be offering any new in his message this time because in 2016 it was all about that wall with mexico and also repealing obamacare . but he's going to be pounding on immigration and he's going to be taking you know along the lines of the wall and immigration you know kind of perfecting the art of the pug nations nationalist president but i think this campaign is really about showing about him wanting to show that he was picked on purpose and that his presidency was in an accident and so if he is returned to office again not only americans will be sending a comment about the kind of leadership they want but the world is going to be getting a message and i think that's really really important to donald trump to demonstrate that he is a real break with the past and being the kind of nationalist in america 1st president is not a bad a bad term anymore and i think that's where he's going to go during his campaign
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over and over and over and over again and on that issue of immigration that you mention he was tweeting just recently that next week his administration will begin the process of removing the millions of as he calls them illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the united states that's according to his twitter so to what extent was this. a way to sort of excite his political base just as he was formally announcing his reelection bid. that's exactly what it is it's a cat call to his to his base to come out and get excited about the strident muscular us versus them pug nation snus that he represents and there's no way that he's going to deport millions of people in the near term and just the images of that would be something to sink his chances even further but his base lets him off so if he says the right things and he postures in a moment it's very interesting they don't hold him accountable if he doesn't
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deliver later he's able to see these things get them excited and even if the system doesn't produce you know millions of people being expelled from the united states that somehow ok that doesn't budge his numbers it's going to be an interesting question because one of the realities of american politics is that either democrats alone or republicans alone get presidents elected there are more independents out there than republicans are or democrats and they're watching all of this so i think one of the questions we're going to have have to ask is how are they going to perceive this stridency and this rhetoric from donald trump in the long run and will that help him or hurt him and speaking of numbers he is overseeing a strong economy but he does face low approval ratings according to some of the recent numbers as a pretty approval ratings are about 44 percent right now is this something that he can overcome from now until election day. well look i mean the economy is
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relatively strong it's remarkable we have very low unemployment his popularity should be in the sixty's and he is the 1st president in a very long time to never get above 50 percent during his tenure thus far so that is an interesting challenge we haven't seen this before and so we don't know how exactly it will play out and of course we've been privy to some polls both fox news which is place more to his camp but other polls as well that all show him substantially behind nearly every other democratic contender and that is if the election were held tomorrow but the election won't be held tomorrow you've got 15 months left to go and he's proven to be an incredibly instinctive politician in gaining that ground and covering that ground and winning in the end as he did last time so i think that that that gap matters but you know fundamentally we you know have to sort of look at things right now that he's still trying to for some reason convince his base that he's real and hold them strong and he's doing
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nothing that i can see to really reach to a broader portion of the electorate ok steve clements we thank you for joining us from washington. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including the battle to become prime minister boris johnson surges ahead in the race to become britain's next leader. the u.s. secretary of state steps in to block saudi arabia from being added to another block list. and records are broken at the cricket world cup by the big city post peter has a details in sports. but 1st the man president donald trump wanted as his pentagon chief is dropping out of contention acting defense secretary patrick shanahan is abandoning the confirmation process because of new reports about his family's history of domestic violence
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reports from washington d.c. u.s. president donald trump had wanted to give acting defense secretary patrick shanahan the job permanently but after nearly 6 months on the job shanahan quit tuesday newspapers have published his family's history of domestic violence leaving shanahan with what he called no other choice i believe like continuing in the confirmation process would force my 3 children to relive a traumatic chapter in our family's life and reopen wills we have worked years to heal ultimately their safety and well being is my highest priority. according to the washington post police arrested shanahan's wife for punching him in the face in 20102011 shanahan's son was arrested and charged for fracturing his mother's skull with a baseball bat the president long criticized for not vetting his top advisers
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called shanahan's departure regrettable i had heard about it yesterday for the 1st time i did know about it i had heard about it yesterday it is it's. very unfortunate but senators didn't know any of this when they confirmed shanahan for deputy defense secretary in 27 teams and in light of the military's ongoing problems with sexual assault and domestic violence some congressional staffers say giving shanahan the top job permanently would have been difficult the new acting secretary current army secretary mark asper whom analysts consider very capable we'll have to see if the senate is in the mood to confirm just a very rock solid businesslike workman like person even so at a time of growing tensions with the wrong russia and china experts say don't trump can no longer rely on temporary help this is no way to run a railroad you don't go 6 months without cabinet officials we need people who are
