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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 3, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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breaking news out of libya where an airstrike has hit a migrant detention center in the capital we'll be live from tripoli. an unwelcome devika pollen you're watching algis there life from. an explosion rocks tin is just capital a suicide bomber blows himself up after police surrounded. a u.s. navy seal accused of committing more crimes in iraq as a quick set of murder charges. that.
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people flock to chile from near and far to beas their eyes on a total solar eclipse. so there's been an airstrike on a migrant camp in libya's capital tripoli we're hearing reports of many deaths this area seen fighting between the forces of warlords and those loyal to the internationally recognized government we can now speak to mama mahmoud of the white head who is there for us what more can you tell us. mamma that go ahead to is. giving us a great deal what more can you tell us. well i can see here in front of me right now the medical workers are still. picking up bodies from under the rubble they say that it's very tough for them to pick up bodies because it seemed that the
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airstrike was very precise and diverse tating and medical sources say that. all medical centers that need it by have been put on high alert to receive casualties mean lot while i'm seeing now in front of me and balances are rushing to the place to transfer the casualties to the medical centers so this is what the government say that this is what they know is who the world literally for has said that targeted this detention center which had hundreds of african migrants and also migrants from other arab and asian nationalities they say that dozens have been killed and dozens others have been wanted in this airstrike by the way this is not the 1st time this detention center is heads it is the 2nd time since the war those 3 for have to launch his military campaign to seize the capital tripoli on april
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the force that is a state of panic among migrants the i spoke to some migrants here from somalia the are terrified the are in a state of panic and a state of anger the last relatives the last. fitted citizens from their countries they were here detained together for months they say that they were they were hired by the explosion and they lost loved ones in this airstrike also those who are alive the migrants who are alive have been transferred they have been transferred to safer areas near nearby not going to shoot speaking there we're seeing pictures of what seems to be the hospital in victims being treated in the hospital is there a sense that in this conflict the civil conflict that's unfolding civilians seem to be more of a target now. well. dozens of civilians i can say over 100. civilians including women and children were killed or wanted
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since the beginning of the fighting as you know $700.00 people were killed since the beginning of the fighting. about $150.00 civilians were killed or wounded and now because the confrontation a re as. close to the residential areas so many people many civilians were killed by. the random rockets and as you know that recently after houses forces lost the strategic town of had a yann there threaten to intensify airstrikes in and around the capital tripoli and 2 days ago actually over the past few days have to fight the jets have been intensifying air strikes inside tripoli but it has been recently very precise and very strong and medical and then it is that it's also the government that those fighter jets who have been that have been targeting in tripoli recently are not
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libyan they suggest that they could be egyptian or m.r.i. to fight the jets because it's 6 if 16 fighter jets thank you very much for that update mahmood we'll of course be checking in with you for the latest developments . and let's not go to tunisia where we have more breaking news coming out of the capital tunis there's been a suicide bombing that witnesses are reporting that the man detonated his explosives after being surrounded by police to get more details we got on location sorry what more can you tell us. well 1st of all the guy was in his early twenty's he's actually been named as a man some needy and he was also in a neighborhood. where people are living in all. not sure about the name but the police have surrounded him they approached him they've been approaching him
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for hours they were trying to get a hold of him and there's conflicting reports interior ministry said that they did eliminate him and they killed him some people said that he detonated himself so we're not quite clear i'm not part of the details but it's in central to this is actually not far from here it's about 15 to 20 minutes in the center and the neighborhood is known to be an area or a hotspot if you like of people that have an affiliation with i so and that's because it's very high unemployment there is quite a lot of poverty as well and it's a situation now where people are not quite sure what's happening in the country at the moment but like in cities young is in his early twenty's and we're still getting more information on the story. speaking there we're seeing pictures of vehicles acts with the area where the bombing seems to have taken place now this is also all the more alarming as it comes on the heels of another attack not that long ago can you give us some context to the situation in tunis at the moment.
