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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 193  Al Jazeera  July 13, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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he was a victim of mistaken identity but how do you test the marion barry was this extradited to italy 3 years ago and accused of being the kingpin nicknamed the general outlook ations be dismissed or where he was convicted of the lesser charge of aiding illegal immigration helping his cousin reach libya as he's already served 3 years judges ordered his release from prison. the perks of a big say state to my client is not the general and this is that the think that we always sustain 3 senior so that the 1st time although they are restored michael. things got germany social democrats the junior partner in chancellor angela merkel's governing coalition have circulated a paper to the european political group saying as you have on the land is unsuitable for the role of european commission presidents the german defense minister and merkel ally was nominated for the position by the european council last week blocks parliament is due to vote next tuesday on whether she will succeed
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. the paper calls her an in adequate and inappropriate cancerous european council president all to criticize russia's decision to ban flights to georgia as unjustified and disproportionate already tense relations between to police in moscow have deteriorated further since the business of a russian politician to the georgian parliament 3 weeks ago or just was speaking at a conference on the e.u. and eastern europe in the georgian city of but to me from where andrew symonds reports. it's the annual gathering of east european states the e.u. russia is always irritated by such familiar images of. what's led the kremlin to direct flights to georgia the unfamiliar images of anti russian protests every day for more than 3 weeks in the capital tbilisi. georgia's president didn't want to
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talk about russia at the conference but the e.u. council president did russia listen this is a flight to churches unjustified. this is a rush of innocence that may be the case but georgia's leaders were reluctant to openly attack russia at this event their parliament's head of european integration was sent out to face questions denying claims by protesters that georgia's government had become too lenient towards russia. pro russian what do you say to that. it doesn't require any further but i'm sure is really concerned about your presence here. this. very western. we would like to find ourselves eventually with the european jews in one of the debates parliamentary leader spoke of russia as an occupying force or
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join your russian. and or territories. permanent friends in the journey for security. here in violation of human rights of people who are living territories later came the signing of financial agreements between georgia and e.u. states but as the ink dried on deals worth $53000000.00 there was no disguising the anxiety about russia's actions against this country if conference delegates were to take a short stroll down to the beach front here they get a reality check this place is normally teaming with russian tourists at this time of year the tourist official told us that hotel occupancy rates are down by 80 percent. if the flight from russia continues the georgian economy is really going to suffer andrew simmons al jazeera to me in georgia and that's it from
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here in london let's go back to during. thank you very much felicity while the u.n. security council is in columbia delegates that is the u.n. security council to oversee the implementation of the 26th in peace agreements between the government and the rebel groups for peace deal included land reforms and programs to bring fighters back to civilian life but they have mostly stalled. the reports. heartbroken and helpless relatives of former 5 gravel. cry over its coffin the 41 years old which july 9th as you went to work at its pineapple field. pieces carson is our lives he believes in this process of serenity is hard to give him self to peace now closed took away his life his laughter his dream to see his children progress. is the 9 x.
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combatants from this demobilization camp in southwest colombia to be killed one of more than $140.00 nationwide since surrendering their weapons 2 years ago former combatants were promised security guarantees access to land and support for productive processes but most have only received a monthly allowance which is set to expire in august of the more than $200.00 former combatants and their families that built the mobilization camp only $27.00 remain the rest left in search of work opportunities or fleeing serious threats. some former fighters set up agricultural corporate thieves with the help of international n.g.o.s and farmers associations catulus worked in this field planting pumpkins and beans among other crops they've started a fish farm and race pigs but its coworkers say they feel powerless and fearful.
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this is very difficult news for us our companion was coming with seats the way the government is failing to fulfill the peace deal is desperate we have no financial or political stability. current colombian president a critic of the accord promised to help former fighters while insisting on changing parts of the deal he announced new security measures for them. after receiving threats former local far commander. was given a bodyguard in an armored car but still had to leave the village. there's a part of colombian society that still can't accept that the country is moving towards reconciliation and that we need to take advantage of this opportunity. bringing thousands of fighters out of the jungle has no doubt been a success by securing peace remains a work in progress 1500 former fighters have joined criminal gangs but most say
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they've laid down their weapons for good seeds of hope that peace can hold. a region. just.
