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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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so i retreat here. there is no such plan to build it hong kong's leader admits a controversial extradition bill has been a total failure after months of mass protests. from a headquarters and. also ahead one step closer to peace in afghanistan as taliban and afghan leaders promise to reduce civilian casualties. the un's human rights she's appalled by the u. conditions at u.s. detention centers along the mexico border. it's getting thirsty the drought that
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could leave chile its biggest city without any drinking water in little more than a decade. hello hong kong's beijing appointed leader has announced that a controversial extradition bill is dead but has not specified whether it will be permanently withdrawn. admitted that her government's work on the proposed law has been a total failure it would have allowed the extradition of criminal suspects to mainland china anger over the bill led to unprecedented protests and earlier this month hundreds of people broke away from peaceful demonstrations and stormed the city's legislature building we'll be live from hong kong with our reporter in a moment but 1st let's hear what kerry had to say. but there are still the lingering doubts about the government's sincerity. whether the government will restart the process in the legislative council. so i retreat here.
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there is no such plan the bill instead of mcbride his own ass from hong kong what the reaction from there rob. yes there really seem as though this goes not nearly far enough for the protesters here in hong kong one of the main organizations that being as been organizing these massive turnouts up to 2000000 people in the biggest protest of course a couple of weeks ago says that it doesn't. main demands they have 5 main demands this doesn't go far enough and they have promised more rallies the problem for people here is they seem to think that the chief executive is playing with semantics play doing word games as she has said when this bill was 1st suspended last month that this bill effectively would die or will die when this current legislature. next year she now says it is dead she's moved from the
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future tense to the present tense but little more than that the concern for people is of course that although she can commit herself while she is chief executive presumably for the next few years will not try to reintroduce this bill i think she also by association beijing realizes they have met this resistance level busy which is quite daunting for them unexpectedly in many ways there's no guarantees that a future government might not try to introduce this there is a perception here from people in hong kong that gradually over the years beijing is whittling away some of the special freedoms that this city can enjoy within china that this won't come back carry land does seem to have this unfortunate knack when she makes these concessions or conciliatory steps of see me to make things worse whether it's her style or leadership style which is perceived to be slightly aloof or she comes across as being obstinate not willing to back down. forces the
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perception that she's there is beijing to do beijing's bidding rather than being hong kong's representative it does seem to make things worse. as we saw that last month when she 1st suspended this bill the very next day instead of 1000000 people coming out onto the streets 2000000 people came out so it remains to be see whether this is going to reduce the numbers coming out in future rallies or indeed make things worse so whatever tester is hoping to achieve with more protests taking place what is the message that they're trying to center of already is there. they are still demanding the complete withdrawal of this bill they have also demanded other things as we mentioned earlier they have demanded her resignation she has not given into that but when you talk to protesters they do seem to have a wider issues because this does seem to go to the very relationship between hong kong and beijing and some of the the old issues that have always been around here
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in hong kong we saw it cut them in prominence 5 years ago during the umbrella movement such as universal suffrage the question of why hong kong people are not allowed to vote for a government of their choice why the system has this bias rigged in favor of the pro establishment pro beijing forces all of these issues are now coming up so that is harder for the government here to to address they can make concessions the like this eventually maybe they'll have to be forced to say yes we officially withdraw this bill although that would be a loss of face but it but it does touch upon the what the wider issues of hong kong's relationship with china what the government has done in the past is basically try to weather the storm we saw that 5 years ago they just hung hunker down and wait for public opinion to turn against the protests maybe with there are scenes of violence they are hoping i think for that to happen although as yet we
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have no signs of it happening at the moment ok thank you. so let's take a look back at the turmoil of the last few months it all began. curity bureaus submitted papers proposing amendments to extradition laws in april another amendment was added the proposed law called for criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china for a trial protesters are on the streets within days on the 30th of may facing mounting pressure alarms government limited the scope of fences that could lead to extradition on june 16th signaled the end of the controversial bill by saying she was suspending it that wasn't enough for protesters the anger boiled over on july 1st when demonstrators broke into the legislative council building joseph chang is a pro-democracy campaigner in hong kong he says kerry law must do more than just withdraw there bill. boss majority of hong kong people now
