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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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but you know let's just. see all the hook onto the 1st. time you walk one pull up to me that be the optimist on the yellow. or the largest for the visual approach because sasha back in the movies. yeah you all have left seam up for those foods you fall. or either. side don't want to. be 5 in this but he said here in the north to see all with the high school i mean you're funny. but there were they thought the villages. i mean my shaken followers see i'm a share you wonder some type 2 discs or 2 for bob dylan police are in the local.
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doctor them guards oh not more so than. i remember like you say about most by over the words to get above the bar impossible to do by evolve. and shape the only thing you need a polish called only children but it was a shoddy and he said this too but you know better you know my mom she was a lot more me than a list of useful batch was for that was the sound of my little thinking against it . on the remote vietnam of yourself as your model able to no matter how you'll be nonchalant but only made it for you with a moment in the classroom you have a sack out for a glass well i don't let it know i'm on my shit i'll bet i'm waiting to get shot myself probably made all day shooting at you dumb ass you must.
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they do me chain is it going to love a bluesy input or cash or what i called a memory. is a back are sure there were 2 men who called them in mind i'm up with a chick with a suit. but i'm going to give them a. good group by mark mckinnon a diagnostic about what he thought the result. i'm going to draw them go through a book with. what they didn't know it should you boy knowledgeable be a. cover. boy sat could see me an english course to a guy have i suppose this is my children this question. been told all seen the end unless i love a no money down so obvious i should like to have one of you that you see enough to
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solve that just 2 more. in the pulpit that it will. inform does up in the by beautiful but in a voice i for you i feel about the other punk i got my theory out. we can keep de getting which would be the sob you did give good use of god's got out of you. a problem is you who didn't you know my life was in which we know each year the with your source or was it is this a thought is we have used as fuel it is a crock pot is huge was it is used. in a new as each of us saw him each month oh my god. yea he said my dear mrs you must sing on the teeth of a december. and the new car similar to kit i do know that.
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you can get this. kid who will miss ruth and. yeah i. mean sometimes. to put at the back of our going to. mean to have used to just. a few good fish here. is not the major bad idea things are going up but he says i feel the most buzz that he is not mopping. up media sucking not the flu but at the present i should know what does it magic think about the let me just ask you that was you know you're going to look
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out the most to see what your shot at one minute before you used the damage might be out standing up the ass and you don't get me out but if they find out i imagine that is spying in the us has to be something different because i live. so bill so bill which we see as the best watch a polish. kokomo madea's obote people most i doubt would see. that what i got there was not there i mean you. could be the media if you go for. it and for me it would be up to my school which was so new geo for me to go my mood swings at them each day she is
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a bush front. in seat of. fashion played. by anyone. good he's brought up since she gets what i'm towards my cousin who was there. with us and i did do them he said. this. will be absolutely the new complete here my new book lives i wasn't dale sealed with them to you to me with when you push live when you sleep just what i did with. you will create enough of this in my school have it out your good in front and was the only knew what was in the. best i'll. use it best footage to god. i kissed on the scummers it was food and she got this
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she proposed. as if you stole it from my sons to drop stop and remove from new jobs of hers goodbye you. usually have a think was it you can use we already have a son who was lost my so i always know i did what he did think chimp good looks quite that's what. fish eat. to me everything and. everything. is this. all it why have. you squeeze. every. 5.
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of. her fish feed it. or there's. we'll see the. t.v.'s. come see. him was. he was. if. you're. like what else. are. you. looking. back saying. pull that old are you.
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see the. stage where we were. at. the end. of the my hearing you know. that it's a good. song writer but. second of all these companies are going to. want to she want to follow up with them kill a little bundle in the for example by mail to. your. stomach not all of us when you go. yuck it is member for much of the.
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dog standpoint though i wish. they could see a little. sick of this if she's just i'll do. it it's not. it's all. give you know. the saw was you know goes down we think this is the silliest. thing i don't think it would be able to keep it out. if i needed to you know i don't think bush is going to have to leave it on one quantum and i'm with him because you know he'll make it like it used to with good. people to stick our butts the big guy out to try to what i mean that.