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senate vetted who are well known who have permanent jobs for the positions they've been asked to fulfill and the trump administration should not feel proud of its record of taking 6 months to finish this to fit to fill this post the last thing patrick shanahan did before quitting deploy an extra 1000 u.s. troops to the middle east to send a message to iran his focus now dealing with his own family rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington. canada has approved a plan to expand a controversial oil pipeline in the $7000000000.00 project will link canada's landlocked oil fields to a major port it's faced opposition from indigenous communities and environmentalists construction is due to start next year but it's expected to be hit with several legal challenges the us secretary of state my pompei it has stopped saudi arabia from being added to a list of countries that recruit child soldiers decision goes against the state
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department's recommendation based on news reports and rights groups assessments they say the kingdom hired sudanese children to fight for the u.s. backed coalition in yemen foreign militaries on the list are banned from receiving u.s. aid training and weapons. coral is the former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats at the cia and he says move reflects washington's changing alliances in the middle east in recent years. there is a long tradition in the united states that the standard position for many years of u.s. policy has to side in these sunni shia tensions the saudi iranian tensions in the middle east with the sunni president obama change that policy it was an historic shift it's debatable whether it was wise or not i personally think that it was but that's certainly legitimately debatable and trump has gone back and then some to
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aligning with the sunni and the saudis now there's an added fillip or twist to this which is that it's less on principle and policy by trump as it is apparently for a personal enrichment jarrad his son in law who's handling the issues has clearly been seduced by the saudis and the alignment is is with saudi there's another reason to that that's happened and that is the u.s. policy is closely aligned with the release mimics that of the likud party in israel which. is very hostile to around i think there will be pushback from the democratic majority in the house of representatives and the democratic minority in the senate but the senate is remains controlled by the republican party and the republicans had almost literally to a person sold their souls and align themselves with donald trump so congress cannot do too much the u.n.
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secretary general has appealed to russia and turkey to stabilize the situation in northwest syria thousands have been displaced in recent weeks after the syrian government launched a new offensive on the last major rebel stronghold if it lives our diplomatic editor james bass has more from the united nations. the u.n. secretary general addressed reporters as the security council prepared to meet to discuss the russian and syrian government offensive all need lib which is been going on for over 2 months. tara said the situation on the ground was guessing. i am deeply concerned about the escalation of the fighting in italy. and the situation is especially dangerous given the involvement of an increased number of vectors and let me underscore that even in the fight against terrorism there needs to be full compliance with international human rights and humanitarian law however in the council chamber his head of humanitarian affairs explained that is not
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happening medical facilities and schools are being repeatedly hit creating a facility whose coordinates were shared as part of the un's decon fiction system he simply intolerable. a number of partners now feel that supplying geographical coordinates to be given to the warring parties effectively paints a target on their backs european ambassadors shocked by what's going on many of those in the in the civilian infrastructure they have stopped giving the coordinates because the. they are concerned that giving the cordon it also means that maybe those people who should get the coordinates receive them and use them your understanding of international humanitarian law and the rules of war can there ever be any justification for targeting a school or a hospital no no just occasion when so ever. even the fight against terrorism is
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not a reason to target a school or a not spittle that's very clear for us of course the russian and the syrian ambassador said they were simply fighting terrorism the security council remains divided the agony for the people of looks certain to continue jamesburg al-jazeera at the united nations gunmen have killed at least 41 people in separate attacks in central mali the attacks took place in 2 different villages ethnic violence has surged in the area in recent months the victims were mostly ethnic dog ons hundreds of people from the dog and on for line in communities have been killed in fighting over land and water are welcome what has more from mopti in central mali. we were in a camp of people from the bani anything group fled their villages following attacks and killings and now they're sheltering here basic structures like this made of
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plastic sheets and dry grass having left behind hearts and homes made of bricks people many of them a nomadic herders but only the lucky ones were able to come with their animals that they depend on for their survival because many animals. being killed or stolen in the conflict the conflict is between. and farmers and the tit for tat killings have continued just on monday more than 3 dozen people from the group were killed in 2 different villages. by militia and the conflict just seems to grow worse and worse not helped by an influx of arms into the country from the north that followed. began in 2011 and also the government here is accused of having very little presence here providing little security so minor disputes that have existed for
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generations between the 2 ethnic groups. into a bloody conflict hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes in the democratic republic of congo by fighting between tribal groups nearly 200 people have been killed in the past week in the north eastern province the u.n. says the mass movement of people as complicating the tracing and treatment of patients at risk from a bowl or just a warning alexy o'brien's report contains disturbing images. the killing was indiscriminate babies and young children from the group among hundreds of victims hacked to death. in the eastern province of a tertiary and democratic republic of congo survivors say the attackers were from the tribe renewed fighting between him a casual herders and lendu family has forced thousands of people to leave their homes over the past week and move to camps like this.