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time for the sports news with daryn thank you very much one place to start with more than one match standing out clearly roger federer in the last few moments just
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beating these all rival rafael nadal in the wimbledon semi the tight 3rd set went to federal on a tight right all rafa in a 2nd and he took that 61 but federer taking control off to that winning the next 26364 to set him into his 12th final at the all england club will now play the defending champion novak djokovic in that final it follows the serbs for certain victory against roberto bout of spain djokovic dropping the 2nd step but he got the job done on the 5th only to reach his 25th grand slam final his only defeat in a wimbledon final was to andy murray that was back in 2013 documents will be going for his 16th slam on sunday. to be in another final is. is a dream come true you know regardless of. the history in in the many finals that i've played in the grand slams for you know playing finals in wimbledon is something different so i'll definitely enjoy that experience or guarantees of set the pace at friday practice friday practice session ahead of the british grand prix at
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silverstone on sunday some of the drivers were struggling to hold thinks to gether rowing dr john had a moment to forget after crashing his hoss while coasting down the larry king the rock in south america is also having problems out on the track you needed a lift back to the garden in front of his home fans even lewis hamilton had some sticky minutes as he lost control he would finish the very 2nd i robot it was his teammate valtteri bottas he top the timings with the ferrari's of trials the club. and sebastian vettel behind the mystery it is. dylan going to get the honors on stage 7 of the tour de france 230 kilometer trek was a day for the sprinters on a largely flat course the visible rider taking its 4th korea stage victory when the top italian. secure on a retaining the lead is yellow jersey a 6 seconds advantage over junior alfie. cricket captain r. and morgan is transformed the same from
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a laughingstock to one of the best sides in the world that's according to the former captain mark when he was speaking a day after england's dominant 8 way ticket winner of australia that saw his side reach their 1st world cup final in 20 years form said. revolution or is the one day team following the last world cup back in 2015 making them a far more aggressive and attacking outfit in the face of new zealand. and sunday's from. it's been a busy day in the football transfer market involving 3 of europe's biggest clubs barcelona finally completed the long rumored transfer griezmann from athletic dread the french forward costing the catalans $135000000.00 meanwhile it's being reported that events aside i axed a friend of a tasty leg the 19 year old dutchman was one of the stars of our exes run into the champions league semifinal last year finally another defender frenchman benjamin a parrot is also on the move he was showing off today by his new club bar in munich
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having just arrived from fellow bundesliga side will exploit his league a side now. or madagascar is terrific debbie run of the africa cup of nations was brought to an end bartrum is here in the court of foreigners but the performance of that same remember ranked $100.00 in the world will long be remembered but arms foreign still celebrated happy that scene made it sorry for catherine so reports. it was a tense 90 minutes as fans of madagascar as national football team watched their quarterfinal tie in the africa cup of nations and despite their defeat by to nisa in the capital antananarivo there was no shortage of pride and joy that they'd caught so far in the competition which was enormous i am not disappointed because of the fast time that participates in off and we are happy because we have reached their own of 16 films out of i'm still proud of them no matter what they do i came
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here to support them no matter what game they played i'm still proud and i am very happy there's nothing to be sad about because they made a lot of efforts and you always have to move forward. the teams nickname which is also a species of cattle were not expected to get to the last state of the competition football is extremely popular in madagascar but there's not much in the world infrastructure for the sport and facilities are not the best this was a fast style they'd ever qualified for the cop but when they got a chips they were fiennes and their performances exceeded expectations including a win against nigeria to the proved too strong. our feeling is and we can say that united game was predictable because these players are from madrid and have experience but we won't let ourselves get discouraged and. it's taken madagascar many years to produce a football team capable of holding its own on the pitch. the placid they wanted to
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make their country proud and they did. time home to. humorous reception with malagasy is treating them like champions katherine sawyer. that is always well there are more lights are going to see you later thank you very much rahul and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera from the set of bars with you in just a moment with much more of the day's news coming up stay with us. going if you like everywhere connectivity this paradox and yet more infrastructure in the
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pen than some foreign corporation speech to many remain offline now a politician and tech activists are building a homegrown solution connect one of us and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. rebel beaks the citizens network on a jersey. setting the discussions with your team was the deadliest year the aviation industry has experienced for some time examining the headlines many foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera have had their licenses revoked their offices raided explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire that convinced me this was the conservation chance of a life that the world is watching. on al-jazeera every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories is maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175
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years joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media. donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most closer and closer to the. shutdown both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. turkey receives its 1st shipment of the russian s 400 misawa air defense system a move that could invite u.s. sanctions.