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i fight hate it when you get out. but you have to not be what it was you know if. it is the sioux a scout. saying stop looking at the most people simply because they get they tell us the book will. help. us congress is going to set them up i want to suffice for this i mean awful thing you did it by trying not to lambaste and they still didn't stop it because of the fittest so just because of him i was going to put. something that. was. funny fashion or conduct. but as soon as i put this young omonia i'll be up on top of the wooden structures and the be the ones you can join the stylish easy be known
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to be ornish with the same vision as i would have because you can't break out of that he jumped up. judge the police so moved you cannot look into talking to you cannot i'm. not sure now that some change will bones huge will be done to me said. well if you're going to talk with the feeling that i did not want much guess i don't feel so much on that basis so professor let me just go by me of course one of the other shot struck. by this thinking was
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a fall some say you know once you pick a kid then you. could just. money you can for back. up your status to hire the handsome young also for me to get i mean to quench me so to give. the most right edge to your movie is it monday we have got the book and be insubordinate you will go to the water we'll see if you can size use it using by the work it just. got done know of on the ah so it is double pass that you know the receipts you don't see. all the wrong.
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quite well. kid is huge he had a flu so it would keep him sad. and put image in. some things he does in which are much ceo's despite the cia because of it is you could produce siskel with. khalaf which the solid kissing to man to kenya is cut down by some action to flash on my eyes so that if i forgot focus on the stupid ass they saying. to me junkie making it
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a fellow was serial. number if i don't police yell but i even look all of us into was nice of them was watching almost demise was to produce hope and u.k. there simple you couldn't say about me and it's just in comparison with. drug laws how prize pool vinci others for a is cheap in front of me a lot of good advice it would've i thought would remedy. view my joy. he said just 2 of. years and i was a god it was wish live for schlub who says it was still global and people really don't b.s. you lot of go to college soccer america b.s. .
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it was to defend the. if your producer was you know up by this march was more book you know we have done we start this could be more to the point you see my moods up as you. say my mood is just seem to small uses those up but it's in the open in a full sob in this business because. if one does something if i mean it's found in the or by this you know. from physical eyes moves.
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from cutting edge medical technology toxic venom could be a foster resource the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world. and it's something that they have. you heard upside. down or innovative solutions to global health care problems that can make a difference and maybe all the oldest word get it sure was solved the cure on al-jazeera. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it will so many nationalities. just we all come from different places but it's one that gives the bank of the us the ability to identify the people when they have a side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is
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a strength for al-jazeera. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss no one told. a sweeping associate. with the violence. facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they lived. and moon the tragic loss of life. twice a victim on al-jazeera. your child is there with me as a whole rom the reminder of our top news stories the u.k. government says a british warship has intervened after iranian boats tried to obstruct a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz on wednesday to hand denies there was any confrontation same bus ravi has morphed into iran the iranian government has
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denied flatly denied that this incident took place at least not in the shape perhaps the british have suggested the public affairs office of the islamic revolutionary guard corps naval forces have said that there were no encounters with foreign vessels in the past 24 hours so a clear flat denial it's not even there is a different narrative here is that no encounter took place with foreign vessels but they did say if they were instructed to seize or confront any vessel they will carry out those orders the u.n. human rights council has agreed to set of a preliminary investigation into what it calls a staggering number of murders joining the philippine so-called war on drugs the resolution brought by iceland has faced strong pushback from present government human rights watch estimates at least 12000 filipinos have been killed since detainees campaign began in 2016. sitters from 22 countries have condemned china's
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treatment of ethnic and religious minorities in an unprecedented me they sent a letter to the human rights council calling for the detention of we can muslims to stop. francis passed a controversial tax bill against large tech firms which the u.s. says unfairly targets american companies the tax is the 1st from a major economy to be imposed on companies such as google and facebook police are fired tear gas to disperse a demonstration held by a shia group in nigeria's capital hundreds of members of the islamic movement of nigeria gathered outside parliament in abuser and demanded the release of their leader at least 2 people were killed on tuesday and 40 others arrested as police and protesters clashed at least 18 people have died in a train collision in central pakistan a passenger train rammed into a stationary freight train in rahim karn in southern punjab region
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in russia at least 6 people have been injured after a fire broke out at a thermal power station in the northeast of moscow headlines and back in half an hour stay with us. the miller gun rights mission fades. slowly. one where they can go free to do. my mind will say i was sent to go gee it opened up a schwalbe i'm. still grew up using your. thoughts. with your friends you know you normally do try my new building get out. but this is the fear but yeah burning. trash just like.
