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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 192  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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the u.s. billionaire jeffrey epstein more than 10 years ago had pleaded guilty to prostitution charges and has now been charged with trafficking under-age girls for sex acosta who is a florida prosecutor at the time is being criticized after his office approved a lenient deal across the disputes that and says if his office had not stepped in that epstein would have faced only one charge from state prosecutors. it's a more forensic scientists in argentina is helping to bring peace to families who lost their loved ones in the so-called dirty war there was a period in the 1970 s. and eighty's when government death squads hunted down and killed political opponents to risible reports the work to identify those who disappeared is ongoing and scientists are lending their skills to other conflict areas abroad. truth and justice have been for decades the main objective of the argin time
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entropy ology forensic team that's why they continue to work to shed light on what happened to the thousands of people who were disappeared during argentina's judy war over 40 years ago. from yet it would take samples from the relatives and create forms with information from the donor and the relative who disappeared that would compare it with the band samples we have the team was created in 1906 when argentina embarked on a process of exhumations of the many unmarked graves found in the country believing that many of them could well contain and identified victims of forced disappearances the argentine mantra polity forensic team believes that with their work they can help the relatives find justice but also some type of closure they're currently working to identify the remains in this boxes there are 600 remains that allegedly belong to people who went missing during the dictatorship in argentina in the 1970 s. their expertise has taken them to 55 countries including south africa syria iraq
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colombia and mexico where the attempt to help relatives find the remains of their loved ones they use genetic profiles drones infrared cameras to locate mass graves in the most remote locations but either says that's not the most important part of their investigations the main church or when to do was to incorporate the family members in the world. or usually the medical forensics. take some information for their families. some point their provider overboard book well so we do it in norway we have the farm it is the center of our work to reduce our present index from a shows they are in for about what we are doing in many cases families don't trust industry they come to us because they don't trust industry one and all that's why they played a crucial role in the misty gate and into the disappearance of the 43 students in mexico who were killed by
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a drug cartel with the complicity of the country's security forces the relatives wanted the team involved in the search and not mexican authorities in argentina there are many who are still trying to locate their relatives the necklace was father disappeared in 1975 he was a left wing activist. they were under but i've always tried to find him and i know his remains are somewhere we have very little information on what happened to him but i want to find what is left of him and that's why this anthropology team is crucial for victims of conflict and violence because they locate the victims and help hold accountable those involved in serious human rights abuses around the world. and. the consumption of cigarette soft drinks and fruit juice has been linked to a higher risk of developing cancer french research a survey 100000 adults over a period of up to 9 years they found even a small daily serving of $100.00 milliliters about a 3rd of
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a can of soda could raise a person's overall cancer risk by 18 percent the popularity of sugary drinks has exploded in recent decades and are already blamed for obesity which itself is a leading factor in developing cancer to counter this several countries have introduced sugar taxes the researchers say cancer rates could fall significantly if more governments follow suit it's well report author matilde to v.a. works with the french national institute of health and medical research she says many will be surprised to learn that even fruit juice carries risks. in this study even fresh squeezed orange juice is were executed with increased cancer risk this may seem weird because we know that in the fruit juices we have i thought means minor off a little bit of diets with 5 years or so and no food additive but the thinking that they also are very high source of the sugar and the sugar content of who just is is
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about the same of the sugar content of so that in so this is not so we have to observe yes addition because that here the main driver of the association seems to be sugar there are several ways affections of sorts one is the recommendation from the population for instance in france we have recommendations that say less than one glass of sugary drinks per day and this includes could just see it also there are some food labeling that could be put on food and beverages and would love generally indicating the nutritional quality of the products we have a core for and then the new credit card in the current bed jim and 6 spain and so it takes into account the sugar content and to indicate the consumer how we should we have and so the goods until quality teach and so of course but if you suggest the taxes you mentioned are probably a good idea also and then maybe some of the measure then to produce
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a fun thing of what they are nearby to get years of sugary drinks so that people get out of thirst he can to get water instead of soda then so many meters that could be undertaken by government. louisiana. huge storm hit the area on wednesday widespread flooding is making it difficult to get around the city of new orleans roadways. are filled with water. say a tropical. in the gulf of mexico could become a hurricane by the way. they were battered by hail stones the size of oranges. was flooded.
