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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 9, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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people in power investigate the plight of imperial britain african troops in. the forgotten heroes of empire on al-jazeera. outrage in beijing is the u.s. approves a $2000000000.00 weapons deal with taiwan. sam is a that this is al-jazeera live from coming up after 4 years of fighting reports the u.a.e. is withdrawing some forces from yemen. donald trump calls the british ambassador to washington a pompous fall after the u.k. envoy says trump's white house was dysfunctional. running dry
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the drought could leave chile's biggest city without drinking water little more than a decade. china's foreign ministry is asking the united states to immediately cancel a potential sale of ons to taiwan the u.s. state department approve the sale of over $100.00 tanks $250.00 and crossed missiles and related equipment the deal would be worth around $2000000000.00 when haye has more from beijing. taiwan's military is built on equipment from the united states its main supply of arms announcements from washington of sales are always met by an angry response from china and this was no difference it's a crude interference in china's internal affairs and a harms china's servant and a security interest china is strong least dissensions far and thoroughly opposed to
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this and has already made a stern representations to the u.s. side and. china regards taiwan as a breakaway province that it will one day retake that threat is why taipei feels the need to regularly upgrade its weaponry this deal may be viewed by beijing as particularly provocative if it's approved by the united states congress at $2200000000.00 it would be the largest since donald trump took over as president taiwan in the u.s. continue to consolidate our security partnership together will guard the democracy and freedom of the taiwan strait and stability in the indo-pacific region the type of equipment included in the deal is likely to further anger china in a bid to modernize its defenses taiwan will buy and craft missiles and battle tanks the timing of this deal is also likely to be viewed as provocative by beijing it comes amid a truce in a trade war between china and the united states with negotiations possibly
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restarting next week the u.s. and china have imposed tariffs on each other's goods over the past year but the 2 presidents agreed to pause hostilities when they met at the g 20 summit in japan last month you they also reiterated their close personal friendship which may be put to the test again if this latest oms deal goes through. beijing. the u.a.e. appears to be withdrawing some of its forces from yemen that's according to media reports quoting senior iraqi officials describing it as a redeployment and insists there remain committed to the saudi led coalition fighting hooty rebels since 2015 the rebels are calling for a full withdrawal demolish l. has more after 4 years of fighting reports say the emirates are reducing their troop numbers to pave the way for what they're calling a strategic redeployment plan in yemen the 4th using those opposed to the u.a.e. saudi war say it's a withdrawal
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a sign that the 2 countries are losing the war in reality it's difficult to know the exact reason behind the troop withdrawal 4 years since the war began what started off as an international coalition of arab and muslim countries led by saudi arabia to restore the un backed government in yemen has turned into a coalition of true saudi and the u.a.e. bombing yemen and transforming it into the worst humanitarian catastrophe on earth according to the united nations 4 years ago there was almost daily briefings by the saudi led coalition troop numbers were given together with military targets but since human rights violations have emerged and accusations of war crimes have been leveled against the saudis and the emeritus information has been much less forthcoming. activists have filed court cases in the united kingdom petitioning the government to stop selling british weapons to the gulf countries targets in yemen particularly saudi arabia last month the u.k.
