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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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these are parties heavy losses in the european parliamentary elections in may the conservative new democracy party is predicted to get an absolute majority chance for office joins us now live from athens i think the polls they've just about close now any indication where this is heading. that's right sammy and under greek law television networks can now make public the estimated results or exit polls one of the 1st exit polls we've heard puts new democracy it between 38 and 42 percent of the popular vote series are quite a bit below that between 26 and 30 percent if you tally roughly if your estimate that those will be roughly right if you take the let's say the midpoint between those ranges it does give new democracy as you say. one party rule in parliament but to discuss the implications of these and other figures we've been hearing i'm going to turn to my colleague nick mackenzie's the editor of the news
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website micropolis nick what do you think this means for me to thank you to the leader of new democracy did he get what he wanted i think he did based on the projections we're hearing new democracy will get between 155 in 160 seats in parliament member greek parliament has 300 m.p.'s so that's of a very workable majority especially if we're talking about 160 or upwards that gives him lots of room to maneuver it allows him to make haps bolder decisions in terms of his cabinet in terms of policy do you think the new democracy is going to see this as a vindication of those mitchell thank you reformist platform or do you think there's a danger of that the rank and file of the party many of whom really go back to the old days of client politics of offering favors in return for votes the sort of in transparent politics that brought greece to this pass will prevail will they see me to take it as
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a vehicle to do their business what i think certainly what it does it buys him a lot of time and a lot of goodwill from his party this is a huge shift in terms of greek politics if you look at the swing away from caesar towards you democracy and he's done it largely on his terms the. has had to make some compromises along the way with the elements of the party and the scribe but it's largely his agenda that has won out so now he has an opportunity to try and implement that of course governing is much more difficult than being in opposition and having that carrot of power of being in office at the end of it in terms of uniting the party bringing it together but he now does have time to govern on his terms. you've been observing greek politics for a long time you've seen the twists and turns of the crisis basically what happened at the beginning of this 8 year recession in 20 turned on woods was that the 2 traditional power brokers in this country the socialist party and the conservative
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new democracy party simply exploded they shed their voters to a huge number of splinter groups and parties some of whom entered parliament during these crisis years and some of whom didn't is this is what we're seeing a return to mainstream party politics here in greece i think we are returning to bipartisan politics in greece in the past it was new democracy impossible because you said now perhaps we're entering a new era where it's new democracy and series are all if after the elections we see some sort of transformation on the center left but i think what's interesting is that there there has been a change in terms of the type of politics we see in me to take is try to bring a sense of renewal to his party around 70 percent of the candidates standing in the selection barring the current m.p.'s when new candidates and i think that's also something that people want to see and what does this mean for cities this is a truly outside of force that came in to break up the 2 party. back in
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2015 and was going to be absolutely radical it was going to change the nature of greek politics but also was going to be the vanguard of a european left revolution that would break the back of austerity what do you think went wrong with that and why. what do you think they did right i think that you know if you're trying to sum it up very briefly the classic example of promising too much and delivering too little and you're absolutely right i think the key here is the type of politics and they engaged in i think people would have been willing to give series a more time or the benefit of the doubt on the economic side because we've seen a gradual recovery of the last 2 years if they governed in a different way to treat disease but they didn't manage that and i think that's the big message to take away from that this in if if the center left in greece is going to come back whether it's a series or something else that's one key area of i'll have to look at trying to change the way that they engage in politics and if they come to power the way that
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they govern the country. even though cities looks likely to be defeated today let's not forget this is a party that 10 years ago was taking 4 and a half percent of the popular vote they have done extremely well to establish themselves as the polar opposite of new democracy in the political spectrum they've established themselves as one of the power brokers in this country and that is one thing to keep in mind and the other of course is that cities having held a term in office that in january of 2015 many conservatives predicted would have been very very brief because these people had no experience and power no experience in parliament actually lasted for almost 5 years so these are achievements for from a strictly party political point of view. all right we'll leave it there for now thanks so much john psaropoulos from athens. hadn't al-jazeera will tell you why this meeting of monks in sri lanka has taken on renewed significance. pigs of
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change china pose farmers are adapting to climate challenges. last week we were talking about the flooding rains affecting japan now this weather system is the same one it's c.m.i. you by front it's the other the plum rice that's stretching from the southwest right up into that eastern side of china and again we have been producing some huge amounts of rainfall large hail as well damaging winds we have seen a fair bit of damage across a good part of that is the side of china the size of those house days golf ball sized big enough to cause some damage and as you can see there has also been some flooding there that wetter weather tended to sink a little further southwards and a swiss but you can still pick out the chain of thunder has run across the southern
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half of china now continues just a little further south as we go on through the next few days but the wettest weather is up towards that eastern side of the country by the going on into or choose day 6 a little further south with the hong kong join in the party will see some wetter weather just feeding its way in here that wet weather stretching all the way across into northern parts of the non the showers of course across parts of india china also affecting me i'm are pushing up into the northeast of in the bangladesh and of course the monsoon rains now bringing some very big downpours into central parts of india hopefully easing the next couple days.