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that's correct this is just 2 weeks since twin explosions happen again in tunis which is the capital of to sit in a very sensual and quite secure area very close to the french embassy was one of them it was targeting police one person had been killed and a couple of injuries in today's one there haven't been any casualties but there were casualties in the ones from last week now it's the height of the tourist season and on that same day the president himself has been admitted to hospital he was critically ill he was actually just released yesterday and in the country at the moment is not quite sure where it's heading they're supposed to be elections coming up people were quite sure what the situation with the president is. c his people are saying and in fact his son is saying that he's back to good health the man is in his ninety's so people not quite sure what's going on at the moment higher to the latest from today's thank you ok for the 1st time
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a woman in the has been nominated to lead the body that oversees the of pairs of the uniform european union the decision comes just days after days of wrangling over who should get the most senior jobs at the main institutions german defense ministers to love on their line has been nominated to replace sean younker as the president of the european commission belgian prime minister sharon's michel is slated to be the european council president he'll be taking over from donald tusk. spain's foreign minister has been nominated to be the top diplomat he would replace federico madine and i am after chief christine legarde has been put forward as the president of the european central bank she'll be taking over from mario draghi so now they all need to be endorsed by the european parliament that the baba has this report from brussels. after days of wrangling it's
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a close ally of german chancellor angela merkel who's got the nod for what many see as the most important job. germany's defense minister and a self-proclaimed federalist is the leader's nomination for the post of european commission president even if germany abstain it's on the commission president due to issues in the government coalition personal knowledge of the lurkers support the whole book which 1st and foremost we have chosen to we mean. for the 4 peoples issues a perfect. really happy about it after all europe has a will and. michelle the belgian prime minister is nominated to be the next head of the european council with spain's foreign minister josep barrel as the e.u.'s foreign policy chief while the international monetary fund boss christine lagarde is nominated to head the european central bank you don't have in the tide of course
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we all had to give a bit we all had to move but once again the european council has approved the fact that it is capable of doing so and given the disparate conceptions in europe and amongst the various party groups and families and the various prime ministers i believe it to be an asset. the dutch labor leader runs to movements had been seen as the front runner for a commission president as the talks started on sunday but there was a big push back from countries including poland hungary the czech republic and slovakia the so-called visit for the hungary ins and poles have been strongly criticised by simmons over their record on the rule of law throughout these negotiations donald toast the president of the european council has been wary of putting things to a vote prefer him to reach consensus however slowly the process is highlighted not just national divisions but the struggle for influence between europe's political families the top appointments are meant to take into account the results of the recent european elections the group that did best the center right the p.p.p.
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insisted one of its candidates should head the commission but the lead candidate of the greens has denounced the package as a backdoor deal and old europe at its worst is not a certainty that the parliament will approve the names i'm going to merkel says the e.u. could explore new rules to avoid repeating the squabbles we've just seen for example direct elections and transnational lists whatever happens the calls for greater transparency are likely to get louder al-jazeera brussels. you know all that was high drama as the newly elected members of the european parliamentary sworn in on tuesday. among them or any piece from the u.k.'s brags that party turned their backs us the european and them was played during the opening ceremony r n c has more on that from strasburg. here comes trouble and its name is the brics it party it is now the biggest single party in the european parliament and as such is the best representation of how this institution is in flux as just one example has
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already threatened to help vote down the e.u. budgets and it doesn't like the way that europe does deals the whole way the group systems work again very undemocratic you know you have to tie up with people in 7 other countries and you know if you're leaving and everybody else wants to stay then there's no sense in that sort of britishers. they certainly started as they mean to go on turning their backs in the chamber during the inauguration ceremony as the european anthem was played. so there are new fault lines everywhere outside a big castle and demonstration in protest against spain for blocking their leader. from taking his seat inside. and across the floor of the chamber new rights wing populists viewed with fear and suspicion by the establishment center writes while over on the left surging greens and liberals many wearing yellow stop bricks it t. shirts are just as keel the flights this is not politics as usual we're all out