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came during the day on monday we were in the fields we started to run towards our homes which at the satellite some people were burned alive inside their houses they killed people with machetes and we don't even know what they did with the bodies that's why we fled here. the lendu and he may have been fighting each other for. generations tains of thousands died between 19092003 they communities a separated from each other it's the latest violence was sparked by an attack on 4 lendu merchants in the hema area. i didn't come here voluntarily but a group of people from the hills massacred and burned their villages we had no weapons so we couldn't do anything but watch our villages burn and our people die i lost a lot of members of my family survivors of last week's attack on the village of being protected by soldiers from the congolese army still i say they're terrified and want to leave the area if they can find
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a way around the linda rebels who have blocked the surrounding roads brian al jazeera. still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour paul kong's leader apologizes for her handling of the extradition bill protesters still want her resignation. and in sport the tour de france champion suffers a setback ahead of the big race peter houses and tells coming up. hello again across united states we're still dealing with a flood threat anywhere across parts of pennsylvania all the way back down here across parts of tennessee now the big problem is is the standard storms that keep trailing in the same locations day by day and because of that we see a lot of rain in the same location so as you can see here on our forecast map plenty of rain across much of the east as well as the southeast coming back towards
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the central plains we're also going to be seeing a lot of thunderstorms in this area not as severe as what we saw just a few weeks ago but still going to be a problem across much of the area and some of those showers are going to be quite heavy so not really seeing a break as we go towards the end of the week here towards the west though it's going to be dry a little bit cooler in san francisco with attempt a few of about 18 degrees where we're going to see plenty of rain across much of central and southern parts of that area we're going to be seeing a lot of rain across panama as well up towards the north though the problem has been a lot of rain across the bahamas and things are going to be getting better by the time we get towards thursday a beautiful day and vanno with the temps are there about 31 and then very quickly across parts of argentina things are getting better over the next few days that one system that was bringing the rain is making its way towards the atlantic we're going to be a little bit cooler here in born as out as with a temperature of 40. after
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decades of being programmed with instructions data on greek. it was a no no on their own identifying back and predicting human behavior. artificial intelligence could monitor ombudsman. and decide on a future big picture to coach the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine to. 0 when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and actor as president of ukraine when people who need to be heard over days are breaking the law to work with no feet from i should go so they all went to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries russian goals to be a truth none and light names on air and online.
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well again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the un has demanded a there are independent investigation into the death of egypt's only democratically elected president mohamed morsi he was bird in cairo rather than in his hometown of his family had requested a day after he collapsed and died and worked. donald trump about to kick off his 2020 presidential election campaign thousands of gathered both in and outside that venue right there in the u.s. state of florida where the launch is set to take place. they are saying u.s.