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come about i've just bought and you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up after 30 years of negotiations and 3 months 8 west african nations agreed to adopt a shared currency called be eco. i said you don't have to do. this is it up to donald trump labor secretary alex acosta resigns over his handling of the jeffrey epstein sex scandal. and hundreds of undocumented migrants stormed the pantheon in paris demanding the right to stay in for it's. the 1st shipment of the russian s 400 missile defense system has arrived in turkey a controversial deal but as i get the united states the 1st liberty was thrown into the mertz head base near the capital ankara with several more over the next few
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days the u.s. is ready to impose sanctions it's also threatening to stop supplying turkey with its f. $35.00 fighter jets. well the s. 400 will give turkey a significant advantage over its neighbors in terms of air cover the systems missiles can simulate heinously track and destroy incoming targets up to 400 kilometers away the u.s. is concerned the turkey's s 400 purchase or compromise the security of its f. 35 jets the stealth fighter is the backbone of the u.s. and nato is future air power turkey's already bought for and wants another 116 but the u.s. believes russia may use the f. 400 system to collect sensitive data about the f. 35 said of course yahoo has the latest now from istanbul. this russian plane jailors its cargo that's got turkey's allies who worried those 400 surface a are
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missile system is expected to give the turkish military a clear advantage in the region it can detect and destroy incoming missiles up to 400 kilometers away but the u.s. and nato say it is not compatible with their weapon system and insist it could pose a risk to their new stealth fighter jet the f. 35. we don't know exactly the extent. the russians would allow this means size to be used in what kind of targeting the possibilities of course the turkish sides argue that turkey would be totally free to use it but the more much depends on the called the. friend in full identifications nato says it is concerned about the potential consequences of this missile purchase while washington has vowed to impose sanctions if that $400.00 ever become operational. for turkey this is a done deal despite
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a possible setback for its defense industries that's what earn up to $12000000000.00 from their $35.00 program. said to be fierce to the s 400 is a temporary solution to turkey's immediate need for air defense but we have many partnerships of the u.s. in f. 35 and other defense industries that are vital for us because the engines of the helicopters fighter jets we produce are u.s. made no one would desire any ban on these imports. the list of possible u.s. sanctions range in service and include cutting turkey off from american and international loans preventing its transactions on foreign exchanges and targeting turkish banks businesses and executives took a series of tools the russian system because that's for hundreds were more sophisticated and cheaper among other reasons the system is expected to be operational by october during last month's g 20 summit in japan u.s. present donald trump said it was the obama administration that refused to deliver
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american patriot missiles to turkey and that was unfair presents our don say as strong as not promised not to impose sanctions on tricky but it is unclear whether trump will be able to persuade congress to do the same scene and go solo al-jazeera stumble for the u.s. i go on the story if we can speak alan fischer in washington d.c. and alan has there been any reaction yet from the trumpet ministration. well all we know is that marc kasper who is the acting defense secretary is planning to speak to his turkish counterpart in the next couple of hours if that hasn't actually happened already we're expecting some sort of statement from the pentagon in the next hour in fact we've been waiting for it for the last 90 minutes or so but there's still no sign of anyone appearing at the podium at the pentagon to give us a readout from the united states this breaks down essentially into 2 headings military and financial the military one a sit in laid out there are concerns that this may not be operationally compatible
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with u.s. fighters that is why the u.s. has banned the sale of f. 35 stealth fighters to turkey at the moment they're worried all saw about russia getting essentially a technological grip on a need to a country when it comes to defense missile systems if we move over to the financial side turkey has been told by the united states on a number of occasions look you flip the switch and start this miss our system that is when sanctions kick in because that is what is written in american law and donald trump will have 5 of 12 options to impose sanctions on turkey congress will push for that to happen a number of congressional leaders of come out in the last few are saying look turkey can't have it both ways you're either part of the nato alliance standing up against russia or you're in russia's camp so there are congressional leaders are saying we will impose sanctions but donald trump will then have 180 days to put
