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yes inside the centers and what was worst about this mr chairman was the fact that there were american flags hanging all over these facilities that children being separated from their parents in front of an american flag that women were being called these names under an american flag we cannot allow for this as we have seen this current strategy unfold intentional in cruelly created by the top administration does and sending a hate filled message that those seeking refuge are not welcome in america and or america president trump has dismissed the claims of mistreatment of their phony sources that even after they write whatever they want but the scrimmage he made clear it considered the details of maltreatment fully substantiated a report considered by the committee was based on data provided by president trump's own administration officials under subpoena among the facts that they
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confirmed is the fact that as many as 18 children under the age of 2 infants and toddlers were separated from their parents for periods ranging from 20 days to 6 months the house efforts to investigate claims of abuse do not end here the judiciary committee this week approved a number of other subpoenas to be served on those dealing with migrants the intention to establish whether the implementation of the administration's 0 tolerance policy contravened federal law mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the tunisian red crescent says the number of people who died in last weekend's migrant ship disaster has risen to 80 only 3 of the 86 passengers on board are known to have survived after the boat capsized off the coast of tunisia they were taken to a migrant center in desires is for treatment the agency says the death toll could
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rise further making it one of the worst migrant boat disasters to date. but he sim barry's have removed hundreds of undocumented migrants protesting inside the city's pantheon mausoleum demonstrators who have identified themselves as the block that barricaded themselves inside the building for a number of hours they shared videos on facebook demanding their residency papers be normalised and a meeting with the french prime minister it off a cash has more from paris. well hundreds of asylum seekers occupied the poncy on central paris just after lunch time a local time here in paris is an historic building in the heart of the french capital that is where famous french women and men are buried it's a symbol of the french republic not symbolism has not been lost on those who have chosen this venue for their protests now the asylum seekers are saying that many of them have been here for years they have the right to ask for asylum they have papers showing that the french state approves the sign of request but what they are
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saying is that they haven't had those papers changed into the sort of papers and permits for the allow them to work legally in this country therefore many of them are working illegally many of them do not have access to housing and they're saying that simply unfair what they are demanding is to see the prime minister it was felipe they want to have the legal right to stay in france they say it is a right that was promised to them but some of them have been here for a decade without the white papers. freedom is to have our papers to work we are here for violent trouble here for our right to lose working illegally to slavery. so why did it work so it shameful to see this in front of the country of human rights. that's why we're demanding papers for everyone 2018 the french government passed a new immigration law perfect president came out all back or said it was all about cracking down on illegal immigration but concluding the situation for people
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applying for asylum but here disagree. police in gibraltar have released all 4 crew members of any raney an oil tanker seized last week the ship was detained by british forces on suspicion of taking oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions all 4 were released on bail without charge more ahead on this hour including preparations underway as tropical storm barry barrels towards the. louisiana coast we're live in new orleans in just a few minutes. more than $120.00 people said to be killed in 48 hours as syria's army and its allies step up their fight for the last rebel stronghold and old rivalries are we knew that wimbledon the action as federer takes on the dock.