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defense secretary patrick shanahan is abandoning his bid to become the permanent pentagon chief newspaper. as a published his family's history of domestic violence shanahan says that left him with no other choice but to quit. let's get more on our top story the death off mohamed morsi islamic scholars a former have asked later i'm members of the egyptian diaspora have all attended a ceremony for the former egyptian president in doha our reporter was there. absentee funeral curious have just concluded here in doha with hundreds of people gathering to pay their respects to the former president morsy the crowds overflowing from inside the mosque on to the carpark outside and beyond significant figures participating including the former leader of the political wing of the. resistance palestinian resistance movement from egyptian actor is. going down to some extent as to separating us as well the significance of this gathering is the
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fact that the people who post here want to send a message to the egyptian authorities gotten despite attempts by the governments in egypt to prevent any similar you know for a 2nd place in egypt and despite the state's media essentially admitting. the events of the death of. the legacy of egypt's only ever democratically elected president is a legacy that goes beyond egypt and one that's will continue it will not be forgotten as far as these people are concerned mohamed morsi did not only represent a significance because he was the president of egypt but because he was the only democratically elected 11 who represented the aspirations of self-determination of freedom by being that 1st president chosen of the gentlemen 25th revolution the presence of people like khalid meshaal and others is also testament that's morsi was seen as a champion of other causes like the struggle for freedom in palestine and other
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causes like the syrian revolution and so forth so prayers like these taking place in the. as well as malaysia turkey and other countries is testament that's the legacy of hamad morsi not only lives on through the di a small community of egyptians around the world but also among the other arab and muslim communities who are seeing mohamed morsi the champion of the local rust. there's been little reaction to morsi is that from governments in the west or a challenge reports. when mohamed morsi won egypt's historic election in june 2012 cautious congratulations for the muslim brotherhood politician came from leaders across the world then u.s. president barack obama said the united states would stand by the egyptian people as they fulfill the promise of their revolution the u.n. has ban ki moon congratulated morsi and called on him to spare no effort in ensuring the people of egypt realize their aspirations for greater democracy the
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promotion of human rights and a more prosperous and stable egypt for all of its citizens william hague the britain's foreign secretary of the time tweeted the people of egypt have elected a new president's i congratulate him and them on the results and the peaceful process well so far his death has provoked little condemnation from the west's current governments the u.s. state department has had only this to say former egyptian interest than a minority you haven't a thing no we saw we saw that the death threats are hurting the viewers know and many of them as yet there's been no response at all from the u.k. government the french the germans or the e.u. the united nations calls for a thorough independent inquiry into the circumstances of mr morsy is death including the conditions of his detention morse's our i type erdogan has been most outspoken. on our history we'll never forget the tyrants who put him in prison
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threatened him with the death penalty and caused his martyrdom turkey's president called morsi a martyr who died fighting for the cause that he believed in. systematic and structural failure that's the assessment of the un's own report looking into its failure to stop the crackdown against the. more the u. $36.00 page report says many agencies under the un did not work together to reach a unified strategy and that's because officials could not agree on whether to take a robust public approach or pursue quiet diplomacy with governments the report also blames the 15 member security council for not doing more to stop the attacks more than 700000 muslims were forced to flee to bangladesh. military began its crackdown nearly 2 years ago phil robertson is that the director of the asia division at human rights watch and he says the report doesn't go far enough in terms of who
2:37 am
should take responsibility for the failures. well if it goes a certain way but really the problem is that they're not naming any names they're not saying who on the u.n. country team or who in new york were responsible for this the problem we have here is that this is a report about accountability where no one is held accountable alternately you know everybody blames the system everybody says that there needs to be better coordination there need to be better communication this is almost a parody of discussions about u.n. reform where you know the system is always to blame but no one is in charge of the system well i think that actually it should have been the un resident coordinator the person who is in charge of the u.n. country team in myanmar who presided over this mess and continually downplayed the severity of the crisis i mean she was basically silencing colleagues who wanted to talk up the issues of human rights and an increased warnings about the situation
