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treated receive no help medications we all have a duty to change. mental illness. on al-jazeera. after days of deadlock european leaders picked germany's defense minister also for the lion for the e.u.'s top job she now needs to be endorsed by the european parliament is opening was marked by protests. this is out jazeera live from london also coming up russia's president orders an urgent inquiry after 14 sailors die in a fire on a navy submarine. and day turns to night in chile one of the best places in the world to witness
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a total solar eclipse. to one failed summit and another 3 days of talks european leaders have agreed on who should take the top jobs of the main of the e.u.'s main is to to sions for the next 5 years they picked german defense minister orsola from the line to replace. as european commission president belgian prime minister shalmi show would be european council president taking over from donald tusk spain's for mr jones at doral has been nominated to be the top diplomat he would replace fitted ecomog illini as high representative for foreign affairs and i.m.f. chief christine lagarde has been proposed for president of the european central bank taking over from mario draghi 1st though they all need to be endorsed by the european parliament the day in baba reports from brussels. after days of wrangling
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it's a close ally of german chancellor angela merkel who's got the nod for what many see as the most important to you joe. germany's defense minister and a self-proclaimed federalist is the leader's nomination for the post of european commission president even if germany up staying on the commission president. their government coalition. support the whole package 1st and foremost we have chosen to women and to men for the for. the perfect gender balance. i am really happy about it after all europe as a woman child michelle the belgian prime minister is nominated to be the next head of the european council with spain's foreign minister josep burrell as the e.u.'s foreign policy chief while the international monetary fund boss christine lagarde is nominated to head the european central bank you know had seen in that tired of
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course we all had to give a bit we all had to move but once again the european council has approved the fact that it is capable of doing so and given the disparate conceptions in europe and the monks and various party groups and families and the various prime ministers i believe it to be an assett. the dutch labor leader from his to moments had been seen as the front runner for a commission president as the talks started on sunday but there was a big push back from countries including poland hungary the czech republic and slovakia the so-called visigoth for the hungary ins and poles have been strongly criticised by simmons over their record on the rule of law throughout these negotiations donald toast the president of the european council has been wary of putting things to a vote prefer him to reach consensus however slowly the process is highlighted not just national divisions but the struggle for influence between europe's political families the top appointments are meant to take into account the results of the recent european elections the group that did best the center right the p.p.p.
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insisted one of its candidates should head the commission but the lead candidate of the greens has denounced the package as a back door deal and old europe at its worst is not a certainty that the parliament will approve the names. i'm going to merkel says the e.u. could explore new rules to avoid repeating the squabbles we've just seen for example direct elections and trans national lists whatever happens the calls for greater transparency are likely to get louder nadine barber al-jazeera brussels. meanwhile the new intake of members of the european parliament have been sworn in that includes the brics it party who turned their backs as the european out them was played during the ceremony currently has more from. here comes trouble and its name is the brics it party it is now the biggest single party in the european parliament and as such is the best representation of how this institution is in flux as just one example has already threatened to help vote down the e.u.
