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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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says but why it's groups say the actual number could be 5 times that figure now the united nations has taken what many see as a critical 1st step towards accountability and comes after years of documentation and campaigning by both local and international rights groups the un's human rights council has ordered a report in the philippines it will address serious violations allegedly committed by the government jurong detect this crackdown this is a campaign against drugs because drug users and will be a source of course again i mean you know no riots or be committed now we're not going to quibble about how many of those crimes are committed by drug users but the justification for them being is not it's just not true that we are overwhelmed by the drug problem required such. the murder of. the philippine government rejects the u.n.
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vote calling it a travesty and saying it cannot accept a politically partisan and one sided resolution it's already said it won't cooperate with any investigation critics have described the terror does anti drugs campaign as a war against the poor with the majority of those killed coming from impoverished communities and they're included in the government's watch lists of drug users and peddlers but the rights groups say these lists are reliable and police have not explained how they are drawn up or verified but terror terror remains committed to his war and drugs despite widespread criticism the united nations human rights council is not the only international body now prepared to investigate. the international criminal court is carrying out its own inquiry into whether his drugs
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were policies that started when he was mayor of devil's city in the southern philippines before becoming president constitute crimes against humanity jamal in duggan al jazeera. banta more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including one year since rebels so rendered to syrian government backed forces into iraq how have conditions changed glass china outrage after $22.00 countries condemn it over what it calls its free education program for muslims and in sports with peter stunned australia in the cricket world cup 75 s. . a car bombing in the libyan city of benghazi has killed at least 4 people and wounded dozens the blast targeted the funeral of
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a special forces commander loyal to the warlord. the head of special forces was attending the funeral but was unharmed mahmoud abdullah has more from trippy. symmetry is very close to the headquarters of the special forces unit which are under the control of the warlords. have to understand that this was a funeral held for a former commander of the special forces units and he will quit under the former regime of moammar gadhafi but in that symmetry there were the military units including the special forces individuals including their commander the current commander the major general. we know that these explosions could be used as a pretext to push the special forces individuals to join have to this military campaign to seize the capital tripoli especially we know that the many special
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forces individuals including their current commander. they refused to join in the military campaign to move on tripoli we also know that medical sources in say that the number of victims could rise especially those wanted many of them have been in critical condition in syria at least 11 people have been killed in a car bombing in the northwest 35 others including children were also injured explosion happened in the rebel held city of a frame close to syria's border with turkey observers say the blast occurred near a checkpoint where vehicles were lined up to enter the city and it's been one year since rebels in the 7th syrian province have dheeraj surrendered since then the u.n. and human rights groups have documented cases of arbitrary detentions and arrests and as they know how to reports from beirut the security situation is getting worse
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. to move at all it was a symbolic moment of syria's war when the opposition surrendered in july 2000. in 18 the southern provinces where the pro-democracy movement began back in 2011 we taking it had special significance for the government even though the opposition remained in control of some towns as part of russian brokered reconciliation deals that avoided further fighting a year later state control seems weak and fragile well the situation has really regressed over the previous 3 months where we've had a spate of different assassination attacks by unknown gunmen on syrian army which is something which we haven't really seen in areas which have been agreed upon reconciliation the state hasn't been the only target for rebel commanders particularly those who joined units of the army as well as civilians who joined state institutions have been killed it's not clear who is behind the violence the
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opposition believes the government has much to gain. there have been many assassinations of civilians and former leaders of rebel groups who agreed to reconcile they've been killed the aim is to create a state of fear eventually change the so-called reconciliation deals. some say the rest and there are is linked to the battle for influence between government allies russia and iran they have been recruiting locals and former rebel fighters into the different government affiliated military and security branches they control. rising tensions between the reigns on the russians across syria on on different levels 1st militias backing each other and do senior positions the latest of which was basically changing all of the heads of the security agencies in syria in all different sides on the ukrainian within the iranian collison are reporting rising tensions with russia and its allies. the return of the state to the southern
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province has not improved people's lives syrians have shown their anger they have protested in towns. where security forces aren't present speaking out against the lack of jobs essential services as well as the arrests and detentions international rights groups have accused president bashar assad of reestablishing repressive rule in but people continue to strive for freedom in the birthplace of their revolution senator beirut and investigation is underway after a rocket carrying a satellite for the united arab emirates failed minutes after takeoff there european vaguer rocket which lifted off from french guyana suffered a major anomaly 2 minutes into its launch the last spain old was the 1st of tucson lies that was to create the found can i satellite system for the u.a.e. the launch was twice full spawned due to bad weather to the u.s.