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u.s. president donald trump has lost another member of his cabinets labor secretary alex acosta has resigned he's faced fierce criticism over a secret deal he negotiated a decade ago with billionaire jeffrey epstein who was accused of sexually abusing underage girls political hay and reports from washington. and i want to thank alex because he was a great great secretary and with that another cabinet secretary announces his resignation secretary of labor alexander acosta has been facing intense criticism for giving a very lenient deal to an accused child sex offender jeffrey epstein in 2008 when it cost was a u.s. attorney both he and the president tried to downplay the case cabinet. are temporarily right. it would be selfish for me to stay in this day and when you're talking about a case of bloggers all rather than about a thing on me right now you made
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a deal that people operate with them and 12 years later they're not happy with it go up the figure all of that out of the bag. did a fantastic secretary of labor a cost is just the latest to go this president has had more turnover than any other president in modern history looking at his original cabinet he's replaced the secretaries of defense health and human services homeland security interior the attorney general of the justice department the secretary of state the veterans affairs the environmental protection agency the u.s. ambassador to the united nations and now the labor secretary most left due to scandal some facing allegations of corruption but political analyst bill schneider says it won't impact the president support his base even if he doesn't deliver what he promises to his base they see him as fighting for them and getting rid of people that are in his way and they think that's probably a smart way to govern a now familiar pattern those close to the president face scandal step down and are
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replaced and the president continues on knowing so far no amount of controversy has hurt him with his core supporters pedicle him al-jazeera washington. u.s. regulators have voted and approved a roughly $5000000000.00 settlement with facebook over its handling of you said data according to the wall street journal the federal trade commission has been investigating allegations a social media giant inappropriately shared the information of 87000000 users with every political consultancy firm can bridge analytics a settlement would be the largest civil penalty ever paid to the f.t.c. . leaders from 8 west african countries have agreed to switch to a single wage all currency called the echo that means the former french colonies will give up their use of the c.f.a. franc as spot of a plan to strengthen regional ties and ball straight out of the trees has more from
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michael says economic capital abidjan but it's definitely leaders of west african nations using the c.f.a. from the 8 countries in the region under the west african monetary union have decided to go ahead with the rollout of the proposed west africa single courtesy call this said they are they have decided to go ahead with the process and any other country that wants to drawing or who decided to join can join later so in the next few months we will see the roll out of this currency in west africa that is going to be. legal tender in this region. to president ouattara the president of course and was president of this conference and went on whether or not the new congress will be a problem with existing currency to which he answered. the exchange rate between the existing front see if they and the euro will remain the same with the echo comes on board today the exchange rate is $65.00 to the euro before the heads of
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state decide to join next year the rates will not be affected immediately we hope when echo is launched others will join us they're welcome it will be nice to have 12 of the 50 now basically people in the region will be looking up. to be very kind of this like nigeria ghana and others whether or not they will quickly join this process now will be the deciding factor will be how quickly these countries will join the process of utilizing what other joining the call currency which will facilitate trade according to the leaders of the other meeting here today now what economists are wondering is what how this will impact the economies of these countries in west africa basically what's up with their country is rich in resources i agree cultural and mineral but the the production base is very very slow they will continue to import most of the products that are needed outside what the export actually is. to the rest of the world for processing. the u.n.
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secretary general says more money is needed to rebuild mozambique after $2.00 devastating cycle and antone of the terrorists visited the poor city of bear on 4 months after psycho and z. di and kenneth as storms flattened villages killing hundreds of people and leaving more than a 1000000 others homeless tropical storm barry is maintaining its strength as it moves towards the u.s. state. parts of new orleans out ready underwater after days of thunder storms and floods agency have been declared with hurricane warnings issued along the coasts let's speak to jay gray who is live for us in new orleans when is barry expected to make landfall and how well prepared is louisiana for this storm. landfall is going to be sometime overnight into the early morning so we're probably still. $68.00 maybe even 12 hours away it's
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a slow moving system. area says that it's prepared though you never know every storm is different to give you an idea of what they're dealing with the this is the mississippi river already at flood stage and it's been that way for a record 260 days. they've stopped all traffic it's a major thoroughfare for boats and barges and things like that it's shut down so nobody going back and forth on the rivers you come back across so you can see some of the lights and the power poles here in this area that's normally an area where kids play where they host little concerts and things like that completely underwater when you talk to people in this area a lot and we just talked to a woman who says she's never seen the water this high and here and now we're going to add the effects of barry on top of that still a tropical storm right now will likely be a category one hurricane when it does make landfall thank you for that jay greene live for us in new orleans said speak some more about this not to fail thought spack who's a research scientist in the department of atmospheric science at colorado state