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budgets and it doesn't like the way that europe does deals the whole way the group systems work again very undemocratic you know you have to tie up with people in 7 other countries and you know if you were leaving and everybody else wants to stay then there's no sense in that sort of britishers. they certainly started as they mean to go on turning their backs in the chamber during the inauguration ceremony as the european anthem was played. so there are new fault lines everywhere outside a big castle and demonstration in protest against spain for blocking their leader. from taking his seat inside. and across the floor of the chamber knew right swing populists viewed with fear and suspicion by the establishment center writes while over on the left surging greens and liberals many wearing yellow stop bricks it t. shirts are just as keyless lights this is not politics as usual we're all out there
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doing our social media and it's getting a lot more attention than it did before and we've got more journalists coming here as well and everything that raises the profile of european politics and helps people to understand how crucial it is to be part of the legal changes that are made here which is really we're leading the world in terms of legislation that protects people on the planet everything that can help that is a good thing so by the traditionally been the standards of strasburg this promises to be an argumentative european parliament with little sign the politicians are prepared simply to rubber. decisions that have been made by the european commission in brussels proponents of political stability in europe will say that that's messy you could just as well argue that it's democracy in action. most european m.e.p. is and usually you get a shrug of the shoulders many of them are accused of using this place as a get rich quick vehicle making alliances for political expediency as much as for progress maybe the angry mood among the europeans will add
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a level of transparency and relevance to this place lawrence li al jazeera in strasbourg. russia's president has ordered an inquiry after 14 sailors died in a fire on a navy submarine the defense ministry says it was a deep sea research vessel based in several remorse which was carrying out a survey of the sea floor near the arctic at the time. in some of the defense minister for a briefing on the far and ordered him to fly to the naval base the defense ministry says the deaths were caused by poisonous gases from fumes it's the deadliest incident involving a russian naval submarine since 2002 explosions on a nuclear powered could ask killed all 118 men on board steadfast and has more from moscow. the ministry of defense announced that this accident happened on monday one day earlier and soon after their president putin rescheduled his appointment and
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met with the minister of defense. who he actually ordered to go immediately to the base over a mosque where the northern fleet is based and also with his deep sea water vehicle that basically was object of this accident has been taken back to the minister is ordered to oversee the investigation and give the president for us to hand reports on how that is going it's still not clear what type of submarine was in that area and was having this fire reports here in the russian media have sat it wasn't a as 12 it's called the lasher rick it's a deep deep sea water nuclear submarine which is also used as a spy submarine it's not very clear it's very secretive for submarine it's not very clear what it can do but it's sad that it can also disrupt a very important internet traffic and all kinds of communications between countries
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in case of a global conflict the united states has expressed its concerns of the use of this kind of sop and rain again we don't have any confirmation that is this is was the exact type where the accident has happened the investigation is now ongoing it's being led by the navy commander showing the importance of the urgency of this accident the president also expressed his condolences and sad that it's a great loss for the nation at least 14 people have been confirmed dead and 13 more missing after severe flooding in southern russia a cleanup is now underway in siberia is it could screeching for trench rain last week caused already 4 rivers to breach water levels of since dropped by 4 meters 4000 homes were flooded and 2 and a half 1000 people evacuated. beijing has strongly condemned protesters who ransacked hong kong's parliament accusing them of trampling on the rule of law
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group of activists stormed and occupied the legislative council building for several hours after breaking away from a peaceful protest the disorder follows weeks of huge demonstrations calling for a bill allowing extraditions to china to be scrapped katrina you in beijing reports on the reaction from china. this is the hong kong the chinese government wanted the world to see celebrations marking the 22nd anniversary of its return to the chinese motherland instead bs with the scenes broadcast around the world dismissed by beijing as little more than violent mobs pursing but it says is a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems rule its strongest words yet very strong to you finding out what happened in hong kong violently striking in the last minute damaging facilities is an act of troubling rule of law and violating social order is a serious to law breaking behavior. the communist party has condemned the storming
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of hong kong's legislative council and its full support behind chief executive kerry land government it's backing a police investigation into the criminal responsibility of those involved on monday night saying offenders who feel the full force of the law. the chinese government are continuing to play down the takeover of hong kong's palm and calling it the illegal behavior of a group of radicals but the intensity of the protests have no doubt time is leadership and pundits and questions as to why so many who are resisting they jews control they see or perceive that somehow beijing is over reaching that it's violating what they perceive as the spirit or the agreement that was in the handover from beijing's point of view they're protecting their people and their country for now from chinese state media a familia party line continuing to protest will only undermine social order and
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harm hong kong. beijing is watching closely waiting to see of hong kong government is able to stamp out the unrest if not it may bring what these protesters fear the more still more control from the mainland katrina new al-jazeera beijing. still to come this half hour heavy monsoon rains cause wars to collapse on to homs and shanty towns in and around mumbai killing at least $31.00 people. and it means interior minister vows to expel the german captain of a migrant rescue boat docked in unproduced after judge releases her from house arrest. dry across much of australia at the moment some pleasant winter sunshine should we
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call it mostly clear skies but little more cloud making its way into the way this system will fade as we go on through the next day or 221 celsius in perth on wednesday afternoon 40 back to around 17 on thursday here comes the cloud and right really will be very heavy at times as we go on towards the weekend elsewhere across the country fine and dry 141516 celsius just around that southeastern corner but quite a fog in trying to new zealand we've got the fair bit of cloud sliding its way across the south island at the moment and that's going to continue pushing further east and north over the next couple of days a very wet day on wednesday lots of heavy downpours for southern parts up towards central areas of the country little sweet further north christchurch goes from 18 celsius to just 11 degrees chris sunshine coming in as we go on through thursday we're picking up a southerly breeze northern parts will see some heavy rain got some very heavy rain
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making its way across japan at the moment been rather unsettled into q.c. recently that will make its way across a good part of honshu as we go on through thursday by law as you dry to the north and west. the venezuela colombia border has become a stomping ground for trespasses. as desperate people transgress an illegal passage . to feed emerging field trafficking markets. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking it all. venezuela and colombia. on al-jazeera.