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now and president donald trump says his not backing down on efforts to determine the citizenship status of the american population but he has abandoned plans to put a question on citizenship into the 2020 census and said he will issue an executive order to pursue other ways to get the data. i am here by ordering every department today agency in the federal government to provide the department of commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and non-citizens in our country they must furnish all legally accessible records in their possession immediately we have great knowledge in many of our agencies we will leave no stone unturned gabriel is under as in washington d.c. forest joins us now live gabe why was this so called citizenship question so controversial. it really was it's a simple question are you a citizen of the united states or not and this question never really been asked on
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one of these census to go out every 10 years but the trump administration wanted to put that question on the census and they say they wanted it on there because it was critical to determining how many u.s. or not u.s. citizens are living in the united states and it was critical for for public policy and it was simply a question that trumped up that the u.s. government should have the right to ask our critics and immigrant rights advocates and civil liberties organizations also took this to court they said that what this would do would be an invasion of privacy number one but that it would mean that undocumented immigrants living in the united states would not want to participate in the census in fear of potentially being deported by admitting they are not u.s. citizens and they said that's why this should not be on the census because then it would lead to an undercount particularly of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. that live in primarily democratic leaning cities throughout the country so this
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went all the way to the supreme court ultimately the supreme court just decided in the last couple weeks not to put the citizenship question on the census and now this is donald trump's way of basically trying to save face on the issue so what will happen now with they showing of this new executive order. yeah the executive orders trump's way of basically spinning out of this i mean it's the question will not go on the census that's number one and trump basically is just coming out trying to declare victory by saying now he's just going to sign this executive order requiring all government agencies to turn over all of the data they have on non-citizens into one database this is something that the government could have done a long time ago but this isn't going to lead to any of this going on to the census at all at this point basically this is trump's way of basically saving face and declaring some sort of victory when in fact what he really wanted was to get
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a victory at the at the supreme court and get this question on the census but that clearly is now not going to happen kate thank you very much for that gabriel is on the line for saying washington and outrage continues in the u.s. over separation of migrant children from their parents they are growing calls to decriminalize border crossing spy outside and seekers who enter the u.s. through mexico. for some meal. in cities like new york president donald trump's policy of prosecuting asylum seekers who cross the border illegally separating them from their children and holding them in overcrowded facilities has served as a rallying cry for immigration activists and faith groups no more deportations no more detentions no more reads no more threats and raise your head if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to cross the border calls to decriminalize border crossings making them a civil rather going to criminal offense have gone from the fringe to mainstream
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supported by leading contenders for the democratic presidential nomination in recent debates democrats won as far as supporting health insurance for the undocumented for term supporters cracking down on illegal immigration has been a top issue but opponents say the u.s. administration's treatment of migrants the search of a better life does not fit their own legs time while the focus of the immigration debate has been at the us mexico border the trumpet ministration strict interpretation of immigration law has been playing out a courthouses like this one all around the country this is where the undocumented who have been living and working in the community some for more than a decade have been rounded up for deportation experts say decriminalizing border crossings has appeal for free market republicans as well as democrats but promising the undocumented health insurance could be a step too far not imprisoning them not taking their kids away from them these are
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things that you know are commonsense to normal everyday americans we don't treat people that way but the idea that you're going to start giving medicare to people who don't even have a legal status in the united states that's where you start to lose people with growing evidence that migrants are being held in inhumane conditions activists say decriminalizing border crossings would eliminate the legal justification as well as the high cost for doing so while freeing up resources to prosecute those who are a real threat kristen salumi al jazeera new york. still ahead on al-jazeera decades after argentina's so-called dirty war forensic experts are still working to identify the victims and serina williams eases into another wimbledon final peter has all the action coming up in sports stay with us we're back after this very short break.
