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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 1, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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nuclear talks with north korea after an historic meeting with kim jong un president met kim at the demilitarized zone on the border between north and south korea where he became the 1st u.s. president to set foot in the north whilst in office is that diplomatic editor james bass reporting from pod that's close to the demilitarized zone in south korea. this went just the way president donald trump wanted pictures that will make history and potentially reinvigorate peace efforts waiting for him the other side of the line separating north korea and south korea kim jong on a handshake on the 3rd meeting and then. became the 1st ever sitting u.s. president to step on to north korean soil. the 2 then walked back into the south underdressed reports stepping of course that was agreed on
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a lot of progress. a lot of friendships have been made and it just didn't particularly great projects so i just thank you very quickly notice that i want to thank you chad i believe looking at this action this is an expression of his willingness to eliminate the unfortunate past and begin a new future. then what sounded like an invitation that would invite him right after this i waited to hear from. the 2 leaders of nations still technically at war a peace treaty was never signed when the korean war ended 66 years ago then went to what's known as the freedom house on the south korean side of the d.m.z. that is cool because here i've always wanted to meet you at this place as a symbol of the separation of the north and the south and a reminder of the unfortunate past meeting at such a place shows that we are willing to put an end to the unfortunate past and also open a new. future to provide positive opportunities in the future. at the end of 15 minutes
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of talks president trump announced that detailed negotiations will soon begin steve is going to do a fantastic job he's going to be representing. us in the talks and. will be we will be dealing with south korea will be dealing with president moon and his people but pretty much is going to be the initial dose will be between the united states and with north korea this is now the difficult bit the devil is in the detail there now need to be complex negotiations involving military scientific and nuclear experts western diplomats who've been involved a diploma see with pyongyang in the past say on previous occasions north korea has a lie and cheat it as he left south korea president trump seemed very happy but it's worth remembering the challenge ahead north korea's not yet given up any part
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of its sophisticated nuclear program the international community has not lifted any of it scribbling sanctions james berets al-jazeera south korea and with a view from the south korean capital seoul his rope mcbride. this is being seen as a major personal achievement for president moon j.n. of south korea who's been under increasing pressure since the failure of the had always summit both here at home and also from north korea throughout the events of sunday he tactfully remained very much at the sidelines allowing donald trump to claim credit for this historic day in reality though he is seen as being the instigator of this process of reconciliation if the day's events of stepping across the border is seen by the end of this year as one of the news highlights of 2019 then it will be remembered the moon j.n.
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did exactly the same last year becoming the news highlight of $2800.00 starting this whole process that has led to donald trump crossing over the border but has he always has done throughout this whole process of south korea very much giving full credit to donald trump. you know what we really want is permanent peace on the korean peninsula mr trump will be going down in history as the president who made peace on the korean peninsula and i would like to give my appreciation to donald trump and kim jong un. if this does turn out to be a historic day for the korean peninsula and the people of north korea have yet to hear about it as always state run media in north korea needs time to edit and process these images into a form that successor to bawl for the north korean leadership especially given a subject as sensitive as the leader of the united states stepping over into north korea while the networks of the world have been broadcasting live these unfolding
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events throughout sunday the state run broadcaster in north korea has been broadcasting the usual diet of propaganda documentaries and patrie arctic karaoke songs right now we can talk to a correspondent who's in washington and how's all this playing out there in this pre-election season in the u.s. . well we just had a recent update from u.s. secretary of state. who spoke with reporters prior to the party korea and he said that now the next steps would be to restart these talks as early as the middle of july he said that they would pick up where they left off if you'll recall the last real meaningful negotiations and did it with no really results back in february when the 2 heads of state had met in hanoi and pompei all mention something else interesting to reporters he said that during this meeting just yesterday between
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kim and trump that trump repeatedly told the north korean leader that there was no hurry he said we're in no hurry several times according to and chairman kim seem to agree now how that would be received in south korea with the u.s. allies that are in range certainly of these short range missiles that north korea has been testing just in recent months that of course may be a very different reaction here though in the united states it's been a sleepy sunday and there have been few of the president's republican supporters really saying anything about this which is a little bit surprising however democrats have of course responded the senate minority leader chuck schumer saying on twitter that this is a typical trump show in his words and democratic candidates speaking to the the sunday morning political talk shows saying that there is this really is