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supreme court ruled that on sales to saudi arabia were unlawful a decision the u.k. government is appealing. in the united states members of both the house and the senate are demanding that on sale stop true and that according to nobel prize recipient and rights activist through a cool car money is the main reason for the u.a.e. withdrawing troops had to have an angle and there this is a partial withdrawal intended to improve the u.a.e. is image in front of the international community this withdrawal has come as a result of the emirates failure in yemen i'm certain that the u.a.e. and saudi arabia will retreat in shame from yemen after they fail completely there was real pressure from the u.k. on the emirates that forced them to withdraw in order to repair their public relations image another important reason is the iranian threat if tension in the region continues the u.a.e. would be a prime target. it's not just international pressure that's been applied on the
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emirates the 4th u.s. backed by iran have proven to be a formidable enemy taking the war to the u.a.e. they claimed responsibility for an attack on international airport last year when an unmanned drone was able to reach its target without being intercepted while debates will continue over the reasons behind the reduction in forces many will be asking after 4 years of death and destruction what exactly has been achieved the un recognized government remains on able to govern the cooties maintain control over yemen the only difference is more yemeni men women and children have been killed or had their livelihoods destroyed. asana tell you co-director of just foreign policy and national advocacy group that played a role in house and senate efforts to end the u.s. saudi war the m. and he says the partial withdrawal is a move from the u.a.e. to try and improve relations with the u.s. i think you see across the board that there. that there's just so
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much pressure on saudi arabia and the u.a.e. coalition to end this war we had bipartisan majorities in both chambers of congress recently that just took votes to end you know military aid recently there was also a vote in the senate that passed with a majority to end arms sales to both saudi arabia and the u.a.e. so i think this is a desperate attempt by the u.a.e. either try to save face and you know maintain some want good relationships in washington because they see them quickly eroding if the u.s. even just possibly withdrawing some of its troops is that going to leave more pressure on saudi arabia to follow suit then i think it does further isolate saudi arabia and you know i think you know what we can all hope for is that they and their brutal war on yemen through airstrikes. and you know
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stop the blockade so you know while it's not a complete withdrawal it does further isolate saudi arabia and mohamed bin solomon . now the emir of qatar is meeting the u.s. president in washington d.c. let's bring you some of the latest pictures there we go just moments ago the u.s. president there donald trump he was receiving shit i mean been fanny as the visited the white house now they they last met there just over a year ago it's been a range of developments since then u.s. tension with iran the ongoing blockade of qatar all expected to feature high on the agenda as obvious of course those talks between the u.s. and the taliban going on in doha the war in yemen the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi let's bring in our diplomatic editor james bays he joins us live from that white house there so we saw the emir go in just moments ago in the white house and as i said they got plenty to talk about haven't they james. absolutely as
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you say the emir of qatar has been here several times story during donald trump's term as president of course it started very badly for qatar because in the early months of donald trump's presidency that block a and the suggestion that there were some in the inner circle of the trumpet ministration possibly the truth of the president himself who greenlighted that blockade of qatar now although i think we're in a much stronger position partly because of events partly because i think there's been some shrewd diplomatic footwork among those things of course is is the taliban talks you're talking about yes no breakthrough yet but we are closer i think to a deal the diplomacy is gone further that at any point in what is the u.s. is the longest war in the american point to that one when he sees president trump and in fact we believe there now meeting in the oval office is one of the things
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that he is doing for the u.s. of course the other big thing that qatar does for the u.s. is host a big airbase with thousands of u.s. troops more a bigger arriving in recent weeks because of the tension. in the gulf at the same time the emir heads a country that has good cordell relations with iran so it gives a pretty pivotal role if you look at the countries in the middle east if the u.s. wants to take a diplomatic route with iran you have. potentially you have. maybe you have kuwait as countries that could play an intermediary role is as well of course as european countries. do we expect the emir to ask for perhaps some good favor return when it comes to the blockade being imposed on car. well i think that that is the thing from the cattery side they would like his support with
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regard to that blockade i think the administration's position i mentioned early on how it seemed that almost effectively greenlighted the blockade following that summit when president trump went to saudi arabia on his very 1st trip as president situation is now changed i think it's changed because there are different people around the president national security advisor john bolton. the secretary of state both of those i think of focused certainly in the middle east on the campaign against iran and they believe that getting the gulf states reunite would be a positive thing in in their battle with iran and james you hinted at it tell us a little bit more about the evolving u.s. position on the blockade and how it's changed at least when it concerns the white house as opposed to perhaps the pentagon the state department. and of course capitol hill because that's another important part of this yes you