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and the real focus and united states is going to be around the gulf states and that is because of the developments all the possible developments of what could be the next tropical storm of the season in the say. a huge bundle of cloud there already we have had significant flooding across some of these coastal areas there are also also storm watches and warnings in place of long as those coastal areas particularly into louisiana we've seen some flooding of calls into new orleans and this could well become the next tropical storm of 2019 and if it is a comical tropical storm barry but it will produce a huge amount of rain the water has a very warm at the moment so flooding is certainly a big concern even if the storm doesn't actually develop into those very strong winds associated with the tropical storm the rain pushing all that back into the southeast just about missing washington with a high few of 31 degrees on friday then we head across into central america and
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we've got the usual scattering of showers and thunderstorms across into the caribbean but not all really and all the heavy emphasis to rain out across these areas of central america those rains quite extensive into southern portions of mexico damages as you'd expect this time of year 20 the same up into mexico city. with a high the of 32 degrees. from
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cutting edge medical technology. could be a vast resource the development of lifesaving drugs to advances in the most difficult regions of the world really easy and again it's something to say not the worst to the uber gear outside every. innovative solutions to global health care problem. to make a difference maybe all the ladies were good sure we sold the cure. al-jazeera. they're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me for the bad people are reminder of our top stories iran's revolutionary guards has denied it blocked
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a british tanker in the strait of formals meanwhile police in gibraltar have arrested the captain of the iranian time to seize 5 british marines last week so don's ruling military council says it's foiled an attempted coup council members say the men had tried to prevent the signing of an agreement with the civilian forces of freedom and change. and the united nations has launched an investigation into the philippines government so-called war on drugs the u.n. human rights council wants a report focusing on extrajudicial killings arrests and disappearances that are part of president will go to on time narcotics campaign. by european council president donald tusk has criticized russia's decision to ban flies to georgia as unjustified and disproportional relations between tbilisi and moscow have to tary aerated further since the visit of a russian politician to the georgian parliament 3 weeks ago task was speaking at
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a conference on the e.u. and eastern europe in the georgian city of but to me from where al-jazeera is andrew symonds reports. it's the annual gathering of east european states and the e.u. russia is always irritated by such familiar images. was led the kremlin to direct flights to georgia of the unfamiliar images of anti russian protests every day for more than 3 weeks in the capital tbilisi. georgia's president didn't want to talk about russia at the conference but the way you council president did in russia recent this isn't the money flying to churchill unjustified. this is from russia. that may be the case but georgia's leaders were reluctant to openly attack russia at this event that parliament's head of european integration was sent out to face questions denying claims by protesters the georgian government had become too
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lenient towards russia. nothing from russian what do you say to that. since that's what i said. that it doesn't actually require any further with russia or is really concerned about your presence here. this conference and this you have georgia is very western or we would like to find ourselves an answer within the european jews in one of the debates parliamentary leader spoke of russia as an occupying force for joining a russian me i don't know you would have to find 20 percent of our territories it means permanent threaten the more security it means sit here violation of human rights of people who are living in occupied territories later came the signing of financial agreements between georgia and e.u. states but as the ink dried on deals with $53000000.00 there was no disguising the
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anxiety about russia's actions against this country if conference delegates were to take a short stroll down to the beach front here they get a reality check this place is normally teaming with russian tourists at this time of year the tourist official told us that hotel occupancy rates are down by 80 percent. if the flight berm from russia continues the georgian economy who's really going to suffer and loose women's al-jazeera but to me in georgia. italian prosecutors have opened an investigation into possible corruption involving deputy prime minister material salvini it follows media reports that he covertly russian oil deal was devised to funnel millions of euros to his role in league party an audio recording of a meeting in october allegedly explorer exposes a close aide of south any end 3 russian men discussing a deal but there is no evidence