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in that small cut. cut oh yeah minimum the son was hooked on the fun was what. he did. last year was how i was was. he not. he didn't know my family thought that was what i thought about it but i don't believe it look at you much better now that i was how funny like that looks like you. know that. i. didn't. even realize. you.
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see no reason to stay shut. because some of the sun was even. because i might. well the medical i came up that day for my godmother was no plan on which many fish tench to i shout that almost. i. think it was you know i was going to want to go watch him do you want to give up
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this if you think you got that big a benefit if you know this if it was a big. kid that did it was one of the. people as he was so pleased that he did you know. i think if you. didn't see the. veal my 4th of this and feeling you. know quite a sum of. the sun. if you. took it full said sue would. be a truly good 1000000 dishes from the mission in the most of. us
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me enough to push my piss off but on the 1st it was jogging feel as if i see it was . all what they had been so. my status and. i'm asa nothing else someone to put there they'll it. better. 6 than most no other. key to this newsgroup. 8 yelling the who keep. you if you will get. the day god. blocks. in terms of time and years one file to. be a new. exhibit you need because of you not to my zip in the mean.
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time. either for me to. be. put him on. the roof. is a primitive fear for you as soon as you do cut out their coffee after you put this on funny. it is you have a result i may have to go from either cut off a bit of advice. to buy a new watch 2 new movie man 2. for media that would put what is a bad to accomplish. to use or. simply didn't care in the last name it's the last the west yes the atlas what i'll do then add a top secret if you don't get the city and you fit in our senior white house you
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know martin shall see after me and no matter what i'll see him. in this thing and why. it was a book you can't eat and a kid looked out at a middle man near the bridge point you know ali i would propose that we watched over my. bed instead of being a sit up when the guy is a lot of this is too gross miscue see miracles and us against this man get to assume the supreme leader if you fries you guys in my movies you're put in the west or the movie is this. the final film you see the self image for me all that stuff enough while the minister of. the people he does things a little feast most meet up with his feet will come to him by the fire me on the
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way i don't mind being mom but i get my thoughts from the. mom. the world could muscle you induced by singing voice and the pies in the. but if we want. your question. which. was which among one of them. look something up like about. somebody. pushed. up most of the families when you're drunk. look. up.
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the mum. was. really. pleased. something about what you're seeing and what might the george bush want to know from this up and to me look up that's good that would.
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come. out how i would love it if it is on the dollar bills that include everybody who is in the book i don't know one of the only available number would be a lot it's going to be i don't even want your mental monarchy but i. get it i'm not going to think that's going to be that he did you know that if you do. cheryl supported the finish it was a good idea to spin the finishing up with a good 2nd post about 6 abuse of boys and if it was going to be here on t.v. i would love it and this is a look at the. up one of them out are exactly the grand momentum well you know your current leader you know that they're going to be your eyes are still going to get ready to go knock you. down a. couple of good cheer them up was going to. be on track to go up the hill and i am feeling good you want to carry on who did it
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should be falling for you little bobby before finishing the ok but if you stop it will both go back to the big watch that movie big deal do you would kill to say she took him a to examine him but usually is it ok imo marketing. guys are guys. they're going to do gaza you must look back to see but i mean she does sequences at their mosques not much. is previous to law don't. do my source edgy know so to my eyes a german going to do this or to the city and do this.
