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really nothing more than mob violence why it has moved on out of control and they've really just put this protests down to troublemakers outliers and people who really are not part of the mainstream hong kong here but certainly we're going to see a very strong response from beijing come the morning when beijing wakes up they're not going to want to see any sort of response they want to make sure that a message gets sent to those in hong kong that this is unacceptable and this cannot happen again well let's speak now to. he is the author of the struggle for democracy in mainland china taiwan and hong kong he's also a senior fellow at the university of nottingham asia research institute and he joins us from there thanks very much for being with us so what's your view then of what you've seen fold in hong kong over the last few hours in full view of the world which is of course not the picture as we've just heard that people in mainland china are going to be getting. sure i think what we're
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seeing here is really the direct consequence of the rise of the security state in mainland china we've seen the suppression of tibetans more than 1500000. and concentration camps the crackdown on christians is also very well documented feminist and public interest law is a tetra not surprisingly especially the young people in hong kong are also at the receiving end all c.c.p. lead shop power. sold by c.c.p. i mean of course china's communist party which has really undermined political institutional design over the past 22 years and really crippled dissin situations which in a way which have become dysfunctional and today's protests really showed that hong kong in a way has become ungovernable as
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a result and how does the scituate situation in hong kong and how china deals with it contrast with. the other uprisings that you talked about there in mainland china given that hong kong has enjoyed this autonomous government with its with its own its own laws and so on and its own free media as well. sure of course when the british scientists sign a british joint declaration $984.00 which then place the way to the basic law which is hong kong's many constitution it did grant. great deal of autonomy and in a way desoto to me has given the young people the citizens in hong kong a lot of license to protest to make their voice heard but not surprisingly if you are let's say a sitting in a room with lights on an internet switched on you don't want anyone to switch off the lights and pull the plug to your internet but that's exactly what's kind of
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happening all over the past couple of years. the chinese communist party with the help of the hong kong essay our government and successive chief executives they have really undermined this one country 2 systems formula and work towards a one system 11 country one system formula and as you can expect that you know people who've grown accustomed to the rule of law who cherish the civil liberties will not just simply roll over and accept this new reality and so this is why people are taking this and as this what we've seen today done irreparable damage now to the whole relationship between hong kong and mainland china and this one country 2 systems principle that you mention now i mean are we are we in uncharted territory. i think it's very difficult to judge the overall impact of today's events we have to bear in mind that as the report
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previously suggested that this popular uprising is fueled by 2 streams so to speak and more activist youth based wing who are engaging in civil disobedience and direct actions such as storming the parliamentary building today but of course there's also a shoot majority of mainstream society who have been out on the streets marching peacefully and we shouldn't forget that today we saw again 550000 people in the streets so over the past 3 weeks or so we've seen perhaps 3500000 people protesting against the whole cholesterol government and that this extradition law peacefully and so i would say that the public support is great but it is indeed difficult to see you know whether a friend is and how this problem can be solved so i would hope that the hong kong that's our government will take the responsible step and you have pulled this law.