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university and he's via skype from fort collins in colorado thank you so much for being with us barry is projected to be i understand a low end hurricane right now it's still a tropical storm how powerful and how devastating do you expect it to be. well i think the big concern the bay area is regardless of it intensifies to a category one hurricane or not is the rainfall as you mentioned earlier we've already seen quite a bit of rain in some of these feeder bands even yesterday before we actually re. for other systems and so we're looking at her very maybe man fall probably in the wee hours of them already and they're forecasting potentially tend to get as much as 20 inches of rain and as ari said you know mississippi river is already a flood stage this is a way to exacerbate some of the fighting that they've already had become has been arrays are very slow moving storm so the rainfall is the biggest concern however obviously if the forecast doesn't verify it does like into her game are obviously
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going to see some very significant you some significant wind in fact as long maybe guys as i see miles an hour and also you are going to see some storm surge so basically indignation from water into the 3 to 6 feet are storm surge warnings posted for central missionaries in as well as western mississippi and he said that it was a snow moving storm what does that mean in terms of its. danger i guess and the threat it poses yet so i mean it's going to be a very long duration event so the storm you know isn't very far because right now i'm still to be 10 hours away from laramie when it gets landfall so a slow moving storm means that it's going to be rainy for a very long i use rain bands are going to go along behind it clear through so not to say we're going to see the level of play here he's on harvey or florence but when you have a slow will be so are it does tend to draw a lot more rainfall so i think we'll get a barrier the biggest concern that we have is rainfall central any sort of news at all
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a lesson this is iffy and the hurricane season has just begun we're still forecast for the 29000 season. yeah so you're right hurricane season starting june 1st and we're forecasting your average during the season and your average hurricane season has 12 named storms 6 are games and 3 major hurricanes are really just forecasters put out just a few days ago was for 14 storms 6 hurricanes and 2 major hurricanes so very were to become a hurricane that are forecast to be provide additional reviews after that and i thank you so much play inside thank you for talking to us fail const back from the colorado state university joining us and i thank you for your time thank you. still ahead on this sound you see our news our how in the battle against hiv after a pharmaceutical giant announces an experimental vaccine and aims for twitter whom some moments to forget in practice at the british grand prix.
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hello the focus is there on the gulf of mexico across the united states it's all about tropical storm barry which continues to get stronger hour by hour at the moment you can see on the satellite not a huge amount of cloud in its the coast but that's really confuse you because it's all about the rain in this system will continue to do some very heavy amounts of rain we're looking between 250 and 500 millimeters of rain to fall of throughout this region really in the next sort of 24 to 48 hours and it could develop into a her a compass some of the winds will continue to strengthen is expected to make landfall in the early hours of sunday morning with winds at about $110.00 a kilometer just shy of a hurricane but again it will be about the rainfall the region this system is sitting just off of course is the easy on and in particular it's the mississippi river this system is likely to really cool storm surge and it will push right the
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way through these very very low lying areas so that is the main concern as we continue to go through this weekend will monitor it very closely the rains of course will extend from there into much of the southeast so again because the more flooding across this entire area 30 celsius and you want to new york it's dry and fine out tools west at 30 but as i say all eyes on tropical storm barry.
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when put on the open top. but each is the european problem with that slow to cold to go in it's impossible for people to build a school or link up our people don't want to take it and then lead them to focus on a stronger man or song woman while getting the grocery rejectionism it's called because the ball goes in europe's forbidden colony episode 2 on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me for the back to
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a reminder of our top stories turkey has received this for a shipment of the russian x. 400 missile defense system the controversial deal has angered the united states with washington threatening to impose retaliatory sanctions another member of the u.s. president of trump's cabinet has stepped down neighbor secretary alex acosta has resigned after facing criticism over a secret deal with geoffrey epstein a decade ago have seen the billionaire is accused of sexually abusing under-age girls and police in gibran to have released all 4 crew members of any rainy an oil tanker seized last week the ship was detained by british forces on suspicion of taking a loyal to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions all 4 were released on bail without charge. and the u.s. house has just passed an amendment to the national defense authorization act which will prohibit for one year the sale of air to ground munitions used in the conflicts in yemen to saudi arabia and the ninety's arab emirates posed by
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congressman tom money not ski. all it will do is stop something that is categorically harmful to our national interest the provision of off fence of weapons that enable saudi arabia to keep defying our advice by bombing yemen and prolonging the war there there's a reason why people say that this war has caused the world's worst humanitarian crisis more than 200000 civilians have been killed or died of starvation while the who these are to blame for much of this saudi and u.a.e. airstrikes are responsible for 2 thirds of yemeni civilian casualties there was a strike on a funeral more than $150.00 civilians killed a strike on a school bus that killed 40 kids on a save the children hospital on a wedding these were not mistakes these were deliberate and precise attacks and everybody in yemen knows that the bombs causing this suffering are made in the