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a show with no substance they say they're all hopeful that these talks will amount to something but if you look back in the last year really after now 3 face to face meetings between trump and can then much lobbying about it from trump himself there is really very little to show for it martine heidi thank you very much indeed. emotion to. now we've got breaking news coming from tripoli the authorities at the michigan airport in tripoli say there's been an air strike as a result air traffic is been stopped this is all information that's been posted on the facebook page we've got more information on that story as soon as we do get it we will bring it to you but also the turkish foreign ministry has said that 6 of its citizens are being held fighters of the warlord trolly for half the and that they must be released immediately or they will become quote legitimate targets on
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saturday after us forces threaten turkish interests in libya including airline flights and shipping turkey has been accused of supplying weapons to forces allied to the un recognized government in tripoli ankara says it's in libya to support regional peace and stability so just to recall that that top line again air traffic has been stopped at libya's only working international airport apparently because of an air strike so that's the latest news to come out of libya will keep you right up to date with that still to come on this al-jazeera news. a tunnel running beneath occupied east jerusalem why it's triggering a new controversy. a return to the wild we visit a father in england to see why it's gone back to its roots and in sports the most successful side in the history of the couple america won't be adding to their 15
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titles. now after months of protests controversial polls have closed in albania let's go to lauren taylor now with more from our european broadcasts and lauren. thanks martin yes albanians a very heated cools to avoid violence in the marrow elections which of course political turmoil in the country and to government demonstrations have been demanding the resignation of the prime minister at the rama and calling it for a new general elections let's get to john surfaces in tirana for us i suppose a close now what's the latest. the lower and i'm standing in front of one of the counting senses in toronto where ballot boxes of being concentrated from voting centers all over the city vans a been driving up here unloading boxes and then going off for more of the bowels of
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the voting centers closed about an hour ago those books is it going to be stored here overnight they're going to be counted tomorrow we won't know the result today there isn't even an exit poll to talk about but the one piece of information we do have is not encouraging for the socialist government the central electoral commission announced that at 3 pm with 4 hours to go the voting the voter turnout nationwide was in the range of 15 percent this is something that has given the democratic party office ition reason to suspect that because the government isn't doing apparently as well as it felt it would even among its own versus there's going to be stuffing of ballot boxes and there's going to be a dishonest result at the end of this process they are announcing that of course that is not something that international monitors all the central electoral commission are yet saying but it just it does underline how controversial this
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election is it adds yet another parameter of question ability to it down the opposition is almost international community to speak out against what they call. connections that are not keys that. well international monitors are going to announce tomorrow on how they felt the election was conducted but the real issues with it not. the conduct today across the country there were very few incidents there was no real violence there doesn't seem to have been any picketing any resistance there doesn't seem to have been any bullying on the socialist side the real problem is that this was essentially a one party election socialist candidate stood in all 61 municipalities in the country unopposed in 31 of them because the main opposition parties withdrew from this election and opposed by weak opponents in the remaining seat and it is
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therefore questionable what level of democratic pluralism there is in this election prime minister has acknowledged that when i spoke with him earlier this morning he said that this was not an ideal election we would like to have for it to have gone better but he blames the democratic opposition for withdrawing from it and also for resigning its seats in parliament and being absent from the entire political process at the national level and the local level so he says they will get what they deserve that may as well lose and if necessary we show initiate a judicial proceedings to have them removed by force that their full sets the stage for potentially further control the sea in this country in the 24 municipalities where opposition may is now sit and refused to vacate their seats. thank you very much indeed. of thousands of people who have donated money to cover the legal costs of a german captain detained in italy on saturday curry cater has been accused of deliberately
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ramming her rescue vessel sea watch 3 into a police boat that was trying to stop her from entering the port of lampedusa caters lawyer says she intended no harm when she hit the boat dozens of migrants were on board the sea watch 3 after being rescued off the coast of libya or than 2 weeks ago. it's cause it was more to be seawards i would have been a dead body right now is it don't you see was a talent coast guard is courting another vessel to lampedusa at this time spotted by a spanish humanitarian group open arms rescuers save 40 people stranded in the wooden boat off the coast of libya 4 babies and 3 pregnant women were among those on board a mother is being treated for dehydration after several days at sea several people have been killed in devastating flooding in the russian region but it could scale or thirty's have evacuated thousands of people from the area around $10000.00 people from dozens of villages are thought to be affected but many towns completely