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malaysia plans to abolish the death penalty. and 200 prisoners on death row want to one in the. back here watching our. headlines this hour iran will increase enriching its uranium levels in the next few hours breaching the limits of the 2015 nuclear deal to iran had given the e.u. until sunday to save the agreement plans to scale down commitments every 60 days but says it's still open to talks tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters
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were out on the streets of hong kong march to. treat the chinese mainland organizers say they want to educate this is from china about their struggle. voting has closed in greece's general election 1st time since. exit polls are indicating defeat for the left wing prime minister to suppress the conservative new democracy party is predicted to get an absolute majority. nigeria and become the latest african countries to ratify deal to create the world's largest free trade zone eritrea is the only member of the $55.00 member african union not just saw. and ups the deal it aims to create a single market of one and a quarter 1000000000 people but it has more from the jazz capital. the african continent and free trade area is one of the 12 point program by the african
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union to father integrate the continent this particular agreement is aimed at integrating the economies of the region of $55.00 countries on the continent thereby lifting barriers crushing more than 84000 kilometers of borders and tariffs among member states of african union now into trade between intra african trade between member states is 60 percent leaders here hope that when this agreement fully takes up by next year there will raise this bar to at least 60 percent by 2023 that's in about 3 or 4 years time from now however key factors remain and one of these are some of the issues raised here some of the speeches delivered by the chairperson of the african union the president of egypt. and the host president the president of. the use of this said africa needs to develop it is if its infrastructure if it needs to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of global trade or intra african trade they also talked about the issue of security
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mom abuse of the president of the leisure in particular said these threats on the continent violent threats extremism and otherwise will definitely pose a very very serious or significant risk to the african continent and free trade area increase in force winds along the u.s. border is expected to deter people from entering america with authorities anticipating a 25 percent drop in arrests. follow reports the more desperate are still willing to risk their lives and freedom as they attempt to cross the potentially deadly rio grande their river. on the banks of the rio grande the mexican 1st responders are searching for. missing person it's a joint operation between mexican authorities and u.s. customs and border patrol they're looking for a little girl about 3 years old the daughter of haitian migrants who crossed the river into the united states a few nights ago and. in this case unfortunately we are looking for
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a girl between 2 and 3 years old it's best that we search down stream because she's the baby she could have been swept away easier than an adult we've also had cases where bodies are stuck deep in the water or in the surrounding brush. at a nearby camp for migrants we met 2 brothers from cuba they've been here for almost a month while their asylum cases are processed in the u.s. they tell us it's quite common for migrants to get impatient and take to the river but we're not. there was one night we're 80 people cross to others across the river 20 or 30 at a time including children sometimes younger than 2 years old. the camp has become a temporary home to more than 300 asylum seekers most of them are from west africa haiti and cuba. but not of those from angola he's been at the camp for more than a month he plays music most days to pass the time. and. we're expecting to wait here to 3 or 4 months because there are many people ahead of us
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on the asylum list. many of the people we spoke to at the camp like that an article say they plan to wait as long as it takes to cross into the u.s. legally. but illegal crossings at the rio grande day have increased in recent months and so have drownings we're at a municipal cemetery that us nate us mexico where the bodies of migrants who died trying to cross into the united states are often brought and have these what in crosses placed over their graves and this one here simply reads mail not identified pulled out of the rio approximately 300 meters from the black bridge in the models neighborhood. there are several other graves of unknown migrants near pine the groundskeeper told us he period 8 drowning victims just last week. back at the river looking just across the water in the u.s. soil authorities say they will continue the search operation for one week as per protocol we've been told however that at this stage now several days since
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a child went missing the odds of finding her alive are very good. with us nader's mexico. thousands of monks have been gathering in sri lanka for their 1st major conference since the easter sunday bombings the meeting in the city of candy is being called by the head of the buddhist nationalist group. of the country's presidential elections in december some shops have closed the city has seen a spate of anti muslim riots following these the sunday bombings which killed 258 people but our founders' has more from candy. the conference bringing together thousands of buddhist call by the board of. the general secretary. recently released from prison on the presidential pardon very much the kind of driving personality behind this conference he has said number of issues that need