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united states as faith to gabriel and his envoy in washington d.c. so game what will this mean for u.s. support for any sound. well this means that the house of representatives has voted on this amendment. but it is not going to go into force immediately because this was just in the house of representatives this was an amendment that was part of the the big pentagon funding bill that comes up by every so often the national defense authorization bill $733000000000.00 this comes out all the time but when the house of representatives votes on this essentially money going to the pentagon congress people are able to issue a amendments to that on anything that they want to also see related to related to defense policy or something and this was one of the amendments that passed in this amendment very clearly says that the u.s. would stop the sale of air to ground ammunition sales to saudi arabia
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and the u.a.e. for one year these munitions that are used in war on yemen but this now needs to go to the senate it's passed the democratic controlled house but now it will need to go to the senate and it's unclear if the republican controlled senate that backs donald trump that has a lot more people that support saudi arabia in the senate if it will then proceed there and pass there as well so this is not going into effect any time a media still got to go to the senate but nevertheless it's highly significant that this at least went through the house of representatives this cams from the democratic congressman from the state of new jersey he's only in his 1st year of congress but before being a congressman he served in the state department for many years and under obama was a undersecretary of state for human rights and democracy so he has a long history of dealing with these kind of issues so it's significant that it
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comes from him this particular congressman this point really just shows in a lot of ways how there is growing anxiety within congress especially the democratic controlled congress in the house of. it is with the saudi arabia and led war in yemen now with this amendment sort of ramping up the pressure at least on the senate the now see how they are going to vote on this amendment thank you for that cable elizondo in washington d.c. . to south africa now way soldiers will be deployed in cape town to help police find a surgeon gang related violence and met as the defense ministry says they'll be there for at least 3 months but some locals say the military can't fix economic reasons behind the on rest reports in cape town. we're in the precinct of the manenberg police station police have told us that it would be better for us to fall within the police station rather than out in the street because it's not safe it's been 24
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hours since the minister of police announced that the national defense force would be deployed to areas of the cape flats the army is going to target at least 10 areas here that are infested by gangs where there's a high crime rates especially murders and this is what's led to this decision by government the minister of police says things are out of hand and this deployment is expected to stabilize the situation years so that police can do their jobs people here say that they live in fear and even as that announcement came from the minister of police the c. evening we've continued to hear gunshots people here telling us that it's likely gang violence and perhaps a lot of that coming ahead of this army deployment people here are scared they say that they have difficulty sending their children to school people often keep indoors because the streets are unsafe we have seen homes that are riddled by
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bullets people here say that this deployment by the army is a long time coming out of normal day would be a day with these no violence that would be normal though everybody is trying to figure out why you said quiet what is happening the extent to which going to. put people have become desensitized to these a lot of and within the community there's a lot of trouble also within the community because of the history of violence in in the the decision by the government to deploy the army to the streets of the cape flats has both its supporters and critics many are worried that policing in this area will be militarized they're also concerned that soldiers don't have the training to deal with survey. millions but many here are also supports of they say there's no other way to deal with the levels of gang violence they also accuse the police of being corrupt and one other concern is that police are under resourced
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just to give you an idea in affluent suburbs in cape town there are about 135 people to every one police officer here on the cape flats there's about one police officer to about 721 citizens police simply current keep up and the government is hoping that this deployment of the army will stabilize the situation and that people here won't live in fear at least 10 people have been killed after an attack on a hotel in the somali poor city of kismayo fighting is still under way at the hotel where local elders and politicians have been discussing an upcoming regional election a journalist's group says 2 reporters are among the dead the armed group has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack. syria now it's been described as the offensive but government forces leading the campaign against rebels in the north
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west are now on the defensive more than $120.00 soldiers and fighters have died in heavy fighting over the last 48 hours in hama province and as in the heart of reports from neighboring lebanon president bashar assad's forces are finding it hard to make substantial gains. syrian government forces and their allies are struggling to take ground from the opposition their offensive in northwest syria has been costly and difficult instead of advancing they have been defending their territory in the face of a coordinated and fierce counter offensive launched by rebel factions but both sides have suffered heavy casualties in the battle for one town how many at a village in northern hama more than 100 soldiers and rebels are believed to have been killed according to the syrian observatory for human rights it says that in more than 2 months of fighting nearly 900 soldiers have died on the government's side while nearly 1000 were killed on the rebel side and yet the russian backed campaign has yielded little for president bashar assad's side. but it has