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cut off thousands of buildings bridges and roads have also been destroyed president vladimir putin has visited the region on his return her g. 20 summit in japan as. well from london in the region for now back to martin and to our lauren thank you very much indeed now israeli forces a release the palestinian minister of jerusalem affairs after arresting him earlier on sunday. he was detained at his home in occupied east jerusalem police haven't explained why he was being questioned but his lawyer says it's in relation to a visit by the chilean president at least 10 others were arrested in different parts of palestine. and the palestinian authority has condemned plans by u.s. and israeli officials to inaugurate a contested archaeological sites pilgrimage road is a tunnel located in east jerusalem which has been under israeli occupation since 1967 it lies beneath the palestinian silwan neighborhood going from the pool of
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siloam to close to the western war where the tunnel was excavated over the last 6 years by the israeli antiquities authority it was discovered in 2004 after repairs were needed to a sewage pipe in the middle of silwan neighborhood a science believed to have religious significance in judaism but palestinian officials say it's an attempt to remove their hopes for a future capital in east jerusalem ernest smith has more from still one. the tunnel runs underneath the east jerusalem palestinian neighborhood of silwan and comes out on the other side of that wall on the other side of that wall is the western wall now having to senior u.s. officials present the u.n. organization of this tunnel is yet to further and dorfman by the americans that they recognize the whole city of jerusalem as the capital of israel this this is
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the truth whether you believe or not i mean the people that that discovered this these are largely secular archaeologists scientists no particular agenda this is the truth and the truth is the only foundation on which peace will come to this area the palestinians will tell you that this is another attempt by israel to raise the historic palestinian connection to this land they want to sit there has so it just for him i am here thousands of food it's not a lot to me and to my family for in toto this is now one israeli activist group says what we government is doing is entrenching its sovereignty over the old city reshaping its historical landscape. why everything is a putting a positive spin on the downing of a u.s. trend that only has been washington and tehran to the brink of war. and this vote
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we hear from defending champion never jump of it as the eyes of wimbledon title. hello tajikistan's on a particularly wet place any time of the year but have been thunderstorms in the east side of afghanistan wandering around this area now for 2 or 3 days if not 23 weeks and this 104 millimeters represents more than what is normally caught in a whole year so flash flooding has been the result there might even be more showers in the next day or so but other than that is dry picture although you know it is coming up here in some parts of northern iran and further northwest as you can get a decent shot of that right on the coast of the caspian generally speak she's speaking there's a very dry picture normally brings you might think is cooling things down but not really down on the plains of iraq rough in the middle forty's now it has been
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hotter admittedly we've been near 50 and it's certainly in the middle forty's or higher if you come further south the reason to feel strong but still not particularly humid weather rather at this time of the near 50 in the middle of amman and somalia still although it's 30 were not particularly damp wood really that will come it's just not there yet. in southern africa now is the time for cold nights and sunny days but every now and again you get an active frontal system coming in to the west here and if you're lucky reaches namibia not be some rain there next 24 hours of mostly it's for the south. in the year 1271 a gun tell you sit out on. storch churning out in letters from the pope for the great kugler comic marco polo traveled through its own legions following dangerous roads from the holy land and beyond today chasing the shadow market professor
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showers top of china to venice with searching questions of how the relationship between east and west has changed. marco polo on al-jazeera. examining the headline and scientists are telling us that we have just 12 years to make on past any changes unflinchingly journalism i have to leave to complete. absolutely sharing personal stories with a global audience we simply can make use of the prices this is what women want to see explore in abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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time for us to take a look at the top stories here on the al-jazeera news. reports coming in of sudanese security forces having fired live ammunition at protesters in the city of pari that's north of khartoum there are demonstrations taking place across the country after the organizers called for the military to hand power to civilian rule one person we believe is being killed and there are reports of dozens more having been injured. and this is breaking news coming from libya we'll thor it is at the. airport that's in tripoli the capital say there's been an airstrike air traffic has been stopped as a consequence now general how lethal huffed and his forces have a claim and this air strike was