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them on hold and talk and certainly what he was saying at the g. 20 was present at the one has been put in a very difficult position by the obama administration they should have sold him patriot missiles and he said that he didn't think that the u.s. would impose sanctions the reality is donald trump doesn't have a choice if congress says that are going to be sanctions it can perhaps hold off in importing them for 180 days but there will still be sanctions in washington with the latest thank you. west african leaders in ivory coast have agreed to roll out a single shared currency called the echo it means 8 former french colonies will have to give up their use of a currency known as the c.f.a. franc it was created by france back in 1945 and is used by 14 african nations in 2 zones one in west africa including senegal ivory coast and the 6 others in central
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africa including the ball charge well the currency is pegged to the euro and has the financial backing of the french treasury in return france holds 50 percent of the foreign exchange reserves of member countries well supporters say it provides economic stability but critics see it as a relic of french colonialism that restricts growth like majors dress has more now from abidjan ivory coast's economic capital. right now there are 15 countries or member countries of the economic community of west african states and a lot of them have not indicated whether they will join this single currency initiative however. the president of ivory coast who is the host of this summit said countries that are not ready or have not made up their mind can't join later if they want as to whether the currency will be are with existing friends the
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president said but is the plan right now and they will try to keep it that way remember this year is actually granted by the french and it's been on the person for more than half a century now they are trying gradually intent towards parnay shuttle independence from the french which a lot of economies and a lot of observers in africa say is good for them but what's not clear are not the french will retaliate somehow but so far the decision is made the west african leaders have decided that they will dump the c.f.a. and of course go with it echo and hoping that regional economies like. the rest will also join the bandwagon and then they will have better integration among themselves he was president donald trump has lost another member of his cabinet labor secretary. resigning he's facing criticism i for secret he negotiated a decade ago with geoffrey epstein the billionaire.
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right. this is a great. scene as. all the rest. of the right. size. are right. it would be selfish for me to say this. about the soldiers all. right. his fault trump has praised the as a great labor secretary. he made a deal that people happy with and then 12 years later they're not happy with it you'll have to figure all of that out but the fact is he is a fantastic secretary of labor and alex told me this morning and he wanted to see
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me and i actually said well we have the press right out here so perhaps you just want to say it to the press but i just want to let you know this was him not me because i'm with them particle hain joins us from washington with the latest he's also not been men but now of his that ministration was the fall out likely to be. well so far this is a president who's gone through more cabinet secretaries than any other in modern american history and it is it impacting his supporters with his base somehow a little scientists believe it actually helps him with the base because it seems like he's doing what he said which is draining the swamp of washington and really not doing business as usual i think what's most notable is both of these men who are trying to downplay exactly what this scandal is saying that 12 years ago people were happy with it it was a case from 12 years ago this was not a case that people were happy with because it was a case that very few people knew about including epstein's victims they were not
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told about the potential plea deal until after it was signed a federal judge has said that custom and his team the law when they did that so basically jeffrey have seen was facing numerous charges it was a huge indictment saying that he basically ran a child sex ring out of his palm beach mansion while a custom made this plea deal with them and he said plead guilty to state charges of underage prostitution soliciting underage prostitutes and you can spend 13 months in jail this was in a normal jail sentence most people sentenced to jail actually spend time in jail he spent his evenings there he was allowed to go to his office for 12 hours a day he had his own security wing in this jail so this was exposed by an investigative report since then we've seen epstein be arrested is be facing similar charges now in new york from the u.s. attorney there try to have a press conference try to say look i did my best it didn't go over well the democrats continued to call.


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