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finally and also do its job to kind of deescalate the situation it really takes 2 to tango and now it's time for kerry and her cabinet to show leadership and to apologize that is the minimum i think that we should expect from her and her government to deescalate this. growing crisis in hong kong good to speak with you. plenty more ahead on the news out. an explosion and gun battle in the afghan capital at least 16 people are dead. and the world's number one tennis player begins his wimbledon campaign even closer. so let's the ahead but 1st the international atomic energy agency has confirmed iran stockpiled more enriched uranium that allowed in the 2015 nuclear deal iran's
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actions have complicated efforts now by world powers to preserve the agreement to iran has accused european leaders of not doing enough to help save the nuclear deal after the u.s. withdrawal. iran's foreign minister said it has the right to exceed the limit because the 2015 nuclear deal has not been upheld humanitarian of it as i've been informed iran has exceeded the 300 kilogram limit to enrich uranium we had previously announced this and we were transparent in saying that what we are going to do we considered a tower right reserved in the nuclear terror group or your coffee and. actions by the europeans have not been enough so we will move ahead with our plan we are in the process of doing our 1st phase of action increasing our stockpile of enriched uranium as well as our heavy water reserves we have already announced the 2nd phase which would be surpassing the rhenium enrichment limit of 3.6 percent this will be
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our next step so let's take a closer look at the dispute around the nuclear deal us president donald trump pulled out of the agreement last year and imposed tough new sanctions 3 months later in may run an ounce that would pull back on some of its commitments under the deal by increasing production of low enriched uranium and iranian and european leaders met on saturday in vienna to try and save the agreement but there was no breakthrough adult body has the latest from tehran. the international atomic energy organization says iran has surpassed 300 kilograms of low enriched uranium at the level of 3.67 percent now this is something the iranians have said they were going to do as part of their scaling back their commitment to the nuclear deal of 2015 because they feel that the european signatories are not upholding their end of the deal of this agreement now the foreign minister has says this is the 1st step the 2nd step is coming on july 7th which is the end of the 60 day period that has been
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set by president hassan rouhani and for the europeans to respond to the concerns the iranians have on july 7th it is believed that the 2nd step will include the increase of the level of enrichment that means it will go from 3.67 percent anywhere to up to 20 percent that is what iran is capable of enriching so we have yet to see what that number will be but regardless they have decided this is the 2nd step that is coming and today's announcement is just another sign that the iranians are adamant that they're not really in this agreement with all the other signatories and the other parties involved really must do more to uphold their end of the deal after the united states withdrew from this agreement last year and iran will continue to pursue the path that they believe is best for the country's best interest it has more on this now from parish. over the past few weeks as tensions have been escalating between washington and tehran european powers of repeatedly
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called on the 2 sides for calm to deescalate the situation and they've also called on iran to keep its commitments under 2015 deal what they don't want to be is in a position where we're going to have paris berlin london and the e.u. suddenly being in a position where they're going to have to concede that iran has broken its commitments to the deal that would be a concession that their diplomatic powers of collapse would be a huge blow to their diplomatic credibility and they would be very worried indeed about the possibility of iran having a nuclear weapon is something that of course this deal is supposed to prevent the problem is that the european powers have not yet come up with some sort of method or mechanism to shield the iranian economy from the full force of u.s. sanctions they put in place something called in stakes it's a payment system that quanta was dollar payments that allows for some trade between europe and iran so far it can only be used for humanitarian goods or some medical
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goods food and aid it is not enough to try and persuade big multinationals like the french oil giant total to do trade with iran again and risk u.s. penalties and that really is the problem because european powers simply haven't managed to come up with something to shield the iranian economy from the full force if u.s. sanctions and in a way iran is certainly turning up the pressure on european powers to do more let's cross over to patty culhane washington so patty what's the view likely to be in the united states over this decision by the by iran to increase in rich you running. you know when it comes to the trump white house you never really know what they're going to say when it comes to iran and it's getting pretty late in the day here we still don't have a response from the white house a spokesperson told our white house producer that they expected that there would be
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some sort of statement coming again hours of past still no response i think the big question is how how close is john bolton the national security adviser to u.s. president donald trump john bolton is a well known hawk on iran before this announcement was made he said in reaction to if this was going to happen he said the message is that basically all options are on the table but is does he have the ear of the president right now it doesn't seem likely that he does because very unusual move he did not travel with the president over the last couple of days the person who did travel with the president was tucker carlson a fox news talk show host who is been very critical of bolton and the possibility of going to the iran war reportedly telling the president if he did that he would not win reelection because that would be seen as a betrayal by his base so exactly what the reaction is going to be we just simply don't know because we've seen a lot of different takes on this from different people within the trump