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want back to the current t.v.'s get the government and it's going to be able to be accountable to them to stand up for their interests and to avoid and be banned too much too many interferences from the game is this a rather tall order but you have to restore their confidence and trust in her government otherwise it will go to them and will be rotting in effect here in the coming 3 year apparently the program ocracy movement and especially the young people is satisfy her this kind of attitude to say too little concessions to feel concessions to lay and being the species in question again super maybe a little concession i think this kind of strategy this kind of educates this kind of character it's our counterproductive we don't handle the crisis this way now
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syria has to simply win the trust of the hung over and apparently she has failed to do so serious counting on it in support and in support of both. will have to support her. france is sending its top diplomatic adviser to iran on choose day it comes after to her and announce its brit's the limit on uranium enrichment that was agreed in the $25.00 day nuclear deal our diplomatic editor james bays has more from washington d.c. who just hours after iran announced it was increasing the level of its uranium enrichment beyond that stipulated in the 2050 nuclear deal the u.s. vice president gave washington's response iran should not confuse american restraint with a lack of american resolve. we have to be the 1st with the united states of america and our military are prepared to protect our interests and protect our
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personnel and our citizens in the region the iranians are unlikely to be cowed by that in fact the main audience for their announcement that they will now enrich uranium up to the level of 5 percent was probably european nations the e.u. is still supportive of the nuclear deal and has been devising something called instax a work around mechanism that would allow iran to trade and to sell its oil to e.u. and other nations without them incurring u.s. sanctions it's trying to kick the europeans in their posterity or if i can put it that way europe has been very slow to find a way to continue to trade with iran that would not violate u.s. sanctions that somehow get around u.s. sanctions the tense standoff between the u.s. and iran shows no sign of easing the situation is likely to be high on the agenda one of the important regional player comes to the white house. the emyr of catarrh
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time in been hammered out farmy at the pentagon he leads a nation that hosts an airbase where thousands of u.s. troops are stationed but at the same time his country maintains cordie all relations with tehran james. al-jazeera washington. britain says the seizure of an iranian oil tanker and you brought her was not a specific action against iran foreign office says the tanker is being held because it was carrying oil believed to be destined for syria in breach of sanctions that have been place since 2013 iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif denies the tanker was bound for syria and is demanding its immediate release talks between the taliban and afghan leaders have ended with a promise to reduce civilian casualties in afghanistan to 0 the 2 day event is expected to lead to more formal binding discussions with the afghan government charlotte bellows was there. 17 taliban members and more than 60 people from the
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afghan government opposition groups of society leaders coming out with a joint communique of 1st time that people from the government and taliban have been in the same room and they see that civilians that civilian casualties should be brought to 0 that both groups the afghan government and the taliban should protect civilian institutions we're talking schools hospitals mosques majoris is even dams they say that prisoners who are ill or old should be released and also that women's rights and minority rights should be protected by both groups now this is not legally binding but it does show that afghans from these various groups are on the same page we talked to the taliban spokesperson here's what he said i've been very happy to. the ones together from all walks of life. and just in 2 days we had this huge joint statement i think it's a complete success and it is
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a good news for all the afghans and good news that we are as a nation it. is all this long lasting issue the delegates from the skirt told me that they got to the point where they were able to put forth a unified statement because they talked about what they had in common and a lot of that came down to suffering under my apron that. was mistakenly killed by saudi troops. 5 you might be in was this somebody that they will see any 2 sons on that i was in the school and yes the. one that i take and also young boys of 77 and 8 years old got them back to the participants david was what i. thought they were what are some. quite emotional for both sides the taliban and also people from the afghan delegation as they talked
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about the suffering but also their hopes for afghanistan going forward now they also say that they want to make this actionable and legally binding yes they were promises but they won't be afghan government involved this hope that going forward this was a good 1st step a positive optimistic 1st step to take it to the next level where this is legally binding and both groups the afghan government and the taliban are in the same room . 0 straight down there all be no summer break for greece's new prime minister and other politicians. hello again it's good to have you back what we are seeing still some rain showers here across much of north eastern turkey you can see that the clouds right there pushing across much of the area mostly happening in the heating of the afternoon as