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to be taken up and indeed here at this conference we've seen a 37 point set of proposals being tabled which cover a wide range of issues it talks about the need to strengthen national security by strengthening the intelligence services it talks about everyone in this country coming under one common set of laws it talks about the need to basically ban political and religious parties that are based on those foundations it also talks on a wide range of issues as safeguarding indigenous foods encouraging the use of these food items and. things like that now in terms of some of the speakers what we're hearing they talk about all the threats essentially to the country in terms of its history a lot of criticism of sort of extremist views on the head being concerned about the possibility that this forum would provide a sort of
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a spark that might sort of cause and to muslim violence as seen in the past last year candy was the scene of much violence but so far things have been relatively peaceful and for everyone concerned they're hoping it stays that way. farming in the shadow of the world's highest mountains there's never been the climate change is making it even more difficult as the british trust to reports from nepal where they are having to come up with innovative ways to grow their crops because the lack of water. there is a trout here and garbage district but called c.b.c. doesn't seem to be suffering this canopy of green has been made possible because people here have changed the way the farm. the finished only for a few hours a day coming at the mills and i says the farmers don't waste any water every trop is trained it disputed for their crops yet. as the temperatures have risen so
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too have the number of pairs i mean have any. only 0 we want over there and we would literally spray the village with chemicals these are much better. she's referring to the eco friendly compost she uses now gone are the chemicals that once made her body ache and gave her head aides i wanted a few years ago these streams were a constant source of water now it's just a trickle the springs that feed into these streams have all but dried up people here say the monsoon rain patterns have changed the rain still come but they are now followed by long periods of drought at the international center for integrated mental development easy mode climate change scientists on both the shasta says people across the region should prepare for disasters caused by a changing climate this includes prolonged period of drought intercepted by floods
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from intense monsoons for others it could bring floods from the accelerated ice melts of the himalayan glaciers bromo glacier this is north side of this the picture. league in 2016 nearly 200 nations signed the paris accord that seeks to limit any average global temperature rise to one and a half degrees celsius. but even if that goal is met scientists predict that by the year 2100 at least one 3rd of the glaciers in the region will have melted managing those extremes so that's going to be the most important factor. in the future of this region for no the farmers of this village are coping but they don't know for how long sweden treasure topic district and the part.
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time let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now iran is to increase enriching its uranium levels breaching the limits of 102015 nuclear deal ran and given the e.u. until sunday to save the agreement it plans to scale down commitments every 60 days but says it's still open to talks those are job ari has more from to her on we heard from the deputy foreign minister who said that diplomacy is not being abandoned the iranians are only in acting certain clause within this nuclear deal because they feel that the remaining signatories are not abiding by their end of the bargain saying they are giving them another 60 days in the meantime they have said as of tomorrow morning we i.e. inspectors that are in the country on a regular basis will find that iran will have exceeded the 3.67 percent of enriched uranium that they have agreed to an. exit polls are predicting defeat for greece's
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ruling sarees a party left wing prime minister alexis tsipras called an early election after heavy losses in the european parliament elections in may the conservative new democracy party is predicted to get an absolute majority tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters have been out on the streets in hong kong they've marched to cow loon which links the territory to the chinese mainland. taliban fighters in afghanistan say they killed 8 security personnel in a car bomb explosion close to 200 injuries are reported in the central province. the attack coincides with the start of talks between the taliban and afghan society groups in qatar the me things are separate to negotiations also in doha between the taliban and united states nigeria and been a now the latest african nations to ratify a deal to create a new free trade zone for the continent it's being finalized at
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a summit of african union leaders in news yeah it's 101 east next thing with us. in malaysia's jails more than 1200 prisoners are on death row. let me back. i want the. book with the government reconsidering the death penalty many hope their lives could be saved. some of us believe that the killing is wrong. then you cannot allow the state to sponsor. another killing. now the political backlash could see those hopes
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dashed of militias down the mountain protect only a small segment of people and that the criminals. one on one east meets the people on either side of this emotional life and death debate. worryin yan immolations northern state of quetta. it feels like a steep e. town with a laid back vibe. but it's an unspeakable crime happened here just months ago. the victims were 4 year old neural honeymoon and her brother one year old mohammad hafiz. they were killed in their beds allegedly by a neighbor armed with
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a large knife. 6 months on their parents are still in shock. interests the fisherman was out at sea when the man rampage through his house he still doesn't know why. that's when mom post one way and they're. off and i thought i was a level. 7 year old mohammad hakim survived because he was sleeping in another room. his mother sheila is lucky to be alive. found a l. a l n. n might be the buying of them and then you add in the question do you know what that would be that was that they will believe that doesn't they're not at the will because i know. that if at that point i didn't see all of them. said to me.