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a result of their forces downing what he called a turkish drone at this. after claiming that there was a turkish drone which was shot down by his forces meanwhile the town. his foreign ministry is saying 6 turkish citizens are being held by fighters of her leave or have to and that they must be released immediately or they will become quote legitimate targets on saturday have to his forces threaten turkish interests in libya including airline flights and shipping turkey has been accused of supplying weapons to forces allied to the un recognized government in tripoli ankara says it's in libya to support regional peace and security this is a developing story it would appear will keep you right up to date with the details as soon as we get them here at al-jazeera. thought the shooting down of a u.s. spy drone a couple of weeks ago has focused attention on the wrongs weapons technology and
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rainiest celebrated what they held as an important show of military strength the same as robbie has more from terror. in the days after iran shot down an american surveillance drone u.s. leaders said there had been no air space violation to warrant such an attack while the 2 sides argued about where it happened military strategists were likely discussing how the global hawk is jet propelled expensive and one of the most sophisticated drones to take to the skies. iran's military commander said it was flying higher than a commercial airliner when it was brought down by a surface to air missile made in iran iranian leaders said it was a significant display of military know how. from a military point of view the detection of a drone is not easy the radar the missiles it was hit with were all iranian maint those who are military experts they know how significant this is iran's arsenal is a patchwork of bought and borrowed technology upgraded over the years before 979 the united states helped iran develop its air defense system after the islamic
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revolution iran purchased missile systems from countries including russia and china and worked with north korea and syria to develop targeting technology and boost its domestic military production. when george w. bush was u.s. president drone technology remained secret barack obama expanded drone flights and made them a more conventional weapon of war. for donald trump and his successors having eyes in the skies over hostile lands will come with the risk of countermeasures. these after the shooting down fishermen were still pulling wreckage out of iranian waters and state media highlighted other u.s. drones that iran claims it either shot down or hacked into landed and copied reverse engineered iranian drones are almost identical to american ones iran's military has taught itself how to build them and perhaps more importantly how to break them and it says if it has to do it can do it again. these 2 pieces of technology the radar the mesan they show iran omes
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a very advanced and sophisticated technology once the global hawk was shut down that was exactly the moment i believe they put a very fair hold busy on any kind of invasion to war so on. and on the. it was a warning to americans that we have the capability to target the ships submarines and drawings and secondly it was a warning to some countries of the persian gulf that any bases used for american forces would be considered enemy territory and will be targeted on friday the united states deployed a small squadron of stealth fighters f. 22 raptors to the old air base in qatar home to u.s. central command iran has acquired some u.s. stealth tech over the years but how iranian defenses will fare against some of the most lethal manned fighter aircraft in the american arsenal is a question world leaders calling for a scaling down of tensions are hoping remains an answered in iran the downing of an american drone is being seen as a deterrent reducing the risk of an all out american invasion but iran's critics
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might say could make things worse president trump said he called offer retaliatory strike to spare iranian lives with the stakes so high it may make it difficult to do that a 2nd time same bus ravi al-jazeera to her on. the european union leaders are meeting again to try to decide who will take over the blocs top 5 jobs that's about to lower and now with more from a european broadcasts and. that's right not enough people they choose will help set policies that affect the lives of some 500000000 europeans german chancellor angela merkel said the talks were not going to be easy. socialist transcendence is the current favorite to take over from. as the next european commission president and several eastern european natives are opposed to timmins who was repeatedly accused poland and hungary of violent civil rights or not to nadine barber who's in
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brussels any closer to a breakthrough in those top jobs. were lower and we're not even closer to the start of the official meeting it was supposed to happen over 2 hours ago the start of it just a reflection of how tense things are behind the scenes it's understood that there was a plan which was drawn out on the sidelines of the g. 20 in japan in talks involving germany france spain and the netherlands which would have seen france timmons as you were saying the dutch politician already a senior figure very well known here in brussels taking the job of the commission president replacing john clued you. in a trade off with the conservative grouping here would get both the president of the european parliament it was said. the foreign policy chief job replacing federica and a member of the liberal grouping becoming the head of the european council the heads of governments but that's extremely contentious we've already seen in the last few
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hours the prime ministers of poland and the czech republic deny that mr timmins is in any way a compromise candidate saying he's divisive and doesn't understand the challenges of the former former eastern bloc countries and the reason that they have to in their eyes push through those controversial reforms there was talk that manfred verba the favorite lead candidate of the european peoples party the sensorites was perhaps pulling out of the race earlier on on sunday but now it's not quite so clear lower and what's the significance of the commission had. well clearly it's a huge body which has the power to propose legislation but it also oversees national budget senate overseas or it conducts international trade negotiations it has heads of the commission fronts to moons would be quite an ambitious figure he