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a transaction to place salvini has denied his party received any money from moscow france has passed a tax bail targeting tech giants the 3 percent levy his companies such as google or facebook and amazon but is angered the white house with u.s. president donald trump ordering an investigation into the plans that about larry for some paris a show of hands and a display of defiance french senators passed a law taxing tech giants despite straits by the united states washington says the levy on thoroughly targets american companies and it's opened an inquiry a move condemned by france's finance minister i think that the best way of dealing with that kind of difficulties between the u.s. and france is not great. is not opening a procedure under section $31.00 for the 1st time in history of the friendship between the u.s. and french it is to build
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a compromise at the g 7 level. so that we can have a concrete and effective solution on the docks issue of digital activities the tax targets firms with a global revenue of more than $800000000.00 including $30000000.00 in france at least 30 companies will have to pay 3 percent tax on their french revenues because most are american including amazon and apple facebook and google washington says the levy is discriminatory in a statement the u.s. is trade representative said the president donald trump had directed that we investigate the effects of this legislation and determine whether it is discriminatory or unreasonable and burdens or restricts united states commerce the u.s. investigation could lead to washington imposing retaliate tree tariffs on france that's something the french government would want to avoid but there's little doubt that there is a growing sense of frustration amongst many french politicians with trump's
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approach to international disagreements should mr trump threatens everyone in all areas he's become an article amity when you're head of such a power you have a responsibility you don't amuse yourself by threatening states that are as responsible and democratic is france and that seek to define the sort of regulation needed to address today's new economies so that there can be justice that the european commission has been pushing for tech firms to abide by e.u. competition law rules and pay more tax in europe france's new law is a major step in that direction it also fulfills one of the french president's campaign promises emanuel mycroft may vanga the u.s. but taxing wealthy tech companies was one of the yellow vests main demands so french public opinion is likely to be on my cross side natasha butt. i'll just paris and u.s. person donald trump has been holstein what is called a social media summit at the white house it included
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a lineup of online personalities from across right wing media google facebook and twitter officials were excluded from the gatherings has accused them of bias against them end of a conservative conservatives. let's speak to a pro glazer about this she is a journalist for the online news website slate and joins us live from oakland in california good to have you with us april were what do you make 1st of all of this guest list this so-called social media summit and what was this about whether any serious policy matters discussed or was this more of a venting session. we're not sure exactly what was discussed because we only were able to hear what happened or or trump came to speak to the media after the session but it's hard to imagine that that that much of serious policy matters were discussed because of who attended and the people who attended are people who for instance make me that the president has liked people who have forwarded
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conspiracy theories people who primarily are not seen on mainstream media but instead have you tube channels where they argue that the left is biased or that the media is biased and so these were very much fringe figures that he invited so what was the point he was trying to make by inviting these fringe because what i wouldn't think you would do for he was trying to argue that social media companies like facebook twitter google which owns you tube is are fundamentally biased he was trying to argue that that these companies are are censoring them and there's actually no proof that they have censored them in fact republican and the kind of right leaning and and fact these figures are very much the most popular figures on the sites i mean fox news which is a kind of right leaning t.v. network here in the united states is by far the most popular t.v. network on facebook surpasses c.n.n.
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by you know a large percentage of the most popular you tube figures are generally these kinds of fringe right or at least people who sympathize with the fringe right and it's the same with you know the people who he had common have large twitter followings you know over 100200000 people follow them and so if they hard being censored which they which there's no evidence of they certainly have been able to maintain a large presence on the platform get their arguing that they're being censored and and trump is using that argument and has invited them to the white house to legitimize it right and. it's true that he's made this perceived bias against conservatives by social media companies one of his main talking points in recent months how is this helping him or not perhaps going into the 2020 lection what's been the role the political role of social media in the.