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have a situation where that is going on it's not really going anywhere i think many in the u.s. system believe that it is damaging the u.s. his role in the middle east for it. the 2 main bases the u.s. have are in doha air base and bahrain where they have their navy base those are 2 countries that aren't effectively talking to each other or others opposite sides of this blockade what has happened of course has been in recent months very bad p.r. for the countries that are blockading catarrh one the ongoing war in yemen the war that doesn't seem to stop and continues to take so many human lives that i think is damaging the reputation of saudi arabia and u.a.e. which as you heard is reconsidering its position in that coalition and the role that actually takes in the coalition and of course the other thing is the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi and many observers including
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a un special rapporteur concluded concluding that the state of saudi arabia was responsible for that murder all right james bays there in d.c. . a military spokesman for the who says they have new weapons to strike targets in saudi arabia cannot independently verify the images showing in his presentation i have on but it is a recognition that can fly over the skies of saudi arabia would it death of over 500 kilometers as you can see on the screen it is the recognition the road some odd one you can reach into a very deep areas in enemy territory and it is a huge achievement you can transmit everything it recognizes and all the information it collects directly from the operation theater. has more on the the announcement from yemen's capital sana'a. the significance of such a press by the both the military spokesperson he wants to send
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a strong masseurs that's how these have become stronger that they can produce their own drones and also messiah was he mentioned the 3. drone which is capable to reach 1100 kilometers he threatened the vital economic targets of saudi arabia and its allies and the fire range of such missiles and drones he mentioned also that the. courts the messiah which is named as what he said and mentioned that the in and the movements support of the palestinian quds also such a missile can reach also long distances it's weighing missile he mentioned also that the these have become able also to produce their own. need for
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a munitions snipers along with other kinds of weapons. still ahead of al jazeera and having to go. feigning a u.n. deal we'll have an exclusive report from mexico on concerns about a new national god. 15 years of illegal separation we'll look at how israel's war continues to affect palestinians. hello again it's good to have you back we have seen plenty of rain across parts of southeastern china and for jim province the rain has been quite heavy bring flooding across some communities there unfortunately the rain is going to continue across much of that area as you can see here on our wednesday map very dark greens indicating anywhere between 200 and possibly 300 millimeters of rain still on that
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very saturated soil up to the north though it's going to be quite dry we're going to see one with plenty of sun and shanghai is going to be off and on in the rain with a temper there of about $29.00 degrees where here across parts of india we have been watching northern india and north east india very very carefully and notice the clouds right there those very intense white clouds that is what we have seen very heavy rain over the last few days unfortunate that rain is going to continue in the same locations we're still a little behind on the progression of our monsoon it should be a little bit more towards the west as you can see in new delhi though it's going to be a little bit dry a few at $34.00 degrees here on wednesday they beginning to about $35.00 by the time we get towards thursday and then here across the gulf it is still going to be quite windy at least for the next few days but by the time we get towards thursday our temperatures expected to come up to about $46.00 degrees here over towards abu dhabi about 39 but a little cooler towards a lower the temperature of $28.00. mexico's
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most loved soap exposes the reality of more than life through fiction. soap box reveals the drama behind the camera this week the produces focus on the difficulties facing indigenous women and the power superstition still holds over a large section of society. 2 worlds episode 3 of soap box mexico on al-jazeera. come back you're watching out is there a time to recap our headlines china's foreign ministry is calling on the united
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states to immediately cancel a potential sale of arms to taiwan the u.s. state department approve the sale of over $100.00 tanks $250.00 anti-aircraft missiles and related equipment the united arab emirates appears to be withdrawing forces from yemen that's according to media reports quoting senior iraqi officials describing it as a redeployment. of committed to the south or u.a.e. coalition which has been fighting with the rebels since 2015. others a mayor has met u.s. president donald trump at the white house chef i mean been fanny and dog trump are expected to discuss a range of issues from tensions in the gulf to the latest round of talks with the taliban in doha. after weeks of mass rallies and pressure from protestors hong kong's chief executive has announced a controversial extradition bill is now dead. kerry lam admitted her government's work on the proposed law had been
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a total failure but pro-democracy activists aren't convinced that's the end of the bill mcbride reports from hong kong. after more unprecedented protests hong kong's chief executive harry lamb appeared to yield. with an admission of failure in mishandling this controversial legislation she promised it is now dead there are still lingering doubts about the government's sincerity or where it is whether the government will restart the process in the legislative council. so i reiterate here that is no such plan the bill instead opposition to the bill has resulted in mass protests with some violent clashes between a minority of demonstrators and police pro-democracy groups fear the bill would allow china to extradite political opponents from hong kong to face summary justice in mainland courts a claim the hong kong government rejects but carry lymes concession doesn't go far