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administration betty thanks for that particularly in live for us in washington and let's bring in a nuclear arms control specialist taught in growth in vienna austria now from 2002 to 2011 he was responsible for the verification and security policy at the international atomic energy agency thanks very much for being with us so i want to ask you 1st of all did iran really need to do this and did they need to do it now. no in my view iran was badly advised to take this action and my view iran has fallen headlong into the trap that the crumpet ministration has been setting for it that it's far iran to act irrationally and certify the limit on uranium enrichment as well as some heavy water production this would then mean that the other partners in the d.c. feel way will probably be unable to support iran and it also gives us much more leverage i would recommend that iran look at how kim jong un has had 2 presidents
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from in the space of a year from trading barbs present conflict fallen in love with them has met him 3 times this is part of the message from a negotiating strategy when something his negotiating partners like the new china japan and then going into a negotiation with them so in my view the iranians should iranian leadership would swallow their pride and accept that promptly ministrations offer for negotiations with no conditions attached which was made by them last month. but for the iranians from their point of view saying that they had no choice but to do this and they have every right to do this since the u.s. it was the u.s. withdrew from the agreement 1st so why should why should a iran be bound to it now well that's not correct that they had no choice they should understand that iran is the weaker party here nearly 80 percent of global
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trade and financial transactions stocks the dollar in one way or another and there is no way that iran can stand up and win this by either on the financial levels or on the military level with the u.s. and thereby they need to act very smartly and turn the tables in their favor just like north korea has none. give us give us an idea of what this decision what what this move to to. raise the to enrich. uranium by a higher level how does this affect the whole. idea of getting closer to making a nuclear weapon. with the because experts are saying that 20 percent enriched uranium. is most of the way towards weapons grade uranium well that's why actually correct you or anyone comes out with 0.7 but then this will content and it needs to be enriched to about 3.67 or under apply that standard for
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use in the reactor and can be enriched to 20. 6 nearly or. you would richard to manti percentage so jumping really percent to 90 percent which is required for a weapon is relatively speaking it's not that big an effort but iran doesn't perhaps the fission richmond. you may sufficient the iron rich you're in the i'm above 90 percent for nuclear weapons in less than a year or more so there is a lot of breathing space it's not something that iran would be able to accomplish in a few weeks from now. good to speak with you todd and joining us there from vienna . our forces loyal to libyan war to khalifa haftar have launched more air strikes targeting the u.n. back government in the capital tripoli a number of people have been killed and injured in the attack that took place on monday strike also left several buildings damaged one would have had has more from
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tripoli. 5. government fighters dead and 8 others who wanted also there are people fighters are still under the rubble has them that as part of the airstrike launched by warplane loyal to the warlord safe or have to the targeted location overnight in neighborhoods in southern tripoli military sources with the government say that most probably that fighter jet is an f. 16 and it's either egyptian or immorality fighter jet they tell us that those same fighter jets 16. targeted several locations in tripoli in 2014 during the military campaign known then as operation dawn also we know that have to us forces announcing that they're going to intensify airstrikes in tripoli
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also the military commander of the air force commander would have his forces general mohammed among 4 and i said last night that they're going to intensify in the strikes in and around tripoli calling on residents to stay away from confrontation areas we're also getting reports from the city of that again that have the fate of jet targeted that sort of a military camp known as the 8th brigade headquarters we know that after have to the forces lost this city of very yan on wednesday they have they have tried to transfer their military confrontations to other locations including southern tripoli and also the targeting of airport the only operation airport in tripoli yesterday we know that they have to the forces have to disclose that are accusing turkey of providing coverage to the rival groups led by the backed
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government of national accord but. government is just defying this saying that it's the only institution entitle to use foreign weapons all right still ahead on as you know why our desire to be fashionable has created the 2nd largest polluter in the world. and in sport there's a spying scandal growing at the women's world cup we'll be here with the details. are going to welcome back when her across much of the vote we are talking dry conditions but we do have some storms here passing across the caspian now for back who you're going to be seeing improving conditions by the time we get towards tuesday then your temperatures will be coming up to about 30 earlier this week we did see in into the weekend we saw temperatures down into the mid to low twenty's
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down here towards quit city though we do expect a temperature to come up from 45 to possibly 47 degrees by the time we get towards wednesday now here across the gulf we have been fairly dry of the last couple of days but that's about to change the humid it is about to come up as well so here on doha we're going to be seeing a temperature of about $44.00 degrees on tuesday but by the time we get to wednesday unity values along the coast could go up to about 80 percent and temperatures coming down to $42.00 but the heat index is going to feel more like $45.00 to $46.00 over towards misquote though that's going to be a nice day if you with a temperature of 33 degrees there and then very quickly across parts of southern africa we did see one weather system pushing to cape town bring some clouds as well as some rain there but we're going to be seeing some cooler conditions as we go towards tuesday at about 14 degrees durban is going to be a bright day at 20 but a little bit chilly for johannesburg at about 13 maybe coming up to about 16 as we go towards wednesday and madagascar at $24.00 degrees.