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we go to our tuesday map you can be seeing those showers continue across parts of baquba as well we do expect to see attempt to there about 30 degrees dry down here towards the south of baghdad as well as into kuwait city temperatures reaching into the mid to low forty's in many locations there stay in the area but down towards crutch it is going to be a clear day with a temperature of 34 there is some good news here in doha in terms of the winds of the winds have been a big problem of the last few days they are going to start to die down and we're going to be seeing the visibility actually improving as we go towards wednesday so until we get there doha is going to be about $45.00 degrees here on tuesday maybe going to about $44.00 as we go towards wednesday muscat is going to be beautiful at $32.00 but a nice day down towards with attempt a few of $29.00 degrees and then very quickly as we go towards southern portions of africa we are going to be seeing a few clouds down along the coast but really for most of southern africa things are going to be dry in clear johannesburg is going to be a beautiful and chris day at 19 degrees durban at 22 but most about
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a guess what's going to be clear with the time to there of about $25.00 degrees for you. in 1999 a boeing 767 took off to. the point. where we want everything no one survived the journey 20 years on al-jazeera world to revisit the case of the fatal egypt air crash flights 990 what really happened on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera hong kong's waging appointed leader has announced that a controversial extradition bill is dead but she failed to specifically say if the unpopular legislation will be permanently withdraw the proposed law would have allowed the extradition of criminal suspects of mainland china. france to sending its top diplomatic advisor to iran on tuesday comes after its iran announced it has breached a limit on the radio in richmond that was agreed in the 20 clear deal. talks between the taliban and afghan leaders have ended here in doha with a promise to reduce civilian casualties in afghanistan to 0 the 2 day event is expected to lead to more formal binding discussions between the 2 sides. un's human rights chief says she's appalled by the conditions migrants and refugees face in u.s. detention facilities near its southern border michelle bachelet says children stopped
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by border agents should never be held in detention centers or separated from their families 5 children have died in border patrol custody since december. she has made it very clear that several un human rights bodies have found that the detention of migrant children may constitute cruel inhuman or degrading treatment that's prohibited by international law and she also made it clear that any deprivation of liberty of adult migrants and refugees should be a measure of last resort. he has more from washington d.c. . we no longer have to rely on the testimony of activists and whistleblowers to understand what the high commissioner is referring to we have the inspector general of the department of homeland security's own report that was released last week where we found out about cells with a maximum capacity of $35.00 holding $155.00 detainees but those with a maximum capacity of 8 holding $41.00 detainees detainees wearing soiled clothing for days or weeks children or adults with no access to showers even though they've
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been held for as much as a month standing room only in some cells there was also a very interesting statement there very interesting statement from customs and border patrol itself they felt this is part of a quote consequence delivery system that is it's meant to be like this it's not some oversight it's part of a de terence policy to make sure that people think twice about crossing the border very similar to what happened under president obama in 20152016 when there was a spike in the number of women and children crossing the border he too had a policy off the terence having the conditions we so all for the women children would think twice in fact the a.c.l.u. the american civil liberties union sued the obama administration this is how they said detainees were being held under obama freezing overcrowded filthy cells extended periods of time no access to bed soap showers adequate meals water medical care lawyers in violation of the constitution it sounds very familiar this is what the u.s. government does when confronted with immigration crises the difference is as so
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often the case trump was taken from obama framework and gone much further but it is supposed to be like this another reason for this is it's very good for trouble's 2020 election campaign he wants to be seen as tough on immigration and in fact the comments of the u.n. high commissioner will probably add to his narrative look even the u.n. is against me i must be doing something right his base will no doubt cheer. on the other side of the border mexico has deployed thousands of security personnel as part of a new national guard there is supposed to tighten the borders and fight crime in its most violent areas the force is controversial because of its militarized nature so mexico's government has promised it will get special to training in humans rights but as john holliman reports from tapachula that's simply not happening. mexico's new police force the national guard that looks militarized that's because it is made up mainly of soldiers and marines and commanded by general the government hopes it will tackle mits because recall boylan's many are worried that