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there doing our social media and it's getting a lot more attention than it did before and we've got more journalists coming here as well and everything that raises the profile of european politics and helps people to understand how crucial it is to be part of the legal changes that are made here which is really we're leading the world in terms of legislation that protects people on the planet everything that can help that is a good thing so by the traditionally been the standards of strasburg this promises to be an argumentative european parliament with little sign the politicians are prepared simply to rubber stamp decisions that have been made by the european commit. and in brussels proponents of political stability in europe will say that that's messy you could just as well argue that it's democracy in action. ask most europeans who their m.e.p. is and usually you get a shrug of the shoulders many of them are accused of using this place as a get rich quick vehicle making alliances for political expediency as much as for progress maybe the angry mood among the europeans will add
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a level of transparency and relevance to this place lawrence lee al jazeera in strasbourg. let's go to the u.s. now where a navy seal charged with committing war crimes in iraq has been acquitted by a military jury in california special operations chief edward gallagher was found not guilty of murder in all of the counts except for unlawfully posing for photographs with a war casualty gallagher was accused of fatally stabbing and i saw a prisoner who had been wounded by an airstrike in iraq and 2017. joined us from washington d.c. how do you given the severity of the charges that were laid against him is there what's the reaction to the verdict are people surprised. well devean no one really knew what to expect out of this trial because there were so many twists and turns leading up to this point but it was knowledge by all that these allegations were extremely disturbing and it was members of gallagher's own platoon has supported
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it's who had turned in their leader claiming that he had stabbed to death a 17 year old combat i still fighter who had been wounded in combat and that he had also fired at unarmed civilians including an old man in a school aged girl while in iraq and they say that he threatened to kill them for turning him in however the prosecution's case always faced a very big challenge and that was the lack of forensic evidence because this happened in the field of combat so there was never a body to examine and thus there was never a formal cause of death and all of the case that reza rested on the words of the witnesses in both sides said that the other one was lying and also the prosecution was dealt a major blow for the beginning of the trial when one of its own witnesses d seale medic who was with gallagher testify that it was actually him the medic who had
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killed this teenage eisel fighter he said that he dealt the boy. morrisey killing after seeing gallagher a stab the boy in the neck now this was a military court martial so was not a regular panel of jurists rather it was else fellow members of the military that decided on this verdict after about 24 hours of deliberation which does acquit gallagher of all these war crimes except for that one count of posing with the dead body of this eisel fighter in fact jurors were shown the photos that gallagher had texted to his friends which showed him posing with a body accompanied by the caption good story behind this got him with my hunting knife no way obviously to explain away that evidence that indeed gallagher posed with the corpse of this eisel fighter however those words apparently not convincing
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enough to the jury to convict him of murder the idea. in washington for us thank you. and still ahead an obvious there france's president has a suggestion for iran in order to save the 2015. they had in remnants of war rock of the dangers of landmines in iraq. the web and sponsored by qatar and ways. to save some really heavy rain across southern parts of china recently and there's more to come over the next few days long line of play out stretch right across southern china pushing right up towards taiwan and that will continue to face my really hefty downpours and as we don't want through wednesday there could be some localized flooding just about anywhere
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lots of heavy rain pushing up towards sea gulf of tonkin the system him may well develop into a a tropical storm over the next few days is certainly worth keeping an eye on it will gradually fade its way up towards more than parts of vietnam far south west of china which is southern china as you can see it does stay unsettled and i shall extend the way down into the philippines some rather heavy rain here as well lots of clouds showing up some sunshine in between it's not wall to wall right but when you do get a downpour it is likely to be heavy we have seen some flooding in a loose on or east and they want to see showers today just pushing their way towards that eastern side of borneo malaysia seeing some dry weather but want to see showers set a possibility in the heat of the day and that's also the case too into a good part of it will need areas of indonesia lots of right across india at the moment here is rainfall coming through here and staying very wet in mumbai. the weather sponsored by cattle and ways. they wanted