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and only jammu people who doesn't of course of the movie do does not believe give us the badge give us the that's what we have a book look ready we have a complaint like that said it's the l.d.s. he feels that then when you die with the forces. they will show you more saying yes i suppose an image will sell much you know so they're limited was a woman who did it so as not to mention the a lot of they should add that. to what they are actually. it's good you can point to us it was covina celeste's looked always with. each futile one pice were more than there's more stupid that by the simple good this would take the. second minute to sabia job mark with a house you're not too tough to do that said the muslim teen emo dude if more i
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do more in a for vale q. nucleus a really got upset and decide to be deported if i live a month it is you know. you want to start my new s. and want to suffice i may also be and want to think a lot more senior. players i don't know playing to the results thing like they also face changed up want to pull off. he's little more than a dodge raf you might want to. if you could i'm not blues you brothers in the blues nobody's your brothers could mean no one has got to leave rather kill the people for a. sabbatical pre-mixed think but i would think but depression when they would think but it's gone would be going their kids would think that's going to commit suicide my god they are there for you cell can. have a doc. but the if you got away sadness that all things.
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she knew of for the sujiatun the protists own way my guys in. since going fast incisional. a media to do was foremost was a premier a cute af with your mother he deploys a car from the early gotta see to it is going to get going what i do is does not see in one of the doesn't seem to difficult concepts on the. elk is in sherman was just going to see a lot of the women that is us older probably. has excelled in that some somalians. if i got a question i want to see. quite stable zones to paddle in. so that which
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is. they c.g.m. wish this in the comments but i hold. my stance against the company as a. species . is to me. one fish but stefan thinks that as the behind the.
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last bit more not much of a bit there to move i spotted something there isn't that something about how much more obvious my. shares the same kind of thing for. one thing but also because i knew that if i can say that i would have both done to keep up with them to see a hell of a homage to you i think you sell but that didn't stop a bizarre stock on a board as my pump obviously missed the. play let's see if you lost a cousin i mean yes this is a. no see them in my bubble this was just one of those in the book i'd love to see.
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following. the trial of the fellow. looks. like. except. explicitly people get. the full.
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look in his. thanks not because of the.
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i. was was was. as if. he was felt. i.
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was there to see i. think. you. they don't show up to me she spoke. i my view. it be that no visit she would just do the movie.
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that you just. brought i. must disagree. with you to add to this. but is. you were going to move it isn't. that he is all here that is all who is who i am i wouldn't say oh if it was a simple this would be a good 4th. he would not. feel like. my old pal. was but it will. feel will. feel as she'll. she'll 2.
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feel. if this is just means. it is them and they had one of them and i think that should be made in this. book i think it was of those which is not much to say the a moment. now for. nearly 511 more here. you didn't think it would be made significant. in the kommersant most kids piece
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who's done for valid and you can you die you can do it you go kill things you need to school good go get to. the mess that i'm most proud he says pursue is to very minimum ain't you was going. to get you out this promise which. also was seen in me but i'll. see took a full. service if i feel lied to or whatever my file. name sic i don't want you feel the kind i want to see them on. sausage up indices people. saw i think i didn't survive with the family. same religion look. it's much.
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the story goes but the statue of an ancient greek god he beat the waves for millenia. until a palestinian fisherman on earth the priceless relic. the story continues but as the world's attention was drawn to. mysteriously the day it disappeared once again. the apollo of ca's. on a. we
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got lots of fine and sunny weather for a cute pothole brazil for the north we've got the usual showers up around the properties pushing up was as norman postle a south america biggest downpour say a fair bit of cloud just around chile and argentina mainly fairweather clad it is a little further north woods so you. all was ill tempered his sin to sit around 15 celsius some attempts just because one through friday they clapped that sink further south was full friday and will tend to run so some wet weather there around the give apply furthermost are going to keep those big shall is coming down and they join up with the showers across the western side of the caribbean in particular loss of a clap showing up here still