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brought a lot of destruction rebel controlled towns in and around it live province are being targeted in russian and syrian air strikes more than 500 civilians have been killed more than 100 of them children. health facilities ambulances civil defense headquarters all destroyed. just in the last few days ago clinics or schools that have received. civilian targets that is really unacceptable we have a total of more than $300000.00 people that go displaced in the last 2 months and i would talk and so on is really protection of civilians the basic rule of. i words of condemnation have been repeated in recent weeks but little accountability or pressure from the international community to stop the offensive. russia and turkey will decide what happens next that has become
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a proxy war between them even though they should be working together on syria through the so-called asked in a process they were sponsors of a cease fire an adlib last year instead they are using it as a bargaining chip and another member of the asked and a team iran is involved as well unlike previous offensives iranian backed troops are not on the front lines it's believed to be one of the reasons why the government hasn't made gains its leaves those foot soldiers it seems there is no understanding between iran and russia. in post conflict syria and it seems russia and turkey do not agree on how to split northern syria civilians are paying the price. beirut. aid agencies that warning that thousands of range refugees in bangladesh risk after heavy rains swept through their makeshift homes hundreds of thousands fled myanmar to neighboring bangladesh after a military crackdown in 2017 and reports. as if life weren't difficult
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enough for refugees in bangladesh the monsoon season has brought with even greater hardship flooding and landslides guarantee the situation for an already vulnerable population becomes even more precarious everything days of heavy rains in the reading the refugee camps here in cox's and the situation is serious thousands of people have been displaced and thousands more have been sentenced to their homes. while rohingya refugees work to secure their overcrowded camps hillsides from erosion aid agencies like the world food programme are doing what they can to distribute emergency supplies last year heavy monsoon rains in southeastern bangladesh led to the deaths of 5 children and many fear the conditions could be even worse this year and worry the down poor may not let up anytime soon. more than
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730000 mainly muslim or he fled from me and more to neighboring bangladesh after a military crackdown in 2017 un investigators have said attacks on me and more western rackrent state included mass killings and gang rapes and that they were executed with genocidal intent in june the international criminal court moved closer to opening a full investigation as prosecutor fact toobin sudha announced she will request the court to look into crimes relating to 2 waves of violence in iraq and state the request 6 authorization from the courts judges to open an investigation into alleged crimes within the jurisdiction of the court in which at least one element occurred on the target of bangladesh is their party to their own statute and within the context of. the violence in iraq and on the terrorism. as well as any other crimes which are sufficiently linked to these events if granted
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the i.c.c. would become the 1st international court to prosecute any crime committed against me in mars rover minority mama june. the trade imbalance between china and the us is getting worse despite the trade war started by donald trump for the 1st half of this year china's trade surplus with the us rolls by 5 percent to about 140000000000 dollars and the month of june saw the biggest increases here in the same month china's imports from the u.s. jobs by 31 percent or so the u.s. fell by less than 8 percent that's after the u.s. slaps on $200000000000.00 worth of chinese goods both the u.s. and chinese president have agreed to resume trade talks after they met at the g. 20 summit last month when hey has more from beijing. some fairly negative numbers released by the government in beijing but no sign of panic of course from the customs it ministration they are saying that yes the trade dispute with the united
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states is having an effect but that it is manageable so what we have is that for the month of june exports from china to war countries dropped by 1.3 percent compared with the same period a year ago concerning in that if we go back to the month of may they grew by 1 point one percent on the positive side most experts were forecasting that those numbers for june would be worse than what they are this all happening of course amid a truce in the trade war between china and the united states tariffs are not being placed on each other's goods as agreed between the 2 leaders after they met on the sidelines of the g 20 summit in japan last month but some numbers to one pick here for the u.s. president donald trump has long complained of unfair trade practices by the chinese and the fact that the united states has a large trade deficit with china even though exports from china to the united
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states are down the trade surplus that the chinese have with the united states grew in the month of june to almost $30000000000.00 so no doubt that will be discussed if those negotiations face to face negotiations do restart as expected possibly in china within the next couple of weeks one of the most concerning numbers for the overall chinese economy to be released is that imports from all countries a down 7.3 percent and that is being blamed on weak domestic demand colombia's president has asked the u.n. to keep supervising its peace agreement with. the 2016 accord ended the world's longest running armed conflicts it included land reforms and programs to bring fighters back to civilian life but as i listened to reports from the caulker region in southwestern colombia the reforms have mostly stalled. heartbroken.


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