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43000000000 pounds worth of weaponry that was 6000000000. intermission. there is no anymore because there's always a small. goodness. in essence we united states have privatized the old public function your shadow on al-jazeera. again you're watching i'll just let me take you to our top stories this hour there's been an airstrike on a migrant camp in libya's capital tripoli there are reports of many deaths the area
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has seen fighting between the forces of the warlord. and those loyal to the internationally recognized government. and there's been a suicide bombing and that's news in capital a man detonated his explosives after being surrounded by police the interior ministry spokesman says there were no casualties and that the attacker was a wanted man. and germany's defense minister von der lion has become the 1st woman to be nominated to lead the body that oversees the affairs of the european union she will head the european commission this decision comes off the days of wrangling. going to go to hong kong where it could cost close to $1300000.00 to repair the damage at the legislature building it was ransacked by protesters and vandalized on monday police have cordoned off the area as a crime scene a massive cleanup operation is underway and sarah clarke has the latest from there
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. well the chief government offices have reopened on wednesday simply because the government wants to try and get business back to normal however the legislative council meetings have been canceled for the next 2 weeks and on tuesday hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb was forced to have a cabinet meeting at home a government house in central this area has become a police crime scene as a pool the police pursue the investigation the prosecution of those protesters who were involved in monday night's smashing of the council building they've also set up a special task force to try to get the various rallies all the way back to june 9th to july 2 and find those people who are involved in the violent clashes with police now there's been a mixed reaction in hong kong to the monday not protests we've had the american chamber of commerce we've had the hong kong chamber of commerce and the bar association all condemning the violence but the pro-democracy lawmakers have tried to get the public to think of the bigger message the main message and the peaceful rallies and that message is the calling for the extradition bill to be dumped all
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together. well earlier on tuesday china's government strongly condemned the protesters had ransacked the legislature accuse them of trampling on the rule of law katrina you have more of that from beijing. this is the hong kong the chinese government wanted the world to see celebrations marking the 22nd anniversary of its return to the chinese motherland instead these were the scenes broadcast around the world dismissed by beijing as little more than violent mobs pursing but it says is a blatant challenge to the one country 2 systems rule its strongest words yet very sentimental euthanizing of what happened in hong kong violently striking in the last minute damaging facilities is an act of troubling rule of law and violating social order is a serious to law breaking behavior. the communist party has condemned the storming of hong kong's legislative council and its full support behind chief executive
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kerry land government it's backing a police investigation into the criminal responsibility of those involved on monday night saying offenders who feel the full force of the law. the chinese government are continuing to play down the takeover of hong kong's palm and calling it the illegal behavior of a group of radicals but the intensity of the protests have no doubt some time is leadership and pundits and questions as to why so many who are resisting beijing's control they see or perceive that somehow beijing is over reaching that it's violating what they perceive as the spirit of the agreement that was in the hand-over from beijing's point of view they're protecting their people and their country for now from chinese state media a familiar party line continuing to protest will only undermine social order and harm hong kong. beijing is watching closely waiting to see of hong kong government
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is able to stamp out the unrest if not it may bring what these protesters fear the more stuff more controlled from the mainland chinese you al-jazeera beijing. european foreign ministers say they're extremely concerned after iran announced it had breached a limit for low enriched uranium set by the 2050 nuclear deal now despite this britain france and germany say they won't seek to reimpose un sanctions for now but french president emanuel macron has urged terrine to immediately reduce its enrichment of uranium reserves in a tweet iran's foreign minister mohammed jobs are eve hit back at the european signature east to the nuclear deal saying iran is committed to the full implementation of that agreement it's the g c p o a as long as the each we implement their economic commitments so moving forward iran will comply with its commitments under the g c p o in exactly the same manner as the e.u. 3 have and will comply with theirs and he asks fair enough.