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well that's the thing is that you know trump has actually benefited greatly from social media he outspent hillary clinton in the 2016 election he uses twitter as a bully pulpit from which he actually voices policy decrees and sense the 26000 election there's been a large effort to clean up the social media platforms to rid them of dissent from asia and a false news stories that go viral of hate and this type of social media cleanup actually would stop the many pages that promote trump from going as viral and so my feeling is that he's actually trying to tie the hands of social media companies by claiming this false bias and kind of debilitating them from doing the type of cleanup that so desperately needed in order to enrich and actually make a more healthier political conversation i mean the 2020 alexion is coming up here in the u.s. and he wants to have the same runway that he had in 2016 to do whatever he wants on social media whether it's promote falshood whether it's his fandom promoting
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falshood or kind of running based on hate filled you know me my accounts and and these types of. these types of kind of viral social media posts that aren't coming from mainstream media or at least not just mainstream media but but but websites that don't do fact checking that have incorrect narratives that really has helped him to propel into the spotlight and and by claiming a bias he's making it very difficult for the social media companies to clean up their act which probably something that will benefit him i was going to ask you about that i mean this pressure on tech companies is increasing in washington what impact is that having on them and the way they operate going into 2020 into the election are they going to change things around as a result of this pressure. well the pressure is coming but we're not seeing actual legal change to kind of force the companies to deal with this information in a substantive way or to deal with the hate that spreads on their platforms in such
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a viral way and you know it doesn't look like there's going to be any sort of legal change moving into 2020 you know it's not even like clear that it's required that you have to label that a political ad as you know who it's paid for by or that it is a political ad on these platforms so it's not clear that anything is going to change and he's really tying tying their hands from doing anything so in one camp we have congress and members a lot of democrats saying the social media companies need to clean up their act they need to make sure that there aren't you know trolls from russia or other foreign governments or even here in the united states forwarding this information and then on the other hand you have trump saying well this is censorship and and so it's really forcing the companies into a place of an action thank you so much april for speaking to us very good to hear thoughts on this april april gratian from slate joining us there from oakland in california thank you our south african leaders are gathering in ivory coast to set
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up efforts or introduce a single shared kerensky hispano plan to strengthen regional ties but as trace reports from abby jo it will be challenging to bring the region speaker economies to join a single currency. roasted coffee beans are ready for processing this plant of the ask it's of the ivorian capital. the factory it's just one more stuff we can business looking to cash in on the region's effort to liberalize trade the blood donor says having a single currency would be good for business or not because you had a monarchy so i said if you don't believe there are different currencies in the region transactions among mean because treason is difficult right now but having a single currency makes trading a lot of easy money. regional leaders have been pushing to integrate the economies they believe they're now closer to having a single currency than at any time but there are of course.
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limits on different the level of economic development differs from one country to another for example the economies of nigeria ghana i can't give walk so a smaller countries will simply drag the more advanced economies just like europe we all produce raw materials and import most of our needs there is little imports among member nations the c.f.a. is one of west africa's major caresses it's a legal tender in 8 of the 15 countries in the region and if regional leaders have their way it will be replaced by a new currency for the whole of west africa negotiations for the single currency modelled after the euro has been underway for 30 years the implementation of the eco west africa was the single currency was delayed several times by the recent agreement of an african free trade area is seen by some as an incentive enough for regional leaders to finally launch it after 3 failed attempts. while businesses say
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a common currency will ease regional trade not everyone is hopeful that all 15 members nations of the economic bloc of course have the political will to see it through the next year or decrease al-jazeera. investigators in argentina are using drones then d.n.a. tests to find and identify the victims of the so-called dirty war of the 1970 s. about 30000 people disappeared when the military joined hunted down political dissidents traceable has a story from bias artists. truth and justice have been for decades the main objective of the argin time entropy elegy forensic team that's why they continue to work to shed light on what happened to the thousands of people who were disappeared during argentina's dirty war over 40 years ago. yet it would take samples from the relatives and create forms with information from the donor and the relative who disappeared there were compare it with the burned samples we have the team was
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created in 1906 when argentina embarked on a process of exhumations of the many unmarked graves found in the country believing that many of them could well contain and identified victims of forced disappearances the argentine mantra while a g. forensic team believes that with their work they can help the relatives find justice but also some type of closure they're currently working to identify the remains in this boxes there are 600 remains that allegedly belong to people who went missing during the dictatorship in argentina in the 1970 s. and eighty's their expertise has taken them to 55 countries including south africa syria iraq colombia and mexico where the attempt to help relatives find the remains of their loved ones they use genetic profiles drones infrared cameras to locate mass graves in the most remote locations but they would either says that's not the most important.


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