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again time for sport with peter 3 thank you very much they will be a new name on the cricket world cup trophy after sunday's final hosts england set up a date with new zealand at lord's of the crushing rivals australia in the semifinals key early wickets did the damage for england at age bastien in birmingham australia captain aaron finch out for nought to john for archer there were 14 for 3 when chris works struck to remove david warner and pizza hanscom archer causing all sorts of trouble the still liberal removing the how much of alex kerry
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steve smith made $85.00 before his run out by a brilliant throw from just butler all out for 223. 3 jason arroyo made light work of the reply firing 85 of just 65 balls he enjoyed the best shared a partnership of 124 best fell on 34 to mitchell starc as he set a new world cup record of 27 wickets at the moment. it was left to captain owen morgan and joe rude to seeing a home with 8 wickets and 18 to spare. some opportunity for us on sunday a huge one at that i think looking back to where we were in 2015 and looking ahead to where we'll be on sunday is a dramatic you know improvement to the style that we play and the level of expectation that we've created everybody in the changing room should take a huge amount of credit for that i think making the most of the opportunity will be
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fantastic on sunday but getting there along is also a lady semifinals day at wimbledon has seen 2 dominant performances on same to court 7 time champion serena williams took less than an hour to reach her 11th singles final at the all england club she was a 6162 when. he was playing in her 1st grand slam semifinal serena is chasing her 24th when slam title which would equal the record held by the australian great good . it's good you know it's actually after my year so it definitely feels good to be back in the final mention your year the way you moved on court today the way you played all facets of the game how much better was it today than at the start of this just very tournament yeah it's definitely a lot better like i said i just need to match is in every match and know that i'm improving and you know i just i just needed to feel good and i said now that i feel good i can do what i do best which is play tennis. former world number one summer also breezed into the finals she dropped just 4 games against the 8th seed. and
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since a court looking very strong in a 6163 straight sets victory it's the 1st time halak has reached the final at wimbledon and she'll be looking to add to one of the only grand slam title so far which came the french open last year. i was actually prepared against her fight for every ball i played many times against her and they knew that she doesn't. carry them no so i had to be there i had to be strong and today think. again one of the best matches and us algeria have one attains special with the ivory coast of the africa cup of nations and so it's soft he handed the algerians the lead before jonathan cogic equalized for the ivorians baghdad bonaire joe will be kicking himself they missed an early penalty in the 2nd half that would have made it to no 2 algeria didn't matter in the end though the algerians winning for 3 in
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the spot kick shoot out now the women's world cup champions have swapped their football boots for heels at the speeds that's an annual award ceremony in the us for top sports performers are those in favor of equal pay say aye the women's national. days after clinching this year's trophy the usa won best team and forward alex morgan was named best female athlete. the champions of the chinese super league showing i.s.i. p.g. have been showing off their new star striker marco now to bitch ill if the premier league club west ham united for a $29000000.00 fee to play in china the austrian is being paid a reported $350000.00 a week by shanghai. there's a new leader of the tour de france after thursday's 6th stage the 1st in the mountains for this year's race belgian dillon t. and some of the bahrain merida team took the victory after the grueling 160 kilometer trick but the italian rider julio. grabbed the overall lead overall
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race leaders yellow jersey with a 6 seconds advantage over julian. ahead of sunday's british grand prix lewis hamilton has praised the decision to renew silverstone's contract through to 2024 and keep the race on the f one calendar feature of the event had been in doubt with the sport's owners looking to take races to new circuits it's clear that from one can it really exist without. sports which is the british crown prince so. really really happy i think it's great for the for the fan base that we have here and for that to see that continuously grow over the next years to come some of the world's toughest athletes have been having an uphill struggle in italy they've been taking part in a race that involves running up a ski jump on a $35.00 degree incline this race is one of 4 like it across the alps this one in italy was particularly brutal held in 30 degree heat. then that's what he was
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and i'll have more support again later in ok peter will see him later thanks for that update and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we hand you over to our teams in london lauren taylor's with you in just a moment with more news coming up on al-jazeera thanks for watching but i. can't believe you like everywhere connectivity is paramount and yet more infrastructure in the pen than some foreign corporation means to many remain offline now a politician and tech activists are building a home grown solution connect live units and secure the nation's technological