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a fair amount of sunshine the best of the sunshine will be around the leeward islands and they set fabulous blue sky sea temperatures getting up to about 30 celsius the 4 bridgetown jamaica type warmer than that but we have got those showers central and western parts of the caribbean over towards nicaragua costa rica and maybe you'll se into parts of mexico coast into the gulf of mexico keeping a close secular nation which may well develop into a tropical system for us one of the season bringing some very heavy rain into the fosse out of the us. the weather sponsored by catherine is. what went wrong in society that opened up the space for the image get out but she is a european problem and it's not accountable and it's impossible for the people to bear that is for link up our people don't want to take more of their lead and if i'll find a stronger man our song woman who was getting the growth of rejectionism of this
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world because the model doesn't work europe's forbidden colony episode 2 on al-jazeera. after 25 years of importing the world's waste china through the global recycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure for greener skies it is resulting in change we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. cell raman you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes another dispute in the strait of hormuz
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britain's government says iran tried to block a british oil tanker. also the philippine president is accused of inciting violence as a u.n. investigation is set to look into his war on drugs. guns hits out a u.s. threats as it passes a law to tax internet giants. i'm going to go with news from cash for the straight here in the cricket world cup semifinals plus serena williams goes for spots in her never know when building final. welcome to the news that the u.k. government says the rainy and votes of trying to obstruct a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz it says the 3 rainy and vessels turned away after a british navy warship intervened and gave a warning iran has denied any confrontation with the british vessel that iran has been threatening to retaliate since british marines seized on
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a rainy an oil tanker in waters nature brault last week while we have correspondents across that's developed and show. he will go to mike hanna not like hell or even ross jordan pardon me in washington d.c. same bus ravi standing by in teheran and lawrence lee in london. start with you because obviously your the focus of attention maybe not personally visited the government is that it seems that they are very clear as far as they're concerned of what seems to have happened and now the government is commenting on this. yeah look i mean i think i think the 1st thing to say is that the british government plainly does not regard this as either an emergency or a crisis not least because nothing ended up happening there their version of events which is backed up by the americans is that some iranian boats came towards this oil tanker which reportedly was in carrick in the cargo and that their one
9:51 pm
frigate in the area has montrose had to intervene in if you like go go in between $22.00 to shepherd the tanker there's a difference of events between the british and the american sides the that the british say that the montreaux spoke to the iranian boats over the radio and they turned around that the americans say that it lowered its gun that the british side won't confirm this but one way around of the other the iranian boats then then then then moved away and that's that's the end of it so the defense secretary penny mordant who was a self a navy reservist has said nothing at all about this today. that there is no emergency meeting planned but al jazeera did speak to jeremy hunt's the foreign secretary and event this morning and he told us that he hoped the whole thing would just calm down a bit. well we're very concerned this is a very serious escalation of the situation and you know we are proud
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that the royal navy was there to protect their heritage but we are monitoring the situation very closely we don't want to escalate tensions we want tensions to come down. the problem seems to be for the british side that it's slightly being pulled in 2 directions it is resisting attempts by the us to back its policy of sanctions along with the other european countries it wants to resist that and try to get back towards a reimposition of the nuclear deal or us and some stage some will get around sanctions but at the same time i think it is much more on board with the americans in this in their argument that iran is trying to smuggle oil illicitly out and that's the reason why obviously they though they've got hold of that tanker off of gibraltar because they thought the oil was going to syria in breach of the u. sanctions and so the americans i think are going to in the coming days and weeks be putting a lot more pressure on britain to send more warships to the gulf to join what what
9:53 pm
the americans want to see is a multinational force there and that could cause i think a little friction potentially between the foreign office and the minister of defense because i think the foreign office would rather have what you saw there from jeremy hunt saying a softly softly approach and try and calm the iranians down a bit but some of the minister of defense here i think we've been much more amenable to presenting itself as having a role to play in the gulf war from i will leave it there with you in london lawrence thanks very much well whatever did happen it's clear that tension remains high in the region strait of hormuz is one of the world's most important waterways every year thousands of vessels pass through the shipping lane which is just 3 kilometers at its narrowest point almost a 5th of the world's oil and $20000000.00 barrels is shipped through the strait but ships have to navigate the territorial waters of both oman and iran but are protected by a un convention on the north of the sea which should allow them to pass without a problem let's join our correspondent in tehran and it sounds like