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in doing that it could trump lova civilians rights looked on as much a lindt those worries were at least calm down april 9th when the government made a deal with the united nations that the un would help give human rights training to the new force it was seen as a big moment is this room. more important than this is a really important x. i could say historical in a quid in the killing field mammal him with the agreement shows our shared interest in a paradigm shift which puts human rights at the center of public security forces actions . the united nations sources have told out his ear at that 3 months on from the deal and not one member of the national guard has got the training despite they say un efforts to get the program kick started the fire and meanwhile the government's already sent thousands of new national guardsman to deal with
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a particularly vulnerable population central american migrants heading through mexico. we talked to a dozen guards at checkpoints and patrolling the suit the river which marks the border with guatemala all of them said they have been given some internal human rights training but they know they'll need to learn more on the job. they told us how to treat the c.b.d. population and we have to respect everyone's human rights but it's a very short time for training where he did with our eyes closed and we're just hoping now we'll have to see what happens. in a written statement 12 to 0 the minutes can foreign ministry said the government's been working on how to update the national guard members existing human rights training and on how to implement the un agreements but it's not just the un training that this is missing the rolling out the national guard has definitely been a bit odd hawk most of those we've seen here don't even have the new uniforms they
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still wearing their forces gear and some of the country's federal police officers who were due to be drafted into the new force instead went on strike against what they worried would be cuts to their salary and benefits. and every corner that is cut is only going to bring more questions about the government's great hope to tell you because security problems john homan. tapachula. libyan warlords khalifa haftar is preparing a 2nd offensive to seize the capital tripoli his commanders say as many as 20000 fighters have been sent to strengthen our forces in western libya have to alongst as 1st campaign in april to seize tripoli from the un recognized government yemen's halt the rebels say they've launched more drone attacks in saudi arabia they say our airport in the region was a target which is not far from the border with yemen saudi the coalition confirmed that it intercepted drone attacks targeting civilian areas in the kingdom
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a former called warlord nicknamed the terminator has been found guilty of atrocities including murder rape and conscripting child soldiers. again that was convicted by the international criminal court on 18 charges of for crimes and crimes against humanity they relate to the ethnic conflicts in the democratic republic of congo nearly 17 years ago. greece's new center right prime minister tuckey says he plans to start legislating quickly after being sworn in on monday he wants m.p.'s to skip their summer break it is called the parliament session for next week johnson reports give your cause me to turkey's emerged from the presidential office surrounded by his 3 children having just been sworn in as prime minister his administration he says will be dedicated to their generation he wants to rebuild greek society as a meritocracy where hard work and justice will bring opportunities for all that he
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says is the only way to stop the brain drain which has cost greece as many as $100000.00 young people each year in recent years. because my service of the greek people yesterday gave us a powerful mandate to change greece we should honor that mandate to the full today the hard work begins and i have complete faith in our abilities to do what needs to be done. to honor that mandate of thank yous has promised a series of reforms that will attract investment boost growth and create jobs. premiership begins now this is ministration plans to move fast for immediate consideration tax cuts getting tough on crime and a controversially allowing police back on university campuses. police were banned from campuses half a century ago after they forced their way onto the athens polytechnic to quell a student sit in city's
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a leader alexis tsipras says he will now focus on molding his party into the center left progressive alliance neither leader will have much of a honeymoon instead of allowing parliament to go on a summer break it's a thank yous plans to start a new plenary session next week and table his 1st bill soon after ultimately midget like you says he will have to approach greece's european creditors to persuade them to lower greece's debt repayments he believes the bailout terms a stifling growth but the last 4 greek prime ministers have asked for better terms and didn't always get them into their cars will concentrate on making sure that he meets the time gets. primarily by cutting spending. and if he does so then he will have some good will. in the future to open this discussion with the creditors but i don't think you will risk opening a round of negotiations that will resonate with negatively in the markets. greece
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has stabilized after losing a quarter of its economy to recession but it has not yet turned into a success story its growth is the lowest among bailout countries in the eurozone that is widely believed 40 percent of greeks elected its attacking us but economic reforms take time to show results and greeks are impatient to improve their lives jumps out of. africans. or radical groups in georgia have tried to put a stop to the rally calling on the country's interior minister to resign large crowds occupied an area in front of georgia's parliament which has been a focus of mass protests with the. police station themselves literally opposing rallies to prevent. the us president has tell to his administration's environmental record in a speech at the white house says america is doing better than every signatory to the 26th in paris climate accord which he pulled out of the u.s.