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the 2 children are buried near their home. the family visit regularly. it's a nightmare no parent should have to suffer. beatrice and sheila say they were relieved when the alleged murderer was arrested. but they are now alarmed by news. that malaysia meit's a polish the death penalty. oh i say. coming down i mean my team can't be mining machine on any mines or. what you have to remember them with even when you mean about the money and. almost the whole home on the. malaysia is a secular country but islam practiced by the majority of the population is
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protected under the constitution. capital punishment is allowed under islamic courts sharia law. beatrice's call for the government to retain the death penalty is supported by many from within his faith. nor hakimi hates the kid opera of muslim rights and geo. lengthiest gawd i'm going to. go for my life yeah yeah why yes i think. think i'd. own my own opinion but i thought i knew. and don't want to but i might if i don't belive me but that nagging. not all muslim organizations agree though. in the capital kuala lumpur we meet dr
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but. founder of the islamic front. so if these people dead because difficult and says you can kill the people who made it and the people who did it was to see that no we can keep slaves because did. not play his liberty islam should be combined that will be detention facility and it should be compatible with human rights as well. ahmad not have a lot. more money. in the eastern town of cebu. and her husband tends to their clothing store every night. in the mornings they're busy selling yams. the couple barely allow themselves time to rest they say it's the only way they can
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stop thinking about their son parcel of the. things that i now had it was only you not think. you could learn credit here and so. that's what i thought until. you made him mad hamel thought. stephen the wall was a promising young bank manager whose mudda shook the city. at 1st stephens wife told the family he was killed during an attempted robbery. but his sister says they soon realized something wasn't right. stephen was stabbed to death in his bedroom in this house by an assailant could entered through an unlocked door. quite chatty. and it did long. don't mung some of the meal time. the
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only witnesses was stephen's wife ling hung and their young son. police would eventually charge with it betting his murder she was sentenced to death by hanging and is now appealing the verdict. her alleged coconspirator and boyfriend andrew chung is currently on the run the 2 had apparently paid a 3rd person to kill stephen that hired hand is now serving a 16 year sentence clear day i read our way through file out saying they had. booked a wild incredible day with. the longs have since forte's a contentious battle for custody of steven's only child. they've even prepared a room for him. but
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a court awarded custody of the boy to his mother's family. say with janet. santa and his young. it's a tragedy few can fully comprehend the family is adamant there's only one thing that can bring them justice. not how to think about women or men this i mean. if you know what i think you know say me mayor talk. malaysia currently has the death penalty for $33.00 crimes and for 11 of those including murder and terrorism judges have no option but to impose it. on. fire in 2018 the new government swept to power. it promised to give judge's discretion in all cases where the death penalty is on the
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table. but last october no minister you weak your own 21 further. cabinet met at 0 and 10 all over to abolish the dampener things from all the often says some of us believe that killing is wrong once you believe in then you cannot allow the state to sponsor another killing. societal watch he believes the government is making a mistake clearly for having. her mother was a silhouette. founder of a malaysian cosmetics empire and the victim of a horrific mudda. sister disappeared along with 3 associates in 2010 they'd gone to a farm to discuss a business deal with a lawyer but never returned. police believe they were killed and their bodies
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burnt to conceal the crime. the lawyer and 2 farmhands have since been sentenced to death for the murders. is there any humanity wendy do that to my mom kill by my mother. when you kill is she thinking about this lady have 6 kids in the home that waiting for her. somewhere in my shoe they're also asking i phone i. returned still lives in the same house she shared with her mother. these things have been left untouched. i can feel that the memory is still there and i go feel that. she is still here we are in this.
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it's hard to find closure and rita says the government's plans for abolition have been deeply distressing. government announced there i feel like so frustrate so mad about it and then i so much of. you should you should know what i feel what the family feels. what happened to us how we grief. some victims' families have been speaking up there any other questions lawyer christina tang says a coalition was formed to give them and other retentionists a voice. from groups that are very concerned medieval times family. be different and she always got together and say we support need to support each other and. let our voice be heard so that the government would do the right thing
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opposition politicians are also weighing in on the issue. we cast young is a member of parliament and a former minister as explanation for the people of from the government of the b. to come visit me why do you need to abolish depakote that we all know tepid up the is a deterrent we don't that it crime rate is going down. most malaysians seem to agree. in a poll conducted last year by 3 major publications an 82 percent of $22000.00 respondents opposed the government's proposal. it is a very contentious issue saw for a push back to to come to for a supposed not surprising but we must focus on why the government east.


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