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the mind of the top stories. after days of deadlock hear a pin leaders have agreed on who should fill the top jobs for the next 5 years german defense minister also enough for the lion is the 1st woman to be nominated to be european commission president but 1st she must be endorsed on opponent. russia's defense ministry says 14 saying is have died in a fire on a navy submarine and says the deaths were caused by poisonous gases from fumes. and china strongly condemned protesters who ransacked hong kong's parliament on monday accusing them of trampling on the rule of law. a u.s. navy seal charged with committing war crimes in iraq has been acquitted by a military jury in san diego the jury found special operations chief edward
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gallagher not guilty of murder and all other counts except for unlawfully posing for photographs with a dead war casualty geico was accused of fatally stabbing an arsenal prisoner who'd been wounded by an airstrike in iraq in 2017. what is your castro joins us live from washington d.c. why did the verdict come as a surprise. well or and there were so many twists and turns in this trial that really no one knew what to wrists what to expect as a result but we do know that the allegations were extremely troubling it was members of gallagher's own platoon who came forward to turn in their chief accusing him of stabbing a 17 year old capture eisel fighter and killing that man as well as the shooting at unarmed civilians in iraq and that is what multiple witnesses for the prosecution testified to during this trial but early on during the trial the state the
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prosecutors did suffer quite a blow when one of their own witnesses dropped a stunner on the courtroom by claiming that he himself had been the killer of this eisel fighter and that it was not gallagher who ultimately took the man's life that witness was navy medic who said that he killed the young man out of mercy after gallagher stabbed him in the neck now both lawyers from both sides said the witnesses for the other were lying in the end it took all to millie just about 24 hours for this military jury to reach these verdicts acquitted of all counts of these war crimes except for posing with the dead body of this eisel fighter texting images of that to his friends no clue at this point why the jury decided the way
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they did we do know that gallagher was much supported by u.s. conservative media and in fact even enjoy the support of president donald trump early on and is accused of having preferential treatment during his detainment as a result of that support from the president we do know because he is has been convicted only of that one count of posing with the dead body that he will walk free today lauren. thank you very much indeed. phir been states say they won't seek to reimpose un sanctions on iran over its nuclear program for now despite it breaching the 2050 nuclear deal the french president emanuel michael has urged tehran to reduce its enrich uranium reserves immediately the un's nuclear watchdog confirmed on monday that iran is stockpiling more enriching uranium than it's allowed under the deal this is a year after u.s. president donald trump withdrew from the accord on iran's parliamentary speaker
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says pressure from the u.s. is only making his country stronger more. america's problem is that they don't know the middle east and the iranian nation and they think if they deploy some warships to the region they can suppress the determination of a nation but iranians have shown they have unified will trump should realize that a civilized nation will get more united when they are bullied if they understand that many problems will be solved the understanding it needs wisdom that russia bottlers following reaction from europe and has this report from paris. now according to european diplomatic sources britain france and germany the 3 european signatories to the 2015 iran deal are really intent on trying to diffuse the situation after iran exceeded its uranium limits these diplomatic sources also say that these 3 powers are not going to trigger a special mechanism that was in shrine in the 2015 a deal which would lead to the reimposition or u.n.