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president says the environment's a top priority for his ministration even as it rolls back protections. central chile is enduring its worst drought in 60 years that includes the capital santiago home to nearly half the country's population of 18000000 and experts predicts water shortages will become permanent because of climate change on pressure from agriculture are latin america editor of the cement has more from a quote in chile. as i said very little use to run a successful small business growing and selling tomatoes on this plot of land. but a long drought in central chile has dried up her livelihood as well as her plants. and also to get this was my band aid we does deep 7 metres of water which. enough to irrigate my plans. now it's totally dry. and so is the nearby.
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4 years ago it looked like this. a farmer who was born and bred here is raising cattle now on what was the main source of water for the shagger cultural region. there's no water i'm raising a few animals but it's becoming too expensive to truck in the water it's a disaster. he's not wrong farmers all over are being forced to sell their livestock and their land. to drought which is now in its 10th year is a phenomena that's here to stay quoting to experts in a new report issued by the university of chile it blames the growing demand for increasingly scarce water resources on large true to exporters but above all on climate change this drought is just as visible above ground than on the surface and underneath at this time of year the andes mountains should have been covered with snow which in turn in the spring melts and fills the rivers and the lagoon but with the deficit of rain now and 80 percent these mountains now just had
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a little bit of salt sprinkled on the top. chilies populated capital santiago as well as the bad but i use a region could be left without drinking water by 2030 according to the report but there are ways to avoid disaster one of them is to stop losing water that flows from these rivers straight into the pacific ocean that would require dams just as is the need to build more reservoirs before having to resort to large scale decide of chile's long pacific ocean coastline water expert philip in my 15 says there's a severe infrastructure deficit. unfortunately a reservoir takes 17 to 20 years to build a hospital takes maybe 4 yes or no. hospital but if it's those who are sick today but we aren't seeing the illness that the country as a whole could suffer from the lack of investment in infrastructure. the government
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has in fact announced it will build at least 20 new reservoirs. it won't be soon enough though for have built a little who instead of growing and selling vegetables is now cycling off to clean houses to make a living to see a new and i just see that chile. bad lines on al-jazeera hong kong's beijing appointed leader has announced that a controversial extradition bill is dead but she failed to specifically say the unpopular legislation will be permanently withdrawn caroline admitted that her government's work on the proposed law had been a total failure that would have allowed the extradition of criminal suspects to mainland china anger over the bill led to one precedent of protests. but there are still lingering doubts about the government's sincerity or wariness whether the
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government will restart the process in the legislative council. so i retreat here there is no such plan the bill instead. france is sending its top diplomatic advisor to iran on tuesday comes after to iran announce its breached a limit on uranium enrichment that was agreed in the twenty's the nuclear deal talks between the taliban and afghan leaders have ended in doha with a promise to reduce civilian casualties in afghanistan to 0 the today event is expected to lead to more formal binding discussions between the 2 sides. un's human rights chief says she's appalled by the conditions migrants and refugees face and u.s. detention facilities near its southern border michelle bachelet says children stop by border agents should never be held in detention centers or be separated from their families 5 children have died in border patrol custody since december the
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u.s. president has said his administration's environmental record in a speech at the white house donald trump says america is doing better than every signatory to 16 paris climate accord which he pulled out of a former warlords nicknamed the terminator has been found guilty of atrocities including murder rape and conscripting child soldiers. was convicted by the international criminal court on charges of 4 crimes and crimes against humanity they relate to the ethnic conflict in the democratic republic of congo the 17 years ago. those are are the latest headlines on al-jazeera counting the cost is coming up next. you don't struggle you know a battle rages over the country's bomb and with activists invading farms stealing livestock and intimidating bombings one when they are has these tacked on to far on al-jazeera.
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and has a secret this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week who runs opec we find out if the one from iowa all prices has forced saudi arabia to relinquish control of the oil cartel to putin. from startup to unicorn just how easy is it to create a multi-billion dollar tech sensation can the middle east create another success like right hailing at curtin. or is the region's reliance on big money and love of brands stifling growth. so the outcome was never really in doubt saudi arabia was going to get the production cut it needed but for the defacto ruler of saudi arabia mohammed bin sandman the price he paid probably sacrificed the country.


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