2:38 am
rakhine state instead she's been promoted she's now the u.n. court in india so i mean i think once again we see talk about accountability in the u.n. but really this is a check the box exercise trying to. basically protected myanmar from the kind of sanctions it should have faced from the u.n. security council you know there should've been refer busy all of what happened in rakhine state to the international criminal court but you know trying as blocking that to so i mean trying to is defending crimes against humanity and genocide by the burmese military and unfortunate because they're a permanent member of the u.n. security council they get away with it hong kong leader kerry law has offered what she calls her most sincere apology for the way an extradition bill has been handled she's under increasing pressure from protest turns who demand her resignation robert reich reports from hong kong. with anger still festering in spite of a statement apologizing for handling of this controversy hong kong's leader kerry
2:39 am
tried saying sorry in person i personally have to shoulder much of the responsibility this has led to controversies this bill was at an societies in society. for this i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong the controversial extradition bill has provoked some of the worst scenes of violence involving police and demonstrators in decades and some of the biggest protest marches ever critics say would allow china to extradite political opponents to face summary trial in mainland courts protesters have been demanding the bill be withdrawn and for lamb to quit she did neither but said that suspending work on the bill would effectively kill it at least for now i have
2:40 am
announced that we will sub spend the legislative exercise and immediately that afternoon we put a stop to the legislative exercise by informing the legislative council that the bill will no longer proceed to a 2nd reading debate but what caroline is offering still falls short of a complete withdrawal of this bill that it seems could be too much of a loss of face for her by association for beijing but that's exactly what her opponents are still demanding an alliance of pro-democracy and student groups are promising to continue their campaign of opposition carry lamis actually presenting to the rest of the word that ministration it's going to be a lame duck and ministration because she would have a very hot line governing of hong kong from now on after last sunday's unprecedented march by an estimated 2000000 people opposition groups do not want to
2:41 am
lose the momentum but possibly using the expanded ranks of activists in more targeted acts of civil disobedience where more people show that determination i believe this kind of massive mobilization will just force. government realized that it's time for them to respond on public. what seems certain hong kong is set for more political turmoil as the government and its opponents continue their battle of wills robin wright al jazeera hong kong. president said donald trump and she jumping have confirmed they will meet during next week's g. 20 summit in japan in a bid to restart failed trade talks chinese state media report the she told trump on the phone that both countries will lose by fighting the world's 2 biggest economies have imposed billions of dollars worth of tariffs on each other's exports . the prober exit m p boris johnson has surged ahead in his bid to become the next
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british prime minister he's 80 votes clear of his nearest rival u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt if barca reports just crazy if there isn't aren't you really. it was a time to kick off any of voices in opinion but all of these contenders say they'll do well the outgoing prime minister fails to do deliver it breaks it down we got here we can hear you this is the 2nd t.v. debate between leadership hopefuls in 3 days. 5 m.p.'s made the latest cut to become britain's next prime minister after a 2nd vote by conservative m.p.'s on tuesday boris johnson $126.00 leading the pack by a large margin is arch broke city airports johnson really out of the limelight he was absent from the 1st t.v. debate on sunday before him to make his debate debut against this pair down group of rivals we must come out on the 31st of october because otherwise i'm afraid we
2:43 am
face a catastrophic loss of confidence in politics we've already kicked the can down the road twice and i think the british people are getting fairly fed up with johnson's promise to negotiate a new brics a deal with the e.u. but insists the u.k. will leave the bloc come what may on october 31st this uncompromising stances made him popular with those who want a clean break from brussels. 80 votes behind johnson is the foreign secretary jeremy hunt described as a continuity to reason may not leaving the e.u. he said could be the end of the conservative party but he advocates working with the e.u. to negotiate a good departure deal environment secretary michael gove from aims in 3rd place and in 4th international development secretary rory stewart has made a surprising gains he's the only candidate rejecting
2:44 am