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who the rebels in yemen say they have developed you long range missiles to target military facilities in neighboring saudi arabia and the who these have stepped up attacks across the border in recent weeks the rebel group has been fighting government forces who are supported by a saudi amorality coalition for control of yemen since 2015 saudi arabia has repeatedly accused iran of supplying weapons to duties it's a charge tehran denies decades of war in iraq have left the country contaminated with landmines and in recent years the battle against iso has diverted money away from projects struggling to help clear those explosives the worst affected region is around the city of basra and from there charles stratford reports. is laid home by her teenage nephew. zahar was blinded almost 20 years ago when she stepped on an anti-personnel mine in
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a field close by. her brother was killed by a landmine 2 years later. it is had deep psychological effect on my life i often feel like i'm a dead person what used to my to anyone the area we live in. many young people have died. lives in the bus or neighborhood a bed thrown inside in the wrong its name roughly translates to the place of amputees will know 150 people have been killed and many more injured in but thrown by buried bombs from iraq's wars over the last 30 years. in a house close by we meet and need his leg was blown off a 6 months ago when he stepped on a mine while searching for scrap metal which he used to sell to supplement his income as a construction worker. now i live off the charity of my friends i survive on their
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generosity i have no social security or pension a depression is overwhelming i can work to support my children and that frightens me this is the area where malik was injured it is littered with military debris from a war that finished 3 decades ago their own border is around 6 kilometers in that direction this area was effectively the front line during the iran iraq war a war that ended more than 30 years ago and yet this area remains one of the most heavily mined in the world. around 100 kilometers away close to the kuwaiti border unexploded ordinance teams search for cluster bombs dropped by the u.s. air force and saddam hussein's army during the 1991 war. there are huge areas like this across southern iraq contaminated from the 2003 u.s. led invasion of iraq to. the fragments of the potentially lethal
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to 30 meters. experts say in addition to the vast areas littered with bombs like these. there's more than 800 square kilometers of mine that need to be cleared around. since the war on ice on the north of the country the international donors and government attention has focused on refugees and clearance of ordinance there but they must not forget arsenal south this region is the most heavily polluted with unexploded munitions in iraq. back in detroit. with his 2 sons afraid for his family's future he says he expects many more people will suffer the hidden remnants of iraq's walls for many years to come. hundreds of thousands of people in northern chile have witnessed a total solar eclipse.
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tourists locals and asked sean to me and this he asked shared. observatory northern chile along with parts of argentina and new zealand are probably the best places in the world to watch this phenomenon as the moon passes right in front of the sun this is a man who was sincerely sulky value for the. this solar eclipse has just ended here hundreds of thousands of people came to northern chile to be called pinball and to attack hanna regions into what is called the path of totality that's the part of the world of perhaps a very narrow path 200 kilometers wide where the moon seems to completely cover the sun it's an amazing experience certainly as strong emerged and a physicist coming here they say that this helps them see only during total solar eclipse is what is really going on with our most important star which is of course the sun just to say that it also helps to reconfirm einstein's general theory of
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relativity but for most normal people like myself it's just an amazing solar cosmic experience where the sun seems to just disappear everything goes dark it gets very very cold the temperature goes around 10 degrees very suddenly animals get very frightened and run away and then suddenly the sun seems to light up as though it were a full moon so it's all very quick but it's very extraordinary. you're watching al-jazeera let me take you through our main headlines there's been an airstrike on a migrant camp in libya's capital tripoli and reports of many deaths this area seen fighting between the forces of the warlords are and those loyal to the internationally recognized government then my head is there with the details. so as with the government say that this is war plane loyal to the world police have said
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that targeted this detention center which had hundreds of migrants and also migrants from other arab and asian nationalities they say that doesn't have been killed and dozens others have been wanted in this airstrike by the way this is not the 1st time this b. tensions is hit it is the 2nd time since the war last 34 have to launch it is military campaign to seize the capital tripoli on april the 4th. there's been a suicide bombing in the news in capital man detonated his explosives after being surrounded by police and interior ministry spokesman says there were no casualties and that the attacker was a wanted man and germany's defense minister earlier vander lion has become the 1st woman to be nominated to lead the body that oversees the affairs of the european union if successful she could have the european commission. a
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u.s. navy seal charged with committing war crimes in iraq has been acquitted by a military jury in california special operations chief edward gallagher was found not guilty of murder and all other counts except for unlawfully posing for photographs with the dead war casualty gallagher was accused of fatally stabbing an iso prisoner who had been wounded by an airstrike in iraq and 2017 and the european foreign ministers say they're extremely concerned after iran announced it had breached a limit for the low enriched uranium which is set by the 2050 nuclear deal despite this britain france and germany say they won't seek to reimpose u.n. sanctions for now. though so the headlines up next inside story.
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the hunt for whales japan has resumed commercial whaling in its waters despite global outrage but is the practice commercially sustainable of the cultural roots of japan and is just a justification this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm peter whales were hunted to the brink of extinction until 1986 when a group of countries agreed to temporarily stop whaling for profits which turned into a semi international ban however conservationists are now worried the species might
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