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sovereignty the. rebel geeks the citizens network on a just. when the news breaks the protestors and the still even that's. when people mean to be yelling and it. looks like as if they don't have let's move. on the story needs to be told. al jazeera has teams on the go to when you lead when documentaries and lightning. on air and online. after 25 years of affording the world's waist china through the global recycling industry into chaos. the door impression of agreement sky resulting in change we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every. gibraltar police arrest the captain of the iranians supertankers seized by the british navy last week as the u.k. accused iran of trying to impeach a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz. live from london also coming up. the philippine president is accused of inciting violence as a u.n. investigation best to look into his war on drugs. the french senate approves
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attacks on tech giants potentially opening up a new front in the trade between washington and the e.u. . more than 20 countries signed a letter to the un condemning what's said to be china's mass detention a week of muslims. and it will begin in gibraltar where police have arrested the captain and chief officer of an iranian tanker that was seized by british marines last week it was stopped on suspicion of breaking e.u. sanctions fight. taking oil to syria new developments follow u.k. allegations that iranian vessels tried to impede a british oil tanker in the strait of hormuz leading to intervention by a british warship iran though denies any such confrontation took place the british foreign minister says the u.k. doesn't want to increase tensions in what is one of the world's most important oil
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shipping channels well we're very concerned this is a very serious escalation of the situation and you know we are proud that they're all navy was that to protect their heritage but we are monitoring the situation very closely we don't want to escalate tensions we want tensions to come down. shows that joins me here in the studio sure how is the u.k. responded to. well although the u.k. is trying to say that this is not sort of major incidents and it does want to keep the tensions minimal it is also taking precautions by raising the security level of ships that are under the british flag in the gulf area in the gulf waters so they've raised those security levels to number 3 which is the highest level that doesn't mean that they're going to be shadowing or accompanying every commercial british ship in the area with
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a royal naval. vessel to track them but it does mean that they are going to have to take extra precautions there's going to be regulations were to do with embarkation and disembarkation things like that and that threat level is going to be at number 3 for as long as the british government feels that there is an imminent threat from iran and what about the united states how they reacted while the u.s. says. the pentagon is staying quite quiet about this it has obviously tweeted about it made reference to it but it says that this is a matter for the british. what the context of this is that the united states has be lobbying for an international naval response force essentially in the gulf area to protect global shipping that's going through the gulf and the straits of hormuz and the u.s. clearly feels that this incident is another part of the case for that and it would
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it's said that threats to international shipping the rights of navigation require an international response so clearly they think that this is another reason that there should be some sort of international task force in the area thank you very much. in tehran as we had for lurie the u.s. is calling for an international coalition to patrol the area which they ran in saying about that proposal with the iranian government position is likely to the say stay the same as it has for some time now iran has told neighboring countries both friends and foes alike that it is the united states that is the destabilizing force in this part of the world and as far as iran is concerned it is a caretaker for the strait of hormuz it is part of its territorial waters and iranian officials we've spoken to on numerous occasions about the conflicts around this waterway have said that as far as they're concerned they have been the
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caretakers longer than the united states has been a country that's something government officials are often quoted as saying now what they're talking about is the fact that the persian empire in the 1500s fought a war with the portuguese navy for the control of the straits the persian empire won and as far as iranian officials are now concerned they say that iran in some form or whatever form the country is taken has been in charge of not only being caretakers of the strait of hormuz but also looking after the shipping lanes and the vessels that pass through that waterway so iranian officials here will see the american claim that the waterways need to be protected by some sort of international coalition against an iranian threat they will see that is likely laughable and something that is simply designed to escalate tensions in the region so miserably thank you very much.