a no deal breaks it all if you are leaving the 31st of october if you're leaving no deal on the table please will someone tell me how you are going to do it against the consent of parliament there is a secret knock out every day this week until thursday by then the hope is will know who the final contenders are it's then down to members of the conservative party to make better choice posts or ballot only 4 weeks after that we have an idea if we can next prime minister will be wherever that is will not only have a massive in. but on british politics going ahead for many months if not years to come. a successor to to reason may hasn't even been chosen but there's already talk about whether an early general election is likely johnson's promise to take the country out of the e.u. without a deal has led to predictions of a snap election soon after the new prime minister takes office if it comes down to
2:45 am
a crunch a vote many conservatives believe johnson's the only candidate that can avoid a crushing defeat in the polls. al-jazeera westminster. 15 years after the last conchords there are plans to build new supersonic passenger jets and generics say they could be cheaper and cleaner thanks to new technology it's also about the reports from the paris air show. blake szell is preparing to bring back supersonic flight to the aviation world at the paris a show his company launched a project for a plane that could fly twice the speed of sound 50 years after concorde was designed with wind tunnel slide rules and drafting paper we now have carbon fiber composite vacherot and amex and new engines that allow supersonic flight to be accessible to tens of millions of people and a way that's economically and environmentally sustainable the companies raised more than $100000000.00 to build a $55.00 c. to plane that aide says would be affordable and produce ciro carbon emissions they
2:46 am
hope to have a prototype flying by 2020 it's not the only supersonic aircraft project a number of u.s. startups airlines and even nasa are in the race but commercial aviation has been hit before it's been more than 15 years since the british french concorde stopped flying it was a feat of engineering it could only fly over the sea it supersonic speeds though because of the very noisy sonic boom and despite his popularity it never broke even financially challenges all the commute to world has changed his concorde. environment restrictions noise thing around airports are much stricter so how does that fit in on the other hand compensate structures materials see if the modeling engine technology they've all improved. this could be interesting to see how it turns out if supersonic travel becomes a reality again the 7 and
2:47 am
a half hour flight between paris new york could be home and a new generation of people could experience travelling through the sky at breathtaking speed it's all just 0 paris let's make the call barely has an aviation analyst and former federal aviation administration safety team representative as well as a pilot who's running us via skype from new jersey the jersey that is thank you very much for speaking to us on al-jazeera so in your opinion how likely is it that supersonic travel once again becomes a reality. you know it's going to be a long time and just put this in perspective the cost on concorde a half a century ago the program ran about $1300000000.00 u.s. dollars so now fast forward 50 years later they have approximately $150000000.00 from investors and to put that even further in perspective you know a boeing $737.00 or up an airplane similar to that the new price tag on $1.00
2:48 am
single airplane is just shy of $100000000.00 so they have a long way to go funding war funding wise but the sort of the cation. and the manufacturing process and the design i mean we're talking a long time from now here's the thing though the the federal aviation administration just earlier this week said that it's moving to rewrite testing rules to allow for the eventual return of civil supersonic air travel so clearly there sounds like there is appetite for this there is appetite but keep in mind you know these are the supersonic aircraft for example here in the u.s. it's pretty evident from flying over the mainland because in addition to the noise you have shock waves that emit themselves to the surface and they crack crack windows on homes and you know shock waves on other things so they'll pretty much
2:49 am
have to figure out a way and i know they're working on this to mitigate those shock waves so they dissipate before they reach the ground so if this thing does fly over land it's not going to be breaking windows on the homes that it's flying over. on the ground but what other potential issues do you see. you know the main thing here is going to be the certification this is what is known as aviation clean sheet design which means that it's not based on any predecessor aircraft for example the 737 is built by boeing every new series of a craft is designed on a previous serious this is a brand new concept airplane that is basically one of a kind so the certification process on this and the fact that it's a supersonic airplane it's going to take a long time to number one to be produced and number 2 to be certified. we thank you
2:50 am
very much for speaking to us. thank you still ahead on the news hour. as a football match on a tennis court. time
2:51 am
for any sports update with peter thank you very much captain owen morgan produced an incredible hitting display as hosts england fired off a record breaking performance at the cricket world cup they thumped afghanistan at
2:52 am