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sanctions on iran the focus clearly for european powers is to try and persuade to tehran to continue to comply with the deal earlier in the day we heard from the french president amount of virus statement that was released by the elise a in which mark was calling on iran to reverse the steps it's taken to exceed its uranium limits it's also urging tehran to comply with the deal saying that president bankroll really focus on the next few days on doing everything he can to make sure that this deal survived is something we also heard from the british foreign minister there is a clear desire on behalf of the europeans to continue to fight for this deal as they have done so ever since the united states pulled out and we impose sanctions last year protesters in northern israel have burned tires and blocked roads calling for justice over the death of an israeli ethiopian teenager the 18 year old was shot dead in the city of haifa on saturday by an off duty policeman when
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a smith has more from tel aviv. the intense grief and anger of solomon tickers family and his death has been reflected in some of the biggest nationwide protest in israel in recent years. the 18 year old was shot dead in the northern city of haifa by an off duty police officer who says he tried to break up brawling nudes but they turned against him other witnesses say the police officer started the confrontation there are almost 150000 jews of ethiopian descent in israel. 2 and the times they've complained of racial discrimination. i have lots of friends who the police have hits on target but tasers yesterday it was him tomorrow it could be me and the day after it could be my brother or friend why do they do this because they're racists i have small kids this is a nuff it's not nice i'm always worried about my son until i see him with my own
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eyes when he comes home and we also humanists thousands of protesters brought traffic to a standstill in a dozen israeli towns and cities from early evening rush hour until late into the night a police spokesman said they needed to carry out a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the circumstances of the shooting the police officer who shot solomon tucker is under house arrest is actually now at a secret location for his own protection now the police internal investigations department has looked into the deaths of 10 israeli citizens who were shot by the police over the last 5 years and no police officer has ever faced charges in connection with any of those killings birthright al-jazeera television. some breaking news we wrote as news agency is reporting a man has blown himself up into his u.s. capitol after being surrounded by police it happened in a mini area in northern tunis on thursday last week 2 suicide bombers blew themselves up while targeting the police in the capital one police officer was
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killed and more on that breaking story as we get it. monsoon rains have led to flash flooding in western india it has caused chaos in the financial capital mumbai and its surrounding areas have collapsed on to huts and shanty towns killing at least $31.00 people and injuring dozens more mohamed reports. is the heaviest rainfall people in mumbai have seen in a single day in more than a decade more than 350 millimeters of rain fell in just over 22 hours in the city of 20000000 people cars were submerged main roads flooded and at the city's airport there was a major disruption with a plane skidding from the runway and 100 flights affected with millions prevented from getting to work and school mumbai officials declared a public holiday. and there is no train and they are not making any announcements either there is water logged everywhere. in the next lot but they're not allowing that to leave either. the heavy downpour forced water levels to rise.
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commuting is a big problem how does a man go to work or reach home they have to get down you need deep and sometimes waist deep water on waterlogged roads to get from one place to another. in the western part of mumbai a wall collapsed on homes in the shanty town workers scramble to rescue survivors several people were killed and dozens injured in the search with 3 methods victim locating cameras dog searches and physical searches we've handed over all the bodies that we found and all the searches we're not getting any more information or extra signals so we'll ask the local authorities to conclude the rescue operation the indian navy has been called in to provide relief to other areas affected by the heavy downpour. india has its monsoon season every year but this storm has already brought the 2nd highest rainfall in 44 years and with 3 more days of heavy rain expected people in mumbai are being told it's better to stay at home for healing
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mohammed al jazeera. a group of u.s. democrats say migrants have been subjected to systemic cruelty at a texas detention center politicians toward a facility after reports of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions some border patrol agents are also under fire for allegedly posting offensive comments online alan fisher has more. we told them to leave cell phones at the door but one congressman ignored that and what he posted on twitter reveals immigrants living in basic cramped conditions at this border station in texas the members of the congressional hispanic caucus all democrats to several migrant detention centers they call conditions horrific. should it. be leaders again there was a few people. we know driving. in