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said that he wants to see quick correction on climate change a basic income for e.u. citizens and some kind of negotiations with african countries to get a grip on the so-called refugee crisis many people in the south on the sense of right see him as too left wing and we're hearing now that the general secretary of angular merkel's political party the c.d.u. says that very not giving up on their hopes of men for the german figure becoming commission president we're even hearing now from unnamed diplomats that they could be another summit in 2 weeks time such of the difficulties in coming up with a consensus anybody thank you very much and in fact a traditional farming methods on the environment has led some an industry to take a near approach in the u.k. one from his trial a so-called wilding technique and stock to roam free and the wilderness to grow naturally the results have been encouraging but they fear the current political climate could undo the hard work birds they reports from sussex for. just an hour
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south of london you find yourself in the wilderness not long ago this was a traditional farm but the owners decided to shut their eyes and see what would happen if they allowed nature to take it all back through exults astounded even them the rate at which it all group back now is not only absorbs huge amounts of carbon dioxide but is teeming with wildlife species have come back here like the stork in that tree off in the distance that haven't been seen in the u.k. the hundreds of years before that it had been really you know far as the eye could see it was it was the typical monoculture of a british army and raised to travel the world to look at wildlife and we never once thought that we could get it back on our doorstep and this was where i mean really as much as anywhere we're not going to expect large swaths of being to turn into landscapes but i think this could be used within a mix of other. i don't know other solutions for giving space nature
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but is it farming no crops but animals roaming free income for meat sales topped up by camping and large enthusiastic european subsidies it is absolutely impossible to imagine that this used to be a wheat field only 15 years ago but it just shows you what happens when you let nature take its course and it does speak very much to the entire philosophy of this place which is that farming obviously has very much been part of the problem as far as climate change is concerned but it can be part of the solution as well as roads have been here you know i've said tree nearby though there's some skepticism about this new model but like his neighbors david doesn't own all his land and has to make a profit to pay the rents so he says he still has an eye on the environment letting land go fallow letting the trees grow for the kingfishers to nest in but next to all this other crops see grows for sale the modern side of farming plaint so many.
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mental problems we have all the bar diversity with species total dogs on the naughty gals here that you might find on rewarding saw as well but we produce loads of food as well rather than all the money being poured into a very small area the 4 of the farmland or the land of the country would be far better to use it to create that mixture so bought a verse and food and farming alongside it the problem is that some environmentalists say the earth may only have 60 harvests left at 60 years before the soil is damaged beyond repair consequently the net states maintains a flood of visitors from europe and beyond looking at what they've done as the sense of climate crisis grows and people look for radical solutions but british politics are changing even faster and what happens to this place is a model a grand experiment is not at all clear lawrence lee al-jazeera in sussex that's it for me the team in london back to martina lauren thank you very much indeed now
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more mass protests are expected in hong kong monday's the 22nd anniversary of the british handover to chinese rule traditional pro-democracy anniversary demonstrations are expected to be much larger this year sarah clarke reports. in sweltering heat they lined up. and visitors from the my land all looking to get a rare glimpse of life in the barracks at the people's liberation army garrison. i'm very excited to be involved in the show it's spectacular and i wish hong kong will be better in the future. i'm so happy to see it and i love it every year the hong kong opens its doors to the public to mark the anniversary of the former british territories handover to china the destroyers warships and weaponry on display troops perform combat drills to show off their military might. or hold some of the i'm very excited and so proud of china. i am proud and i
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feel so safe to have the army here. there are 12 garrisons in hong kong but by local law they respect the city's autonomy but there are increasing signs of the p.l.o. is boosting its presence before me naval drills in victoria this was once public land overlooking victoria harbor but this week the government transferred control to china so this could be converted into a pill a dog and the navy ships can berth in central hong kong critics speculate this is a deliberate ploy by china to make its presence felt in hong kong and a reminder that beijing holds the ultimate authority over this former british territory in a city that lacks trust in the mine and it's added to the growing on these about china's tightening grip on july 1st thousands are expected to protest over controversial plan by the government to extradite fugitives to china to stand trial sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. that chile has closed its doors to venezuelans
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escaping the economic and political chaos at home the government has changed its rules to stop.


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