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a case of she said she said sort of smoke and mirrors with very close with that without really any clear definition as to exactly what happened and still no definite proof. that's exactly right from the iranian side this is black and white from the u.k. or the u.s. side it's white and black and we're really seeing competing narratives here sort of jockeying for position and really it just depends on who you believe at this stage the optics really aren't in iran's favor this word of swarming maneuver that the u.k. and the united states describe these fast boats undertaking this is familiar this is the kind of thing that iran is known to do iran has been accused in the past by the united states of harassing its ships its vessels its warships in the region and so this this isn't something that we haven't heard before having said that it's also probably not something that is that. dissimilar to to interactions have
9:55 pm
happened in this region before as you said earlier this is a very narrow waterway but when it comes to ships these are very wide spaces so what you can pinpoint and call an encounter may vary may differ depending on who you talk to and to that end the iranian officials here in tehran and flatly denied that anything any encounter in the last 24 hours with a foreign vessel took place we heard from the foreign minister zarif we heard from the islamic revolutionary guard corps naval public affairs office both flatly denying that anything like this happened at all so we really have to try to see. who's narrative wins out in this case an iranian expert i spoke to recently said that in order to figure out exactly what's happening it's easier to fly a drone or an airplane or a boat yourself over these waters and get a good look and as long as we have these competing narratives from both sides any sort of negotiated solutions are unlikely to surface as long as these tensions seem to continue to escalate over the moments i will leave the course continue to
9:56 pm
monitor events for the from tire on let's cross over to washington d.c. a muslim jordan our correspondent the plot thickens rolls on as america wakes up to this news it will be interesting to see what the white house has to say considering this apparently was initiated by a u.s. report about the incident. well there hasn't been any official comment at least from the u.s. military neither the feet the 5th fleet which is based in doha as well busy as the regional headquarters for u.s. central command which oversees u.s. military operations in the middle east has had any comment about this incident but it certainly would play into the trumpet ministrations ongoing argument for more outside. support and patrols of the gulf area in order to protect international law and natural gas commerce as well as to us stand
9:57 pm
up for the principle of the navigation of the high seas that should be unimpeded by any one nation is also plays into the white house's narrative that iran is acting with malign and intent that it is trying to interfere in the commerce and the politics of its neighbors in the middle east and by extension poses a national security threat to the united states and to its allies and partners so this is something that certainly would be more grist for the mill as the expression goes for the trumpet ministrations push for tougher pressure on terror on because of what it considers not just iran's attempts to develop a nuclear weapons program but to be a sizable of political and security influence around the middle east will leave us in our roles quite early in the morning certainly in d.c. and will wait to see what the american administration has to say thanks very much
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well mohammad marandi is a professor at the faculty of well studies at the university of tehran he says this is part of a broader effort to put pressure on iran. the iranians if the british fail to release the iranian tanker because they it's an act of piracy it is illegal even if the even if it was oil that was going to that particular refinery which is for the concert which would be consumption for ordinary syrians even if that was the case it was they have no right to detain the tankers owned by other countries but it wasn't for that refinery it wasn't even for syria and they had no right to detain the tanker it's just a part of a broader project to put pressure on iran and in the case of the persian gulf the iranians if they feel ultimately that the british are going to behave and as pirates and not release the tanker then ultimately they will retaliate there is absolutely no doubt about that but anyone who looks at the map knows that iran has
9:59 pm
the competence and the firepower to deal with the british and i think that the downing of the $200000000.00 u.s. drone by the iranians shows that iran both has the sophistication and the will and the competence to do what is necessary in the persian gulf well before the incident in the strait of hormuz us president voltron had been ratcheting up pressure on iran sanctions would soon be increased substantially that he's accusing the iranians of secretly enriching uranium for years they've denied this during an emergency meeting of the international atomic energy agency in vienna john holl is the. i think the most important thing to come out of this meeting at the i.a.e.a. in vienna is that iran is not at this moment anyway planning to take any further steps away from the new clear deal although each envoy for some body did affirm that after another 60 days now if indeed the parties have still not come
10:00 pm
back into full compliance with their commitments to iran under the deal particularly the europeans of course and their commitment to protect iran's economy under the deal will then it will be prepared to launch a 3rd phase of actions in response but pointing out that no firm response has yet been decided upon by iran was struck by the told the ambassadors in the room that once again. the enrichment that iran is undertaking is its right under the nonproliferation treaty is required for purely peaceful purposes and that iran has never tried to create or acquire weapons of mass destruction he made the point that simply repeating the baseless accusations against iran pointed of course at the united states does not magically authenticate them he said and he painted the u.s. as the ultimate aggressor both in the region and in the current state of the nuclear deal you know that the issue of and we.


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