old trafford in manchester jonny bairstow set the ball rolling as he made 90 joe root screwed 88 but when more women came to the crease the big hitting really got going he fired 148 off just 71 balls that included 17 sixes an individual record for a one day international as well as the england team total of 256 it's been dispatched to all corners of the ground as indian posted a massive score of 397 for 6. afghanistan never got close in reply to offer archer taking 3 wickets as did our due rasheed they batted out their 50 overs for the 1st time at the turn but only made $257.00 for 8 in the winning by 150 runs as they go top of the group table. brazil strike a martyr has extended her own goals record at women's world cup finals she noted
2:53 am
her 17th goal as they beat italy on tuesday but it wasn't all good news penalty was the only one of the game but due to the inferior goals scored record for the all finished 3rd in the group and will face either germany or france in the last 16 italy will meet either nigeria or china. australia finished 2nd in group c. behind italy thanks to sam cooke she scored all 4 goals as they be to make a 41 australia reach the knockout stages for a 4th time in a row and will meet norway in the last 16 defending champions the usa are preparing for their final group match against sweden that's cool 16 goals in the 2 games so far but something more important as imprest offended crystal at this tournament i am seeing so much more diversity and i think that's really all i hope for is year in year out i think it's always progression progressing in the right direction and
2:54 am
. you know especially being a woman of color i always root so much for for the black girls that are doing well and i'm always rooting for it just so much diversity in the sport to continue to grow. spain is the leader now and it's $340000000.00 and counting for real madrid as they try to regain the title from rivals barcelona tuesday saw last long course show off their latest edition 18 year old brazilian the roderigo teenage forward was signed for a reported $50300000.00. is the 1st big money signing for the summer i've already brought in has you which. may be the former head of european football michel platini has been questioned by french anti corruption investigators it's part of the ongoing inquiry into the awarding of the 2022 world cup class and he was head of us for 8 years and voted for the host the tournament 63 year old was
2:55 am
banned from football following the 2015 fee for corruption scandal its legal team so he's done nothing wrong correspondingly willis has more. according. to the former interior minister clojure anti-man implicated in the financial scandals is also helping place with their inquiries now the bigger picture is that of course michel platini is banned from football or was banned for years that's been reduced to 4. in october of this year and that was officially by faith as ethics committee called it disloyal parliament from the day in favor of president of course sepp blatter you'll remember back i swell so michel platini can play any part in football he vehemently denies any allegations against him continues to do so whether they via qatar or anywhere else and he says that he's an innocent man and you're sure that he'll be saying that again with this investigation that continues
2:56 am
with the french authorities tour de france champion gear and thomas will defend his title despite suffering a big setback ahead of this year's race the welshman crashed during tuesday's 4 stages. the tour of switzerland after a collision with zite both riders needed hospital treatment some us has now pulled out of this race this crash comes just days after a full time tour de france champion and fellow team a new os rider chris froome was ruled out of the sport's flagship events for him is expected to be up to 6 months of the suffering multiple fractures in a crash. roger federer has got his grass court season off to a winning start the world number 3 was a straight sets with a stray is john moment he needs 1st match of the heller open federer is looking for a record extending 10th title and this evening. now here's something you don't see every day a bit of football on the tennis court take a look at this joe wilfred song playing fellow fringe players in the open 1st round
2:57 am
and when you lose your record as. well as well just play some football is going quite well up until this pretty executed says click here is. not only lost his record but the match to. a metal sport we have you for now we'll have more again later. let's show you the live picture right now from florida where the vice president of the united states mike pence he is speaking at that rally taking place right now in orlando and the u.s. president is expected to kick off his reelection campaign any moment really and he's landed in florida trump that is that state of course crucial to his victory in 2016 so live pictures coming out from florida we'll get a live update in just a moment right here.
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where every. i've always been fascinated by space but the story of the space race isn't just about the men who risked their lives to travel into the unknown but the ones who held those lives in their. grandfather and his colleagues worked on the space suits they designed the space ship 1011 was his triumph. and the patrick he designed space suits but his legacy. on al-jazeera.
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the one calls for an investigation into the death of egypt's former president mohamed morsy pay their respect and his hometown. this is al jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm glad you navigate also. trumps expected to announce his bid to be reelected to u.s. president. i offer my most sincere apology. hong kong's leader says sorry for testers are vowing there won't be any let up. soaring high as.


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