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bastes is a dialogue reading about it for us and staying at the international media and on t.v. why should we stop it's comes with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my and everyone has a voice me of being taken advantage of just because we're a small community without any network just each health joining the global conversation on out to 0 all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here the street. in the year 1271 and a gun to tell you much to set out on an extraordinary journey carrying letters from the public for the great kugler con marco polo traveled through to legions following dangerous roads from the holy land and beyond today chasing the shadow on the professor john has traveled china adventures with searching questions of how the relationship between east and west has changed. marco polo on al-jazeera.
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again this is mind of our top stories this hour police in hong kong used tear gas to disperse protesters who stormed and vandalized the legislative council building activists have occupied the building for hours and it was all part of a much larger protest held on the anniversary of hong kong's transfer of sovereignty to china from britain. iran's foreign minister says tehran has exceeded the threshold for enriched uranium stockpile said under 2015 nuclear deal ron is
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again accusing european powers of not doing enough to help save the d.-o. after the u.s. withdraw. forces loyal to libyan war. launched more air strikes targeting the u.n. backed government in the capital tripoli a number of people have been killed and injured in monday's attack the strike also left several buildings damaged. and more now on our top story monday's events in and around the hong kong's legislative council building why in haiti now with this date from inside the building while it was occupied by protests. extraordinary scenes inside the legislative council building of hong kong this is effectively hong kong's parliament after spending hours outside this complex over the course of monday the protesters were trying to smash their way through reinforced glass windows and doors and eventually by monday evening they were able to force their way inside the building itself facing very little resistance from police along the
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way in the end in fact it seems that the police disappeared altogether small group of protesters were able to make their way all the way into this room this is the debating chamber and as you can see there are still some here they have caused a lot of damage it has to be said right throughout this building as they came in there it's graffiti on the walls they have torn down pictures from the walls as well but this is hugely symbolic of course this is the room where back in april the lawmakers had that 1st reading of the controversial extradition bill that would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china to face justice well the people who have been protesting over the past 3 weeks or so say that's just another sign of beijing's increasing influence over hong kong that bill was eventually suspended that's not good enough for these protesters they want it canceled altogether and they want the chief executive of hong kong to resign so far there is
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no sign of either of those things happening. in iraq's prime minister are they allowed to maddy has ordered paramilitary groups to be integrated into the armed forces iraq's militia groups all to be mostly iranian backed and they've been ordered to comply with the orders by july the 31st prime minister says offices and checkpoints operated by militia groups must be shut down get more on this now or from how my german jhoom who is in baghdad for us mohammed. how is that busy you know it's it's significant that this big korean has come out but we had been expecting something of this nature because there have been a series of decrees of late by iraq's government concerning the popular mobilization forces and their work with the military establishment here. as you mentioned one of the key things decreed by the prime minister is that these
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paramilitary groups be integrated into the regular armed forces that are doing as a militia groups must cut try with political being if i could step back for a moment to talk to just a bit about the popular vote or was a nation forces this is iraq the state sponsored umbrella organization composed of dozens of military units and militias that are mostly shiite muslim groups and there has been concern especially by the u.s. that there are factions within those groups that are affiliated very closely with iraq and that that could pose a threat to write off and to u.s. interests and personnel inside of iraq of course has been building pressure on prime minister i've been i've been to to try to rein in iranian influence inside of it off to try to ensure that we want is not play an oversize role right
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now that off. b a surprise visit in may by u.s. secretary of state mike pay or the reward and i don't see government officials of the threat posed by iran to u.s. personnel inside of it off and because of its mounting tension in the region between the u.s. and iran there is a lot of focus right now on the militia groups inside of it off that might be. affiliated with new dawn now some of the other decrees that playing out are that there will be designated training camps that are exclusively for popular mobilization forces that any paramilitary. faction much to set up on a military base in the pits not we must shut down so really this is a way for the military structure here to have control over these groups and to