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these remember being told that c.b.p. officers to drink. border officials say that's not true saying there are ample supplies of water the visit came just hours after it was revealed a private facebook group allegedly run by past and present border patrol agents threatened lawmakers visiting the sites it also made crude jokes and posted have seen pictures of the delegation al-jazeera hasn't independently viewed this site called $1015.00 border patrol called for aliens in custody but it's claimed the even more the picture of the father and daughter who drowned last week trying to get to the u.s. the main c.b.p. union condemned the page while customs and border protection called the posts completely inappropriate and added any employees failing to have violated our standards of conduct will be held accountable the border patrol the patriots are great people they love our country they know what's coming in and you know who
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knows it better than anybody hispanics hispanics a lot. what i'm doing what customs and border protection has dismissed reports of overcrowding in dangerous conditions unsubstantiated allegations last week regarding a single word for facility in clint station in texas created a sensation more protests are planned the congressional offices around the u.s. demanding the closure of the border detention centers alan fischer al-jazeera an italian court has lifted the house arrest order on the german captain of a c. watch rescue ship a holdover kater was arrested on saturday after forcing her way into lampedusa port with dozens of rescued migrants on board and hitting a police boat see watch says it skipper acted in accordance with international law it is interior minister matteo se said he expected a tougher response from the justice system and will expel the architect he had accused her of smuggling people into the country. millions. the blame for the
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current situation lies 1st and foremost with salvini who closed the ports equally to blame as the german government and all other european states which for more than 2 weeks did not take on responsibility. hundreds of thousands of people in south america have witnessed a total solar eclipse this was the view from northern chile as the moon passed directly in front of the sun blocking the light for a few minutes tourists flock to the kokomo region for the cosmic spectacle as it has some of the clearest skies this year in human was in a valley for the eclipse. the solar eclipse has just ended here hundreds of thousands of people came to northern chile today hoping war and to attack hanna regions into what is called the path of totality that's the part of the world a path a very narrow path 200 kilometers wide where the moon seems to completely cover the sun it's an amazing experience certainly as strong emerged and
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a physicist coming here they say that this helps them see only during total solar eclipse is what is really going on with our most important star which is of course the sun has to say that it also helps to reconfirm einstein's general theory of relativity but for most normal people like myself it's just an amazing solar cosmic experience where the sun seems to just disappear every single day dark it gets very very cold the temperature goes down 10 degrees very suddenly animals get very frightened and run away and then suddenly the sun seems to light up as though it were a full moon so it's all very quick but it's very extraordinary flower an epic journey it's just been revealed that a young arctic fox crossed the ice from norway all way to northern canada in just 76 days researchers at norway's polar institute had fitted the fox with a tracking device she left the norwegian island of spitsbergen in march 28th and
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arrived in canada just over 2 months later the journey is more than 3 and a half 1000 kilometers covering huge expanses of sea ice and glasses scientists research down did they 1st thought the animal had died and somehow been carried to canada by ship. i might add our top stories are now to syria e.u. leaders have agreed on who will get the blocks top jobs after days of stalemate and negotiations european council president donald tusk made the announcement in brussels germany's also referenda lyon has been named as the next year pain commission president belgian prime minister shalmi share is the european council president spain's foreign minister urges that but where has been chosen as the e.u. is top diplomat a high representative for foreign affairs and i.m.f. chief christine legarde has been proposed the president of the european central
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bank but don't want to because warned the names may not be endorsed by the e.u. parliament this is right we have parliament i mean to debate or discuss to argue. for and then to decide. but i hope that of course the political leaders not only prime minister prime ministers will do everything to do to convince our colleagues in the parliament to. support this. project. russia's president has ordered an inquiry after 14 sailors died in a fire on a navy submarine the defense ministry says it was a deep sea research vessel based in several more sc which was carrying out a survey of the sea floor near the arctic at the time gregory putin summoned the defense minister for a briefing on the fire and order to fly to the naval base the defense ministry says the deaths were caused by poisonous gases from fuse. which is news agency is
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reporting a man has blown himself up in tunisia capital after being surrounded by police it happened in the area in northern tunis on thursday 2 suicide bombers blew themselves up while targeting the police in the capital one police officer was killed beijing has strongly condemned protesters who ransacked hong kong's parliament accusing them of trampling on the universe a group of activists stormed and occupied the legislative council building for several hours after breaking away from a peaceful protest before it reeks of demonstrations calling for a bill allowing extraditions to china to be scrapped. those are the headlines you stay with us risking it all is coming up next thanks very much for watching by for that. after 25 years of affording the world's waste. in cycling industry into chaos. resulting in change
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we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost.


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