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enough for the protesters this week feel the same. city should feel. like it's a little bit. i feel that if. we cannot find the what if any of the. protesters believe the chief executive is playing with words and that although her government has given up on plans to introduce this legislation there's nothing to stop a future administration from trying again part of what many people here believe is a gradual erosion of hong kong special freedoms within china the demonstrators are also demanding a full independent investigation into what they claim has been the excessive use of force by the police in breaking down largely peaceful protests. the government's strategy seems to be weathering this period of unrest hoping public support for the
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protesters will wane and that its concessions will have an impact this time of dates are counterproductive it don't end of the crisis just play now has to be when the trust of the old and he has failed to do so. on ageing support and all of. them will have to own. for the pro establishment camp the fact. the people have taken to the streets in such numbers is evidence that hong kong's freedoms like the freedom of expression are alive and well. the bad news for the hong kong government the protesters are promising more roads mcbride al jazeera hong kong. the us president has for the 2nd day running attack the british prime minister and the u.k. ambassador in washington after the publication of leaked diplomatic cables which
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sharply criticized the trump white house trump says his officials will no longer deal with ambassador kim darrick after he called the white house dysfunctional and inept those comments were made in confidential correspondence in a tweet on tuesday the president said the wacky ambassador that the u.k. foisted upon the united states is not someone we are thrilled with a very stupid guy he should speak to his country and prime minister may about their failed briggs's negotiation i told stories i'm a how to do that deal but she went her own foolish way was are they able to get it done a disaster exclamation mark i don't know the a master but i've been told he is a pompous fall tell him the usa now has the best economy and military anywhere in the world. emma hayward has the latest from london on the dysplastic this. well
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downing street will have been hoping that this will quite simply blow over but that doesn't seem to be the case because donald trump took just to twitter earlier really having a go at him derek describing him as wacky a pompous for a very stupid guy but he didn't just leave it there he also attacked the u.k. prime minister to resign may having a go about her handling a bracks it describing it a sprawling and even a disaster now this is quite clearly very diplomatic language between what is the post to be an ally of the united states downing street very much standing behind their man came down in washington saying that he is a dutiful respected government official working in washington here of course has got to try and go about his daily business but washington has said it's not going to work with him and we know he was disinvited to a dinner on monday night but all this throws up very much into question about how this information how this memo from conduct was leaked in the 1st place and the
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u.k. foreign affairs select committee is now launching an investigation into how that classified material could have been leaked. russia's parliament is recommending economic sanctions on its neighbor georgia president vladimir putin is against the move in response to weeks of mass protests in georgia against russian influence in the government riot police were deployed on monday to prevent violence during council rallies and lucy vasant has more from moscow. some contradictory statements coming from moscow towards georgia today to stay duma had a strong statement and then a miss lee asking for economic sanctions but president putin says he doesn't want any sanctions he sas people who are inciting these anti russian sentiments in georgia they don't know their history and he doesn't want to hurt by lateral relations this all comes after he took protests for a couple of weeks already in georgia it started when a russian
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a legislator visited to d.c. and he held a speech in the chair of the speaker of parliament there and this of course angered a lot of people in georgia they went to on to the streets and a lot of anti russian slogans will heard then president putin slammed a travel ban on to georgia no flights are allowed to leave moscow heading to georgia starting on monday and then now in this we kind of present for georgia television insulted president putin very badly and this has angered a lot of people here in russia so that's why this they do ask for these economic sanctions it would basically be basically be wine and water and mineral water and also money transfers going to georgia but the president sat again that he doesn't want these sanctions at this moment the ministry of foreign affairs said that it's not only about what georgia has been saying in the anti russian sentiments but also the fact that the authorities have not been able to control the situation. turkey
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has ordered the arrest of 176 military officers accusing them of involvement in an attempted coup in 2016. and a turkish political figure living in exile in the us behind the failed coup prosecutors say the military officers they want arrested have links to him so far 77000 people have been jailed. 6 turkish sailors detained by forces loyal to the libyan war khalifa haftar landed in the stumble they were released last week turkey has warned have to fighters would become legitimate targets if the turks weren't freed immediately after is threaten to target turkish interests in libya accusing it of supporting the rival u.n. recognized government in tripoli and korea says its involvement in libya is aimed at promoting regional peace and stability the un's human rights chief says she's appalled by the conditions migrants face in u.s. detention facilities near its southern border michel batchelor's says children