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ensure that there are not factions within those groups that are close to iran that are working outside the purview of the government and the iraqi military been seen as an homage and june 1st there in baghdad thank you. our gun battle between security forces and taliban fighters in the afghan capital has ended the shootout followed a huge explosion that killed at least 16 people and injured more than 100 in kabul smoke was seen billowing from an area near the u.s. embassy in the city a question watty is in kabul with the tickets it was already have explosion in kabul this morning on one of the busiest streets of kabul during the rush hour when number of attackers a technologist and department of the one defense ministry out of the minister's building exploded i mean a truck full of explosives and west of the attackers managed to take their position on the rooftop of the nearby buildings of one security force and i are at the scene
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they cordoned off the area and they were engaged with the taliban attackers taliban are claiming the responsibility for this attack and at a time when they're holding be stuck with u.s. officials in doha at the moment now for the 2nd time e.u. leaders have failed to pick a new president for the bloc despite holding marathon talks overnight from all we can cross too long tell you why in our european of broadcast center. yes that's right has a met european leaders have suspended their summit until tuesday after failing to reach a consensus during more than 20 hours of negotiations they're divided over who should succeed. as european commission president for the next 5 year term eastern european countries object to dutch socialist france timmons who has the backing of germany spain and france the french president has criticised the delay as a bad look for the block. to process even if i believe in the long term we must
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draw all the consequences of such a failure our credibility is double edged by these long meetings that lead to nothing we give in if you will but that's not serious so let's go live now to nadine barber in brussels who is likely to come up with a top job. well lauren it's less certain i think than on sunday as leaders arrived here in brussels on sunday for the talk so it seemed like there was a lot of optimism and a general perhaps an amount of consensus via one of the 2 main so-called lead candidates france timmons the man you were referring to was the favorite this is coming out of a plan that was hatched at the g 20 involving just a few e.u. leaders and i think that's part of the problem what followed was 20 hours of on and off negotiations one of the longest every use summits which saw. several countries like poland and the czech republic express just how toxic they
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thought france timmermans would be as head of the e.u. commission now he might have got the arithmetic behind him the necessary support which was 21 of the $28.00 e.u. states representing 65 percent of the e.u. population but the depth of feeling against him meant that other leaders who were initially neutral let's say then came out and said that's not going to work people like giuseppe conti of italy the center right grouping the european people's party also held a series of bilateral meetings with the head of the e.u. council suggesting alternative candidates from their side of politics the lead candidate from the p.p. manfred verba almost withdrew it was clear he was and he was not really going to
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have the numbers but now there's been that push back by the sensor right making it extremely complicated to predict either whether the next head of the commission will be from the left or the right wing or in fact who it will be. with him barbara thank you very much indeed. german foreign minister high command has warned the arrest of a german ship captain in italy could lead to considerable aggravation and calls for her immediate release correct later has appeared in a sicilian court after being detained on saturday when she dr vessel carrying dozens of migrants on the island of lampedusa 31 year old has been accused of deliberately ramming the sea watch 3 rescue vessel into a police boat it was trying to stop her from entering the port or cages noya says she intended no harm when she hit the boat self declared republic of northern cyprus says an object that hit its territory overnight appears to have been a russian made missile weapons struck a mountain north of the capital nicosia the turkish cypriot foreign ministry says
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the missile could be an ad offense weapon fired by syrian forces on monday night. a court in moscow has jailed russian opposition leader alexei navalny for 10 days for taking part in a street demonstration of our neighbors among hundreds of protesters detained in moscow last month of the coding for police involved in the alleged framing of a journalist to be punished the man is russia's most prominent opposition figure and has been jailed several times. and wouldn't skyscrapers and self driving vehicles are among some of the technologies on display at a new exhibition in london for all society's summer science exhibition is to display the works of hundreds of scientists but to make their cutting edge research and technology accessible to the public new park has more from central london. isaac newton charles darwin stephen hawking they've all come through these doors and for more than 160 years this eminent institution's been open to
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a curious public. call us franks a superstar in the field of cosmology he believes in building bridges between science and society being selected to exhibit over our society is one of the greatest honors scientists can have because it gives them the opportunity to communicate their results of that research to the public at large is not the point making the great discovery everything science if only you and your friends know about it was this year 250 scientists a showcasing cutting edge research including plans to build a new generation of skyscrapers from wood these are the towers of tomorrow made from gluing lehrer palermo of timber together. every time know we're told 1.8 tons of carbon dioxide in a. building cities out of buildings is
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a way to store that carbon for a long long time and if you're wondering the wood specially treated and configured to make it fireproof a science advances a growing number of.


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