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the u.n. human rights council has agreed to set up a preliminary investigation into what it calls a staggering number of mad in the philippine government's war on drugs it accuses president. of inciting violence against drug dealers as well as intimidating judges and degrading women i mean down into ground reports from manila. it's scenes like these that have prompted international action more than 6000 people killed in the 3 years since president rodrigo the terror to launched his so-called war on drugs those are the government's own figures the dead all suspected drug dealers it says but why it's groups say the actual number could be 5 times that figure now the united nations has taken what many see as a critical 1st step towards accountability and comes after years of documentation and campaigning by both local and international rights groups the un's human rights
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council has ordered a report in the philippines it will address serious violations allegedly committed by the government jurong detectors crack down on users campaign against drugs because drug users and the source of course of the many of the crimes that are be committed now are not about how many of those crimes are committed by drug users but the justification. is just not true we are overwhelmed by the drug problem wired such. a measure that the killing or the murder of. the philippine government rejects the un vote calling it a travesty and saying it cannot accept a politically partisan and one sided resolution it's already said it won't cooperate with any investigation critics have described the terror does anti drugs
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campaign as a war against the poor with the majority of those killed coming from impoverished communities and they're included in the government's watch lists of drug users and peddlers but the rights groups say these lists are reliable and police have not explained how they are drawn up or verified. but the terror terror remains committed to these war and drugs despite widespread criticism the united nations human rights council is not the only international body now prepared to investigate to ted there the international criminal court is carrying out its own inquiry into whether his drugs were policies that started when he was mayor of devil city in the southern philippines before becoming president constitute crimes against humanity jamal and dog and al jazeera police have fired gunshots and tear gas to disperse
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a demonstration by a shia group in nigeria's capital hundreds of members of the islamic movement of nigeria gathered outside parliament in a bugger to demand the release of their leader who's been in detention since 2015 at least 2 people were killed on tuesday and 40 others arrested as police and protesters clashed the 7 people in are confirmed dead after a violent storm hit a tourist region in northern greece it struck beaches on a hokie dickie prince you were just southeast of the city of saloniki 6 of the dead were tourists asked the 7th was a fisherman whose body was found at sea after he was reported missing $23.00 people are being treated in hospital a state of emergency has been declared one person has died in russia and 13 more are being treated for injuries after a major fire at a power station just outside moscow a faulty gas pipeline is believed to have caused the fire at thermal power station $27.00 in the northeastern suburb of mighty sheet $150.00 firefighters are needed
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to put it out eventually. france has passed a controversial tax bill targeting tech giants the 1st of its type from one of the world's major economies a 3 percent tax affects companies like google apple facebook and amazon but has no touch about reports from paris the united states is not happy. a show of hands and a display of defiance french senators passed a law taxing tech giants despite straits by the united states washington says the levy on thoroughly targets american companies and it's opened an inquiry a move condemned by france's finance minister i think that the best way of dealing with that kind of difficulties between the u.s. and france is not through it is not opening a procedure under section 3 or one for the 1st time you history of the friendship between the u.s. and french it is to build
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a compromise at the g 7 level. so that we can have a concrete and effective solution on the docks issue of digital activities the tax targets firms with the global revenue of more than $800000000.00 including $30000000.00 in france at least 30 companies will have to pay 3 percent tax on their french revenues because most are american including amazon and apple facebook and google washington says the levy is discriminatory in a statement the u.s. is trade representative said the president donald trump had directed the we investigate the effects of this legislation and determine whether it is discriminatory or unreasonable and burdens or restricts united states commerce the u.s. investigation could lead to washington imposing retaliate tree tariffs on france that's something the french government would want to avoid but there's little doubt that there is a growing sense of frustration amongst many french politicians with trump's
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approach to international disagreements can we should mr trump threatens everyone in all areas he's become an article amity when you're head of such a power you have a responsibility you don't amuse yourself by threatening states that are as responsible and democratic is france and that seek to the find the sort of regulation needed to address today's new economies it's. so that there can be justice that the european commission has been pushing for tech firms to abide by e.u. competition law rules and pay more tax in europe france's new law is a major step in that direction it also fulfills one of the french president's campaign promises emanuel mccraw of the us but taxing wealthy tech companies was one of the yellow vests main demands so french public opinion is likely to be on macro side. al-jazeera paris still to come why academics in israel are being targeted in a so-called witch hunt.


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