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stopped by border agents should never be held in detention centers or separated from their families rights groups say many children have no access to showers and being detained long past the maximum of 72 hours 5 children have died in border patrol custody since december. central delay is ensuring its worst drought in 60 years i think the capital santiago home to the gunners population of 18000000 experts say water shortages will become permanent because of climate change pressure from mind where culture our latin america and in turn asean newman has more. chilling things have i said very little use to run a successful small business growing and selling tomatoes on this plot of land. but a long drought in central chile has dried up her livelihood as well as her plants. this was my band aid we does d b 7 metres of water which was enough to irrigate my
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plans twice now it's totally dry. and so is the nearby. 4 years ago it looked like this. piece of farmer who was born and bred here is raising cattle now on what was the main source of water for the shagger cultural region. there's no water i'm raising a few animals but it's becoming too expensive to truck in the water it's a disaster. he's not wrong farmers all over are being forced to sell their livestock and their land. to drought which is now in its 10th year is a phenomena that's here to stay quoting to experts in a new report issued by the university of chile it blames the growing demand for increasingly scarce water resources on large fruit exporters but above all on climate change this drought is just as visible above ground than on the surface and underneath at this time of year the andes mountains should have been covered with
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snow which in turn in the spring melts and fills the rivers and the lagoon but with the deficit of rain now and 80 percent these mountains now look as though they just had a little bit of salt sprinkled on the top. chilies populated capital santiago as well as the bug. a useful region could be left without drinking water by 2030 according to the report but there are ways to avoid disaster one of them is to stop losing water that flows from these rivers straight into the pacific ocean that would require dance just as a gent is the need to build more reservoirs before having to resort to large scale dissatisfies ation of chile's long pacific ocean coastline water expert philip in my opinion says there's a severe infrastructure deficit. unfortunately a reservoir takes 17 to 20 years to build while the hospital takes maybe for yes the new hospital benefits those who are sick today but we aren't seeing the illness
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that the country as a whole could suffer from the lack of investment in infrastructure. the government has in fact announced it will build at least 20 new reservoirs. it won't be soon enough though for. who instead of growing and selling vegetables is now cycling off to clean houses to make a living to see a newman i'll just see that chile. and let's take you some pictures we just came in moments ago we had hoped we can roll it now the u.s. president donald trump can we get the pictures up now we can all right. u.s. president dan tom was speaking earlier in the oval office with cutters a mere let's listen in i believe we have assault we can play out now.
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thank you very much it's a great honor to be with the amir of qatar a highly respected man a real leader in a large part of the world in a very important part of the world and we've known each other for a long time we've been friends for a long time and we're doing a lot of work now and they're investing very heavily in our country they're creating a lot of jobs they're buying tremendous amounts of military equipment including planes and they're buying commercial planes as you know very large numbers of commercial planes from boeing and we very much appreciate it we're going to be signing a document today a very large train jet transaction you're going to be invited to the signing it's a transaction that will be purchasing a lot of boeing jets and a lot of money spent in our country and that means a lot of jobs so we just appreciate everything we have a great operation military operation right now in qatar they built one of the great
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military bases i would say anywhere in the world and it's just been expanded with runways and everything else it's been really a great honor to work with my friend thank you very much for being here thank you thank you thank you. mr president i'm very happy and honored to be here and thank you very much for your hospitality as you mentioned we enjoy a very great relationship between qatar and the benefit of america we're doing a lot together as you mentioned the president we're signing a few documents today and we are kind of a partnership has been more than 185000000000 and we're planning to double the number we have a lot of investments in the u.s. economy here we do a lot in the infrastructure and we're planning to do more investments yes we host either a good base and we're working very closely together you're invited to come and see your. and also to visit the base at anytime surprised and i really enjoyed the personal friendship with you thank you very much frank you very much and i will say
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the base is incredible it's what they've done there is absolutely and a great place to have it right in the middle of the middle east so it's a obviously it's a very important location so thank you all very much yes actions of. other members. i don't know i think it is really getting a lot but you know how do you get away before you know we're going to see what happens with iran iran is doing a lot of bad things right now and they've got to be very careful. right now well you know all right let's bring in diplomatic james basie's live for us at the white house james listening in their 2 main issues investments in our economy is. buying a lot of equipment and jets and also the presence of a military base which he called the great place and we have
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a great military operation let's take the 1st issue the investment that's.


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